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While I’m standing in the torrential rain covering a football game, I hope you are all happy and dry watching the hockey game.

Here, cut and pasted from Tom Gulitti’s Fire and Ice blog (he rules, by the way, and he also has some details on this afternoon’s rookie game, won by the Rangers, 5-4), is the Devils lineup:

Forwards: Ilya Kovalchuk-Jacob Josefson-Nick Palmieri, Mattias Tedenby-Adam Henrique-Petr Sykora; Rod Pelley-David Steckel-Vladimir Zharkov; Eric Boulton-Tim Sestito-Brad Mills.
Defensemen: Anton Volchenkov-Andy Greene; Bryce Salvador-Adam Larsson; Matt Taormina-Mark Fayne
Goaltenders: Martin Brodeur, Keith Kinkaid.


I’m assuming that Wolski is going to start on the left of Richards and Gaborik, but that a number of guys are going to get a look there, including Brian Boyle and Mike Rupp, and maybe even Ruslan Fedotenko and Derek Stepan. If not tonight, then soon.

Here is the Rangers’ lineup:

Forwards: Brian Boyle, Ryan Callahan, Ruslan Fedotenko, Marian Gaborik, Carl Hagelin, Kris Newbury, Brad Richards, Mike Rupp, Derek Stepan, Dale Weise, Wojtek Wolski, Mats Zuccarello.
Defensemen: Brendan Bell, Michael Del Zotto, Tim Erixon, Ryan McDonagh, Michael Sauer, Pavel Valentenko.
Goaltenders: Martin Biron, Chad Johnson.

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  1. It looks like I’ll be watching this one with the sound off; I can’t take these Devils announcers. MSG better not pull this stunt during the regular season.

  2. Captain Callindahan on

    Fire Sather {{{OLGA}}}}
    Hey Mickey, hey Tiki!!

    wow, i think Cangelosi hit puberty on that goal call what a peter brady moment eh

  3. Captain Callindahan on

    if brodeur keeps flopping on the ice like that, PETA might come and try to put him back in the ocean

  4. Captain Callindahan on

    lmfao Tiki why are you calling him a pig? I must have missed something over the summer lol

  5. LOL! If you throw in mac and cheese, then the Devils wont have his full attention. Good for us though!

    That’s what NYR fans should throw on the ice. Mac and Cheese!! That’s not racist, right? I don’t want to upset any Canadians!

  6. Flippin’ UN General Assemby Traffic in Midtown almost made me miss Richie’s goal!!

    I’m watching live now.

    Boys and girls, we are going to have a lot of fun watching this team this year…

  7. I don’t get why he wears a neck protector. He has his chins to cover his neck. He doesn’t need a neck protector for his chins, because it would be a good thing if a skate blade cut them off, at least in my opinion.

  8. Captain Callindahan on

    holy carp i missed you guys so much! i’ve done nothing but crack up the past 25 minutes lol

  9. Captain Callindahan on

    wow he so looked like a weeble there!!! i wonder if he has a tattoo on his butt that says FISHER PRICE

  10. Captain Callindahan on

    poor Carp, gettin drenched watching a football game and missing all the hijinx here tonight.

  11. N.CountryNYRFan on

    ORR I thought EC was playing when I saw the #26 but then I realized it must be in imposter because he was actually skating and not gliding. 26=Feds now.

  12. I dont know. Wolski hasnt impressed me that much yet. I watched him here in Denver. he has flashes if he gets the puck and has room, but damned if he creates any.

    Richards looks good though. I think Dubinsky would make that line friggin awesome. Gaborik and Wolski I think are too europansies and will never create anything unless they have open ice. nNot good together. but its early I know.

    Nice shot Stepan. he is for real.

  13. Need to trade Biron and Lundqvist for a couple of those goalies who never get beaten over the glove, like every other team in the league has.

  14. >>Daneyko is slurring his words as he calls the devils sloppy.

    He probably was trying to not utter the word “seconds” next.

  15. >>Sykora is an enigma – no matter who he plays for, he kills the NYR……

    Especially when he played for the Rangers.

  16. So, I guess Deb took Cangelosi’s place being one of the between-periods stooges with Daneyko, eh? God, she’s gonna be overexposed this year….I’m sick of her already…

  17. I always thought trading Grachev was a mistake…he has talent and can play…I wouldn’t have gave up so quickly…

    There’s no guarantee that the 3rd rounder we got for him is going to be a pro, even at the AHL level…just sayin’…

  18. my wi-fi is unavailable til cable guy
    comes ’round on sunday
    who got the winning goal

    (was going to ask if i missed anything
    but i’ll save some of the sarcasm for later in the season)

  19. >>I have my doubts about MDZ.

    He played with a bit more edge tonight, but he frightened me every time he tried to carry the puck out of the zone. If he continues to play like this, he’ll be Whaled, for sure.

  20. Blame it on Grachev for not producing very well, either – if he showed something in Hartford, he would have gotten a better shot at making the big team – and they brought him up a couple of times, and he didn’t show anything up here, either….

  21. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    Was Brodeur a victim of bad breaks or out of sync and maybe out of shape.
    Gaborik was in mid season shape sans injury missing a wide open net and a dumb preseason penalty

    And what was the point of the fight near the end of the 3rd? This is preseason , I think the refs should have broke it up ,or do we need more deaths next summer ?
    It looked very wwf ..
    and the Devs coach reminds me of Andy kaufman.

  22. Maaaaaaaarty did get a few bad breaks – a couple of goals against him had “eyes”….but he didn’t look terribly sharp, either…

    Gabby had a goal, but could have easily had one or two more….

    I think the fight was Rupp’s way of saying “hello” to the Devs fans again….and letting them know he’ll be pounding on their butts this year…

  23. DeBoer definitely looks like Latka Gravas (Kaufman) from Taxi – he should wear white coveralls behind the bench for every home game!

  24. Great game!

    Rupp = HUGE

    Kovalchuk = Beast

    MDZ = Meh

    Chico = D-Nuzzle

    BRich + Gaby = Magic

    This team will be fun to watch during the regular season

  25. Looks that way oleo…..would have been nice to score another on the powerplay, but it’s early…

  26. the goals were nice but need to be taken with a grain of salt b/c Brodoor was horrendous tonight and the Devils didnt really bring their best players other than Kovy.

    Regardless, Richards showed a little glimpse of why he is so much of an upgrade compared to Anisimov, Stepan, Boyle etc. Tremendous hockey IQ and an excellent passer. You could really see him and Gaborik clicking especially on the PP.

    Nothing was more frustrating than seeing the Rangers PP struggling so much to get the puck into the zone. Richards is really going to change that…

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