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From the NYR:

New York Rangers 2, New York Islanders 4
October 15, 2011 (Game 3, Away Game 3)
Nassau Coliseum – Uniondale, New York

Team Notes:
-The Rangers were defeated by the New York Islanders, 4-2, tonight at Nassau Coliseum in their first game in North America this season.
-The Blueshirts out-hit the Islanders, 28-11, in the contest, and have now out-hit their opponents, 48-24, in their last two games.
-The Rangers were credited with 14 blocked shots, led by Steve Eminger’s game-high four blocked shots.
-The Rangers registered a 56% faceoff winning percentage, having won 28-of-50 faceoff attempts in the contest, and now lead the NHL with a 57.3% faceoff winning percentage (94-164) on the season.

Player Notes:

-Marian Gaborik notched the Rangers first goal of the contest with an even strength tally at 6:23 of the second period, and led all skaters with eight shots on goal in 18:43 of ice time.  He now leads the team with two goals on the season.
-Brandon Prust tallied an even strength goal at 18:26 of the second period while skating in his 200th career NHL contest.
-Brad Richards registered an assist on Gaborik’s second period goal to extend his scoring streak to three games (one goal, two assists over the span), and is now two assists shy of 500 career NHL assists.  He leads the team in scoring with three points on the season.  Richards also recorded six shots on goal and won 5-of-6 faceoff attempts (83%) in 21:17 of ice time.  He leads the NHL with an 80.0% faceoff winning percentage (24-30) through three games.
-Ruslan Fedotenko recorded an assist on Prust’s second period goal, and is now tied for the team lead with two assists on the season.
-Mike Rupp made his 500th career NHL appearance, and defenseman Jeff Woywitka made his Rangers debut after being claimed off waivers from Montreal on October 6.
-Henrik Lundqvist stopped 30-of-33 shots in 58:59 of ice time, and is now 0-1-2 with a 2.23 goals against average and a .923 save percentage on the season.
-Dan Girardi led all skaters with five hits and 26:50 of ice time, and registered three blocked shots in the contest.  He leads the NHL in average ice time (29:31), and leads the Rangers with eight blocked shots on the season.
-Michael Del Zotto and Tim Erixon each posted a plus-two rating in the contest.  Del Zotto  also registered five shots on goal and three hits in 18:01 of ice time, and now leads the Rangers with 10 hits on the season.  Erixon also logged a career-high 18:10 of ice time in the contest.
-Brandon Dubinsky led all skaters with 10 faceoff wins in 14 attempts for a 71% winning percentage, was credited with four hits and led all forwards with 21:46 of ice time.  Dubinsky has now won 20-of-35 faceoff attempts for a 57.1% faceoff winning percentage on the season.

Transaction Update:
-New York Rangers President and General Manager, Glen Sather, has announced that forward Kris Newbury has been recalled from the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL), and forward Mats Zuccarello has been assigned to Connecticut.

Team Schedule:

-The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, October 16, is 4:30 p.m. PT at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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  1. CARPED!

    So, the Debbies win in a shootout…..all Atlantic Division teams are moving along nicely, save for one….

  2. Olga Folkyerself on

    Bruins win the Shootout. Seguin scores the only goal. Good call, ORR. Do shootout goals count?

  3. Don’t forget about Dubinsky’s 20 PIM in 3 GP so far.

    It’s a good thing Avery takes too many penalties.

  4. Evidently, they don’t, Olga.

    I don’t like the rules on this fantasy league thing. I don’t understand how shootout goals don’t count as points, yet penalty minutes count. Doesn’t make sense.

    H. Sedin with a PP goal! Wooo!

    I’m 16 points behind Sally. I have H. Sedin, Logan Couture, and Dubnyk playing right now. I don’t think she has anyone playing tomorrow, but I have Halak!

    Weee! I think I’m gonna win my first game!!

  5. Barry, actually, he took a 10 minute misconduct penalty at the end of the Kings game, and the other four minutes were from fighting Perry, when they were both given two roughing minors.

    So, really he’s only taken six minutes worth of penalties.

  6. well … can’t say I didn’t warn you several weeks ago..

    You know, there is something drastically out of key here with this team. Rangers do not look the equal of either of these Florida teams ( I kept switching back and forth between the both games),but the
    Rangers come across as a poorly coached and undisciplined team while both the Cats and the Bolts look fast, hungry and disciplined.. and Oh yes, old friend Matt
    Gilroy looks quite comfortable and at home,
    on right defense with the Bolts.( Probably being used intelligently for the first time in
    his major league career.)

    I never recall seeing, #2 on Islanders, play before… Is it Strate ?probably have but didn’t notice him, but this guy is a wonderful blue line General, in the way he controls the play, sets up attacks and then switches rapidly to defensive mode. ( Do we have such a head man?) If so…where has he been? He’s not a big guy, but he knows how to position his troops and when to fall back. I know that he’s been injured and not with the team, but it’s the first time I have seen him in action. Terrific player. Poor Lundqvist…he can’t buy a break from these refs. Is this the kind of refereeing we’ll be subjected to all this coming season?

    welll…cN’T SAY

  7. Could it be that the Rangers got beat by a better (OMG, brace yourselves) team???

    Yes, it’s fun to knock the Islanders and certainly for the most part it’s not without merit, but let’s not forget they’ve stockpiling top end talent, specifically John Tavares.

    And think about this: Who’s the top Ranger and would you do a 1 for 1 swap if you could for JT?

  8. Olga Folkyerself on

    Those were some really nice sound clips Carp. Too bad the news wasn’t better on your audio debut. Ain’t technology wonderful?

    What’s the next innovation? Smellivision? Because Sather REALLY stinks as Rangers GM.

  9. Ratface coach is a piece of crap, by sending down Zuccarello he is saying that Zuccarello is the reason they suck.

    BTW why is Christensen garbage still on the team?

    I am so fed up with ratface, and so fed up with having no system and a PP that doesn’t score. How many more great UFA’s do we need to sign to help the PP to realize that the PP is all about coaches, not the players. When the PP sucks it is a sign that your coach might be a retard.

    Anybody notice that Tort Ratface only trusts forwards that he plays on the PK and of couse Richards and Gaborik, all others are in his perpetual rathouse.

    So funny how we had so much depth going into pre-season it looked like even a 3 line clown coach like Ratface would roll 4 lines, but Tort made a quick work of it:

    Weise lost to waivers
    Wolski mysteriously injured
    Rupp all of a sudden in the doghouse
    Avery, Zuccarello and Mitchell shipped off to Hartford. But we are left with Christensen and a 3 line team.

  10. Rangers look laughable. They work hard and are skilled, but having no system, especially offensively is making them look like complete idiots out there.

  11. NYI? A new Dynasty? LOL

    Rangers are poorly coached?? NO WAY!! Torts is the best coach there is! right? Just look at how quickly he gave up on Avery and MZA! and that kid EC…he’s a D Y N A M I T E! Every coaches’ dream! ;)

    Seriously though…I thought we played well… some VERY crappy calls against us that pretty much cost us the game. SRG line was great, Gaborik in particular. Flying and shooting the puck all game long.

    Isles started strong last year year and ended up at the bottom of the league by season end. So…let’s see how they do.

  12. Possumface Tort on

    Mice remind me of Tortorella. My keyboard is already halfway to Hartford “Caps Lock” snapped off.

  13. Tortsh-t is a cross between Rasputin, Wolfman (Lon Chaney) & and a snarly Racoon. Has no system. Wow , we outhit our opponents 48-24. Then we end up with half our team injured 2/3’s of the way thru the season. Mats Z and Christensen are so much better than Aves. Give me a freeken break. Not sticking with set lines, only playing three just don’t cut it when you’re playing a long season. Nice handle guys, luv Ratface

  14. I dont think ill be breaking news here if i say that isles have much better and younger talent upfront… its no secret. But it’s only “tree” games in. 5 on 5 we played well. Gotta stay outta the penalty box esp. against skillful players like the isles now have…

  15. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    If you stay on the bottom long enough (like the Isles), eventually you have to come up for air. But if you snorkle around the 7,8,9 playoff surface like Sather, you can stay there forever.

  16. major positive was that Gabby looked great. good speed, great shot, and just active all around. and Richards, boy can he pass.

  17. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    3 games in, and we’re doomed? Depends on what your expectations are I guess. Stanley Cup? Uh… no. Playoffs? Maybe so. I think this team is in the 6,7,8,9,10 playoff scramble that we see at the end of every season. Rangers are starting in a hole. Other teams have done that and come out all right. Others haven’t. If Torts tries to run three lines, or make Hank carry the load into the playoffs, (like they did every other year so far) we will be burned out come April. Even if we make the playoffs at 6,7,8th place it is likely one and done. Maybe second round if we catch someone napping. Look at this team. It’s a George Costanza team.

    Maybe a little flash, but ultimately a Loser.

  18. So we’re just gonna blame the coach and demand he be fired 3 games into the season? Damn. Calm down. Whatd a strong start get us the last couple years? Oh that’s right. Nothing. What’s a zero in the win column mean 3 games in? That’s right- nothing! Other than the pp and the penalties they’re doing good things. They’re playing physical they are starting to mesh on offense and they’ve been 10 times better on faceoffs. They need to play a little smarter. The wins will come. But so will losses. They aren’t elite never were supposed to be. Its gonna be a dog fight season.

  19. Great minds think alike Izzy n you’re right. They can’t survive as a 3 line team. They have kids that can play they need to bring a couple up and give them some ice time

  20. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I look at this team, and I don’t think they have the horses to compete. Not yet. The kids they have won’t make a difference in the long run. They need a top 3 draft pick (or two). And they won’t get one finishing at 8th place every year. Even if they get one, I don’t think Sather would know what to do with it. (See Jessiman, H.) So, hold onto your hat. The Rangers are doomed to be just above mediocre for the foreseeable future (Sather’s Tenure). After that? It depends on who replaces Sather…

  21. I think the Euro trip took a real toll on the team. Whether it was the travel, lack of practice, not being at home yet, larger rinks, lower standard of competition – whatever. They just haven’t gotten going yet. Once they get the engines revved up, then we can start judging. Hopefully that comes soon though.

  22. I agree about that Euro trip… but why all that strange ness and travel? This team has enough personal problems without being burdened by oddities.

    Yeah the refs made some lousy calls, but they were coming apart anyhow. Wait til you see the Panthers.

    But the fact remains…despite the fact that it;s ONLY a few games into the season……….the pattern is re establishing itself early on. They are a team that is penalty prone, and they have been for some time now.
    The coach is being shown up by his counterparts on other teams…he can grimace on the sidelines as much as he wants, and moves players up and down as much as he wants, but think about this…what other coach, on what other team, would you rather NOT have than him?
    They are what he has made of them – they seem to lack an awareness of what they are doing wrong…sure there are some hard working and skilled players out there, but
    why don’t they mesh?. And why, every beginning season, after “only a few games” are we always making this early season statement? Can you picture the Wings
    ever saying this? THEY are a model as to how a team should be run.

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