The Nassau sandwich: Big game for the Rangers Saturday


The Rangers began their season with six games — an unnecessary four preseason games and two regular-season games — in Europe. After tomorrow they trek to Western Canada for four games.

So Saturday’s game is their only close-to-home tilt in the first seven.

And I think, of all these games until they go back to the partially renovated Garden, among the 11 games — all six Europe games, all four Western Canada games — this one is the toughest.

It is the toughest because, well, it’s the Islanders and this is always their Stanley Cup, and for whatever dumb, inexplicable reason, the Rangers rarely find it in themselves to match the Islanders’ pace in these meetings, to match the snarl, and the intensity.

But it’s also the toughest because, if you haven’t been paying attention, the Islanders are off to a strong start, a start in which they are starting to think they’re serious about a playoff spot, are rallying around the surprising decision to go with ex-Ranger Al Montoya over Fragile Rick DiPietro and Evgeni Nabokov, and being led by all that young talent up front.

Because the Islanders will be an opponent that plays tough against the Rangers, maybe tries to bully the Rangers, who no longer have a legit heavyweight on the roster, and who — yes, this is one of those few games over the course of 82 — might actually miss Sean Avery tomorrow (there, I said it). The Rangers should just stay away from Village People Gillies and the like.

And, just because the Rangers didn’t have their legs in the two games in Stockholm, had an unusual recovery week at home in which they practiced every other day, and with a wandering eye toward the Northwest, might have some trouble finding legs on Nassau Coliseum’s ice.

This is going to be a real challenge for John Tortorella and the Rangers’ young leaders, and the key vets like Brad Richards, Marian Gaborik and Henrik Lundqvist, to not only get up for this game, but to maintain concentration — in part, that means not taking the ridiculous number of penalties they took against the Kings and Mighties — and to be able to weather the bees’ nest they’ll be entering.

There’s not much question this schedule has the Rangers behind the 8-ball early, in the standings, in games played, in terms of normalcy. You hate to say this is a must-win, because it’s not. But it’s sort of a must-not-lose. Because we can imagine what this schedule and the upcoming schedule and the standings might look like with an L added tomorrow.

Not to mention the panic that will ensue here.


AP photo, above.

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  1. UKRanger, can you repost your last post from previous thread? I think people will enjoy reading it. Thanks.

  2. billybleedsblue on

    Mornin’ everybody!

    Carp, it’s waaaaay too early in the season to panic. I’m also of the opinion the Rangers really gotta take it to the Isles in this game. I’m not putting so much weight on this one, and I am also of the opinion that it’s an opportunity for certain players on the Rangers to start (and continue) defining themselves on this team. So, it’s either the most important game they’ve played all season, or it’s just a really important game. As we all know, the Isles always find a way to step it up, and the Rangers better find a way to set the pace themselves; for 60 minutes.

    I am really psyched as this game has good timing for me; I will be able to watch it!!! :D

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  3. Absolutely tru dat. I hope the Rangers are inttroduced to snarky hockey. How they should be playing every game. They were much to nice to the Kings and the Mighties(I like that). Ducks always sounds dopey.

  4. Of limited interest to most of you, but the Europansy TV broadcast rights for the NHL have only just been secured (yes, a week after the season started).

    Not sure about the rest of Europansyland, but in the UK, we’ve gone from having pretty comprehensive coverage (including On The Fly and HNIC) in HD on an ESPN channel, to what seems to be less coverage with no extra programming on some crappy subscription channel, with no HD and no other content of any interest.

    All in all, a monumental screw up by the NHL and flying totally in the face of their apparent strategy to gain exposure and grow the game outside North America. Next time, don’t get VinceA to sell the distribution rights.

  5. I hope, for this week, the islanders got their opponent who decided not to play defense last night. The Lightning did their best Rangers impression yet. The three visits to the mausoleum last year were defenseless efforts from our boys. Let’s hope they bring it tomorrow.

  6. billybleedsblue on

    The Nassau sandwich… a thick layer of carcillo topped with 4 straight beautiful slices of Culatello di Parma covered with an even thicker layer of carcillo, all on a plain bagel with Kansas City BBQ sauce.

  7. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Carp….really…a must win game in October ? LOL

    I predict we will win this game, but it will not be all that important in the context of the 82 game season

  8. The Rangers don’t play in a state outside of New York until the night before Thanksgiving. Everything else beforehand is either Europe, NY, or Canadian provinces

  9. Stranger Nation -(from previous thread)Hilarious about Gaborik! Totally agree. On Zuccarello, while listed as a right wing, I believe he plays both. At the very least, he’s playing the off-wing now, which is what Gaborik is doing as well. Three lefties on top line is probably a bit much for Tortorella to stomach, but it didn’t stop him from putting Dubinsky up there.

  10. re-post by request of ilb:

    Good on the Captain for doing it (and Richter and Gravy too) – it takes a lot of dedication, training and bravery to put yourself through it. I did London Marathon for Cancer Research a few years ago and i can tell you from experience, it is one of the hardest things i’ve ever done. You need at least 16 weeks build up, you need to run 5 or 6 days a week, including one long run each week building up to anywhere between 18-23 miles at the peak a few weeks before the event.
    On the day it is incredible, the support, cheering, the crowds its an overwhelming experience, i even spent the mid-part of the race running over Tower Bridge in streams of tears as people patted me on the back telling me my dad would be proud of me (due to a message and picture of my deceased father on my t-shirt).

    ..and despite the pain, dedication (and a little fear) i would do it again in a heartbeat – or 4+ hours of a very fast heartbeat!!

  11. Has anyone updated their iPhone with ios 5 yet? Just wondering how long it takes and if it’s worth it.

  12. LW3H – what have we got? I unsubscribed from the NASN/ESPN service as there were hardly ever any Rangers games and some games were repeated for several days later.

    I was signed up for the espn europe thing online last year which was a great service for me given the time difference. Can we not get gamecenter live on the web for a fee?

  13. I said it last night when I was watching the NYI/Tampa game. The Isles game is going to be a very tough one…

    Remember the Wisniewski “gesture” from last year when we started the season in Long Island? LOL!

  14. Carp,

    The Nassau Sandwich is certainly an early season test – a test I believe the Rangers will pass.

    A week of practice back at home to work on the fundamentals – that two game swing with the Kings and the Anaheim Quack Pack seemed like pre-season affairs.

    This is where Captain Callahan will play a pivotal role – I have a feeling he’ll play a big role in helping the boys get the two points tomorrow.

    Grit, guts and guile will be on display.
    Panic time, it is not.

  15. iOS-5 is well worth it Ack! The phone just runs a lot better even if you don’t care about the hundreds of features that were added (which I really don’t)

  16. The Gesture! Reminds me of the Eddie Izzard bit about the Heimlich Maneuver:

    “Dr. Heimleich! How is your Maneuver coming along?”

    “It’s not yet a full maneuver…more of a gesture”

  17. For me, a flat Rangers Saturday will call into question how ready they really wear for the start of the season. I’ve already heard that rumbling and couldn’t really find much from the first two games to argue it. The only one thing I could offer was their tough schedule, something that I personally wonder whether its a genuine reason or just an excuse. Regardless, it’s one they won’t be able to fall back on with this on-again-off-again practice schedule this week. They need a win or else the fans will be in full-panic mode.

  18. UKRanger

    Not seen much detail, but apparently it?ll be on something called Premier Sports, which appears to be some Irish-based subscription channel (that worked last time?) that shows nothing else of much interest at all. No HD and seemingly likely to show fewer games than ESPNA did, no HNIC and no NHL On The Fly.

    I signed up for GameCenter ? expensive, but better than ESPN Player was. Still much prefer watching games on TV if they?re available, since I can?t ever get internet service at a speed that allows hi-res streaming.

  19. Good Morning, All! UKRanger, thanks for the re-post, my cousin runs marathons including 100 mile marathon, now I understand a bit. Good for you for running for cancer research

  20. This is essentially the start of the season. After a week off and games at absurd afternoon times on WEEKDAYS this really feels like the start of the season.

  21. LW3H, I don’t understand, why wouldn’t just as much coverage of NHL happen this year as last if so many pre-season games played over there?

  22. >>Oh but also, Ack. Be prepared for a LONG HAUL. It takes about 2 hours to complete the setup.

    Thanks for the heads up. I kinda figured it would take a while. Maybe I’ll just let it update while I’m watching the game tomorrow.

  23. IMO, if the Rangers come out flat in the first, they are risking setting a precedent for their entire season and that puts their PO aspirations at risk. Yes, I’m being over-dramatic, but my concerns are based on patterns seen all too often in previous seasons.

    Making things more frustrating is the fact that this club isn’t icing a team oozing with skill, despite the addition of Richards. They continue to suffer from a lack of an offensive defenseman, a true physical defenseman, and a power forward. Furthermore, Richards is a solid addition but is, at best, a 1B centerman, their number 1 winger is coming off a 22 goal season and after that, save for perhaps the currently misplaced Derek Stepan, their skill leve drops off dramatically after those 2.

    What they have is an excellent goalie, solid depth, a good young core and a work ethic, when present, that compares with any team in the league. The key IMO, is ‘when present’. Too much time spent not embracing that work ethic will kill this team. I honestly believe it will be worrisome if it’s not present in the opening period tomorrow when you consider the fact that the team has valid reasons for its 2 very unimpressive opening games but subsequently has a week to address matters.

    In other words, while I agree that the Islanders are slowly but surely getting better (and if things continue, it’s only a matter of time before they surpass the Rangers in the standings), there is for me ZERO excuse for coming out flat tomorrow. If the Rangers cannot get it into their collective heads that tomorrow is an important game, what the hell will it take?

    And you know what? I’m with Carp – I think they will come out flat and the only reason they’ll escape the first without being behind 3-0 (IF they escape) will be due to Lundqvist (who is the biggest reason they don’t have 0 points now).

    And finally, GAWD, haven’t we seen this movie before?!

  24. That would be the way to go. I chose a non game night to do it and regret it. Also – don’t forget to update your computer before and AFTER your phone receives the update or you will (if you’re like me) assume your phone was deleted entirely.

  25. LW3H – looks like i’ll be signing up to gamecenter today or tomorrow so i can watch the game Saturday, my connection is pretty good (despite being out in the sticks).
    I did the ESPNAmerica thing for a year but got bored with only seeing the occasional Ranger game. If there’s no HNIC or NHL on the Fly then the appeal of a subscription channel is even less, i’m a fan of the sport as a whole but i cant justify too many late nights watching the other 29 teams. I’ll also have to restrict my Don Cherry fix to Youtube with no HNIC to watch.

  26. I know it is early, but this Islander team sure reminds me of our Ranger team right after the lockout. Hard working, good mix of youth and a few veteran players. I think they are going to compete hard every night, and make other teams work to win. If we take them lightly, like Tampa did last night, it isn’t going to be pretty.

  27. jpg’s sister – US sports TV rights in Europe are always a mess. I’ve watched NHL, NFL and MLB for years and we used to get all 3 sports on terrestrial TV one or two nights a week (i think it was linked to MNF and game of the week selections by American broadcasters being passed on), but the programs would always run a good selection of highlights and week in review.
    In recent years they tried to cash in by selling to satellite TV suppliers (mostly Sky) but we then end up having to pay more and more for a single channel or full package that we dont want.

    So subscriptions fell and now they are really going down the niche route by selling to anyone who will pay instead of looking to maximise their audience.

    I have gone down the internet route last year and it worked great for me with a choice of any live game, an on demand service and highlights service. I will do the same again this year.

  28. My concern is not, that Islanders could overpower, over hit or over “gooned” Rangers, but the fact they now have a really serious offensive firepower and tons of enthusiasm, which turns to self-confidence (shown in the last game with Bolts). They are on the anxious go, while Rangers, could be rusty, despite of practice every other day and mentally unprepared. So, beginning of the first period should be crucial and Isles have an edge here. But if our guys can overcome that and hang long enough (I bag you Hank!), they can turn tables, deplete their confidence and make them pay. LGR!!!!

  29. last year, when Isles were weeker than now, Rangers managed to lose how many games against…?

  30. Carp,
    Not sure that I understand your comment about not having a legit heavyweight. At 6-5 230lbs isn’t that why Rupp was brought in, to be the heavyweight. If fighting Parros in Europe and guys like Konopka, Carkner, Shelley, Boll, etc last year doesn’t get you classified into the heavyweight division then what does?

    I’m also not sure what about this schedule is so hard. Maybe hopping around Europe wasn’t ideal but they’ve had a week off since. The Islanders game is essentially a home game from a travel perspective. A four game road trip through the West isn’t that big a deal given that its early in the season and there’s at least a day off between each game. From a team cohesiveness perspective all this time together early in the season has to be good.

    The Devils are doing Pit-LA-Pho-Dal this month, Col-Min-Win-Tor in Nov/Dec, and Pit-Cal-Edm-Win in January. Philly has Win-Edm-Cal-SJO in January. My point is that four game road trips with a fair amount of travel are not that exclusive, they’re normal, and I’d be far more pissed if I were the Devils. Their travel schedule looks brutal, which is nice.


  31. Stranger Nation on

    Will Girardi play 40 mins?

    Will Step-on get his groove on?

    Will Rupp be able to turn left while skating?

    Will MZA switch to an even longer stick for more reach?

    Will MDZ be able to move someone out of the crease?

    Strangers should win because of lines 2 & 3 – special teams play will be the difference.

    Enough of the BS – let’s send this minor league team with legit front line speed back to reality of another non-playoff season.

    Oh Yeah – please no EZ in the line=up

  32. Nice job by the NHL.

    Promote the NHL in Europansyland, and then make fans there jump through hoops in hopes of seeing a game in HD…

  33. Roloson sucked big time last night….

    last year was a fluke! they won because they needed those wins (not like we didn’t, but…) this year we will win because we are better (supposedly)!

    i know that some people’s garbage other people’s treasure… but c’mon, they have Al mother-grabbing Montoya in net!! We’ll the game! But if we won’t…i will unleash a poop-storm on them! lol

  34. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    Nice write up!

    IMHO rupp is a light heavy weight despite his size. A bit underpowered with the bigger heavyweights.

    I certainly hope woywitka—> is in the lineup.

  35. “Anybody feel like adding “Asham” to the list of curse words on this site?”

    like, kiss my asham? sounds good!

    i personally would like to add this name to the list of curse word – “Horcoff”

    would you like me to use it in a sentence? OK!

    “hey bob, horcoff” :)

  36. I hope, CC. The Isles’ young core is good, and they have a lot of offensive firepower…

    Hopefully, the Rangers can up their skill game…which was completely missing in Stockholm….

    The only positive was the penalty kill…and the fact that we got 2 out of 4 points against better teams…

  37. Thanks for the support guys. I am happy to refer to people like carcillo as “ashams” as in, “what an asham that piece of carcillo Cooke is!”

  38. A few weeks ago, I offered the rare opinion pertaining to the quality of opposition that seemed to me apparent for this coming season, and suggested a concept that was summarily dismissed with a silent chuckle that it would be wise to not take the Islanders too lightly during this coming season, and to be especially wary of the Buffalo Sabres. I mentioned the Sabres largely due to the fact that they had been largely placed in a much lower position in the standings than I felt they warranted.

    Buffalo has already demonstrated that they are not to be trifled with, and I firmly believe that they will have a dynamic position in the games this season. I always have great respect for ANY team that presents a goaltender of the caliber of Miller. But the entire team is more robust also.

    The mention of the Isles as a team that “gets up” for the Rangers, and this is’s a wonderful feud of neighbors, and the Hatfields and McCoys frequently exchange violent confrontations with one another and just as often exchange defeats and victories. Rangers had best not play their sometimes sloppy and disinterested style against them or embarrassment will be the order of the day. So far, what I have seen of Rangers game style…not much has changed from last season. That’s too bad.

  39. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Serious question here
    In regards to Fran’s post (good one Fran), our sometimes sloppy and disinterested game, which I feel is a correct assessment, who is at fault for that? Is it the players or the coach?

  40. Noah, Associate Alternative Assistant Captain on

    If playoffs were made or lost in October, we would’ve been the #1 seed during Renney’s last year as coach.

    Let’s all take a breath!

  41. Noah, Associate Alternative Assistant Captain on

    And Woywitka’s wearing #6?!

    I feel like that’s bad luck!

  42. Rhode Island Ranger on

    I agree with most of what Carp has written about Saturday night’s game. If it’s more valuable to know what our enemies think about us than what our friends do, than this meeting will prove very revealing.

    How will Capuano use his line-change advantage? Will he use speed against Gabby, Richards and Step or muscle? How will Torts respond (or not)? Will he allow his lines a chance to gel or keep reshuffling the deck? Will he trust in his third and fourth trios or panic and overuse his top two?

    I hope he uses all four to keep the energy and hitting levels up.

  43. Maybe Woywitka is channeling James Patrick instead of Dredden?

    BTW, I found new data on Avery. Dolan and Sather wanted Aves on the team but Torts overruled them and they let him have his way with with EC, Zuc, and Wolski making the team. If you’ve noticed, it looks like Wolski has already been pushed out and his groin is an indication of his heart and guts. Zook and EC will be next to provide nothing. There is NOTHING wrong with Avery’s shoulder. It is 100% Avery being Avery. My prediction: Avery plays for the Whale and gets back up when those other 3 wusses fail and Torts has no other choice.

    Bottomline: Torts made this 100% personal and actually wanted Avery gone from day 1. Sather and Dolan told him to give him a fair shake. Which he maybe did last year (debateable) and clearly didn’t at all this year. I give Torts a few bad points for making it personal and not sticking to business. We still looking for a LW. With Boyle’s and Cally’s lines together and Gabs and BRich looking for a LW, it’s so assinine what is going on. Do you think a 4th line of Rupp and two little wimps will get anything going?


  44. Who cares if he really did want him gone. Avery is a 4th liner.

    Looks like DiPietro is out “indefinitely” with a concussion. The guy just can’t catch a break. Apparently he’s healthy, but then he takes a shot to the mask from a teammate in practice, or pre-game skate, and now has a concussion. Wow!

    Islander or not, at this point, you have to feel bad for the guy. It’s not even funny anymore.

  45. To those who (kind of) asked…

    The NHL sold the pan-Europansy distribution rights this year to some Company who apparently completely over-estimated their value, hence did not reach agreement in any Europansy country until this week. ESPN previously held the rights to transmit coverage in most (if not all) countries and, in the UK at least, did a decent job and had HD coverage the last two years.

    So each country/region seems to have ended up with a different deal this year, which may well still be OK elsewhere, but the UK has got the thin end of the wedge. Tough to expect much – the NHL is still a very marginal sport here and you come to expect TV coverage to be sparse and changeable – but the NHL (in perception at least) have dropped the ball completely by allowing this situation to develop.

  46. This guy at my job who is a Devil’s fan just said, “hey I heard the Marty B (fatso) drinks a lot and has a bad temper.”


  47. Yeah, Orr. It is really pathetic situation…I have sympathy for the guy…

    LW, that sucks. Bang up job by Buttman (No, I don’t mean Manny’s favourite magazine)…

    When I was on vacation in the UK (Scotpansyland) last month, I happened to randomly meet a few NHL (Bruins) fans. They expressed similar frustration about the TV situation.

  48. I mean – re: Avery – Can we please put this to bed. This guy is not a top line player. He is a 4th line player. It’s ridiculous to have discussions about how it will kill the team! Also, our 3rd line would be most teams 4th lines so our 4th line would be our 1st line in HARTFORD. Which is where Sean is going.

    I too feel badly for him. It’s a crappy situation. But he is a guy that brings this stuff on himself. He has had problems EVERYWHERE and with everyone. Let’s stop pinning the team and our hopes on a guy that doesn’t get more than 7 minutes of ice time.

  49. So maybe I just haven’t hit RR at the right time to see convo about it but you guys have heard that Stepan’s been practicing on the top line with Dubinsky reunited with Cally and AA, right? Atleast according to one of those Rangers sites on FB- Rangers Nation.

  50. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Just for clarification: Why are you trying to quash discussion of an issue (player) that Carp himself introduced in this thread?

  51. Check out this list of DiPietro injuries and games lost on that site…

    Hip surgery: 9 games
    Knee surgery: 60 games
    Swollen right knee: 41 games
    Various knee injuries: 36 games
    Lower body injury: 1 game
    Groin: 13 games
    Neck injury: 2 games
    Concussion: 1 game
    Personal reasons: 3 games
    Flu: 2 games
    Headache: 8 games
    Cracked Orbital Bone: 21 games

  52. I am, personally, a bit sick of hearing people defend Avery like our team hangs in the balance. If we are discussing Avery as the lynchpin then this team is in SERIOUS trouble. He’s not an impact player, he never had much ice time and he has always had problems. Always. Let’s worry about real issues. For example: why is Christensen on the team!?

    I just decided to voice my opinion on the matter and assume that all other opinions would see my opinion and realize it was the best opinion and drop the matter. Then I thought I would be ushered into the blog and carried around on people’s shoulders a la Rudy.

  53. And…I am going to assume that Carp brought it up because it makes us nuts and gives us something to talk about. He’s good at that.

  54. I was under the impression that we exhausted every possible angle of a Sean Avery discussion, excluding his love of fashion.

    We could always start that.

    Ohhh, did you guys see that Jean Paul Gaultier v-neck sweatshirt? Hey, girl, hey!! Fabulous!

  55. ThisYearsModel on

    Reminds me of a song:
    Panic on the streets of Greenburg
    Panic in the streets at Penn Plaza
    I wonder to myself
    Will we ever be good again
    Can we get out of the first round
    I wonder to myself
    Hopes may rise on the Carp board
    But gang, we still have Wolski
    And an o-fer power play
    So we run here, and we freak out all the time
    And there’s panic on the LoHud Carp board
    And the Post and News and Torts as well
    Hang the Bettman, Hang the Bettman, Hang the
    Hang the Bettman

  56. Stranger Nation on

    Wonder how many injuries DiPietro would have if he was signed to a minor league deal and not the most ridiculou$ contract in the NHL (yes, even counting Dredden) – just saying…

    Wusskie – groin injury = no heart, another way of saying no pelotas, si?

  57. It’s like that Sean Avery emergency kit I came up with:

    *Manny* October 11th, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    I am trying to picture what it would look like. An Avery statue with his nude image draped across it on that Marc Jacobs T-Shirt. Maybe a pair of Ray Bans in the corner. Some cologne. Suspenders. Checkered shirt.

  58. Rhode Island Ranger on


    You aren’t sick of people (like yourself) who reflexively introduce the subject of the Whaled player for the sole purpose of mockery? The bashing of that player is so ritualized here that the subject can be injected at any time as long as the connotation is negative.

    I agree with you that the focus should be on baggage like EC (and little Zucc). So, why don’t you lead the way and ignore the Whaled player entirely? Or if you are genuinely offended by any mildly positive reference to the player henceforth, address your disgust to Carp who brought it up today.

    A little consistency, please.

  59. As for Dipietro he’ll never have my sympathy. Too arrogant at times and has way too big of a mouth for someone who plays for a crappy franchise. Hes just never earned an ounce of my respect through his career. He should retire while he still has a couple of body parts that’s work

  60. I don’t believe that Consistency is the issue but that’s ok. I respect your Plantation of Rhode Island and therefore I will leave it alone.

    Yo, *ORR!* You simple MUST see this cute little sweater set I am wearing! I saw it on Project Runway last night and I decided to get up early and knit it for myself!

  61. OMG, Manny. That’s hot! Vera Wang is totes making me a suit for this fashion show I’m attending! Hehehe! You know you’re jelly of meee!!

    Speaking of Wang, of the non-floppy variety, I wonder if that Wang is related to the Isles Wang.

  62. I can’t believe I’m so old that I think fighting needs to be restricted, but the NHL would be better served by trying to eliminate professional fighters. It should be players fighting when they realize they need to fight for themselves and it’s worth it to them. It would make the fights more meaningful, and less brutal (Asham), and probably rarer.

  63. You cannot eliminate fighting. Somebody here made the brilliant point that as long as UFC exists, fighting should be legal in the NHL.

    That sounds H-O-DOUBLE T, ORR!

  64. carp

    this is my kind of post from you. the way i see things is the rangers need wins early and must have a roadtrip of 7 of 14 pts in the seven games to start the season. you look around the division early the pens are without a reg loss though five. the flyers are hot the isles and devils seem to be much better then last year.

    to be negative lets say we go 1-4 on this roadtrip and are 1-4-2 before our home opener we could find ourselves 10-11 pts back already in the divsion lead and be in the basement.

    we need WINS now and it starts tomorrow on long island. i will be there in section 325 screaming my head off.

    wowwitka and eminger

    mdz and erixon

    the isles young forwards may have a field day. god i hope not

  65. I don’t understand why anyone has a problem with what Asham did. What is he supposed to do? Not protect his teammate?

    Asham got challenged by a dope (Puggle) who took a dumb penalty beforehand and was wearing a visor when started throwing punches. Puggle got beat down and learned his lesson. End of story.

  66. What that Assham, Assham did after the fight was garbage but ….. if I knocked someone out in front of thousands of cheering people I might do it also.

  67. Another #6 – Darius Kasparitis…always sounded like a dreaded disease to me…but man I will forever miss that hip-check he had.

  68. Manny,
    …”Anybody feel like adding “Asham” to the list of curse words on this site?…”
    Year, when someone get beating and lose a fight, we will call it – to be “Ashamed”.

  69. I just bought the cutest pair of skinny jeans and I love how they make my asham look!! And be advised that nobody is wearing belts this fall, belts are so summer of ’11.

    Sean Avery for head judge on project runway and captain of the whale!!!

  70. I feel that I should make a mild defense of Asham. Yeah I know he was an Islander, but he also played for other teams. In my recollection, in the past, of Asham, he always impressed me of being a stand up guy. Many times when he was called upon to drop the gloves, he frequently doffed his helmet also, and suggested that the opponent doff theirs..they didn’t always do so.
    I was surprised to see him leave the Phillys, (or was it the Penns?)……or was it both?…my memory dims at times.)…But I would like to see him with Rangers, because it’s his kind that they need somewhere in that lineup.

  71. Fran,

    asham has been on every Atlantic division except the rangers.

    As far as rangers needing a player like him. I think prust fills that role much better then asham. Just my opinion though.

  72. Oh no! No belts this fall? That spells TROUBLE for my waistline. I swear, without a belt I look like I am wearing a potato sack!

  73. I’d probably do much worse than what Assham did. I’d flop to the ice and pretend I’m having a seizure. Big crowds are exciting!!!

    If that happened at the Garden, do you think NYR fans would chant “can you hear us”??

  74. I wonder what Avery thinks of the Whale jersey! Haha! That’s probably what he fears the most….putting on the CT Whale sweater! For fashion reasons….

  75. *Carp* October 14th, 2011 at 1:57 pm



    This is why Carp mentions Avery. Drive that traffic and grab that per diem!

  76. Asham admitted what he did after the fight was classless. I also remember Asham being an honorable fighter … when he and Paul Mara were fighting and Mara separated his shoulder and said so, Asham stopped fighting, and Mara went down the hall after the game and thanked him.

    Yes I brought up Avery, and not to stoke the discussion. I really do think there were a few games during the course of a season — Islanders, Devils, Flyers — when Avery was useful just by being annoying, and by being legitimately tough.

    And, no, I don’t think Rupp is a legit heavyweight by any stretch of the imagination. He’s a big guy who’s willing to fight, but he’s definitely not a goon. IMO, he shouldn’t be fighting clowns like Village People.

  77. Christensen saying over there———————>

    “if you can’t get up for this game there is something wrong with you”

    what about the other 81 games that the lazy perimeter floater EC never gets up for? what a frackin hippo-crit

  78. Don’t forget though, Village People Gillies “may be the best deterrer of moronic behavior there is in the NHL”.

    It must be true because an Isles fan says so.

  79. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Eliminating fighting or any other further pansification of our game is just ridiculous!!!

    Asham didn’t do anything wrong during the fight, he even held beagle up a bit after he was knocked silly. What he did after was pretty classless and he admitted just that right after the game. No problem whatsoever with what asham did!

  80. I agree that Asham did nothing wrong. How often do you get a straight KNOCKOUT during a hockey fight? Pretty awesome.

  81. Carp,
    why oh why would you bring up Larry Patey. Larry Patey, the man who picked up the lose puck in game 5 against the Islanders, and skated into, not away, but into players laying on the ice, coughed up the puck that led to the Morrow OT winner. it makes me sick every time I think of that play, please do not bring up that name again.

  82. I hope Gillies gets injured and ends his career before he does the same to someone else out there. He is reckless and useless for the league.

  83. Agreed Orr. Rupp is a better all around player.

    I would not be surprised if somebody McSorley’s Trevor Follies someday.

  84. I don’t ever want any players that were once on the Phlyers! (Let’s forget that I was on the “Jeff Carter” Bandwagon)

  85. Yea I would probably take them all. It was mostly a joke! Hate the team but would take a number of their quality players.

  86. For Rupp, Focus Is on Families in Need

    When the Rangers finally get off the road at the end of this month, Mike Rupp wants to do more than think about and play hockey.

    “The game is my job,” said Rupp, who signed with the Rangers as a free agent in July after two seasons with the Penguins. “I never lose sight of that. But I don’t feel like I’m in this world just to play hockey. The N.H.L. has provided me with a great livelihood, but I also have a platform to make a difference.”

    A 6-foot-5, 230-pound power forward and frequent fighter, Rupp is also one of the most civic-minded players in the league. He and his wife, Christi, are not interested in just showing up for photos opportunities for charities. Last Christmas, the Rupps wanted to do more for the families they had connected with through the Ronald McDonald House of Pittsburgh. One day after practice, they rented a bus to take 40 people to Ohio for a “Polar Express” train ride – complete with Santa, presents, dinner and Mike and Christi serving chocolate chip cookies and milk.


  87. >>Reminds me of a song:
    >>Panic on the streets of Greenburg

    Um, that reminds me of The Smiths.

  88. What caused me a gulp was to see Briere back among his kinfolks on the Sabres ( Sabers?) yeah it;s spelled both ways). Man when the Flyers unload their top performers, the back draft is stunning. Makes you wonder where they came up with all these new Wunderkindern that they’ve acquired..but Rangers have
    not been able to fit anyone in amongst their immortals.

  89. New Newman – Not to fan the flames of a issue that burned out long ago, I think the facts speak to the reality of your theory or assumption. First we have Tortorella’s comments while a TSN analyst regarding Avery’s suspension for the ‘sloppy seconds’ comment:

    “The league stepped up here and I think they did the right thing. Enough is enough…He’s embarrassed himself, he’s embarrassed the organization, he’s embarrassed the league and he’s embarrassed his teammates, who have to look out for him. Send him home. He doesn’t belong in the league.”

    Sound like someone who would willingly take Avery on as a project? Then after his string of penalties against Washington in the 2009 playoffs, the coach had this to say about Avery:

    “I’m not gonna get in a conversation with you guys about Sean. I’ll give you this: When Sean and I met for the first time when I came here, we both talked that we were going to handle it like men, go through the process, and I’m not gonna talk to you guys about it . . . This belongs in the locker room.”

    Tortorella then gave the team its first major overhaul, and the Rangers were a dismal failure in 2009-2010. Avery had a half-decent season and remained a fan-favorite among a very forgettable team that missed the playoffs. There’s little reason for Dolan and Sather to listen to Tortorella’s pleas, given that he failed to deliver better than his predecessor. That brings us to 2010-2011, when we have the emergence of core players like Stepan, Anisimov and Boyle. The Rangers have two solid lines, and neither includes Avery. After another quick exit from the playoffs, Tortorella calls for Sather to sign Richards. Then comes word of looming buyouts, among them are Wolski, Drury and yes, Avery. Certainly he had a bad season. But any worse than Christensen?

    Then the last straw, we see this faux competition allegedly between Avery and Christensen. Yet despite a rather lackluster three games in pre-season –all of which Avery was allegedly sidelined with an injury –Christensen is deemed the winner. Tortorella then abruptly throws Avery under the bus, saying his career in New York is done. Only Sather is much more guarded in his comments:

    “Of course we could recall him if he’s in Hartford and earns that.”

    Sum total? You’re 100 percent right.

  90. I did not know Rupp was so civic minded. Good for him–what nice dude. I wish more athletes/people were like him.
    On another note what is up with the D? Now Sauer is out. The D went from solid, to not so bad to dear God! The loss of just two guys made such a big difference. I didn’t see any of the preseason. Is it worth calling up anyone? It’s too bad V-Tank was cut. I had high hopes for him bringing some jam to the back end. But from what I’ve read–he was atrocious in the preseason.

  91. Good post, Phil.

    Not a doubt in my mind that Tortorella’s playing the role of cowboy to the hilt and considering how little he’s likely to produce with this squad, I’m sure that role will see him ride himself right out of a job. No one with half a brain could ever believe that Avery was given a fair shake by Tortorella because, as has been well-documented, he didn’t want him here from the beginning. The waiver claim was Sather’s move, one Tortorella was forced on him and he just went through the motions from that point on. This was probably the best opportunity Tortorella’s had to make a case to management to run Avery off the club, although it’s far from the first time he’s tried it.

    Tortorella got his Cup win 7 years ago and will no doubt ride that for the rest of his NHL career, however much longer it lasts. Anyone who paid attention to what happened in Tampa in after the Cup knows how his habit of throwing guys under the bus is hardly new, and he did so repeatedly while offering dwindling returns. He’s got a club now that’s a borderline playoff club at best and isn’t built to make any kind of serious run.

  92. Carp, you are so right on with the Rangers never getting up for the Icelosers. I hate these games especially with a loss and then I have to hear the fishsticks fans talking their crap.

  93. called Apple customer service. Time on hold: 1 hour and 35 minutes… still no answer. even the music stopped playing.

    That customer service is more dead than Steve Jobs!

    too soon? :)

  94. it will be interesting to see
    after a week of practices and downtime
    and a new captain
    and the black and blue mindset
    the team finally plays from the very beginning
    of the game.

    find successful teams doing just that
    on a consistent basis.
    hoping that the Rangers finally get that frame of mind.

  95. Mention the Heimlich maneuver, and it brings to mind a
    situation where a couple of cow pokes entered a bar and grill where customers were dining at the tables, and the old wrangler with his younger aid sidled up to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. Just at that moment a woman at the nearby table began choking and the young cow poke raced over lifted her up and placed her across the table, pulled down her panties and bent over and began licking up the back of her legs her rump and up her back and she let out a yelp of surprise and the offending food popped out onto the floor. The cowpoke then moseyed back to the bar and the old timer looked at him and said”y’ know…I heered about that Hind Lick maneuver, but never seed it practiced afore.

  96. Kreider and #1 BC take on #2 Denver tonight at 7:30 on CBS College Sports or something like that…channel 793 on jersey dolanvision.

  97. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Did the pens caps players have a lokomotive logos on their jerseys last night

  98. >>Wade #Redden broke his leg and is out 4-6 weeks.

    There goes Redden’s big break at breaking into the big team’s roster. Tough break!



    2pts regulation win
    1pt OT win
    0pts any type of loss

  100. with a tip from jpg’s sister for retweeting this

    BlueSeatBlogs Dave Shapiro

    Wade Redden does not have a broken leg. Original report has been withdrawn.

  101. UKRanger, if you’re still out here tonight, thanks for the explanation of the European television situation to watch games

  102. Eric’s in midseason form already, I see, fretting over every Eastern conference game that might go to OT. Must-win tonight, I presume?

  103. So anyone knows who has the rights in Norwegianpanslyland? Want to watch the game drunk tonight if possible. Can I get the NHL Gamecenter stuff? I had ESPN Player the last 3 seasons and that worked really well, apparently not available this season…

  104. 4generations 4 cups on

    Hey Broneheads, im here to bring an heir of positivity to the black cloud that is the typical Ranger fanbase!

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