Marc Staal to Connecticut Whale (updated)


Not sure of the ramifications of this announcement, but just got this from the Rangers:

“Marc Staal will be reporting to Hartford and skating with the Connecticut Whale tomorrow.”

I imagine that John Tortorella or the team will have more explanation for this later on from Prague. Check the Twitter widget for details ——>

UPDATE: I didn’t mean to imply that Staal to Connecticut means anything other than this: He’s not in Europe with the team, so he’s going to skate with the Whale.

But I’m guessing that they don’t feel he’s ready to play in games … or it’s possible they don’t want him on a long flight because of his symptoms.

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  1. I’m sure its better than sitting at home or skating by himself. I’d do that before I flew to Prague.

  2. “Není se ?eho bát. Není se ?eho bát. Ten kluk má koule. A džem. Mí?e a jam. Vystoupíte zatracený logo, Brooksie!”

  3. I had a bad feeling when first learn about Staal’s condition and I’m very afraid Marc has, what they call – serpiginous (vertiginous) concussion syndrome, when symptoms are exposed much later actual occurrence, and then periodically come and disappear, but what is worse of all, – could continue this way the rest of the life. It would be a real shame and tragic. Hope it’s not. Sending him in Hartford, med. and coach personal want to see how it goes in real, but “NHL light” game situations, even after he states feeling OK, to evaluate more precise his degree of readiness, using time left before tough start of regular season and without risk of too long flights. (the short ones are inevitable anyway).
    But ilb. can explain it better…mine is only emotions, based on my son’s(psychiatrist) horror stories.

  4. I am getting seriously annoyed by the situation, I am 99% sure his headaches are not concussion related and the doctors should just give him anti-migraine pills and check for possible pinched nerve or sinus problem as the cause of headaches.

  5. Well, bob, I wouldn’t hire you, I’ll leave it at that…

    4ever, I don’t have enough information on his condition to support what you said. Vertiginous concussion, in general, is a bit different from the one that starts presenting later, however.

  6. I’d leave it to medical professionals to determine, bob.

    I don’t mind them being extra careful with Staal. I wouldn’t be surprised or upset if we don’t see hil until November.

  7. …as I said, I’m not even an amateur here, just very emotionally concern fan, being in my family’s medical surrounding, with ever going stories on a background.

  8. Doesn’t help, that my sons (both doctors), used to play hockey themselves and are avid (read crazy) Rangers fans. So, you can imagine it’s like having mini RR live and physical sometimes,(picture Wicky, Tiki, ZzGreg and ORR together) in operation room, arguing before cut open some still hopeful, but more likely potential corpse (and he/she still can hear it).

  9. bob, that is an accurate statement, but to say you are 99 percent sure Staal doesn’t have a concussion makes no sense whatsoever.

  10. This entire European trip is SBN – Social-Business Necessity for Rangers, not more, not less, like offer they can’t refuse, IMHO. Hence, make no sense to even discuss technical pluses and/or minuses – *it is one small benefit for the hockey world and big pain in a collective Rangers assen.*

  11. can’t go with bob’s 99%
    but i do hope that
    the Ranger docs are checking more
    areas than just concussion symptoms.

    as far as bob’s talk about headaches
    i’ve been suffering with sinus-related headaches
    for a week now. had a few hours of relief last night
    when i was able to concentrate and get work done
    and few hours this morning/early afternoon.
    it was back to a decongestant/pain relievers
    and hot steamy shower
    (that last part sounds like a nice thing and can be to collect my thoughts
    but it’s starting to get a bit old…)

    if i don’t treat the sinus headache it usually moves into
    a full-blown migraine and at that point i’m toast
    a few stops calling “ralph” and i fall asleep
    pretty useless for the rest of the night and
    sometimes part of the next day

    could also be a jaw alignment thing.
    again, i would like to think that the docs are checking ALL posibilities
    after dealing with
    Hank (migraines)
    MDZ (sinus)

  12. i think it was just smart to leave him behind and be studied closer. plus you dont take chances with a young mans life or carreer for preseason crap. As previously mentioned, i dont care if i see him till Nov or later. as long as the guys Ok. skating in Conn is nothing but positives. it shows he’s not have reoccuring headachs after training alone or with staff.

    Get Well Marc!

  13. In Bob’s *defense* however, I should say, if most of the people on this blog can consider themselves, professional hockey GMs, routinely diagnose team and players problems, not knowing or seeing inside motions, why can’t he diagnose Staal condition remotely, with a high degree of precision?

  14. whatever the reason is for Staal’s headaches
    i don’t mind the team being cautious
    better to have him get some time in with players
    and see how he does than rush him to europe
    and find that the trip did more than anticipated.
    gives a longer look at other dmen
    and who stays, who goes
    if we need to bring someone in.

  15. Haven’t the Rangers publicly stated that it might not be concussion-related, publicly stated that they are investigating all possibilities and publicly stated that the guy has been visiting socialists?

    What more are they supposed to do/say?

  16. “bob, that is an accurate statement, but to say you are 99 percent sure Staal doesn’t have a concussion makes no sense whatsoever.”

    he had a concussion over half a year ago, right now he obviously doesn’t, but they are thinking it might be a post concussion syndrome. Looking at Staal’s nose it is very possible that the problem is sinus related.

  17. i wouldn’t go with bob’s 99%
    but it does seem odd that the headaches
    would prevent him in the summertime,
    months after the incident.
    i know that players play
    through pain but i would like to think
    that he didn’t play through a concussion
    just to get into the playoffs and for a few games
    against the caps.

    again, i’m not a doctor
    but we speculate on all kinds of things here
    including whether ORR!! would have been the perfect match
    for Megan Fox
    so there ya go!

  18. Stall is the face of the nyr defense, making him take it slow seems perfectly reasonable to me. I doubt the nyr have anything to gain by forcing the process. I also doubt the nyr will miss the playoffs if Stall doesn’t play until november.

  19. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    What about bob? Sorry, had to!

    I think it is a logical move, besides if Staal flew all the way to Europe, his arms would be so tired he wouldn’t be worth cooke in the games!!

  20. bob, the more you add to it, the less sense it makes. my point is, you can speculate all you want, but to say you’re 99 percent sure is ridiculous.

  21. I’m chomping on new Ben & Jerry’s. Fair Goodness Cake. Chocolate Ice Cream with German chocolate cake pieces, and coconut caramel swirl. I’m not that into chocolate though, but it sounds good.

    Also have a Boston Cream donut. It’s been a while. I haven’t had one since the playoffs. Need to get my taste buds back into hockey shape!

  22. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    even the military is removing soldiers that have been exposed to a blast. They have found that there is a lot more cuncussion symptoms related than previously thought. In 20 years we may know more about the subject, but as for right now, i am thankfull that most are erring on the side of caution. No one cares if it is or isnt untill its to late to reverse the effects.

  23. I don’t expect Jagr to be scoring every game. Even if he has an average year, similar to his last year in the NHL, it really doesn’t matter, as long as he shows up for the playoffs like he has in his last two years in the NHL.

    A week from tomorrow until the season kicks off! Can’t wait!

  24. ChirsOD (and possibly others) – The way Yahoo set up the leagues this year was weird, holding a spot for last season’s managers even if they weren’t invited. I cleared it out so there are spots now. League ID 55940, password rangers.

  25. Jagr sure looks good… he is build for NHL… playing with that kid Giroux, who will hit 60+ assists this year, be sure to count Jagr in for a very good season. Easy 60 points plus…

  26. I think he’s more important than Kopitar because the Kings have a bunch of pretty talented forwards. Johnson is good, but you can’t really compare the rest of the LA defense to Doughty.

    I’d love to see him have a good year too, ORR. Just not against us.

  27. I hate the fact that Jagr will be helping our division rivals – I respect his abilities and I liked him as a member of the NYR, but seeing him helping the Flyers, Devils or Islanders (and to a lesser extent, the Penguins) at this point just galls me.

    I wish that Slats would have signed him for just this one year – at least he wouldn’t be working against us achieving a playoff position. He’s not making that much money, and he seems to be a hell of a lot better, *even at age 39*, than many of our forwards, as C3 said above.

  28. I seriously doubt Jagr and Torts would have been a good combination. Yes, he’s better than Wolski, but he’s also 15 years older and as the manager and GM keep preaching about the importance of Youth it would have been a backward step (in my opinion).
    You could say that he would be a good 1-year stop-gap till Thomas, Bourque or Kreider are possibly ready, but with Gabby and Cally as RW1 and RW2, could you play Jagr at RW3 with Step and Feds or Rupp – possibly but it then puts a lot more defensive emphasis on the other 2.

    p.s. feel free to shoot me down, i’m just havin my 10 cents…

  29. It’s strange to hear talk about Migraines as though they had something in common with a concussion headache.

    Treatment for Migs is varied. I used to get them frequently in my childhood ( as did ny mother. She would would place a hot cloth over hers and lie down..try to sleep. Mine always began with an aura of wavy lines beside the field of vision and then like a nail through the eyeball…painful. She could not stand having anyone touch her head…i found that by her putting pressure on the focal point of mine, it diminished and then ended it. I doubt that there are any two migraines alike for different people. Haven’t had one now since I was in my late thirties.

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