One more day ’til a hockey game


Headed to training camp scrimmages today. Hope to have some stuff for youse later on.

Was watching a bit of the Senators and Leaves last night. I’m still flabbergasted that in these new arenas they don’t have a center-ice camera position that isn’t blocked by fans who put their hands up after a goal. Whatzerman is that?

With all the talk about Marc Staal and all the other awful news about concussions and their long-term effects, I wrote this column for The Journal News and about a forum about brain injuries being held tonight. Former New York Giant and Green Bay Packer Dorsey Levens is very involved.

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  1. Good article Carp. Something needs to be done at an equipment level and rules level, but also these players need to start remembering thay are all part of the same union. Its also down to the coaches too, the players should be coached to not injure.

    I love a good hard NFL tackle, but even as a Steelers fan i wince when i see James Harrison flying at head height full speed at the opposition RB/QB, same in hockey: i love a good hipcheck but those low ones targetted at knees make me feel sick.

  2. Good article, Carp. I have to say that the issue of concussion, second impact syndrome and CTE has been a hot, and seriously approached topic by Pediatricians, especially Adolescent Medicine Specialists. In fact, among them, there is a growing field of Sports Medicine specialists. There are already very stringent standards as far as allowing young athletes to return back to their sport activities after concussion. Unfortunately, those specialists can only be found in large, academic medical institutions. So I think signing a bill by Gov. Cuomo is a huge step.

  3. scary for stahl. carp, do they even consider redden? vet, knows system, but cap hit! is that something they’d consider at all?

  4. That’s LB’s point of view, eric..But I, too, would like to have him as an insurance. Having said that, there is no way to replace your number one D-man.

    Too hot today in Jerusalem. We hanging out in tge room for a few hours before heading for dinner.
    Latona- we had lunch today at authentic Israeli restaurant. I had a chicken liver shishkebob with saffron rice. Mrs lost her appetite when my dish arrived, she apparently never tried chicken liver. Americans, sigh… She settled for shawarma. It all came with 11 different small salads- tabouli, roasted red pepper, beet salad, fattoush, matbucha and some other ones. By the way, the place also had chicken hearts shishkebob, but I’m not ready to be divorced. :-)

    By the way, if I start to sound like Kevin Weekes, someone please let me know…

  5. OMG, Carp. Reading your article gave me a chill. Don’t laugh but I think I suffered a concussion in a fall in 1977 and never knew it until now. I ended up in the ER. Needed 14 stitches above my eye. The doctor asked me where I was going to school (I was working full time) and I couldn’t remember. I actually don’t remember any of it. The person who went with me to the ER told me I didn’t know my name, where I went to school, etc. I was kept overnight in the hospital for observation and sent home the next day. I was home from work a week. About six years later I fell again and then all the problems ensued. I blamed it all on the second fall, not the first. But I bet it began with the first but nobody addressed it.

    There needs to be a lot more attention to hits to the head whether or not it’s a sports related injury.

  6. Concussions are the worst. I have had one from horsing around in middle school and one possible minor concussion from baseball. The lasting effects like migraines and seeing spots are horrendously annoying.

  7. Actually, I did not go home the next day. I was supposed to but when I got out of bed I fell to the floor so they kept me another day in ICU and then I went home from there! I’m just remembering that part now.

  8. Knowing general passion on this blog for pets, I feel like share…
    Kisya, my 17 years old beloved white cat, passed away (kidney’s failure) on my hands without suffering, living huge emptiness, filled only partially by memories. I didn’t expect it being so hard on me.

  9. 4ever: I am so sorry for your loss. Losing pets is always one of the most saddening experiences. For me there is always the question of whether they do or do not understand the enormity of their situation. Maybe they don’t but in either case I am sure you gave Kisya a terrific life and lots of love!

  10. I’ve never had my view obstructed by fans putting their hands up after a goal at the Devils’ new arena. Nor the old one, come to think of it…

  11. 4everanger

    i am sorry to hear your Kisya passed away.

    my cat Shibby ran away from my sisters house and has been missing for over a week now. I found out about it yesterday… so i am feeling pretty down myself :(

  12. Orr – Mara told them to go scratch. He wants a contract, not a try-out. But with five points scored all last season, I think a try out is about as good as he’s going to get until the injury bug bites. With Eminger inked, no way would I give him a contract.

  13. CCCP, I am really sorry about Shibby. I will send positive thoughts in hopes that you find Shibby soon.

  14. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    great article!!

    I don’t think mara will come back, he is not a torts favorite. I also think he will do what he can to phase avery out this season as soon as he can (sorry mama)!


    concussions suck!!

    Im calling BS on getting passed by the international man of mystery ILB on the lunch scale!!!

    If you are out there, thanks!!!!

    Wouldn’t this staal injury situation be a good time for “trial by fire” for mcilrath? We can keep him 10 games prior to sending him back to jrs…right? Or even a guy like ktek or someone who may be AHL bound. Just hypotheticals on my part with no one really having an idea of if or how long staal will be out.

    Brendan Bell anyone???

  15. 4ever–sorry about Kisya. I know what it’s like to lose a cat–it’s very hard. I had my Andre for 16 years. He died about 8 years ago and I still miss him.
    CCCP-I hope you find Shibby soon!

  16. Rangers might have interest in Mara, but Mara is not willing to sign a tryout contract. Looks like the rangers r covering all their bases if Staal is not ready to go, or if mdz and erixon are not ready for a job with the big club. Why don’t we just sign Mccabe? Too big of a contact? Are there any other options? Give the kids a chance? Whaddaya think?

  17. My old dog dug up my cats grave. Good thing it was in a bag. I also had an Akita from back when I was a kid that dug up a dead gerbil.

    My backyard is full of dead animals. Three dogs, 1 cat, a gerbil, a bird.

    Manny, I will. I’m gonna play the “pissed off customer” card. I’ll demand an apology from them!

  18. Yea I mean THIS IS TWICE. Who do they think they are!? Two game sin a row are messed up. I think one free month is not enough at this point. They need to seriously look into their shipping policies.

  19. I like Mara, but we already have Eminger that can fill in for Stahl. McDonut can get promoted like he did last year when Stahl was out. Assuming, of course, that Erixon isn’t ready to go, though I’ve heard he’s looking good in camp.

  20. Don’t see what the point in signing an extra defenseman just in case Staal has to miss 2 games or so.

    So either Erixon, Del Zotto or Valentenko stays with the team an extra few games. No big deal…

  21. I don’t think Mara has a shot as long asTorts is here. He ran him out of Tampa and then again in NY. Although it would be nice to wear my Mara jersey that I got during Blueshirts Of Our Backs back in 2007.

  22. Oleo that’s the problem, he could miss 2 games he could miss 20 games, you never know with concussions and the worry with Staal is that 7 months from the date of the concussion he is still having PCS. I think Orr is right, we have Emmy, erixon looks good and is more then likely ready, but is del zotto? Even if he is that’s 6 dmen, do we just go with 6 or do we bring up tank (waiver issues), kundratek, partlett, bell, or look to sign a vet til Staal is back and for injury call ups during the season?

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