Three games left, then it gets real


The good news is that the Rangers crawl out of that dark chasm today and that, from today until the day they’re eliminated from the playoffs (or dancing with the Cup) the rest of the games will be televised. (how spoiled we’ve gotten).

MSG Network will do the three remaining preseason games, starting today at 1 p.m. in Henrik Lundqvist’s homecoming in Sweden. I will be able to catch that game, but probably not the games Sunday and Monday, so if anybody wants to review those, drop me an e-mail at

Then next week, we’ll do predictions, and I’ll have some preview stories late in the week. One week until the opener.

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  1. Good morning, boneheads!

    Some good preseason games last night. Stamkos is in the mid-season form already…Unfortunately, it looks like the Flyers got themselves a goaltender…finally.

    In terms of Jagr. I like him for what he’s done for NYR, and no matter what people say, it was he and Hank who brought this club back to respectability. Having said that, he is a Flyer now. Hence, he is an enemy.

  2. CCCP/UKRanger – Admittedly, Jagr does look good. But it’s also pre-season and the key for him will be how he plays down the stretch. He never played more than 64 games in a season in the KHL. Last year, he skated 63. To put this in perspective, the Flyers skated an eye-popping 105 games during their run to the finals in 2010. That’s basically three quarters of a second KHL season, and not including what ever they played in pre-season. Granted, Jagr looked like a young kid the last time he skated in the playoffs. But he also coasted for half the season back then.

    What I did notice, however, is that the Flyers are taking pains to lighten the workload on Jagr. They’re basically catering to where they anticipate he’ll be, so he doesn’t have to stick-handle in the zone or fight for the puck on the board. That’s very smart on their part, but it’s also something teams will start to adjust to as the season goes on. Against the Rangers, he was basically drifting into the top of the circle unnoticed. During the regular season, I doubt he’ll be able to do that.

    Still, I expect Jags to have a decent season at least on par with his last in the NHL. His scoring pace in the KHL averaged between 70 and 85 points per season. I think we’ll see him net somewhere between that amount, which is an immense help to any team built like the Flyers. I will say I am somewhat dismayed the Rangers didn’t take a stab at him, considering his cost and what he brings to the table. I don’t buy the notion that he’d chafe Tortorella or the Rangers or anyone. Jagr is back in the NHL to do one thing and one thing only: Prove that he can still win a cup. What would have my Rangers with Jagr looked like? Well something like this:


    Switch Gaborik from the off wing back to LW where he truthfully belongs and the lineup falls into place. It also reunites the old Jagr line that was so dominant down the stretch in 2008 That, friends, is a very dangerous lineup. But who cares I suppose. Now I’ll just have to hope Jagr and Pronger have a fist fight in the locker room.

  3. hanzlik hardness on

    there would be no richards if we signed jagr. isnt he getting 3 mill? d we even have 2 left?

  4. I watched the Flyer/Devil game last night came to the realization of something. There was a scrum in front of the net and Bro-fatso made a save…something he SHOULD do, nothing great from what I saw. So the announcers said something like “spectacular save by Brodeur”…rather than saying what was actually the truth, that it was a horrible shot by the Philly player. I don’t know, I find it funny.

  5. brodoor sucks now hes too fat and old. i cant believe brendan bell scored on him. especially how he did too.

  6. hanslik – Don’t sign Rupp and you’ve got half of Jagr’s salary right there. Then send Christensen to the minors and you’d need to pony up $600,000 for the rest of his salary. So think about it this way: Would you rather have Rupp and Crusher in the lineup or Jagr? That’s a no-brainer for me. On the negative side, Jagr would all but assure Zucarello another stint in Hartford. By many accounts, the kid is among the two spare forwards that will make the team. Factor him into the equation and I become a lot more lukewarm to the fantasy notion of bringing Jags aboard.

  7. I think commentators still think Brodeur is the one from 4 years ago when he was posting double-digit shutouts, GAA’s in the low 2’s and save% over .920.
    Unless he has a complete turnaround from the last couple of years, he’s just an average goalie now.

    I hate it when i see him ranked above others like Hasek, Roy etc.. Maarty’s taken full advantage of tending goal for the most boring, defensive team in NHL history and his stats are padded because of it.

  8. jagr has looked great so far in prseason. lets see him 35-40 games in when teams start to pay more attention to him. jagr and giroux look lethal at this moment.

    looks like most of regulars are scratched today. dan rosen tweeted on snyrangersblog.

    one week from today it all begins.

  9. Grabby/FiveFoot – should be interesting to see how the Devils’ D reacts to having the inexperienced Larsson back there, plus a less-defense oriented DeBoer behind the bench. Without a system like the one Martin set up to make the Devils tough down the stretch, they’re going to be in for a really long season. I think Brodeur is done, and Hedberg isn’t exactly the type of goalie that is going to steal you wins. I will say the Kinkaid kid they have in the minors shows some serious promise. He basically put Union College hockey on the map last season.

  10. Uncle Daddy has consistency for most of his career I’ll give him that. He also had 2 HOF quality D for all of their Cups and one of the most underrated D in the last 15 years for 1 one of them. Not to mention the rules allowing for as much grabbing and mauling as the NFL. But put him on the no name Sabres like Hasek and I think his career turns out differently.

  11. Agreed on all points. I just hate the stroking of Marty crap…there was a wide open net, and the shot was horrible…that’s WHY the goal didn’t happen, not because Marty flopped like a flounder and made a spectacular (now that word is stuck in my head) save.

  12. Maaarty looked like a humpback whale jumping out of the water, not an elite goalie spreading himself to save a shot. Again benefitting from some good defense cleaning up his rebounds.

  13. FiveFoot- just wait a few weeks when the Devils are struggling for .500. You’re going to hear worse than that from Asshat Resch. I can’t wait to hear who he blames for the Devils’ woes. Probably global warming or something.

  14. Bryzgalov is a great goaltender… look at what he did in crappy Phoenix… that team went from the bottom feeder (which is where they will end up this year) to a legit contender.

    as for Jagr, i don’t think he has to be the main man for that team…he’ll be lethal on PP and will get less even strength minutes which will help him stay fresher down the stretch. Playing with Giroux, who is a much better play-maker than Nylander and maybe even BRich too…all Jagr has to do is go to the net and puck will find him.

    P.S. Fire Torts! trade for Jagr!

  15. I would hardly say that Phoenix was a contender. And Bryz’s numbers in the playoffs with Phoenix are very poor.

  16. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    I will just leave the jagr convo to you guys.

    who is bobby sanguinetti?

    anyone have any ideas if the game will be online (free) any where?

  17. I guess the Rangers want to give Hank a chance to show his stuff in front of the Swedish crowd.

    Dan Rosen tweets that Artem Anisimov, Marian Gaborik, Brad Richards, Ryan Callahan, Brandon Dubinsky, Derek Stepan, Dan Girardi, Ruslan Fedotenko, Ryan McDonagh, Michael Sauer and Steve Eminger are scratched today.

  18. Well, people talked about the Coyotes as if they were a contender especially during 09-10 season when they set a franchise record with 107 points. Too bad they got spanked hard but the Wings twice.

  19. Matt Maccarone :)

    That’s leaves

    Boyle flu?


  20. stevezipay RT @AGrossRecord: Staal says he’s not in game shape, not cleared for contact. Not sure he could get to game shape by season opener Oct. 7.


  21. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I would wait until thanksgiving or so….

    ACLU are a bunch of…nevermind wrong blog

  22. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    HOLY CRAP…is the baseball regular season over??

  23. Morning all, super excited for today’s game, a bit disappointed that most of the main guys arent playing, but at least Hank is. As you know I have family in Goteborg (gorgeous city) and have been there numerous times. Dont know if i mentioned this but about 3 years ago when I was in Goteborg the last time, I met the Lundqvist twins at a bar. Took some pics,= chatted, they talked in Swedish with my family, I talked in English with them and mentioned I was a New Yorker. Good times. About 10-15 family/friends are going to the game tonight (today?)

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