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  1. Olga Folkyerself on

    The family is still hibernating until the regular season starts. They’ll be around soon, poking a few badgers cages… :)

  2. Olga Folkyerself on

    I, on the other hand, have come out early, seen my shadow and there will be at least six more weeks of Sather…

  3. I, on the other hand, have come out early, seen my shadow and there will be at least six more lifetimes of Sather…




    I turned my mother in law into a hockey fan! She lives in Florida and roots for Panthers! They will be my second team this year :)

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Ha, heard the perfectly timed “Let’s Go Rangers!” during the anthem, just like at the Garden. That fan wins.

  6. but did you see how respectful the crowd was during the anthem? Singing along to their own anthem and not screaming like wild idiots during American one?

  7. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    thanks, i’ll give it a shot

  8. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    avery mitchell weise…pack line pt2??


  9. Boom Boom will confirm that Sweden is full of Indians.

    Judging by how his head is disproportionately large compared to the rest of his body, I think “Ramirent” is Swedish for “Bobby Holik”.

  10. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    who is this mcilrath kid, looks pretty good

  11. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    someone needs to dry the rink on high and shrink it a bit, it is too big

  12. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on


    JimCerny Jim Cerny
    after emotional Hank went back to blueline for anthems, Sean Avery skated over to his friend and patted him on back
    30 minutes ago

  13. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    umm, apparently these refs forgot it is hockey not figure sakting

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Every time they say “Jo-el” I feel like they are saying “Jor-El” and I think how it’s not fair for Superman’s father to play against us.

  15. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    but it is better than baseball or basketball on any sized rink

  16. don’t get the interference call on prust. That should be interference on the goalie. These must be NHL refs, stupid call as usual.

  17. From day one my opinion of Delzotto wasn’t very good and nothing has changed my view. Delzotto isn’t good on defense, makes stupid passes, don’t see this guy ever being a decent nhl player.

  18. oleosmirf

    boy these games on the big ice are a lot less interesting.


    Have you seen any of the KHL games? Those teams are flying over there on big ice! It’s just this game that looks slow and boring.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    “McIlrath, at the moment, looks better than Erixon and MDZ.”

    I think Erixon has looked the best.

  20. Ramirent is looking like a good option for top line LW. Think he might be playing right D this period though, thanks to Torts’ incessant line switching.

  21. so
    i try to be a nice husband
    and offer to help my wife
    set up for an event tonight
    and she said

    what was i thinking?!?!?!?
    (i guess i thought she’s say, “no”)

    oh well
    see you aasens in a bit
    i’ll keep up via twitter

  22. 4generations 4 cups on

    MZA makes a good pivot in the far right corner and feeds it to the slow. MDZ guns it past blocker side. Whooo

  23. Wicky©the game isn't over until somebody cries!! on

    this is the best erixon has looked IMHO so far this preseason, but I agree with capt ILB, mcilrath looks the best in this game

  24. OUCH! This is why Christensen is so frustrating. The guy has tons of talent, but he’s too much of an enigma. 3-1.

  25. Geez, why can’t he do it more often? Third primary assist for MZA. All three are beautiful passes.

  26. Again, sorry to harass, but the fantasy league has a few open spots, and the draft is tomorrow afternoon, so come on in and join. League ID 55940 password rangers

    Hope everybody is enjoying the game. Will it be replayed again on MSG later?

  27. They should tell Frolunda players to not tuck their jerseys inside their pants. Their names cannot be seen.

  28. welcome mats sun deen on

    that euro hockey is terrible. this is supposedly one of their better teams, and a Ranger team with most of its stars out are easily outskating and outclassing them

    and those big rinks are stupid. they just slow everything down and make for less body contact and more trapping and circling and more standing and watching and positioning instead of hustling and hitting and working.

    and the ads are a pathetic joke. every inch of everything is plastered with ads. and that annoying times square like electronic ad ticker just off the side boards is ridiculous.

  29. They give Renberg and Erica Lindrosson pretty much the whole 15 minutes between periods. Shame we don’t get so much exposure to Trautwig.

  30. Never really understood why North Americans see it as sacrilege to adorn uniforms and playing surfaces with any advertising at all, but seem accepting of native sports with thousands of stoppages purely for the purpose of cramming in more commercials on TV.

  31. Olga Folkyerself on

    Actually, I like the larger ice surface. The Rangers power play looks less awful per square foot…

  32. I’m just wondering if letters Rangers is a bad spell for PP. No matter what they try, year after year, any possible personnel and generation change, and it still stinks.

  33. I know Erixon is just a kid, and new to North American hockey, but he should have known to slide across the crease and take the body on that goal.

  34. Not sure, CTB. All I know that anyone who tried to look wrong at Hank got dumped, or pushed, or harassed by McIlrath.

  35. the one earlier in the game when the guy came out of the penalty box and got a breakaway, it was Bickel who got caught napping.

  36. They weren’t bad at all, but I kind of expected much more individually from Bourke and Hagelin on the open ice today in terms of speed and puck handling.

  37. Oh, and I feel Avery’s pain, because I know, that nothing is more important to him than his own face and appearance on Vogue and at first row along catwalk. But I’m sure, that he is not going to let this exhibition’s europancied, unpunished, friendly toothbrush hit, spoil his famous grin in interviews.

  38. MZA, on the other hand, felt very solid, confident and like at home on the wider ice and justified totally his own earlier statement that his is more of the playmaking guy, than scorer and love it.

  39. what Stepan injury are you guys babbling about?

    he wasn’t in the lineup today so he couldnt have gotten hurt during the game…

  40. oleo,
    I couldn’t find anything anywhere about his assumed injury and didnt see it in games he played. I believe he is just firmly made the team and other “uncertain” players was given opportunity to being seen and prove themselves. That’s it.(I hope).

  41. Hello! Am i alone here? I feel, like totally in a desert and need some lunch points and a drink. BTW, watermelon dessert is good in a desert (no any racial overtones here) after dissent hockey game, where nobody is throwing watermelon rind down on ice to prevent a goal or to stir controversy.

  42. CCCP
    i’m 99% sure i emailed you links where you can see my photos.
    if others here want to see
    (it’s concert photography ORR!! so relax!)
    let me know and i’ll post the link here as well.

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