To Go, or not to Go …?


Don’t know if an “It’s Go Time!” post is needed or appropriate for a game in Prague that, to my knowledge, is not being televised here.

Thoughts? If you want one, I’ll do one. You guys (who aren’t in Prague) are probably going to have to watch this game via the Twitter widget over there ——>

After an absolutely crazy sick final regular-season night in baseball, I’m headed to the Yankees’ and Tigers’ workouts at Yankee Stadium this afternoon, and I’m going to be spending some, if not a lot, of the next few weeks or so with the Yankees.

Of course, I’ll be doing the usual double duty here, though I may not be able to review all the preseason games that are televised.

Just so you know.

Late next week I’ll have some season preview stuff here and in The Journal News and on

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  1. Did anyone hear about the BCHL player who got suspended 20 games? His team appealed it and the disciplinary panel (made up of 3 ex-cops) rejected the appeal and added 5 more games to the suspension……and i thought Sheriff Shanny was tough!!

    (If only Colin Campbell wasnt such a hide-your-head-in-the-sand wimp)

  2. Great night for baseball last night. Was like watching 4 game 7’s in one night. Tim Kurkjian on ESPN is obviously ignorant to the greatest sport in existence by claiming that this can only happen in baseball. While it may have been one of the best nights for baseball and one that I very much enjoyed, it is rare occurrence. Hockey fans get to enjoy this type of night every year. Playoff races go down to the last game every year and multiple game 7’s happen every year. It’s nice to see a baseball fan get to experience it once.

  3. I’d rather talk baseball than politics, CTB…Admittedly, I know nothing about baseball. But I was going through some posts last night reading about how this country is “destroyed”. I was thinking maybe some of us should spend a few weeks elsewhere…East Africa, anyone? Darfur, perhaps? Kids are dying from hunger. 50 cents per day can save a child.

    Please give whatever you can.

  4. Ilb, the post is about baseball (the author was a writer/number cruncher for a well known stat geek publication) he occasionally takes a break from his current job of analyzing poll data to return to his old job.

  5. That’s a great point, Scott. They always say, “only in baseball.” But what happened last night in baseball, besides being awesome, was very rare. Seasons are decided on the last day, or with a playoff game not very frequently. It happens WAY more often in say… And I LOVE baseball.

  6. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    It must be more media nonsense, this business of baseball teams, after having played 162 games, need to “work out,” rather than just take a day of two off and rest, relax, and regenerate the effort and the focus. If I were a ballplayer I would stay as far from the ballpark, until next game time, as I could, and screw the fine. I don’t work for or any network.

  7. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    As a Phillies fan I am attuned to the Phildelphia media which has been hoping for a shot at the Cardinals instead of the Braves. Well, hell, the Braves sputtered out, and against a Phillies team that was spaced-out for eight games before the Braves series, while Tony LaRussa rallied his team down the stretch, impressively.

    The Philly media also thinks Charlie Manuel is a fine manager and Tony La Russa is a clown. I beg to differ. We will see who manages circles around whom in their upcoming series. I am actually ok with the Cardinals winning, if it gets Charlie The Human Mule fired. You can go just so far with the worst manager in baseball at the helm.

  8. someone posted this link last night, but it keeps wanting to put stuff on my pc and Im not gonna do that at work.

    I can’t vouch for this, but someone bolder may want to try and let me know.

    Message body

  9. Re: Avery and “turtling”

    I respectfully request that the NHL not only give a list of words men fighting cannot use, but the words they can.

    In particular, I would like the NHL to look at the word, “turtling” in describing one player covering up from the blows of another.

    As an animal rights activist, I find the word “turtling” to be demeaning to our shelled distant cousins and think that Colon Campbell should come out with a respectful and dignified way of protecting animal life in the NHL.

    I think a list of words players can say to each other during a fight should not only be a way of “drawing the line” but a way for the NHL to say “we respect the rights of everyone, including turtles.”

    Thanks for your consideration!

  10. lol Seamus


    work PC is perfect for checking if those add-ons are malicious or not! you don’t want to mess up your own computer at home, do you?

  11. That is funny. This is my first week on the job. Im still trying to impress my boss. I dont want anyone to know what Im really doing here at the PC.

    Maybe next week.

  12. Manny (The Idiot) on

    I hate Cursive and I hate all of you! I’m never coming back to school….NEVER!

    Did anybody have any incidents on the plane ride to Europe that would make them a Bust? Did they fly First Class?

  13. Agree completely, Boom Boom. The Yankees probably got home around 4 a.m. from Tampa. Why even make the players show up at the ballpark today? Bring in Girardi and Sabathia, maybe Jeter, to make the TV/print folks happy, and be done with it. What, practicing ground balls on a soggy infield today is going to make a difference tomorrow?

    You know that Torts would be giving the team a day off.

  14. The Whale is packed:

    Goal (4): Chad Johnson, Jerry Kuhn, Jason Missiaen, Cameron Talbot
    Defense (9): Lee Baldwin, Collin Bowman, T.J. Fast, Sam Klassen, Tomas Kundratek, Jyri Niemi, Jared
    Nightingale, Wade Redden, Pavel Valentenko
    Forwards (18): Jonathan Audy-Marchessault, Max Campbell, Chris Chappell, Brendan Connolly, Andre Deveaux, Tommy Grant, Tayler Jordan, Kale Kerbashian, Chad Kolarik, Chris McKelvie, Jordan Owens, Jeff Prough, Matt Rust, Connor Shields, Scott Tanski, Kelsey Tessier, Andreas Thuresson, Jason Wilson

    and soon joining them are Bickell, Parlett, Erixon?, Bourque, Christensen?, Bell?, Del Zotto?, Hagelin, Newbury, Weise?, Mitchell?

    great article:

    I agree with Tort that being decent (like Del Zotto, Erixon, Weise, Eminger, Hagelin, Christensen) is not really good enough when fighting for a spot.

    so far I think Mitchell, Zuccarello, Avery and Bell have clearly outplayed their competition and look like they deserve to be on the team.

  15. Manny (The Idiot) on

    *Carp* – they have to go to the park because the amenities are better there than at their own apartments.

  16. “Bring in Girardi and Sabathia…”

    Is finding a short-term replacement for Stauwell so difficult, the Rangers have had to resort to that? wicky might be pleased at CC’s potential 250lb+ crease-clearing abilities, but I have doubts over his mobility.

  17. I posted that link last night. The page loaded without any monkey business for me at the time but I cannot vouch for it. I found it by doing a Google search so please be careful.

  18. Byfuglien’s WHIP is marginally better, but he struggles to strike out lefties and he’s a liability when playing in San Francisco.

  19. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    happy birthday!!

    sanguinetti on waivers

  20. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    hank has more grit than most of our D

  21. Seamus, that’s some funny stuff there.

    speaking of funny, I was joking about how the Yankees were going to lose last night, and pretty much had to pick up my jaw off the floor last night in the 8th inning. I took a phone call in the middle of the inning, and returned about 5 minutes later to watching the game to find the Rays scored 6 runs?! I think I laughed continuously for about an hour late last night. You really can’t make this stuff up!

    Another baseball note, for the first time in his career, Albert Pujols finished the season under .300 with less than 100 RBIs. In each of his first 10 seasons, he batted .300+ with 30+ HR and 100+ RBI. He finished last night with 37 HR, 99 RBI batting .299. The fact that he didn’t get 11 consecutive seasons of those numbers shouldn’t take away from 10 out of first 10. It’s a shame he didn’t get it though.

  22. that facebook link is bullcarcillo… besides asking to complete a survey, it has no hockey links at all! yes, i completed the survey…with fake info of course :)

    cmon people!!! NEED STREAM LINK NOW!

  23. Come on, Orr – since 2004, with the exception of Montoya and Sanguinetti, the Rangers have done a pretty good job drafting. Most of the “core” that Torts refers to came as draft picks: Cally, Dubi, Anisimov, MDZ, Sauer, Girardi (undrafted), Stepan, Staal, Henrik (pre-2004, though). Korprikoski was in there, though they traded him away for practically nothing in return. And let’s not forget about the bad situation involving Cherepanov. Didn’t Jagr say he was something special? They chose him first in 2007.

  24. Most of those guys are 2nd to 7th round picks. Stahl is a winner, obviously. Whether Del Z is legit, remains to be seen. I’m not giving up on him just yet. Can’t really comment on Kreider, Miller, or McIlrath just yet.

    The drafting has been better, but they still passed on some damn good NHL talent.

  25. Yes, but drafting is always a crap shoot. Personally, I think it’s unfair to look at a single round and judge the front office based solely on that. You’ve got to look at a block of years and see what type of results the team had. Remember, just because one player chosen by a different team worked out really well doesn’t mean that ALL the teams before them in the draft were bad drafters. There is a lot of chance involved in these things.

    Looking at their first rounders recently:
    Miller, can’t say much about, that was months ago

    McIllrath – young d-man, coaching liked what they saw in him this camp but want him to play another year of juniors

    Kreider – showing great promise in college – coaching staff wanted him to go pro this year

    MDZ – had a great rookie season, lots of upside, but plays a tough position – he should have a good year, I think

    Cherepanov – already touched on him

    Sanguinetti – already noted

    Staal – already noted

    Korprikoski – already noted

    Jessiman – we’ve played that card to death on this blog

    Blackburn – were they supposed to predict the injury? the guy had an amazing glove hand

    That’s everyone from this century. That’s not a terrible track record, when you think about it. I don’t know how it compares to other teams, but it’s not like the Rangers are the Islanders right now. And that doesn’t account for the rest of the rounds.

  26. oh well… i can live w/o watching one game… just don’t get the point of dragging the team to EUROPE and then skip on a showing a game…

  27. I forgot to say this a while ago, but I really hate these pre-season games in europe. Not only do players get tired from flying back and forth, but also we are playing not against NHL level competition and on large ice surface. Why do we need college prospects and Europeans to be getting used to the wide rinks again? It makes no sense. And playing against other Eastern conference teams would not only let us preview their strength, weaknesses and prospects but could lead to a more heated rivalry if something happens during the game.

  28. here is what Bodog predicts will be the final point totals of each NHL team this season

    2011-12 Regular Season Point Totals

    Washington Capitals  107.5 Nashville Predators    91.5

    Vancouver Canucks   106.5 Calgary Flames         90.5

    Detroit Red Wings      104.5 New Jersey Devils      90.5

    San Jose Sharks        103.5 Toronto Maple Leafs   89.5

    Boston Bruins             102.5 Dallas Stars              87.5

    Chicago Blackhawks  102.5 Phoenix Coyotes       87.5

    Los Angeles Kings     102.5 Columbus Blue Jackets 85.5

    Pittsburgh Penguins   100.5 Winnipeg Jets            85.5

    Buffalo Sabres              98.5 Carolina Hurricanes    83.5

    Philadelphia Flyers       98.5 Florida Panthers        83.5

    Tampa Bay Lightning    98.5 Minnesota Wild          82.5

    Anaheim Ducks             95.5 New York Islanders    81.5

    New York Rangers       94.5 Edmonton Oilers        77.5

    Montreal Canadiens     92.5 Colorado Avalanche    75.5

    St. Louis Blues             92.5 Ottawa Senators        74.5

  29. bob – hard to argue with your points. This is more a result of the MSG renovations and the NHL’s desire to continue to showcase the league in Europe. My guess is that in order to keep the Rangers on the “road” for the first 9-11 games to the season to accommodate the renovations, the NHL board forced the European trip on them. Since Dolan only wants to see MSG renovated, he probably doesn’t really care what the players have to endure.

  30. I’m not judging them based on the 1st round. I think they’ve done a better job of drafting overall. But, here’s some of the notable players they passed up over the last few seasons, starting in 03.

    2003 – Brown, Seabrook, Parise, Richards, Getzlaf, Perry, Burns, Kesler. Loui Erikson was a borderline 1st rounder as well.

    2004 – Drew Stafford, Travis Zajak, and Mike Green. Obviously excluding Wolski, since we have him.

    2005 – Can’t go wrong with Stahl/Stall/Stawl/Staal. In fact, everyone after Stahl, is pretty crappy. The only decent players are Oshie, Hanzal, Rask, Downie, and some others. We missed Kopitar by one spot. Drafting Kopitar would have solved a big problem that we have had to spend a shyte-load of money on over the last few years. But, like I said, you can’t go wrong with Stahl.

    2006 – Could have had Giroux, or at the very least Berglund or Foligno who are decent.

    2007 – Can’t really complain too much, since nobody saw Cherepanov dying. To be honest, outside of that pick, there are really no standouts, besides Perron, who has half a brain now

    2008 – Del Z is still unproven. Not giving up on him, but other pretty good players we could have had, Eberle & Carlson

  31. Google translate is great. I see Prust was praised for 2 mins for hooking. judge did not like his game stick

  32. euro hockey has no tv commercials
    they go by quick
    euro leagues finish in 2 hours, maybe a few minutes over

  33. ChrisOD, Rangers can easily play on the road in North America, could have rewarded Whale fans by playing a pre-season game in Hartford.

  34. Bob, they’re not superstars, but at least they’re trade bait, at the very least, as opposed to Montoya, and Sanguinetti, who just never made it to the NHL while with NYR, and were pretty worthless when they were traded.


    New York Rangers: Biron (Lundqvist) – Mcdonagh, Bickel, Eminger, Dell Zotto, Bell, Erixon – Wolski, Richards, Gaborik – Dubinski, Anisimov, Callahan – Rupp, Stepan, Zuccarello – Fedotenko, Christensen, Prust

  36. Maybe thats were Beninati gets his stuff

    Anisimov and its quick and agile missile. Fortunately for the home outside the gate Pöpperleho.

    Petr Ton in gólovce. His hard shot from the ring but Biron with a good dose of luck

    Brandon Prussian haha

  37. We got 2nd and 6th rounders for Sanguinetti.

    Montoya I am not sure what happened there, maybe injured too often.

  38. again, bob – i agree with you, but I think the Euro-trip was forced on them by the league to promote since they were in a position where the NHL could say to the organization, “well, you either take the Europe trip or be sure your renovations are done by game 4 of the season”

  39. Ruslan Fedotenkop PP goal…great cross icer passing from Michael Del Zotto and Derek Stepan…2-0 #NYR

  40. folks asking about score and scorers – twitter widget on the right is where I’m getting all my info from – it’s pretty quick to update

  41. I like “Ivan Rachunek Tenkrátem was sent to a separate release, but to the detriment of domestic burning next to the left Bironovy rods.”

  42. “Sparta holds its defensive zone as forceps and Pöpperle has something to brandish. Fortunately for the home but also set off a hard shot Erixona that had parameters for breaking jaw.”

    Thanks for making me waste my whole evening looking at these, dde…

  43. bob – I saw Montoya when he first started playing with the Pack and was astonished he was picked at 6. There was nothing about his game that suggested he’d be worth that high of a selection. What I saw was a gigantic project that would take years to mold into a NHL netminder, and I was pretty much dead on the money. But seeing him today, I can say he looks like he’ll be a very serviceable NHL backup at the very least. Maybe even a decent starter. To this day, however, I still don’t know why the Rangers didn’t keep him as a backup. Funny thing about Monty is that his number in the NHL blow his numbers in the AHL out of the water.

  44. “Ryan Callahan and his circle of stone. Pöpperlemu nabbed concrete and bounded away from the back cushion.”

    Definitely Beninati, that one.

  45. I saw Motoya in pre-season game or 2 and he wasn’t too bad. But I think it was Allaire who really wanted us to draft Montoya, personally I see no point drafting goalies in 1st round. A good goaltender can be had in a trade or via free agency. No need drafting one and waiting 5 years for him to maybe develop.

  46. Phil, he was barely able to backup in the AHL, which is why they didn’t keep him around.

    Anybody notice in NHL12 GM Mode, when you score six goals, and get into a fight, the game freezes. I swear, it happens every single time.

  47. If you think these translations are funny, can you imagine foreigners translating play by play from Doc Emrick?

  48. orr- only problems ive had with nhl 12 is the slow load times. i know there a lot of extra crap in the game but it takes forever loading. i do like whenyou sim the game, its much better and interactive. u can jump in after like a minute or with 30 seconds to go, and can see whats going on, if theres a pp, any hits or shots, goals,etc.. its a better game overall than ’11 imo.

  49. Something like this, bob?

    “Brodeur waffleboards, že jeden. To careens do centra, kde je to knifed Elias. BIG DRIIIIIIVE! Co to jí te?, Chico?”

  50. no i like it orr. i think the gameplay is basically identical since they started on the nex gen consoles but steadily making subtle changes every year instead of big changes that would make the game really good only for the reason that they’d basically be blowing their fatherly juices on 1 game and then would have nothing but revamped rosters for the next title.

  51. lol LW glad you’re having fun

    “Yorick Treilleho missile was more promotional than dangerous.”

  52. “Ryan Callahan and his circle of stone.”

    Callahan is back to pricticing his druidic rituals that could spell a 40 goal season.

  53. hanzlik hardness on

    u guys see the guy who threw the banana said he was only trying to prevent a goal? can they really prosecute this guy for a racist act or just ban him from the arena?

  54. Sparta fights, it can not be denied. Rangers lead dvoubrankový but carefully monitored, and any hint of a chance now disposed of in the beginning. (21:11:17)

  55. Except Gabby and Richards, perhaps. Busts! Second rounder for each of them. Got to work on our future.

  56. ilb

    Don’t know much about baseball?mm Then you’ve got to rent the movie, “The Comrades of Summer”

    Joe Montegna starring…great story
    …. it may have been taken from real life.

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