It’s Go Time!


Last chance to see your boys before they jet over the ocean for a couple of weeks.

I imagine there will be a fair amount of stuff to discuss during and after this game for a lot of reasons, most of them fairly obvious. did an analysis on the Rangers today in its 30-in-15 series.

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  1. I’m here sitting in section 118. God I hate these fans. Some assclown that looks like he just got out of jail started screaming “Lundqvist sucks!” at me before. Hope the rangers can show them what’s up

  2. ilb

    Welcome back!

    I’m in a cab going home from the city. Just picked up a new HDTV Monitor with TV Tuner for my office for only $400 bucks! A steal! Gonna hook both of my PC’s up to one screen!

    Let’s go Rangers!!

  3. gotta love microphones too close to the ice
    get a 24/7 taste of Avery threatening
    giroux for flyers hit on Sauer

  4. Feels funny seeing Jags playing against us in a Flyer uniform – I wish he didn’t come back to the NHL.

  5. Shanahan is going to have more work after tonight’s game.
    that was an absolute boarding call from the flyer
    on Deveaux

    ignorant assens!!

  6. also
    who is the flyer who took his own jersey off?
    wasn’t it the same player who got the boarding call?

  7. I thought they were supposed to call every push from behind to the boards. Missed 2 so far on the same side of the ice.

  8. btw,
    concerned about a future of
    nothing but 5’9″ forwards
    as i look out at our opponents
    who, other than briere, all look
    around 6’2″

    maybe we need to bring jessiman back, eh?

  9. Crap!! I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing that a lot this season when we play Philthy….

  10. Hanks wonderful puck handling has caused an injury to a Dman (Sauer), and Erixon is a human pylon.

  11. so nice to see jagr doing all the
    things he didn’t do in his last year
    for us.
    wonder if he’ll hold up during the year?

  12. you can see why it’s unfortunate
    that flyers got simmonds from l.a.
    he’s their type of irritating

  13. just once I would like to see Avery man up and drop the gloves. who cares if they get a power play in the pre season.

  14. With the way Simmonds is going all-out at Avery, I really hope that we’re not gonna hear about any racial “crap talk” being used after this game is over…..I have a bad feeling about this.

  15. He’s trying to help the team by drawing penalties – he’s playing a role, not trying to be Colton Orr…

  16. how many more freaking penalties can we take??! Preseason’s been brutal so far….. tell me it’s just because we’re giving guys looks and the team is a shell of what it’ll actually be…. geez. PS… Dubinsky’s been invisible thus far…. again. That is all….

  17. always amazes me how the flyers can find
    all these young talented players
    and then becomes this massive
    piece of carcillo neanderthals.

    not saying i don’t admire toughness
    such as a
    year after year
    they become a team loaded with

  18. unmanly?!?!?!
    are you kiddin me?

    a player can’t take a few f-bombs
    in the line of duty
    that’s his problem

    and if it takes him off his game
    and works to our advantage
    then hurray for us!

  19. I care that his antics are unmanly because I watch the games with my nine year old son. It’s a shame that there is a need for “agitators” who act like Avery in the NHL.

  20. isn’t Boyle supposed to be mic’ed for this game
    thought i read that somewhere
    wonder if they’ll show this tonight
    or on Rangers site at a later date

  21. with all the things that have gone on in the game so far, Avery needed to send a message and kick Simmonds ass. you think the flyers cared that simmonds took a penalty? that was no time for his antics, it was time for action.
    I would never say any hockey player was scared. that is not what I was saying.

  22. Olga Folkyerself on

    jpg- it the flyers jersey that makes them all look like criminals. It’s like an orange jumpsuit. Prison garb. Even Jagr looks thuggy in orange.

  23. Jpg, don’t you think it’s because that is the team’s “philosophy”? After all, Bobby Clarke, Paul Holmgren are in the front office…..and the ownership probably encourages their players to have a sense of controlled mayhem in their game.

  24. Avery’s antics in the playoffs vs Marty a couple years ago are about as unmanly as they come. Its who he is. Not everyone values masculinity and that’s fine. I just think he’s an embarrassment.

  25. The MSG guys played a “mic’ed up” replay of Boyle on the Thuresson goal – maybe that wasn’t played on the Versus feed, though

  26. That was a brutal and needless/pointless fight by Weise.

    Nice moves by Christensen, but he still sucks.

    Avery with a great assist.

    With Weise, Avery, Mitchell and Thuresson we got some nice depth, just hope nobody is lost to waivers.

    I think Sauer might be seriously hurt maybe dislocated shoulder.

    Avery is amazing.

    Zuccarello is all over the place.

    Flyers look to be a lot more physical than I thought they would be, but not as physical as us.

    Stu Bickel looks not bad.

    Deveaux looked pretty good and looked fine after taking a huge hit from behind.

  27. 6 suspensions in the preseason. Man, I love what Shanny is doing in coming down hard on them, but these players are just being idiots.

  28. Rangers look ok so far. They need to get away from this goonery and just stick to playing hockey, which they appear to be doing better than Philly. Weise took the beating of a lifetime. Avery is all over and really controlling the puck well. He should get consideration on the top line if he’s going to play like this.

    They just played the clip of Sather smack talking. What an idiot. I hope that dude falls off the betsy Ross or something.

  29. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound like Chico. But it is a challenge to have a 9 year old son who plays youth hockey whose name happens to be Sean and to convince him that he shouldn’t emulate Avery on the ice.

  30. Winston
    it’s not Avery’s fault that
    the stupid broadcasters
    put the microphones
    up right next to the players benches

    either that or the philly guy standing there
    has a very live mic

  31. Avery played hard
    and he jawed at simmonds
    and the flyer is not used to
    it and took the bait

    listen with the sound off

  32. Pretty tough to avoid the goonery when you’re playing in Philly and the opponent wants to continue it….

  33. Weise is a bleeder, at least a guy like Voros almost never looked beaten when he lost fights. Weise really should reconsider just fighting for no reason. Defending teammate is fine, but looking for a beating is just dumb.

  34. No, Avery should fight more because he runs his mouth and to not back it up is unmanly. I hate to see him yapping at someone then when the time comes to fight he turtles.

  35. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    Uh, in Jagr’s last year, he scored 71 points and had 5 goals and 10 assists in 2 rounds of playoffs (I believe he was leading the playoffs in scoring at one point).

    So to say he didn’t do anything that last year is simply false.

    And yes…I’m a Jagr apologist. Sue me.

  36. I think you guys are too concerned with Jagr. It won’t be long before he goes at it with Pronger; and we know he doesn’t score when he’s pouting.

  37. You just freakin’ knew that this was gonna be the case…..Jags is gonna kill us this season..

  38. There had to be an agreement made before the game to allow for each team to practice their respective special teams during the game…

  39. >>I’m thinking Jagr will wear out before January.

    And he’ll wear out his welcome the following month.

  40. Just incase anybody is reading this out of context or has not already assumed this, that is not actually Carp.

  41. Hi, I’m Brandon Dubinsky… I collect a paycheck, play at 50% and I’m too cool for school…… It’s sad, I used to like the guy.

  42. I haven’t noticed anything special out of Brayden Schenn he was supposedy best prospect outside of NHL.

  43. Stranger Nation on

    Absolutely horrible period for MDZ in his own end. If Sauer Power is hurt and stahl is worse than imagined, the first 2 months could be ugly.

    Poor lineup choice torts. Newbury, rupp and McIlbeast should be in there with the rook Herman monster in net.


  44. I’m really upset with myself that I’m posting this, but, you guys who are all like DFTT are contributing just as much to the troll’s antics as those who are actually responding to him are (no offense to any of youse personally, and I realize I’m doing the same thing that I mentioned). Just have to completely ignore it.

  45. On a positive note… the more I think about it, the more I’m not worried.

    I mean look- We’re missing Cally, Gabby, Richards, Prust (he’s a killer!), Bathroom Staal, Rupp….. To a lesser extent…Wolski. That’s 2 O-lines worth sitting out.

    If we play as poorly/undisciplined w/ all of the above in the lineup, then I’ll hit the panic button.

    Okay, that is all…

  46. You can never have enough good defensemen – we thought we were flush with them, but just one game, and………..

  47. I’m trying to figure out why they paid Bryzgalov that much…

    MDZ does look uptight in his own end, SN. He’s got very little confidence. Still. I think it’s up to Torts to work on it.

  48. That looked like a textbook example of hooking – I thought stick fouls were a priority to get right!?

  49. Jags sure looks rejuvenated in this game – maybe playing in the frozen tundra of Russia for a couple of years took a few years off his age….?

  50. yea i know orr. rangers just knockin it around barely connecting a pass. mitchell tried hes got adecent shot. dubys been pretty crappy. first period was great. aves n ec were playing good

  51. The same Mitchell that’s already played nearly a 160 NHL games and who the Rangers were able to acquire for A 7th round pick.

  52. hagelin does kinda blow. theseflyer rooks are all better and hagelin doesnt look like he will do much. hes a bust. its the big boys making a good impression

  53. hanks been beat like 12 times already. bunch of posts and crossbars. we need staal back! please get better staulsee

  54. Very disappointing game – true, we didn’t field a very competitive team, but with a lot of young guys looking for a spot, they didn’t show much….

    And yeah, we saw what to expect from Jags – but that doesn’t mean we can do anything about it!

  55. Del Zotto and Erixon are not looking too great. I have a feeling if Del Zotto doesn’t pick up his game soon, he’ll find himself either traded or in Hartford.

  56. jagr was awesome and had a harder shot at 40 years old than any of our pp d men. actually, i think hes got a better shot than gabby right now. well, its still preseason. we’ll see how he holds up for the winter classic. but damn he impressed the hell outta me. hes got instant cemistry with giroux. after what?a week? we couldnt get him someone besides nylandr to centre him for 3 years.

  57. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Ok, on break at work and dvr’d the game so I’m not reading any posts to avoid spoilers….

    I hope thuresson and deveaux don’t get cut, I hope it is ec and a young guy

    I hope jagr looks crappy in orange and we when!

    Back to work and then dvr in four hours

    Night assens

  58. billybleedsblue on

    And all Nylander did was skate around in circles while Jagr decided whether or not he would play that shift/night.

    So what’s up everyone? I missed the entire game, but just scanned through the blog. I will have to catch MZA highlight.

    Oh and, this made me laugh:

    “Olga Folkyerself September 26th, 2011 at 7:31 pm
    Jagr is DEAD to me…”


  59. Carp — if you are around, I just sent you a short/quick email. Please read it, sir. Thanks! :)

  60. im so depressed. our best player is willie mitchells brother. cant wait for next training camp when jt buster cant crack a spot over erik peewee hermansen. we need drury back.

  61. Willy wonka widget is reporting sprained shoulder for Sauer. Out a week at minimum.

    Thuresson and Deveaux cut.


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