It’s Go Time!


Game 2 of 82. End of the European vacation.

Erik Christensen is de-prucha’d and goes in for Wojtek Wolski (groin).

Otherwise the lineup is the same as Game 1.

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  1. When I cone home tomorrow night, my slingbox is going to really feel it.

    Anyone with a stream ?

  2. Czechthemout!!! on

    I know it’s only one game but Rupp was awful and slow yesterday.

    Wolski looked uninterested so good move there.

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    WOHOOOOOOOOO oh yeah , go time is my time!!!!

    We are UNDEFEATED in regulation!!!!!


  4. I’d rather listen to the MSG crew than the Versus crew. Ugh!

    Doc Emrick – ugh…he spirits it in….knifes it in…pitchforks it in… Doesn’t anybody shoot it in?
    Pierre McGuire – a low talker with a monotone, ’nuff said.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Going for win #1!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Were gonna have TEMMU Salamy sandwiches this morning!!! It still morning over here!!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  6. Am at the hardrock watching the game. Was nice to have a international bonehead gathering earlier, hopefully we can celebrate after the game!

    We saw Wowo in the hotel lobby and as good that he’s out.

    Mama is in the left corner behind Hank tonight so look out!


  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Going for win #1!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Hellooooo Linda, good to see ya up !!!

    I still haven’t seen the hot momma picture!!!! Tony says itsss Great!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!

  8. billybleedsblue on

    Charlie, nobody just shoots it in… it’s salad-tonged into the corner! shrimp-forked in front! ladled to the half boards! soup-spooned through the crease! pastry-bagged past the net-minder, and whisked out and over the boards!

  9. Do the Rangers understand the basic concept of a power play? You have more men than the other team!! Spread out.

    Another away from the puck penalty?! What the b?

  10. Lev, yes, that’s Joe Tolleson.

    Sally … 26 again? Me too.

    ZzZz … you know.

    Where’s Izzy? Probably in the gym.

  11. That was unacceptable defense. The rangers do not look sharp, at all. Maybe to much aquavit.

  12. The Rangers should just stay away from the staged fights. They serve no purpose, and they usually don’t do well against true goons.

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Going for win #1!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Dubinsky , hey man we had a two on one…..

  14. Cmon, a 50 goal scorer who will drop them? That’s awesome. Shut up, Milbury, guys should have to fight for themselves. It’s having designated fighters that has become the problem. If guys had to fight their own battles, it would police the league way better and cause less real damage and make the fights more significant. Thanks, McSorley.

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Going for win #1!!!"...says Greg L. on

    If we had traded Dubi for Cog then Dubi would have just beat up Gaborik!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!

  16. They should take some tylenol, then the groin problems will go away.

    I’m anxious to see the Sabs vs the Kings. I wasn’t buying into the Buffalo hype, outside of Miller, but that could be a potential Cup final series.

  17. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Torts (like too many other Yank coaches) doesn’t accept or understand the purpose of fighting and intimidation in this sport. “Staged” or spontaneous, a fight is a fight: your champion against ours in a battle of wills.

    Torts prefers too many softies in his lineup. Carlyle understands the primal dimension of the game.

  18. Captain Callindahan on

    Carp, i saw a lady with tennis balls on her walked 2 days ago and thought of you immediately

  19. Bet you that’s why they only called double-minors … because if Perry had a fight without the shirt tied down, that’s a misconduct and they didn’t have the onions to call that.

  20. Rhode, staged fights are idiotic. And if you don’t have a true goon, what’s the point of fighting their goon?

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Step it up Stepan!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Im starting to hate these dirty ducks!!

    Boyle should have dropped it to Gaborik.

    Callahan better slow down or he’ll be like our last captain…hurt!!!

  22. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Carlyle decided he wanted Parros to pound Rupp. Carlyle is the aggressor. He’s setting the physical agenda.

    Our complaining about how rough other teams play is a telltale sign that the Rangers aren’t tough enough.

  23. why are we stillbad? i thought we were spposed to be good this year. we actualy look worse.

  24. Captain Callindahan on

    that asshat turned at the last minute and Cally held up… booooooooo, or should i whistle?

  25. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Poor Callahan’s gonna be worn down to a nub if the rest of the team doesn’t help with the hitting in all three zones.

  26. Girardi just did the exact same thing as Del Zotto yesterday, only this time the puck didn’t go in, and Girardi gets a complete pass on MSG.

  27. cmon duby!! we are horible. actually good. rather not see our pp anyway. it never gets bettr

  28. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Which team felt better after Carlyle sent Parros out to humble Rupp?

    This is easy. The Ducks were yuckin’ it up on their bench. Torts and friends felt a little smaller.

    Carlyle gets it.

  29. Still makes no sense to me, Rhode.

    Did you like the Brashear and Boogaard signings? Do you think they should have gone that route again?

  30. Captain Callindahan on

    Mickey, funny how every freakin college football game was on, but there was no versus and no nhl network.

    NYR… sad to see the officiating is as big of a suckfest as it has been the past several years

  31. “Which team felt better after Carlyle sent Parros out to humble Rupp?”

    Avery would get a guy that wants to fight him to take a penalty, Rupp isn’t smart enough for that. What was he thinking taking on premier goon?

  32. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Tough talented teams trump nice nifty sides. It has ever been thus.

    It’s not just about the heavyweights. The Ducks are more physical and aggressive up and down the lineup than the Rangers are.

    If we start counting the softies and nice guys on the Rangers (honestly), we’re gonna be unhappy with the results.

  33. There’s some jackwagon going up and down the driveway on his motorcyle right outside my windows. No one cares how cool you are, dude. GO AWAY.

  34. Steve Zipay
    As I mentioned to pal from Philly last night, plenty of time to get Citizens Bank Park ready for Winter Classic

    AHAHA! I still love that the Phillies are gone.

  35. Yes…Linda! that call on that fight with Perry was bull cooke….

    And, Carp said it best on the Cally hit….Pansification.

  36. Captain Callindahan on

    i think GameCenter blacking out games is absolutely ridiculous! Since the Rangers are on national tv a lot, i should get some kind of refund for the price i pay

  37. It’s been going on for 3 hours now, Linda. I get that it’s a gorgeous day, but then go out on the road instead of driving up and down a driveway. Moron.

  38. Captain Callindahan on

    seriously Mickey? that’s just beyond rude. Maybe he’s only driveway cool

  39. I just hope the initial pendulum of tough, call it all, officiating swings back to letting the teams play within a couple of weeks or so…

  40. JimboWoodside on

    >>>As I mentioned to pal from Philly last night, plenty of time to get Citizens Bank Park ready for Winter Classic..

    HEY!!! I said it too – and right here on RR!

  41. Czechthemout!!! on


    Totally agree on the passing. It is painfull watching them try to pass the puck.

    Also getting tired of the board hockey this team plays all the time. They are easy to defend.

  42. JimboWoodside on

    Maybe he doesn’t have a driver’s license, Mickey – or maybe he’s 13 years old!

  43. Driveway cool, lol. Actually he’s about 2 minutes away from finding out how NY I really am.

  44. Rhode Island Ranger

    The Rangers led the entire NHL in hits last season. Pretty sure they were up there in blocked shots too. They were also widely considered one of the toughest team in the league…

    Considering the Rangers have basically the exact same team as last year except for 2-3 players, how are the Rangers all of a sudden not tough anymore????

    Are Prospal, Avery and Gilroy any tougher than Richards, Rupp and Erixon???

  45. Captain Callindahan on

    does he live in your complex mickey? if so, i’d go right to the leasing office and lodge a complaint. that’s just bs. Hey girl 3 months and 8 days til Nashville!!

  46. Rhode Island Ranger on


    The proof is in the pudding. If this lineup is tough enough (physically and mentally), that will become obvious soon enough.

    Tough teams don’t just play hard, they intimidate. They sap the will of other teams and make individual players back off a bit.

    You’re right that the roster changes seem minimal. It remains to be seen whether the team psychology is right.

    We’ll keep watching!

  47. look at the difference between the pp’s. andanotherstupid penalty. im sickof this team already

  48. you avoided the question, Rhode. Did you like the Brashear and Boogaard signings and wish they went that route again?

  49. Captain Callindahan on

    i’m gettin tired of seeing Rangers splayed out on their stomachs on the ice
    gotta have a better defensive plan than that

  50. JimboWoodside on

    I wish we still had Boogaard – for many reasons, obviously…..

    ACK!!! Another penalty!

  51. Rhode Island Ranger on


    I prefer multi-dimensional tough guys on my side to the one-dimensional strawmen you hold up as models (Boogie, Brashear, etc.).

    Here’s what I mean: The Ducks have a slick top line that’s also strong and nasty. The Rangers have a top trio that’s soft two-thirds of the way through. Now, maybe that’s the best the Rangers can do under the circumstances.

  52. This team takes Hank for granted. His mad skillz allow them to be lazy and unfocused. They assume he’ll bail them out.

    Okay, is the J. Lo Fiat ad the worst ad ever made? Those punches she throws at the end give me goosebumps because I’m so embarrassed for everyone involved.

  53. Captain Callindahan on

    how are we missing game action/penalties being called on the network home of the nhl?

  54. Dear refs,

    Stop calling everything in sight. We know you’re there by now.

    No love,
    NHL fans.

  55. corey perry and ryan getzlaf and strong and nasty??? did you see dubi drop him in 3 seconds earlier?

  56. If the Rangers played like this in front of an only good goalie they would get crushed.

  57. Rhode, that’s my whole freakin’ point at the start if this idiotic discussion. The Rangers don’t have a goon, they shouldn’t fight the other team’s goons. that’s exactly what I said. I prefer tough guys like Prust and Rupp, and even Dubinsky, Callahan and, yes, Avery may he rest in peace … Team toughness.

    That’s a completely different argument. I am all for tough hockey. I hate the pansification of the game. But the staged fighting, and the keeping goons around — especially those who can’t play like Brashear and Boogaard — is a complete waste. As is fighting the other team’s cement-heads.

  58. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Yes, compared to the other top lines in the league, the Ducks’ Perry, Getzlaf, Ryan are tougher than most. Ask around.

  59. imagine if we were in the western conference? no playoffs fo probably 11 sraight years. holy crap these west teams areso much better

  60. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Rupp’s mistake wasn’t in answering Parros’ challenge. He needed to the way the Ducks were trying to use their physical advantage.

    Rupp’s only mistake, Gawd luv ‘im, was being Mike Rupp.

  61. The Rangers need to get shots on goal early before the other team’s goalie is settled in. This is how they make iffy goalies look great.

  62. Wow, this PP is a discrase! Again! Looks like they haven’t got a clue what to do except giving the other team the puck. Hank is more busy when we have a PP. Sick

  63. Captain Callindahan on

    its sad Grabby!!! its a gorgeous day out, and once this farce is over, its date day!! at least i have time with the man to look forward to

  64. Discombobulated….That’s the best description I could find for their play so far today…

  65. JimboWoodside on

    The Swedish fans are probably asking themselves “Why is Henke playing with this bunch of guys – why doesn’t he leave to play for a GOOD team!?”

  66. If the Rangers have another year of being unable to hit the net, and sucking on the PP, and allowing 2 on 1s every few minutes against Hank, Torts has to go. They don’t seem to execute anything he plans.

  67. Maybe should have kept Prospal. He is on the top line with Carter and Nash, had a goal and an assist in their 1st game.

  68. Honestly… we’re SO FREAKING SLOW AND PREDICTABLE!!!! Look at the transition game for the ducks…. and look at our LACK of a transition game! It’s enough to make me sick! Who the eff are these guys!

  69. >>Thank God that mess of a period is over.

    Yeah, but don’t we have 241 more like it to look forward to?

  70. “Honestly… we’re SO FREAKING SLOW AND PREDICTABLE!!!! Look at the transition game for the ducks…. and look at our LACK of a transition game! It’s enough to make me sick! Who the eff are these guys!”

    yeah could have used Avery’s speed.

  71. Both teams working hard, Girardi?!?! Really??! No… I see ONE team working hard… and it ain’t yours!!

  72. Captain Callindahan on

    JB, they dont play again until next weekend! Don’t make me upset!!

    they realize these games count now right? oy, so disjointed

  73. God, 5 periods of hockey so far and 1 measily goal. This team looks like a rerun of last year’s.


  74. And Carp, damn right I’d be happy with 7 points after their first 7 games. However, if they play at home like they did last year, it’ll be an early spring….


  75. Jim – yes, just like last year. Wind the puck around the boards going in. Send it back behind the goal. Send it up to the half boards. Lose the puck to the opposition. No shots.

  76. 1. They called it 2 and 2 on that Dubi/Perry fight before so Perry wouldn’t be tossed for the strap not being tied down.

    2. That goaltender interference call on Dubi was not a call until it created a scoring chance for us.

    3. Just sayin.

  77. JimboWoodside on

    That kid Fowler looks pretty good – we had a shot at drafting him, didn’t we!?

  78. Well, the game might suck, but I like Dave Strader’s play-by-play a lot better than Doc Emrick. He doesn’t scream at the top of his lungs, “SAVE!!!” over a routine save.

  79. You can’t really have a dump and chase offense if you can’t retrieve the puck ever.

  80. Will someone please point out any single aspect of the Rangers’ game that doesn’t stink, other than goaltending?

  81. It’s early fellas. We are playing horrible, but there are 80 games left. They just did a ton of traveling. They have a week off to relax and recover. Then we can start judging them.

  82. JimboWoodside on

    Can we go back to it being July? I’m not ready for the season yet, and neither are the NYR….

  83. Captain Callindahan on

    great idea to shorten the bench for a good portion of the game.
    run certain guys into the ground already lol

  84. Jonny D,

    Fair enough. Except other teams are playing fine. So it can be done. And there hasn’t been a glimpse of the factors the Rangers were supposed to have improved. Torts is already tinkering with lines, the PP looks awful, and they are being outmuscled along the boards.

  85. If you count up all the miles they’ll travel before 10/27 is it enough to circle the earth?

  86. >>Can somebody remind me why we pay Gabooorik £7M per Year?

    Because he’s always a threat to score?

  87. Anyone else think they’re just praying to go home right now? Cause that is how they are playing.

  88. Nice to see Tortorella breaking up the Richards/Gaborik connection so easily.

    Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan needs to be together. Any combination of lines that doesn’t have them together is crazy…

  89. It’s unfortunate when you develop from within, but you develop guys who can’t score.

    Yeah!!!! BR!!!!!! Eat it, Ducks.

  90. Wooooooooo……..Funny, they just said on VS that Richards wasn’t playing because he was injured….

  91. Lucky, good point. Love the way they were predicting Richards was injured. Amazing. That’s what happens when Pierre isn’t in between the benches.

  92. Good thing Christensen is in the lineup. Hopefully he’s sitting next to Biron getting some instructions for the potential skillz competition.

  93. “Will someone please point out any single aspect of the Rangers’ game that doesn’t stink, other than goaltending?”

    Between McD, MDZ, Sauer and Erixon they’ve goat about 3 years of NHL experience. Yes,a lot of it has been Hank but in two games they’ve given up 3 goals in regulation against good teams.

  94. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Step it up Stepan!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Its fitting to end the sweeden trip on a shoot out…

  95. Make that two of us, because I just threw mine too. The ice there looks absolutely horrible. Not to make excuses, but the puck is sticking a lot.

  96. 2 points at least…Eric is happy…

    Agree with you, dde, can’t complain about the defense, considering their experience….It’s still Hank’s point.

  97. JimboWoodside on

    Well, they survive the OT……better than yesterday……now, it’s the Hank show……

  98. JBytes>>> He is? Oh, didn’t realize that, but isn’t everyone a threat to score as long as they have a stick?

  99. Zucc HAS to bury that there… oh well 2 points out of 4 isnt terrible considering how awful we played in SWE

  100. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Step it up Stepan!!!"...says Greg L. on

    wow that was lame!!!!!

    Can’t believe he scored after “fanning” on the shot!!!

  101. JimboWoodside on

    That was almost as bad as flat-out losing…….the best aspect of our game (shootout) and we blow it…

  102. OK, folks, considering how this one looked for almost 3 periods, we’ll take it!

    Got to go, a few hours until the fast is over….

  103. WOW I want to smooch Hedberg after that summary of what it takes to play in the NHL….that was awesome…

  104. Aside from the great richards goal.. between the 3rd period overtime and shootout that was the most uninspired unenthusiastic pathetic ending to a rangers game ive seen in a long time… how many times can you attempt to shoot the puck with your face buried in it…. it helps to look somewhere close to where you want the puck to go when you want to make some attempt at a shot…. way to many blind give a ways…. i know theres been a long road trip and everything else but they looked like a bunch of strangers playing together

  105. Well, I know it is early and only two games, but last year we were a team who played hard, could score some even strength goals, but not seal the win with help from our PP. This year, we have not hit the net at regular strength and the PP looks like a throw back to the Pearn years. I hope they fix this and fix this soon.

  106. At least they get to finally go home now. I would have liked the win, but eh, not gonna let it spoil a gorgeous day here.

    Later ‘heads!

  107. JimboWoodside on

    A good fast to all of our Jewish friends – at least this game was stomach-turning enough that it didn’t make anyone hungry….. :-(

  108. Czechthemout!!! on

    An absolutely brutal game! They did not deserve a point in this game. Lucky to get one.
    Nothing else needs to be said.

  109. So, is EC the goat in this one? Avery is the savior, huh? LOL…

    C’mon guys…we got 2 out of 4 points against better teams…and, we clearly need to get better and that includes the “1st line”. End of story. Period.

  110. Climb down off the bridges people. Two points in two games, while not great is fine. There is a lot of hockey to still be played…you know like 95% of the season. Don’t go jumping yet.

  111. Oh second thought maybe Bob should jump because hes just an idiot and we’d be better off without him.

  112. wait, I forgot, Torts is a bad coach because he got rid of The Great One, who surely would have had two goals in two games, and so the Rangers would have been 2-0.

  113. Plus the coach would have won these two games if he wasn’t fighting with his assistant coach, making up fake injuries for Wolski, and if Brian Boyle was sober, and if Avery was in there.

  114. it looks like Boyle is trying to play Avery’s instigator role, and he is just getting all kinds of bad penalties, instead of producing on offense like he did last season. and Cally is all by himself on that 2nd line

  115. JimboWoodside on

    Well, they have a week to try to iron some kinks out of their game……I wish them luck.

  116. You guys should just watch this “prohibition” series on PBS. It is more uplifting/depressing than the Rangers games.

  117. JimboWoodside on

    Good going, Manny – break somebody else’s glasses, if you have to break something!

  118. Nah, no need for him to jump off a bridge. Too clean. I’d prefer stepping in front of a subway! _Braaaains!_

    lol, at first I thought you were talking about Bob.

  119. So I didn’t see the game; instead, I decided to go to some lame Oktoberfest in Bear Mountain. Doesn’t seem like I missed anything, though.

  120. Thanks Jimbo!

    The game wasn’t horrible. Come on. They are in another country, playing back to back days and playing a good team. I will take the point and be really impressed at Richards.

  121. Actually. I take that back. It was bad. There was some ugly hockey in there and the skills competition was absolutely HORRIBLE.

  122. JimboWoodside on

    And not even a single sighting of the Swedish Bikini Volleyball team, either – BOO!!!!!!!!

  123. I thought the Rangers played pretty good…they are missing their #D-man which is prolly the worst thing save Lundy. Last year against Ducks they were way overmatched…they are not running around like nits…good 2 points. Give the guys at least 10 games before you send them to the Tower of London.

  124. JimboWoodside on

    The skills competition was utterly disappointing, because you figure that if they get to a shootout, that they have a decided advantage for getting the extra point – but a weird “knuckleball” shot gets past Hank, and our guys couldn’t hit the net if their lives depended on it…

  125. got the game on the dvr. did not watch it yet. Worth watching?

    ANything earth shattering happen? ANyone play really well or poorly?


  126. Yea that was REALLY disappointing. The hobbit wizard had him beat. I really thought that was going to go in. But it is what it is. We salvaged a point on a late goal by the guy we got for that purpose. And Richards set up Gabby yesterday and Gabby looks better. Confident, quick release and he, at times, tried to make something happen.

    The real thing to be mad about is that there isn’t another game for a WEEK.

  127. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    Afternoon ILB and all!!

    that was, well I hate the stupid skill competition.

    thanks for the point hank!!

    What was wrong with brich? Why was he not in?

    Way too early for the line juggling IMHO!!

    Our top players are going to be worn out again this year if torts doesn’t start sucking it up and rolling four lines

    Rupp is more like a light heavyweight than a heavyweight, and should try to stay in that class when doing staged fights.

    Prust needs to see more ice time IMHO.

    love the PK d pair of sauer and eminger. When they are on the ice, you always see opponents on the ice around the crease, they do it the right way….rough and with an edge

    I do think it was eminger’s guy who scored the first goal

    we look very disjointed at this point and I do put that on coaching

  128. JimboWoodside on

    All MZA needed to do was to get a little air beneath that puck – but he couldn’t lift it, so we’re out.

  129. Look. 2 points in two games. It’s a good start to the road trip. They have a week to practice and shape up. We can do this. Positivity. Good vibes.

  130. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    happy birthday!!!

    80 games left folks

  131. JimboWoodside on

    Wick, apparently the guys on Versus were saying something about Richards being injured (already!) because it looked like he missed several shifts – but he came back into the lineup and scored the tying goal, so I don’t know what was going on with him.

  132. I think the Rangers are real tired of Europe. They are not the team we have watched the last two games. It will take time for sure, but this team is better than this. Thanks for Da King.

  133. The announcing crew had one thing right for sure…they said that the Rangers have no attack…true, but even worse than that…they have very few people who can receive a pass. They are also giveaway prone to an alarming extent. They seem so uncoordinated in the attacking zone, and were it not for Callahan their offensive capabilities were offensive to say the least. The only time I saw EC he was pounding the gourds off of someone in behind his own net.
    (miserable rough neck…is that all he can do?)

    And of course when Rangers did have the puck in the attack zone…no one in front of the net. Beginning to look a lot like last year.

  134. JimboWoodside on

    Manny – you’re right – I can’t think of them ever playing two uglier games and getting two points out of them – and it’s very early. But I think we all were expecting more “desire” and “grit” from the team, coming out of the gate….

  135. JimboWoodside on

    Happy Birthday, Sally! I’m gonna get outta here and try to get a little fresh air outside before the day is totally wasted!

  136. Hey all! Quick check in before the last Swedish bonheads mini fest. Dang MSG for passing me by tonight, but I got another, and totally rocking, great moment on Globe screen after tying goal.

    Will have to catch up on all your thoughts etc. tomorrow after I get home. What a great trip it’s been…so sad it’s over!

    Hank, thanks for the head stands tonight. Ta til the U.S. all!

  137. This game shows again the Earthquake size crater in the Earth hole on defense. Even Staal comes back, it so Blatant that they need to get a Power Play defenseman. Del Zotto is barely an AHL caliber. That OT play he played MUST get him sent down. Showed no hockey IQ. 4-4 line change and he puts puck back in the zone. YIKES.

    Girardi, as always, is a nice defensive player but can’t do anything with the puck. McMonster slowly becoming best two defenseman. Sauer fought through those two games. Eminger should be a 7th dman with Woywitka playing over him. Erixon belongs learning in the AHL, but was better than Del Zotto.

    If they have these top forward prospects (Fath, Hagelin, Thomas, Miller. Bourque etc) trade two with a pick and get someone who can actually play out there. I do think they are waiting on Ryan Suter being a UFA. But right now, I’d trade a pick a prospect and delzotto to bring back a guy Tyutin or maybe a Gunnarson from toronto.

  138. Yea. You’re right about that, Jimbo. They need to have better pressure and they need guys like Brian Boyle to PLAY THEIR SIZE. (I will keep belaboring this point all season).

  139. JimboWoodside on

    MAMA!!! We missed you tonight! Didn’t you offer a kiss to the cameraman today? That must have been the key to yesterday’s international airing!

  140. Understand that if we had Marc Staal in the lineup, we could have potentially won both games.

  141. JimboWoodside on

    Well, we didn’t get blown out on defense – but there were mistakes, for sure – we’re playing kids, for the most part – McDonagh really looked good, despite the penalty in OT yesterday.

  142. JimboWoodside on

    Sure, Wicky – the MSG guys didn’t say a word (that I heard, anyway) about Richards being injured – maybe Torts was just sending him an early message by keeping him seated for a few shifts.

    But he did come out and score their only goal, so maybe it worked!

  143. On the bright side, Carp, the firing of T-shirts into the crowd was much more successful today than last night.

    Rumour has it, despite Sullivan again appearing on the bench tonight, Torts is reconsidering his BFF status. Any inside information on that, Bob?

  144. Gunnarson? you are clueless if you think a 6th dman on the lowly Leafs is better than most of the Rangers dmen. you probably like Jeff Finger too

  145. iDoodie machetto on

    Fire Sather, fire Torts, trade everyone, call up Avery for the first line and captaincy, let the kids play, MDZ is a bust, Richards is a bust, Gaborik is a bust, McIlrath is a bust, Miller is a bust, and tank the season (as if this roster could do anything but).

  146. the Rangers defense was clearly not the problem in any of these two games. Even it was a problem, its too late to do anything about it.

    They played two teams that are better than they are and they lost in overtime/shootout. Not really much to complain about. They’ve been in Europe for 2 weeks, played in terrible conditions.

    Sure Tortorella was an idiot with his lineups the last two cames but that’s his shtick. The offense was brutal but let’s see how they do the Icelanders. I’m sure the offense will look a lot better then…

  147. seems like this team is missing that certain spark????????????????????????? Dear I say it ??????????????????????

  148. the 19th hole on

    the Ranger forwards are not physical enough except for the usual few like Cally and Prust and Boyle. and the coach made the decision to dump 2 physical forwards to Hartford and Vanc, and keep a perimeter floater

  149. blow the whole team up. we are so offensvely challenged. the bright side is at least we are playing these west conf teams now. maybe we can salvage pts now against them. we never have the puck at all.

    i wanted 7 pts of 14.

    2 out of 4 it could be worse

  150. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!
    Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes…
    The dead rising from the grave!
    Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

    That about sums it up after 2 games, right?

  151. “bob, which Rangers coach since, oh, Emile Francis, was better than this one?”

    Carp, that is a really lame argument. Other teams are able to find good coaches and we for some reason always get the crappy ones.

  152. Will someone please explain to me just what it is that Christensen brings to the team?

    All these complaints about playing 2 games back to back in Europe are just out of touch with reality. Guess what? the Ducks also played 2 games back to back. Didn’t seem to affect them.

  153. Carp,

    Just finished watching the DVRed game. Your description was basically spot on. No wonder you’re a sports writer!

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