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From the Rangers:

New York Rangers 4, Frolunda Indians 2 (Preseason Game No. 5, Away No. 4)

-The Rangers defeated the Frolunda Indians of the Swedish Elite League, 4-2, tonight at Scandinavium Arena in Gothenburg, Sweden, to improve to 3-1-1 in preseason action.
-Henrik Lundqvist stopped 32 of 34 shots in the win, while facing his former SEL team.
-Kris Newbury opened the game’s scoring at 2:24 of the first period, added an assist and posted a plus-two rating in the contest.
-Michael Del Zotto tallied two points (one goal, one assist), posted a plus-two rating and logged 23:35 of ice time.
-Erik Christensen notched the eventual game-winning goal at 11:43 of the second period, registered four shots on goal and posted a 79.0% face-off winning percentage.
-Mats Zuccarello registered two assists, including the primary assist on the game-winning goal, and posted a plus-two rating in the contest.
-Mike Rupp notched his first point as a Blueshirt with a goal and led the team with five shots on goal.
-Brian Boyle recorded an assist and led all skaters with four hits in the contest.
-Brendan Bell registered an assist in the contest, and is now tied for the Rangers preseason lead in scoring with three points (one goal, two assists).
-Stu Bickel and Ryan Bourque each collected their first point of the preseason with one assist apiece.
-Please note the Rangers have a scheduled off-day tomorrow, October 1.
-The New York Rangers will return to action on Sunday, October 2, when they will face-off against HC Slovan Bratislava of the Slovak Extraliga in Bratislava, Slovakia (11:00 a.m. ET).  The contest will be televised live on MSG Network.

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  1. repost so CCCP can see
    (Tony’s already up to date)

    i’m 99% sure i emailed you links where you can see my photos.
    if others here want to see
    (it’s concert photography ORR!! so relax!)
    let me know and i’ll post the link here as well.

  2. Staal apparently has some sort of neck issue. had MRI that showed something. then had cortizone shot. this is in addition to PCS.

  3. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Post game presser link anyone? On the mobile and don’t get the whackamole—>

  4. Is Dan Rosen the only reporter covering these games (besides Jim Cerny, of course)?

    Jesse Spector is leaving the Daily News for the Sporting News. He’s moving up quickly! Good for him.

    Anybody else for the blog fantasy league on Yahoo? League ID 55940 password rangers.

  5. Atta boy, Tony.

    Zip and Brooks are making the Euro trip, too. Not sure if they’re there yet. Not sure about the NY Times.

  6. Evening gang.

    Good to see the boys win it for Hank today. Couldn’t watch the game as I was working. Which reminds me I need to get Center Ice.

    How’s everyone this fine Friday?

  7. Tony, Europeans have a much closer connection with players, especially hockey (and soccer (futbol?)), and it’s a common custom for them to be given flowers, especially at a momentous occasion. Lundqvist did a lot of special things out there, and goes back there every summer, so im sure he knows a bunch of people who attended the game.

  8. C’mon, Tony knows, of course, that’s just a cultural thing. Not like Euromen are more feminine

  9. Mickey, somehow just give me your address, or even P.O. Box big enough and you will have it, if it is so easy to make you happy, I’ll do it faster then Hagelin run from blue line to the goal.

  10. and can continiu to do it every time after Rangers win in a regular season and in a buckets if they’ll go to the playoffs.

  11. …and if they win The Cup, I promise to send you 1:1 scaled stainless steel replica of it full of your favorites.

  12. 4ever, that is beyond sweet of you :)

    Don’t think i wouldn’t either. Flowers are a good boost for my ego

  13. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Spider, I just signed up for your fantasy league.

    I thought MZA had a great game. I like Erixon’s shot from the point but he’s gotta hit the net more.

  14. I can’t express how ticked off I am that I couldn’t get this game ( nor will I be ABLE TO GET TOMORROWS !

    I know you,ll probably find this incredible, but last night I was preparing to tune in and was sitting by the TV in the family room, and a thunder rumbling developed and then suddenly like a mortar barrage a batch of lightning strikes occurred just about 15 feet from my house, just beyond the patio, and it was so violent that the concussion lifted me about six inches from my easy chair. It was stunning. And it was also accompanied by the fiery flashes of the strikes , bang bang bang bang. Four or five solid blasts almost in unison. I;ve never been this close to lightning strike before and it is scary. And the sun was out, but there were some ominous clouds. It knocked out my entire TV system, and
    my telephone land line. I looked outside to see if any damage done, but not a mark anywhere. But I still have no TV and can’t get help til Sunday. Grrrr.

    tbw tells me that when she was a young girl her house in Meriden was hit by lightning, and she was sleeping on a couch in her kitchen and her older brother was sleeping on the other end. She said that the blast on her place knocked him out the window and he was seen running up the street and then not knowing how he’d gotten there. She said that lightning does some strange things. Sure does.

  15. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    perhaps if you wouldn’t walk all over a couple of guys here, you might have received some already(LOL)!!

    I like mcilrath’s snarl around the net!

  16. billybleedsblue on

    I’m 99% sure these games are not boring. Hockey’s hockey; it’s great– even when it’s pre-season and your team wins by a nose.

  17. Meh, I’m 99.9% bored by it. Game’s like these, and Traverse City, you don’t get a real idea of how the players look. I want to see them against NHL players, not Euro Pansies and kids that just got out of a diaper.

    I don’t know why we couldn’t just have three of these four Euro pre-season games take place somewhere against any team in which ever conference. Waste of time!

  18. billybleedsblue on

    Orr, new South Park Wednesday. Woot.

    I like that they play these fluff games before the season starts. Look, they are already in Europe for the real start. That means they can get loose and get ready at their own pace– they aren’t flying out there the night before their first contest. Not to mention it’s a good showcase for the NHL overseas. God forbid these guys should have some fun and develop more of a sense of team and camaraderie with an over there road trip. Let’s go Rangers!!!!!

  19. “Staal confirmed that the headaches are post-concussion symptoms stem from the hit his brother, Eric of the Hurricanes, laid on him on Feb. 22. And he said he did not skate this week as he recovered from a cortisone shot on Monday. He had an MRI on his neck on Friday, then flew to Buffalo to see a specialist on Monday. Staal said when he was examined on Friday, the MRI showed something in his neck, some pressure on his nerves, that could possibly be affecting him so a cortisone shot was prescribed. He was told to remain off the ice for at least 48 hours after the shot.”

    I knew it wasn’t concussion related, he has a pinched nerve in his neck, I get that a lot and it gives me migraines as well.

  20. What kills me is that Staal couldn’t resolve his headache issues in the summer? Why wait till the camp begins to get an MRI of head and neck?

  21. Not sure how directly quoting the words “Staal confirmed that the headaches are post-concussion symptoms…” validates your certainty that it wasn’t concussion-related, Bob…

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