Bye, bye Avery (again)? (updated)


Regarding Sean Avery …

I don’t think he was/is going to play much at all this season if he stayed/stays. Mike Rupp, for one, completely takes away his position in the lineup, and is a much, much better and more versatile player. Mats Zuccarello had a great camp. You could argue Avery over Erik Christensen, but I don’t think the Crusher is going to be seeing much ice time, either, if any.

I think Avery might be worth keeping around only if the Rangers believe he could accept a very limited role, and likewise, they can’t keep him around if they think he wouldn’t accept that. He might be better than the next callup at forward, but he might not be any longer. And he can still play in those “tough” games that come only occasionally in today’s NHL. And he always was there for teammates on the ice, even when his minutes were minimal.

I think they waived him so he can be sent to Connecticut and his contract comes off the books, with the outside hope that somebody will claim him (they won’t, IMO).

I don’t think it hurts the team much at all if he isn’t around. But it sure hurts the blog. And sometimes the entertainment value.

I think a lot of people are going to blame John Tortorella for Avery’s decline as a player, and I think that’s idiotic. Almost as much as this idea that Avery could have played left wing on the No. 1 line.

I wonder how some of the key players who seemed to like him will respond, and by that I mean Lundqvist, Richards, Gaborik, etc.

As far as Dale Weise, I’m sure that’s an asset the Rangers would rather have kept … but losing him certainly isn’t the end of the world. The guy was going to spend way more time in Connecticut than New York, and though a useful callup, they have Kris Newbury, Andreas Thuresson, John Mitchell, Bell Biv Deveaux, and a bunch of new, fast rookies who might be called up during the season. I liked Weise’s game, even if he lost every NHL fight he had after beating the cooke out of that piece of Carcillo.


Special thanks to the guest bloggers the last few days. They did a great job. I’m stuck in Hockeytown with the Yankees.

Also, Avery-themed poll over there ——–>


UPDATE: Here is Dan Rosen’s story from

And here is the transcript of the Tortorella presser, from Steve Zipay’s blog, and via Dan Rosen.

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  1. Great points, Carp. I agree that no one claims Avery.

    Maybe the Rangers are just doing something Nice fore Weisse this year. Let him go somewhere and get some ice time at the NHL level.

  2. How can you say blaming Torts is idiotic. Look at Avery pre and post Torts. Are you saying that was a coincidence?

  3. I think this was done just so they can get his contract moved. I bet Christensen gets waived by the time Jan comes along.

    Makes no sense to put him off the team b/c he will be needed if Prust, Boyle, Rupp or Fedotenko goes down…

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    darc, there is no Avery preTorts. By the time we got him from the Dallas scrap heap, Torts was already here. Might as well say Avery pre and post Dallas, or pre and post lengthy suspension, or pre and post anger management.

  5. darcsweet – Avery pre and post Torts is also Avery pre and post “Sloppy Seconds” incident. There’s no way to definitively say that Avery was changed by one or the other.

  6. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    nice post carp


  7. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    any ideas/thought who the rangers MIGHT be looking at for a D man to bring in?

  8. OMG, so much noise about a 13th forward, which I’m sure, is representative of the noise created in the room and around the team in general. Way to huge a distraction for what he delivered on the ice, which was marginal most of the time.

    And for those who are blaming Tortorella for Avery’s decline – how silly. I guess his previous coaches in Detriot and LA should be called out, too.

    Good riddance and don’t let the door hit you on the way out, I say.

  9. 13th forward would only not see much icetime if there are no injuries, but in real world 13th forward would play over 70 games because there is always somebody injured/suspended/in the dog house.

  10. Oh yeah – the blame for Avery’s decline should also be spread to the Dallas coaches.


  11. here’s the coincidence, darc: Avery’s play nose-dived, and he finally ended up with a coach who held him accountable for that.

  12. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Wow, there are going to be a lot of upset females(myself EXCLUDED) in Rangers nation if this is true. But pee wee over Avery? Thats odd seeing that Pee wee is a one trick pony on the ice

  13. The blame for Avery’s decline should be placed squarely on the shoulder (pads) of Mr. Sean Avery. Maybe if he spent less time buying selvedge jeans he would be a better player.

  14. Carp, the only idiotic thing here is that Christensen hasn’t been cut yet, he should have been cut way back in 2009 after first few games. He is garbage.

    Another idiotic thing is that Eminger wasn’t cut yet after just brutal showing this pre-season.

  15. BTW, I get the animosity directed at Christensen, but for me not because he stole Avery’s job, but because he’s got a ton of talent but little heart/guts/courage/etc. For those who keep calling for his head, don’t dismiss his value in the shoot-out.

    He scored 5 SO goals last year.

    I’m not sure how many of those games the Rangers subsequently won, but don’t forget 2 years ago the Rangers missed the POs by a single point and made them by a measily 2 last year.

    SO points when you struggle year in and year out to make the POs can be invaluable come the end of the year….

  16. Doodie, look at the situation he was in in Dallas everyone hated him. Not sure how you can play for a team that no ones got your back.

    And how can you just dismiss how good he was under Renney. Are you trying to tell me that Bettman neutered Avery? He was afraid to play his game under Torts because he didn’t want to get benched.

    Playing on the edge makes him effective and Torts took that away.

  17. true
    if Avery was playing well in dallas
    the stars would have overlooked
    the “sloppy seconds” comment.
    it just gave the team the excuse
    needed to get rid of him.

    what happened to brett hull after that?
    wasn’t he in the dallas organization and brought Avery?
    didn’t he quietly get shown the exit after that?
    where is he now?

  18. Real_ESPNLeBrun Canucks tried to trade for Weise last season so not surprised they claimed him off waivers

    Too bad we didn’t trade him last season. At least we could have had something. It was a risky move sending him down, knowing that at least one team wanted him.

    “Look at Avery pre and post Torts. Are you saying that was a coincidence?”

    LMAO! Avery lovers are so delusional. It’s mind blowing!

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    bob, you’re right on both counts. EC has shown nothing, and Eminger has been TERRIBLE this preseason. I said it yesterday: I would much rather have Bell over Eminger. Bell has been a pleasant surprise.

  20. I really hope the Oilers pick up Avery. I’d love for him to be as useless under Renney as he was with us, just so the Avery fans can hop off this ridiculous Avery bandwagon, and stop blaming Torts, as if it’s his fault Avery is useless.

  21. smartporpoise on

    We need 40 goal tough-guy throwbacks like Steve Vickers, and Terry O’Reilly, not insignificant, limited talent loud-mouths like Avery.

  22. Honestly big part why Avery’s play nosedived is how the coach used him and treated him and did not let him play his game.

  23. Carp, where did it nose dive before he came back on board with the Rangers? Playing with a Dallas team that didn’t have his back for 23 games? Not much of a nose dive sampling there. Need a better explanation.

  24. You’re right, ORR. We should have moved him last year when we could have traded him for one of the Sedin twins! (I really do think you’re right)

  25. Right, didn’t let him play a different game than everybody else was playing; didn’t let him be brutal defensively, virtually invisible offensively, and take moronic, needless, selfish penalties. That game?

    And I don’t think Renney was that big a fan, either. But Renney let him get away with his garbage. Torts did not.

  26. I think keeping EC is a mistake. He’s soft, so when he doesn’t score, he is completely useless on the ice. I’d rather have someone who is going to take the body and get the other team ticked off when they aren’t putting the puck in the net instead of someone who is a perimeter player.

  27. Matt L, most people would, but I’d rather have a ghost of a player like EC, over a guy who takes dumb penalties, and is a giveaway machine.

    Avery’s cons heavily outweigh his pros, and his “pros” are not much to brag aboot, to be honest.

  28. Carp, tough to put up offensive numbers when coach is only playing you five minutes a night. When Torts put him with Gabby his offensive game shined through. And brutal defensively? One thing Avery was never criticized for is his defense. And while Renney might not have been a fan he knew how much Avery meant to the team.

    He changed the entire culture of the franchise the second he pushed over Brodeur in his second game as a Ranger.

  29. We have been stocking our farm system for a few years now. Its time to package a bunch of kids for Loui Eriksson. He’s 24, a #1 LW and has a history of playing well with Richards. Plus he is signed for a few yrs with only $4.25 cap hit. Dallas is cash strapped. You want to make a run, then get this guy!

  30. Carp – You’re right: Blaming Tortorella for Avery’s decline is idiotic. What isn’t is watching Tortorella play this dog-and-pony show with him when he really intended to cut him before Europe. Say what you will about Avery, but no player deserves that.

    As for Christensen being kept, am I the only one who sees an issue with Tortorella and his so-called accountability? Christensen has been awful throughout camp. If there’s one player who deserved to go down, it was him. Now he’s part of the team. What exactly did he do to earn that chance? Score some goals in the skills competition? That’s all it takes to make the Rangers? Maybe I should try out.

  31. weren’t the Rangers like 15-3 or something right after Avery came to the team from LA? didn’t they win a lot more when he was in the line-up then they did without him two seasons ago? then he was benched by Tortorella in the playoffs against Washington and never the same after that. Torts put the choke chain on a junkyard dog and wondered why he wasn’t keeping trespassers out. It’s obvious he wasn’t going to be effective after Torts did that and I really can’t blame Mr. Vanity Fair.

  32. For all of these points you guys are making about Avery, you can say the same about EC. If EC was playing more than 5-7 minutes a night, maybe he could actually put up stats…(except he wouldn’t haha).

    Fact is EC is a much better skilled player than Avery, which we saw this preseason. We get mad at him because he doesn’t have the determination to play in a way that shows his skill every shift. But that goal he scored the other night could only have been scored by 2 other players on this team, Anisimov and Gabby.

    Funny that he and Gabby are pretty much the same player if you watch them except EC is actually a much better puck handler than EC and is better around the net at picking up garbage. But I’d argue Gabby has been just as ineffective as EC this preseason.

    Also, who really cares since EC isn’t going to play. We’ll need him for the shootout, something he did extremely well last year and helped us get into the playoffs.

  33. Phil – I agree. I’m not saying Avery should stay, I’m saying EC, when not having the odd multi-point game, is absolutely invisible on the ice. Strictly a one-dimensional player with offensive “potential”.

    I’m guessing he gets sent down eventually as well. I seriously doubt he finishes the season with us.

  34. And what does everyone have on EC outside of the fact that he is extremely inconsistent? You guys make it seem like he’s a much worse hockey player than Avery when that’s not the case.

    We’re paying the guy $945k a year. Do we think he’s going to be an all-star? Yeah he has the skill to be much better than he shows, but it’s not like we’re paying him B-Rich money. He’s like Marcel Hossa, skilled enough to chip in here and there, he’ll show you signs of being very talented, then he’ll go back to being average at best for most of the year.

    At $945k, I’ll take that potential skill every couple games (when he does jump in) and shootout winners over a guy who takes penalties and costs $1.975k. Plus we might need that extra million if Staal and/or Sauer are out for an extended period of time.

  35. phil, deserve it or not, they gave Avery a chance to make an impression in the preseason, and he didn’t. And I have a hard time feeling sorry for a guy who’s going to make $4M this year, even if he was strung along.

    darc, yeah, he changed the culture. changed them from a 9th-10th place team to a 7th-8th-9th place team.

  36. “Carp, tough to put up offensive numbers when coach is only playing you five minutes a night”


    Isbister put up pretty good number when he played with Jagr, but I don’t seen anyone crying over him.

    “weren’t the Rangers like 15-3 or something right after Avery came to the team from LA?”

    Oh please, that record was a fluke.

  37. Brutal Defensively? That is your boy Christensen, Carp. Avery is solid defensively and averaged a minute on the PK under Renney.

  38. “There’s nothing wrong with EC riding the bench…what’s the big deal?”

    injuries will happen.

  39. Carp October 4th, 2011 at 2:05 pm
    Right, didn’t let him play a different game than everybody else was playing; didn’t let him be brutal defensively, virtually invisible offensively, and take moronic, needless, selfish penalties. That game?

    You ommitted the part of “that game” that matters most, which is NYR’s record when he was playing “that game” versus when he was out of the lineup or playing more reserved. Classify “that game” however you want but remember NYR has won TWO playoff series in the last 13 years, and we wouldn’t have even been in those series in the first place without Avery playing “that game” in the second half of 2007 and 2008.

    Obviously he isn’t as good as he was then, because for whatever reason he changed the way he played a bit. But even after the change, I don’t see how this roster is better off with Christensen, Zuccarello and Wolski rather than having Avery instead of one of those three.

  40. OMG – let it go people…he is gone…EC is here for now…I’m sure if someone comes along who is better then he will be gone. Deal with it…he is valuable in the Skills competition and after the last 2 years that is enough for him to make the team…Not like he is the # 1 or # 2 Centre he is # 3 or 4…Avery blew it for Avery…No one else!

  41. Jeez, Avery lovers should go to rehab! You’re not thinking straight!! We love all of you but Avery is destroying your lives! LOL!

  42. Haha Orr, I know. Have I missed something the last 2 years or is he not good defensively?

    Either way, I’ll miss him. But it was time for him to leave.

  43. He changed the way he played because he shot himself in the foot with his “sloppy seconds” comment. He couldn’t get a break after that, and people love to blame Torts, but only Avery is to blame. Probably Buttman too! Not the magazine, I’m talking aboot the guy who shakes like he has Parkinson’s disease.

  44. The Thrashers were only the #3 seed in 2007 because the SE division was terrible. The Rangers dominated them in all facets of the game in that series. What exactly did Avery do in the next round vs Buffalo. Ditto for 2008. The Rangers dominated the season series with the Devils and as a team played better. Coincidentally, the only game they lost that series was the infamous “Avery Rule” game. The Penguins ignored him in the next round and bounced the Rangers in 5.

  45. Puck daddy nailed it:

    re: Sean Avery being waived…

    “Does John Tortorella not have HBO?”

  46. Manny,

    according to the Rangers’ own website, from the game after Avery was acquired (February 6, 2007) till the end of that season the Rangers were 17-6-6. that was also one of two season we made it past the first round of the playoffs. since Avery’s play began to decline we’ve missed the playoffs once, barely made it a second time and not made it past the first round at all. coincidence?

  47. ORR!! What Is It Good For?!?!
    “weren’t the Rangers like 15-3 or something right after Avery came to the team from LA?”

    “Oh please, that record was a fluke.”

    Haha it was a fluke? What’s that even supposed to mean? That’s like saying Jagr didn’t contribute much that season because his 96 points were a “fluke”. We shouldn’t have gotten our names on the cup in 1994 because most of those playoffs wins were a “fluke”. Obama shouldn’t be president because winning the electoral college in 2008 was just a “fluke”.

  48. Avery helped us win pre-suspension. He didn’t help us win when it counted though. What has he exactly done in the last 2 seasons? We missed the playoffs in 09-10 and barely got in last year.

    I’d actually argue the only reasons we even got in the playoffs was more to do with EC/Zuccarello winning us shootouts than Avery and his .022 shooting % + antics.

  49. “He changed the way he played because he shot himself in the foot with his “sloppy seconds” comment. ”


  50. look
    i like Avery
    wished that he was still around
    as far as not allowed to show what he could do last year
    3 GOALS!!!
    he took shots and the didn’t go in.
    he made passes and they weren’t assists.
    and he wasn’t that fantastic defensively.
    except for the oakland raiders in the 70s and Bronx Zoo yankees
    coaches don’t like players that offer more distractions than results.
    if Avery scored multiple times the amount of goals
    i imagine Torts could live with the other stuff
    he may have come into camp in great shape
    but did he work on his shot during the off-season
    and show the improvement that MZA showed?

  51. as far as
    EC — not ecstatic that he stayed but as a 4th liner vet who can play C or LW and should be good in skills competition and probably scored more than Avery did last season.

    who’s to say that he’s filled a permanent spot?

    with Staal looking more and more worrisome and the D corps looking like a patchwork
    a trade could be brewing or waiver pick up
    which could mean that EC is outta here via trade or gets sent down due to

  52. Bob, it means, he couldn’t catch a break from everyone, the league, the refs, so he had to be careful with every little thing he did on and off the ice. Can’t blame him, I mean, after all, he had to go to anger management for making a joke.

    Chris, it *was* a fluke. I don’t know how you bring Jagr in the discussion, he contributed GOALS, and POINTS.

  53. Torts took a junkyard dog and put a choke collar on him, then wondered why he wasn’t keeping trespassers out. I can’t completely blame Avery for the way he’s played since Torts benched him in the playoffs against Washington. plus, now he’s gonna get on Fatso’s nerves six games a year? Avery should be called up any time we play the Devils and just for the time 24/7 is happening, if for no other reason than entertainment value.

  54. according to the Rangers’ own website, from the game after Avery was acquired (February 6, 2007) till the end of that season the Rangers were 17-6-6.


    I think Lundqvist having a .935 save % and allowing only 48 goals in 28 games (with 4 shoutouts) played a bigger part in that record.

  55. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    BYE BYE , his on ice accomplishments are history.. he’s a skating penalty waiting to be called..

  56. yeah, bob, Christensen’s my boy. Is this your first day on the blog?

    Christensen will now be the designated Prucha … until they get rid of him, too.

    My God, these Avery guys still living with those few moments he provided, it’s like when George Costanza was in love with Elaine’s boyfriend Tony. “You love him.”

  57. Carp –

    Thank God! The day has come – as you all know, I have said for a long time that this whole Avery experiment was a waste. The guy has guts, bleeds blue – but he was a liability all the time. I think that he can still contribute at this level, just not where we need to go as a team. I think we have plenty of boys down in Hartford that can fill the role that he had when playing hockey matters. This is addition by subtraction. I like the guy, but it just never worked here for me or for the team. This is hockey, not America’s desperate Hollywood superstars. I do hope that he can find some team where he can play and contribute to – but clearly, this is not the place for Sean Avery. Best of Luck Aves –

  58. ps, we’ll see in the next 48 hours what the other 29 NHL teams think of how good this Junkyard Dog really is.

    Because last time he was on waivers, back when he was good and before Tortorella put the so-called leash on him, nobody wanted to touch him at half price. Let’s all remember that for a little perspective.

  59. Prust, Boyle, Stepan, Fedotenko, MZA.

    Those are 5 reasons why Avery is no longer on the team. They’re either more productive offensively, better defensively or trusted on special teams. And none of them seem to carry the off-ice issues that Avery does. Stepan even adds a good looking mom to the equation.

  60. Exactly, CT. The “Avery record” was a coincidence, nothing more, nothing less.

    It’s just like the Renney Kool Aid lovers. They made him out to be this amazing coach, when the truth is, he’s just an average coach that got lucky with a superstar winger, and a no-name goalie who is likely to hold a lot of Rangers goalie records by the time he retires.

  61. Carp,

    We’re still gonna call it “Prucha’d” for the healthy scratches right?

    “Step off George”.

  62. “back when he was good and before Tortorella put the so-called leash on him, nobody wanted to touch him at half price”

    Good point, Carp. I forget aboot that. I mean, he was probably on his hands and knees, begging Slats to take him back, like a cheating boyfriend.

  63. despite all of Avery’s faults, he’s still more valuable as the spare forward than Christensen no?

    I mean clearly Avery is not better than Rupp, Fedotenko or Zuccarello but I think its hard to argue Christensen is better also…

  64. well, as much as we might like Sean Avery, who’s playing LW on the 4th line of a team with no 3rd D pairing, no top line LW and it’s top Dman injured right now doesn’t really matter. we have a few more issues to worry about. see you all on the golf course in April (again) unfortunately. but don’t think I will miss watching a single game or reading this blog for a moment. how many hours till puck drop on friday? LET’S GO RANGERS!

  65. $4 million plus for a 3rd or 4th line winger is a bit much for any team to pay and I can’t blame them. it’d be like a newspaper paying a reporter a full salary for only ‘covering’ a team from the couch in his living room. on occasion.

  66. CTB-add Rupp to that list….

    LMAO @ “Avery is solid defensively”

    Well, if we spend hours discussing our 13th forward, the team must be in really good shape.

  67. Noah, Associate Alternative Assistant Captain on

    I love people that thump the vaunted “record with Avery”…from the 2006-2007 season!

    Uhh I think Christian Backman played in some of those games. So I guess that is not a coincidence and we were wrong to not re-sign Backman after that season, then.

    You can make the “record with” argument for anyone and make it work in a player’s favor at some point in his career.

  68. ORR!! What Is It Good For?!?! October 4th, 2011 at 2:48 pm
    “Chris, it was a fluke. I don’t know how you bring Jagr in the discussion, he contributed GOALS, and POINTS.”

    So why don’t you dismiss that as a fluke too? What basis would one even use to determine that a 17-6-6 record was a fluke? That’s a crazy thing to say for a decent sample size. Seems like you just don’t like to let the numbers get in the way of your dislike for Avery. At least be consistent. If only scoring 3 goals last year wasn’t a fluke, than neither was scoring 20 points in 29 games down the stretch that year while almost single handedly raising the intensity the team played with.

  69. Andre Dore’ played on the 1982 team when they went 6 – 4 in November…where’s his credit???

  70. Avery, IMO, became ineffective, long before Torts put him on a short leash. The players simply became immune to his antics…He wasn’t able to get anyone off their game. $2M is just too much to carry for what he can bring…Also, like it or not, every time he is on the ice he has a much higher chance of getting a penalty as opposed to drawing one ( his fault or not). How would you feel having him there as a coach?

  71. Sister Christian was the next season Noah. I do remember I was at a game vs the Devils where he scored (and midget Dawes crashed into Brodeur in the process of scoring the game winner).

  72. Orr

    I would rather have Boyle or Stepan move up and Avery take the vacated spot on the 4th line spot then have Christensen go from the press box to a scoring line.

  73. Doodie Machetto on

    Actually, if you look at the “Avery record” it should be more accurately termed the “Mara record” or “Wardless record.” With Avery and Ward, they went 5-3-2. Once they made the Mara trade, they went 12-3-4.

    I can play with numbers too!

  74. Christian Dube’ scored a goal once and I think we won. How aboot him??? Wher’s his love???

  75. Prust, Boyle, Stepan, Fedotenko, MZA and Rupp.

    Those are 6 reasons why Avery is no longer on the team. They’re either more productive offensively, better defensively or trusted on special teams. And none of them seem to carry the off-ice issues that Avery does. Stepan even adds a good looking mom to the equation. I’m not sure how Rupp’s mom looks though.

  76. beuuuk, when you come down from mars you’ll realize that I have another full-time job at the paper and that I do this mostly for kicks. and that, while I’m not paid to be with the team every single day, this place never closes, 24/365, and does a pretty good job with the news of the day.

    but I’m sure you have a life and a career.

  77. Noah, Associate Alternative Assistant Captain on

    Ahh that’s right. Thanks CTB.

    Well, the point is still the same. The “record with” argument is ridiculous!

    What is more ridiculous is making that argument about our record with him…5 seasons ago.

    And saying Jagr’s scoring was a fluke? Is that serious?

  78. there’s an overpaid player on the Rangers?! oh my God! I never would have expected that. I guess we should send Gabby, Callahan, Wolski, and Girardi down to Hartford too since they didn’t play as well last year as they have in previous seasons.

  79. Jagr and Avery should never be in the same discussion! EVER! Chris, that’s just a *fail* Avery doesn’t provide what Jagr provides. Jagr is a Hall Of Famer, he’s one of the greatest players of all time. Avery provided very little. He hit, he fought, chipped in a goal here and there, and an assist here and there, and was along for the ride.

    It’s a fluke record, but MSG is so moronic, they had to bring it up every game, and most NYR fans are so gullible, they bought into it.

    I mean, c’mon, how do you buy into something like that. It’s purely coincidental. That’s all there is to it.

  80. Chris, 29 games is not a “decent sample size”…

    Again, I’m not anti-Avery by any means, but can anyone so outraged by this move make a solid case that doesn’t involve a string of half-truths and myths?

  81. And Mara had the beard, I mean that’s gotta be worth like 7 or 8 points in the standings right there.

  82. Noah, Associate Alternative Assistant Captain on

    Can Avery sign with the Flyers just for the month of December so he can at least be on 24/7?

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    For those keeping score at home, the 10 games of Avery and ward had a .600 record. The following 19 without Ward/with Mara had a .739.

    But yes, it was all Avery.

  84. Noah, Associate Alternative Assistant Captain October 4th, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    “And saying Jagr’s scoring was a fluke? Is that serious?”

    Read all the posts relating to that if you’re going to call it out.

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    Honestly, I think it was less adding Mara and more getting rid of Ward. Conflict in the locker room and all.

  86. Carp,

    I realize you have a fulltime job. reporting on girls high school basketball takes a lot of your effort and time away from the Rangers. I mean, your paper (like all newspapers) is hemorraging money and probably just barely able to continue operating. and there’s only one outlet for local sports news (in case anybody wants to read about it) yet there are dozens of other places around where people can read opinions and stories about the Rangers. As a matter of fact, you advertise a lot of them right on this page. Obviously I know this, so what was your point?

  87. waive peewee too on

    EC is garbage alright, and even worse is peewee throwing a teammate under the bus and defending the opponent in a dispute. EC should have been waived by the Rangers the minute he pulled that stunt, because he is the one guy on the team that his teammates have to constantly wonder if he will have their back, or stab them in it.

  88. And to continue a point from the last thread…

    Is anyone prepared to confirm that they were not in favour of firing the coach 24 hours ago, but are calling for his head today?

    And still waiting for any sourced quotes from Torts that could even be construed as meaning Christensen is one of his favourite players.

  89. Noah, Associate Alternative Assistant Captain on

    Got ya, Chris. Didn’t realize you were using him to exaggerate a point. My bad.

  90. The big question now is where does Avery go, Milan or Paris?

    Worry not people, there’s always the ‘Jerry Springer Show’

    Regular season hasn’t even started and twice already he’s been involved in controversies. (his arrest & Simmonds incident)
    EC is cheaper, will sit and not cause problems, Avery will find them and they will find him.

  91. ORR!! What Is It Good For?!?!, you really, really, really missed the entire point.

    My simple question is on what basis you dismiss a 17-6-6 record as being a fluke?

    As for the rest of your comments there, Avery had 20 points in 29 games that year. A bit more than a goal and assist here and there, that’s a 56 point pace over a full season. Meanwhile he upped the intensity the entire team played with. We all saw it.

    Dubinsky had 54 points in 77 games last year, would you say he was just along for the ride? He provided very little?

  92. JimboWoodside on

    Well, I’m sorry to see Avery go, even if he was sometimes a liability for the team. He’s a “character”, and they’re always fun to watch….

    Maybe the league will go easier on the NYR penalty-wise now that Avery isn’t on the team anymore. We always seem to get the dirty end of the stick in the penalty department.

    ORR, watch the game tonight! ;-)

  93. beuuuk23- If Carp was only doing what he is paid for (and I’m pretty sure it’s much more than girls’ basketball), you would have no choice but reading the news about the Rangers elsewhere.

  94. Sorry to see Avery go. I’m going to miss the entertainment value. EC is a waste and Rupp is a Debbie.

  95. Noah, Associate Alternative Assistant Captain on

    BTW I wouldn’t use Dubinsky as a point-prover in an argument with ORR. He hates him!

    (You still do hate him, right ORR? Haven’t been around the blog in a while.)

  96. Just as I think Renney was let go at the right time, Avery was let go at the right time. I feel that both maxed out their possibilities in New York; they could have done nothing more to contribute to the franchise, and so their time was up. Right call here, although, IMO, Avery looked better in preseason than Christensen.

  97. Carp,

    obviously, we all appreciate the forum for Rangers discussions you give us here. otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

    a thought just occurred to me, is this sending Avery down to free up cap space so we can add a Dman for our third pairing? honestly, Christensen and Avery are about equal productivity-wise (there’s not much coming from either of them) and, although Avery’s money could be better spent that way and we’re desperate for D help, I know we’re all going to miss the entertainment factor of having Avery on the team and this team will miss the sandpaper he brings to games. his ability to irritate players on other teams can’t be quantified by stats and, other than Prust and Sauer (and occasionally Dubi) who is going to drop the gloves and stick up for the team? I just think this move hurts the Rangers more than it helps and I dred another May where we’re watching other teams in the playoffs and the Rangers on the golf course.

  98. Two things:

    Christensen’s next. Please do not confuse my agreement in the waiving of WAvery with my backing of Christensen at all. He’s pretty useless, too. Maybe more useless.

    And, I dare say this blog’s traffic is going to miss WAvery more than the Rangers will.

  99. Noah, I don’t hate him. I’ve never hated him. I like him more that he’s signed for a few years.

    Chris, I dismiss the record based on the obvious facts, which Doodie pointed out before. It’s a flukey record, through and though. I still can’t believe anyone takes it serious.

    Friggin Avery lovers!

    I will, Jimbo! Go Tigers! Is Vulva pitching tonight? He seems to be good, apparently.

  100. Look, it would have been nice to keep Avery around for ships and giggles, but hockey is a business and you are not going to take up nearly $2 million in salary for a spare forward. As a player, he had his good and his bad moments. With that said, I really don’t get all of the overreactions. I would love to have seen what this Blog would have looked like, oh, say from October 31, 1975 through November 8, 1975.

  101. How is thought of Avery playing on first line is “idiotic”? Don’t see how. he played very well with Gaborik last year and Jagr in the past

  102. The guys in Europe have Tortorella quotes on Avery, Christensen, Bell and Bickell, etc., over in the Twitter Widget over there ——–>

    I’m going back to my couch. LOL. Or to Comerica Park for my other job.

  103. you don’t put your 14th best forward on the first line.

    now I have to go cover girls basketball over at Comerica Park.

  104. mike, i am sorry I forgot that plug I promised you … please, please send me an email with the info again and I will put it in in the next day or two.

  105. CT – that stat was actually well in Avery’s favour in 2007 and 2008. Meaning…he was a more effective player three years ago (shock!).

  106. OMG….listen to this noise – for Sean freakin Avery who never scored more than 15 goals in a season, never managed 40 points, got booted off of 3 teams, and could not stop himself from being the center of attention, even if it meant risking being waived out of the league by the only team left willing to employ him.

    If you don’t think the incident with the cops over the summer (and it’s irrelevant whether or not he was unfairly charged) and now the Simmonds homophobic slur affair isn’t simply another way to garner attention to himself, well, you’re just plain wrong.

    The Rangers will likely not publicly admit it, but these have factored in strongly, I suspect, in today’s decision.

    This dude cannot help himself – he can’t go crazy on the ice anymore lest the NHL suspend him or his coach bench his ass, so he’s ventured down other avenues.

    In the end, however, from the Rangers perspective it’s the same thing: An unwanted and unneeded distraction.

    Who needs that crap from a 31 year old 4th liner who’s on the downside of his career?

    Ahh…no team, as we’re no doubt about to see……….

  107. The thing tht people have to realize is EXACTLY what Dave Maloney said about him when he was signed away buy Dallas:

    “…Sean Avery can be effective…but he has a VERY SHORT SHELF LIFE. …by the time he drives the opposition batty, he has had the same effect ON HIS OWN LOCKER ROOM…”

    He had moments where his madness was brilliant. But he NEVER was consistent or persistent with any kind of quality play. He came to a team that had absolutely no balls whatsoever. Now we have Rupp (a better player), Prust (a much more effective deterrent and player), and Hagelin, Borque, etc. waiting in the wings. Avery got more than enough opportunity to distinguish himself.

    Now, we DESPERATELY need an NHL capable D man. Avery’s contract HAD TO GO!!! It isn’t so much about a marginal player (which Avery CLEARLY is), as it is about making this team BETTER.

    At 12:01 pm, the NYR got BETTER.

  108. anyways, enough time wasted here today. there isn’t a game for three days and I have to get back to the career that Carp was talking about. hopefully the Yankees have another game after tonight so Carp isn’t stuck outside on football fields in Westchester and in gyms covering teenage girls trying to put a ball through a hoop with nothing else to do months till baseball season starts again.

  109. CT – that stat was actually well in Avery’s *favour* in


    That’s Europansy speak.

  110. Avery had 18 goals (and 30 assists) in 06-07 and he was always a playmaker not a goalscorer.

    Christensen never had more than 18 goals and that was playing with the likes of Crosby and Malkin.

  111. where are all these Avery lovers coming from? how about saying something some other time as well? Carp bring some luck to the Yanks tonight. just dont touch AJ. he’s already a wreck lol.

  112. ORR!! What Is It Good For?!?!

    “Another thing, don’t confuse Avery and Dubinsky. Dubi is actually an important player, as opposed to Avery, who’s just a 4th line role player.

    Again, you’re bringing up the wrong guys to make your point.”

    Again, you missed the point. Avery played 17:49/game that season after coming from LA. That’s not 4th line role player minutes. We’re not talking about last season, that wasn’t a fluke to you. Either you don’t check your facts, or you refuse to believe them because you choose not to like a certain player.

    As for what Doodie said about that year, I agree with him. Ward wasn’t a good fit and Mara was an improvement that season. Those moves, along with acquiring Avery, created a 17-6-6 record down the stretch.

    Before the trade- 25-24-4
    After- 17-6-6

    Just because you don’t like Avery or Mara doesn’t mean that was magic.

  113. EC is a perfect argument against the shootout . that is all he is good for, just a pansy player who should sit on the bench until 65 minutes have been played to no decision, so he can come out, pun intended, and do his little schtick with no opponent to contend with. he is good at playing with and by himself.

  114. bull dog line on

    at least now Avery can be a first line LW. that should make his misguided fans happy.

  115. Cheer up, Avery lovers….This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gone for good…only means that the Ranger brass see him as a spare part (with no future on this team and nothing more)

  116. Amen, Lev. Leave AJ alone and just let him pitch. First time he misses the strike zone you gotta yank him!

  117. who cares Avery’s gone. I feel bad they lost Weise, I liked him better than Christenson or Avery.

  118. As for what Doodie said about that year, I agree with him. Ward wasn’t a good fit and Mara was an improvement that season. Those moves, along with acquiring Avery, created a 17-6-6 record down the stretch.

    Before the trade- 25-24-4
    After- 17-6-6

    Just because you don’t like Avery or Mara doesn’t mean that was magic.


    It could be that or Lundqvist’s stellar stats that I posted above. Or Jagr having 33 points from Feb 6th through the end of the season or Nylander producing a point per game from that point on. There are nuermous reasons the Rangers did well during that stretch run. Avery was part of that, but certainly not the only part and probably not the biggest part for that matter.

  119. Jim – Could not be said any better.

    I will never understand the love affair between the fans and Avery. Someone with his physical tools should be a much better hockey player, instead he chose to mostly be a clown……a sad one at that Good riddance.

  120. could not agree more. avery is a soap opera but productivity not so much. a big hit with the 16 to 16 year old get crunk watch fights on you tube crowd. as far as helping a team win avery limited skill helps in the occassional FLyer slugfest ugly game.

    rupp is bigger and better and can skate pretty good for a big guy.

    this ranger team now has enough talent and young guys with upside near ready that avery and bickell and bell are side items…

    this team has eric christensen a skilled woosie as there 13th forward with a stud Kreider 1 year away from the NHL and many serviceable potential young guys gfighting in Hartford to make it to NY.

    this team is better set up to compete for years at a fairly high level as long as the King stays healthy.

  121. On Christensen, Tortorella said: “Erik is a guy who can play PP, help on shootouts…maybe bump him up into top six forward if he can be consistent”

    Screw you, you goddamn retard.

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    Has Avery tweeted at all since his dismissal? His twitter is private all of a sudden

  123. Torts on Avery: “We think we have a better team, and think we have better players than Sean Avery…our depth put Sean in this spot” “I don’t want to shovel dirt on the guy,” Tortorella said of Avery, “but I guess I just did.”

    Christensen is better depth? we just lost a lot of depth by losing Weise and Avery. Christensen is a liability who is only good at shootouts and only a bad coach would worrry too much about shootouts especially with a goalie like Lundqvist.

  124. agree Bob. that statement makes Torts look really clueless if he thinks Peewee is a top 6 forward, the Rangers are not playing to their capacity.

  125. Amazing, NYR. Dupuis has better success with them. Haha! Salty Dupuis!

    Chris, so, you’re agreeing that it wasn’t *just* Avery who “changed the team”? If that’s the case, then we’re finally on the same page.

    So, it shouldn’t be called “the Avery record”. Like I said, it’s just a coincidence.

    And yeah, in 07-08, Avery was more of a 3rd line/borderline 2nd line player. Still not as important as Dubi.

    Speaking of Dupuis. What was our record with Dupuis in the lineup? Only six games.

  126. Avery is probably heartbroken. Or crestfallen. But in life, you reap just what you sow. Good luck Sean. Wherever you are.

    Hey, now he can focus on his crusade for gay rights.

  127. bull dog line on

    boy Bob, you sure are taking this personal. if Avery didn’t go now, he was going next season anyway. why take the chance of him being a distraction all season. Prust can play his role, and is a better player. Rupp can handle the tough stuff, and is a better player. will there be a game or 2 during the season where they miss Avery? maybe. reality is his services were no longer needed.

  128. No bob, the 12 other forwards that are above Avery on the depth chart are better depth.

  129. The Rangers need a defenseman. Avery isn’t worth nearly the $2 million paycheck. With Staal’s season up in the air the Rangers need depth back there. McCabe could be coming back. Not the best choice, but serviceable.

  130. Hard to believe there is this much debate over 2 guys who were/are hardly ever going to see the ice no matter what happened.

  131. Noah, Associate Alternative Assistant Captain on

    Isn’t it sort of amazing how some guys just kick around the Atlantic Division for a majority of their careers? Familiarity helps, I suppose.

  132. Avery was cut because of his off the ice crap, and I fully understand that. and i agree with their decision. but let’s not have the coach get ridiculous about EC. he is NOT a top six forward, and no amount of bs from Torts will change that.

  133. Erik Christensen did have the same amount of playoff goals as Marian Gaborik, and he did have more playoff goals than Stepan, Boyle, etc. He isn’t solely a shootout guy, he has skill. However, he shouldn’t be on the roster.

  134. orr. upset because avery got waived… the guy who I like is a spare part.

    kreider is not ready today but he is a upside big forwad… the rangers have about 2 of them…

    christensen and avery are spare parts.

    yes the under 30, get drunk,MMA, love fighting crowd loves avery but the guy is not a good hockey player. yes he is helpful against the flyers and a few other overheated games, but his production is almost nill and financially it is a better move for now.

    christensen can be gone in a month. again the key guys are; cally, dubi, anisimov, richards, staal, mcdonaugh, gabby, etc. this is just noise.

  135. CTB- probably…was hoping for LTE capability. But sill might get it if that Siri system is what they describe it is..

  136. Torts on Avery: “We think we have a better team, and think we have better players than Sean Avery…our depth put Sean in this spot”
    57 minutes ago via TweetDeckReplyRetweetFavorite

    “I don’t want to shovel dirt on the guy,” Tortorella said of Avery, “but I guess I just did.”
    about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®ReplyRetweetFavorite
    Dan Rosen

    Torts loved Avery…obviously. Don’t remember Torts talking crap about anyone else who left the team…but he found time to talk crap about Avery. Classy coach, eh?

  137. This all seems for naught anyway. Looking to the very near future(and our youth) we won’t have room on this team for either one of these guys. Which to me sure seems to be a good thing. I’m sure we can all agree that neither Avery nor EC would crack the line-up of any of the upper echelon teams in the league. Which is our ultimate goal. Why not see this for what it is, another step in the right direction…… step bumping EC.

  138. ilb,

    Kinda disappointed with the upgrades. I was expecting them to knock it out of the park given they went a little longer with their development time from when the previous model came out. My wife needs a new phone anyway so I’ll probably get the new one and give her my old iphone 4, but if that wasn’t the case I’d probably not upgrade.

  139. torts can be a bully and lack class. to bad he should not talk bad about Avery who gave his all and cares. I like that about Avery but his skills were limited.

    hopefully avery has been smart with his money because his career is near the end. He seems to be quite smart and I think he will be fine…

  140. CCCP,

    I’d like to hear what the questions were to Torts about Avery that prompted that response. I’m sure there were far more questions about him getting waived than any player that’s left the Rangers under his tenure.

  141. Man, Torts really hates Avery. I really am upset that we won’t see their relationship on 24/7

  142. CTB- my guess is that they waited for carriers to roll out 4G/LTE networks faster than they did….They prepared the microprocessor to be faster, more memory etc. But since it didn’t happen, they came up with intermediate model thinking that the price for 4G/LTE phone would be too high without the networks being ready. Next year.

  143. If you read between the lines, I think Tortorella is saying Christensen has the skills to be a top-6 forward … if he’d ever learn to apply them. He won’t.

    LOL, shovel dirt on Avery. That’s got to break a few hearts around here.

  144. The biggest problem with the arguments against Avery is that the guys being picked ahead of Avery are of dubious quality at best. Mike Rupp is nothing more than Sandy McCarthy. Fedotenko is a borderline AHLer. Christiansen is an outright minor leaguer. I’m not even going to address a few of the colossally overrated Tortorella favorites who haven’t done a damn thing to deserve the ice time they get.

    This whole thing has everything to do with a grudge between Tortorella and Avery, the origin of which is Avery’s refusal to be a company man. Tortorella’s favorites are the guys who’ll defer to him to the bitter end. Avery clearly isn’t that kind of person. I’ll bet any amount of money you like that Tortorella has been trying to run Avery off the team since Sather brought him back, and the prolonged freezing out that took place was his method of proving to management that Avery was expendable. This cap b.s. is nothing more than a smokescreen.

  145. If anything, you must be heartbroken too, Carp. More than 200 posts midday in the offseason. After he is gone, it’s all girls basketball.

  146. Noah, Associate Alternative Assistant Captain on

    Fedotenko a borderline AHL’er?! Holy lord, what is going on here?

    Fedotenko, who by the way costs very little, put up 25 points on non-scoring lines and played a great two way game all year last year. He was also probably one of, if not the, best forward in the Capitals series.

    If he was a borderline AHL’er, I doubt he would’ve been brought back again this season. Now Christensen on the other hand? HE can fall in that class.

  147. Probably 75% of NHL forwards have the skills to be a top-6 forward. As we’ve seen with the Pavel Brendls of the world, skills don’t always cut it in a game setting. Erik Christiansen wouldn’t even be in the NHL if another team owned his rights.

  148. Borderline AHLer with almost 750 NHL games. One of the better playoff performers with 2 (two) Stanley Cups. Oh, boy, I’m glad we are not involved in hockey talent evaluation.

  149. Doodie Machetto on

    “Don’t remember Torts talking crap about anyone else who left the team…but he found time to talk crap about Avery. Classy coach, eh?”

    I remember him making a similar remark about any player that was moved/removed.

  150. bull dog line on

    this is the funniest day I have ever seen here. Christensen, Rupp, and Fedotenko all stink. soon we will work our way up to Gabby, Richards, Cally, and Dubi.
    you all got your wish, Avery will be a first line LW. it will be in Connecticut,, but he will be a first line LW. unless Gernander holds him back too.

  151. orr in regular season form. i made a huge faux paus and send john erskine had a good shot maybe 2 years ago…

    so have the scarlett letter for life from Orr a real know it all but know nothing dope…

    how many goals has avery gotten in the last 5 years? not too many. yep if he played top 6 minutes I am sure it would be ??? 6 or 7 goals max…

    and for those who think Torts got rid of Avery just because he does not like him… good try on that 1. Torts should and would be fired on the spot if that was the case. Fans care about winning only. and when teams win owners make more money so the ranger brain trust(laugh) would never ever go for parochial grudge bs.

    the rangers are a multi million dollar organization not the local sports bar……….

  152. the rangers are a multi million dollar organization not the local sports bar……….



  153. the good news is the 2nd line is dubi, cally, and anismov.. they are a very well rounded 2 way line.

  154. Carp put it best. What Torts is trying to say is that EC HAS the skills to be a top-6 player. This does not mean he WILL be a top 6 player.

    If you can’t see the talent EC possesses, then you don’t know hockey…or you can’t see it because he shows it once every 41st game.

    Seriously though, he has skills, he is just extremely passive and insecure about his game. Hopefully he will be gone soon, but his skills alone are 10x that of Avery’s.

  155. If Avery’s got a brain, he should run to Europe. There’s no logic behind being buried in the Ranger organization. The sooner he can get away from the same people who paid a billion dollars for Wade Redden only to stick him in the minors, the better he’ll be for it.

  156. So Torts is/was consumed by a grudge against Avery and has enough power to influence the GM to do exactly what he wants, but it’s taken him the better part of three years to get rid of Avery?

    I really don’t want to be coming across as especially being one side or another on this, but the pro-Avery camp leads by a lanslide in asinine arguments so far.

  157. For the record, Torts isn’t the biggest fan of Dubi. He’s ripped him on numerous occasions. But he puts that aside because Dubi is a skilled player who wants to get better and is an important part of the team. So whether or not they had a great relationship or not has much less to do with this decision than what Avery actually brings (or doesn’t bring) to the team.

  158. Avery’s probably done playing hockey. He’s all about his restaurant, his fashion and his politics.

  159. Update above with links to Tortorella quotes.

    Yeah, girls basketball, right after the World Series and the opening of the NHL season, and maybe a bunch of Jets and Giants games, etc., ilb. But people have worse jobs than covering local sports, right?

  160. Hey LW3H, how long did it take Tortorella to pretty much erase Avery’s ice time? I’ll give you a hint, think 2009.

  161. Stewie, what don’t I know? Please tell me. Haha!

    “the good news is the 2nd line is dubi, cally, and anismov”

    Duh! No shyte sherlock!

    “how many goals has avery gotten in the last 5 years? not too many”

    Duh! No shyte sherlock!

  162. How do we even know who Torts likes or dislikes? He ripped a lot of players on numerous occasions. Doesn’t mean he likes or dislikes them. He nearly took VL apart in Tampa. Look where VL is now. And don’t think for a second that Torts wasn’t one of the reasons that VL, St. Louis and others came out swinging and took Carolina apart in April. VL came back while he was injured during the first period.

  163. So a player that has been dumped by now 4 NHL teams, been suspended by 2 of them (Dallas and LA) and is on the downside of an ordinarily productive NHL career all falls on the coach?

    That’s some pretty hefty evidence to suggest that maybe some of the responsibility lies with the player.

  164. Geez, CT, if I hadn’t dubbed Orr the Voice of Reason, I might call you that. Sometimes I wish I could write things as clearly as you do.

  165. where’s the proof that Mike Rupp is any more of a force than Sandy McCarthy? he’s a serviceable 3rd-4th line winger, no more, no less. he’s also a very overpaid serviceable 3rd-4th line winger. and I will bet however much money you’d like that he will rapidly fall out of favor in Tortorella’s “system.”

  166. Great points, ilb. Torts is the primary reason why those guys are the players they are today and they’ll tell you that…

  167. I’m sure CTB would be good with writing about girls basketball too :-)

    I’m predicting more than 400 posts today. Who’s buying Avery a drink, Carp?

  168. By the way, I don’t think Torts likes or dislikes, or makes decisions based on likes or dislikes. But in a league where every forward line on every team sits together on the bench after a shift, for a whole boatload of reasons, there is one player in the whole league who refuses to sit with his linemates after (before) a shift. He has to separate himself and sit on the end of the bench.

    So how is a coach who is preaching all-for-one, and identity, supposed to take that?

  169. This really is all for nothing though since Avery is going be Rangers property unless he abruptly retires. No-one is going to claim him and the Rangers would probably rather have him in the pressbox then being a possible negative influence in HFD.

  170. fotiumccarthy on

    the shootout and the pp. so, as long as no one is touching poor widdle peeweee, torts can shill that he has skill. but, put a dman out there who actually will bodycheck him, and poor widdle peewee becomes a shrinking violet pansie who personifies the term “perimeter player”

    long story short, he stinks.

  171. Sandy McCarthy couldn’t play at all, and in the end he didn’t even want to fight. Rupp can play, and is a lot closer to a Prust type than a McCarthy type.

  172. Avery’s TOI has declined fairly modestly since 2009, far from being “practically erased”. As others have already pointed out, it’s not like that has been taking place in a vacuum.

    I’m far from arguing that Torts has necessarily given Avery fair treatment at all times over that period, but for all the pro-Avery camp to keep harking back to 2009 (or earlier) as some kind of proof that he is still as effective a player now just doesn’t make sense.

  173. Good luck, Carp. For all the Yankees fans on this blog, I hope you’re not working on their obituary by tomorrow…

  174. … but before I go, I just want to say, the next story I’m really looking forward to reading will be when Larry Brooks calls Avery in a couple of days, and Avery rips Tortorella. That should be fun.

  175. orr, as beligereant and as stupid as ever. some things never change.

    you must be a real piece of work.. tell your mommy to insulate the basement for the winter ..

    last directcomment ever to the dope known as orr and other moronic names……..

  176. Just to remind everyone. When Avery left for Dallas he said he left to play for a better team. So I think Carp might be right about him saying a word or two when he mentions Torts.

  177. bull dog line on

    Avery never left to play for another team. he is a loyal, bleeds blue Ranger. man you talk like Avery left the Rangers for more money, and then had to come begging back to the only team that would take him.

  178. dale weise – What exactly did Avery do off of the ice to make him get cut at this point? That’s quite a ridiculous statement. Wasn’t his issue in LA mostly fabricated by the police?

    Doodie – Did the NY Post steal your title (“Sean Waivery”) or did you steal theirs? Or was it coincidental? Also, Avery was assigned by the Stars to the Wolf Pack while Renney was still coach (I thought he was claimed under Renney, but I looked it up, I was wrong about that one). So Torts wasn’t involved in the decision to bring Avery back to the organization and probably did not have much say in bringing him back to the Rangers since he had only been coach for just over a week when that happened.

  179. Carp – The Yankees are going down tonight. Girardi won’t be able to pull AJ fast enough (though I heard lefties have a pretty good record against Porcello this season).

    bull dog line – Isn’t that exactly what happened? Did you leave of the sarcasm tag?

  180. While I do agree with what CTBlueshirt said about some responsibility falling on the player, I do think Avery got somewhat of a raw deal, especially with the suspension from the Stars for something that for which no other player would have been suspended (at least, at the time). Granted, many of the players on that team did not like him, so they were looking for a reason to dump him. With the Rangers, however, he mostly played well when given a chance, besides running his mouth a little too much to the refs, which combined with the suspension, put him in a hole that he couldn’t dig out of.

  181. Wow, they’re gonna talk about Sean Avery’s “release” coming up next on PTI, although he hasn’t technically been released. A buyout would not happen, right?

  182. bull dog line on

    I don’t see how a team that saved a players career by taking him on when no one else would, could give said player a raw deal. the Rangers owed Avery nothing. he is the one that owed the Rangers. Avery just rode out the last few years of his contract. maybe if he had played a little smarter, and a little better, today would not be happening.

  183. Avery fake tweets so phooey! he tweeted ads literally 1 min before a game last week, tweets nothing real as it is obviously an agency tweeting on his behalf. phooey on phakers!!!

  184. Carp:
    If it’s EC getting “Prucha’d”, I think we now must say, he got “Pee-Wee’d”

  185. bull dog line on

    sorry spider, I miss read what you wrote about Avery getting a raw deal. you said Dallas, I thought you said the Rangers.

  186. I am surprised only Carp brought the fact that Avery always sits at the end of the bench.
    It’s very telling. Everybody slides down with the line, but not him. I don’t think anybody on the team likes him much.
    Good riddance.

  187. Carp, that whole sitting at the end of the bench along thing, i never understood that. where did that start and why? and how did the players take that? i certainly wouldnt like that. and i sure hope you get to cover the “other” rangers ;). im a nervous wreck tonight.

  188. This is a terrible move getting rid of Avery. He is a fan favorite. Plays hard every shift, is entertaining, a very solid player who had an off year. He is one of the only players on our team that can play with the puck in the corners and control play to pass the puck to someone open. He sticks up for all his teammates. Always gets players on the other team off their game. This ruined my day. Just when i was thinking I finally like a rangers team going into the season they have to screw me again.

  189. Lev

    now that Tortorella has come out and basically excommunicated him, i’m sure we will discover what his teammates really felt about him. I mean we all know Dubinsky didn’t like him but Richards and him were pretty close.

  190. To be fair to Sandy McCarthy, he did score 10+ goals two seasons in a row here. For a 4th liner, that’s more production in one season than Colton Orr added in his whole career here haha.

  191. Carp
    …or hoping that there’s video of the press conference
    when Torts and Brooks go at in regards to Avery’s departure.

  192. cup94 – Yes, that is a very good point, and a reason why Avery doesn’t fit with this team. Under a different regime, he can still be a good NHL player, but I can’t fault this version of the Rangers for dropping him (but I still voted for “bad move” in the poll, haha).

  193. I love how people are bringing up Avery being a “fan favorite” as a reason to keep him. Paul Mara was a “fan favorite”, what’s he doing these days? Exactly…

  194. bull dog line on

    it was more than 1 “off year”. it has been 2 and a half off years.
    Avery is like Squidward Tentacles of Sponge Bob fame.
    Sean Avery is always there for his teammates when its convenient for him.

  195. changing the subject

    Jesper Fasth had 1 goal and 4 assists last night giving him 4 goals and 5 assists in 7 games so far this season. He is now one goal off the league lead

  196. your really comparing Mara to Avery? The whole garden chants Averys name almost every game after a big check, irritating the other team, fighting, etc. Mara was not a fan favorite. Hollweg and Ortmeyer are better comparables but at least Avery has skills that were never utilized correctly by Torts.

  197. Warren most of those positive attributes are true … except the “solid player” thing. He’s not that anymore. He is a defensive liability, and his offense has disappeared. And it says something about the Rangers that they now have 12 forwards they think are better than Avery.

    Almost every fan favorite has been booted out the door at some point: Gilbert, Giacomin, Hadfield, Park … Messier, Graves, Leetch … Jagr, … you get the point. Fan favoritism isn’t part of the equation.

  198. Jesper is awesome oleo. did you see him in last years world juniors? and he’s only like 19 playing in the SEL this year.

  199. avery is a fan favorite. who cares. he is not a productive player. fans like wins..

    avery left the rangers for more money. no big suprise and most of us would have done the same. he obviously liked his time in NY but a few more million is real money.

    he is just not that good of a player. same thing will happen to matt cooke as soon as his effectiveness is less then it is now.

    all this about the 13th or so forward. jeez.. let’s go over this again and again…

  200. shouldve dumped ec. i know i’lbe happy when he goes in the shootout, but still. i wanted to see him on 24/7. wtf is ec gonna do for us besides a few sh goals. i guess we got more cap room to get a d man so it had to be. too bad. i liked aves. next year he was gone anyway. peewee hermansen better get a bunch of SO winners. he might begone before the year is up anyway. i could see weise getting called up fulltime. or grachev.

  201. Mundo... Give me MSG HD on Verizon FiOS!!!! God Damn It!!! on

    Well… hats off to a guy that came to New York and stole the show for quite a while, even though his skill set was somewhat “different”. He defended his teammates when no one else would, put his body on the line game after game (lacerated spleen? anyone?) Was a fan favorite even though he stood up for the “Dancing Larrys” if you know what I mean. As you guys go back and forth on blah blah blah, just remember, there were definitely a ton of good times and I’m sure you were also at the Garden cheering Avery! Avery! Avery! at one point or another.

  202. I really liked Avery and wanted Tort to let him play a ton of minutes. That was not to happen. Avery takes dumb penalties and the coach then lessens his ice time.

  203. that video is for the camera. it was well documented when he went to Dallas that Dubinsky and Valiquette were not fans of his at all…

  204. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Wow, carp making preseason money with Avery posts.

    I thought I was the voice of reason?

    Torts really didn’t help himself with one side of this debate with his comments though.

    I wonder what d man we will get with the cap space we now enjoy?

  205. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Saw that yesterday, almost commented on it for you…maybe that is where the Avery money is going lol!!!

  206. On another topic entirely…

    I just read a comment from an Isles fan that Village People Gillies “may be the best deterrer of moronic behavior there is in the NHL”.

    Either I’m missing something entirely or the guy’s iPhone somehow auto-corrected “is” to “may” and “example” to “deterrer”.

  207. Regarding the waiving of Avery, while this year’s Rangers team will most likely contend for a high playoff spot–I have been following them since 1964 and the talent and depth of this team is remarkable–they are nevertheless pure vanilla. Corporate-like, similar to the Yankees. The defanging of Avery by Torts has resulted in the loss of the one guy that really added some color and pizazz to the the team. I fear that there will be times this season where the “old” Avery would have added some needed spark.

  208. carp while i agree at some point you have to move on with some fan favorites. I think avery still had a lot left and is an agitator with skills that couldn’t hurt to keep on the roster. someone is going to get hurt this year, probably two people will for a long period of time. Avery would be the perfect guy to dress verse the flyers, devils, islanders, etc. You say his skills are not there anymore but the 5 minutes he played per game last year, he was very noticeable. The three games Torts gave him with gaborik, he played well. I agree he had a few big defensive slip ups but what great player doesnt.

    Christensen is terrible, but I watched every single game last year and is Fedotenko or Wolski any better than Avery. Yes, Fedotenko is better defensively but i dont ever see him hustle or hit a player, or stand up for a teammate. Dont get me started on how soft Wolski is who obviously has skills but disappears for 15 game stretches. This was a bad move and i hope another team gives him a chance. you know if the flyers had any money left, he would be a flyer by now.

  209. “…the 5 minutes he played per game last year…”

    11:14 per game, people. 11:14…

    Agree on that Eurotenko, or whatever his name is, though. No hustle.

  210. ok warren, settle down. suddenly avery is friggin gordie howe.

    my rebuttal:
    Avery disappears for 15 games too

    Fedotenko is a much better player, at half the price also

    Wolski has very high level skill, and at his age, they aren’t ready to give up on him yet

    Christensen is being kept as the 13th player, not 12th. He can accept that role much easier than Avery would. 40 or more scratches a season, no way Avery would put up with that. Odds are that Borque, Hagelin or even Mitchell or Newberry play more games with the Rangers than EC.

    The Flyers just cleansed their locker room. No way in hell they’d take Avery even if it only cost them a dollar.

    If Avery is even half as good as you make him sound, surely one of 29 other teams would pick him up right? At 1/4 salary to boot. Lets see what happens.

  211. billybleedsblue on

    I missed the whole day here, and just read/skimmed through all 300+ comments only to find myself incredibly entertained and amused by the whole thing.

    “now I have to go cover girls basketball over at Comerica Park.”
    Carp — LOL.

    There were plenty of other lol’s but that got the best one outta me.

    I for one will miss Avery, but whattaya gonna do? He’s NOT the same player, and there’s just no room for him. Carp, don’t worry about the chatter level going down because of this, there will be plenty to bs about. I for one plan on talking about Avery even though he won’t be back, even if it’s just me asking bull dog line if he’s happy now.

    So bull dog, are you happy now?

    I already miss Avery. He was entertaining and provocative. Oh well, that’s life!

  212. For those that still think Avery getting dumped was all due to Torts’ grudge:

    As part of the arbitration proceeding, both sides must submit briefs in support of their respective positions.  Avery’s camp will be submitting a brief which seeks an arbitration award of $2.6m for the season.    According to Brooks, the Rangers are seeking an arbitration award of $1.3m.  The Rangers’ brief reportedly labels Avery as “a reasonably effective player as well as a *detriment* to the team,” (Emphasis added).  Avery is quoted as saying, “It’s hard not to take something like that personally and not to be emotional about it…I know this is part of the business, I know this is part of the process, but it’s extremely disappointing to read something like that coming from Slats [GM Glen Sather] and not to be offended by it.”   

    That was from after Avery’s arb hearing in 2007. Maybe the organization as a whole wasn’t always pleased with his play.

  213. Torts’s comments sure didn’t make it seem LESS personal. You could almost see his delight. “Oh, sorry, did I just shovel more dirt on Sean? Oops! But, in case you didn’t hear me the first ten times, we have better players than Sean Avery.”

    Yeah, EC isn’t one of them, even if I’m okay with a Avery-less team.

  214. Bye Avery…what a cancer. Anyone who thinks he should stay should go root for the Islanders.

  215. This Avery thing is a disgrace

    forget the past.

    RIGHT from the get go this season, Avery was never given a chance. In the first preseason game, he was skating with players that have never played in the NHL. It was clear Totalretard had already made his decision.

    a PERSONAL decision.

    why the blind love for Totalretard? what has HE done here in NYC? Talked alot of s$%t, thats about it.

  216. How many games was Avery scratched from in his return to NY, 5 or 6 out of about 170? He was given plenty of chances.

  217. Avery is a pain in the butt that at some point isn’t worth having, I’ll miss the hustle an the unpreditability, he worked hard on the ice and stood up better than 97.3% of NYR did for their teammates. Having said that he isn’t good enough, terrible defense, off ice nonsense always getting the short end of the stick with the refs, who needs it anymore. Sean thanks for the entertainment and the hustle good luck, good bye.
    Problem for our squad is we have 6 other forwards that aren’t good enough either, that better hustle every chance, and start sticking up for each other or it’s one and done or a miss all together. Thanks Sather for more mediocrity

  218. Wait, which people are the ones with blind love for someone who talks “a lot of s$%t, that’s about it”? I’ve lost track.

  219. I know what happened yesterday when I took out a shirt in the dark it was my Ranger’s Stanley cup t-shirt and wore it to work won’t be doing that again,

  220. billybleedsblue on

    NYR_FAN, I am tickled pink that today has been so entertaining, but at what cost? We’ve lost our Seany baby. We must find the strength to carry on.

    lol so many of you are in top form today, every day should be WAvery day!

  221. David Steckel to Toronto for 4th rounder….Toronto, apparently, is still looking for a top 6th forward. Well, who doesn’t?

  222. I accepted the 1st time Avery left. I was ambivelent when he was picked up last time. Glad he’s leaving now. Carps right Christensen is next yay!

  223. Last night bob said that Torts and Sullivan are not talking to each other and that’s why Sullivan was at the other end of the bench during the entire game vs Zug. It all makes sense now…Sullivan likes Avery and Torts doesn’t…once Sullivan found out that Avery is about to be cut by Torts, Sullivan got upset and decided not to talk to Torts at all….I am 99% sure this is a true story.

  224. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I just want to thank Sean for his time and contribution here. He is the Vic Hadfield of this Ranger generation, while not a Hall of Famer, someone who will be remembered for his leadership, controversy, and for his contribution 30 years after he hangs up the skates, when more talented players will be just a footnote.

  225. That’s right, CCCP. I forgot about the crackpot bench theory. Maybe Boyle’s stash of secret booze was at Sullivan’s end of the bench too.

  226. billybleedsblue on

    Amen, Boom Boom. I really like the guy. Thanks for seeing his worth and putting it into an intelligent form. I’m kind of at a loss of words, what, with all the laughing from so many of the comments today. I’m 99% sure I’m going to pass out from laughter.

  227. Hadfield had the franchise single season goal record for a while, that’s a bit more than Avery ever did.

  228. fotiumccarthy on

    how dare Sully stand on the end of the bench away from his coaching mate? u know, like they accused Avery of doing. I guess Sully should be put on coaching waivers too. Maybe they have an asst coach Christensen waiting in the wings to take over coaching during the shootouts only of course. Christensen puts the ass in Assistant.

  229. bull dog line on

    so now Sean Avery is being said in the same breath as Vic Hadfield? I think this is a winner, no need for anymore Avery comments.

  230. billybleedsblue on

    bull dog, speaking of Avery, do you think anyone will bother picking him up? Imagine he winds up on the… Isles? hahaha, that would be a strange sort of nightmare for us, wouldn’t it? Let’s just hope he doesn’t get the chance for some sort of payback.

  231. billy, happy to oblige.

    firetorts, you can’t be so blinded by your avery-love to think Tortorella hasn’t done anything here. can you? This guy is not just a good coach, he’s a great coach, and he’s responsible for this whole thing that’s about to turn around, and for a team that’s good to watch and easy to root for. Nobody works as hard, or is as focused, as an NHL coach. And I can’t remember the last Rangers coach who was better, really.

  232. this is a money move as well. 1.9 mil or 875k. if the situation was reversed then ec would be gone. cant keep a guy at 1.9 as your 13th forward.

    i for one still arent sold on zuccarello

  233. bull dog line on

    I think Avery’s NHL career is over. the only team willing to put up with act was the Rangers, and today they said they aren’t willing anymore.

  234. billybleedsblue on

    bull dog, you’re probably right, but please let me have my insane nightmare scenario no matter how improbable it may be.

    In all seriousness, this is bittersweet in a way. I like the guy, but I feel like this means this team has finally grown up. It’s time to move on. Captain Callahan, come and get the Stanley Cup!

    ok, I gotta run out to the store, but I will be back, and I fully expect to read some more gems here. Try not to burn the place down while I’m gone!

  235. Torts is a classless Massengill He talks about Jam let him get it out from EC`s arse now. Disgracefull Say what you want about Avery being difficult Torts is right in line for a labodamy or an enema because he`s full of crap. The Rangers lost out on someone with spirt today due to a coach who is a mummy maker

  236. Czechthemout!!! on

    It’s amazing to read the nonsense tonight about Avery. This is a guy who busted his butt almost every game that he played here. He protected his teammates even that gutless puke EC who threw him under the bus to the press. The guy played with a ruptured spleen in the penguins series a few years ago. He was very instrumental in the team not only making the playoffs but getting to the second round. And of course the following season as well. This guy bleeds Rangers Blue. And yet the gratitude that he should be getting from some of you is instead expressed as scorn and I don’t know why?

    Yes it is true that his play declined last year. Part of that is that torts cut his ice time dramatically. Part of that was his inability to take advantage of the small amount of chances that torts did give him. Whatever the reason,he is now gone. And hopefully it’s for the best. I am thankful for what he brought here and for the entertainment he provided me as a Rangers fan.

  237. Carp,

    arent you supposed to be unbiased??

    anyay, im entitled to my opinion and i know avery isnt going to change this team one way or another. i jsut dont understand how totalretard is a great (??) coach.

    this thing is “about” to turn around. let me know when it does. until then nothing has changed.

    why is he a great coach? tell me. what whole thing is he responsible for? he didnt draft any of the core players, have callahan and dubinsky become superstars playing for him? hows the powerplay?

    how is this team good to watch? its actually painful to watch. they are frustrating as hell and cant score at even strength or on the powerplay. i know its only preseason, but they look pretty much the same so far…..

  238. Czech

    I for one, have gratitude for Avery’s past contribution and I wouldn’t have been upset at all had he made the team. But a high proportion of the pro-Avery arguments on here have been laughably over-estimating his worth, referring solely to his play four years ago and/or based on half-truths and myths (the “dramatic” reduction in ice time being the favourite).

    Much of the negative reaction is to that rather than a great deal of enmity towards Avery himself.

  239. Ultimately, Torts didn’t like Avery and the attention he receives over other players. That’s the bottom line. Avery brought speed, and an offensive upside that was never utilized under Tortorella. I don’t know what everyone means by Avery reaping what he sowed. What was it that he did this last go round with the Rangers? We will remember Sean Avery for a very long time. We will forget Eric Christiansen the minute it’s his turn to get waived which should’ve been at 12pm today.

  240. Czechthemout!!! on

    Now for some responses.

    Carp- sorry. I respect you, your blog and all the years you have written about and covered this sport. But please Mike Rupp is nothing more than a goon with declining fighting skills who is overpaid for what he will bring. Agree with you totally on EC. He is garbage!

    Orr- the minute you compared shitbister to Avery you lose all credibility.

    As for Torts, as a strong supporter of his, I am troubled by his conitued fascination with such head case like EC. This guy has no heart! He is a poor influence on this team with his lack of a work ethic and lack of heart. Quite simply, he puts up fourth line stats with first or second line minutes and Torts’ blindness to this fact is troubling.

    And his comments towards Avery about dumping dirt on a guy is just classless and uncalled for. Than again why should I expect any different from a guy who threw water at fans rightly or wrongly.

  241. bull dog line on

    I just want to say I’M sorry. awhile back I got on your case about giving an opinion about Avery ( you were wishy washy). today shows me why you did not want to. the anger coming from the Avery fans has been directed at you, and Christensen. so for now on you do not have to give your honest opinion, because obviously a lot of people can’t handle it.

  242. no thats not why. because he got rid of a guy he didnt LIKE, thats lame

    and he comes off like an arrogant prick ALL the time. for no apparent reason.

    and because i think dubinsky and callahan should be putting up better numbers than they are. i dont know if its because of him, but it could very well be.

    and because your star players like callahan shouldnt be blocking bombs from chara down the playoff stretch.

    and because the powerplay sucked in game 1 last season and it still sucked in the last game of the season.




    i get it, you have to love him bc you write for the rangers and loving him makes it easier, thats fine.

  243. bull dog line on

    what offensive upside? what upside? he is 31! when was he going to reach his upside? its things like this that bring Avery ridicule. offensive upside. please.

  244. bull dog line on

    another great one. Cally should not be blocking a shot in a game that if they don’t win they may not make the playoffs. now were rocking.

  245. Czech, that’s OK. I disagree about Rupp. I think he’s going to be a very good player for this team. And I think the fighting part is secondary, as it has become with Prust.

    Thanks, bull dog. Don’t remember being wishy-washy about Avery. I thought once upon a time he was a factor, and I thought maybe he could become that again even as his game was deteriorating … and I thought last year that his best games were early on when he played with Boyle and Prust. I wasn’t sure if I should “throw dirt” on him at that point.

    But I doubt that I didn’t give an opinion just because I was afraid of the backlash.

    And I thought, up until today, that Avery would still be a useful 13th player if he could accept that. On the other hand, I am quite certain that he will not get another NHL job, which means the Rangers aren’t wrong about him.

  246. So, I disagree with your first four reasons, firetorts, and then you ran out of reasons. Call me unconvinced at this point.

  247. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bull dog- I think you are failing to see why some people liked Avery. It wasn’t just the stats he put up. ( 3rd line numbers). It was the passion and personality he brought to the team that had none. Right from the top( sather) down to the guy they had behind the bench who couldn’t coach a minor league team. He hustled and was appreciated for it by most of the fans as evidenced by the reaction he received when he stepped on the ice.

  248. I still don’t get the fixation with just EC. So he’s better than EC and should be the 13th forward instead of the 14th. What about the other 12 guys that are the reason why Avery is deemed surplus to the Rangers requirements?

  249. fire torts, I am not in love with his personality either. But I don’t write for the Rangers, I write about the Rangers, and I couldn’t care less if Torts likes me or not (he does).

    Callahan and Dubinsky didn’t put up bigger numbers mostly because they became the line other teams checked. That shouldn’t be the case this year if Richards does what he’s paid to do, and Gaborik, too.

    The PP sucked, and has for years, because there is no legit NHL point man on the roster until Richards. And because the No.1 skill guy on the team had a dreadful year last year. I actually thought Tortorella did well to invent some drawn-up plays with Staal moving to the slot on the PP.

    But of course, you think he’s a terrible coach, so you can blame him for everything.

  250. so LW you dont think he got rid of avery because he didnt like him?

    and you dont think dubinsky and callahan should be putting up better numbers?

    and you think callahan should be blocking shots?

    and you like the powerplay?

  251. If Avery was one of the top 12 forwards, he’d still be here. I don’t believe for a second that Tortorella would get rid of a player just because he doesn’t like him.

  252. Czechthemout!!! on


    The problem with Rupp is that he is on the wrong side of 30 and players who play the way he does are just about done now. Maybe if we are fortunate, we will get a season out of him.

    I am more concerned about Staal. Because if he cannot play to his ability or at all, it will be a very long season with or without Richards. And based on what I saw in his last three games of the pre season, Mcilrath should have been kept around for his nine games until or unless they replace Staal or he comes back. It would have been a better use of that last spot on the team instead of that gutless scrub named EC.

  253. As much as an Avery fan as I am, I think Rupp brings more to the table. He’s not as good of a passer or agitator but he’s a better fighter, defensive player and teammate. Plus he’s proven he’s clutch.

    I would rather have Avery as the spare forward but there is a reasonable concern that Avery might cause problems if he’s out of the lineup all the time…

  254. “He (Weise) is a big right-handed shot who can play a physical game and has the ability to play in both ends,” Canucks assistant general manager Laurence Gilman told The Province. “Our pro scouts have watched this player a lot and we’ve tried to acquire him since last season.”

    nice way we manage assets.

  255. Czechthemout!!! on


    Are you talking about hustle this past year or his hustle in his prior seasons?

  256. Just want to thank you all for a highly entertaining day of reading. Honestly, these are some of the best and funniest posts of all time around here- the pro-Avery ones (some lovely delusional posts too), the anti-Avery ones, the ones in the middle and the ‘Torts should drawn and quartered for his ‘hatred’ of Seanybaby’ ones.

    My 2 cents for what they are worth: It was time for him to go. He’s an expensive, skill declining, penalty-taking liability that has more than worn out his welcome on this team. As for EC taking his place over Avery as the THIRTEENTH forward.. well, I would prefer EC’s skills over Avery’s ‘grit’, especially on a team that has more than enough ‘grit’ and not enough skill.

    And for the record, I’m neither an Avery lover or Avery hater. I’m indifferent towards him.

  257. agree with you on all of that, Czech. I think Rupp will surprise you.

    I have to get back to the A.J. Burnett drama here.

  258. bull dog line on

    who is that Weise guy they were talking about? the Rangers should try to get him, because the one the Rangers had was nothing like that.

  259. Carp
    What’s the odds Avery comes up during the season? Injuries, good behavior, tough game, one in ten?

  260. Czechthemout!!! on


    Yes they are. And both have seen their skills decline. Rupp scorec half of his goals last year against the Rangers I believe in two games.

  261. Firetorts

    Basically no – far from the main reason.

    Are they capable of more in future? Probably, though not much. Has major coaching failure stunted their offense? Nope.


    Most of the time, no. Again, is coaching holding it back from being a 25% PP? Nope.

  262. 13th forward and $4 million dollar cap hit just do not go together. avery needed to be 9th forward at the very least for that much moolah. all the rest of this talk is secondary.

  263. Hedberg, let’s see if he goes to Connecticut first. If he does, I’d say there’s a reasonable chance he gets a recall, depending on how he plays down there … but I don’t know if he’ll accept the demotion, or if he’ll try to play in Europe, or what?

    I think that for $4M I could go down there and play a season and work my aasen off and try to get a contract next year, either in the NHL or in Europe. But I have no idea what goes on in his mind once he clears waivers.

  264. Czechthemout!!! on


    What skills are you talking about does EC have? His heady play? His fantastic hockey sense? Or his elite passing skills.

    As I said before, he puts up fourth line stats with first line minutes.

  265. Half of Rupp’s goals (4 or 5 depending on whether we’re feeling charitable and rounding up) are still more than Avery’s 3 goals.

  266. Firetorts this team is not heavy on talent. Torts has this team leading the league in hitting and blocked shots. The New York Rangers for Christ sakes. Who else do you want? Give it up. Btw your annoying Carp and me

  267. Carp

    do you think the Rangers would want him in HFD. I feel like they’d want the prospects nowhere near a probably disgruntled Avery…

  268. EC averaged 12:45 a game last season…ranking him…dun dun dun…thirteenth among Rangers forwards. Amazing.

  269. Is my concept of time different to others? Avery’s 11:14 is apparently six minutes (or five for the really angry) and Christensen’s 12:45 is “first line minutes”.

  270. Christensen averaged 12 minutes and change last season, hardly first line minutes. And again, EC seems to be the only player that people can definitively say Avery deserves a spot over. Still moves him up to 13th from 14th on the depth chart.

  271. here’s the BIG QUESTION
    about the whole Avery waiver

    has anyone told Mama
    and is she alright
    or do the Rangers need to hire extra
    security as she unleashes brooksian
    vengeance on Torts?

  272. billybleedsblue on

    ok, I’m back from the store… again, every day should be like today. This place is amazing.

    Mickey, your center of the road approach is good there, and honestly, I agree. It’s time. He’s not the same Seany Baby we once knew. It’s time to grow up, Rangers.

    I’m 99% sure that drinking anything and reading this blog is a bad idea. I’m still cleaning the keyboard. There’s seltzer everywhere, my nose is burning, and my vision is kinda blurry!

  273. Thanks, Carp. :) How’s Detroit, btw?

    Czech, Have you seen EC’s wrister? Granted he rarely uses it, but Avery would kill to have a wrist shot like that. Avery has maybe 1/20th the skill that EC does. Does Erik use it consistently? Hell no, but I would rather him in the lineup and the off chance that he buries that wrister in a game than Avery running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

  274. somehow i bet my life we will go into the last week of the season again fighting for the last two spots in avery or no avery

  275. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’ll miss Avery. At least he was entertaining.

    FIRE SATHER. I won’t miss him at all…

  276. Czechthemout!!! on

    His ice time average was brought down dramatically later in the season so those numbers are misleading.

    EC played with either first or second line players most of the season and also got a fair amount of power play time. Avery played sparingly with forth line players and had little power play time.

    But I am not arguing that Avery should not have been cut. I am just saying that EC has no business being on this team. His shootout skills are redundant on this team. Therefore, he should be gone as well because he brings nothing else to the table. They should have kept Weise.

  277. LW, its the time difference that is messing with you. And that whole metric versus English conversion stuff ;)

  278. dismal, Mickey.

    jpg, Mama knows and she’s not well. not happy at all. In fact, the No. 1 argument for keeping Avery would have been to keep Mama happy.

  279. Olga Folkyerself on

    You know it must be impossible for a Spanish person to order seltzer and not get salsa. I wanted seltzer, not salsa!

  280. per

    Jeff Domet of HNIC Radio had Sean Avery‘s agent Pat Morris on the show and he said that Avery is handling being put on waivers well and that he will report to Hartford if he is assigned.

    He also said that he is trying to work out a trade for Avery but hasn’t been successful.

  281. Thanks, billy. And I have to repeat this: “It’s time to grow up, Rangers.” Spot on and so very true. The Avery crutch needed to go. This team doesn’t need the agitation and spirit he brought to the team the first time he arrived. They have plenty of that and then some, amongst the players they have now (Prust, Boyle, Dubi, Cally, etc..)

  282. So when Avery was productive he got ice time when he stopped being productive he got it reduced. He had 14 of his 21 assists (and 1 goal) by game 35 of the season. So in the other 41 games he had 2 goals and 7 assists. I see no problem with reducing his ice time in the 2nd half of the year.

  283. hmm, someone said earlier that “Eurotenko” was soft…5th on the team in hits with 150. people pickin’ on Rusty for no reason!

  284. Siiiiiiiiiggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!

    Carp, I like that argument. Thanks for asking jpg :)

    All, this day was AWFUL! I just finished work now! And had to carry this news all day. Be glad I wasn’t able to really post until now or I may have gone nutters.

    I’m not going to go all pro-con now and respond to all 3 jillion posts with an essay (besides, I’m too hartnelling tired). I’ll just say this. I am going to miss him. A lot. It is a sad day for me.

    Also, he’s the only jersey I have!!! But in his honor, I think I’ll take it to Sweden with me tomorrow anyway. He will be there in mama spirit!!

    Oh, sigh.

  285. Paul in sunrise on

    Unfortunate for Avery. Not the player he once was. There is no debating that. He has been a good new yorker. A people’s champ for sure and I respect his tolerance on social issues. But he us not a Ranger and had no chance on making this team. He has no value playing or in trade. EC is a spare that we should all hope that Slats can make “chicken salad” out of. A draft pick is sufficient. Rupp is not only an upgrade but provides a reliable fill in for a Boyle or Prust when they need maintenance days. Rupp is also a commodity in trade. Once one of the young minions in Hartford are ready. Maybe not this year but maybe next. He is valuable in trade at the right time. All of those things Avery was not. I liked Avery. Enjoyed his game and what he brought. But these are my 2011-12 Rangers and I am rooting for them.

  286. Lev, ha! Nope, this is my own idiocy, but I couldn’t resist Krisy’s Wegian call to arms :) I am so excited I can’t even tell you.
    Won’t be doing a lot of visiting/reading here, but I hope to pop in here and there. Will give a full report for the Report when I get back.

  287. billybleedsblue on

    Mama, I’m sorry about The Avery! :( Wear that #16 with pride and have an awesome trip!!! :D

  288. Paul, I am rooting for them too. I’m still sad though. I’m also dying to know what will happen with him now

  289. Thanks billy, and Lev. I will! 16 will be in the building!! And if anyone gives me carcillo, who’s willing to post my bail in kroners? :)

    OK all, I gotta run. Too much of a bummer to read this thread and I’ve gotta crash. Long day tomorrow….I’ll say ta then! For now, niters!

  290. Okay, here’s my theory on the Avery release…he’s good buddies with Brad Richards. Avery likes the NY nightlife. Avery would be a bad influence on his buddy Richards, obviously much to the dismay of their bosses and Richards sure isn’t the guy to go so its sayonara to the bad influence that is Sean Avery before he could begin to bog down the Blueshirts’ new free agent acquisition.

    The same thing happened crosstown with the Yankees. Melky Cabrera and Robinson Cano were buddies and party animals. Brian Cashman saw the negative effects that their partying had on Cano’s potential, so it was Cabrera who was dealt to the Braves and Cano is now realizing his potential as one of baseball’s top stars.

    Or maybe Avery is just washed up…

  291. Most decisions these days in the NHL are made for reasons of the cap, contracts and money, not competitive player vs player comparisons.

    for instance, Schenn was sent down to the AHL for one game so that his part B bonus could not be achieved, thus saving the Flyers cap room etc

    and of course the number of guys around the league who looked good in preseason but got cut anyway had more to do with vets on contracts that made the openings slim to none

    so it is no surprise that Avery was cut in a cap move to free up some room to acquire a dman

  292. I hate being on hold, only to be told that they can’t help out. Sigh.

    They should offer Avery a job as customer service rep with Cablevision. That would work out wonderfully I think.

  293. I think its amusing that the comparison being made here is Avery vis-a-vis Christensen. I don’t know what game everyone here is watching but they are not interchangeable.

    For all of Christensen’s faults, of which there are many – obviously or he wouldn’t be in the discussion of the 13th forward – he’s a totally different type of player. Skill vs grinder, plain and simple.

    The real reason Avery isn’t on this team is the throwaway from Jokinen/Kotalik/Higgins trade – Brandon Prust. He essentially stole Avery’s spot on the team.

    Points between Prust/Avery are roughly comparable. Prust fights bigger dudes but its not like Avery doesn’t drop them. The one big difference – Avery isn’t on the PK. Prust gets 1-2 minutes a night there and that’s perfect for the coach – a 3rd/4th liner eating up minutes on the PK.

    Take away Prust’s 2 minutes a night on the PK and 5 shorthanded goals – you have 11 minutes a night and 24 points……hmmm, just like Avery.

    I’ve always been surprised that Avery isn’t on the PK because I think he can skate, not necessarily play defense but he can skate and I think he’s a better pure skater than Prust. The defense piece is something he either should have been taught given his skating or he should have gone out of his way to learn.

    My two cents: if Avery could play the PK this would be a totally different discussion.

    Also, if I was PA Parenteau – I would messenger over a card immediately asking him what the best club in Hartford was and whether Redden saved him a spot at his table.

  294. Baseball question…

    What is that thing these players wear around their neck? It looks thick wire…don’t know how else to call it. Burnett had it on and I saw many other players have it on as well…wtf is that?

    WOW what a catch by Granderson (sp?)!!!

  295. I like Torts’ honesty about this situation “we have better players than Avery” Nuff said. Nit pick the situation to death if you want and go on about what Torts’ true motives are for making this decision. Here’s my take- This is a 5th-8th place team in this division regardless of whether Avery plays on it. So why the uproar?

  296. billybleedsblue on

    Granderson is a godsend for this Yankees team! What a guy!!!

    Back to Avery, I wonder what the eventual fallout will be… what problems there were behind the scenes… will Avery eventually shoot his mouth off… will Torts choose some words…

    JJP, that’s a great observation. I love the idea of rolling 3 lines and having guys on the 4th line who kill penalties, it does a lot for the team for sure.

  297. Grabby

    It’s not a chain…it’s like a thick team color wire thing. Whatever…not important. Just saw many players wear it, thought I’d ask.

  298. cuz we like avery jmes. idk what else to say. i like him beter than ec. its not a big deal though. itsmore his antics and teh way he came here and was like nothing else we’dseen before. his persona on and off the ice makes him interesting. lotta people like him hes got that edge to him that appeals to fans. other than that, performance wise, hes been bad. its the right move by the rangers. for cap room and other reasons

  299. Good night, Carp!

    Ok. Today was just a bad day. And then I thought that naked pic of Kesler would cheer me up, but it kinda just creeped me out. Total fail.

  300. ok makes sense ct. i saw a few wearing chains, but then i noticed what you were talkin about cccp.

  301. Maybe Avery would be on the PK if he wasn’t such a giveaway machine. There’s a lot better PK’er’s on this team that I trust with the puck, and so does the staff.

    I’m wondering when this topic will end. I suppose when the season opener starts. But, if we lose, I’m sure the Avery lovers will say “if Avery was in the lineup, we would have won” yada, yada, yada.

  302. from Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News,

    The Stars were originally under the impression that Sean Avery’s salary cap hit would remain no matter what happened, but they found out today that if Avery does go to the minors (the NY Rangers have placed him on waivers), that his $1.9 million would come off of their salary cap.

    That could have them dancing perilously close to the salary cap floor of $48.3 million, but the Stars say they should be fine.


    haha. the Stars may need to take another contract to get to the floor. EC pack your bags too

  303. If there was no Sean Avery in the world, whatever would Rangers fans talk about?!

    This Yankees game is getting out of hand. I’m going to bed. Maybe no more Avery talk tomorrow, and I can FINALLY order Center Ice.

  304. leetchhalloffame on

    Carp, contrary to you I believe Avery will be in the NHL at some point this season. IMO he still has NHL talent and brings passion and fire to his team. Torts hated him from day one but to keep EC on this roster is just a joke. He is a Zherdev clone but will never come close to scoring the puny amount of goals that Z did, and at least Z hit somebody once a year.
    I think the fans at MSG should start the Avery chant every time EC pirouettes around the ice this year.

  305. Stranger Nation on

    Aves = done – 24/7 was the real death knell. The team (torts) and league did not want to give him a platform for his antics. He was a spirited punk who made some horrible decisions on the ice. Ultimately he was a grinder/fighter who could not fight. One effective area of his game was passing off the boards to start a rush.

    Move on people. Cut/bench EC, bring up Newbury, trade wusskie for a D rental.

  306. Supposedly Sauer will be good to go for Friday.
    What do we do on D otherwise? (I think we have a little over 61 hours until game time)

  307. To whatever extent we can just hang tight for the 2 games in Sweden, I’d rather do it.
    That gives us another week until game 3 to see how Staal is doing or figure something else out.

  308. OK, ORR – I understand – I would do the same, but I have the opposite effect if I watch a team I want to see lose – they usually rally just to spite me! ;-)

  309. I said last year that Avery was gone. He hasn’t been much of a asset for a couple of years.

    He is always offsides skates around trhe perimeter with the puck, cant pass that well.

    I will be very very surprised if anyone claims him, what a joke.

    Adios Aves, it was fun for a few months, after that it was painful.

  310. billybleedsblue on

    who was it recently that said once every 3 weeks for 12 seconds EC looks like Sakic? Or something like that… funny, cause it’s true.

    Holy almost 500 comments on a pre-season off-day Tuesday. Not too shabby, Carp.

  311. And Carp was right. He’s gonna lose major change from this deal.

    Why am I still up? Taking my depressed self to bed before packing 16 for Stockholm! TA!

  312. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    hey guys, anything exciting happen today??

  313. Avery actually played the PK quite well under Renney. Tortorella decided Avery couldn’t play the PK and never gave him a shot.

    I think the lone bright spot about today is it finally confirmed what a piece of crap Tortorella is. My guess is that if he doesn’t produce soon, he’ll be following Avery out the door.

  314. also on the plus side, with Avery out of the way, the spotlight will now shine on some of the absolute dogs in this Ranger lineup. they are (in no particular order):

    Erik Christiensen
    Wojtek Wolski
    Matts Zuccarello

  315. “His ice time average was brought down dramatically later in the season so those numbers are misleading.”

    Again with this? (Help me out here if you like, Lloyd.)

    If somebody had a significant stretch getting much less ice time than his season average, then he must’ve had a stretch where he was playing in excess of his average.

    So either Avery did regularly get more than the “five or six minutes” people keep posting all year, or he was actually “given a chance” in the first half by playing well over 11 minutes, before this dramatic cut in the second half.

  316. Carp Real classy move by coach Tortsh-t, Bet you didn’t plan on such overwhelming support by Avery fans. Come on Carp, Avery never got the minutes he deserved. How was he given any chance in the pre-season games. I convinced more than ever that there is one person who harbors more hatred for Avery than torts and that’s you. You’ve been politely bashing him for quite some time and Torts has been planning on doing this for quite some time.. All the Avery haters will ever remember were his crude untimely “Seconds” remarks. Like we’re all saints. What a world of hypocrisy. Tortsh-t’s contributions to making the Rangers a better team over the last couple of years really need to be questioned. Maybe you’re watching a different team. No more spirited play no more passion, no more digging in the corners, no more biased ref’s calls. Wow. Bye Aves

  317. Fire Carp! What has he actually done to improve the team the last two years? And he clearly hates Avery, writing glowing things about Christensen at every opportunity.

  318. If any one subject could provoke such a large discussion then Sean Avery is it.

    I think i have to agree with Joe Fortunato – i thank him for his contributions in getting us here, but given last year’s almost disappearance (whoever’s fault that is), his $1.94m sat in the stands each night was not going to take the team forward. Also if Staal’s problem is not clearing up, then we need all the available cap space to acquire a servicable D-man, and the $1m extra cap space, over Christensen, is very handy.

    I did have a chuckle about Big D though, they also lose the $1.94m off their cap number which leaves them (if my maths is correct) about $400k below the cap floor!!

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