Winter Classic presser about to start


You can watch the event from Citizens Bank Park on, the NHL Network, or on the Rangers’ team site.

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  1. Just so you know Manny, I abhor the “city” of Boston for non sports related reasons. Short story, a few weeks after losing a family member in 9/11, my family and I were berated at a Red Sox home game that NY deserved 9/11, simply because we were wearing Yankees garments. Never cared about them prior to that.

    Not daring you, not taunting you, Carp.

    By the way, there’s a Flyers fan in the crowd with the name on the back of his jersey reading “REFUSUCK.” Id like to meet that guy and shake his hand!

  2. Presser!

    I have seen more overt racism in Boston than anywhere else on the planet. Food can be good. Music can be great. Good times can be had. Just tends to lend itself to that weirdo racist, homophobic New Englander attitude.

  3. so happy to be able to finally post. My laptop wasn’t letting me do so for some reason. in the words of George Costanza, “I’m back, baby.”

  4. Thank Carp. Do you know why there are only 3 Rangers on the dais and 4 Flyers? Is it because Flyers are home team?

  5. There’s a commercial for Gamefly on the online feed I’m watching. They need Orr to appear in that oen.

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