Lundqvist on playing against (and with) the firemen and cops


Henrik Lundqvist:

On playing against and with the cops and firemen:
“It was fun. They’re not bad. Some guys are pretty skilled. It was a great practice.”

That Torts took such pleasure in seeing some of them score on him:
“Yeah (laughs).
“The thing when you play guys, you never know who’s going to be really skilled and who’s not as skilled. So it’s hard to know what to expect. But it’s definitely a good thing to do. Torts told us yesterday that we were doing it and it was fun. Talking to some of the guys who were in the firefighter championship a couple of weeks ago. They skate probably two three times a week. Not bad. It was fun.”

Did Torts tell him to ease up?
“A little bit, yeah (laughs). But it’s hard to not compete. But that was pretty much the message.”

Told some of them celebrated their goals like Vinny Prospal, Lundqvist said, “Yeah. I would, too.”


Here’s the Rangers’ roster for the 1 p.m. rookie game at Newark (many, if not all of these players will be assigned to junior or minor teams tonight or tomorrow):

41    BICKEL    STU
72    KLASSEN    SAM
47    MILLER    JT
75    NIEMI    JYRI
79    NOREAU    SAM
78    RUST    MATT

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  1. I love the new format of suspension videos where Shanahan in details explains the suspension and why a hit was illegal.

    I have a feeling Rangers might go after 1st overall pick, we got the depth in every position and can afford to trade a big package for a future star like Yakupov.

  2. Can we assume that it is Hagelin who skated his way into Euro trip? cant think of anybody else who isnt on this 1pm roster. Ideas?

  3. I guess the Flys don’t want to subject Jagr to too many preseason games…? Or else he’s hurting?

  4. Bob, i was just about to say the same thing. I love how Shannahan is presenting those videos. Makes for much less arguing on everyone else’s part.

  5. Shanny’s going to have a lot of “on camera” time this season – he may get his own show!

  6. Good evening, Sally!

    Coach, from previous thread, I disagree on Del Zotto. I say 70/30 he makes it. They really want him to find his stride and they think he’s got tremendous upside, still, at 21.

  7. There was never a time that I liked everybody on the Rangers’ roster. This season if they dump Christensen it looks like it will finally happen.

  8. my first carp of the season!!

    anyway, if
    JBytes is still around…

    i know of Sisters of Mercy
    have one of their albums somewhere
    Vision Thing

  9. Harness energy. Block bad. Fell the energy. It’s like a caruossel. You pay a quarter you ride the horse.

  10. Happy the ball itself has it’s own energy. Or life force if you will. His home is in the hole. Why don’t you send him home? His bags are packed, he’s at the airport. Why don’t you send him home? (advice for Carp)

  11. Yeah, jpg, Im still around.

    Vision Thing is my least favourite SoM album. I didn’t care for that Heavy Metal sound that Andrew Eldritch was going for. I like the tracks “When You Don’t See Me” and “I Was Wrong” the most.

    I was not impressed by MDZ’ game yesterday. I thought he seemed a bit slow sprinting back to retrieve the puck on a couple of occasions. I’m hoping he has a better showing in his next outing.

  12. bob, Nobody is giving us a number 1 pick in a draft, without demanding top talent off of our NHL roster. We’re not getting gifted a number 1 pick in a draft. Ever.

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