It’s Go Time!


Game 3 from Traverse City, Rangers’ pups vs. Carolina kids.

On MSG and NHL Network (I think), 3 p.m.

Hope to have a review of today’s game, and then a tournament wrap-up after tomorrow’s finale.

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  1. WOW! 23 seconds into the Champions League group match, Milan takes the lead over Barcelona at the Nou Camp!!!! What’s the score of the Liverpool match?

  2. Is Sanguinetti playing in the game? I think he’s in the bust HOF along with Jessiman and Montoya.

  3. Bwaha, my friend just got NHL 12:

    Here are Ranger players overall ratings.

    Del Zotto-80
    and just for CTB we have Redden at 79
    They still have Frolov and Prospal on the roster. I played one exhibition game and gaborik got hurt in the 1st period and was out for the game.

  4. CCCP,

    I was able to play almost 4 full seasons of GM mode in NHL 11. Gaborik got hurt in 2 of the 4 seasons. Although nothing serious. Cally was actually the most injury prone of the forwards. Never got Wolski, but I did get Parise between seasons 1 and 2. He was good but not great. Stepan became an absolute beast, putting up back to back 50 goal seasons. I finally got AA up to 40 goals/80 points in season 4. Good under the radar guy to acquire was Darren Helm from Detroit.

  5. These EA games are usually very unrealistic with the injuries.

    In NHL10 Franchise mode, I would always slash OvechCANT and Crosby until I injured them, and just kill off the penalties, which would normally be a 5 on 3 for a whole damn period! It was worth it!

  6. What I don’t get in the NHL games is that you can completely destroy a guy, either against the boards or in open ice and nothing happens. But if you miss the hit and hit the boards yourself, you get injured.

  7. yeah Manny… did you get it yet? lol

    I can’t play Be A GM for too long… i get annoyed lol

    i love playing HUT online with other kids…

  8. Yea, CT – I just got it. Luckily they forwarded me the Credit Card information on the packing slip. I am about to hit up Times Square and get some stuff at Game Stop. Maybe Bubba Gump Shrimp too!

  9. I heard the Devils are thinking of doing a bond underwriting in order to finance this season’s players meal budget.

  10. Megan Fox

    “Anything Mortal Kombat. I have that down and I don’t cheat. That game just works well with my brain. The way my brain fires signals works well with how that game works. And I’m just really good.”

    she had to repeat the same line twice but in a different way.

    “I eat because i’m unhappy. And i am unhappy because i eat” – Fat Bastard

  11. Maybe MZA will look to go to LA if things don’t work out on the Rangers. Frodo from Modo thinks he mighthave a shot.

  12. LOL! CT, I would trade MZA for Doughty!! But, there’s not many other players I would to trade MZA for on the Kings!!

  13. LMAO! Haha!!

    Btw, how awesome is it that there are currently three captains in the NHL from upstate NY: Brown, CallaMAN, and Gionta. Pretty awesome!!

  14. I believe NY has the most players in the NHL out of the US states. Most of which are from upstate, throw Patrick Kane in there too. You have Higgins, Komisarek and Scuderi from LI and Shattenkirk from New Rochelle. Not sure if there’s anybody from NYC.

  15. DarrenDreger Kyle Turris’s agent, Kurt Overhardt says he doesn’t expect Turris will report to Phx camp without a contract extension.

    Is this kid serious? What the hell has he done since being drafted top five four years ago, more or less?

  16. Wouldn’t argue that Turris is worth what he (his agent) is apparently looking for, but he’s out of contract, so why would/should he come to camp unsigned?

    Do we need Carp to settle the holdout/not a holdout discussion again?

  17. damnit we suicked!! i hate this prospects. byfugl;ier lazy cuz they know theyre in the finals. im done with this team. nice play mcildoofus missing shots and skatin g like a pregnant walrus sliding across an iceberg. great giveaway thomas. avery number 2.

  18. orr,ccc-= u guys get 12 yet? im playin it now. thy start u off a the winter classic frm last year. game is almost exactly the same as 11. hope gm mode is better.

  19. heyguys, soem old groovy tunes in the game. they got elo “dont bring me down” and mony mony billy idol baby!!! like a pony!!!

  20. tiki meister- sup broham? im doin great. the princess is doin awesome. she got an awesom assist in her soccer game lastweek. shes playin again tonight. i told her fr every goal she scores i will buy her a new toy. she wll score now!! ad ses gonna play nhl 12 wth me cuz you can make female hockey players now. shes excited. she is growin up so fast before my eyes i wish shecold stay this age for awhile ya know.

  21. orr- its slghtly better than 11 in terms of the new features an stuff but the gameplay is almost identical, same announers(which gary thorne and bill clement are vry good), its just thy still have the exact same dialogue as 3-4 years ago. idk, i know they can make this game really great and upgrade it better each year but thn we wouldnt keep buying the games they gotta tease us with a few nice aditions each year so we dont get spoiled and expect too much improvement each year. whatever i get it, the online is the only reason to even get it if i was u. the lineups and new teams(winipeg) are some reasons too.

  22. Yep, Grabby! Youre an awesome dad! Congrats on her assist. Maybe when she makes the US Women’s Olympic hockey team, we’ll see you on tv in the stands! My 7 y.o. nephew plays soccer too, wish he could stay that age for awhile too!

  23. no pitchforkin way orr. i would hulk smash my ps3 and everything in the vicinity if i had to hear the shrieking of doc. and his pitchforkin forarm shivers too.

  24. thanks tik. she really is starting to get pretty good at the game. she got a little chubby in the past few months cuz her mother feeds her junk and doesnt take the kid to the park or whatever so she could run around so this will be good to keep her in shape. if theres one thing i am afraid of its her gaining weight and getting picked on in school. i know when i was in the lower grades i was chubby and got picked on alot. but im a boy, its different ya know. but longwood school district is alot different than the one out here in iowa. shes already self conscious about the little weight she put on. i know how uncomfortable i was wen i was overweight. i feel for anybod especially kids with slow metabolisms that have to try so hard to keep weight off

  25. I understand. I used to be a little overweight, and didnt like the way I looked. BUT…I lost 20 pounds using a diet that Linda gave me, and I feel better than ever. I agree on that buffoon Emrick. Even if I wanted to play video games again or the NHL game, I could never listen to his sick voice. Im fairly certain that Dic’s wife makes him sleep on the couch more often than not!! LOL

  26. Grabby

    i do not have the new NHL game yet. I’ll probably buy it tomorrow if the gamefly will not send it. what is your PS3 name? mine is CCCP_94

  27. my names grabachev cccp!! i know. easy to remember!. anyway, found the games first glitch. im in gm mode, im playing the prospect game before the entry draft and all of a sudden the crowd starts cheering ” WE WANT THE CUP”. ok i know its nt a big deal or really even that funny of a glitch, but for forearm shivers sake, its a pitchforkin meanigless game. its not the nhl, its not a stanley cup finals let alone playoff game.

  28. cccp n wick- the game features a replay tracker of every goal,shot, hit penalty, basically everything u wuld wanna see a replay of in teh pause menu. and it shows different cam angles too. there a shot tracker showing u where youre deb placing most of your shots and so u can change it up so you dont keep hitting high glove side or the goalie will predict if u keep shooting same height or side of net. anyways i think thats because theres a better goalie A.I. and they learn to adapt more than in previous games. i think, not sure but i thought the goalies were supposed to be more interactive this time and make more unpredictable savesand stuff. huh huh, thank u drive thru

  29. cccp ive ever played online yet. im tooscared oflosing really bad because i cant deke and do any cool stuff. i just take slaps and wrists. once in a great while i’ll pull some sweet goal out of my cooke cutter, the only way i can deke and do nice moves is when i play up-down but im better at everything else playing side to side in broadcast view. mayeb its cuz im so used to the old controls. i still dont wanna learn the new control.. i tried it and didnt like it.

  30. mcilrath looked like crap today didnt he? or maybe it was the other big d men we got. i couldnt tell half t time because they wouldnt stfu about everything but the game that was on. it was unbearable trying to figure out whos wo and listening to them talk to rod brindamour! who gives a fat fug bout him??

  31. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    thanks, and you have ps3 like the rest of these yayhoos??

  32. Online play for older versions of games generally stick around. Simple reason why, not everyone can afford to buy each newer version that comes out. So they continue playing the older versions online. Orr could be right on the NHL. But I dont think that it’s the case, especially now that PS3 users have to pay an extra $10 for online subscription for each game i.e. FIFA, NHL, etc.

  33. yeah wicky…almost doesn’t count. but i am still very proud of my home girl!

    online play for NHL 11 is still on… i just played

  34. Can we have Crosby as is, with a discount?
    Can we send Avery by first occasion using human traffickers to the Mexican Hockey League?
    Can we all chip in and buy a dozen Italian silk ties for Tortorella together with an Oxford edition of “Refined manners and proper vocabulary for Royals”?

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