Major Winter Classic announcement tomorrow


My sources are telling me there’s a chance that the Rangers will be chosen to play in the Winter Classic this year, and that this will be the announcement tomorrow at a 1:30 p.m. press conference at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

I hate to jump to conclusions, but if that’s not the decision, it should be because, by complete coincidence, the Rangers’ front office and coaches and some key players are going to be at the press conference, and as fate would have it, the Rangers are playing the Flyers tomorrow night, and — this is where it gets spooky — the press conference is going to be webcast on the team web sites of both the Rangers and the Flyers.

Oh, also, both of those teams are scheduled to play each other in Philadelphia at 1 p.m. on Jan. 2 on NBC and guess what … the Winter Classic is also at 1 p.m. on Jan. 2 on NBC!

Plus, HBO has been at the Rangers training camp. And our friend Adam Rotter of the SNY blog found this photo of the Winter Classic logos on the Citizens Bank scoreboard:

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  1. Good morning, boneheads! I’m back home. Nice to be back. And I’m ready for some big time hockey!

    What’s doing?

  2. ilb,
    hagelin is being traded for a 2nd or 3rd round pick, and the Rangers are going to put Staal in a pkg to get the first overall draft pick next season. to get Yakapov. otherwise not much doing.

  3. billybleedsblue on

    Welcome back Captain Ilb!

    bull dog, are you serious? Hmmm… me thinks not.

    It’s about time the Blueshirts are in the Classic, although, I thought that Philly/NYR was a foregone conclusion for this season?!

  4. billybleedsblue on

    Well, may as well throw in Lundqvist somewhere in these fantastic deals. Geez, whatzerman the heck is wrong with some of youse? <– rhetorical question.

  5. Lol, bull dog… I read the comments, I’ve seen all these suggestions, didn’t think it was necessary to participate in that conversation. Again, thank God none of us is a GM of the team. But for people who suggested to trade Hagelin- I bet Detroit would take him in a heartbeat. And I’ll give you two reasons: Valtteri Filppula and Darren Helm. They were both brought up slowly, different players. But one thing is common: SPEED. Hagelin has it. You don’t just give up on 23 yr old, coming out of college with that skating ability.

  6. iDoodie machetto on

    O. M. G. Carp! The Rangers are going to play the Flyers in the Winter Classic?! I had no idea!! You just broke a huge story!!

    In all seriousness, I found a drawback for the mobile versionof the blog: no twitter widget.

  7. Yes, Doodie, I mentioned that a couple of days ago when it first changed to mobile version. The other being that one has to go through multiple steps to view their own comment after posting.

  8. The best thing about the Winter Classic are the HBO 24/7 behind the scenes specials leading up to the game.

    Staal… I noticed that too. Was that ever the teams logo?

  9. Paul in sunrise on

    I actually really like the new mobile format. But I presume this was discussed at length already.

    Looking forward to some rangers hockey. And I would rather the young guys get 20+ minutes in the A before they get 6 minutes in the N. Just makes sence to develop them.

    I presume that Vtank will be traded at some point though.

    Go New York Football Giants.

  10. Re: rangers crest in photo. I believe that was our crest up until about 40 yrs ago. Someone a bit older than myself can confirm.

  11. Another explanation may be that the graphic artists in Philadelphia are a few pixels short of a photo, if you know what I mean…

  12. Good morning all! Welcome home ilbs!!

    Boy, Carp, I hope you’re right or all your credibility is going out the window. Has anyone else reported this? Should I start getting excited? Also, LMAO!

    OK, back to bed, I’ve been sick as a dog the past few days. Hartnell.

  13. Didn’t know Weise had to pass through waivers, makes his chances of making the team that much higher…

    I know its still early but looks like Del Zotto has the edge over Erixon, at least if Staal is in the lineup…

  14. Welcome back, captain.

    Good morn … er … afternoon, Sally!

    Leetch, don’t blame Bettman. Blame the Yankees. The Rangers would have played at the old Stadium or the new clip joint in a heartbeat.

  15. The Yankees wanted the whole ice surface to be covered in a projection of Steinbrenner’s monument, didn’t they? Was going to happen until the NHL insisted on the plaque referring to him as “George Steinbrenner in Association with Bridgestone” too.

  16. Sorry guys. You’re never getting a Winter Classic at home. This Itali-pansy Carp fellow dont know nothin’ :)

  17. Directv is a joke. The HD channels for the NFL games arent showing up on 5 of the 6 receivers. Call them up and all they say is to reset the 5.

  18. Yep, blame the Yanks for having a bowl game there. Lame. I still say they could set up a rink in Central Park. It would probably cost so much that it would operate at a loss, but, it’d be great for the game? *shrugs*

    Let’s Go Giants!

  19. billy, we’re gonna get pounded! Unless we take Vick out of the game early. If Im the Giants, I take a roughing the quarterback penalty on the first pass play of the game, just nail him right in the head, end the dog killer’s career!

  20. Now the Directv channels are saying to Buy Now the games for $44.99 even though I already have it. Call up Directv and they say to hit Buy Now, and they’ll credit you later for any extra charges. LOL

  21. Thanks, everyone… Nylander, apparently, had some sort of injury not related to his broken neck.
    I’m sure I’ll be sorry I asked, but why are you so negative about Giants? Disclosure: I know nothing about their situation. At all

    Any news on Staal? He visited a specialist a couple of days ago.

  22. ilb – Poor Nylander. Wanted to him and Jaro tomorrow. The Giants have suffered 10 season ending injuries only 2 games into the season, mainly to the defense. They have bad coaching offensively, and the game is on the road in Philly. Zero chance at winning. :)

  23. ilb,
    I will answer your Giant question. Giant fans are the most negative fans in New York. no matter the success the team in there eyes always sucks. no matter what Eli may have done or may do, he still is no good because he is the Giants QB. Giant fans have always hated there QBs. they will deny it now, but most Giant fans hated Phil Simms. I knew guys with Kill Phil tee shirts.

  24. LOL. The Eagles arent afraid to QB sneak it with a guy who suffered a concussion last week. But our team wont QB sneak Eli.

  25. wicky© (non visor wearing poutine addict) on

    Afternoon ILB and all!

    LMFAO at the post!!!

    glad you and the mrs are safely back…wicksters say welcome home!!

    I see no reason for EC to make this roster…weise has waiver issues and mitchell is better I think.

    Vtank was a big disappointment for me…europansy!

  26. Giagnome is a d-nuzzle! it pisses me off the way he asked Artie those questions…dont you see that his English isn’t good…why are you phrasing your questions in the way that he will clearly not understand? i hate people like that…

  27. wicky – You think we can manage to get the bag lady on the same plane to Sweden as the Rangers after Monday’s game?

  28. Thanks, wicky…Hug the girls for us.

    I’d be very surprised if Staal is allowed to play within the next few weeks. He has, by definition Prolonged PCS. They need to be careful not to rush him.

    Agree on Weise, I finished watching the second game, and he looks like someone will take him if he goes on waivers. I also liked Bell’s game. He maybe a call up later since he isn’t waiver eligible.

  29. One play does not make the Giants offensive coordinator any good or any less predictable.

    Also, you throw that ball to Jacobs 20 times, and he only catches it once.

  30. When Avery scores a goal this season, likely his only goal of the season, make sure to sing his praises too…

  31. wicky© (non visor wearing poutine addict) on

    will do

    I bet that would make her feel better.


    you missed the draft…(but so did the bag lady, but she a a doctor’s [not that one] excuse)!

    I also agree with ILB about staal, I’d like to see mcilrath get in some games before his 10 game limit.

  32. BOOOM! Tuck just nailed Vick in the head!! Ya had to play , Vickie! I hope they take his head off the way he choked those dogs!

  33. wicky© (non visor wearing poutine addict) on

    didn’t the guy with the huge head that hit all the home runs play for the giants??

  34. bull dog – stick to a sport you actually maybe might possibly know, hockey. Jacobs is not a running back with good hands.

  35. yes I know Tiki, they all suck I get it. by the way I am as big a Giant fan, as I am a Ranger fan. I know the Giants, and football well. just reading what you have to say shows me you really don’t know much.

  36. bull dog – you’re a bum. you know nothing. You also lack reading comprehension skills. I never said any Giants players suck. I said we lost 10 players to season ending injuries, and Kevin Gilbride is terrible. You probably don’t realize this because of your lack of intelligence, but this game is early in the 2nd quarter…

  37. crazy Tiki is back! by the way it has not been the Giants offence that has held them back in the last few years, it has been there D.
    now go take your meds.

  38. bull dog – you’re a waste of time. The Giants offense and defense has held them back. After Plaxico went out with injury in 2008, the Giants never recovered. Just because our defense suffered devastating injuries the past couple years does not take away from Kevin Gilbride being horrible. Both are not mutually exclusive. And Im on my meds, but I always get angry at stupidity :)

  39. Go watch those Europansies play rugby! Now, that is a real sport! No helmets, no huge shoulder pads, no butt slapping… REAL SPORT!

  40. Hmm, I think Eli led the league in interceptions last year. He’s elite like the greatest QB in NFL history, Tom Brady!!!

  41. “Went out with injury” is an interesting euphemism for shooting yourself in the leg, getting suspended and going to jail.

  42. LOL!!! Run a 4th and 3 play and throw it behind the line of scrimmage!!! Bad throw behind the receiver and the receiver falls!

    Can I kiss you 3C?

  43. Michael Sauer appears to be skating more fluidly this year. He is capable of filling the role of shutdown defenseman while Staal is out. He also has more confidence. On one of PKs he lost his stick, but still was able to slow two of the players down while picking up his stick.

    Bell, with his league minimal salary may edge out some of the other hopefuls. He isn’t afraid to shoot from the point.

    I’d love to see Stepan using his R handed shot coming off tge left wing more often. It could lethal.

  44. so who will have a breakout year for the Rangers? I hope Anisimov steps it up… i also hope for a complete season from Henrik Lundqvist…it’s about time :)

  45. Wicky, yeah it was hard to miss but I was invited to a friend’s bonfire a while ago and felt like I couldn’t blow off the fleshies for the draft. I’m psyched that I got Miller and, of course, Dubi.


  46. Stepan is going to have the breakout season, CCCP. love to see AA as well. on D, I agree about Sauer. he does play the right side though. McD might be asked to play in Staal place instead.

  47. LW3H –
    Burress was placed on injured reserve. He was not suspended and did not go to prison until after the conclusion of the season.

  48. Henrik has never had 40 wins? Well, this team should be competing 4 best record in the East, so 40 wins is doable. Not having Biron get a freak injury should help Hank and the Rangers.

  49. “Went out with injury” is an interesting euphemism for shooting yourself in the leg, not getting suspended but being placed on injured reserve and going to jail after the conclusion of the season.

  50. LW3H,
    it was the Giants coaches fault that Burress shot himself in the leg. Eli is a bad guy because he did not go visit him after he destroyed the Giant season. all Giant fans should be apologizing to Burress for him shooting himself, we all overreacted.

  51. “The Giants have suffered 10 season ending injuries only 2 games into the season, mainly to the defense. They have bad coaching offensively, and the game is on the road in Philly. Zero chance at winning.”

    bull dog, Im not sure how my comment above led you to believe that I hate Eli or any Giants players. I dont. You’re obviously very sensitive to the issue. Re: Eli and Plax, Eli could have visited one of the guys most responsible for his Super Bowl ring. It would have been a nice gesture. Heck, I tried to visit Darryl Strawberry when he was in jail in 2002 for a few years in Gainesville, FL.

  52. wicky© (non visor wearing poutine addict) on

    yes, you did well!! And no worries…good call with the fleshies!

  53. “Dirty pedophile” is an interesting euphemism for 2 time Super Bowl Champion and NFL Hall of Famer! Speaking of the great LT, he and Phil Simms used to play football at boy scouts with all the kids, my 2 oldest brothers included! LT! LT!

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