Cops, firemen, lineup and such … (UPDATED)


Will have the Rangers’ roster for tomorrow’s game in Newark shortly.

Will also have some reaction from a special thing the Rangers did with the FDNY and NYPD hockey teams today, inviting them to come on and skate with the regular lineup in a game and then a shootout. They had a ball.

And this from Tortorella, with more to follow:

Marc Staal went to see a specialist today. Brad Richards (groin) skated and is fine. Tortorella said he is considering a lot of people for left wing on the No. 1 line, including Brian Boyle. He admitted that he’s hesitant to break up Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan because of their chemistry.

More in a bit and the roster will be right here when I get it.



43    BIRON    MARTY
22    BOYLE    BRIAN
53    ERIXON    TIM
71    RUPP    MIKE
32    WEISE    DALE

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  1. I don’t know, Manny. If I were Stahl, I’d want to see a specialist, and if I were the team I’d want Stall to see a specialist.


  2. Oh I totally agree that he should see a specialist. I am just saying that it isn’t sounding promising for people who want him to play. It means that his injury is serious enough to require special attention. But yes, please see whoever can fix it!

    Ryan Bjork!? In Europe! Rock N Roll little guy!

  3. Wow this new mobile set up looks awesome! I love it! Names with link appear as blue! And I love how indeed of time, it shows how long ago comment was posted! Thanks RRTech team!

  4. stevezipay Torts says Mats Zuccarello has had strong camp, still competing for spot

    Ummm…where the haters at?

  5. Thumbs up for new look on iPhone!!

    And I love the idea of Boyle on the wing for gabby and Richards…could be a great line. Boyle has the speed and skill to play with them and the size and muscle to protect them a little bit.

  6. Great job, guys! Finally, mobile version! Looks clean, loads much faster. A couple of things. First, it loads automatically on the iPhone, but not the iPad. Secondly, once it on mobile theme, you lose the widget and other links. By the way, guys, you can turn it back to the desktop version in the footer.

  7. I never went through the comments on the other threads, so could anyone tell me who in the organ-eye-zation reads the blog?

    Lunch point, Manuel Neuer.

  8. Oh Latona. The guy from the organization that reads the blog is zamboni mechanic’s brother who sometimes fills in for him. Also, one of the guys installing seat backs on the renovation crew reads from time to time.

  9. Everytime I hear Funk Soul Brother (or see it in writing), it reminds me of the Friends episode (I know, this is a Seinfeld blog…) where Ross tries to throw a party and nobody shows up.

  10. LW – you son of a beach. Thanks for making me spit coffee out of my mouth.

    Fantastic one. Even better than butt-man.

  11. Jeff, another minor glitch. When you post your comment on iPhone, it tells it was published successfully, but in order to see it you need to refresh the page.

  12. czechthemout!!!! on

    Thought that Miller and Hugh Mcilrath had strong games.

    Was also impressed by Hagelin and Erixon bit less so.

    Very disappointed with MDZ. Blew a great chance to shine.

    Christiansen is just taking up air on this team.

    Thomas and Bourque did some good things but are not ready.

    I think the guy to keep an eye on is Miller . If given some more games, he may make it tough on the team to send down.

  13. Let’s hope none of the players get injured in Sweden. A hamstring strain could very quickly become an amputation with a rusty carving knife.

  14. Not speaking from a position of strength, since I haven’t seen a second of him play, but I don’t remember anything from around the draft suggesting Miller was anything other than a couple of years away from being NHL ready.

    So, I can’t see why keeping him up past a few exhibition games makes any sense, even if he performs miracles during camp. There’s no organisational need to rush him or any other 18-year-old.

  15. Jeff, another minor glitch. When you post your comment on iPhone, it tells it was published successfully, but in order to see it you need to refresh the page.


    and after you refresh the page, you have to touch “show comments” and then scroll all the way down… seems like a lot of unnecessary “touches” :)

  16. Agree, LW. Even though Miller showed much more maturity and ice vision than his age suggests, he is a couple of years removed from being ready for NHL. Ditto McIlrath.

    Imagine if Stuul had to see a concussion specialist ( socialist) in Sweden? Can you say guillotine?

  17. I’m gonna piggyback off ilb and cccp here and agree that there is a bit of redundancy as far as having to click a fees tabs to get to post, then to comments, then refresh, then to comments again.

    Overall I love the update for mobile devices…but if these steps could be combined or reduced it would be all the better.

  18. Why not rest Sauer a bit more?

    I can’t believe they are not giving Kundratek and Thuresson a chance to play.


  19. That should say “click a few tabs”

    thankfully there are no fees here. That’s actually why I came to this blog from zipays back when they started charging to access their on line services.

  20. I think a little patience is in order with MDZ. He only played 58 games between NY and Conn, missing the end of last season,
    He had a broken finger and also had surgery for a sports hernia in May. So he hasn’t played in a while and wasn’t able to start working out until some time in mid to late June.
    _That said_, it’s just one game and he’s still only 21.

    Miller looks like he has a Stepan-like calm confidence about him -he looks to make a play and he’s got a little jam. He looked far from overwhelmed as an 18 year old.

  21. Hey Carp and all

    I’ve been MIA all summer with my pops fighting the Big C

    Glad to report he’s beating the son of a b#&@#, and is on the road to recovery!!
    Thansk to all of you who sent me kind words of support

    So in light of this life changing fight me and my whole family went through, I decided to start a new project, and wanted to share with all of you. a NY Rangers fan blog

    I am now the proud owner of our favrorite player saying,(PRUSTY!!) and I’m not trying to step on Carps toes promoting another blog on here, but it shoudl be done withing a week
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    Im also coming out with T-Shirts (and as not to infringe on the Trademark Rangers) that plainly say “IT’S JUST PAIN” across the front.

    Basically only those people who know it started from conversations on this blog will get it, or prob even want to buy one.

    Its pretty raw now, but will be finishing it up in fast and soon

    And just want to send a special thanks to Carp, cause I dont think if he didn’t let me do a guest blog last year, I wouldnt even have thought about starting my own site

    Thanks again Carp, your the best blogger out there!!


  22. I think Steve Jobs was sick and had to go see a socialist. They convinced him to drop the big business and redistribute the profits. “To each according to need, From each according to ability.”

  23. Ah so tomorrow they roll out the expensive version of the Rangers roster.

    I can’t remember every player’s contract status as it pertain to waiver eligibility or slide rule (can be returned to juniors) but there will be a lot of decisions made on this basis. Especially amongst the forwards. I’d expect none of the forwards that mostly comprised the Traverse City tournament break camp with the Rangers. There’s quite a log jam of bottom 6 talent on the team that are already under contract or must pass through waivers/re-entry waivers.

    Given that the Devils iced mostly an NHL team last night there were certainly some players that looked quite raw when it came to tougher competition. It makes more sense to let them have a gentler growth curve than hoping they can play in the NHL this year.

  24. Mikey,

    all the best to you and your family!! Great to hear a success story when it comes to the C word.

    My mom was just told she has some as well but they are telling her it’s very early on and very treatable. Hopefully it will be just a minor bump in the road for our family.

    Good luck on your new site and I can’t wait to see how your shirt design turns out!

  25. That’s really awesome Mikey. Go Mikey’s Dad! We are all with you hombre. (that isn’t just today’s socialism speaking). It is just pain, but it embodies so much more. Go get ’em and let me know when I can buy a sick shirt.

  26. Great news, Mikey! I’m sure it’s been a tough road. Let us know when the Ts arrive. And if you decide to give some money from selling those to any cancer research, bet you a lot of boneheads would buy it.

  27. Mikey!

    So good to hear about your dad winning the battle. You can promote your blog here all you want. I never stop anybody from promoting any of their stuff as long as they bring something to the table along with it. So promo away. And when the T-shirts come out, send me a photo and I’ll post it for you … Good luck.

  28. billybleedsblue on

    My favorite mobile app is fried calamari with fra diavolo sauce.

    I remember some years ago when FDNY and NYPD would play at the Garden. I remember lots of tobacco smoke in the garden and lots of gloves and helmets on the ice which would usually start at the opening face off! Those games were free-for-alls… some of the most violent hockey I’ve ever seen. One side of the Garden would be firemen and the other cops, and there was some fierce ‘competition’ every time. Now, they’re not allowed to fight anymore. How Euro-Pansy.

  29. Thansk Guys & Gals!

    Joke: Good Luck with your Mom, she can beat it!!!

    Manny: I know. I told my Dad about it and he said he he’ll wear it all the time, as a reminder of all the fight he had to go through to get to today

    And I’ll def be donating proceeds to Cancer research from sales I do with T-Shirts

    Carp: Thanks again Buddy! I’ll send you a free Shirt when I get them done, so the pic you have can be of an actual Shirt.

    I’ll email when I have them and mail one out to your offices!

  30. Mikey, don’t send me a free shirt, because if you’re donating proceeds I want to be one of the first to buy one. (and don’t send anything to my office because I may not get it).

    Tony, I agree, especially after you’ve seen the motherfiretrucker win a few battles in your family, as most of us have.

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