Tomorrow’s lineup at Philly


From the Rangers:

D: Del Zotto, Girardi, McDonagh, Bickel, Sauer, Erixon.

F: Avery, Dubinsky, Boyle, Weise, Deveaux, Mitchell, Zuccarello, Christensen, Anisimov, Thuresson, Bourque, Wolski.

G: Lundqvist, Biron.

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  1. Ha! I hear ya Carp. But I’ve got two flights in my future this week, followed by the loooong one next week to Sweden so I’m running out of time to heal up. Nothing like a bad head cold at 40,000 feet to really hartnell you up.

  2. I ended up in a hospital on the road twice after flying with a bad head cold, and another time I passed out on the plane after taking meds and dehydrating. Be careful.

  3. I am/will, thanks. Hopefully I’ll be better by Wednesday. I once got good advice from neighbors and it worked pretty well…”ear planes” ear plugs and a certain nasal spray. It really helped. And I always drink lots of water. Pray for me, and the poor person who may sit next to me :)

  4. Was thinking the same thing, Carp (sorry, mama). Could be between him and Weise. MZA, from what I saw is in.

  5. I’m flying 3 million miles with an Avery jersey in my bags. I do not want to hear this, do you hear me????

  6. Stajcer doesn’t need to play this game. It’s not like he’s battling for a spot on NYR. Let Hank and Beer-On split it.

    I don’t know what the Flyers lineup will look like, but I hope Jagr plays. Hartnell might not. Apparently he had an elevated heart rate in his last game that wouldn’t go down.

  7. well, this was the only way we were winning this game, if Vickie went out. Get a score of any kind here and hope for no collapse

  8. Stupid play call. Got away with it.

    Would be huge if the Bills were able to win today and end their 40,000 game losing streak to the Pats.

  9. Victor Cruz had a breakout preseason last year (even though preseason really doesnt mean anything) and then got injured for the year.

  10. Wow! Stuff that one Andy Reid!! You have a druggies for kids and a criminal for a QB! And you have the bum signed for 6 years and 100 million!

  11. Also! The best part of Oktoberfest last night was running into a kid with a Cally t-shirt on. I walked right up and gave him a high five. New friends!

  12. LOL @ the Bills! They just gave him all day long on 4th down. This is why the Bills will never win against the Pats. Just left Wes Welker unattended.

  13. Why you’d let the greatest QB in NFL history, the child abandoning, attempted murderer Brady have all day is beyond me!

  14. I despise them Sally. I just have to laugh rather than get angry. The Bills just ran a perfect screen pass. Thats how its run. Take note, Gilbride.

  15. The idiot Bills guy just went in for the touchdown. All he had to do was get down at the 1 like MJD did 2 years ago!!!! Come on!!!!!!

  16. He was down at the one. Nevermind, you have to take the TD, otherwise you risk leaving the Pats down 3 with a whole minute left to get in field goal range.

  17. I hope this is Christensen’s last game as a Ranger.

    I like Weise, Avery and Mitchell, too bad for the damn waivers.

    Most likely we keep Avery as 13th forward and take a chance losing other 2 to waivers.

    Also maybe we keep Weise as a 14th forward to avoid losing him.

    I am also really interested in seeing Thuresson he might be another one in the same situation.

    Devils have no depth, I am sure they’ll grab a lot of good players off waivers.

  18. They’re getting screwed. The simple task of kneeling the ball down is not allowed by the Patriots. They’re instilling fear by trying to murder people.

  19. The Patriots are drawing this out hoping for a mistake. By shoving people on the ground, instilling fear, and trying to murder people by stomping on heads.

  20. I don’t know much about American Feetball, but everything I read before suggests that this Giants win is the biggest upset in professional sports history. Is that correct?

  21. No flag??? No flag??? No cheatjob???

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! The Bills have done it! Do you believe in miracles?!?!?!?!?! YES!!!!

  22. The Bills have done the impossible!!! Theyve beaten the unbeatable Patriots and the greatest QB in NFL history!!!!!!

  23. Man, I love this city! People here are more excited with every regular season Bills win than NYC was when the Giants won the Super Bowl.

  24. Are you people retarded? What there are no football blogs and boards that you have to spam a hockey blog with other sports?

  25. What is this football of which you speak? Where am I? My head is cloudy enough…

    ILB, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!! (hee hee)

    Hartnelling having to work on a Sunday while sick. Freelancing is for carcillo.

  26. Actually, the Giants Super Bowl XLII win was the biggest upset in American Sports history!!!! YES!!!!! BILLS!!! SALLY!!!! LAWRENCE TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. wicky© (non visor wearing poutine addict) on

    from last thread, It is way too soft of a line up!!

    GO RAIDERS!!!!

  28. Tiki, I was all about the Giants winning that game. Just saying, when I stuck my head out the window after that win I could hear like 3 people yelling, which is kind of normal for NYC. But here, EVERY SINGLE Bills game I can hear people screaming in every other house…

  29. ORR,did you see the video of the guy with the katana sword going up against the police!
    we need THAT dude,ill throw in Haglin,kid is surely a bust anway!

  30. This is for everybody. I had a whole carcillo-load of problems with a couple of jackwagons over the summer, and I am sick and tired of being harrassed. and sick and tired of people who don’t tone it down when I give them second, third, fourth chances.

    and now I am not going to put up with this crap anymore from anybody.


  31. hawks /wings should be a good game,cream of the western crop.
    this preseason seems pretty intense(as all the suspensions show),I like BlackHawks coming out of the west this season.

  32. I heard Gillies and Jansens had a couple good scraps last night,anyone at the arena for that one?lol.
    they dont even bother televising that one,sad really.

  33. carp,
    you could of taken care of you know who quite awhile back. you look the other way for him quite a bit.

  34. Not to take sides, Tiki is on pretty good behavior, but most of you continue poking him with sticks. If you can’t take his humor with a grain of salt, then just ignore his posts.

    Stop the personal stuff, all of youse. That includes you, blogfather.

  35. Man, I am out of shape. My town’s Soccer Day was today, and they have a coaches game. I’m gonna have harddddd time waking up in the morning.


  36. With respect, Fozzy, it doesn’t take any stick-poking at all most of the time. CTB and I, for example, are hardly the most antagonistic people on here, but we’ve both had unprovoked crapola thrown our way. For the record, I’m grown up enough to really not care at all, but I can understand people getting turned off by it and the sheer volume of it makes skipping posts difficult too.

  37. wicky© (non visor wearing poutine addict) on

    NO WAY!! It came as a set of signed exelby and witt bookends with a willie mitchell signed reading lamp!!

    I have jagr toilet paper I’ll send you though (unused of course)!

  38. Foz, with all due respect, this goes deeper than the last few days … and it involves some crap that I’ve repeatedly asked him to not bring up.

  39. Werek was the next coming of Corey Perry, according to some Ranger fans…Bwaha!

    From Wiki…”Cromartie has fathered nine children with eight women living in six states.”

  40. wicky© (non visor wearing poutine addict) on

    woo hoo RAIDERS!!!! YEAH BABY!!!

    sorry you guys, the raiders rarely win anymore so I have to take them when I can get them!!

  41. Oh-oh…….I may have just walked in on a knife fight…….WTB is going on here!?

    I’m not surprised that Valentenko isn’t as keen on playing in the KHL – that whole operation over there sounds “Bush League”(TM I forget who!) to me – Cherepanov dying without an ambulance in the arena, and old planes that fly like boulders…..stay in North America, kid!

  42. wicky© (non visor wearing poutine addict) on

    well, LW is mad at me because I promised him a signed exelby jersey, but as I noted above, I can’t break up the set. He clearly isn’t interested in jagr TP (unused…also noted above)!

  43. Hi Wicky! Yes, I noticed that with LW – but it was the other rumble I was referring to.

    I was at my bank’s ATM earlier this evening, and there was a young guy there that was wearing a Penguins hoodie – I wanted to slug him, but I refrained…

  44. No, Wicky, not exactly! But I’m sorry about that disagreement, too……Jagr TP? Does it have his picture on each sheet?

  45. Jimbotron! I like that!

    I’m doing well, Latona – and how are you? Aside from being worn out from your exploits earlier today, I mean?

  46. Just saw the movie “Drive” big hype…nothing more. was expecting A LOT more! For a movie called “Drive” there was a lot of non-driving.

  47. I’m doing okay, thanks. Where’s eddie been? Along with Mickey, ORR, and CCCP, and occasionally some others, we (when I’m posting rather than just perusing) usually make up the night crew here, a crew I enjoy heartily.

  48. Lots of work and travel coming up for me til Oct. 9. After this Tuesday may be a while til I can read/post regularly, but Krisy and I promise to check in for start of season! LGR!!!

    Head friends, if you have my e-mail, feel free to stay in touch. If not….later alll!

  49. Latona, glad you’re doing OK…..I don’t know what happened to Eddie3! He stole MickeyM from Wicky and I, then he disappeared! Mickey has been around here, but since she threw us over, she doesn’t “talk” to us much anymore! ;)

  50. billybleedsblue on

    Maybe Tiki should be banned for this nonsense:

    Tiki September 25th, 2011 at 11:55 am
    The Giants are in for a major beatdown today!!! Hip Hip!

    Tiki September 25th, 2011 at 3:46 pm
    Our win probability right now is at 87%.

    Haha, unless of course he was talking about the Yankees game, so even if they aren’t connected, I say ban him. Lol, kidding… but not really. XD

    And just a minute before (@ 3:45) he said “Victor Cruz had a breakout preseason last year (even though preseason really doesnt mean anything) and then got injured for the year.”

    I think he was still talking about the Giants (Not the Yankees) with the “Our win…”

    LOL, I know I’m asking for it, but man… c’mon, just stop! You’re too funny!

  51. I love so many of you all. But so many of you all also make me glad I’m going to be away for a while. Tsk, shame and newspapers on noses all around.
    That’s my wicky for tonight…..TA.

  52. wicky© (non visor wearing poutine addict) on

    clearly our laurel quotient will be significantly lower for a while!!

  53. wicky

    nice! but i like my video better! i love “Tool”…

    Tool and Dream Theater are two of the best rock bands in the world! Period!

  54. billybleedsblue on

    Nice Vids guys.

    I have to agree with Carp that I’d like to see McIlrath in there. I’m also of the opinion that Torts knows what he’s doing and is going to start making some decisions soon. Every man’s gotta take care of business. I know it’s corny, but I like the lineup. Let’s go Rangers!!!!!

  55. wicky© (non visor wearing poutine addict) on

    I agree about mcilrath. I got a totally different vibe from the short vid link on wasabi—> than I got from the quotes on whackamole—> about mcilrath from torts today!

  56. Stranger Nation on

    Seems a lot calmer in here now. Some of the BS needs a filter – thnx Carp

    On one hand playing the youngsters vs. the Filth sees what they bring to the table.

    On the other, McIlbeast, Rupp, and others who can and will throw need to be in the mix.

    Jagr playing?

  57. Hey gang, been beautiful down here in STL over the weekend so been taking advantage of it and being outside a lot.

    Kinda a weak lineup for the Flyers, if you ask me.

    Staal not going with the team really worries me.

  58. Hey Mickey!

    I thought the Giants were going to get pounded today, taking into account our epic collapse at home against the Eagles last season, our injury situation, and the game being on the road. I convinced myself before the game started that we had already lost so that I wouldnt be angry later at the inevitable loss. Unlike the jerk that suggested this was the greatest upset in American football history, it wasn’t even the biggest upset of the day (Bills defeating Patriots). The Giants offense played well, the play calling was more of the same, uninspired and predictable. The defense played stellar. The only way to win this game was to pressure Vick and take Vick out of it by punishing him physically. Anyone that knows football knows that Vick is not a very good passing QB. They were the popular Super Bowl pick before the season, but the Eagles will never win anything with Vick as their QB. This game is a building block for the Giants, and only means something if they go out and beat the Cardinals next week. The Giants need to do the same thing every week. Punish the QB, make them feel pain. That’s how the 2000 Ravens won, by punishing and oft times, injuring the other quarterback. That’s how the 2007 Giants won in the playoffs, by punishing the other QB. IIRC, the Giants sacked Brady 5 times in Super Bowl XLII, and hit him many more times. All of that 2007 season, Brady never felt that kind of pain. He got to waltz around the pocket with no fear of being hit.

    Similarly, when wicky talks about crease clearing defensemen and physical players, he’s right. The Rangers have a great chance to come out of the East this year with their talent and youth. What we need is a healthy Staal, and for Staal to quit trying to poke check the puck and take the body. Staal needs to be healthy and intimidate opponents and punish them physically. Also, enough of the blocking shots in front of our own net from Girardi. He too needs to be physical and make opponents coming to our net pay the price.

    The one thing Ive learned over the years from the Boston teams is that you need to intimidate other teams. That’s how they’ve dominated sports since 2002. The Red Sox are at the top of the league every year in Hit Batters. Their pitchers strike fear in batters, making them adjust their tactics at the plate. They make batters think twice about crowding the plate. The Patriots late hit on nearly every play, causing just a little extra pain and making the other team know that if they attempt to gain extra yardage, they are gonna pay for it. The Celtics dont let you get easy baskets. They throw you to the ground, they chop your arms, they make you pay the price for taking the ball to the basket, thus deterring opponents from doing so in the future. The Bruins lay you out after every goal scored upon them, they drill you into stanchions with no regard for the opponents’ health. They make opponents pay nearly every time you get close to their net, or sniff their goalie. Bottom line, you win with crass, not with class.

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