Sean Avery reports to Whale


According to several reports, Sean Avery has finally reported to the Connecticut Whale (AHL). How that goes, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Not sure if he’ll speak with the media up there, or if he’ll clam up … but he might just unload. You never know with Avery.

Mitch Beck over at the Howlings blog says the Whale has its annual team luncheon Thursday in Hartford, and that all players are required to attend, and he will cover it. So check the Twitter widget ——> and his blog for updates. Could be interesting, to say the least.

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  1. Carped!
    I second ilb, on AA, and wanted to add that Anisimov is very balanced package: smart, great hands, excellent skating, wicked wrist shot, defensively responsible, big frame – potential improvement for strength with puck and along the boards (he needs it). He has a presence around the net and showed it with his last goal, does crash the crease better than anybody in a team (Boyle did it few times last year) but it is his trade mark, he likes this “speed train to the wreck” and scores this type of goals and we will see it more with time by. On the open ice I have more confidence in him than Gabby, when it’s comes one on one against a defenseman. Finally, he is obviously in a great physical shape and health and not prone to injuries, despite being hit, played ALL games in a season, which IS a big deal for our team and have a tremendous trust from coaching staff in any possible situations. All it in his 23! Bright future – looks like a big team building block for me. No trade!
    …and I didn’t even touched his personality…(beat Avery obsession?)

  2. you mean, all the Avery-worshippers will jump back into the fray?

    I think we’ve already taken the brunt of that and survived it.

  3. WTB do you mean, they’re golfing? With their PP they should be on the ice every minute til Saturday morning :-)

  4. On a broader note, how stupid does this make the Rangers, as an organization, look? Under Sather, and Tort’s we’ve buried how much in the Whale?

    A once proud organization. :(

  5. Cynar- the subject has been beaten to death. But I bet you there are still some people who don’t wan to attend the funeral.

  6. Stranger Nation on

    4ever – let’s hope AA continues to make strides this season as we have 2 of our best 3 forwards on his wing – unless Dubi is moved up.

    BTW – comparing his open ice moves to Gabby is not really a stretch – Gabby is horrible one on one, much more productive receiving pass on wing and ripping a wrister with no D around him.

  7. Hm…my main concern is that neither of your other two guys are guaranteed starters.

    I’d bank on Dubnyk getting more chances over Labarbera. Send me a trade proposal involving Dubnyk + someone for Lady Creole Varlamov + someone.

  8. Actually one of Gaborik’s signature shots is using the D as a screen and snapping it through their legs.

  9. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    So who knows how this all works with salaries and caps ?

    So now that the NYR and D-Stars get Avery’s $1.9 mio each off their cap, if Avery is ever brought up and has to clear re-entry waivers, can a team pick him up with no cap hit ?

    It is so hard to believe that Redden and Avery are not better than other average players on aveage rosters. Can’t the Rangers move these guys for draft picks ? or would a team wanting them have to pay their current salaries ?

  10. I believe on re-entry waivers Avery would be 50% Dallas, 25% NYR, 25% 3rd team.

    As for Redden and Avery:

    Both of them have NTCs.
    Avery’s unsavory reputation and declinining production limits interest.
    Absolutely no one is taking Redden at his cap hit for that length of time. His best shot at returning to the NHL is refusing assignment and voiding his contract to become a cheap FA option.

  11. Does Milan have a team? Maybe Avs should play for them (since Torts won’t give him a shot at the first line).

  12. All players are required to attend the luncheon or all Whale players? Not sure they’d be equipped if Brodeur showed up, even with Avery waving his stick in front of the vol au vents.

  13. very well, then…

    bob got banned? why? i kind of liked bob…he did not have the most popular opinion around here, but this is not a reason to ban him…right?

  14. Bob got traded for a second round pick while he still had value. All about asset management. That and the egomaniac Torts hating him.

  15. I am 99% sure that Gernander hates Avery and will have him on a short leash.

    Avery for top left wing and captain of The Whale!!!!!!

  16. an interesting quote from arty:

    “Sean is a very good person. A highly skilled, fast player. This decision was made by the coach. I’m just a hockey player.”

    seems like a backhanded slap at the coach-whose-name-I-wont-say

    so i guess you torts-shills over here know more than a teammate who was on the ice with him, and has NOTHING to gain from saying this?

  17. ‘There is an area of the mind that could be called unsane, beyond sanity, and yet not insane. Think of a circle with a fine split in it. At one end there’s insanity. You go around the circle to sanity, and on the other end of the circle, close to insanity, but not insanity, is unsanity.’ — Sidney Cohen

  18. Nope, we definitely all know more than Artie. We told him to say something that’s very open to interpretation or we cut off his supply of Stargate DVDs.

  19. What up boneheads. I have 2 extra tickets for the Rangers home opener on the 27th (got them in a presale for a friend who, it turns out, can’t make it). Section 112, Row 14 (right behind the goal where the Rangers shoot twice, in the nice, newly-renovated seats). $250 each (not much more than what I paid after taxes, fees, etc). Email me at supahcoolx (at) mac (dot) com if you’re interested! Thanks!

  20. CCCP,

    You obviously haven’t paid to attention to my scam to corner the world’s beet market.

  21. Carp

    oh he wasn’t? what was he banned for? just curious…


    i obviously missed your evil “occupy beet market” plan! LOL! when you have time…could you run it by me again? :)

  22. …now, I feel bad for mocking bob and show some disgust, but somewhere he cross this thin line, maybe trolling his way out?

  23. Okay, pork belly prices have been dropping all morning, which means that everybody is waiting for it to hit rock bottom, so they can buy low. Which means that the people who own the pork belly contracts are saying, “Hey, we’re losing all our damn money, and Christmas is around the corner, and I ain’t gonna have no money to buy my son the G.I. Joe with the kung-fu grip! And my wife ain’t gonna f… my wife ain’t gonna make love to me if I got no money!” So they’re panicking right now, they’re screaming “SELL! SELL!” to get out before the price keeps dropping. They’re panicking out there right now, I can feel it.

  24. ilb.,
    can you, please, translate in a plain english this phrase about Malkin condition: “player who tore the anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments in his right knee”. How potentialy serious it could be for his future? He will not be in their line again tonight.

  25. Hey, the tickets cost $200 each with Ticketmaster fees and stuff. That’s how it goes with lower level tickets at the Garden. I’m not the one running the racket. Dolan is.

  26. from ESPN:

    Malkin (lower body) will not play Tuesday against Florida, but his injury is just general soreness, nothing long term, head coach Dan Bylsma told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

    Spin: At least his injury isn’t being called a long-term issue, but it’s still unsettling that he’s missing a game and there’s a lack of full information. He did participate in Tuesday’s morning skate.

  27. Carp, thanks for banning Bob. He gave a headache whenever he appeared. What a miserable SOB.

  28. C’mon Tony, you have to have an extra half a grand sitting around after not smoking for that many months.

  29. Given Tort’s quick trigger finger to change lines: How long is appropriate to give someone a fair shot of developing some chemistry with BRich and Gabby?

  30. Those are important ligaments that support the knee joint and allow it to move freely. It’s a common sport injury when the knee is hit directly to the outside. It could devastating and career ending. But with current orthopedic techniques, most of the play players can return back to their full form and continue without problems, 4ever. It’ll bother him for awhile during his first postsusgery year, but he should be ok. IIRC, Tom Brady had the same injury a few years back….Some hockey players too, their names escape me..

  31. again…even though bob’s opinion wasn’t very popular, he did provoke a lot of good talk on the blog. so banning him, was not very practical.

  32. Mundo... Give me MSG HD on Verizon FiOS!!!! God Damn It!!! on

    Bob posts on the Andrew Gross blog all the time, I’m sure he’ll be okay

  33. CCCP, he posted as Carp once and got warned. Carp was tolerating him even though he was being obnoxious against Carp. Until he crossed the line.

  34. The blind Avery hatred is about as old as the belief that Brandon Dubinsky is a first line NHL player

  35. A player that plays on his team’s first line.

    Some guys are there for scoring (Gaborik, Richards), some guys are there for grit because the other linemates are more finesse (Burrows in VAN) and some guys are there because they seem to play well with a superstar player for no explicable reason (Dupuis with Crosby). Different teams roll out different line combos for different reasons.

    But from more of a production standpoint, a guy like Dubinsky who can put up 50-60 points and play against top competition and hold his own falls into the bottom rung of 1st line NHL players. Dubinsky was 70th in the league scoring last year. Is that going to win him a first line job on every single team? No, but on average a guy that somewhere in the top 100 in the league in points is probably going to find himself getting signficant ice time on some team.

  36. I’ve had the acl/mcl tear, too. There will be times of swelling and pain for Malkin, especially for the next few months to a year. Not serious, but requires some down time. Not saying I know what’s wrong with him right now, just sayin’ in general, that happens. I’m not a doctor, but i happen to know ilb.

    bob got banned mostly for impersonating. And everybody on here should know by now that if there’s one person you don’t mess with, it’s Sally!

  37. ORR

    I agree with you your earlier post about souray. i still think he has something left in the tank. i for one would have signed him. his shot last night got dallas a pt after being deflected in

  38. it boggles the brain why people would come here to be disrespectful to the host, i.e., the Blogfather aka the Carpfather. I feel that more people should be banned, and then we could have a miscreant widget listing all the wayward children.

  39. Eric, I was just being sarcastic! LOL! But, he still does have an awesome shot, but he’s horrific defensively, and skates like a snail.

    I mentioned it last season or the year before, when we were going to pick him up. I was saying to skate seven d-men, and use Souray on the PP. Would have been a good move.

    Mao, hell no! I have a bad feeling he’s going to have a bad season! I’m not trading anyone for him! Unless it’s someone crappy, of course!

  40. LOL! Mao, the real deal!

    I was just quoting lines from Trading Places…CT started it with the photo of his commodities brokers…

    Btw, Souray is on my fantasy team!!

  41. totally agree with Carp about his previous blog about Stepan. he should definitely be on the top six .he could play the wing, and he is much more skilled than the others that were mentioned. he is being totally wasted playing on a lower line, getting a few crap minutes, few key situation or special teams ice time etc

    It is a mistake by Torts to use small non-physical players together on lower lines that need grit. Stepan needs to play with guys who can get open, and receive his passes, just as was shown by him in last year’s preseason, where he immediately make his mark by showing that he could setup the Rangers top scorers.

  42. Stepan is one of the top 5 forwards on the team. he should be the 2nd line center, and he will be soon enough. AA will again be invisible for a long stretch, and Stepan will take over and not look back.

  43. ORR, eric.
    Souray thoughts are kind of wittiness on the way out. You never know…MDZ was for example, stroke our imagination and generated amazing hopes in a first half of his rookie season, and what happened? So, don’t regret of could’ve, would’ve…- fruitless.
    As for impersonating Sally, the sweetest person on this blog, I had an honor to know in person(no any personal pun intended), it is a mortal sin in my book. So, thanks Carp for throwing book at bob, I don’t feel sorry anymore.

  44. Here you go, from Ranger Rants- right from the horses aasens mouth:

    Carp couldn’t properly reply to my comments and criticism, instead was making some retarded comments about me being Avery obsessed. So I made a decision to get banned from there because I don’t have the time to read through all the nonsense like:


    “good morning Sally”

    “hello boneheads”

    And I found Carp is totally biased and unbalanced.

    Posted by bob on 10/11 at 03:32 PM

  45. Yea – the heck with bob. He was warned and he pushed buttons and he continued to push buttons and then he impersonated.

    I have said it before and I will say it again…..maybe we should require registration? Therefore making impersonations impossible?

  46. bull dog,

    I would still not be shocked to see Stepan not produce as much as he did last year. I’m not hoping that’s the case but certainly his rookie year set high expectations that may or may not be achievable this year.

    Again, he profiled much more as a set up player in NCAA than a goal scorer. His shooting percentage in the NHL was almost 50% higher than it was college, something you wouldn’t necessarily expect given the harder competition. There’s a decent list of players that don’t see much in the way of progress between years 1 and 2 in the league:

    Even on the Rangers, Dubinsky and Callahan are expamples of guys that looked like they took a step sideways in their sophomore seasons.

  47. very selective with those STATS, CT.
    I can give you Stamkos, Ryan , and Giroux. all had big jumps in there second season. not saying Stepan will be as good as any of those guys, just saying I can pick out guys to make an argument too.

  48. This “bob”, aka Robert (40 years old bum) is all over the places, like in 10, even with the same bitter obsessive(Torts)- compulsive(Avery) complains, adding anti-Carp stance, as an icing on his carsillo cake. So pathetic.
    BTW, for Avery worshipers and haters:

  49. Actually bull dog, Ryan went down in his points per game his age 21 and age 22 seasons. Ditto with Giroux in his age 21 and 22 seasons, which conforms to what the study I linked to explained. So then you’re left with Stamkos, whom is one of a handful of players in the entire league since the lockout to increase his scoring by such a large volume and on a relative basis to previous year.

    So if you’re willing to concede that only the truly exceptional players like Stamkos/Crosby/Ovechkin are favored to increase their productivity then what’s wrong with allowing for the risk of a non-elite, 2nd year player not matching his production?

    I’m not saying Stepan will definitely score less goals and have less points, but I’m allowing for a greater expectation of him not doing so than definitively saying he’ll be better than last year.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m away for a day and bob gets banned? I liked bob, even though I didn’t agree with his opinions. I wonder why he got banned.

    Wicky, I offered you a trade.

  51. CT,
    the question was, and remains, who should be the 2nd line center? who is a better fit at the position. AA, or Stepan. the argument for AA is that the line with him, Dubi, and Cally, has had success. I say they had success despite AA. plus right now Dubi is on another line. so I ask again, who is a better fit as a 2nd line center, AA, or Stepan. I believe Stepan is a no brainer.
    AA is a cross between Darren Turcotte, and Wayne Dillon. Turcotte because he can skate and shoot, but can’t receive or make a pass, and Dillon because of size and potential. Dillon and Anisimov had both. potential got Dillon a ticket to the WHA.

  52. CT,
    1 other thing. this is not the point of my argument, but, Ryan went from 57 points to 64 in his 2nd season, and Giroux went from 47, to 76.

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, while I’m not as bullish on you about AA’s role with Dubi and Callahan, I agree that Stepan is a better player, or, at the very least, has a much higher upside.

  54. Eric, I saw Souray play last night too. Saw his shot, he still has it. But I also saw Morrow having to skate back hard to catch up with someone because there was no way Souray would be able to catch up, and he was much closer than Morrow. Morrow had to take a penalty. Souray was never swift on his skates, but now he looks flat out laughable when he skates. He would be too much defensive liability for what he brings.

  55. I’d like to see Stepan play more minutes and against the better opposition. He surely has a great upside.

  56. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    What about bob? Sorry I can’t help it!!!!

    Instead of being a miserable SOB, wouldn’t he be a miserable BOB?

    Orr and doodie
    I will check tonight after work….midnight-ish your time

    What up and I’m kicking your assen in fantasy!!!!

  57. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Just realized dale the whale is still Dale the whale because they have a whale on their sweaters!!

  58. Bulldog please don’t jinx AA by mentioning Wayne Dillon hopefully Artie is not a bust like him.

  59. love that better opposition remark, there ilb,
    who exactly did he play against last year, a bunch AHL players.

  60. Bull dog,

    So AA improving his goals and points while facing tougher competition lies completely with Dubi and Cally? It’s possible but I doubt it. AA’s track record has shown that he took a big leap in his AHL career between years one and two and a solid increase in between years one and two of his NHL career. I have a hard time attributing that growth mostly to his linemates.

    Also, I cited Ryan and Giroux’s seasons based on age which helps account for differences in when players start their careers. And I used points per game rather than total points to try to account for streakiness.

    Going forward I’ll certainly concede the chance that Stepan blows AA away at each comparable stage of development, but I have my doubts that will be the case.

  61. Third/forth line players, bull dog…If he is expected to be 1st/2nd line center, he needs to play the better opposing lines. I think he could be, but he is a year or two from being a sure thing. If he and AA both turn out to be 2nd line centers, one will have to be moved.

  62. what tougher competition? Gabby saw all the number 1 Dmen, and if I reacall Stepan spent some time with Gabby.

  63. Sather needs to package some prospects, MDZ and a #1 pick for Shea Weber. He is the player that can make them a serious contender.

  64. Hi, Sally, sweetheart
    I’m just fine, but today some dope, by unusual name bob, which terrorized everybody patience for a while, made a stupid move, trying to impersonate you, with some childish remarks against Carp, was eliminated from our RR playoffs after 7th game with a drumbeat. Hey, I believe, you’ll witness great excitement this season by Baby Buffalos, hah? They looked very good so far.

  65. Wicky, yeah, you are. My team’s doing better than I thought, though. Fantasy talk hasn’t been banned here yet? I’m surprised! :)

  66. That “some prospect package” may empty out our system, spertz…Removing Webber from their lineup will get Nashville under the salary floor. Even though he is playing out his one arbitration year, I don’t see them move him unless they are out of playoffs early. Or until the deadline.

  67. 4ev, I’d say people are more excited about the Bills right now, but yeah the Babies look good. We try not to get our hopes up… you know how it is.

    I’m honored someone tried to impersonate me. Clearly it’s difficult to copy this much awesome.

  68. so Stepan, who averaged more time on ice than AA, only played against 3rd and 4th liners? not buying it, ilb.

  69. Is there a link to the fantasy league? would love to watch the standings…great idea whoever put that together!

    iWicky, u r hilarious!! haha

  70. Soon (couple of years?) Artie may run out of excuses if he doesn’t bulk up or become a more physically engaging player. But, he is still learning and getting better every year. He is becoming a top 2 way center in the NHL. His offensive numbers will only go up. Bull dog and Doodie, you guys make some bold statements about AA and Stepan. I think they both have upside but I have no idea which one has more…remember that Stepan skipped the AHL…

  71. Stepan is one of those guys that just seems to be blessed with being a factor or in opportune spots. I think he has the greatest upside of any on our current roster. You know how much I like Dubi, but I think what we saw the first part of last year is what his upside is about. And that was pretty darn good! In any event, the American kids on our roster are quite easy to root for. I think that is what I like best about them and the Rangers. It is why I have soured on the Jets, and abhor basketball. The character of the players does mean something…at least to me it does.

  72. Let’s give the NBA to the Greeks…it’s the least we can do to help the poor Germans who are saddled with curing all of Europe’s ills. lol

  73. Bull dog- they played similar minutes per game. 16.2 vs 16.41. Stepan got a chunk of it by playing PP

  74. That’s how I knew it wasn’t you, Sally! It wasn’t awesome enough. You’re the awesomest, obviously …

    even then, I told him that was strike two, and he continued to come back at me, and now he’s saying he got banned on purpose. so be it.

    How was the b-day?

  75. nyr_fan, :)

    I was banned from the Yucatan Living site. That is my big claim to fame besides playing an idiot on there here fine internets of ours. lol

  76. Carp,

    With “Moneyball” and sabermetrics back in the news, I wonder if you have any thoughts or anecdotes about its impact (or non-impact) on hockey, where goals, assists, and the dreaded +/-, still seem to be dominant.

    I would imagine the hockey world would be even more entrenched than some sports.

  77. Just heard that Avery:

    a) is going to be made unavailable to the media in Hartford and

    b) has some kind of injury that might keep him out of practice/games.


  78. Chris, I think hockey, like football, doesn’t translate well to statistics. After goals and assists and save percentage, it’s too random. Football stats are a complete joke. So is +/- in my opinion.

    And I’m not a big fan of sabermetrics, either, especially those idiotic things like W.A.R. Give me a freakin’ break.

  79. Hard to believe that after only two games, there’s tons of negativity, second-guessing, GM bashing and way too much Avery obsession. Sure, the Rangers miss Marc Staal – he cannot be replaced. However, they have enough talent across the board – especially in net – to make the playoffs and so some damage once they get there. Management has shown their faith in the core by rewarding them with long-term deals. A foundation for success is in place – and there is more young talent on the way. Everybody – take a few deep breaths and just relax. Its going to be okay.

  80. ilb,
    Stepan also averaged more even strength time on ice than AA. probably still against 3rd and 4th liners, right.

  81. Stranger Nation on

    Hard to believe?? Puff, puff I agree

    Foundation for success! Puff, puff thank you

    It’s going to be better than OK!! Puff, puff

  82. authorben1
    You left out Tort bashing. You’re totally correct. Especially after a really lousy training camp.
    Unfamiliar ice surfaces, unnecessary travel and playing teams that gave them no NHL competition. I hope a week of practice smoothes out. I take solace in the fact even missing Stahl they did not get blown out. Deep breath! Okay.

  83. See, there are some reasonable fans out there. Thanks authorben and Steve C.

    But Sky-Is-Falling and the Great Waivery drive traffic. LOL.

  84. orr- wheneve u read this, just send me an invite or friend request. whatever it is. my name is grabachev.

  85. If Avery were smart (well his people that is) he would take the Redden approach and be a positive member of the team and have the HFD media say how wonderful he was to them and the players.

    That will get him a chance to play in the NHL next year as opposed to being blacklisted…

  86. im new to online play but my friend back home in ny keeps tellin me its great, so i got ps3 cuz its supposed to be free online. tell me what i gotta do to get it. cccp sent me a message yesterday to play but i havent sen him on there today.

  87. I love all this garbage about “protecting” Stepan. From what? He’s a hockey player. A decently skilled one who matched points with the first overall draft pick from 2010. He needs serious minutes as one of the top forwards on this team. Period. You can’t justify letting him play limited minutes with the back end of our roster.

  88. Carp

    Bob comments on “Down goes Brown” all the time and is ridiculed incessantly by the rest of us.

  89. >>>Dylan McIlrath fight from last night

    The young fella sure seems like he can throw ’em! I anxiously await the day that he crushes a few of our divisional rival tough-guys…

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