Big preseason day for your heroes


This afternoon, at 1:30, they’ll be involved in the Winter Classic press conference at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, where the NHL will make all the official announcements and I’m guessing we might get a gander at the throwback logos and uniforms the teams will wear … plus, probably, ticket information.

Then they play the Flys in their final North American preseason game.

Then they head to Europe to finish the preseason and begin the regular season.


This occurred to me around 11:45 last night, while the Yankees were playing the Red Sox in a game that wouldn’t end. Last spring, the Tampa Bay Lightnings played their aasens off to help put the Rangers into the playoffs. Here were the Yankees, with a chance to help the Rays get into the playoffs, leaving A-Rod and Jeter on the bench for all 14 innings. Guess Joe Girardi’s not related to Dan Girardi.

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  1. I like the iPhone format.

    Oh and I think Thuresson and Deveaux are the next cuts. Erixon still looks to be the only rookie who’ll make the team.

  2. I hope they keep it simple. Nothing flashy. The Heritage jersey would have made a great Winter Classic jersey, but they had to blow it and use it last season. Ha! Maybe a white version of the Heritage jersey is what they’ll make.

  3. Amen, ORR. That’s a great point. The Heritage jersey kicks butt. A White/Creme version would be pretty amazing if the red was a nice maroonish red and the blue was that awesome heritage blue!

  4. because the Rays are hot the Sox are not and the Yankee$ have no class. No More baseball Hockey is here and a real sport with a cap where the rich cant buy their teams and the poor have a shot.

  5. not sure if this was mentioned…NHL network is having a 2 hour “special” on todays announcement if anyone wanted to set their DVR


    *Rangers claim Jason Krog off waivers from Atlanta (Updated) (Rangers Report)”

    Well this was enough to roil the bile in my stomach…Carp, you’ll have to thank LoHud for almost ruining my morning with the link to that old post…

  7. Hey everyone. Anybody know what the promotional code is for the presale Ranger tix at Ticketmaster is? Tix go on sale today and I need the code!!!

  8. Good morning Rangers’ fans! How is everybody today?! Tonight we see if Wolski’s got that ‘jam’ without the top guys around him. Also, I hope our D is strong. Protect the goalie always but even more in Philly! Booooooo Jagr! Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  9. Give Julie the Code!


    Dark Helmet: It worked, sir. We have the combination.
    President Skroob: Great. Now we can take every last breath of fresh air from Planet Druidia. What’s the combination?
    Colonel Sandurz: 1-2-3-4-5
    President Skroob: 1-2-3-4-5?
    Colonel Sandurz: Yes!
    President Skroob: That’s amazing. I’ve got the same combination on my luggage.

  10. haha. I’m lucky I didn’t smash my laptop. I was just waking up and saw only ‘Rangers claim Krog off waivers,’ not the Atlanta part. Man, that was a rude awakening. Next I was expecting to read they’ve got Isbister in camp too.

  11. Hey All,

    I haven’t been following to much lately but after seeing this banana throwing incident I felt the need to say something. I know most here have fun poking at each other n we even have some NJ fans who follow this site. But what happened the other day is inexcusable. I’m not black, but if I were the outrage would be tremendous. Maybe because it happened in hockey but it doesn’t seem to have generated the out cry I thought it would. While that is good for the NHL it still doesn’t sit well with me as a fan of hockey and no matter what your team hockey is a great sport. I’ve always thought hockey fans were a step above most other fans. You don’t hear about fighting in the parking lots like at football games, and it just always seemed it took a little more to be a hockey fan in the United States. We don’t get regular coverage of games, and by far our sport is least talked about on most TV sports channels. I must say I’m embarrassed and feel horrible for the player that this happened to. The color of his skin doesn’t say anything about him, or about his ability to play hockey. We are hockey fans, we are a little different but fan standards, and I hope nothing happens like this again. Sounds stupid but just still in a little shock at this, in this day and age. That fan should be banned from any and ALL future hockey games.

  12. On a somewhat lighter note, and not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but can you imagine the conversations around the Staal dinner table??!! Wouldn’t it be great to be a fly on their wall. LOL

  13. Carp and company, yesterday I had issues with the site on my Mac. The site would start to load then freeze with no content visible. I didn’t get Krogged, the posts I could see before freeze were current.
    Did not check it from the Mac today but on my PC it works fine. The iPhone version seemed to be working too. I’ll have to check the ipad later today.
    Hope that helps.

  14. Carp, I have a problem that has been ongoing for like three or four months using Firefox. Sometimes, when the page is loading, it gets stuck while “transferring data from” or something like that.

    Anyone else have that problem?

  15. Doodie I think you can fix that by making sure your pop up blocker adds that to the black list or blocked sites. I’m pretty sure thats what I did, but I use Google Chrome.

  16. Has anyone ever created a room for the followers of this blog? Someplace were you are making real time comments etc.? (chat room)

  17. I got my tickets AckP! Thank you so much. They’re up a little higher than I wanted, but at least I’m in the building. LOL

  18. Hagelin is currently being used as a dummy for teaching people how to check guys into the boards. Tomorrow they work on open ice hitting. He will be made to skate slowly and with his head down while he is hit repeatedly.

    Then he gets traded.

  19. Thanks CT, appreciate the good word.
    Glad to hear Julie. I logged on a little late today otherwise I would have passed the code on earlier.

  20. lol CT, which Weird Al tape? If it’s Dare to be Stupid, I say make the trade if they throw in a tray of cupcakes. I’m kidding, of course. I don’t wanna see Hagelin go so soon. Team Sweden, err, Detroit will still be interested next year if we still don’t like him then.

  21. That’s OK AckP! Only thing that matters is I got my tickets. I’ll be at the Feb 12 game against the Caps. Can’t wait!

  22. BTW, AckP we get our money back if the Rangers lose the game right?
    >> Yup, as soon as the Rangers reimburse me for all the games lost I’ll pass it along. lol

  23. Weird Al for 1st line LW!

    Well, if you ask certain Rangers Report posters (I wont name names!), everyday the Rangers retain Hagelin is another day the Rangers are losing out of getting something of value for him…LOL!

  24. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    Love the post and baseball sucks!

    It was a trick, there is not an Atlanta in the NHL any longer!!

  25. Just you wait Wicky. There will be a 3rd Atlanta team in no time. 3 teams for Atlanta, none for Quebec City, viva Le Bettman!

  26. Mr Jam

    I will be watching to see what happens to Mr Gilroy this coming season. I can get the Tampa papers down here easily…even though most of the papers still give hockey short shrift.

  27. IWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I sent the jagr TP out this morning!! (unused)

    The Crosby winter classic concussion game is on NHL network right now

  28. Afternoon, heads! I had more time blogging when I was thousands miles away and 7 hours ahead. WTB?

    Did you see the Flyers lineup? —–>

  29. Can someone give me a serious run down on Hagelin?, and what is it that’s so bad? I haven’t been able to read a lot about the Rangers over the last 2 weeks or so. I appreciate it thanks in advance.

  30. Wicky©hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    I hope the two forward cuts tonight are EC and well….doesn’t matter, but probably the bahama bomba (I was hoping he would stick a bit longer, but probably no need for him when playing europansy teams)

  31. Wicky©hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    I think the rangers winter classic logo is hideous—>

  32. I just found out I might have to take the train to Boston one of these upcoming days to pick up some documents. BLECH.

    I, like Tiki, abhor the “city” of Boston. Not for sports reasons. And yes, I have spent PLENTY of my life there.

  33. billybleedsblue on

    Manny, to pick up some documents? Uhm… what about email or fedex? I am imagining you with a handcuff tethered briefcase and a cyanide pill hidden in a fake tooth in case you are captured. The briefcase would of course have a special code to destroy the contents in case you are captured and need to bite down on that tooth. But seriously, how ’bout electronic transfer? Also, Boston is a great city IMO. Go have lunch in Little Italy, it will make everything o.k.

  34. Yea it’s COMPLETELY ridiculous that I would have to go there. I mean…have these people heard of FedEx and DVD-Roms? I don’t really understand why unless….no there actually is no reason why this would have to happen!

    I do love the food in their north end little italy. I will make some great stops. Just not that into the people there.

  35. “Documents” = “300 pristine-condition back issues of Butt-Man magazine from estate of recently deceased Boston-area collector”

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