Training camp, Day 2 (updated)


UPDATE: Artem Anisimov is on the ice with the third group. No sign of Marian Gaborik, who is supposed to be in this group as well.

UPDATE: Marian Gaborik is in the building, plans to skate with the fourth group and get his physical tests done later. Spoke about the services for Pavol Demitra (he wrote and delivered a eulogy)  and about what a brutal summer it’s been for him, among other things. Will have the highlights from that interview later.

Another slow day, with no pucks and a lot of tough skating.

Only news so far is that Michael Sauer did not skate again with his knee tendinitis/groin injuries. Marian Gaborik is expected to skate in the next group.

Here’s the main interview from today.

Michael Del Zotto:

“It was a long summer of two- and three-a-days. It wasn’t much fun but, I got to spend my whole summer at home with my family and it was good to catch up with them and just focus on myself and this upcoming year.”

Didn’t go back to Gary Roberts’ camp. Stuck around here with Reggie Grant, the team strength coach, and “like I said, it was the best summer for me. Off the ice, it was a lot of hard work being out for so long. But I came into camp feeling confident knowing what I’ve done this summer and it’s a great feeling to have right now.”

Driven by motivation?

“All of it. All of it was. You talk to other guys and it’s tough to work out on your own and not have a trainer with you. But I’m pretty self-motivated, especially after how last season went and what’s at stake this year. It’s a huge year for me, so the whole summer was just self motivation.”

What does he need to show Tortorella:

“Just that I’m all business and I learned from last year. You learn from experience and I’m not going to make the same mistakes I did before, and I’m coming in here with my head on right and I’ve got to bring that swagger back. That’s the biggest thing. I know everybody’s been talking about it and I sound like a broken record, but when I have my swagger, I know what I can do and I can definitely fit in.”

Were his mistakes on ice or off?

“Both. I made the same mistakes on the ice, and off the ice, hockey’s No. 1 and that’s all I have to worry about now — not worry about anything other than myself and the New York Rangers.”

Changes he made:

“Just play every day like it’s my last; and not take any practices or games off. Especially with Torts, you’ve got to earn everything. Nothing’s going to be given to you. I’m not going to be given ice time because of how I played the first year, especially on the power play. I have to earn everything.”

Did he need to be humbled last year?

“It happened. It definitely happened pretty quickly. Like I said, I learned from my experiences and learned from my mistakes last year. It’s a whole different year and I’m a whole new person this year.”

On Tortorella saying the demotion was an important part of the process for a young player:

“Yeah, it was definitely a lot less media down there and a lot less to worry about. But it was great for me going down. I remember my first game, we were in Norfolk, and I played 36 minutes my first night there. It was tiring, but at the same time that’s the only way you’re going to get your confidence and your swagger back. I was playing all situations, and it was the best thing for me.”

On whether he sees a spot for himself on the PP with Brad Richards here to man one of the points:

“If I’m there, I think it’s going to be a pretty deadly power play with Richie coming here. We all know what he can do and just skating in these unofficial skates it’s pretty amazing to watch him play. Him teaming up with Gabby, it’s going to be a pretty deadly 1-2 punch there.”

Does Richards take pressure off him, and make him more of a shooter:

“Obviously every team does tape now and they know what’s going on. And with another guy out there of his stature, and his ability, they’re going to pay more attention to him and maybe give me a little more room to make some plays and it’s going to benefit the both of us.

“Absolutely, and that’s one thing I’ve worked on this summer is my shot. We all know his ability to pass, and if you get open, you know it’s going to be on your tape every time. So, I think it goes both ways. Once they start playing me a little bit more, then him or Gabby are going to get open. It’s going to be tough to cover all of us.”

How long did it take to understand why he was demoted?

“Well, going down at first was pretty humbling. It was pretty frustrating as well, because I’ve never been in that position before. So it took a little time to get used to. As I said, the whole summer I was pretty motivated to get back here and show what I can do and prove I belong here.”

Ramped up workouts, “As soon as I was healthy enough. Mid-to-late June. I wasn’t cleared to do anything with my (broken) finger and sports hernia surgery. So the first day I was cleared to work out I started pushing my two- and three-a-days, and I didn’t have much of a summer, but I know what’s at stake and hockey’s my No. 1 priority.”

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  2. It’s a shame that these guys came into camp with injuries. We’ll have to wait to see how the MRI turns out for Anisimov’s knee, that could be a problem. And Sauer, like ilb said, could be a lingering issue. The only thing that can derail the 2011-12 Rangers are injuries. Not a couple, but a whole plethora of injuries, like the NYG defense this year. This team hopefully has the depth to withstand a few injuries this year and the nagging, lingering pains that all hockey players have.

  3. I just hope Del Zotto improved his speed and his defensive play.

    I hope Erixon plays physical.

    Can’t wait to see Zuccarello again and can’t wait to see Christensen gone.

  4. Marian Gaborik is in the building, plans to skate with the fourth group and get his physical tests done later. Spoke about the services for Pavol Demitra (he wrote and delivered a eulogy) and about what a brutal summer it’s been for him, among other things. Will have the highlights from that interview later.

  5. Yeah, Christensen has no place on this team, Avery also. Del Zotto and Erixon could be pretty good this year, and could greatly help our depth.

  6. i too have a great feeling about Wolski. will be a key key KEY player this year. if he takes his game to the next level, like Boyle did last year, it will be a good year for us.

  7. Great news that Artie-Partie is out there on the ice. I really hope that he can pick up his game this year and flourish.

  8. Manny, if Anisimov is healthy, he will most certainly get better. He’s a young guy that’s growing into his body and will be a force for years if healthy. Wolski, Im not sold on. When Wolski’s “on” he’s ok. When he’s not “on” he is invisible.

  9. ORR – shouldn’t you be playing video games right now? You have to reap the benefits of your indiscretions!

    You said it Tiki – it’s all about Anisimov’s size. Get stronger, kid!

  10. Sorry to hear that. Did the game not agree with your player conditioning program consisting mainly of “Ben & Jerry’s” ?

  11. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!


    In other news today…crosby is on the ice…and the sun came up!!

    mcilrath kept up with hagelin in the skates today…Czech is on the scene with CSI New York trying to figure out how this heinous misrepresentation could have happened. No way a bust 6/7/8 D man could keep up with an NHL quality prospect

    summer sucks!!!

    After finding out Mcilrath is actually a legit NHL prospect, 911 responders are now combing high rooftop ledges nationwide for Czech!!

    Nice write up on Prust, thanks!!

    I am interested to see if thuresson makes the big club, could be a sleeper. I want to see deveaux in the preseason!

  12. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    kyper says kings and avs in trade talks about doughty and statsny…

  13. Just found out from Andrew Gross that those tripods are electronic timers. And I thought Tony set up his cameras. ;p

  14. wicky, we’re probably just going to see most of the regular Rangers squad in the preseason, given they’re going to need their 3 USA games to gel before the Sweden trip.

  15. billybleedsblue on

    You betcha, Tony! It’s pretty chilly here today, and we’re all wearing pants, I’ll have you know.

  16. Doughty for Stastny. Hmm. I don’t think that’s the greatest trade for the Kings. They lose their number one d-man, and have their third third borderline top line center.

    Must be BS!

    Things can’t be that bad to the point where they’ll trade him!

  17. billybleedsblue on

    Garfield: The Movie should not be overlooked as a Bill Murray masterpiece. I just thought I would share that.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  18. Hartford will have plenty of ready prospects and veterans like Kolarik, Mitchell, Thuresson, and Newbury that we do not need Christensen as the 14th forward in case of injuries.

    With so much depth and so many new prospects coming up next year (Kreider, Thomas, Fasth, Lindberg, Yogan, etc.) there is just not enough room even in Hartford. I think the smart thing to do would be to trade one or 2 of the more redundant prospects for a draft pick.

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