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  1. copy and past…since i can’t remember all this…

    Here’s the Rangers’ complete roster for Wednesday’s pre-season game in Albany:

    Goalies: Henrik Lundqvist, Cam Talbot
    Defensemen: Michael Del Zotto, Dan Girardi, Brendan Bell, Steve Eminger, Tim Erixon, Dylan McIlrath
    Forwards: Sean Avery, Brandon Dubinsky, Dale Weise, Andre Deveaux, John Mitchell, Erik Christensen, Artem Anisimov, JT Miller, Christian Thomas, Ryan Bourque, Carl Hagelin, Shane McColgan

  2. My internet service is a bit slow for downstreaming I guess. The picture is in and out. I’ll be behind you, I’m sure. And RIP big guys.

  3. We gotta hope the face of the NHL, Sidney, returns healthy this season. Gotta beat the best to be the best.

  4. >>The first “It’s Go Time” of the year.

    The first one of the year was back in January. This is the first one of the new season, however.

  5. Great times, Lev. Going to Betlehem and probably Hebron tomorrow. Umm, make it today in a few hours. For now- enjoying the game.

  6. I’d rather be able to see & not hear this silly MSG Channel! What in Holy Hell is going on up there in All-ban-ee??




  7. GO TIME!!!

    Hello in the holy land, Ilb! Hope you enjoyed that bike tour as much as you will enjoy this!

  8. Torts’ face looks really thin, like he’s had some sort of illness. Pull the shorts off Mr. Torts!!!!!

  9. by the way i spent an hour on the train back to long island from penn station late on a sat night and the devil goalie kinkade was sitting next to me,. a real cocky kid but he thinks hes the future

  10. Captain Callindahan on

    the knocking on this link is getting a bit annoying lol!
    damn the rat bastages at NHL.com for not having this game available.

  11. Captain Callindahan on

    NYR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Missed you guys! had some sadness over the summer and didnt want to bum everyone out, but it’s great to be back!

  12. Great to have you back Linda! Ilb may be our captain, but you’re our heart and soul!!

    Who said fatherly juices? Was it that pervert Joe Micheletti?

  13. Czechthemout!!! on

    The kids all looked a little nervous. In fact all of them looked very rusty. I think they will all do better the next two periods.

  14. N.CountryNYRFan on

    the devils have 3/4 of their starting line up in tonight. We have maybe a 1/4 of our starting line up.

  15. Julie is a couple rows in front of Ray Bourque. Ive semi-jokingly asked her to curse out Bourque since he’s a bostonian!!! LOL

  16. Thanks, ORR – some nobody who wouldn’t drop his gloves? That’s no way to earn a spot on the big club!

  17. Thanks Linda. I was gonna go with the big toe being the captain of the toes ala Seinfeld but thought better!

  18. If mrs. ilb wakes up tomorrow remembering a nightmare involving a monster, you can tell her it was Chico!

  19. I agree Mich is a dumbass. miscalled that last penalty. dude tripped our guy in the corner and Micheletti said it was interference infront of the net.

  20. Hmm…23 goals – that’s not bad! And he can throw them, too…he looks pretty tough…..

    Who did we give up for him?

  21. Mich is gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s his stupidity and the way he looks that’s disturbing

  22. Ilb, are you watching the game over there!? They have pre-season hockey on Israeli television!?

  23. Captain Callindahan on

    awesome Ilbzo, i expect to see some pictures in October lol!!

    Winston, at least we didnt have to wait too long for that

  24. I’ve gotta read up on that piece of gear, ilb – I’ve heard of it, but I don’t know what it does! Anyway, Mazel-Tov for being able to get the game there!

  25. lmao Lin!!!! You’re right. Whenever I see his face, I have to wipe my rear end and take a shower!!! :)

  26. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    ilb- good to be back for another Rangers Season.

    Same old team though, PP sucks, need to shoot more.

  27. Captain Callindahan on

    i think it’s hilarious that the man put the Glock on the couch before he went out because there were some shady dudes in the vicinity! it looks so cool lol!!!

  28. Captain Callindahan on

    Hey Latona, hangin in there as well. had some sad news over the summer, but things seem to be ok now. Good to be back with the ‘ Heads!

  29. “Unless there’s another Jody Shelly that is just as horrific looking that I don’t know aboot.”

    There can’t be another – God wouldn’t make two of those, not intentionally, anyway….

  30. Captain Callindahan on

    i want to see Moneyball… too bad noone wants to go with me lol. also want to see the hugh jackman movie that I renamed Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots

  31. It’s good to have you back with us, even though I myself have been on somewhat of a posting hiatus. Just knowing everyone’s around is great news, though!

  32. Captain Callindahan on

    lmao Beth, they gotta stop calling it Real Steel then lol

    Latona, it’s like the first day of school when you get to see all your friends you didnt hang with over the summer

  33. hey Cap mama!

    i think Tiki gave a different
    link earlier today
    but when i went to it
    i couldn’t click on our game

  34. Captain Callindahan on

    jpg, it’s working GREAT for me, except for the big ad at the bottom that i am not even going near! at least the weird noise stopped before the 2nd!

  35. TSNBobMcKenzie Bob McKenzie
    New NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan won’t see the Shelley hit (suspendable??) on Boyce til later tonight. Traveling from TOR to NYC now.

  36. it seems as if the ads don’t show up if you go full screen
    but this has been so boring
    that i keep checking other tabs.

  37. Hey Boneheads, you’ve gotten real NYR reporters tweeting invented swear word replacements!!!

    “NYDNRangers: Third period underway, and thank goodness, it means there’s now less than 20 minutes left in this clusterfedotenko of a glorified scrimmage.”

  38. Captain Callindahan on

    Carpy. on the bottom of the link i’m watching the game on it said


    thought you’d get a kick out of the brashear reference lol

  39. Talbot was probably thinking “and this is an NHL defenseman that coughed up such a soft giveaway?!”

  40. @TrueBlue

    I think the only rookie who makes the team out of camp is Erixon. Hagelin will likely start in HFD and be an injury callup.

  41. jpg

    That link was not a link to an actual game. It was a link to a site that contains links to all streams of the current day’s games.

    Unfortunately, nobody put up a Rangers stream on there today.

    That site absolutely 100% should have all the regular season streams of the Rangers.

  42. i saw the site and saw that there were links to
    other games

    thought Rangers would have been up.
    oh well

    did find a link later that was posted on fb

  43. Good evening all! Sigh, missed the game cause of work…hartnell! But looking forward to tomorrow’s thoughts. Hey, at least I get to see season opener…any heads other than me and Krisy going to be in Sweden? If so, e-mail me at lbabs@aol.com


  44. Another man confessed. Seven eyewitnesses recanted. Police accused of coercing witnesses. No DNA. No murder weapon.

  45. MAMA!!! You didn’t miss anything – it was a snoozer of a game…..you’re going to Sweden!? Cool!

  46. Wow! I just found a new glitch in NHL12

    I was playing GM Mode. The score was 3-3, then the third period ended, and all of a sudden, the score says 3-2. So, I lose!

    This is why I didn’t pay for this game, because EA sucks, and they always will suck, and they’ll never release a good game.

  47. EC had a giveaway that led to the first goal, and Eminger had a giveaway that led to the game winner in OT. Ha!

    Nobody really stood out. Wasn’t that great of a game by the rooks or vets.

    Cam Talbot made a pretty awesome save. That’s our future Conn Smythe winning/Vezina winning goalie!!!

  48. “Carp September 21st, 2011 at 9:32 pm
    Game over. Season over. Trade everybody.”

    lol, nice one. Over 400 posts Carpy, and just on this thread, not too shabby. Keep it up guys!

  49. Skipped pre season games numero uno to go see Warrior. Glad it was the right choice. Only saw the last 3 mins and OT on the replay. Nice to see we’re still a quick out in OT. lol Anyone break a wrist, hand, ankle, shoulder or knee?

  50. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Swedish bust is right, ORR. I recall he is the kid with the Defenseman stats who plays forward. You can chain him and that Miller draft bust on the bow of what’s left of the Titanic, for my money.

  51. Christensen(and he was on top PP unit) and Eminger were terrible

    Hagelin – crazy speed, otherwise was ok, not too bad not too good.

    McColgan and Miller were excellent

    Thomas and Bourque looked good as well

    Mitchell – big surprise, played really well, big and physical and has skill.

    Weise solid game, nice goal and fight

    Avery, Dubinsky, Anisimov played great

    Deveaux looked solid and big and physical and mean

    MacIlrath finally showed some physical play, I think he needs to iprove on his positioning.

    Talbot was amazing

    Bell has a big shot, otherwise he is decent.

    Del Zotto got a bit better as the game progressed, but still I expected to see a lot more from him.

    Erixon did not display a lot of offense otherwise was not bad.

    Girardi was solid, but still extremely slow, don’t know why he doesn’t want to improve his skating with Underhill.

  52. Wicky©hands to the chest of opposing players crossing the blueline GM! on

    so I watched the vids of the 2 fights and I like the bahama bomba a lot, but my guess is that he still is bound for ct tough guy (love to see his grit and size on the rangers but not happening).

    weise still can not fight, he is still as bad as byers always was!

    erixon looked pedestrian

    mcilrath looked better

    EC is just breathing everyone else’ air

    eminger is back to being the 7th D

    bourque and the rest of the young forwards were just avg and the same can be said for vet forwards

    Is that about correct?

  53. Weise did pretty good this fight and it was a pretty fun fight, so why would anybody want him to stop fighting?

    Both Werek and Grachev have scored, but I am still not sold on them yet.

    Eminger if he keeps it up will be replaced by Bell as the 7th D

    Avery refusing to fight some idiot and getting us a PP was just brilliant. I hope he stays, I love the way he plays, just wish he be more consistant.

  54. Yeah, it was brilliant, as always. That doesn’t mean he played great.

    Weise might be able to fight AHL’ers, but he’s going to get hurt going up against the NHL’ers that know how to fight. He’s just like Dubinsky. When Dubi came along, he wanted to fight everyone. I remember him challenging Andy Sutton, who was way out of his league. Then his first game of the regular season, he got knocked the hell out. He learned his lesson, and fought a hell of a lot less.

    Leave the fighting to Prust and Rupp.

  55. Avery was all over the plays, creating plays, hitting, getting hit to make plays, providing lots of energy.

    Dubi is more skilled, and he should still fight and own the likes of Mike Richards, nobody says that Weise should be an enforcer, but he should still fight a few times with some middleweights.

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