Odds to win the ’12 Stanley Cup, the East and the West


Courtesy of Bodog:

Odds to win the 2012 Stanley Cup
Vancouver Canucks                   7/1
Washington Capitals                  7/1
Boston Bruins                            10/1
Pittsburgh Penguins                   10/1
Philadelphia Flyers                     11/1
San Jose Sharks                       11/1
Chicago Blackhawks                  12/1
Detroit Red Wings                      12/1
Los Angeles Kings                     14/1
Tampa Bay Lightning                  16/1
Buffalo Sabres                           18/1
Anaheim Ducks                         25/1
Montreal Canadiens                   25/1
Nashville Predators                    28/1
New Jersey Devils                      30/1
New York Rangers                     30/1
Phoenix Coyotes                       35/1
St. Louis Blues                          35/1
Calgary Flames                         40/1
Dallas Stars                              40/1
Carolina Hurricanes                    45/1
Toronto Maple Leafs                   50/1
Winnipeg Jets                            60/1
Colorado Avalanche                    65/1
Edmonton Oilers                        65/1
Ottawa Senators                        70/1
Columbus Blue Jackets              75/1
Florida Panthers                        75/1
Minnesota Wild                          75/1
New York Islanders                    80/1

Odds to win the 2012 NHL Western Conference
Vancouver Canucks                   3/1
Detroit Red Wings                      11/2
San Jose Sharks                       11/2
Los Angeles Kings                     6/1
Chicago Blackhawks                  13/2
Anaheim Ducks                         12/1
Nashville Predators                    14/1
Phoenix Coyotes                       18/1
Calgary Flames                         20/1
Dallas Stars                              20/1
St. Louis Blues                          20/1
Colorado Avalanche                    35/1
Columbus Blue Jackets              35/1
Edmonton Oilers                        35/1
Minnesota Wild                          35/1

Odds to win the 2012 NHL Eastern Conference
Washington Capitals                  4/1
Pittsburgh Penguins                   9/2
Philadelphia Flyers                     5/1
Boston Bruins                            11/2
Tampa Bay Lightning                  8/1
Buffalo Sabres                           10/1
Montreal Canadiens                   14/1
New Jersey Devils                      15/1
New York Rangers                     16/1
Carolina Hurricanes                    24/1
Toronto Maple Leafs                   28/1
Winnipeg Jets                            35/1
Florida Panthers                        40/1
Ottawa Senators                        40/1
New York Islanders                    45/1

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  1. billybleedsblue on

    Mornin’ Boneheads! I thought the Rangers’ odds were a little longer, but 100 bucks nets you 3000 when they win the cup, wink, wink.

  2. >>Avery will never get a break.

    Avery is a trash talker and gets away with it; we shouldn’t cry when other players do the same to him.

    [Heads Up!]

  3. Good morning all! Vancouver in the finals again! No hartnelling way! Besides, there will be nothing left of the city if they lose!

    Sigh. My poor Sweet 16.

    Well, getting ready to go Chicago bound…See you Sunday all! Behave!

  4. C3, according to FB, someone tried to hack my account from Phoenix this morning. I think that’s where Tony was! :)

  5. >>Washington Capitals 7/1

    What are the odds that Bruce Boudreau will be canned before the season is over?

  6. JBytes:

    “Avery is a trash talker and gets away with it; we shouldn’t cry when other players do the same to him.”

    I don’t think we should be upset by the trash talking in the abstract. I think I am more upset by the NHL’s inability to say that this type of language would not be tolerated. Fullstop. If Avery had used a racial slur, the league would have suspended him, and the media would be SCREAMING over the incident. I take bigger issue with the idea that people think whatever you say on the ice goes–because that’s not true (again, see racial slurs)–and that this sort of language is acceptable, if it WAS used. Which it isn’t.

  7. Boudreau has poven himself to be a pretty decent regular season coach. Playoffs are a different story.

  8. Vancouver will be helped by playing in a terrible division which at least gets them a high seed in the West. It’s just a tougher conference overall so it’s interesting that they’d be tied for the best odds.

  9. Offhand, the Flyers have placed Sestito on waivers following the hit Monday night.

    How do you think that’s going to affect his punishment (assuming Shanahan follows through as he did with the Flyers LAST dirty hit)?

  10. Disclaimer: I really dislike Avery.
    But imagine him in that scrum calling Simmonds n-word and the only thing they have is camera view and no sound.
    He would be done in NHL.

  11. Wow, Rangers still at 30-1 odds, but the defensive play and injuries aren’t helping.

    Anybody else interested in joining a Boneheads fantasy league on Yahoo? Drafting Saturday afternoon. > bmitchelf at yahoo dot com

  12. I am in full panic mode about my fantasy baseball FINAL night tonight. I am tied with my opponent and there is a few grand on the line. Since I am completely broke I need to win. Also, I would like to build some pride and character.

  13. Cup94
    I absolutely agree with you, I’m also not a fan of Avery. For the handful of really “effective” games he has each season, he’s a waste of a roster spot. I honestly don’t care what was said to him by Symmons. I’m sure the amount of trash talking Avery has done has been just as degrading to all in earshot of his fat mouth. Now when something has been said to him he’s now the victim…come on! Really?! I don’t care about his sexual orientation, why do we need to hear about it? He opened himself up for this…and what tiny amount of respect I had for him, is gone.

    Also why is the NHL so politically correct all of a sudden. PC is so incredibly stupid. Why is politics entering the game? The country is going to hell and now so is our game.
    Why do we have to watch Michelle Obama promote the league? I seem to remember a certain Sarah Palin incident in Philly that created a firestorm…yet Michelle Obama…no problem? Why the double standard? Why is the game I like so much starting to piss me off?

  14. Leine, I don’t think it will affect it at all. The AHL, which is where he’s likely heading, will respect the NHL’s suspension, if that’s what you were referring to.

    By the way, good post on the last thread. I agree with everything you said.

    It’s the +same+ as a racial slur, in my opinion. People may disagree, but that’s how I look at it. He definitely should have been fined.

  15. >>But imagine him in that scrum calling Simmonds n-word…

    Isn’t it funny how no one dares writing or saying the full word anymore? I’m surprised that no one has called for Patti Smith to rename her song to “Rock ‘n’ Roll N-word”. Now, that would be hilarious!

  16. >>Why do we have to watch Michelle Obama promote the league?

    I always laugh when I see her TV PSA. Her family has never been to a hockey match, yet she’s qualify to tell us about hockey? Weird!

  17. Wicky©hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    morning ILB and all!!

    And I agree with Leine and orr re last thread post by leine!

    has shanny ruled yet??

    maybe deveaux can beat the sestito out of sestito in the A.

    Isn’t sestito the same guy from the trade deadline last season that a few sources reported was going to the rangers and then it was corrected as the flyers?

    the europe games on TV at all? Other than MSG.

  18. Michele Obama RULES. She’s my favorite. I will fight anyone who dislikes her. Bring it!

    Palin is a psycho. She endorses aerial wolf hunting. It’s the least noble thing. No one has pride anymore!

  19. Leine

    ABSOLUTELY agree with you!

    lemee get this straight
    Avery makes a silly remark off the ice
    “sloppy seconds”
    and gets anger management
    simmonds makes a homophobic slur
    on the ice and
    it’s okay

    so homophobic slurs are okay in the nhl
    but not racist ones
    got it!

    let’s face up to it
    it’s Avery who made the accusation
    and if it was Avery who was accused
    he’d be suspended already before
    Shanny even had a chance to get into a tv studio

  20. and it’s really too bad that
    brian burke’s son isn’t alive right now
    because i don’t think he’d taken
    this approach very lightly.

    too bad his dad is ignoring it at the moment.

  21. lastly,
    in regards to what Avery said that was
    caught on the on-ice microphones….

    1) idiotic to have ’em near players’ benches
    2) his reaction was based on the flyers taking out Sauer
    3) we’ve talked a number of times on this board about how it’s
    not worth it to threaten the other team’s tough guy when they take out
    one of our important players because it’s essentially worthless.
    that it’s better to “threaten” or check/harass one of their better players
    to let ’em know what the consequences are. Avery making threats to giroux
    is just like that.
    and besides, it was said on the ice in the heat of the moment
    so i guess the nhl should treat as words that really hold no meaning.

  22. Regarding the Brooks article:

    “(Avery) has never told tales before. Believe me, he has been asked.”

    What the hell does that mean? Did he give him a polygraph?
    It sounds to me Brooks is saying Avery has told him the truth where the story to the public/league office might have been otherwise.
    How else would Avery build such credibility with Brooks by being “asked”?
    Wasn’t Avery on the opposite end of a similar “he said, she said” controversy when he allegedly made remarks about Jason Blake’s cancer?
    Maybe he admitted to Brooks that he did make such a remark … or something _else_ perhaps?

    “The NHL’s decision not to discipline Simmonds because of what Campbell stated was its inability to substantiate that the homophobic slur had been used, marked the end of the most dispiriting days I can recall since I began covering the league 36 years ago.”

    If Brooks wants to advocate for something fine, but that’s a little over the top, no?

  23. jpg

    Burke hasn’t ignored it. While a bit buddyish in his support for Campbell’s statement, he’s publicly condemned the casual use of homophobic language in sports.

  24. I find it comical that now that Avery is on the receiving end, its a problem.

    Michelle Obama is really the nobody.
    Palin was governor of Alaska and far more likely to be a hockey mom than Michelle my bell.
    and what does hunting from a helicopter have to do with running a state or country?

    “first lady” Michelle had no “pride” in our country until her husband became prez.

  25. Wicky©hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    While I agree politics and religion have no place on this blog, I am inclined to agree with staal wart on this one (minus the wolf bit).

  26. People who do not belong to any minority group, and who had never been persecuted or repressed for who they are, will have a hard time understanding how hurtful those “little” slurs, (be it sexual, racial, ethnic, etc.,) can be. They could pretend to understand and give a damn, but they really don’t.

    IMHO, Avery vs Simmonds situation is unique and should never leave the ice rink. But, if you get caught, then you should be dealt with accordingly.

  27. I have no pride in our Country either (sometimes).

    You realize that Michelle Obama was editor of Harvard Law Review and Partner at a MAJOR firm. That’s a huge accomplishment. Palin was governor of a psychotic and lawless state.

    Aerial wolf hunting is pathetic. At least face your enemy like man! It just says something to me about your character and what you believe is an OK way to treat, and be part of, your surroundings. It is not even hunting. It’s just slaughter.

    It’s true that Palin is a hockey mom. She should remain that.

    I guess we have to fight Staal!

  28. I also hate politics on the blog. I am just trying to be reactionary and funny. Although I do respect the crap out of Michele Obama.

  29. Staal wart,

    your comments are really idiotic at best.

    You lost respect for Avery for taking a stand against bigotry and hate speech?

    Hockey is not just a sport for these guys…it is their workplace. I am guessing that calling coworkers aslur doesn’t go well I your workplace , does it?

    As for your political bias….

    Palin paraded her family around in hopes of gaining support from as many different basis as possible and the Philly fans let er know what THEY thought of her.

    Michele Obama, wether you like it or not, is the current first lady. First ladys have always chosen a cause to promote while in office. Michele has chosen to promote healthy lifestyles for children and families. She is not promoting hockey in those commercials as much as she is promoting the need for kids to be active.

    Your bias and/ or ignorance is insulting to the rest of the world.

  30. The worst part is Simmonds pulling a “Serena Williams” and conveniently forgetting what he said. He should have owned up to it. I hope Stahl does to him what he did to Stajan last season.

    Actually, I hope he does it to everyone, cause that hit was awesome!

  31. Wicky©hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    you are reactionary and funny and that is why we love you!!

    philly fans also let santa claus know how they felt about him. they are philly fans…your point holds ZERO credibility on that point. The crowd was about 50/50 btw with cheers/boos, hardly a landslide, more of a dangling chad!

  32. Orr- I think Darcy Tucker said it and Blake wouldn’t confirm it. Whether it was because it was because didn’t hear it, didn’t want to lie or because of he thought it should stay on the ice, who knows.

  33. I’m not a hunter but I am told,
    that, uh, in places like in the arctic,
    where indigenous people sometimes might, might, hunt a wolf,
    they’ll take a double edged blade,
    and they’ll put blood on the blade,
    and they’ll melt the ice and stick the handle in the ice,
    so that only the blade is protruding,
    and that a wolf will smell the blood and wants to eat,
    and it will come and lick the blade trying to eat,
    and what happens is when the wolf licks the blade,
    of course, he cuts his tongue, and he bleeds,
    and he thinks he’s really having a good thing,
    and he drinks and he licks and he licks,
    and of course he is drinking his own blood and he kills himself,
    that’s what the Imperialists did with us with crack cocaine,
    you have these young brothers out there who think they are getting something
    they gonna make a living with,
    they is getting something they can buy a car,
    like the white people have cars, why can’t I have a car?
    they getting something they can get a piece of gold,
    white people have gold, why can’t I have gold?
    they getting something to get a house,
    white people have a house, why can’t I have a house?
    and they actually think that there’s something that’s bringing resources to them,
    but they’re killing themselves just like the wolf was licking the blade,
    and they’re slowly dying without knowing it.
    that’s what’s happening to the community, you with me on that?
    that’s exactly, precisely what happens to the community,
    and instead of blaming the hunter who put the damn handle and blade in the ice
    for the wolf,
    that what happens is the wolf gets the blame, gets the blame for trying to live,
    that’s what happens in our community,
    you don’t blame the person, the victim,
    you blame the oppressor, Imperialism; white power is the enemy,
    was the enemy when it first came to Africa,
    and snatched up the first African brothers here against our will,
    is the enemy today,
    and that’s the thing that we have to understand.

  34. Ddeb, where’d you hear that?

    Got this from Wiki

    Howard Berger of Toronto radio station CJCL The Fan 590 alleged that the reason for the altercation was a remark made by Avery concerning Jason Blake’s diagnosis with a rare form of Leukemia. However Avery denied making the comments, and served CJCL with a notice of libel. On December 3, the radio station retracted on air its allegations made about Avery.

  35. Wicky©hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on


    philly fans just suck period!!!

    I’d rather talk about magdalena neuner from the olympics!!

  36. Wicky©hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    I hate briere as much as I hate boyle (not flavah)

  37. Back to Brooks article and comment Brooks made about Avery not telling tales in the past…

    I took this to mean that Avery has never been a guy to run around and tell the media everything that guys say on the ice. People are saying that Avery shouldn’t be telling the media what players say. Brooks was making a point that Avery doesn’t have a history of “talking out of school” and that this incident crossed the line for him and that Avery felt it needed to be addressed.

  38. Wicky©hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    I think she is pretty hot..

    what did you think of the chick in drive angry??

  39. Wicky©hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    brooks is a wingnut…I just realized all my least favorite players (briere, boyle [not flavah], and blake) all are “B”s and not a fan of brooks either…hmmmm

  40. Wicky©hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    yes, I remember that. I still think brooks is a wingnut.

    thanks for the link btw

  41. Wicky©the game isn't over until somebody cries!! on

    does anyone remember who cam janssens fought a year or two ago that they were both throwing rapid punches for a couple minutes? I just can’t remember who he fought, crazy fight though!

  42. Joke – You could be right. True or not I think he should have left it on the ice. If the refs or mics catch it that’s a different story. For one thing it potentially puts your team mates in an awkward situation if they’re asked to confirm things.

  43. Joke, that is exactly what I understood from Brooks’ article. He used it as an explanation of why Avery even mentioned the incidence. He felt it was important because of what he promoted over the summer, not because it was personal offense. Simmonds should’ve been fined. That said, let’s not forget who Avery is, and what comes out off his mouth. He is mentioning their sisters, their mothers and anyone you can imagine. Where do you draw the line?

  44. jesse spector tweet mentions that Avery confirmed what media brought
    so it wasn’t Avery that ran around saying, “DID YOU HEAR THAT?!?!?”
    so he left it on the ice til it was brought up
    and simmonds did NOT deny it when it was brought
    he only denied when talking to cc.

    as far as
    burke making a comment about that
    please include a link
    was it in the past couple days?
    i’d like to check it out

  45. LMAO bring it, Manny… or…please don’t I may turtle like Avery.

    I’m not for hunting wolves from helicopters but I don’t see what it has to do with my first comment…so what…its not like she’s running on a platform of everyone hunting wolves from helicopters.

    First, chill out! talk about a knee jerk reaction!
    you’ve completely missed my point…Avery does’t seem to stand against bigotry when he’s yapping in someone else’s ear. He degrades women with his sloppy seconds comment, makes fun of someone’s disease, and now I’m suppose to applaud him for sticking up against bigotry and hate speech?…it seems he only does this when on the receiving end of said bigotry/hate speech. And yes, I have lost all respect for Avery long before this recent incident. I think he’s a complete waste of a roster spot.

    As for my so called political bias…
    I do like politics…however
    I AGREE with you, Palin shouldn’t have tried to gather political support from the fan’s in Philly.
    As for Michelle, Manny stated that Mrs. Obama was editor at Harvard Law Review etc. SO I can safely conclude that she doesn’t have a degree in nutrition or exercise…
    I do a lot of nutrition work and I think the steps she has taken to promote health lifestyles are ineffective and pointless. But thats another problem altogether.

  46. For what it’s worth, I was at the Palin game in Philly and they turned the music up so loud to drown out most of the reaction, it wasn’t that easy to tell, but I’d say it was on the negative side of indifferent. (Full disclosure: I didn’t vote Republican or Democrat…)

    Personally, I’ve no idea why racism and homophobia would be classed as political issues by anybody.

  47. Tony,

    great job!!!

    You can also see it as not only saving $$ to spend on grandkids, but also saving many years of your life that you will spend with them as well.

  48. Wicky©the game isn't over until somebody cries!! on

    atta boy tony!!

    it wasn’t voros, can’t remember who, but man they were throwing them

  49. Staal wart,

    my reaction was not knee jerk and I do not need to chill out, and I believe I completely got your point.

    Now onto your current comments….

    Avery has admitted multiple times to making mistakes in the past and has gone to great lengths to better understand what went wrong and to correct the situation. You could be accused of slander for your remark abouthis making fun of someone disease…do you have proof of this? Or are you just accepting tucker’s version of the events? And what Avery says on the ice may very well be inappropriate, crude, rude etc…but there is a HUGE difference between rude comments and bigotry or hate speech.

    And please use your expertise in nutrition to inform us how Michelle telling kids to eat healthy and exercise is both ineffective and pointless.

    I could be wrong but I believe barack was on harvard law review, not Michelle. I think she went to Stanford, again not sure about that.

  50. >>You lost respect for Avery for taking a stand against bigotry and hate speech?

    Avery could have taken a real stand by challenging Simmonds on the ice, where the line was crossed. Kvetching about it afterwards will not earn him brownie points with many of the players.

    The last time an opponent hurled a derogatory word towards one of my football teammates, he was smacked around so much that the referee had to rescue him by stopping the match. THEN, we filed a complaint with the league and had him banned for the entire season. Even his mother showed up crying and apologised to my team weeks later. I bet he’ll choose his insult words more careful next time.

    Oh yeah, my team was subsequently fined for fighting, but for the message we sent, it was well worth it.

  51. Ddeb,

    I hear what you’re saying…I wish I was on laptop so I could type out all I want to say.

    But I think jpg is right that media asked Avery before Avery spoke about it.

    if a coworker came to you and said “Bobby just called me a (bad slur) and I’m going to tell our boss”. Would you tell that person to not talk to the boss because it might make things in the office uncomfortable?

    I think a lot of the momma jokes and personal insults are to be expected and ignored…but racial or sexual comments can no longer be thought of as “boys being boys” or just lockerroom talk.

  52. JBytes

    While acknowledging that there is more than a faint whiff of hypocrisy about Avery’s position, I’d argue that *if* his intent is to try and make a stand and attack the use of that particular strain of derogatory language, it takes more courage in this case for him to bring it into the public domain than to “follow the code” and just win a personal physical battle, which does very little to stand up for anyone other than himself.

  53. Wicky©the game isn't over until somebody cries!! on

    correct me if I am wrong here but in the pic…brich, mdz, mza, rupp, prust, eminger??

  54. I was just questioning what made Avery so credible in Brook’s eyes regardless of Simmonds lack of an initial denial. If other Rangers players confirmed it with Brooks he could have said so without naming names. If the refs heard it too and failed to act on it properly that’s a problem.
    I just believe it’s innocent until proven guilty. If players are going to get suspended based on what a single player on the opposing team claims then let’s not get upset when Gabby gets suspended because some cooke claims Gabby called him a slur.

    Was it Simmonds that Avery punched while someone else was on top of them?

  55. I lost respect for after his comments on sloppy seconds. Talk about being degrading to women. I don’t think what was supposedly said by Simmons was right in any way, however now when Avery is the target, I’m supposed to be sympathetic…sorry.
    And Joke, Avery would have done nothing about what he said, don’t act like he put himself through counseling…he was forced by his employer to go through the behavior program.

    I would have enough space to go into the proper nutrition of children…but here are a few things to think on…
    Food is an industry, and it shouldn’t be…
    food manufacturers don’t care whats in food…they care about making money and about how food looks and tastes.
    Government subsidies and USDA is a big part of the problem.

    Proper nutrition starts in the home, not in the schools.

  56. Ddeb,

    good question…I thought it was sestito that he swiped at. But simmonds is saying Avery sucker punched him and I don’t remember any other incident where that could have happened. Avery definitely skated over and bent over to swipe at someone down in the pile.

    As far as evidence to support Avery…I saw the video clip of simmonds yelling at Avery when Avery came out of box. As Avery came across to bench, simmonds twice yells “firetrucking slurword” at him and linesmen standing right there.

    Idk…it is what it is and over with until the two teams hook back up. I’m guessing this will be a runnin storyline from here on out. Hopefully it won’t overshadow the winter classic etc

  57. Staal wart,

    I don’t think anyone is asking that you feel sorry for or sympathetic towards Avery. They are asking that you and others see that this incident (if true wink wink) goes beyond acceptable taunting.

    Wether or not Avery chose counseling or was forced to go is not the issue. The fact that he completed the counseling and has taken positive steps towards being a more mature adult is. If someone admits they were wrong and changes their behavior, at what point should people stop bringing that persons history back up for discussion?

    As for your food statements. I agree with each and everyone but fail to see the connection to Michelle Obama. Isn’t she attempting to get families to consider the vary points you brought up? It’s not like she is encouraging people to eat at certain establishments or buy certain brands of food. She is quite simply telling families to watch what you eat and be active.

  58. fran September 28th, 2011 at 1:32 pm


    I would hesitate taking the Islanders too lightly this season.


    seriously, i dont take the Islanders lightly… i hardly take them serious at all! lol

  59. I didn’t know that Joke. I probably should have researched things a bit more before commenting.
    I retract everything I’ve said. :)

  60. *Joke* you’re right. Barack was Harvard Law Review and she was Stanford. I confused the elite schools that they went to for their elite degrees! I think they met at some powerful firm they both worked for. I personally love them and am so happy to see a couple that is actually IN LOVE in the White House. They are so happy together (seemingly)

    *Staal* – I will put it this way. I hate politicians. All of them (politically). No one is liberal enough for me (usually). I judge them based on their positions on things though like any other citizen. If you are ok with people flying around in helicopters and gunning down wolves (much like the the Russia Government (no offense to you guys on the blog! I know YOU didn’t do it) did to the Afghani’s in the 80s) then you have a certain outlook on the relationship between human beings and animals and in my opinion Human beings and the Environment. It shows me that you don’t believe in a symbiotic relationship between the two. That we are somehow better than our environment and all other animals that live in it merely because we are humans. This point to me is insane. Every single day I thank my lucky stars that we invented Fire and Homes because Humans wouldn’t last 1 hour in the wild. Everything can kill us. Everything.

    As for Palin – the woman is an idiot. Being governor barely proves anything. Jesse the Body Ventura? Arnold Schwarzenegger? Are the standards really that high? She said she could SEE Russia from Alaska. Many people say they want leaders that are regular people just like them. I happen to want people that are WAY better than me in charge.

  61. Also – have you guys (who are against Michele’s campaign) left America? You realize that people here are disgustingly fat and obese and horrible to look at or smell right? It’s pretty much an AMERICAN phenomenon.

  62. Don’t be so sure Manny, if a wolf could fly a helicopter and shoot a gun we might be in deep carcillo.

  63. That is AWESOME, @CCCP@

    I totally agree CT. That is why I do not support giving air licenses to Wolves. I have outspokenly said this many times. I don’t mean to be a racist but Wolves should not have guns or helicopters.

    Yes LW – go take a bath in mild acid.

  64. czechthemout!!!! on


    You are an idiot! Palin never said anything about seeing Russia from her house. It was your fellow rocket scientist Tina Fay.
    But see if you knew anything about geography, you would not snicker at that comment if she had made it. As for her being “stupid” I guess Obama’s ivy league education is what taught him how to speak Austrian and of course it is there that he learned about all the 57 states that he visited during his campaign.

    As for Michelle my bell the nutritionist hypocrite. Why don’t you tell her to stop stuffing her face at the shake shack with fries, onion rings, double cheese burger, ice cream shake and of course a diet coke to wash it all down so as to keep her girlish figure. Need the diet coke to watch those calories!

    Give me a break! And while you are at it, why don’t you tell her to keep her fat ass out of my kitchen table.

  65. OK, folks, this is going to get ugly out of nowhere. There is no reason for personal stuff whatsoever.

  66. Manny (the idiot) on

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. Sorry for supporting our president and first lady!

    Airwolf was real quality. I would put it a notch above Iron Eagle II.

  67. I’m sure, Manny. It wasn’t about that. It’s just that different opinions can certainly be expressed without attacking each other. It also isn’t the best way to get your point across.

  68. Manny (the idiot) on

    Thanks, Tiki! I remember those “idiots.” That was a hilarious team. Whenever people tell me that they are a “Red Sox Fan” I ask them to name 5 players on the 2004 team. I have never had anyone get more than 4. Seriously. So many bandwagon fans.

    Tiki! Tiki! Tiki!

  69. I can name that entire team, including Curtis Leskanic, bum relief pitcher who maybe saw 10 games with them all year. Mostly steroid users, but for Tim Wakefield! In the 2004 brawl game, David Ortiz, Trot Nixon, and Gabe Kapler, all ‘roid maniacs took our starting pitcher Tanyon Sturtze by the dugout and were kicking and stomping the peepee out of him! :)

  70. Manny (the idiot) on

    OH man. Leskanic is my FAVORITE member of that team because of his Bones necklace. What a freak!

    Also, never forget Keith Foulke. Biggest knock on Red Sox fans is that they have ZERO respect for a guy that gave his career to win that Series for them.

    I remember that fight. I remember Sturtze, #56 and a resident of Worcester, MA, coming out of that fight with his ear bleeding and still pitching.

    Screw Kapler – Nick Swisher struck him out. Go back to managing in the minors buddy.

  71. Wicky©the game isn't over until somebody cries!! on

    did I mention that we should not talk religion or politics here??

    what time/channel/website is the preseason game on tomorrow…TYIA!

  72. I remember that necklace! Foulke was another roid maniac, LOL! He retired with a year on his contract to save them $8 million or so. Yep, Sturtze is from MA, but when you step between those lines, those teams, and fans, in boston understand that it’s war (no offense, wicky, to soldiers that risk their lives in real war for our freedom). Sturtze attends a few Yankees home games every now and then, and yeah, he was bleeding like crazy. The reason why they attacked Sturtze specifically was because Sturtzey was dominating them up to that point in the game. Kapler’s a punk, he could only beat on a defenseless guy with his “milkshake” consuming buddies helping him out.

  73. the Rangers had a player, back in the 80″s I think, named Steve Richmond. Richmond played a tough game, and every time he got into a scrum, he would yell at the opposing player. he would call him a F ing faggot. times have changed huh. players can’t yell things at each other in the heat of the moment any more.
    having said that,
    if it was reversed, and Avery had said what he accused Simmonds of saying, he would get fined and suspended.

  74. I love how many of you I impact, how many go out of your way in a negative way to stir things up with me. I cant believe I have that much effect on people Ive never met! Gotta go take my depression meds now! :)


  75. L’Shana Tova to all my Jewish (and none-Jewish) boneheads! Let the new year bring many victories on the ice (Let’s Go Rangers) and in our personal lives!

  76. czechthemout!!!! on


    You brought up the politics and the personal attacks on the politicians. I felt I had to respond because I don’t support the Marxist and chief and his bride because he is destroying the country that my parents sacrificed everything to bring me and my brother to.

  77. The country was destroyed way before him…right when the Twins went down. But enough with politics…

    cant wait for the game!

  78. Wicky©the game isn't over until somebody cries!! on

    thanks ct

    online only (for those of us who don’t have msg any longer)?

  79. I don’t know about the online broadcast. Online as in NHL.com stuff or a streaming site that Orr usually provides?

  80. “The country was destroyed way before him…right when the Twins went down.”

    Leave Joe Mauer out of this conversation, CCCP.

  81. >>… he is destroying the country that my parents sacrificed everything to bring me and my
    >>brother to.

    So basically, you think you love this country more so than its own sons and daughters do? Wonderful!

  82. Manny (the idiot) on

    Um…Steroids!? How many members of the 2004 Red Sox team were on ‘roids. The Majority? All the key pieces at least.

    The point – most baseball players use ROIDS

  83. Giants are eliminated from the playoffs Orr. Were you watching them this year, that might explain it.

  84. Tony

    Shana Tova means “A Good and Sweet Year” in Hebrew.

    Rosh Hashanah, according to Jewish believe, marks the creation of the World, or Universe. According to the old Hebrew calendar, Rosh Hashanah aka a New Year begins today at sunset ;)

    To have a sweet year, you have to eat apples, honey, and pomegranates!

  85. Tony, YES! It means “Happy New Year” AND “Lets Go Rangers”… kind of like how “shalom” is both “hello” AND “peace”. Jews are so complicated! Also, mazel tov on not smoking!!!

  86. Oh damn! I haven’t watched any Baseball, so I didn’t know they were eliminated. I just wanted the pot head hippie to win again.

    I will watch the Yankees games though, once the playoffs start. I’ll have to see if my curse still works on them.

    How about the Tampa Bay Diamond-things. Are they in the playoffs? Maybe I’ll root for them.

  87. It’s fun to think how important I am to some of you that you’ll cheer more vigorously against my teams than in favor of your own. I wield such extraordinary power!!

    Shana Tova!

    Proud of you Uncle Tony!

  88. Tampa is tied for the final playoff spot with Boston. If they win and Boston loses Tampa goes to the playoffs. If the results are opposite, then Boston goes. If they match results then they have a one game, winner takes all playoff game tomorrow. Or you might be referring to the Arizona Diamondbacks who have clinched a playoff spot.

  89. LW3H September 28th, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    “The country was destroyed way before him…right when the Twins went down.”

    Leave Joe Mauer out of this conversation, CCCP.


    LMAO!! Your sense of humor is as sharp as always!

  90. I apologize to both CTB and LW3H for taunts involving their teams. I do despise Liverpool because of their relationship, but taunts re: them have no place here. I always hope the Mets do well, aside from against NYY. And I hope Reyes wins the batting title and stays with the Mets, he did lose a lot of $$$ the last few months, so that could help him stay.

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Hello , everybody!!!!!! Im waiting to make my debut on oct 9th and will be here everyday untill we are crowned champions!!! We have a sick team here and I CAN’T WAIT!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEE , happy birthdayyyyy to meeeeee!!!! Today is my day bro…..

    I love all of you and Im looking forward to sharing all our cheers and jeers this season!!

    Its gonna be a ring a ding dong dandy!!!!!!

    The Rangers are comming!!!! Holey hell yeah baby .live it , learn it, respect it, btw way , “get the firetruck off the logo!!!!!”

  92. Oh, Arizona, yeah, those are the guys. I’d rather have Boston in there than the Tampa Bay guys.

    Speaking of Baseball. Milton Bradley was arrested for swinging a bat at his wife. He’s such an NFL’er!

    MLB = Major Lack of Bulge!

    Get it? Because they’re all on ‘roids, and they shrink your frank and beans.

  93. So let me get this straight…
    We lost Boogaard, Rypien, Belak, and the entire Locomotiv team. We’ve been told the new Jet’s logo is too militaristic, then we’ve witnessed “the banana”incident and a steady stream of hits from behind into the boards…and now this Avery/Simmond’s incident.
    It’s going to be a good season…it can only get better…right?

  94. Happy New Year, Sally, and all our Jewish friends.

    I really wish you’d all take your political talk elsewhere. It is the most polarizing topic in the world, moreso than religion (another thing we should stay away from). People on this side will never be convinced of anything by people on that side, and that is partly why our country is paralyzed. Because everybody lines up here or there, and nobody wants to budge. Idiots.

    Oh, and everybody on this side is patriotic, and everybody on that side isn’t. Idiots.

    Steve Richmond (who was Jewish, by the way) wasn’t the only player who used that word, if he did. Everybody used to say it in any skirmish every day. It was just an insult. Today it, and any other slur or perceived slur, is the crime of the century.

  95. I’m sure an OHL player got suspended for calling an opponent a “Euro” a few years ago.

    And take your obviously centre-ground politics elsewhere, Carp…

  96. billybleedsblue on

    wait, nevermind, maybe you got different odds Mark… actually, a buddy of mine said something like 40 to 1. I guess things change. Ok, back to politics. POLITICS, POLITICS, POLITICS, POLITICS, POLITICS!!!!!

  97. >>Would it be racist against midgets…

    “Midgets”, eh? Are you sizephobic or something? The acceptable term is “little people”.

  98. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    If it is “Wrong” to make a homo-phobic slur, than it is also wrong for people to run around in public bragging about their sexual orientation and forcing it on others who don’t want to know about it. Why do we have to hear about everyone in the world who is homo-sexual? Does anyone ever go public declaring “Hey, look at me I am heterosexual?” I don’t think so, and brother I do not like a one-way street in anything in life. Just don’t like the trade of you having everything your way, and me having nothing my way.

    Whatever happened to PRIVACY – your religions views, your income, your politics, your sexual orientation all used to be private and no one’s business? Now people wear the most intimate, personal details of their lives like a decoration chest medallion. Tired of it – keep it to yourself unless you are asked – and then REALLY keep it to yourself. Your chosen “Fishbowl lifestye” has a downside but for some reason it’s supposed to be all ducky and wonderful, and we are all supposed to love it and admire people who have no sense of decorum or restraint.

    And why should six-year old children have to deal with issues like this being explained to them? Can’t they have a normal childhood and upbringing without being dragged into the muck and the mire of society they will be finding out about, soon enough? So sue me, Mr. Bettman, if you don’t like my non-P.C. point of view, which I am supposed to keep to myself. See the stacked deck, there?

  99. Carp,
    that was my point, everybody did use it back then. Richmond did say it. I remember because a good friend of mine was a big Richmond fan, and would use it as well when we played.

  100. So did Trottier and Stevens in the infamous Bellows video I posted last night, bull dog.

    Very lame by Reyes. Didn’t Ted Williams refuse to sit out a double-header the last day of the season, hitting .402 or something, and ended up getting like four or five hits and finishing at .406?

    Now that’s manly. Hope I don’t offend anybody by saying that.

  101. From NY Times article:

    But it appeared to be a questionable move from a sporting standpoint, particularly on the 70th anniversary of the day Ted Williams played both games of a doubleheader and was 6 for 8 to finish his season at .406, despite having the opportunity to finish .400 by simply sitting the bench.

  102. Ted Williams also refused to acknowledge the fans in his final game with the team, out of spite.

    Ted Williams also refused to alter his approach at the plate when he was the only guy in the lineup, instead just keeping the bat on his shoulders, while his teammates left the men on base stranded.

    Ted Williams also missed time in baseball to serve in the military, as did Yankees and many other players from other teams.

    Gotta give him credit for batting and not sitting out the final games, but I have no problem with anything Reyes did. The Mets have never had a batting champion, the Mets have nothing else to cheer for this year, and the game was meaningless.


  103. Back then, the media had integrity. They used to be friends with the ballplayers, spend time with them away from the game of baseball. Players could confide things in the media without it getting out, the media wasn’t out to tarnish the players’ names, and most importantly, the media wasnt jealous. Today, it’s just the opposite re: the media, and it’s driven by jealousy of the $$$ that these athletes make. Sad what greed and jealousy will do.

  104. Here ya go Boom Boom, feel better:

    Boy the way Glen Miller played
    Songs that made the hit parade.
    Guys like us we had it made,
    Those were the days.

    And you knew who you were then,
    Girls were girls and men were men,
    Mister we could use a man
    Like Herbert Hoover again.

    Didn’t need no welfare state,
    Everybody pulled his weight.
    Gee our old LaSalle ran great.
    Those were the days.

  105. Politics, yuck. Unless we are talking NYS Politics, which is just hilarious in its ineptitude.

    I didn’t like the Reyes thing. Thought it was unfair to the fans who bought tickets to see what was possibly his last game as a Met.

  106. You’re right ddeb. My integrity comment was only referring to the jealousy aspect. I mean, how much $$$ is enough for these journalists, writers, tv personalities? You get to cover a game, a game you presumably love, for a living. These athletes bust their tails 365 days a year, suffer aches and pains for the rest of their lives, lose their memories due to concussions, the sufferers of concussions have their brains deteriorate at a more rapid rate, they miss out on their children growing up. Damn right they deserve $5, $10, $15, $30 million a year.

  107. Bernie Williams left the final game early in 1998 when was vying for the BA title with Mo Vaughn. Was that lame Carp?

  108. Bernabe stayed in for 2 ABs, got 2 hits, and was removed to rest for the playoffs. Ya know, being on the 114 regular season win 1998 New York Yankees.

    Reyes is an impending free agent on a team with nothing currently to play for. He has all offseason to rest.

    Next time, try comparing apples to apples, instead of apples to horses.

  109. That wasn’t to impugn on Williams who I think was a hell of a ballplayer. More to demonstrate that Reyes wasn’t doing anything unprecedented today.

    And you really think sitting that extra few innings would’ve made a difference in how fresh a player is going to be?

  110. And both players were doing it to ensure they had a better shot at the title. I find nothing wrong with what either of them did in that context. Avoiding downside risk is common in the game like giving a dangerous hitter a free pass with first base open or giving a pitcher an extra day off when the schedule allows it. It’s part of the game

  111. Still, the Williams and Reyes scenario are not the same thing. However, Reyes did nothing wrong, and IMO, did the smart thing.

    Yes, I do believe any extra rest when the playoffs start in 2-3 days is a good thing. The physical wear and tear these ballplayers take during a 162 game regular season is beyond belief. Keeping batters in on the final day for a couple of ABs is designed to keep their timing at the plate, while then getting the rest of the day off to keep them as fresh as possible.

    It is not the same thing as, but similar to having a batter in the American League get a half day off by inserting him into the DL slot.

  112. No coverage tomorrow


  113. Looking at the box score, Williams left in 5th inning. Again I doubt those 4 innings out of the entire season made any difference to his stamina.

  114. L’Shana Tova, ‘heads!

    I don’t know what I hate more, when people talk about politics or baseball :-)

  115. Carp,
    I wasn’t saying Richmond is a bad guy. I was just using him as an example of how times have changed.

  116. Im happy to agree to disagree.

    However, do you at least see the difference between playing 4 innings, going 2 for 2, and leaving after your 1st AB?

  117. as a Met fan, I have no problem with what Reyes did. the Mets have never had a batting title in there history, and I suspect that it important to the organization.

  118. bull dog, I am completely agreeing with you.

    not so much with a certain other commenter who once again has no freakin’ idea what he’s talking about.

  119. It all depends on whether Williams felt he needed more than a 1 for 1 to ensure the title. Obviously Reyes could have padded the lead even more with 2 for 2 or 2 for 3 but 1 for 1 still puts a lot of pressure on Braun to have a big day. But I don’t consider pulling a guy after the 5th inning to mean they wanted him to rest for the playoffs.

  120. LOL He took the bait! ….. Even though everything I said re: the media in this age and their jealousy and lack of integrity, I meant.

    Thanks for the positive discussion, CTB

  121. Something to consider about Reyes- he’s been playing the past few weeks like his legs are either bothering him or he is protecting them because he’s an impending free agent. I don;t agree with what he did, but just throwing another thought out there.

  122. Nice pass by Toews. Amazes me how goal scorers almost seem to be lucky sometimes. I can’t believe Kane is going 5 hole there. He’s just trying to get it off quick and get it on net.

  123. with Braun 0-for-2 it’s pretty much over – Reyes has now won the batting title. And it is important to the team – never a no-hitter, now at least a batting title. These thing do count.

  124. sorry but no respect for Reyes. had very little before, have none after today. but whatever works i guess to actually win something as a Met.

  125. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Hi carp

    Happy day (not religious so I’m sorry not sure what day, sincerely sorry and no disrespect intended) to all the Jewish heads out there!

    Baseball sucks!!!


    Happy birthday bro!!!


  126. Just found the games on ESPN.

    Cards are tied with Braves for the wild card with each playing in their last game tonight.

    Braves and Phillies are tied in the 9th.

    Cards are up big in their game, if they hold on and Braves lose -Cards are in.

  127. Each division winner and the team with the best record of the remaining teams in the league gets the wild card.

    Braves and Cards are both 89-72.

  128. As a political junkie along with the Rangers junkie it’s hard not to comment and here is a neutral comment. 25% of this country hated Bush no matter what and he squeaked to a second term. 25% of Americans hate Obama no matter what and he will squeak by for a second term as well, take it to the bank. Same reason the country is not going to elect Kerry or Romey, it’s the opposition STUPID. Your emotions won’t let you believe that but it’s the truth.

  129. jessespector Jesse Spector
    If there are walkoffs at the same time, Twitter might explode. Not Fail Whale. Explode. BOOM


  130. first off,
    for those who care
    i got the bee

    knocked it a little woozy with a Rush
    dvd case
    and then “caught it in the case and brought it outside.

  131. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THERE IS A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JUST LIKE 1978, ANOTHER EPIC COLLAPSE FOR THE RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THE Greatest team in the history of baseball LOSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much for beating the 1927 Yankees, eh?!?!?! CARL CRAWFORD I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FAITH IS REWARDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Buster_ESPN: In the span of about 20 minutes, we saw the two worst September collapses in baseball history.

  133. I love it!! They completed the epic collapse because of our 7-0 blown lead. It couldnt be sweeter!!! The Yankees helped their collapse!! This is one of the greatest feelings of schadenfreude Ive ever experienced. 2004, meet 2011!

  134. Robert Andino, I will never forget you! He beat the Red Sox 3 times this month! The Fightin’ Showalters! Wow! Stunning! Never lost faith. I wish I could share this with you Laurel! Id call you right now if you werent with Sus!

  135. Rick Sutcliffe, after the 2nd out of the 9th inning for Papelbon said:

    “I see the look in Papelbon’s eyes. He’s not blowing this one.”

    Thanks Sut!

  136. “This is one of the greatest feelings of schadenfreude Ive ever experienced”

    lmao – you’re whacked

  137. I promised Laurel a week that I would try to get along with everyone from now on. I told myself before the week that if the Red Sox completed the collapse, I would never be a D-Nuzzle again to any of you or to anyone. So here’s to being a cooperative and fun member of RR in the future…

    I apologize to Orr and Carp for calling you racists some time ago. I vow to change for Laurel, and for this community.

  138. @jtbourne tweeted

    During the most exciting baseball night I’ve seen in forever, I can’t help but think…”Man — I can’t wait for the NHL season to start.”

  139. Cant blame you, 3C. I do have a history. Im hoping it’ll be different this time. :) Ive never promised Laurel before, so there’s that…

  140. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yeah tiz is my bday , thanks Wicky!! You too CCCP , sorry I was mean to ya awhile back.

    When the puck drops Im gonna FREAK out , bigtime. No more garbage internet feeds this year , im going center ice all the way. I did it before and failed to do it last year…No more carppy feeds , saweeet!! I might peek on to see how Jagr is doing ….

    This is the year that Hank becomes ELITE or a bust!

  141. OK. Removing most of your Yankees hats, who’s collapse was the worst? Boston or Atlanta?

    Is it gameday? So tempted to jump on a flight to Prague – its only 3 hours away.

  142. The Whale is packed:

    Goal (4): Chad Johnson, Jerry Kuhn, Jason Missiaen, Cameron Talbot
    Defense (9): Lee Baldwin, Collin Bowman, T.J. Fast, Sam Klassen, Tomas Kundratek, Jyri Niemi, Jared
    Nightingale, Wade Redden, Pavel Valentenko
    Forwards (18): Jonathan Audy-Marchessault, Max Campbell, Chris Chappell, Brendan Connolly, Andre Deveaux, Tommy Grant, Tayler Jordan, Kale Kerbashian, Chad Kolarik, Chris McKelvie, Jordan Owens, Jeff Prough, Matt Rust, Connor Shields, Scott Tanski, Kelsey Tessier, Andreas Thuresson, Jason Wilson

    and soon joining them are Bickell, Parlett, Erixon?, Bourque, Christensen?, Bell?, Del Zotto?, Hagelin, Newbury, Weise?, Mitchell?

    Don’t know what happened to Jordan Hickmott, was he released?

    It is insane, even if we cut Chris McKelvie, Connor Shields, Jeff Prough, Chris Chappell, Jared
    Nightingale, Matt Rust, Brendan Connolly, T.J. Fast, Sam Klassen, Tayler Jordan, etc.

  143. Looks like Jordan Hickmott decided to go to college instead of AHL.

    great article: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=590109

    I agree with Tort that being decent (like Del Zotto, Erixon, Weise, Eminger, Hagelin, Christensen) is not really good enough when fighting for a spot.

    so far I think Mitchell, Zuccarello, Avery and Bell have clearly outplayed their competition and look like they deserve to be on the team.

  144. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Ted Williams played on that final day in 1941 because his aveage, going in, was .3995, which rounds up to .400, but as Ted stated, .3995 is really not .400. He got off to a good start that day and never looked back.

  145. nny

    When folks who live up in the northland hunt a species that is predatory by nature it;s usually to thin them out and and to preserve other wildlife.

    My old landlord in upper Minnesota years ago told me stories of his wolf trapping for bounty. He described the wolves as fierce creatures when running as the pack. He said that one year while looking for his traps, he came upon a clearing in the woods and he noticed up in the trees
    were torn up parts of wolves amidst the branches, but the snow around the clearing only held a massive Moose head’s antlers. No head, just the horns. He said that the snow was hard packed all around but not a drop of blood to be found. He explained that wolf packs eat EVERYTHING..they leave no bones no blood no hair ….nothing. He made a point of repeating that the wolves were badly torn up by the Moose bull….but in the end he simply became dinner for the pack.

    When they shoot wolves from the air it’s to kill them***…not necessarily for sport. It’s a highly efficient way to do the job. The north country folks have their own ways of dealing with their environment, and it isn’t always by marquis of Queensbury rules.

    *** To preserve the Caribou.

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