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Well done yesterday by Lowell, who provided some great analysis on our tops guys, and stole some of my thunder in the process.  Building on that, here are some thoughts from the Rangers final match of pool play on Tuesday.

o  The Rangers lost 4-3 in overtime in a pretty underwhelming effort from most of the top guys.  Carolina won it on a Justin Shugg goal during 3-on-3 in the second overtime period.  More on that later.

o  What can be said collectively about the group is that the passing, puck possession and decision making has been a mark ahead of all three opponents thus far, regardless of the bonus point loss tonight.

o  Everyone’s favorite new All-Star Tim Erixon probably had his worst game of the tournament so far, but nonetheless has looked like an NHL player overall.  I don’t have the stats, but he and Captain Dylan McIlrath seemed to play a ton of minutes again.  During one forgettable shift, both were caught out of position leaving Scott Pitt open in the slot for the first Carolina tally.  It should be noted how great Erixon has been on the power play.  He has solid vision, and isn’t afraid to shoot the biscuit.  He also took a penalty in the first period which was called a “hook.”  Really he was just battling his man hard in front and outmuscled him to the ground.  Good for him.

o  Some attention should be paid to Jonathan Audy-Marchessault.  Not because he is tied for the tournament lead in scoring, but because he’s had limited ice time in the process (or at least it seems).

o  Shane McColgan was impressive again.  I really had no idea what this guy was about heading into the tournament but he’s been fun to watch.  He’s a small 18-year-old kid who had another strong game on the forecheck and tallied a couple points in the process.

o  Ryan Bourque has been great so far in the tournament, but couldn’t get going tonight. I actually forgot he was playing until he drove hard to the net and drew a great penalty with three minutes to go. He has excellent speed and is a pretty solid two way player with some raw skills.

o  Aside from one mistake Christian Thomas had a strong game, particularly in the first period.  He directly led to the second Rangers goal with a hard forecheck and turnover in the offensive zone, and then sniped one past the Carolina goaltender with less than a second left in the period.  Unfortunately his only real blunder cost the Rangers the game.  In overtime Thomas gained the offensive zone, stopped, and attempted to make a cross ice pass–one that he fanned on leading to the game winning breakaway goal.  Regardless, I’ve really taken a liking to this guy over the last three games.  The son of former NHLer Steve Thomas spoke with Dave Maloney moments after his goal and said his father had great words for the Rangers “organ-eye-zation.”  Hard to believe considering he played for the Devils and Islanders through the majority of the 90’s.

o  Carolina’s Jared Staal looked really good out there. He lacks the natural offensive talent Eric and Jordan have, but takes the body well, and is really strong on his skates.

o  Speaking of the Staals: Henry Staal was on air live in the third period.  When asked which son is the “meanest,” he came back with a gem.  He said Eric is probably the meanest, Marc is “sneaky mean,” paused a minute, then said “Jordan isn’t mean enough — It’s his moms fault.”  Classic. Never gets old hearing from a guy who helped procreate four pros.

o  The power play has looked pretty solid, with the usual suspects you’d expect on the ice for most of them.  Much like the big club, this team hasn’t been the greatest at planting bodies in front of the net, which is particularly frustrating for me.  Through three games the power play is 5 for 21.

o  Our behemoth goaltending prospect, Jason Missiaen, was fun to watch.  He had a fairly average day, but came up with his fair share of strong stops.  He looked a bit shaky and off his angle at times, but is a pretty raw talent considering his size and age.  He looked quite athletic and is also pretty sound down low, which is saying something for a 6’8” guy.  When he’s down in the butterfly he looks as tall as Darren Pang did standing up.

o  Michael St. Croix has probably been the Rangers best two-way player in the tournament.  Kid plays hard, wins battles, and in Tuesday’s game alone made a couple of great defensive plays on the backcheck, all good signs for a centerman prospect.

o  Much like the first match on Saturday, I thought JT Miller was average. He allowed an easy 2 on 1 opportunity to slide off his stick, and wasn’t much to speak of in terms of the two-way game and has a long way to go.  A bright spot occurred in third period when he stuck up for Tim Erixon when he was dropped after the whistle.  It was an uneventful fight, but good stuff. This tournament has been my only opinion of JT, and he doesn’t seem to have the greatest raw skill and hands in the world. He is however extremely strong on the puck in corners and works hard in the offensive zone.  He keeps possession well down low, is 6’1” 190 lbs and only 18 years old.

o  Maybe it’s the cameras inside the room, or the fact it’s just a prospects tournament, but Ken Gernander seems like a calm and composed guy — an interesting contrast to the guy behind the big club’s bench.  Overall he seems to have good hockey sense, gets right to the point, and works well with young guys.  Good stuff for Hartford.  Reminds me of watching Dan Bylsma on HBO last year.

o  Echoing Lowell’s thoughts from the other day, you’d have to think with all the assets on the blueline some type of deal is at least going to be discussed in the front office. I’d like to see a repeat effort from Sauer and McDonagh through the first few months before we decide to do something. Many of us were probably thinking the same thing a year ago with the assumption Del Zotto wouldn’t have the lack of progress he did.

o  Regardless of the outcome, The Rangers knew they would play in tonight’s championship against Buffalo.  Perhaps this contributed to the sluggish effort. Staal, Dubinsky, Anisimov and Sauer were on the squad the last time we won it in 2007.

o  With the score tied 3-3 after regulation, the teams played one overtime period of 4-on-4 hockey, and then one period 3-on-3. Both periods were four minutes long. Apparently the extra minute would have been too taxing. The 3-on-3 play was absolutely ridiculous, and I hope the league is not considering actually bringing it to the NHL.

o  Towards the end of the game the whole Buffalo Sabres prospect team was watching behind the Rangers goal dressed only in lowers.  Pretty old school.

o  In between periods MSG aired a clip in which John Giannone interviewed Glen Sather on a local Traverse City golf course.  I’m not kidding, the majority of Glen’s comments were about the golf course.

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  1. Good morning, boneheads. Having lunch at Dead Sea.

    Good review, Mess…

    Hey, can anyone open the thread while I’m on vacation? WTB? :-)

  2. good review. McColgan has been the suprise of the tourney to me. little guy who fights and scores, he’s got some marty st louis in him. JAM is the second nice suprise. great hands.

    i wish jesper fasth was there, that kid was dynamite at last years world juniors.

  3. disagree with you on Miller. looks to very talented, plays very hard, and has a bit cockiness to him. reminds me of Dubi, buy with a little more natural ability.

  4. Another good review of our youngsters, thanks.

    I guess if you want a Slats interview no point in hanging round the rink – just head down to the golf course!

  5. the uncle glen interview on the golf course was just unbelievable… we couldn’t have scripted it better ourselves

  6. The interview with Henry Staal was beyond lame – some of stupidly mindless questions posed by those 2 idiots in the broadcast booth were downright embarassing.

  7. I stayed up late again last night and watched the game again. Slingbox FTW!

    They looked sluggish and disinterested last night comparing to two previous games. I really think Erixon is the closest one to NHL, if not ready. Poised, calm and makes excellent choices. The more I see McIlrath the more I’m convinced it was a good choice considering we had MDZ and now Erixon. Dylan, however, should not be rushed in NHL. What he is projected to be requires full, or close to full, physical maturity. I think he’ll be a force.

    I happen to think differently about JT Miller. In fact I’m pleasantly surprised. He has much better hockey sense and knowledge of positioning than people used to talk. Strong skater, I think if groomed properly, he will turn into an excellent two- way forward.

  8. I think we have way too many good prospects and way too few open spots, even in Hartford some will get very little icetime due to overcrowding of good players.

    I think we need to make a trade or 2 to free up some space and get picks for a more distant future.

    Hagelin (while the value is high) to Detroit for 2nd round pick.

    Christensen anywhere for 5th round pick

    Maybe look to trade Weise and Valentenko.

  9. Carp- this is for you: driving on iPhone. :-). Seriously, mrs is driving and I’m blogging. We are on the way from Dead Sea to Eilat (the Southern part of Israel on Red Sea). Driving through the desert, looks dead, but still beautiful.

  10. mornin heads. great review nyrmessier. u a new poster? i thought st croix wasnt as good as u thought and miller was better than u thought, but overall i agree with everything else. hope we see a better game from the boys today. yogan goin back in? i wanna see more size up front. too many smurfs.

    cccp- no i traded in 11 to get 12. it usually trade in bunch of old games to gamestop and it takes off like 75% offthe price. somwhow my buddy swindled me into pre ordering a freakin strategy guide for the new elder scrolls comin out soon. i never buy guides especially since i could just get a free walkthrough from tons of sites online, but since my game informer prescription ran out i will need some reading material for the bathroom. maybe if i run out of tp too, since its supposed to be even longer than the previous one. its probably the size of a dictionary.

    wocky- i used to have xbox 360 and loved it. until it kept breakin on me every few months. i was on my 3rd one when i took my old banana blade mylec street hockey stick to bash it in. i had more fun doing that than the previous few months trying to play the POS!! so i spent a little more and got a way better product. get a ps3 man. its same graphics, all the other stuff is bsically equal or better to xbox and it doesnt break constantly. plus orr has one an u know hes already in the process of sending sony his blueprints for a extra slot on the side for extra “plug in” devices.

  11. Bob, perhaps we should hold on to those young assets and see what they can do for a little longer. Having a crowded, talented, young roster in both NHL and AHL is a good problem to have. That way, when the team is really ready for a serious push, you can trade some of them without depleting your system.

  12. ilbzo!! hows your vacay?? just wanna let you and wick know that it wasnt a stroke. but i was very close to having one. im doing much better too. i’ll let u know the details on fb ok. anyway, glad ur havin a good time. come back safe buddy.

  13. Seriously, the games have been ruined by the three idiots calling them. They are totally ignoring the action while they read inane Twitter graphics off the screen. It’s like they woke up on Christmas morning, found Twitter under their tree, and can’t put it down. Enough Twitter already!!! Just because a tweet is short doesn’t make it any less stupid than if it were an email. We don’t care that ed43zep in Nyack thinks that Thomas is not as good as his father! We are watching the games because we are interested in THE GAMES! Call the damn action.

    This Twitter crap had better not continue into the season or I’ll be turning off the TV volume while I listen to the radio broadcasts.

  14. Good morning all! Grabby, WTB??!!

    ilb, I practically spit out my coffee at that first post.

    Mess, terrific post. I think the team just buckled after all the pressure Lowell put on them :)

  15. ilb – that is my FAVORITE place. I hiked from Eilat to the dead sea and it was one of the most eye opening and soul searching times of my life. The desert is a really, really special place!

  16. You HIKED it, Manny? Hope it wasn’t in September. The way it looks now, I wouldn’t be willing to leave the car even if my bladder was pushing my back teeth out…

  17. We’re trading everyone already? A good number of the guys at Traverse City are either on amateur try out deals or are still eligible to return to juniors so Hartford won’t be overcrowded. I don’t know if anyone is going to trade anything for Christensen. The Rangers got him on waivers and he hasn’t really proven himself to be anything more than a flash of talent. He counts against the cap and the overall number of contracts an organization has, so there’s really no compelling reason to take him on.

  18. After watching the first three games from Traverse City, it is apparent what the Rangers most glaring need is: someone to do play-by-play when Sam Rosen is away doing NFL games. I wish Dave Maloney and Joe Micheletti would switch jobs as well, but beggars can’t be choosers. John Giannone is downright bad and it is an embarassment that MSG has to use him.

    Here is a free suggestion to those who run the MSG Network. Since Steve Cangialosi is now the Devils play-by-play announcer, replace him on Red Bulls games with JP Dellacamera and make JP Sam’s fill-in on Ranger games. Dellacamera used to broadcast Thrashers games and was one of the reasons why I would watch Atlanta games whenever the Rangers (or Blackhawks – gotta love Pat Foley) were off.

  19. Erixon has been impressive. he is going to make the Rangers coming out of camp. Haglin, and Bourque will see time with the big club this season when injuries hit, but for the most part will be with the Whale. I do not see the point in Thomas going back to junior. what is left to prove, scoring 70? that is where I think he ends up though. I am rooting for McIlrath, but I think he is a good 2 seasons from being ready.

  20. Well we hiked it with a car if that makes sense. We would Hike and the car would leap frog us. Just because the car kept lots of supplies. It was an amazing experience. I was with my friends parents. My hebrew was not great at the time and their English might have been only slightly better. They were all in their 60s or higher. Old army guys and one man’s wife. They all carried guns and we hiked and then would get to the car and set up our tent, cook outside, scavenge water from the small rivers that run through the desert out there. It was amazing.

    Thank god for pacemakers!

  21. I think a lot of you are missing the point about what MSG network is doing with this tournament. they are not broadcasting the games the way it is usually done, but doing it in a way the fans watching are getting to know the prospects. you are getting to hear what player personal guys think of the prospects, you going on the bench, and in the locker room. Giannone and Joe are just there as hosts, so you know who everybody is.

  22. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    ILB, you’re bringing back some fond memories of my Birthright trip.

    Enjoy it!

  23. That’s why you are probably going to get the “C” ilb.

    Glad you’re having a great time and not driving on your iPhone.

    Good morning, Sally!

  24. bull dog,

    I think it’s a matter of roster spots and contracts as to why probably none of the forwards from Traverse have a shot at the big club. You figure they have 5 of their top 6 filled in Richards, Gaborik, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Callahan and the rest of the returning forwards will rotate amongst the 3rd and 4th lines with a revolving door at the LW vacancy on the top 2 lines. I’d say Stepan, Boyle, Prust, Fedotenko and Rupp are going to be in the lineup almost every night. So right there that’s 10 of the 12 spots filled. Then there’s the wildcards of Wolski, Zuccarello, Christensen and Avery. Even if you they start out Zucc in the AHL that’s still 13 forwards.

    Either way I doubt they put Thomas on the roster because it doesn’t do him that much for his development to play for table scraps minutes in the NHL and burn up a year of his ELC. I don’t think he’s ready to play top 6 minutes in the NHL. Especially on a line with Gaborik and Richards who will see the other teams best defensive lines and pairings on almost every shift.

    Now this isn’t to say that he couldn’t play in the NHL, which on another team like an Islanders or Edmonton that are clearly in rebuilding mode he could get prime minutes. But for better or worse, signing Richards meants the Rangers are going into a “win within the next few years” mode. Provided he plays at the same level as he did this past year, I’d say he has a good shot for next year’s team when a lot more roster spots open up.

  25. I’m asking again: “How can we help our team?”
    Can we have Crosby as is, for a discount?
    Can we send Avery by first occasion using human traffickers to the Mexican Hockey League?
    Can we all chip in and buy a dozen Italian silk ties for Tortorella together with an Oxford edition of “Refined manners and proper vocabulary for Royals”?

  26. I want Howie Rose as Sam’s replacement. I mean it’s his radio call that gets used for Matteau. Although he’s honestly got a face made for radio. And judging by some of his comments when he thought the Isles were on commercial break last year, he wants off the Island.

  27. hey Carp
    you’ll appreciate this

    attended Pearl Jam’s second night in Toronto
    a couple nights ago
    Eddie Vedder dedicated “I Wish” to Doug Gilmour
    and during the song
    threw in a line that sounded like
    “maple LEAVES”

  28. Ilb

    Eilat ? Wow. Wasn’t that where David pitched his perfect game? It’s hard for me to grasp that people nowadays can visit the sites of the beginnings of everything, and be so casual about it. I get chills just imagining myself in such wondrous terrain. God be with you throughout your trip.

  29. rocketnyr:

    Amen to that brother. The amount of play by play calling probably equates to less than 10% of the actual game. And Crapiletti’s analysis of various plays is non-existent.

    These idiots are so busy babbling inanely they are missing altogether some stuff that clearly should be shown on replay and discussed. For example, I watched McColgan deke around a Cane d-man and the slide the puck over to McIlath, who proceeded to totally whiff on the shot.

    I literally went ‘ohhh, wow’ and then ‘oh crap’ and wanted to the see the play again. The 2 boobs didn’t even remark on the play, let alone have it replayed.

    That’s but 1 small example of what’s been going on for all 3 games.

    Did you catch the Henry Staal interview? The questions posed to him were girlie-ish and beyond lame.

    Both should have their sorry asses FIRED.

  30. rockety

    That’s no different from what occurred all last season. That brain dead chit chat about N O T H I N G, at the expense of following the play. We lost a lot of the identity of those kids due to this simple mindedness that follows these guys from season to season. Doesn’t the front office have any clue as to the damage these two clowns do?

  31. AnthonyM: I swear I could do a far better analysis job that Crapiletti. When they bring a guest to the booth and have the camera on them, the look on the man’s face makes me wanna throw my beer at the TV.

    And that stupid laugh of his reminds me of Dana Carvey’s impersonation of George Bush.


  32. I tried grabbing the jersey numbers off the guys while play was under way, but man is that difficult. It needn’t be that way. And a single stationary camera view during the entire game, made following them around twice as difficult. Never any alter angle shots and or close ups.

  33. fran: Exactly. It’s not even unprofessional nor incompetence. It’s just plain ignorance of what the roles actually involve. It’s like these morons are on a mini-holiday.

    I know nothing about Giannone, but Crapiletti’s been bugging me for years – his hockey insight offerings I could fit in my big toe and still have room for a ham sandwich.

  34. Ah – mad old pics. I see what’s going on. So you’re Sean Penn in Haiti and you are like, “Yo Scarlett baby. Send me some n00dz. I can’t find any tail down here”

  35. I will talk about this until Mama, or the likes of Mama arrive. But for now…….I am kind of upset about the upper half of these photos. Can’t wait for tomorrows updates.

  36. Like if I was Sean Penn (or Ryan Reynolds or whoever was lucky enough to get these) I would be bummed. I feel like she isn’t highlighting her assets properly. She needs to show the thin waistline in contrast to the bust line. Not some weirdo “laying on my side” half shot. Tsk Tsk.

  37. Yeah, she’s trying to do the fancy model pose!

    Sometimes a simple flying V gets the job done! Oh well!

    Maybe this will get her to do some nudie scenes. She’s one of those actresses that wont go nude. LOL! She could have at least been paid if she did this in a movie. Now all she gets is a headache while she explains this to the FBI!

  38. stevezipay Setting the tone: Brandon Prust warns HBO techies who walked on NYR logo in locker room at training center. Shared a laugh about it later

    LOL! He shouldn’t have done that. I’d love to see Torts flip out after a cameraman walks on the logo. Give him a bust stop beat down.

  39. Yea – hit up that Flying V – and also….come on. This was the best you could do? You make millions! Purchase an APP for $.99 that really makes the photos look special. Sheesh Scarlett.

    You’re right – never nude. Now she has all this crap floating out there. Not even great pics!

  40. Actually – Butt-Man has some awesome spreads (probably). Maybe Scarlett should have had one of their photographers to help her out!

  41. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    gribby (jk, Grabby)
    what’s up bro? I had the old xbox then got the ring of death and they fixed it. I didn’t want to take the chance on a repeat event, so we got the new one with connect and it is the bomb. They are no longer the house burners they used to be. Besides, we have like 3 blu ray players in the house already. I also like the pay to play online feature (eliminates SOME of the riff raff)!

    Did you get signed up yet??

    carp is right, this is why you should be the one to wear the “C”.

    I hate the desert (sorry folks), the army kinda put a damper on some parts of the world for me, along with every haji with an AK, but I do hear Israel is the bomb tho! SAND SUCKS!!

  42. Pretty sweet mask Quick got. I think Carey Price did something like that to honor Jacques Plante last season for the heritage classic game versus calgary.

    The kings went back to black and silver for their home and away jerseys this year and ditched purple altogether from their unis, so I wonder when Quick will wear this mask. Personally, I don’t like the kings new home and road sweaters. While I was never a fan of the black, silver and purple combination they wore for the past several years, I did like the old school purple and yellow unis (like the lakers) back in the Marcel Dionne days.

  43. I like the Kings jersey. I got a Doughty jersey in the now home/then alternate. I never liked the ones they’ve been using for the last few seasons, too busy. Their current design harkens back to the Gretzky black and silver era.

    Also, I read that the Blackhawks are doing away with their blacks alternates this year. Too bad, I got a Kane jersey in that style last year too. I thought they were pretty nice as well.

  44. ilb, Having a lot of talent in the NHL and AHL is a good problem to have. One of the reasons why it is a good problem is that the team can fill other needs on their NHL roster by trading away a couple of the prospects. Come the trade deadline, the Rangers will be in a battle for 1st in the East and may need to trade a couple of their prospects to fill a pressing need in the race for the Cup.

    Liverpool’s Champions League match wasnt on yesterday. They must be on today!!

  45. Liberty jerseys were good for the era, definitely look a little dated now but certainly among the best of the late 90s explosion of 3rd jerseys. I didn’t like the white Liberty jersey.

    I’ve seen ideas tossed around that they’ll basically reverse the heritage jersey with the cream white as the base color. I don’t know if that would look that good. I don’t know, I’m fine if they don’t do anything. The standard home and away jerseys are classic looking anyway, but since every team has gone with a new jersey for the event I’m sure we’ll see a new one.

  46. the kings new alternative jersey is meh… too bland for my taste.

    the old school jerseys are the best.

    i like Rangers Liberty jersey.

  47. billybleedsblue on

    Nice write-up. I missed the game, but got everything I needed to know right here. Well done, Mess and Carp.

    lol guys, thanks for the laughs with the more recent posts, and Orr, I believe the flying V ALWAYS works, lol.

  48. Jim – I hear you about Joe M. Frankly, either of my two cats could do a better job than him. Then againm so coulkd Zippy The Wonder Chimp! As for that laugh, it keeps creepy when he starts and then Sam joins in. When that happens, I toss impression of them and my wife, and the two cats, get a real big kick out that!

    I never meant that I wanted JP Dellacamera as his replacement, just as NHL fill-in. When it comes time to replace Sam, it has to be either Howie Rose or Kenny Albert. I would kill for them to do play-by-play with Dave Maloney as the color analyst. Maloney has worked hard as his craft and is night-and-day better than when he first did some radio fill-in work a few years ago.

  49. For the first time today it really feels like hockey is just around the corner.

    Just don’t know how to feel about it. This season could be one of the most memorable ever or it could be one of the biggest distasters ever…thing of everything surrounding the team:

    Winter Classic/HBO documetary

    Richards’ first year in blue after a monster contract

    Gaborik needs a bounce back season physically/mentally and is dealing with the tragic loss of 2 close friends

    Callahan wearing the “C” and transitioning into the captaincy role as it pertains to the media and “outside” fans as I call them.

    The risk of sophmore slumps/need for bounce back years from younger guys sprinkled in

    Dunno bout you guys but I’m ready to get things going lol

  50. Seeing and hearing Ron Francis being interviewed the other day brought back some
    memory moments of the old Whalers, and he showed up as a raw rookie with a big following from up around the Soo..
    Whalers top sniper at the time was Blaine Stoughton who was best known for lolling at the red line and waiting for an errant puck to come his way and he’d make a quick move in to score. Defense?…that’s what D men are for.) Back check? …then he’d be too tired to have a red line breakaway to score.

    His own description of Francis’s rookie 1st game. Stoughton said at the time …Not a direct quote but you get the idea…” Francis asked Blaine which corner Blaine wanted for him to cover. Stoughton said BOTH corners: the kid said “OK” then proceeded to do just that.

    Those were some great fun days at the old Civic Center.

  51. That is AWESOME. Is Scarlett just had one person to take some picture of her without her clothes on. Maybe someone to be there and say – “Hey Scarlett – this angle is really not that sexy…let’s do something like your GQ shoot but with less clothing?”

    Good one, CT! You have been on a roll for the last few days.

  52. EJ Hradek

    Player-coach? #kidding. RT @drosennhl: Isles announce that they’ll “make an announcement regarding the future of John Tavares” in a presser tomorrow at 1pm

    anyone wants to take a guess how long the contract will be? i say – 12 years around 80 mill

  53. I’ve been reading that it’s for 6 years and $5.5M per. Not quite Stamkos cap hit…or Redden cap hit for that matter.

  54. Maybe they will just announce that they are sending Tavares to Kansas City to scout a new team and Rink location?

  55. If you’re referring to the Kansas City Scouts, that’s not ironic. But I could be missing something.

  56. why do peopel say “their” instead of “there”? maybe it was a typo on manny’s part but i’ve noticed a lot of people write like that… i know that english isn’t my first language but… whats up?

  57. The Ukrainian Professor knows the English language better than a bunch of lousy stinkin’ Americans!!!! :)

  58. oh right that is a typo. I probably thought of someone else’s pictures being in her phone! That is pathetically wrong!

  59. Manny, I just read it, apparently there are four pictures that are going to be released, and they’re worse than the Scarlet pics.

    Pic #1 – Shirtless Justin Timberlake
    Pic #2 – Justin Timberlake jokingly sniffing pink panties
    Pic #3 – Mila in a bath, but you only see her head

    But, pic #4 is apparently an explicit picture. It better be good, dammit, cause those other pics are lame! Super lame! I hate Timberlake!

  60. Was it Orr that said the other day that Asians never lie? Well, I just got off the phone with a lying Directv customer service guy. His name was Jin!! :)

  61. Nevermind, it wasnt Orr. It was someone else. Wel, to whomever it was, your theory has been disproved!!!!!! :)

  62. Zubaz pants forever!

    I forgive you, Manny!

    I go through a lot of emails each day and I see people use “their’ instead of “there” all the time! it pisses me off! I also hate when people say “Aks’ instead of “ask” lol …so lame.

  63. What a waste. Someone hacks Mila’s phone and there are no nudie pics of her, but of other guys. Blech!

  64. 3C, I have to aks you a question? Are you going to be their in Philly for the Winter Classic? We need you their.

  65. Just called the gamefly and yelled at some dude for shipping some other game, which was behind at least 3 or 4 other good games instead of the NHL12! Cancelled my membership for the third and LAST time and got my $17 dollars back! Looks like i’ll have to go and buy the game right now. Stupid gamefly…

  66. Maybe it was due to your credit card info being changed…yeah, um about that. You don’t have any important bills linked to that card?

  67. Their is nothing wrong with misusing They’re a few times in one sentence. My coworkers said there families do ii frequently

  68. A man in China had to go to the hospital to have an eel removed from his bladder. He was at a spa, receiving a treatment where he laid in a bath of eels. The eels were supposed to eat the dead skin off his body, rejuvenating him. Instead, one of the eels swam right up his urethra.


  69. _The Federal Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that they are looking into numerous celebrities being “hacked. The FBI confirms we are investigating computer intrusions of high profile figures,” FBI spokesperson Laura Eimiller said. Because of the on-going nature of the investigations we are not permitted to specify the names of victims or number of victims. People are asking what we mean by ‘computer’ intrusions. This might be too traditional a term at this point, but, by computer we mean any computer, laptop, phone or other device on which personal information can be accessed online. We’re also getting questions about whether the FBI has anything better to do than worry about celebrities. That is answered with: ‘The nature of work in which the victim engages is irrelevant when a federal violation is reported_

    Damn the FBI!

  70. Czechthemout!!! on

    Thanks for the review.

    But just like with Lowell yesterday, one wonders what game you watched.
    I was not a fan of the JT Miller pick but I must say that I am very impressed with not only his hands, but also his hockey sense and his ability to hold his position alone the boards. He is also great on face-offs.

    Yesterday, Lowell reviewed the two games and what struck me the most was his absurd observation of Mcilrath. He said his skating was great as was his hockey sense and his positioning. Mcilrath is at least three years away from the NHL. His skating stinks. He falls down on his own just like Jessiman used to. And his hockey sense is terrible. That said, he sticks up for his teammates and that is always a plus in my book. He is however the fourth best dman on this team behind Erixon, Parlett and Noroeu. They continue to hype him which is ok with me but I don’t ever see Mcilrath as anything more than a number 6-7 dman on this team.

    Was impressed with Mccolgan, Andy….., Hagelin, Yogan and I believe that Thomas maybe about ready for the big team along with Erixon and Hagelin.

  71. Czech,
    McIlrath is better than Noreau. I thought he was so so in the first game, solid in the second game, and not good at all in the 3rd game. he is a big Dman, they tend to take longer to develop. there is no hurry getting him to the Rangers. they have plenty of depth on D. it will take 2 2or 3 more years.

  72. The Great Evaluator on


    I think you’re wrong about McIlrath. He is not a 6-7 d-man…he is more of a 7.5 – 8 and a quarter d-man.

    Jessiman + McIlrath = 500+ pounds of pure bust

  73. Manny, what photos? Might papa have taken them down? If so, be glad I wasn’t here! Methinks someone or two misbehaved….

    But ORR, at 2:27….LMAO!!!

    Manny at 4:49, LOL, but as an editor (though not getting paid for it anymore :) that drives me crazy. Like its and it’s…….Note to young folks reading this blog ( help us all) pay attention in grammar class!

  74. LOL! When there are parens, the rules are….oh ack! I’m out for the night….late work, and now fading to black…..TA!

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