Tortorella post-practice


John Tortorella:

(I asked him what kind of things the Rangers can do now that they’re home):

“Practice, practice. Practice, practice. Who used to say that?”

Told it was Allen Iverson, then told that Iverson used it in a different vein …

“Put it in the opposite vein of him. That’s how I feel about it, yes.”

“We need to, again, the biggest part is the grinding part of the game, the contact part of the game, underneath the hashmarks. We just have not had enough of that after we left (playing) in such big (rinks). There’s just no contact. That’s a huge part of the National Hockey League game. We played two games in National Hockey League sized (rinks) but to get into the kind of shape and the grind and the mindset, you need to practice that. I think that’s the biggest thing for us, to get into that mindset.”

He cut off a question that began … “How do you feel …?” by saying “Awful.” Then realized that wasn’t the question.

“I’m sorry. Go ahead. Finish your question.”

On the taxing nature of the trip:

“I don’t think it’s so much the taxing. It’s just when we traveled for so much and just played games in a foreign building, a whole different style of game, you have all of that and probably a week of doing that. So you do all of that and you have no practice time. So that is the hard part of doing it. I think the guys had fun. Like I said, the fans were fantastic. Everything about it was a great experience. But as far as the nuts and bolts of getting your hockey team ready, that is the biggest disadvantage I thought we had. We played a lot of games in a foreign-sized building and didn’t have enough practice time.”

Michael Sauer (shoulder) and Wojtek Wolski (groin) sat out practice:

“They’re still sore. Michael is working on some strengthening. You could see in the games a couple of times he wasn’t totally strengthened. So we’re trying to use this week in a smart week to try to get him completely healthy.”

On Sauer’s heady play otherwise:

“He’s turned into a very important guy for us. That’s one thing with that position. You can get things accomplished if you’re in the right position and he gave us some good minutes even though I don’t think he was totally there (physically). He made some big plays at key times.”

On Marc Staal:

“Marc continues to go through the … I haven’t talked to Rammer (trainer Jim Ramsay) today, but he continues to go through his whole situation with his doctors. The last time I heard — it was two days ago when I talked to Rammer — he was feeling good and we just want him to continue to go to his doctors and that’s what he’s doing. He won’t be here.”

“I don’t know if you prepare (to go without Staal for a significant amount of time). Whoever’s out there practicing, we’re preparing. Some day if Marc comes in and he’s there, we’re going to prepare him the best we can to play a game. So, I’m not going to get into how long or how short. Each day, whichever players are out there, were going to practice and try to prepare them for the next game.”

On Girardi playing 30 minutes a night:

“It’s not ideal, but it is what it is. You get into a game and you’re trying to win a hockey game. We’ll try to give some of it back to him — especially early, he’s ready to do it and he can do it — but if it ends up being in a consistent mode we’ll try to help him as far as a practice mode or try to keep him as fresh as possible. I think those minutes will calm down as we get into the swing of the season.”

On Tim Erixon:

“Erixon, for the minutes he played, and we were really careful … we’re still a little bit in between with what’s the best thing. Is it in the minors, is it with us? But with the injury to Marc, I thought he (acquitted) himself very well with the minutes he played. You can see we sent Bell down, we wanted to keep Erixon. That speaks volumes there. But I think we still have to be really careful with the situations we do put him in, until he gets more and more comfortable as we go along.”

“I think a big part of his development is playing. If for some reason we feel he’s the odd man out here, he’ll go down to the minors.”

On the power play practice:

“Just trying to develop a foundation. Again, we haven’t had much time to practice that. Even when we had power plays out there, in games that meant something, the ice was just awful, and you could see both teams. It was just ridiculous. So we have a week. We wanted to get right at it today. On Wednesday we’ll probably do it without penalty killers, foundational plays. We did a lot with the breakout today. It’s just trying to prepare. I’m thankful that we do have this week after the trip because it gives us the chance to do those types of things where, once the season gets really cranked up you don’t have a lot of time; you just do a lot of tapework.”

On the penalty kill:

“Penalty killing, we don’t do a lot on the ice. It’s a lot of tapework. That’s a thing you can do, it comes to you quicker and you can really be successful without doing a lot of stuff on the ice. And I thought our penalty kill was really good the first two games. Again, like I said, when we took two penalties at the end of the third period (of the first game) and one in the 4-on-4 (overtime), you’re not going to get away with that. We still did a really good job, and that’s what keeps you in those games. When your power play isn’t going, your penalty killing’s got to be good. So hopefully we’ll get both of them a little more consistent with our power play coming along.”

On Richards and Gaborik:

“It’s tough for me … They’re going ot play together, we’re going to stick with it … for me it’s really tough, those two  games, and what we did the prior week, week and a half, to properly evaulate our team or players together, our concept. I consider going through practice and start playing our games out West, that’s when we’re really going to find out about what our concept is like, what our matches are like as far as forward lines. So, I thought the first game I really liked Artie’s line; Gabby-Richie and Dubi played really well the second and third periods of that game. But I don’t think any lines played well the second game. It wasn’t through lack of effort. I don’t think either team … I think the chances were like 10-6 in that game. So I’m going to hold off my evaluation on where I think people sit until we get really cranked up here in practice and we get out West and play some games, and the Islanders game.

“It’ll probably be (Dubinsky on their left wing) next game. I don’t know how it’s going to play out. I can’t forecast. I’m going to let it play and see where we go with it.”

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  1. Carped:

    Tonight should be a great game. Vokoun is making his first start as a Crapital against the Lightnings!!

  2. We are Zany, Jimbo. This place allows us to forget about age and what-not and just have fun. Which usually means going nuts!

  3. Yeah, Vokoun and his agent were making a *big* stink about his not playing in the Caps season opener – lots of drama – sounds like it could be fun as the season progresses, especially if he doesn’t play that well and gets to sit on the bench more than he wants to!

  4. I love the zani-ness, Manny! Never know what to expect here!

    I have to admit, *my* fantasy league consists of me with the babes that ORR always sends us image links to…. ;-D

  5. Carp, didn’t he mention the crazy person who passed on your hellos? :)

    Hey fantasy folks….how are my teams doing?

    ORR, wow, that was cool, in a, wow, you have lots of time on your hands kind of way ….

  6. I’m amused that Torts said “Practice, practice. Practice, practice.” rather than “Practice, practice, practice, practice.”

  7. No, it sounds legit, given his propensity for repeating phrases at the start of sentences.

    Disgustingly arrogant and egomaniacal either way.

  8. Anyone have any ideas on an outsider they could bring in, through a trade, signing or from Europe, to play left wing with MG&BR?

  9. carnegie hall is 57th and 7th….closest subway station large in columbus circle..

    any chance after the college seson Kreiers signs and plays for the big club????????????

  10. …”Anyone have any ideas on an outsider they could bring in, through a trade, signing or from Europe, to play left wing with MG&BR?>>>
    Yeah, – Nancy Pelosi.

  11. >>>Anyone know how to get to Carnegie Hall??

    Failing that, how about the Carnegie Deli!?

  12. did not read all the comments…sorry.

    any chance Kreider sign a pro contract after the college season?

  13. “Anyone have any ideas on an outsider they could bring in, through a trade, signing or from Europe, to play left wing with MG&BR?”

    I believe Aaron Voros is available.

  14. Hah … Carnegie Hall joke.

    ps, Tortorella on ice today with three assistant coaches — Sullivan, Schoenfeld and Allaire. Guess he learned his lesson about going with just one, the arrogant bully.

  15. LW, lordy, what time is it for you! That’s dedication!

    How to get to Carnegie Hall, other than practice. it’s an easy drive to 57th Street from the West Side, or cab/train from Grand Central…..Not that hard actually :)

    Ha. And Ta…..still sleepy from Sweden time….

  16. Speaking of Schoenfeld, he was awesome and gave our group in lobby of hotel Ranger pins…came up to us in our jerseys and said, hey, are you Ranger fans? We laughed, said how did you know?….He dropped gifts on our table.

    Also met him earlier in trip. Too cool. Thanks!

  17. ORR,

    I mentioned that earlier; it’s bizarre! I knew that Dallas wasn’t a perennial frontrunner in attendance figures, but I wouldn’t have suspected them to sink to Devil-like levels.

  18. I’ve only watched this period, but I haven’t noticed him. Wouldn’t it be great if he was already on the downside of his career? LOL! That would be awesome!

    Then again, that would mean NYR signs him to a seven year multimillion dollar deal, and he only produces 20 goals, 60 points in each year, or maybe less.

  19. LOL! It certainly seems like he isn’t the same player or teams have figured him out…I remember noticing him on every shift (against any team) when he was at his best…

  20. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, nice work, keep it up!

    Torts on PP, “Again, we haven’t had much time to practice that.” Ugh, that’s not what I wanna hear… although I know he goes on to say they ARE working on it. They better be! No more excuses! Score goals!

  21. we better beat the brashear out of the piles saturday. i will trade everyone on my nhl 12 gm mode if they lose. orr, i got loui erikson for wolski and a 2017 1st round pick. if u want easy lopsided trades, throw in a 2017 1st round pick. its ridiculously stupid, but it works.

  22. looks like it took Lightning coach 2 games to realize that Gilroy is garbage, took Tortorella 2 seasons.

  23. tampa’s d is sloppy as hell. i know theyre being pressured hard but damn, roloson might have to retire after this one

  24. Stuart a- I did a little look up because you were kind enough to give me directions. :)

    Jack Johnson and Matt Carle played in the NHL after their college seasons ended, but it’s definitely the exception to do so.

    Even Heatley and Toews who jumped directly to the NHL from college, did so the following year.

    So, I would say it’s unlikely we’ll see Kreider this year, but you never know. There’s a lot of questions we don’t have the answers to.
    BC’s last game is March 3, then the Hockey East Tourn March 9-17 and the NCAAs March 23- April 5. April 7 is the Rangers last regular season game.

  25. You dropped him from your fantasy team and he broke his hip!

    How do you score that Kov got you 13 pts?

  26. meanwhile, peewee had to be woken up from his in game nap to do what he does best and barely got a shot off, as if to add more insult to avery like “hey aves, look at how bad i am and still got a spot over you”.

  27. So, all of our division rivals have wins under their belts – I hope we get one in our next game…

  28. …tell me again, why didn’t we need Prospal as our LW? Just to have a long, permanent headache about who will do it after all? Or we gave him up like very humanly to slaughter house, not to shoot this limping horse with a bad knee?

  29. I believe it was the latter reason, 4ever! Old, bad knee, desire to get another “kid” into the lineup….

  30. Great stuff Carp… thanks for the interviews… this week wait is necessary for the team, but brutal for us!

    We need to stay out of the box and play more 5 on 5 to grind down below the dots. The just need a little time to gel.


  31. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    nice laurel earlier!!!

    grabby and orr
    you guys are cracking me up!!

  32. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    doodie is still killing me in the ukrainian league

  33. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    night aasens on a hattie!!

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