Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3


Been working on this since Monday, because I want to be able to post audio for youse guys when I go to games and practices this season.

So here’s a test of some old audio from John Tortorella and Henrik Lundqvist.

Hope it works. Let me know if you like it. And thanks to our tech guy, Jeff Marx (hockey fan) for setting this up for me.

Here’s Torts:


Here’s Hank:


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  1. Good morning/afternoon!

    Is it possible to get the audio in a non-flash mode so that we who spend or days on iPads and iPhones also get to listen? That would be great!

  2. I am watching saturday’s game at a friend’s house on Long Island. He is an islander fan. His wife is a ranger fan. The kids are carving pumpkins and they are making us dinner. I have to be gracious, don’t I?

    Why do the carcillo-less yet carcillo-filled flyers have to be 3-0?

  3. Gregm_section403 on

    I would love to listen to these on my iPhone or iPad while sitting on the train. If you could post these in a non-flash version, that would be great!

  4. This is cool. Audio? What’s next? Video!?

    I am on my iPhone and soar the audio is just a bunch of lines of programming.

  5. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, this changes everything! LOL @ “PRACTICE”

    Carp, thanks for doing this and thanks to Jeff Marx, the unknown Marx brother.

    Carp, our Swede friend has a great point though… Mac and flash no likey each other and nobody with Mac will be able to listen :( Stinks to be them, but wouldn’t it be great if Jeff Marx could set it up with .wav files or some other form, maybe something compressed? Hmmmm???

    It really doesn’t effect me, but if you stick with the Flash, you are not reaching your total potential audience.

  6. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Carp…while I appreciate technology and your efforts….I watch TV or listen to radio when I want to hear things. I read your blog here when I want to read things.
    As a matter of fact, when I am reading fanatsy sports columns,and sports websites, it bothers me when the article is a video clip instead of a written item. Also, sooner or later comes the ads the will preceeed the news item…ugh !

    Hey, thats just me, just sayin…

  7. Ditto Rangerswedes. Would be great if the link was an mp3 that could be downloaded.

    Thanks for adding this! Great to hear raw audio instead of a spun quote in a newspaper or on TV. The background noise was a bit of a distraction but the main talkers were clear enough to be heard. :)

  8. Carp, I am all for anything that sends out more information on the Rangers and it is a hoot to hear Torts address the writers – liked the Zip comment! Plus, it gets us ready for HBO’s 24/7. The only “problem” is that there was some “mic” noise – not sure if there is any way to correct that.

    As for the Flyers fans, you can’t spell “classy” Flyer fan without the a – s – s.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Your life is made easier through technology. Progress! Synergy! Value Added! Other buzzwords!

  10. Also like to throw out that non top of the line androids won’t do flash either. Flash is a resource hog. Maybe a modified podcast of some sorts in mp3. :)

  11. Call me old fashioned, but I actually enjoy reading the the typed up interviews that Carp does!!

  12. Hey, after reading the article in the Daily News, I’m starting to wonder if Carp is real??

    Let me explain, there was someone here the other day saying Stepan should see 1st line minutes. I’m figuring either the real Carp is actually trying out for coach of the NYR.

    Or…Tort’s was here and Carcilloed Carp in the back room, to run the idea of Stepan on the 1st line past all of us…..cause we all know whats best for the Rangers….then wanted to see our reaction.

    I for one think Carp would make a good coach….looking for brownie points. LOL

    BTW here is the article.

  13. >>…And thanks to our tech guy, Jeff Marx (hockey fan) for setting this up for me.

    Please tell Jeff to get an HTML5 audio plugin instead of Flash.

  14. I just wanted to pass this along, because I know some of you guys believe that the players we have will never revolt against Tort’s and his my way or the highway attitude.

    When it comes down to it the players want and deserve respect because they are the ones who play the game. I’ve never been a huge Tort’s guy, but I do respect the work he has done with the young guys. But don’t expect the young guys to have that same young guy attitude it all changes once they get some time under their belts.

    Here is a quote from the NY Post and how Coughlin handles the Giants.

    Harry Carson, Bill Parcells’ trusted co-lieutenant along with George Martin: “I was impressed that Tom even went down that road, because Tom was about doing it My Way Or The Highway. It showed his willingness to be flexible to listen to guys and take on a different mindset.”

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/giants/coughlin_revives_players_council_EQFlQVi9kBMIx5RnIDsXzJ#ixzz1afeERuM8

  15. I agree that I rarely opt for video. Im here to read. WAtching video of torts talking or nameless jerseys skating around a practice rink never add anything for me.

    But listening to this interview while I read the blog was pretty cool.

    Came in loud and clear.

  16. I am also here to read and can’t listen or watch at work….but I will say this: It looks REALLY cool to have all the technology up there and it makes the blog look super official!

  17. To all you Xbox players out there, has anyone simulated the season thru NHL 12 and see how the Rangers due? Or who wins the Cup?

  18. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    I think it is great that you and mr Marx post the audio (video would be cool as well). I am a iPhone/iPad user as well so I was unable to indulge, but it isn’t all about me so great job!!! So what other hobbies do you guys have???

    John m
    Yes you do and haven’t you seen the commercials? They go 82 and 0

  19. iWicky it’s not working on your ipad and iphone?
    I’ll work on a fix for that.
    Any other smart phone users having issues accessing the audio?

  20. Like Manny, it is hard to listen at work, but the test was successful. I can catch up on the audio later, or will look even more forward to weekends. Thanks, Carp and Jeff.

    On the video side, it would be great to get video of press conferences with Torts. I find those very amusing and MSG Network often offers only pieces of it.

  21. ok so what’s so new about “new” iOS5? They make it sound as if you’re about to download the best thing ever! A completely new iPhone! I just downloaded it and aside from few new icons that i now have on my screen, everything looks the same! lol

  22. Jeff, there are several questions/suggestions/complaints above …

    I will still transcribe quotes from time to time. but this will make it better for me when I’m up against deadline, or when Torts goes on for 12-15 minutes or so. I still have to write my stories for the paper and LoHud, so putting up the audio is a way of alleviating some of the transcript duty and getting the quotes to you faster.

  23. oh and i cannot find where all my music files went! lol

    iTunes shows my music files, but in the iPhone it doesn’t! loving it! NOT!

  24. Hey guys, I hear your complaints about the audio not working on certain platforms. I’m going to try and find the best solution for that. I used to be able to convert the flash player to an mp3 file with some fancy coding :) But it seems like apple has blocked that now. So I’m going to have to find another solution. So just hang tight for now.

  25. Well this is an encouraging opinion via twitter: “stevezipay No RT @sctrojan12: @stevezipay:do you think Christensen will get some chances with that top line?”

  26. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    you have to wait a bit for them to re load…when you attach your iphone to your desktop or macbook, it goes through itunes and click on the update iphone, after it does that and 5 is loaded, it still takes a while for the phone files to be updated (atleast it did on mine) so just let them sit there a while…

  27. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    what manny said!!

    thanks for the response and if the majority of the people like it the way it is, don’t worry about we ifolk, we will survive. Sorry that you are a sabres fan, i think they have a medical procedure to fix that!

    No one got my marx brothers line in that post??

  28. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Thanks Carp & Jeff I also like reading the interviews cause I lov reading in general but the audio is great also question why do I have to keep entering my name & e-mail everytime I post ? Is it because its a new post?

  29. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    your 12:42 post

    sounded way better than the way i put it

  30. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    the only time i have a problem with what ria said is when i empty my cache

  31. This hi tech stuff is all way beyond me. Hell, I’m still waiting for my phones to be reinstalled after the house being hit with a monstrous fork lightning strike that cost us ALL of our electrical services. The soonest they can get here is Oct 20th. Great response eh? I’ve gotten this back, and the TV but no phone.

    I tell you guys, you can go all season and not see a game as electrifying as last week between Tampa Bay and Washington. No sooner did one team score than the other followed suit and it was back and forth that way hi speed slam bang and surprisingly good goal tending on both sides, but the shooters were dynamite. It ended in a 5=5 tie, went to a shoot out and for some reason Bolts kept Lavallier and St Louis on the bench for the shoot out, and the Caps won it.

    Didn’t Jagr say while with NY that he preferred not to engage in shoot outs,because he didn’t have the confidence in himself for them?

    That could have been with the two bolts players also.

    So far what I’ve seen of Rangers to date they don’t come any where the skill level of these two clubs

  32. Kreider shining and Fasth too.

    From Corey Pronman at the Puck Prospectus:

    Jesper Fasth, Right Wing, New York Rangers (HV71-SEL): Fasth has gotten off to a tremendous start over in Sweden, and he’s currently fourth in SEL scoring as of this writing. While it is still early on and a small sample, I talked to one NHL executive who has watched Fasth who said, “I originally thought he was just going to be a defensive type of player, but now I think he has a chance to be a second line forward.” He’s a plus skater with an above-average shot, a great work ethic and he’s starting to show average prowess and sense with the puck. While the offensive skills outside the skating aren’t overwhelming, the package in itself is enough to possibly project as a scoring forward in the league.

  33. Why EC needs to go (reason #13452). If Stepan sticks as the LW on the top line then EC, Rupp, Zucc and Wolski as the 4th line parts don’t really mesh with what you need from a 4th line. They would need a little more grit. Rupp can move to C. Zucc would be the scoring threat and somebody else should be an energy guy that can hit. EC certainly doesn’t fit that description. And, Wolski is a waste of space. Why they didn’t buy him out I have no idea.

    It’s time to give up on the idea of having one of the young players in the AHL to get more meaningful minutes. Give one a few minutes a game on the 4th line and have him get used to the NHL level of play gradually. Maybe next season he moves up to the 3rd line and gets more minutes. You can’t keep all of the prospects in the minors forever because there’s no room on the Rangers’ roster. Weise would have been a good candidate for the 4th line. Maybe bring up Newberry or Bourque or (anybody but Christensen).

  34. the grit is on the third line.

    cookies? “I don’t have too many good years left. if I want a Chip Ahoy I’m going to have one.”

  35. Once for haloween one of my more hilarious friends dressed up as Cookie Monster. He didn’t bring a wallet with him. Only a bucket of cookies. Which he tried to pay his bar tab with. Didn’t end well.

  36. don’t we have a player who shredded SEL in half few seasons back and was hailed as the next blah blah blah? if anything, after watching how MZA struggles here and after watching the Rangers play against the top Swedish team, i start to think that success at the SEL means practically nothing when you come to play in the NHL, unless you are a superstar in the making.

  37. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    you are probably correct, my apologies to all!!

    cookies?? snickerdoodles please!!

  38. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    NHL12 roster updates anyone??

  39. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    If we would roll four lines, I don’t think the situation would be so bad or as many problems, but man (not bettman) rolling four lines just seems impossible apparently.

  40. MZA struggles? I notice more Gaborik struggles….

    MZA had success beyond the shootout last year and he was arguably the best player in camp this year….

    I think the guy has a bright future ahead of him….assuming he gets the chance to play where he belongs….with Top-6 forwards and on the PP units…

    He is not an energy guy and shouldn’t be playing with Rupp or EC…

    The guy hasn’t even played a full season in the NHL (after ripping up the AHL for most of last year) and already people say he is “too small”, “can’t play with Richards”, and “should be on the Whale”….

  41. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I still vote snozzberries for the fourth line!!

  42. NYR_FAN/Fran – Jagr said nothing about anxiety. He said he wasn’t the best guy on the Rangers to take shootouts, and he was right. Jagr’s scoring prowess has more to do with his ability to create space for himself and then utilize his quick release. He’s a huge guy, and while he’s got decent hands, his goals aren’t typically scored in one-on-one situations. But like soundbite in New York, it got reported in the media and New York fans took it exactly the wrong way. Some blamed him for ducking out on his team while others figured it was some sort of mental tick. Both assumptions are wrong, as Jagr showed throughout the rest of that season when he shot in five consecutive shootouts and didn’t score once.

  43. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I would like to see “rolling” to the point of offencive guys spread throughout the line up so certain players (read cally) don’t get burnt out and others (read prust/rupp) are more effective. If the lines were more balanced to the point of the coach having a willingness to play them all more and a couple a bit less, I think it would be better in the long run for our team.

    The same goes for our d pairings, IMHO!

  44. NYR_FAN

    i see i struck a nerve there! lol

    Don’t like when your boy’s being questioned, eh? ;)

    42 games in his first season before he got send to the AHL doesn’t sound like much of a success to me. And it only took 4 SO’s last season for other teams to figure him and his one trick out… yes, he’s been very noticeable during the preseason while playing on *big ice*… but in the first two regular season games he barely played 17 minutes in both games combined. But i guess we will see what’s next for Mats.

  45. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    in wickyian snozzberries=newbury

  46. Sorry – I didn’t mean it to be like “I said it first.” I only meant that I completely agree with you wickster.

  47. phil – Can’t really argue with what you said about Jagr. It just seems to me he avoided it because it was awkward for him and he didn’t have the confidence in himself…he looked so uncomfortable in every attempt…

    Whereas, Shanahan would just skate right up to the slot and try to snap it past the goalie…He had 15 attempts in 2007-08 and scored 5 times!!


    Let’s clarify. He started with the Whale and earned the call up in mid-season and went on to score 23 points in 42 games. Spread out over an 82 game season, that’s about 40 points, or close to Stepan’s production last year….so, is that really struggling?

    That’s a fair argument about Olympic ice during camp. Let’s just see how he turns out. Maybe he is “a superstar in the making”… lol

  48. gaborik is already an established player in the nhl. mza isnt. hes gotta work his way up.

    snozzberries is whaled 4 life wick. dont think he gonna make it here. the guy from toronto that we got last season(willie mitchell??) probly be here before him.

  49. cccp- wanna play nhl12 today?? i played for the first time online yesterday and got beat everytime. very close games but got beat in the shootout alot. i had a hard time controlling the goalie. if we play can u set it up so that the computer controls the goalie?

  50. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    possibly, anyone is better than EC IMHO! EC just isn’t a well rounded player IMHO. I like to see players on a team that if they are not on the scoresheet with goals and assists, you still see them on there with hits or fights. Last time I checked, the league hasn’t turned this great game of hockey into 3 periods of skills competitions yet (they seem to be trying though).

    no worries


    So the latest NHL12 update still doesn’t have woywitka—> on the rangers

  51. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    no, not a fan of the free online play. It sucks spending the cash for the xboxlive membership at first, but I like it way better. Besides after the initial fire starting xboxes with the rings of death, the newer kinects are better systems than the ps3s are IMHO. Plus we have bluray players already so why bother!

  52. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    LMFAO and thanks!!

  53. No PS 34 came out. They skipped a 4-33 and went straight to 34. It’s unreal. Graphics are better than real life.

  54. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    on the woywitka —> note. We are calling them woywitka—> and wombat—> now correct??

  55. nyrfan- i dont think mza did much besides the shootouts myself. yea he has good offensive instincts but if hes not scoring hes useless. i think hes 0 for his past 3 maybe 4 SO attempts also. hes got skill though, and we need that. did he work on his skating? i know it should be easier on a smaller rink but at the same time the limited space makes him easier target to hit.

  56. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    if that is the case, then it is probably better than the xbox kinect

  57. Wicky – I thought, because Latona was being a _total_ crybaby it was this:

    Top Widget = Waseka

    Bottom Widget (Players) = Woywitka

  58. manny- what will they call the playstation in 31 years? it reminds me of back to the future 2 when the jaws 19 holgram came out of the theater and tried eating mcfly. and the cubs won teh world series too! hey, anybody see that documntary on the cub fan who caught the foul ball? forgot his name. it was on a few weeks ago on espn

  59. so when omone gets deoted to hartford are we switching it to “avery’ed” instead of reddened? or is reddened the ultimate insult still?

  60. Grabby – Absolutely, the Rangers need all the skill they can get. Especially, on the PP. He had 9 PP assists last year….that’s pretty good if you ask me…he also had 2 GWGs, including the OT game against Carolina…Also, dude ripped it up in the Olympics a few years back (on NHL sized ice) and that’s why Slats signed dude…

    Why people are giving up on this guy already is a mystery to me? Can he be that much worse than Avery defensively?

  61. Grabby: his name was Bartman. Steve Bartman. That documentary (and I hear the entire series) is AMAZING.

  62. i think mza is decent not arguing there. he has skill. its just he doesnt contribute in other ways if he isnt on the scoresheet. kinda like ec, but not invisible like ec is. he does make great passes and was good on the pp(not pp point though) last year. idk though. it seems as though the novelty is worn off and i never think of him as a serious threat when hes on the ice. 6 goals is what he had last season. i’d like to see him get double that by christmas

  63. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    what the hell is waseka?? I like whackamole better than waseka!!

  64. I think you hit the nail on the head, Grabby…

    “it seems as though the novelty is worn off and i never think of him as a serious threat when hes on the ice.”

    Seems that’s the position of most Rangers fans…I just don’t agree…

  65. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    oh, ok…sorry latona!!

    waseka, what a pretty name for a…ummm…yeah….riiiiight!!

  66. I am still with NYR. I think the ^hobbit wizard^ is going to be an impact player. He is still getting used to different ice and stick sizes and he will get to a higher level. His production early on was not a fluke.

  67. So it seems to me there’s a conspiracy theory, coupled with some blasphemy and also some charlatan haberdashery.

    Do I smell the removal of wicky’s lunch points? I think so…

    Quick, wick. Snatch back that piping hot bowl of soup and savor those points, and savor Waseka, for it is through Waseka that Waseka is through.


  68. “Maybe he(MZA) is “a superstar in the making”

    he’s destined to be a ‘white dwarf’

  69. We are still going on about MZA? He disappears in tight checking games. So the final half of the season he stinks. Did he even make the playoff roster last year? I rest my case. 3 wimps w SO skills made the team. A waste!

  70. nyrfan- i love the hobbit and hope he succeeds here, dont get me wrongly, but weve got a top 6 already. hes not an ideal choice to play on the top line, and the 2nd line is perfect when intact. since step is getting a look there, he’ll be stuck playing 3rd n 4th line minutes and some pp time. i dont think torts really thinks too highly of him to begin with. hes still young and if he can improve his skating and his play away from the puck, especially defensively, he’ll get more quality minutes. but again, he is a rw. so hes automatically 3rd line behind gaby n cally. dnt know if torts will utilize him in situations to be more successful or if he even can right now because of his other optionsfr the top 2 lines. only thing i can think of is when someone gets hurt, hes gotta step up and do the do his best and make the most of the situation. when he gets pp time, hes gotta produce. in shootouts, learn a new move or2. he’ll ge more minutes and play with better linemates if he earns it.

  71. Newman: In Defense of MZA – we rolled (basically) 3 lines in the playoffs. We also got creamed!

  72. “still going on about mza”??

    newman we just started the mza discussion. maybe i havent been here enough but i thought avery was the one that was getting way too much atention here lately

  73. I now, I’m wrong, but I was salivating bitterly, spitting venom left and right on innocent inmates, watching Vinny Prospal playing in line with Carter and Nash , when my obliging imagination pictured him in OUR 1st line. Point a game, inexpensive, with plenty of gas and energy left. But, again, I’m wrong, I know… – knees, age (36). Bull… I mean, he is! Miss him at “bobkissavery” level and more.

  74. Great points, Grabby. I agree with all of what you said.

    “only thing i can think of is when someone gets hurt, hes gotta step up and do the do his best and make the most of the situation. when he gets pp time, hes gotta produce.”

    I think that’s what made him so valuable last year, when Cally went down with injury, he stepped up…

    When Cally came back, his ice time dwindled and his confidence soured…and eventually he got sent back down…

    It’s about maturity this year for him and also making the most of his minutes, because like you said, barring injury, they will be limited…

  75. Why would people possibly be down on “Waseka”? Remember how Roe was LOST the other day. Shame shame.

  76. OK, can I express some emotions here? Besides, I really liked him and so far he is doin just great.

  77. gottago too guys. but cccp, orr, whoever has PS3 and wants to play nhl 12 my username is grabachev. im not that good so its an easy win. lol. later heads.

  78. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I thought it was whackamole—> top and woywitka—> players

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