The Captain, 50, to run in New York City Marathon


By Associated Press

NEW YORK — Hockey Hall of Famer Mark Messier plans to run next month’s New York City Marathon.

The six-time Stanley Cup champion will take on the 26.2 miles Nov. 6 in the city where he captained the Rangers to their first title in 54 years.

Two of his teammates from that 1994 squad, Adam Graves and Mike Richter, have run the marathon in recent years.

Messier was looking for a challenge after turning 50 in January and to raise awareness and money for two charities: the New York Police & Fire Widow’s and Children’s Benefit Fund and Tomorrows Children’s Fund, which helps kids with cancer and serious blood disorders.

He doesn’t have a trainer, doing extensive research on the science of running and building his own training plan, with a lot of trial and error thrown in. Messier runs by himself on the roads of Greenwich, Conn., with no headphones.

“It’s been an incredible form of meditation, actually, for me, a great way to contemplate and jump inside your own head and think,” he said Thursday at a ceremony at the Empire State Building. “That’s been very gratifying for me. In a way it’s been a 10-month prayer for these charities.”

Messier has been training intensely for the last seven months, recently completing his longest planned training run of 19 miles.

“I felt like I could never take another step the rest of my life,” he said, adding that he was pleased with how quickly he recovered. “My feet were sore, killing me. Every bone in my body ached.”


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  1. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on



    wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) October 13th, 2011 at 5:15 pm
    I thought it was whackamole—-> top and woywitka—-> players

  2. ayway, i got carped. repost:

    gotta go too guys. but cccp, orr, whoever has PS3 and wants to play nhl 12 my username is grabachev. im not that good so its an easy win. lol. later heads.

    and 4ever- i was just kidding bro. i understood what you were trying to say about prospal.

  3. I know, Grab, but
    That’s why I cherish this place so much, because with all seriousness, we know that chewing rounds of and rounds of line combination or crying about goner Avery, or making baseless predictions are not very productive or will lead to results, or affect the game or change a realm, right? But the very feelings of likeminded community, where you can, without any back thoughts, express yourself and your emotions, without fear to be misunderstood and ridiculed is priceless. Not sure about this last one, thou…anyway

  4. Manny,

    You get all wicky’s lunch points for defending Waseka, and not defending the core.

    You’re in 4th now, behind only Sally (403), Jimbo (401), and ilb (8).

  5. Am I the only one who has heard enough about Mess, and thinks the time for referring to him as The Captain has passed? Yes, I remember what he did, how awesome and badass he was, and how joyous it was when the Rangers won the Cup. But I also remember the bad effect and selfishness of his later reign, and am just maxed out on the adoration. Anyone else?

    Bueller? Bueller?

  6. Mess will always be The Captain.

    (Except maybe not in Detroit. They had a pretty good one for almost 20 years.)

  7. Just a little note on Zuccarello from the last thread: I think he’s a great choice for first line. First off, you’re wasting his skill and vision on fourth line. He’s not going to bring you much anything on a line with Rupp and Christensen. What he needs is guys with similar hockey sense on his line. That’s why him, Stepan and to a lesser degree, Wolski did well together last year. Also, when you have burners like Gaborik and Richards on your line, it creates a lot of space for you if you can keep up. And Zuccarello certainly has the speed to do that. What has he done to earn a spot on first line in the NHL? Not much. But leading SEL in scoring isn’t exactly a brush-off accomplishment.

    I’ve got no problem with Stepan getting a shot up there. He’d be my second choice, since he’s also got a high hockey IQ. Still, I’d love to see what the little guy could do with a pair of Ferraris on his line.

  8. Chris F. – I’m with you man. I gave up thanking Messier for his accomplishments after Messier Part Deux. Eventually, he’ll be Sather Part Deux, and I don’t really know what that era will usher in. But until then or until he can show he’s still got enough in the tank to bump the ‘C’ of Callahan’s chest, he’s just Messier.

  9. Stranger Nation on

    Phil – the hobbit plays RW

    The question is Step or Artie on the wing with the other playing second pivot.

    Gabby more like a 7 series Bmer – looks good in open space, very expensive, but no ability to quickly move to a higher gear. He needs to net at least 35 goals this season to make up for last.

  10. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and manny is a pansy man!!!!) on

    so whackamole says messier is running the marathon?? WOW!!

    removing lunch points?? really??

  11. Speaking of former SEL Golden Helmets (MVPs), I just learned that Fabian Brunnström (who put up half the points Zucc has in a similar number of NHL games) made the Red Wings roster on a tryout and signed a contract last week. Wow!

  12. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    From last post thanks Wicky & BBB okay heres a good laugh for you all . Is clearing the history the same as clearing your cache? I guess i’m tech challenged also I just got a new laptop 2 months ago & I don’t know half of whats loaded in it lol

  13. Just ignore my 7:26 post.

    I meant to say, Brunnstrom put up half the points Zucc had last year in a similar number of NHL games in his last NHL season with the Stars…

    Like Stepan, he scored a hat trick in his NHL debut…

  14. I definitely agree that after Stepan, Zuccarello should be given the next opportunity to be the top line LW.

    I still believe when its all said and done the Rangers will trade Anisimov and one or two of their young D (plus more) for a franchise d-man. That’s going to be the one thing that holds us back from Cup contention…

  15. I’m so pissed! I was gonna pick up PAP, but I realized I used all of my waiver pickup thingy’s. I screwed up by wasting it on DiPietro, and getting rid of him a day later. Waste!!

    On the bright side, I picked up Milan Muh-Hal-Lick. He just scored a PP goal.

  16. Carp,

    Actually, I loved Kelly Kisio. Only Rangers jersey I’ve ever owned. I believe he’s the GM of a junior team in Western Canada. Think it starts with an “M.”

    So, yeah, let’s.

  17. >>>Isles ripping apart the Bolts. 4-1! Ouch!

    Indeed – I guess Roloson doesn’t like returning to the Island, even if just for a few hours….

  18. The Islanders do have a pretty decent team and they will only get better. They will surprise some i think…

  19. Maaaaaaaaarty looked to injure his right shoulder while flopping to the ice to stop a puck – he landed on it rather heavily, not that he would be able to land on it any other way!

  20. I turned ’em off – didn’t want to see Parenteau score any more points or goals….

    I saw on the crawl that DiPietro got hit in the mask with a shot during the pre-game practice, and that he was not in the lineup tonight as a result – I guess his mask is injured now!

  21. PAP seems to have developed into the kind of player that we hope that MZA turns into – we could have just held on to him.

  22. Arron Asham of the Pens smoked Jay Beagle(?) in a fight with a one-punch knockout – Beagle (Caps) had to leave the game – Ovechkin was yapping furiously at Asham quite a bit from the penalty box while serving the penalty for Beagle…..

  23. Yeah, Asham plays a tough game – he’s not big, but he’s got the right attitude. He tries hard!

    Shootout in NJ – game tied 1-1 after OT..

  24. Debbies win in SO…….Isles win…Pitt still playing, tied 2-2…all our divisional teams are making hay…

  25. Oh well – at least the Habs are getting beat pretty badly at home by Calgary – I’ll take any kind of good news at this point….

  26. Ria- Yes and no.

    In the general sense, yes.

    If you are using Firefox, you’ll go through “Clear Recent History” and then typically just click “Clear Now” to clear your “stuff.”

    But technically ‘no’, because you can specify what’s actually cleared. (Under “Details” on the little pop up window.)

    So it depends on what you have selected – ‘browsing history’, ‘cookies’ or ‘cache'(temporary internet files) etc,

    This link should help:

    Same concept if your using Internet Explorer, clicking “Delete Browsing History” then allows you to select what you want cleared.

  27. I’m having a horrific night. I thought I’d catch Sally, but I’m not getting much help from my important guys.

    I would have more points if I dressed Labarbera!

    And Patrick Kane is killing me. He has a goal and two assists

  28. Friggin’ Parise – I wish the NYR (or some Western conference team) signs him in the off-season…

  29. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    What is a waseka? Autocorrects to weasels btw!!

    That asham fight was tough, they never call that visor penalty

  30. Pitt wasn’t playing Fleury again tonight – second game in a row for Johnson – I wonder if Fleury is hurt?

  31. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and manny is a pansy man!!!!) on

    bourque, landeskog, and both my goalies killing it tonight

  32. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and manny is a pansy man!!!!) on

    classy move by chara last night with mcquaid btw

  33. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and manny is a pansy man!!!!) on

    putting the hurt on sally in the other league.

    james G putting the hurt on latona, he needs to go to whackamole errr weasels—> to get some help

  34. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and manny is a pansy man!!!!) on

    not without getting a starting goalie back

  35. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and manny is a pansy man!!!!) on

    i’ll think on that. not sure if I want you having hank though, you seem to be a jinx on numerous levels!!

  36. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Thank you dde so if I delete the cookies , temp files etc. that might be the reason for this happening .

  37. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and manny is a pansy man!!!!) on

    anyone else think at some point the rumours will start about daniel alfreddson being a ranger?

  38. >>>orr
    i’ll think on that. not sure if I want you having hank though, you seem to be a jinx on numerous levels!!

    Ouch!!!! High-stick by Wicky! He may have a point there, though…. ;-D

  39. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and manny is a pansy man!!!!) on

    no, just sooner or later some pundit is going to say that the rangers need a forward to play with gabby and brich and the sens are bad and alfreddson has been there his whole career and hasn’t had a cup yet blah blah blah

    I’d say past his prime guy for sure and not the answer, but I am not a pundit.

  40. I agree, Wick – a few years ago maybe – but he’s been hurt an awful lot in these past couple of seasons. I’d rather not have us pick up any more “aging superstars” – our track record with them has been very bad!

  41. Ria, I am an idiot technologically, but what you want is to set any of your delete history or cleaner thingies so that the cookies ARE NOT deleted. I think when you clear your cookies, you lose some of your saved usernames and passwords and things.

    I’m sure somebody could explain that a lot better than I. Like a four year old.

  42. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Thanks again dde! I might just designate you the “tech guy” came to the rescue once again

  43. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    LOL thanks Carp whats below idiot ? One of my first experinces with the computer years ago I though I broke it until my daughter said “it won’t explode if you do something wrong, it will just send you an error message” I still smile when I think of that

  44. Good on the Captain for doing it (and Richter and Gravy too) – it takes a lot of dedication, training and bravery to put yourself through it. I did London Marathon for Cancer Research a few years ago and i can tell you from experience, it is one of the hardest things i’ve ever done. You need at least 16 weeks build up, you need to run 5 or 6 days a week, including one long run each week building up to anywhere between 18-23 miles at the peak a few weeks before the event.
    On the day it is incredible, the support, cheering, the crowds its an overwhelming experience, i even spent the mid-part of the race running over Tower Bridge in streams of tears as people patted me on the back telling me my dad would be proud of me (due to a message and picture of my deceased father on my t-shirt).

  45. And while I;m in my rebuttable mode, I;m gonna say something about Mara. I saw someone make the statement that he;s just a poor defenseman, and that he can;t skate well enough to play in the bigs. Well I;m gonna tell you something…..While with the Rangers he showed me something on playing defensive hockey in his own end, that NO OTHER Ranger has used or uses now.

    When the hot shot puck carriers and shooters came into the zone, he;d move in on them and skate with them wherever they went, shoulder to shoulder, and with his stick stretched to thwart passes or a shot, but wherever that shooter would go he was right on him shoulder to shoulder, and he’d keep the guy from getting a decent shot, or pass and til the guy ran out of space or stamina. He did this so often that it attracted my attention, and I wondered why none of Ranger coaches didn’t notice this quality and try teaching it to their other D’ men. I firmly believe that they could do worse ( and probably will.)

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