Staal on IR, Avery assigned to CT, Erixon recalled


From the Rangers:

Sean Avery Assigned to Connecticut; Marc Staal Placed on IR

New York, October 5, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that defenseman Tim Erixon has been recalled from the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL), while forward Sean Avery has been assigned to Connecticut.  In addition, defenseman Marc Staal has been placed on injured reserve.

Erixon, 20, registered two assists with a plus-three rating and 10 penalty minutes in five preseason contests with the Rangers prior to his assignment to Connecticut on Saturday.  He tallied his first points as a Blueshirt with two assists, including one on the power play, at HC Sparta Praha on Friday.  Erixon made his first appearance as a Ranger in the team’s preseason opener on September 21 vs. New Jersey at Albany, NY.

The 6-2, 190-pounder recorded five goals and 19 assists for 24 points, along with 40 penalty minutes with Skelleftea HC of the Swedish Elite League (SEL) last season.  He established SEL career-highs in games played, assists and points while skating in his third full season in Sweden’s top professional league.  Erixon tied for fifth on the team in assists and eighth in points, and ranked fifth on the club in penalty minutes.  He also tied for fifth on the team in playoff goals (three) and assists (five), and sixth in points (eight) while establishing playoff career-highs in games played (18), goals, assists, points, and penalty minutes (12).

The Rangers now have 23 players remaining on their active roster, including two goaltenders, eight defensemen and 13 forwards.  The Blueshirts will begin their 2011-12 regular season schedule on Friday, October 7 vs. the Los Angeles Kings at Stockholm, Sweden (1:00 p.m. ET), as part of the 2011 Compuware NHL Premiere.

Goal (2) – Martin Biron, Henrik Lundqvist
Defense (8) – Brendan Bell, Stu Bickel, Michael Del Zotto, Steve Eminger, Tim Erixon, Dan Girardi, Ryan McDonagh, Michael Sauer
Forward (13) – Artem Anisimov, Brian Boyle, Ryan Callahan, Erik Christensen, Brandon Dubinsky, Ruslan Fedotenko, Marian Gaborik, Brandon Prust, Brad Richards, Mike Rupp, Derek Stepan, Wojtek Wolski, Mats Zuccarello.


Why do I get the feeling the Rangers are praying that Avery refuses to report?

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  1. Why does it matter if Avery reports or doesn’t report to CT? Either way, his salary comes off the cap.

  2. I bet Avery will get those extra 3 minutes of ice time in the AHL then we can see the real scoring machine he was meant to be in the NHL

  3. Oh, and someone mentioned on the other thread that Avery flying home when Bell and Lube Stick stuck around the team showed what Avery was like.

    Not fair that one, since he was always going to be assigned elsewhere, the other two are staying on the roster (for now at least) and could in theory still play on Friday.

  4. Everyone no doubt has their own opinions about this, but if I were in Torts shoes I would absolutely forbid Callahan from going down to block shots…no matter what. Wrist blocking ,body blocking, any kind of physical blocking…it ain’t worth it.

    I recall Leetch doing this, dropping to one knee and facing the shot, and I got cold chills watching it, but the loss of key players just to block a single shot on goal, especially when you have a goal tender with the abilities that Lundqvist has is simply not productive, or worth the risk. block a single goal shot and then risk losing a key player for half the season in recovery?Not too smart.

  5. Noah, Associate Alternative Assistant Captain on

    C3, I just got an email saying the league is not full yet and the draft won’t be held if it’s still not full an hour before the draft.

    Do we need anyone else?

    I’m taking Avery in the first round, BTW.

  6. Torts is a classless clown if his nose was red and his hair orange he would be a dead ringer for Bozo but even Bozo has more class than him

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    “Why does it matter if Avery reports or doesn’t report to CT? Either way, his salary comes off the cap.”

    1) If he refuses to report, his salary not only comes off the cap, but comes off the Rangers’ books as well. I’m sure they would be very happy to not have to pay someone 1.9 million to ride the buses in Hartford. It’s bad enough that they still have to pay Redden.

    2) If organizationally they don’t like the guy, they probably don’t want him around their prospects and young talent.

  8. i am waiting for bull dog line to join… he said he should be in by 6pm…if not ill reschedule the draft for tomorrow


    draft order is determined automatically an hour before the draft

  9. I wouldn’t be able to wait for all the “Henrik stinks” posts if the team didn’t block any shots at all.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    If we draft tomorrow, I’ll have to auto. I’m not complaining, just stating a fact.

  11. Calad,
    Not sure they had an option…Staal is out which is a huge blow to our D-corp.
    If Avery were so good, he’d b able to fill in for Staal

  12. marty st louis on nhl live. every other word is “you know” “you know”. not exactly an interesting speaker

  13. I am 99% sure that Tortorella is a homophobe and Avery’s support for gay marriages and comments about Simmond’s “homophobic” remarks drove our homophobic coach over the edge.

  14. 4generations

    if by 7PM one of the potential owners does not join the league, i will send you an invite. otherwise, i am at the full capacity… sorry

  15. Forgot to ask earlier, bob – why are so you upset about Horak and Grachev making their respective rosters as evidence of bad asset management, when they were traded for assets in pretty much the same way you were so desperate for Hagelin and Erixon (where did he come from?) to be?

  16. Torts put the leash on the discussion. Too many soft/Christensen-esque posters not making a difference

  17. I would do the draft but I’m sure I’m too late

    Also, why are Bell and Bickel on the roster?

  18. More Avery talk today, huh? I’m beginning to wonder when he’ll be nominated for sainthood. The same time that Torts is sent to the 9th circle of hell, I suppose.

    Shocker that he wasn’t picked up, either. I for sure thought he’d be snapped up on a minute, since he’s such an awesome, effective and productive player.

    Not surprised Erixon was recalled. He was probably the Whale’s most NHL ready Dman and the team couldn’t swing a deal in such a short period of time. I just hope he’s ready to be up in big leagues for awhile with the news that Stawahl may miss a month.

  19. Huge Jackman?

    Mickey, forgot to relish that point … that 29 other teams didn’t want any part of him at a quarter of the price.

    Guess they all have asshat coaches and excellent first-line left wingers.

  20. Carp, yep, you nailed it on the button. Bunch of assclown coaches and HOF first line left wingers on EVERY team in the league. Tis a wonder we even love this game.

  21. JimboWoodside on

    I wonder if Uncle Glennie is working the phones, looking for another veteran Dman (one that isn’t a relic who can’t skate anymore)?

  22. JimboWoodside on

    I’m kinda surprised that the Fishsticks aren’t interested (yet) in picking up Avery – they always pick up our castoffs and manage to use them against us…..

  23. JimboWoodside on

    Hello Mickey – yes, very sad…..he fought that cancer with all he had, but it just wouldn’t let him shake free of it. Only 56 years old – that’s just a shame.

  24. Jimbo, if there is one funding that I heartily endorse, its cancer. Too many family members and friends have died and/or been afflicted by it :(

    They’re personas of Mick Foley, professional wrestler.

  25. Carp, if you’re here, I’ll take you for the beverage of your choice.. and maybe a pretzel, lol.

  26. “Forgot to ask earlier, bob – why are so you upset about Horak and Grachev making their respective rosters as evidence of bad asset management, when they were traded for assets in pretty much the same way you were so desperate for Hagelin and Erixon (where did he come from?) to be?”

    I am not upset, a bit surprised about Horak. Hagelin definitely I think should be moved, he did not show me anything. Erixon it is way too early to trade him, but I want him to be a lot more physical than what he showed.

  27. Nope. 82 degrees and sunny here today. And people are complaining cause it’s 50 at night. Wusses.

  28. JimboWoodside on

    What are you going to do with Carp, Mickey!? You’re gonna kidnap him and force-feed him booze? Who are you, Kathy Bates!?

  29. JimboWoodside on

    OK on the pro wrestler, Mickey – I’m not sure what he has to do with Steve Jobs passing away, but ORR must know of some connection between them.

  30. Jimbo, Yep. Schafly and some toasted ravioli, while I’m at it. Maybe some Ted Drewes, too. Ya never know ;)

  31. Debating that Sally. I might wear my Dubi Heritage… or my Leetch white. Not sure :/

    I know I’ll be rockiing the Dubi shirsey on Friday at work. Thank god for casual Fridays!

  32. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Jimbo, it was in response to Jbyte’s comment. He said “it’s a sad day for Mankind”

    Mankind – Cactus Jack – Dude Love. LOL! Mr. Sockooo!

    OK, Mickey – thank you…..I understand now, (I think)!

  33. Mickey, unfortunately I can’t wear my jersey to work on Fri. I plan on swimmin around in it all day on Saturday though. SO PSYCHED! Hockey season hasn’t even started yet and already my coworkers want me to shut up about it…

  34. I didn’t threaten to kidnap Carp, Jimbo. YOU brought it up :)

    And psst, that was Orr, not me with the Mankind-Cactus Jack-Dude Love line up.

    Orr, scarily enough I remember all those incarnations. From back when I was a wrestling fan.

  35. JimboWoodside on

    First she jilts me and Wicky, then she calls me a big meanie – I just can’t win! I feel like Avery!

  36. That sucks, Sally :( Lucky for me, if they pull anything, I can point to the people in Cards jerseys and be all, ‘but, but..’

    I’m thrilled the season is starting, it’s been one long offseason. If only I could get Center Ice, things would be great. Stupid rules about who to contact to get it… SIGH.

  37. JimboWoodside on

    And the oddest thing of all – she’s a *METS* fan, but she’s rooting for the Cardinals, a blood-enemy of all things Met! A *blood enemy* of every National League team that ever called New York or Brooklyn their home!

  38. Right now I hate the Phillies even more. And I LIVE in STL now, so its partially life preservation, too.

    I can get Center Ice, I just need to contact the right people in order to get it added. I can’t call the regular number to add it, since I have a special account. So I have to wait until tomorrow to get it added, which sucks.

  39. Many of you are aware of my anti-Apple views. However, Latona does not celebrate anyone wasting away from disease. RIP Steve Jobs.

  40. JimboWoodside on

    I’m certainly no Apple cultmember, either, Latona – but the man was brilliant, and nobody should die at such a young age of such a miserable disease…

  41. JimboWoodside on

    Mickey, I understand now about Center Ice – so, just get them to hook you up early tomorrow, and you’ll be all set!

    As far as the Cardinals go – I know you live there now, so that makes some kind of sense. If I had to move to Philly, however, I would *never* become a Flyers fan – ever! ;-)

  42. Mickey, thanks for mentioning the Center Ice package! I’ve had it for years now, but last season was the first time I had it through my local cable TV provider. In the past, I had it via DirecTV.

    Well I called my cable company, and unlike DirecTV, on the cable company in my area, you have to re-order the package *every season* – with the satellite service, it automatically renewed every year.

    So, I signed up for the package just a little while ago – thank you! I woulda been ticked off when it didn’t show up tomorrow night!

  43. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    it would be ironic for avery to wind up on the cup winner this yr.. I guess that leaves the rangers out.

  44. JImbo, Yeah, that’s on my list of things to do when I first get to the office tomorrow morning. ORDER CENTER ICE.

    And you’re welcome :)

  45. So Erixon went with the team to Europe from the States, flew to several countries, flew back to USA, and now is going back to Europe? living the life!

  46. Ahh, Ok then, Jimbo. :)

    Ok folks, been a long day, time to hit the hay. By my count we are 19 hours away from the first game of the season!!

  47. Dubi on the first line. So I goto my wish. I just hope he goes im punds the guy into the boars, .

    He isRuc=ichards picks up the loose puck and hits Gaborik coming towards the net, and he fires a rifle shot in t he corner.

    Dubi is kind of slow on the playmaking but I just think he can make space for those guys. I am hoping this lineup works

    He is a bit slow mentally, but he seems to pick it up. I am hoping he does it really fast here in the next few days. I have been calling for this lineup, I would love to see it unload in the first few games.

    If it doesnt work, I’ll quit acting like I know what I’m talking about.

    Torts seems to think its the best option right now with our injuries.

  48. Good morning all!!! Checking in from Stockholm! Can’t get room til Krisy gets here and the byfuglien idiot at the Amex office at home gave me kroners that date back to the 90s and aren’t used anymore so I’m broke until the bank opens in 35 minutes…..but I feel great!

    Guess who’s staying at our hotel? Yes, the team!!!!!!!

    Gotta run! Later!

  49. “Hagelin definitely I think should be moved, he did not show me anything.”

    What exactly was he supposed to show you so that he wouldn’t be moved? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve read on this blog in sometime, especially if its in the context of lamenting Grachev and Horak being traded.

  50. Pretty sure I won’t be staying in the same hotel as the team. Suspect MZA would be the only one who could fit in the room.

  51. what are you all doing up?? Hello! Great timing on my part…..early morning view of Hank and Prust passing through lobby for team bus to rink. Sigh. This trip is already worth every penny.

    Hey Jimbo, not only that, I got ripped on the exchange rate. You do not want to be that Amex lady when I get home….

  52. And thanks to Sheraton Stockholm for free interweb access in lobby! The fact that I’m sitting here and posting on blog while watching players is one hartnelling surreal experience I’ll tell you that!

  53. JimboWoodside on

    Hahaha!!! Sorry, Mama – yeah, I’ll bet you’re gonna rip her a new one!! Enjoy!!

  54. Eric Staal is a moron. What kind of brother does that? IF you see the hit, he absolutely had little reason to crush his brother like he did. What an idiot. When we play them, I hope someone stands up for Staal.

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