Rangers-Kings in review


We’re underway. Ya boys got a point on the road, blew a lead, caused way-too-early panic, took too many penalties. In other words, situation normal.

Quick turnaround with a 1 p.m. road game today vs. the future Stanley Cup runnerup Mighty Ducks in Stockholm.


1) Time of possession in the first period: 19:00 to 1:00.

2) Captain Callahan giveth and taketh away. He was pretty fabulous except for the cough-up on the first goal. Then he started firing away and hitting people and scored a ridiculous goal from the below the goal line. (ps, How did that puck go in, Joe? It went in because just about every goalie in the whole league plays on his knees and therefore doesn’t get square on bad-angle shots … and that’s why there are more bad-angle goals now than ever before). Nice debut with the “C.”

3) I thought a bunch of guys played really well, but each one had a “but” like Callahan with the turnover (maybe the awful ice was to blame). Examples to follow:

4) Marian Gaborik-Brad Richards really meshed. Richards gets to a ton of pucks, uses body position to do so, and does something with the puck quickly once he gets it. Good debut. Gaborik scored a garbage goal, had a bunch of chances, worked hard, played a dirty game — all the things he didn’t do last year. But he and Richards came to the rink around 1:35.

5) Michael Del Zotto was strong in his own end, physical, made some very good passes (and a few bad ones), and I liked him and Mike Sauer together. But Del Zotto didn’t tie up Mike Richards on the tying goal.

6) Dan “Block Ness Monster” Girardi was a horse, but he once again slid on his belly and failed to break up a 2-on-1 on the Callahan giveaway, thus making it a 2-on-none. He slid across on the GWG, too, but that was down low on a 4-on-3 PP and you really couldn’t fault him there.

7) Ryan McMonster also had a terrific game in his new spot on the No. 1 pair, but took a dumb penalty that cost the Rangers the game. It’s a soft, questionable call, but you cannot take your hand off your stick and grab. That gets called every time.

8) Speaking of which, isn’t this game just another example of the pansification of hockey today? My God. I mean, Del Zotto was angry at himself for not tying up Richards’ stick on the tying goal, but if he had, he probably would have been sent to the box, too. Flag hockey.

9) Looked like Brandon Prust’s shoulder was OK in that fight with Clifford. Worst part was international TV feed cutting to the crowd. Best part of that was the camera caught Blogmama in the crowd (wearing her alternate Avery jersey).

10) Again with the penalties. The Rangers’ bad habit started during the preseason games and carried right over, and it had better stop really soon. Power plays were 5-1 for the Kings. That spells lost points almost every time.

11) They can show those Adam Graves Garden of Dreams commercials as many times as they want, as far as I’m concerned.

12) If the Rangers get a point a game through these first seven games, will you be happy?

My Three NYR Stars: 1) Ryan Callahan. 2) Brandon Dubinsky. 3) Henrik Lundqvist. I thought Dubinsky was the most consistent player the Rangers had, besides the keeper.


AP Photo, above.

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  1. Stranger Nation on

    Nice write up Carp – did not catch most of game (4 hour outdoor mtg) but like the fact MDZ played well. His inability to hold people off around crease is an issue which showed in flyers pre-season game.

    I guess was ok as well?

  2. Hi all! Just hanging out, waiting for the game to start. Saw the newest ranger …yeah not trying to write his name now, walking through the lobby now. Going to the icebar later then meeting some boneheads at the hotel at five before going to Globen for the game. Lot’s of Ranger jerseys in the hotel lobby and all over town. Only seen one ducks jersey yet.

    LW! Sorry about ignoring you but the Boyle hotness can not be ignored by any female, trust me! ;) See you later! LET’S GO RANGERS!

  3. If anyone was looking to go to the Whale’s opening night game, I just saw that on Living Social, you can get 4 tickets for $25. Just thought I’d pass that along.

  4. billybleedsblue on

    Krisy, it’s not even 9am, don’t you think it’s a little early for the icebar? Geez :p

  5. Dubinsky as the #2 star? For what? Whiffing on a shot and getting credit for an assist?

    Anisimov had a much better game.

  6. Hey, the icebar is at my hotel isn’t it? Also going there today, probably before we meet up.

    And no, it’s never to early for Vodka :)

  7. carp

    like i stated yesterday when you open up with seven on the road and there are a possible 14 pts out there with all the travel if the rangers could get 7 out of 14 pts 3-3-1 before the home opener that would be fine with me.

    i wanted at least 2 of 4 in stockholm but if we could win today i for one would be ecstatic with 3 of pts overseas

  8. billy… I think it’s vokda shots. Makes you all warm inside… Come to think about it Boyle has that effect too so maybe I should just stay at the hotel and look for him. ;)

  9. billybleedsblue on

    By skogsstjärnan I mean pontikka… you know, the ‘forest star’ lol, I wish I was over there :/ maybe next year…

  10. Wolski better impact than Avery would have had…..BS. You will never convince me of that. We were outplayed physically because Wolski and Zook couldn’t break eggs.

    Zook….hmmm….jury is still out. Against physical teams, he is overmatched. Period.

    Dave Maloney or Joe Mich was saying we were outhit. No Avery and no Staal. I still think no Avery is a mistake.

  11. Amen New Newman! Wolski and his free pass are a mystery.

    Hope for three points and a good flight home!

  12. Is Snaps open? I guess the outdoor part would be closed now if its too cold. Sodermalm’s a great spot, love it there.

    Cheapest beer in town is at Kelly’s bar. Which is still very expensive. Get to the System Bolaget today, its closed tomorrow! Only place to buy the high percentage beer!

  13. Also recommend Thai Boat, if it is open. nice spot on the water in sodermalm, not far from the Globen,

  14. Wolski hardly got a “free pass”. He wasn’t good at all, but he only played 10:34 – only Rupp and MZA played (marginally) less – and not a second of PP time (admittedly, the only PP was basically one shift for the first unit).

    So not as if the coach was rewarding him for anything on that evidence.

  15. Interesting that Stepan got a few PK shifts as well – don’t remember him being out there much at all last year.

  16. Captain Callindahan on

    Happy Game Day morning everyone!

    excited to finally get to see the boys today, which, will be a win of course!
    haven’t had time to catch up on yesterdays posts, but have you guys traded everyone already?

  17. LW3H – I think you’ll see Stepan and Boyle getting some time on special teams. Both are too good to be where they are in the depth charts, but they’re not being moved up because they bring strength up the middle. I think either one would look great on Callahan’s line instead of Fedotenko, but then you need to move Rupp to the center or bring Crusher in. And that doesn’t help the middle. With Staal out, the Rangers need all the help that can get at center. Rolling four strong, defensively responsible centermen is a good way to compensate for weakness on defense.

  18. Quick check in all….Boys are dropping off their luggage and boarding bus for rink. Krisy scoring some great autographs on her Dubi jersey til the hotel got cranky and moved fans away. I have my lovely viewing station by hotel computer.

    Thanks for the link Carp! OY :) LOL

    OK, gotta go stalk….later all!

  19. i bought NHL center ice and neither of the 1st 2 games are on here in Florida , this better be cause they are over seas or there gonna be one very mad Hammerhead
    anybody else here have center ice ? ..jeez i wish i could MSG channel down here

  20. I thought Dubinsky was awful the first two periods (especially the first). Then he had a terrific third period…

    I also think we need to give the skill players the benefit of the doubt. That was one of the worst playing surfaces I’ve ever seen. The skill players on both teams were on an uphill battle all game.

  21. Captain Callindahan on

    Hammerhead, maybe because the game is Nationally televised.,..on VERSUS
    Gamecenter probably won’t be showing it either

  22. With regards to the constant complaining about the ‘pansification’ of hockey similar to the pansification of all european denizens which began shortly after the denigration of the formerly great empire of England (not to be confused with Poe’s the Fall of the House of Usher, altho one can excuse any confusion with regards to said denigration) and continues to this moment as Greek partygoers seek to ensnare the German populace in their web of ‘no-work’ weekdays and the prerequisite 3 months a year vacations. The saddened state of European fiscal approach aside, the NHL is seeing amazing interest BECAUSE of supposed pansification. The league, by moving away from WWE style entertainment, is more marketable than ever, and showcasing more skill than ever.

    I know most people are reluctant to change something they have been watching for years, but the NHL is an immeasurably better game than it was 10 and 20 years ago. Just as German citizens led by the great Mister Merkel will be happy to foot the bill for 3 month long Greek holidays, I am happy to accept the pansification of the NHL if it continues to flourish in all it’s high speed splendor.

  23. Watching Hank check out of hotel, saying ta in Swedish.

    Bye Prust, bye Dubi….this parade is coming close to ’94 :)

  24. LW, you should have come down the block!!! See you soon! Kiwi and, we hope, RangerSwede will be joining us.

    OK, bus just left. Time to prep for game and boneheads meet. Later all. LGR!!!

  25. LW3H, the formerly great empire has been reduced to the amazing Jennifer Saunders and the Inbetweeners. I must admit to fancying the quite fit bird known as Emily Atack.

  26. LW3H, but I also like fracking and the study of shale deposits. So you may want to temper my aforementioned endorsement of Ms. Atack.

  27. >>If the Rangers get a point a game through these first seven games, will you be happy?

    I’ll be happy that Rangers will be in a pretty good spot to get a top-4 draft pick in June.

    [Heads Up!]

  28. I’ll be happy if this bunch of no-talent, amateur-hour a$$clowns gets ONE more point during the next seven games.

  29. Lol on #8 I saw flag hockey but I didn’t see the L at first. I was like wow Carp really hates the way they call these games lol

    But you touched on everything I was saying Carp. They need to play a full 60 and do it while using their brains.

    As for all the ‘he stunk this guy missed this play and didn’t cover this man’ it was game one. That’s stuff happens and it’s gonna be a long season if we raise hell about all of it. Its the stuff that carried over from last year and the year before thatll worry me

  30. >>They need to play a full 60 and do it while using their brains.

    You don’t need to play a full sixty minutes to win; you only need to find ways to win. It’s a match, there’ll always be turnovers, missed assignments, dumb/smart penalties, questionable refereeing, etc… Bottom line is, good teams always find ways to overcome adversities; whereas, the bad/mediocre teams can play a perfect game and they’ll still manage to blow it.

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