Odds to win the NHL’s 2011-12 major awards


Courtesy of Bodog:

Who will win the Hart Memorial Trophy as the NHL’s Most Valuable Player?

Alexander Ovechkin (WAS)         4/1
Steven Stamkos (TB)                 11/2
Sidney Crosby (PIT)                   13/2
Daniel Sedin (VAN)                    12/1
Henrik Sedin (VAN)                    14/1
Pavel Datsyuk (DET)                  14/1
Anze Kopitar (LAK)                    18/1
Jonathan Toews (CHI)                 18/1
Corey Perry (ANA)                     25/1
Martin St. Louis (TB)                  25/1
Evgeni Malkin (PIT)                    30/1
Jarome Iginla (CAL)                    30/1
Brad Richards (NYR)                  30/1
Joe Thornton (SJ)                       40/1

Any Other Forward                     11/5
Any Goaltender                          11/2
Any Defenseman                       30/1

Who will win the Vezina Trophy for being the NHL’s top Goaltender?

Ryan Miller (BUF)                      5/1
Tim Thomas (BOS)                    7/1
Roberto Luongo (VAN)                15/2
Henrik Lundqvist (NYR)               8/1
Carey Price (MTL)                      9/1
Marc-Andre Fleury (PIT)              10/1
Pekka Rinne (NAS)                    10/1
Martin Brodeur (NJ)                    10/1
Ilya Bryzgalov (PHI)                    12/1
Miikka Kiprusoff (CAL)                14/1
Jaroslav Halak (STL)                   16/1
Cam Ward (CAR)                       16/1
Antti Niemi (SJ)                         16/1
Tomas Vokoun (WAS)                18/1
Jonathan Quick (LAK)                20/1
Jonas Hiller (ANA)                      25/1
Jimmy Howard (DET)                  33/1
Corey Crawford (CHI)                  40/1
James Reimer (TOR)                  40/1
Semyon Varlamov (COL)            40/1
Craig Anderson (OTT)                 50/1

Field (Any Other Player)             30/1

Who will win the James Norris Trophy as the NHL’s best defenseman?

Shea Weber (NAS)                    4/1
Zdeno Chara (BOS)                    9/2
Nicklas Lidstrom (DET)               13/2
Mike Green (WAS)                     7/1
Drew Doughty (LAK)                   10/1
Duncan Keith (CHI)                    10/1
Kris Letang (PIT)                        12/1
Keith Yandle (PHO)                    12/1
Christian Ehrhoff (BUF)               15/1
Dan Boyle (SJ)                          15/1
P.K. Subban (MTL)                    20/1
Lubomir Visnovsky (ANA)           20/1
Dustin Byfuglien (WIN)               22/1
Dion Phaneuf (TOR)                   25/1
Andrei Markov (MTL)                  25/1
Chris Pronger (PHI)                    30/1
Mark Streit (NYI)                        35/1
Tobias Enstrom (WIN)                35/1

Field (Any Other Player)             9/1

Who will win the Calder Memorial Trophy as the NHL’s Rookie of the Year?

Brayden Schenn (PHI)                3/1
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (EDM)      7/2
Gabriel Landeskog (COL)            11/2
Nino Niederreiter (NYI)                7/1
Adam Larsson (NJ)                    8/1
Tim Erixon (NYR)                       10/1
Erik Gudbranson (FLA)               10/1
Jared Cowen (OTT)                     10/1
Ryan Johansen (CBJ)                 15/1
Alexei Yemelin (MTL)                 15/1

Field (Any Other Player)             3/1

Who will win the Art Ross Trophy as the NHL’s points leader?

Alexander Ovechkin WAS)          7/2
Steven Stamkos (TB)                 7/2
Daniel Sedin (VAN)                    11/2
Martin St. Louis (TB)                  17/2
Henrik Sedin (VAN)                    14/1
Pavel Datsyuk (DET)                  16/1
Corey Perry (ANA)                     18/1
Ryan Getzlaf (ANA)                    18/1
Sidney Crosby (PIT)                   18/1
Anze Kopitar (LAK)                    25/1
Evgeni Malkin (PIT)                    30/1
Nicklas Backstrom (WAS)          30/1
Henrik Zetterberg (DET)              30/1
Jonathan Toews (CHI)                 30/1
Joe Thornton (SJ)                       35/1
John Tavares (NYI)                     40/1
Patrick Kane (CHI)                     40/1
Jarome Iginla (CAL)                    40/1
Bobby Ryan (ANA)                     40/1
Zach Parise (NJ)                        40/1
Matt Duchene (COL)                  45/1
Brad Richards (NYR)                  45/1
Eric Staal (CAR)                        45/1
Rick Nash (CBJ)                        45/1
David Krejci (BOS)                     55/1
Derek Roy (BUF)                       55/1
Jeff Carter (CBJ)                         85/1
Ilya Kovalchuk (NJ)                     85/1
Dany Heatley (MIN)                    100/1
Jaromir Jagr (PHI)                      100/1

Field (Any Other Player)             25/1

Who will win the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy Trophy as the NHL’s Top Goal Scorer leader?

Steven Stamkos (TB)                 7/2
Alexander Ovechkin (WAS)         4/1
Corey Perry (ANA)                     9/2
Evgeni Malkin (PIT)                    6/1
Sidney Crosby (PIT)                   13/2
Jeff Carter (CBJ)                         10/1
Rick Nash (CBJ)                        15/1
Daniel Sedin (VAN)                    15/1
Zach Parise (NJ)                        18/1
Ilya Kovalchuk (NJ)                     20/1
Bobby Ryan (ANA)                     25/1
Jonathan Toews (CHI)                 25/1
Jarome Iginla (CAL)                    25/1
Patrick Marleau (SJ)                   30/1
Henrik Zetterberg (DET)              30/1
John Tavares (NYI)                     35/1
Jeff Skinner  (CAR)                     35/1

Field (Any Other Player)             12/1

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  1. ilb, you know bob hates the inane good morning comments!!

    Anyhow, good morning all! Seems like a long week with no game till Saturday – think i might have to watch some hockey fights to keep me amused – or maybe just some video of Don Cherry!

  2. At least the boys will b well rested and the Islanders play TB tmrw night ….hopefully that means somethin

  3. Good morning all! Why must I start my day with Ovechkin in my face? Ugh.

    How does bob feel about good evening?

  4. Kiki-van-gundy-a-way on

    Did bob got banned? Will he be allotted second chance? I thought he offered much in the way of discussion at times.

  5. Stranger Nation on

    Two note Bob provided a seemingly heartfelt point of view delivered in an antagonistic manner much better served on Ranger Rants. Rumor has it he was just a mellow guy who casually followed the Rangers until the Waivery incident which sparked a deep felt resentment of Torts and the inability to understand his value to the Rangers. Needs to consider decaf as the season is two games old and he has already gone postal.

  6. Stranger Nation on

    Tim Erixon (NYR) at 10/1 –

    must be a shallow pool of rooks this year – not sure he will be with club when Staal comes back – at least MDZ hopes Erixon is whaled.

  7. Unless Staal’s condition was alleviated by the cortisone shot which seems more like a hopeful event, I think he is going to be done for the year. What is the alternative? He comes back, and gets hurt again? How do we know he didn’t further his injury by playing after the initial impact? Wasn’t he iffy for some games down the stretch? They made it seem leg related at the time I think. These guys with concussion issues all come back to play and reinjure. They should shut him down for the whole year, and give the guy a real chance to heal.

    ilb, is there any conclusive study showing symptoms that manifest well after initial contact being more detrimental to the brain than those presenting themselves immediately after incident?

  8. Stranger Nation on

    Mao – tough to play armchair doctor since every head injury is unique to the individual, unliek say a knee ligament tear. The fact Staal played well when in the lineup last spring makes the recent turn of events puzzling. The man is a warrior.

    Definitely err on the of caution with these injuries as a concussion is polite name for a brain bruise and risking further injury is just stupid at this point.

  9. One never fully recovers from a concussion.

    Sad.summer makes these injuries even more complex.

  10. The team have to be careful with Staal, the short-term gain of getting him back could turn into a long-term loss if he takes another hit and gets shutdown for the year or more. Its a slow process of waiting till symptoms subside and then ramping up the workout intensity and monitoring to see if any further effect, this is why it seems like a series of setbacks.

    On the positive side the play of McMonster and the Dan “GIJoe”rardi right now means we are coping OK, but while MDZ and Erixon are still learning we are always going to be a little exposed at times as they need to play 30-35 minutes a night between them.
    We really need the 1st line and PP to click to take the pressure off the D and Hank, otherwise it will be a long season of low-scoring close games, OT and shootouts (which will ire Carp even more!)

  11. bob’s news instead of Crosby’s?
    bob just moved with Aves, by his mind and soul, and now participate in WR (Whale Report) blog, where he hope to put some pressure on Ken Gernander, persuading him to recognize Sean’s exclusiveness and significant role and to put him on the 1st Whale line. (under threat of resignation). Simultaneously, he opens campaign against WR blog father – Rick Fishiniello, accusing him of potential abuse of ban power. Good luck to our adamant old friend and professional Aves human rights unyielding fighter, in his perpetual struggle against internet despots!

  12. Good to see old JR (not Ewing) is putting his foot in his mouth in a very Don Cherry-esque way. Honestly, why do all commentators take this “Jim Rome” adversarial approach and try to be controversial. Ex-pro’s should be there to offer insight into the game, not criticise because someone wanted to interview the league’s best player on how his head is, even if its no better than last week.

    You could make a really awful alternative NHL show with Cherry, Milbury and JR which we could all watch as a joke, then tune into the real stuff. In the UK the premier league soccer shows usually let idiots like this do an “alternative commentary” that viewers can listen to as part of an interactive broadcast, they rarely let them be the face of the show, or failing that give them a niche radio slot.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Actually, I agree with JR here. Let the team make reports about Crosby as they come. You don’t see anyone asking Marc Staal every day about his status, yet we are still kept in the loop as the team releases new and relevant information as it becomes available. Why not the same with Crosby?

  14. Mao- short answer is no. Opposite is true- sometimes having significant symptoms on impact doesn’t mean long term injury.
    Stranger- there is a difference between concussion and brain bruise ( contusion).

    I don’t think he is nearly at the point where they are considering to shut him down for the whole season. At the moment, it sounds like nobody really knows.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Likewise for David Perron, Marc Savard, and pretty much every other player ever who has dealt with a long term concussion.

  16. Hey Carp,

    You see today’s Post article about sabermetrics in hockey? Bizarre. I should be editing that rag.

  17. You are all pretty correct about the oddities of concussion and it’s effect on the body, and length of recovery time. And it probably varies by individual’

    My only experience was in my teens when we were all standing in a chow line and waiting our turn to go into the mess hall for lunch, and a friend of mine and I got into a horsing around tussle, and sort of wrestling. He was bigger than me ( who wasn’t), and my only defense was to grab him in a tight headlock. I guess that I was applying too much pressure because unknown to me he was panicking, and his only escape was to reach down, grab my pants cuffs and pull my feet from under me.

    I went down hard to the ground, face first and the only thing to hit the ground was my chin. It was like an ex-
    plosion of pain, and blackness appeared and what looked to me was like standing at the edge of a beach and seeing the blackness of the water rolling in ripples slowly away from me…and then …nothing. I came to, in the mess hall with the large aluminum tray full of food before me and every body yakking all around me, and
    noticing that I’d piled my tray heaping with food that I would never normally put on my plate. I said to the guy next to me, ” how did I get in here”? He said “huh” I said that I didn’t recall coming in here, and he said that “you’re crazy, you’ve been talking to us for the past
    15 minutes or so. Then it hit me…the blinding headache, and the nausea, and I just made it to the head in time, but that headache stayed with me all that day and a couple of barfs into the night, but the following day it was as if nothing had happened. Never had any other after effects, and never happened again. But I still recall those shimmering dark ripples of a tide going out into blackness.

  18. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Gross tweeting that EC AND Zuc appear on a provisional second PP unit at today’s practice. Yikes! Good luck winning the puck back after the odd bad pass (due to bad ice, of course).

    But then, the coach does have to find something to keep these talents busy since they’re pretty helpless 5-on-5.

  19. ilb

    of course
    “LMAO @ Luongo above Hank!”

    robert is canadian press favorite
    and that should count for something
    Jagr carrying the team on his shoulders to
    turn the team around
    yet thornton gets the mvp
    after he was traded from a less talented boston team
    he wasn’t interested in anymore
    to the more talented san jose?

  20. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!

    How the hell am I supposed to follow up a Fran post?

  21. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    ladies and gentlemen, I give you …..”EARL GREY” w/milk!!!

  22. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    oh what the hell…a bag lady for the bag lady!!

  23. Funny you mentioned ChrisF…Speaking of SABR ( or should it be SAHR?). We have someone on the blog with some serious interest in it and a good amount of knowledge. Maybe we should ask CTB to present some of that to us and continue updating us as the season progresses.

  24. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Morning, Wicky!

    What do you think of the provisional PP unit with both our little heroes?

  25. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    LMFAO at this tweet…

    DaveLozo Dave Lozo
    The left wing spot next to Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik should be called the doorknob, since everyone will get a turn.

    not overly fond of it, I’d rather see MZA on the first and what the hell happened to the “5 forward” PP they talked about in the preseason??? And what happened to “Safe is Death”??? I have yet to see that since the arrival (not trying to sound like BOB here, just asking a question). I mean it all seems rather conservative to me.

    I would also like to see Rupp and Prust get some PP time (ha ha that just sounds funny)!

  26. So Bob is spouting off over at the Whale Report. Blubbering about Avery again? Rick Fishiniello lol

    Shouldn’t that be Rick Mammaliniello?

    3 more days until Go Time – ugh.

  27. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    the carp plan is in process…step-on left wing with gabby/brich

  28. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    you really want out of the football league?

  29. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    oops, I did it again! Hattie and a bag lady for the laureling bag lady!!

  30. Rhode Island Ranger on


    All your PP options sound more reasonable than putting the two egg merchants out together (in matching sailor suits) and expecting them to rough it up and retrieve loose pucks in the offensive end.

    I think the coach is trying a little too hard to rationalize his unbalanced roster.

  31. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    can’t believe nystrom cleared re entry waivers…thought dallas would pick him up for sure

  32. “The left wing spot next to Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik should be called the doorknob, since everyone will get a turn.”

    or better yet.. Elisha Cuthbert

  33. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I agree

    fair goodness cake…ridiculously good!!!

  34. Besides, dd, Elicha- knob comment punishable by sharing Connecticut exile with our hero. Lol.

  35. Stranger Nation on

    Odds are…

    New York Rangers Regular Season Points


    New York Rangers to make the playoffs?

    Yes -165

    No +135

  36. okay
    2 serious questions:

    what happened to widget w/ reporters tweets?
    it’s blank for me.
    ….i forget the other one

  37. Hi everybody! Hope you are all having wonderful Wednesdays. I am feeling ready for some hockey time.

  38. Noah, Associate Alternative Assistant Captain on

    Uh…is this a good thing?

    thenyrangers: Woywitka also says that Michael Del Zotto has taken him under his wing here in New York, transporting him & showing him around

  39. Wick, I just got two today. Mission To Marzipan [again] and this new one called “Cinnamon Bun”

    I’m aboot to inhale one of them.

    I just read that the FBI arrested the celeb phone hacker. Real shame! I wish the loser would have released more pics before they got to him. He better have passed down his skills to one of his students!!

  40. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    good and growing like weeds!! Looney tunes on two different tvs though….suffering succatash!!

    let me know how they are!!

  41. My magnificent wife just got me a Callahan jersey from the NHL store…but for some reason, it doesn’t come with a C and they refuse to put one on. Anyone know about their policy, and where I can get a legitimate C sewn on?

  42. I saw a video of Bill Cosby eating a chilli dog. Ugghh! You know how much I hate it when I see old people eating!!!

    Just the other day, I saw my great grandma getting spoon fed squashed bananas! The horror! The horror!!

  43. Blueshirt Banter saying that Stepan practicing on first line.

    That wouldn’t be too bad. Where did I hear that suggestion? hmmm

  44. Carp, I wish you could actually do that. I have an authentic Drury jersey that’s just collecting dust these days.

    Seriously, does anybody know if there is a process by which they can change the name and number on a jersey? I highly doubt it! Probably cheaper ($350) to buy a new one!

  45. having Dubinsky with Callahan and Anisimov makes a whole lot more sense. I hope Stepan plays well with Richards and Gaborik because I think he has the potential to be a far better player than Dubsinky.

  46. i just chose the blank jersey then added callahan’s name from the list of players they give you and then added the “C”…….went through no problem

  47. *Courtesy of Bobdog:*

    *Who will be the New York Rangers coach by the time of the home opener?*

    Sean Avery: 2/1
    The 2nd rounder acquired by trading Hagelin: 4/1
    Dale Weise: 13/2
    That guy who was coach last time Gaborik and Del Zotto had good seasons: 20/1
    Nail Yakupov: 30/1
    Brad Richards’ shootout attempt: 33/1
    Sally: 40/1
    Somebody pretending to be Sally: 50/1
    Carp: 100/1
    John Tortorella: 1,000,000/1

    Anybody else who isn’t an egomaniacal bully: 16/1

  48. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    apparently I was right about nystrom after all according to woywitka—>
    verifying my 12:20 post

  49. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    Uh oh, DP hurt, someone talk orr in off the ledge

  50. Manny, what is with DP? Seriously… I have used up all of my DP getting hurt jokes, and the guy’s still young!

    What are we using “woywitka” in place of?

  51. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    good, I was worried I was going to have to make up a new B&J flavor to coax you back off the ledge with

  52. Ok, guys. Seriously……the acronyms DP and BJ cannot be used this frequently right near each other! This is a CLEANLY place!

  53. *Courtesy of Dolandog:*

    *Who will give the rousing musical pre-game performance at the home opener?*

    Tape of Coldplay on 10-minute loop: 3/1
    A near-comatose Ace Frehley: 5/1
    Blue Man Group: 8/1
    Def Leppard: 12/1
    Chris Drury on the nose flute: 33/1
    The Ryan Hollweg Solo Dance Troupe perfoming latest work, “A Hit From Behind”: 40/1
    Carp: 100/1
    John Tortorella: 1,000,000/1

  54. How about we continue to call the top guy Waseka and we can call the bottom guy Woywitka…Everybody happy?

  55. billybleedsblue on

    lol you guys killin’ me as usual. They replayed the Savard save game AGAIN today… man am I glad the team has changed so much since then! Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  56. It’s OK Manny. You guys definitely keep things interesting around here. Though, I must say, I cannot wait for the next game day. It feels like we played ages ago…

  57. Good evening all! When did waseka got to court to change names???? Do we pronounce Voyvita like Wolski? I am so confused..

    wicky, no fair bag manning and wickying when I’m not around to play!!!!

  58. I’ve more than a little sympathy for Roenick’s view – certainly less adismal than usual. But there’s just a miniscule bit of irony about the guy saying people should stop interviewing somebody because he has nothing to say that is worth listening to.

  59. ilb, you are the most tremendously tremendous man on the planet. I am speechless, and we know that takes a lot :)

  60. LW, please keep the sharp-wit stuff coming, and feel free to plug any time you have a new blog post … and how in holy hell do you not volunteer to do guests posts for me? ROFLMAO.

  61. Dwight Schrute (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)

    are you following “Carped 4 Life” Fantasy league? yeah? yeah?! few players on your team are IR eligible…get serious!

  62. Wait what? That’s me! I just updated that! Don’t get all over my butt. I have a few leagues to manage here!

  63. OH SURPRISE. They are on my bench! I am not a big believer in BENCHES in fantasy sports. Who cares who is on my bench. My team that is currently on the ice wil stomp you.

  64. Er, I write a new post marginally less frequently than Defending The Core, so nobody should hold their breath. I’ll happily volunteer now to do my regular gig for the Stanley Cup Final Game Five guest post again.

  65. LW, I read it all tge time. Just for some reason I can’t post. And I do have type pad account.

  66. i am out of town for work. any body have a link i could watch flyers or bruins game. i dont want to get gamecenter for one night

  67. ilb, you saved me, so I won’t tell anyone how you were posting earlier! mama love!

    LW, love your blog…..especially since I can put a face and voice to the name :)

  68. Has anyone upgraded to IOS 5 today yet? Is it that good? Should I do it now or watch Vancouver-Flyers instead?

  69. ilb, from what I’ve read (and I’m still a crackberry girl ) you should update. Can’t find it now (my eyes!) but great column in NYT business section today about it. Apparently, it’s all about Siri ?

  70. Niters all. Yes, still jet lagged….can’t wait til Saturday!!!! Please win boys!!! I’ll wear my jersey at home :)

  71. NYR, I know Jags is great yadda yadda yadda…

    But, here’s my feelings in a nutshell….hated Pen…came to Rangers, OK, blah….then gone…he is not my man, and now he’s a Filth!!! Argh! No mama love, sorry….

  72. Prospal is turning out to be a pretty decent pickup for me. He’s scoring some good points. He picked up another assist.

    I know he’s injury prone, but I would have taken him back in a heartbeat. If he continues to play like he has, he’ll be good trade bait at the deadline, assuming the Jackets can’t make it, which, in my opinion, they wont.

  73. Gerry…better questions would be:

    Why now has Chris Higgins decided to score big goals (after he leaves the Rangers)?

    and why he couldn’t buy a goal when he was with the Rangers?

  74. Wicky©the game isn't over until somebody cries!! on

    I have a whopping 12.8 in the ukranian league

    and a big time 69.3 so far in the french canadien semi europansy league

  75. Canucks sure are getting a lot of PP chances to tie this one up – not capitalizing on them, though…

  76. by the time we play again the pens and flyers will have the div clinched. we get zero help this year

  77. This bullcarcillo start of the season in Europe blows! Between that and the Garden’s renovation, we’re starting the season way behind the 8-ball!

  78. >>All the teams in our division are winning…… :-(

    Oh? The NHL season started already? When is the next “Original Six matchup”?

  79. ROFL…some of the funniest stuff yet!! the negative nancies are going bonkers even when we don’t play games for days!! roflmao…hysterical!! you feel me, sons?

  80. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on


    Yep, never that big of a jagr fan at any point in his career. He is a deserving first ballot hall of famer for his offencive skills. But he has never won anything as the undisputed team leader (aka not as a Captain), he is a good wingman or complementary piece, but not a good leader. He plays 1/3 of the ice surface when he feels like it and that is about it. He is given waaaaaay to much credit for the post lock out success of our rangers. He does deserve some credit, but not any more than hank, renney, or even avery (who was far more valuable his first stint here than his second).

    not trying to prompt discourse here, just stating my opinion in response to a post or two earlier!

    Night aasens!!

  81. I rather have Jagr who plays 1/3 of the ice surface but is a constant threat every time he’s out there than half of the softiest on the curent roster.

    Just stating my opinion…that’s all.

  82. Who cares what kind of leader Jagr was? What matters is that he was a great Ranger…and that is not so easy to achieve.

  83. I would have welcomed Jags back, for a one year while we wait for the arrival of our saviour Jesus Kreider.
    But as a Flyer he will now get the customary boos, until he leaves them (not that he will hear my boos from 3500 miles away!).

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