Gaborik returns to training camp


Marian Gaborik returned Friday afternoon from Slovakia, where he spoke at a memorial for his close friend Pavol Demitra, and others. It’s been an especially difficult off-season for Gaborik, who was very close with Derek Boogaard from their days in Minnesota, and extremely close with Demitra, who perished in a plane crash two weeks ago.

Gaborik skated in the final group at training camp today and will undergo his physical tests at another time. Below is a Q&A he did today.

First, here is John Tortorella’s post-practice press conference video, courtesy of the Rangers’ site.

Marian Gaborik:

On hockey taking his mind away from what he’s been through:

“Yeah, for sure. To get back with the guys, with the group, and get this skating and testing done, and jump right back to scrimmage and preseason games. So hopefully I’m going to recover from jet lag as quickly as I can and be ready.”

“It’s been a crazy off-season, you know? To see Boogey go, and Pavol, and a couple other guys passed as well. So the summer’s been tough. But you have to move on. Obviously I’m never going to forget these guys; always going to have them in my heart, and I just have to move on.”

“I wrote a speech and I spoke at a memorial for the guys who had like 10 closest hockey guys on the stage there during the memorial. So, during this year I’m going to do something (to honor them) for sure. Now I want to focus on training camp and definitely going to do something.”

His health and readiness:

“Yeah, I feel pretty good. I brought my gear so I skated three times with the guys there a little bit to get my mind off things. I flew in yesterday so hopefully I’m going to get my legs back quickly as I can. But I feel good. I’m looking forward to this.

“I skated Saturday, then flew Saturday after the skate here.”

On importance of getting on the ice with Brad Richards:

“Yeah, we skated two or three times together. You can see how he handles himself on the ice. He’s just a natural playmaker. The plays he makes, they’re great. You know you’re going to get it on your tape. I think we’re going to get used to each other pretty quickly.”

On left wingers for that line:

“It’s going to be up to Torts, what he’s going to decide. We’ll see. You know, whoever is there, we have to get used to each other and hopefully we can stick together as much as we can. So if we stick together, it means we’re doing good. You know how it is with the lines here. If we’re going to stick together, then you know that we’re doing good.”

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  1. billybleedsblue on

    BTW, to get back to something from earlier, hockey smells like sweaty leather and rubber… so… maybe some of the earlier ideas weren’t so far off from that…

  2. billybleedsblue on

    Ugh, I’d rather read that Gabby is feeling “great” instead of “pretty good,” but I’m not going to read too much into this stuff. The proof will be in the pudding.

  3. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    right when you go into the lockerroom on the left, above the 3rd urinal, the list should be there!!

  4. “I feel pretty good. just need my legs back” sounds like something he could very easily be saying come Thanksgiving when theyre asking him why he isn’t producing and if he’s injured. I know the guys been through a lot but hopefully he can find a way to be at his best and have the bounce back year we need from him. I’d like to see chemistry between he and Richards early so we don’t have to hear “these things take time” 600,0000 times by Xmas.

  5. I see Billy Jaffe on MSG’s Hockey Night talking about the Islanders. Is he back as their colour commentator?

  6. Never thought I’d say this, but I’m looking forward to football tomorrow. Talkin’ proud, Buffalo!

  7. possible LW on the top line:

    Wolski – obvious 1st choice, contract year
    Dubinsky – could be a great option and he is signed for 4 years so even if he scores 100 points it doesn’t hurt us capwise any time soon.
    Avery – Contract year, great playmaker, friends with Richards, chemistry with Gaborik, if he gets his scoring touch and confidence back we would be in great shape.
    Zuccarello – could be a very good option as well.
    Rupp – bad fit IMO
    Fedotenko – was Richard’s winger in Tampa, but never came close to his career high 26 goals, so likely a bad choice.
    Christensen – Tort seems to like him, I hope it doesn’t come to this.
    Stepan – too slow to keep up with Gaborik, plus if he produces he would cost a lot more when his contract is up.

  8. Bob,
    Avery has never been a great play maker. Gretzky was a great play maker, Oates was a great play maker. you sure you know what a play maker is? Avery has never had a scoring touch. his career high is what 14, or 15 goals. A scoring touch? I don’t think so. this so called chemistry with Gabby? you based that on what? 2 or 3 games where they had success together. the only thing you got right on Avery is that it is his contract year.

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