Mike Rupp on making his Rangers debut in Newark tonight


(Editor’s note: This guy really seems like a great team guy, and that’s what everybody says about him, too).

Mike Rupp:

On the firefighters and policemen skating with the team yesterday:
“A bunch of them wanted to work on their fighting. Some of them probably get more reps in the fighting department than we do.”

On tonight’s game, his first as a  Ranger:
“You want to go out and make a first impression, I don’t care who you are. You want to go out and play your game. The first one’s always … you finish it and you think it was ugly and you feel kind of goofy getting back into the swing of games, but it’s an important one to get under your belt and you go from there.”

Where he wants to be now:
“I’d say today, yesterday were better days. If you asked me maybe three or four days ago, maybe I’d say no. But you get over that hump, and there’s a little bit of a hump from the conditioning part of camp and today’s practice was working on things we’re going to be doing in games or just the systems of the New York Rangers, and those are things that are important.”

On not being able to simulate actual games:
“I think it’s important just to familiarize yourself with all the players and all the styles of each player. You get to know the tendencies of certain players. It’s easy when you see a guy like Brian Boyle. I have a pretty good idea from playing against him, watching him out here, that you know where he is in the offensive zone. You read off each other and it’s important to get that read off every guy because, whether you’re in-between shifts or bumping around the lineup, you need to be able to play with each guy. So these games are big to get those things under your belt.”

On if it means anything to be playing against his old team, the Devils:
“No, not really. I’ve done that already and it’s just an opportunity here and it’s a preseason game to get yourself ready. I’m sure that when the regular season rolls around I’ll be able to taste that rivalry from this side.”


Won’t be around the team much today, but I’ll be here. Will have our second “It’s Go Time!” tonight.

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  1. Looks like we will have four lines that can actually contribute this season,Rupp is gonna help out greatly in that.

  2. This will be a better game tonight with all the NHL’ers out there. Im too excited to sleep.

    I have to go in and sign some papers for a new job today, still think I can get little nap in.

    Captain Callahan makes his debut, sounds like dirty Harry.

    I’ve never seen Richards play, I know im gonna be giddy seeing him on the Rangers.

    Wanna see Boyle, Wolski, Zucc sounds like they have made marked improvements over the summer.

    And of course I want to see Gaborik and Richards show me some magic. I will be so pumped.

    Lets go Rangers!!!!!! Let the games begin!!

  3. oh yea and that Rupp guy, not as ezxcited about him I guess but those are the pieces that make a special team.

  4. Kundratek is the only RD out of the 6 so i’m curious to see who Tortorella puts on the right side.

    My guess would be Erixon and Valentenko b/c if Del Zotto makes the team (which the Rangers really need to hope he can) the oonly spot the two of them could grab is Eminger’s…

  5. As much as I want to be on this site 24 X 7 I can’t. Who was the person from the Rangers organization who reads this blog?


  6. Long time reader of this blog but I rarely post. I wanted to reach out to readers though because I am running a Keeper Fantasy Hockey League on Yahoo and we need 3 new owners to take over teams that were vacated last year. We are trying to get the league up and running completely this week. If you are at all interested e-mail me at stevecucinelli@verizon.net. I’d be happy to get anyone on board who is interested. We have a pretty good group that plays year in and year out. Just needed to replace a few owners.

  7. I like eithe Wolski or Avery on top line.

    I like the idea of Fedotenko-Rupp-Prust 4th line

    and playing Boyle with Steplan and Zuccarello.

  8. Rangers should trade Stepan, Thomas, Del Zotto and 1st round pick for Taylor Hall and Edmentons 1st round pick this year. Yakupov!

  9. >>During the Wings/Flyers game, some Red Wings fan threw a banana peel at Wayne
    >>Simmonds during his shootout attempt.

    That idiot probably has been watching too much European football. The NHL should fine Detroit Red Wings for the action of this moron and make it clear that this nonsense will not be tolerated in the league.

  10. >>Gaborik with a Hatrick tonight.

    Doubtful! We’ll spend the entire season trying to find a good left winger to “get Gaborik going”.

  11. >>I like eithe Wolski or Avery on top line.

    Avery will be as successful as he was last season. I root for the fellow because he wears Rangers blue, but I think it’s time to put an end to that experiment.

  12. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    Love the new look. A++++ to you and the techies!!

    Vtank better make the big club!

    Anyone think mcilrath makes the euro trip?


  13. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Btw, you carping yourself on the other thread was priceless!!

    What’s next? Going to mulch yourself? LOL!!

  14. Wicky,

    my guess is no chance mclrath goes on euro trip. Everything I have heard and read is that he will be going back to juniors as he is not ready for NHL and too young for ahl.

    I think the team will be slow with bringing him up because of what will be expected of him. Not fair to ask a still growing 19 year old to enter a league where every fighter is going to want to challenge him. Another year in juniors can only benefit him in my opinion.

  15. CCCP,

    did you have to do anything to get your PS3 back on network? Mine is still not signing in but I’m not getting error message…not sure how to get myself back onto network?? Thnx in advance as I know you will not ignore this question ;)

  16. Even if Edmonton does end up last overall again, which I don’t think will be the case, trading with them doesn’t ensure getting the #1 overall pick due to the draft lottery.

  17. Big Mac may go to Euro, ride the pine and then back to juniors the rest of the year after the max amount of nhl games is met and Staal is healthier.

  18. You know it’s hockey season when we get a first time/long time post!! Weee!

    I’m thinking they should just shut down Stahl for a little bit. Start the season with Eminger on the 3rd pair, and if Erixon is not ready, then make a trade for someone that is. Thinking long term, it’s the safest bet. Don’t want to bring him back too early.

    Cinnamon Raisin Bagel + Cream Cheese + My Mouth = Happiness!

  19. CCCP

    thnx…I was getting the error message until lastnight. Now it just gives me suggestions like turning off system or doing something under settings>network settings etc…I’ll just have to play around with what they suggest or call as a last resort.

  20. bILL – Nah…Europe is for guys who have a chance of making the team. As impressive as Mac has been, he’s no where near NHL-ready. On Wednesday, he was clearly still adjusting to the speed of the game. Forwards like Kovalcuk and Parise would dust him like a pylon in a real NHL game. Besides, with as deep as the Rangers are on D, there’s no need to keep him in the fold any longer than necessary. He’s gotten a taste for the action, now let’s see what he does back in the WHL.

    True Blue – I think you’d need to drug Lowe with some pretty hardcore narcotics to get him to sign off on that deal. Hall and Nugent-Hopkins are already being likened to Gretzky-Messier. Not the actual players, per se, but the chemistry and dominance they had together. And don’t be so sure the Oil will drop into last place again. They’ve got a really strong team this year, especially if Pajaarvi, Eberle and Hall all take a step forward. Leadership from Smyth and a healthy Hemsky, I could see them making the playoffs this year.

  21. Mine didn’t work! Damnit!

    What is going on, Carp!? Where’s the IT guy? We need to make this happen always. Look at all the colors…ooooohhhhhh….aaaahhhhhhhh

  22. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    Hey all,

    I may have a pair of tickets to tonight’s game (and a parking pass) to unload should anyone want to go to the Pebble tonight.

    I will know for sure in the next hour or two.

    If anyone is interested, let me know!

  23. Does anyone else experience a horrible lag in NHL12? I’m not talking aboot online play, but just a regular exhibition game. It’s annoying the hell out of me! It happens a few times in the game. When you go to switch player, or change lines, there’s lag. Annoying!!

  24. Maybe that’s the price you pay for obtaining the game with illegitimate means, ORR. It’s like their version of a dye-pack.

  25. Here again is the Devils’ lineup for tonight’s game:

    Forwards: Ilya Kovalchuk-Jacob Josefson-Nick Palmieri, Mattias Tedenby-Adam Henrique-Petr Sykora; Rod Pelley-David Steckel-Vladimir Zharkov; Eric Boulton-Tim Sestito-Brad Mills.

    Defensemen: Anton Volchenkov-Andy Greene; Bryce Salvador-Adam Larsson; Matt Taormina-Mark Fayne.

    Goaltenders: Martin Brodeur, Keith Kinkaid

  26. ORR, try to send those links in private. We wouldn’t want people to mistake this place for a file sharing blog.

  27. We can do anything here, as long as it’s safe for work, and is not hockey related.

    Manny, maybe it’s karma. But, at least I could get $50 if I sell it! So, I still win!

    This game is really lame though. After playing it for a week, I’m kind of bored with it.

  28. NYP_Brooksie Campoli could be option for Rangers, who checked on free agent D in July but not recently, agent Evans tells Post

    Umm, isn’t Campoli the guy who’s A) a former Islandork and B) The guy who screwed the Hawks in overtime of Game 7 last season?


  29. Wicky©hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    I haven’t had any problems with NHL12. And I agree, big no to campoli.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Isn’t it racist to assume automatically that a banana peel thrown at Simmonds was done with racist intentions? Are we all meta-racists?

  31. Doodie

    maybe it isn’t right to assume automatically that a banana peel thrown at Simmonds was done with racist intentions but why else would he do it? Why he threw it at Simmonds and not anybody else?

    Its like…the guy just finished eating a banana (at a hockey game, right?) and decided to throw it at a player (African American player) who skates on ice because he wants that player to slip on a banana peel and fall…not racist at all! / sarcasm

    its like if someone threw a flag with swastika at me… i wouldn’t take it as an anti-Semitic act at all :)

  32. I know people can be quick to pull the racist and/or homophobic cards, but last night wasn’t the case. Though it shouldn’t get as much attention as it has been getting, because that’s what the loser fan wants.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m playing fantasy hockey this year for the first time. Anyone got any good suggestions where I should go for rankings?

  34. The only legitimate reason to throw a banana at an NHL player is if there has been a shift of 90 seconds or more without a whistle, when the mandated Brodeur Sundae Rule comes into effect.

    Otherwise, you’re almost certainly a racist idiot.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    LW, but it was just the peel. Not a whole banana. Could have been a guy just throwing it out there like a Looney Tunes thing to make him slip. Just unfortunate coincidence the guy is black.

    Totally possible. Unlikely, but possible.

  36. Throwing a banana peel at Wayne Simmonds is racist. Simmonds is black, right? The banana peel implies he’s a monkey. What kind of sick fan would do that. Especially at a preseason game.

  37. Suppose it’s easier getting a banana past arena security than it is an anvil or a wooden crate with “TNT” painted on it.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, he didn’t deny that there could be racist implications, and neither am I. He just isn’t automatically assuming that’s what it was, and neither am I. But neither of us are idiots. It’s most likely what the situation was.

  39. Simmonds may assume it’s not, but my opinion is a fair one, and a lot of people will think it’s racist.

  40. Hey kids it’s me. I bet you thought I was dead. But when I fell over I just broke my leg and got a hemorrhage in my head!

  41. I was out with a friend of mine last night, we happened to see on the TV what happened to Simmonds. I said it was sick. She said to me, you’d do the same thing to Simmonds if he was a bostonian. I responded, “No, I wouldn’t want him to wrongly think he was being discriminated against because of race, so Id probably throw a battery!” LOL

  42. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    Manny, not sure if you were serious or not about the interest in the tickets for tonight, but it turns out they are not available.

    But I will keep the Boneheads abreast (teehee) of any future giveaways, should they become available.

  43. That’s cool Noah. Thanks anyways. It’s a crappy night for traveling anywhere really. I am always serious!

  44. Racism is perpetuated by not only those who carry out discriminatory or bilious acts, but also by those who perceive almost any situation, correctly or incorrectly, as a racist one. Someone threw a banana peel at a hockey player. Let’s get over it. It’s not like the guy went American History X on Simmond’s aasen, even if he had hateful intentions.

    Anyway, LGR!

  45. I never watched American History X. It seemed like it would depress me and since my father is a professor and teaches, among other things, a holocaust history course I think I have had to watch enough documentaries on hate in the world (of all types) for one lifetime.

  46. I think Zucarello will be packaged for a 1st overall Yakupov right before and at the draft day!

  47. reasoning is:

    1. Staal has concussion issue
    2. got to give to get
    3. we make room for McIlrath/Kundratek next season
    4. we get a legitimate top line scoring threat for many years to come.

  48. Why would someone want to take Stahul if he has concussion issues? I think that would make it easier to move Del Zotto because at this point the sky is the limit.

  49. 1. Staal has concussion issue
    2. got to give to get
    3. we make room for McIlrath/Kundratek next season
    4. we get a legitimate top line scoring threat for many years to come.


    1. That would lower his trade value
    2. How many #1 overall picks have been traded, particularly in the post-lockout era
    3. Neither of those will be good as Staal is right nowfor the next several years completely throwing off the performance of a core part of the defense. Kundratek is a stretch to even make the NHL let alone play top pair minutes in a shutdown role
    4. There is no guarantee that an 18 year old will have a meaningful impact in the league. Trading away an important player that is still cost controlled for the next 3 years beyond this is quite a gamble.

  50. LOL! I can’t wait to see my boy MZA play with Boyler and F-Tenko! Yee Haw! Is it “Go Time” yet???


    Push to publish comment / refresh to see comment / push skip to comment / push to see comment / scroll all the way down to see comment

    Seems a bit redundant…

  52. Than get a good West Point education, make a great career, sit in a front of super computer display (16 X 9 ft.) in Pentagon and tell your subordinate to press just one button. See how you’d like it.

  53. Im a big fan of the Rupp signing. I think he starts the season with Stepan and Zuccarello on the 3rd/4th line b/c Stepan needs someone to take important faceoffs plus he has that “jam” that complements the two of them nicely and he can score a few goals.

    I dont think he belongs in the top 6 ever but Prust will be banged up a lot so its good to have a similar player on team in case he’s not able to go.

  54. oleo

    Obviously doesn’t take much to be better than Stepan on draws, but Rupp averages less than two faceoffs a game the last few years and is sub-50% himself, so not sure that’s one of his better attributes.

  55. I would through in a package Avery and stockpile of used flavored condoms, that’s how serious I’m on this matter.

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