It’s official: Callahan named Rangers’ captain


From the Rangers:
Rangers president and general manager Glen Sather announced today that forward Ryan Callahan has been named the 26th captain in franchise history.  Brad Richards will join Marc Staal as the club’s two alternate captains.
“Ryan Callahan embodies all the leadership qualities we seek from our captain,” Sather said.  “He leads by example with courage and a tireless work ethic on and off the ice, which is why he is so deserving of this honor.”
Callahan, 26, has served as a Rangers alternate captain for the last two seasons after being named to the post on October 2, 2009.  He captured a silver medal with Team USA at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada, and is a two-time Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award winner (2008-09 and 2009-10).  Last season, Callahan captured the Players’ Player Award, as voted by his teammates, and the John Halligan Good Guy Award, selected by the N.Y. chapter of the PHWA in recognition of cooperation with the media.
Entering his fifth season in the NHL, Callahan was originally selected as the Rangers’ fourth round choice, 127th overall, in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft.  He has registered 76 goals and 68 assists for 144 points, along with 179 penalty minutes in 284 career regular season games.  Callahan has reached the 40-point plateau and surpassed the 20-goal mark in two of the last three seasons, and has recorded 200-plus hits in each of the last three seasons.  The Rochester, N.Y., native enjoyed his most productive season in 2010-11, establishing career-highs in goals (23), assists (25) and points (48) despite missing 22 games due to injury.  He tallied his first career hat trick with four goals and a career-high five points on March 6 vs. Philadelphia, and notched his first career penalty shot goal on October 30 at Toronto.  On October 23, Callahan registered his 100th career point with an assist on the game-winning goal at Boston.  Callahan made his NHL debut on December 1, 2006 at Buffalo, and tallied his first career NHL point with a two-goal performance on March 17, 2007 vs. Boston.

Bill Cook                        (1926-27 – 1936-37)
Art Coulter                     (1937-38 – 1941-42)
Ott Heller                       (1942-43 – 1944-45)
Neil Colville                    (1945-46 – December 21, 1948)
Buddy O’Connor             (1949-50)
Frank Eddolls                 (1950-51 – December 6, 1951)
Allan Stanely                 (December 20, 1951 – November 3, 1953)
Don Raleigh                   (November 4, 1953 – 1954-55)
Harry Howell                  (1955-56 – 1956-57)
George Sullivan             (1957-58 – 1960-61)
Andy Bathgate               (1961-62 – February 22, 1964)
Camille Henry                (February 23, 1964 – February 4, 1965)
Bob Nevin                      (February 5, 1965 – 1970-71)
Vic Hadfield                   (1971-72 – 1973-74)
Brad Park                      (1974-75 – November 7, 1975)
Phil Esposito                  (November 12, 1975 – October 10, 1978)
Dave Maloney                (October 11, 1978 – December 6, 1980)
Walt Tkaczuk                 (December 7, 1980 – February 3, 1981)
Barry Beck                    (February 4, 1981 – May 9, 1986)
Ron Greschner               (October 9, 1986 – December 3, 1987)
Kelly Kisio                     (December 24, 1987 – May 30, 1991)
Mark Messier                 (October 7, 1991 – May 25, 1997)
Brian Leetch                  (October 3, 1997 – July 13, 2000)
Mark Messier                 (July 13, 2000 – April 3, 2004)
Jaromir Jagr                  (October 5, 2006 – June 30, 2008)
Chris Drury                    (September 30, 2008 – June 29, 2011)
Ryan Callahan              (September 12, 2011 – Present)

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  1. Congrats to Captain Cally & the alternates. Fine choices by the organ-eye-zation. And I think Dubi will be fine with decision as well.
    Does anybody know if their teammates are polled at all for input on these decisions?


  2. Congratulations. well deserved.
    Now prove you can handle it.


    Now open up a pizzeria in Fairfield Co. Put that Colony Grill out of business.

  3. Maybe that was part of his contract. You can buyout the player, but “C” remains on the #23 jersey for the remainder of the term.

    That might prompt Bruce Driver to attempt a comeback.

  4. This sums it up from Zipay…“We’re a straight-ahead team, a hard-working hockey club, no nonsense—who am I talking about? The hockey club or Cally?,” Tortorella asked. “That’s just the way he is.”

  5. Kudos to our new Captain Callahan! It’s encouraging to see universal approval from the organization, fans and media. It’s another indication that this Team is doing things the right way starting in the minors. I also think Torts deserves some credit for molding this Team’s identity and creating an environment where so many players are growing as individuals and becoming a cohesive unit to be reckoned with.

  6. Gotta say Callahan is a no-brainer, especially after what happened to the team in the first round of the playoffs after he got injured. Ice the Rangers with Callahan and that becomes a different series against Washington. My only concern about him being captain is his propensity for injury.

  7. M-V-P. M-V-P, M-V-P. M-V-P, M-V-P. M-V-P, M-V-P. M-V-P, M-V-P. M-V-P, M-V-P. M-V-P, M-V-P. M-V-P, M-V-P. M-V-P, M-V-P. M-V-P, M-V-P. M-V-P, M-V-P. M-V-P, M-V-P. M-V-P, M-V-P. M-V-P, ETC…

  8. same as Laviolette dealing with Jagr the first time he loafs it back down the ice after a neutral zone give away.

  9. whether you like the way the Rangers play or not, I don’t see how you can’t like the passion and positivity Torts brings to the team.

    I wouldn’t want to get in his dog house, but I can see why guys like playing for him. And the Richards turning down money to come here and play kind of makes it a bit clearer to me.

    Drop the puck!

  10. Heave Ho! – I could be wrong here, but I think the guy who deserves a lot more credit than Tortorella for creating the unity here is Gernander in Hartford. He was the guy who had just about the entire ‘core’ with him for a couple years. He also coached the 2007 Traverse City team, which featured Staal, Dubinsky, Callahan and Sauer. Torts kind of came along after the ball was already rolling so to speak. Maybe he’s equally commendable, but I wouldn’t downplay Gernander’s role in all this. The type of players coming out of Hartford are very similar to the type of player he was: Unselfish with rock-solid character.

  11. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    afternoon ILB and all!!

    nice articles carp, thanks!

    I would have liked to see prust get the other A, but don’t really have a problem with richards getting it.

    Cross check
    from last thread, before you start dissing drury, chris as a captain, you might want to read the comments from callahan, ryan (current rangers captain) about him.

    Just saying!

  12. I’d give credit to both. Credit Torts for pushing the organization to focus on its younger players and credit to Gernander for having them prepared for the NHL when they get the call up. It’s taken a while but the franchise finally started to build the bulk of the team the old fashioned way and not the Old Rangers way.

  13. Good point, phil – Gernander does deserve that credit. Woulkd be nice if at some point in the future Torts said as much, perhaps he already has though and I missed it?

  14. mao...ahhh sooo!™ on

    for lunch i had granola with raisins that i ate from extending my hand in the bag i bought from whole foods…i basically just used my hand as a makeshift shovel. I washed that down with Kona Blend Keurig coffee which was discontinued due to 50% of kona crops being decimated by weather…that is all…dubi shoulda been captain..that is all! i love dubi…that is all…LGR!

  15. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    I love looking at this list. Having grown up in the 70s and 80s, I pretty much knew every Ranger from the Espo days on. Obviously, Bubba Beck was an old favorite (that’s where my name comes from) but I loved Gresch and that spunky Kelly Kisio. Wasn’t Mike Rogers also Captain for a spell? I guess this doesn’t list temporary el Capitans…

  16. Hey, Captain, shmaptain…what’s a big deal? Oh, such an unexpected decision. Should Cally now do even more selflessness acts, reducing his games count, played in a season? Do you want to see less of him? Besides, didn’t Drury have a NMC, – you can’t move him from captaincy. He has (dis)honorable discharge after all.

  17. According to Ranger Nation:

    Marc Savard WILL get his name inscribed on the Stanley Cup… congratulations Marc, you deserve it. Great news for a former Blueshirt.

  18. Phil,
    Agree w/ you about Gernander also deserving credit although I won’t get into the more or less of it. The whole organization seems to be (finally) working as a team. Gernander’s effectiveness has been evident for the past year or two when we see mid season call ups playing well and fitting into the big club’s system if only for a game or two. Our scouts also seem to be improving as we may actually see high draft picks make it to ‘The Show’.

  19. I cant believe the same referee from the 2009 US Open screwed American Serena again yesterday, on 9/11. :(

    LW3H, could you please record tomorrow’s Liverpool Champions League match for me?

  20. Tiki, if you’re looking for a way of winding me up, you are currently a million miles away from succeeding. Good luck with your search.

  21. The corrupt referee was in her head. :(

    I still need someone to record Liverpool’s Champions League match for me tomorrow…

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    Alex Burrows of the Vancouver Canucks will be stopping by the studio to play some games of NHL 12 during the live USTREAM!

    We will have a 3 hour live show with unedited NHL 12 gameplay. During the live show we will show off tons of features, interviews with the Dev guys and we will give away a copy of NHL 12 every hour, plus a signed Steven Stamkos jersey!

  23. I really like that 9/11 resting place. I think that will really help bring closure to the families and friends of the victims. I cant wait to visit the site on my next trip to NY.

  24. Fined only a meager $2k. If I was Serena, I would never play the US Open again. She ought to teach the tournament a lesson, and also the disloyal New Yorkers that booed her on 9/11. :(

  25. McEnroe had a funny comment. Said he wishes he was playing now cause players get paid more and fined less :)

    btw, Rafa’s noises are starting to make me feel a tad uncomfortable, like I shouldn’t be listening :)

  26. LOL Laurel. Laurel, you think you could suit up for the Giants this year? So many injuries, it’s going to be a long and wasted season. They could use you! :)

  27. Hahaha teach the tournament a lesson? Tiki – come on. It’s Serena. She entered the tournament as a #28 seed. Why? Because she plays almost no tournaments as it is because her ankles, knees and legs are crappy. She also now has a TOE injury that was flaring up during her match with Wozniacki. Everyone wants Wozniacki to win anyways. People don’t even root for the American on American Soil. Why? Probably because Tennis is a racist sport!

    But really…..Serena wouldn’t be winning anything by withholding her play from the US Open and this judge is certainly not corrupt. Come on.

  28. CC, Serena hit the ball, and screamed “come on” before the ball hit the ground. Apparently you’re not allowed to do that, so the point was awarded to the other chick instead.

    Didn’t matter though, the other chick was kicking her ass anyway.

  29. Yes, CCCP. Stosur played the match of her life and completely dominated. But the chair umpire – the same one from 2009 – screwed her. Both are not mutually exclusive. So are you joining us at the Winter Classic?

  30. Tiki, from what I read today, it was not the same chair umpire. Prust saying…..

    Manny, based on how things with Djoko and Feds, I wouldn’t count anyone out just yet, but yeah, it looks like it’s Djoko’s to lose…….

  31. Manny, Serena’s best surface is grass and Wimbledon is the most prestigious tennis tournament. Injuries taken into account, Serena is still miles better than the field. Yes, the chair umpire is corrupt and Serena should boycott the US Open, because of being cheated and to teach disloyal New Yorkers a lesson. The problem with New Yorkers is, many of them (Mets, Islanders, Rangers, Jets, Knicks fans) are all so used to losing, they do not know how to get behind a winner like Serena :)

  32. Stosur had to play a number of good matches to win, this wasn’t exactly a fluke.

    Djoko is making it look too easy right now.

  33. C3, the chair ump has leeway where that’s concerned, but I think she made the right call. Serena’s was whining cause that’s what she does. I admire her for lots of things, but her antics and behavior on the court aren’t some of them… her post-match press conference was a joke too.

  34. Tiki,

    Honestly dude, trying to tell the people on this blog that are in NY on a daily basis how to behave like a New Yorker is a huge logic fail.

  35. Blogmama, during the match yesterday, the broadcasters said it was the same chair umpire. Maybe they were wrong. Djokovic is unbelievably good. Those drop shots by Djoko were simply amazing. This season will go down as one of the best in history if Djokovic wins.

    Aw man, CCCP, I was really hoping you’d be joining us. We needed your beauty and muscle :)

  36. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    So great to see that Ryan C. is now wearing the “C.” And thanks, Carp for the list of captains in Rangers history. From this I learned that three Rangers captains have led the team to Stanley Cup glory, a total of four times, Bill Cook (twice), Art Coulter, and Mark Messier. How exciting it would be for all Ranger supporters if Ryan Callahan, sometime in the near future, can add his name to the short list of Cup winning captains, as well as the long list of all who have served he has now joined.

    If I were a hockey player I would look to Ryan Callahan for leadership example. If I were a soldier I would follow Ryan Callahan over a cliff, in the quest to gain the objective. I hope the spirit and attitude of Ryan’s teammates is in the same place, because if it is, some glorious days could lie straight ahead for this organization.

  37. Stosur said after the match that she played the match of her life. I think I’ll believe both my eyes and Stosur. :)

    Hmm, that’s an interesting take. First, nobody is telling New Yorkers how to behave. Second, one must be in New York to criticize New Yorkers? Fascinating :)

    Random thought: they should move the Mets to New Jersey, that’s where they belong. Very fitting that the Mets lost yesterday. :)

  38. I completely agree, Tiki. The gap between Serena (when she plays) and the Second best is gigantic. However, that isn’t how tennis is set up as far as seeding goes. As you know, the ranking is done on points and when you miss out on most tournaments, you don’t get seeded very high. As you point out, Wimbledon is the most “prestigious” tournament (with the French Open a close second). What would Serena have to gain by boycotting the US Open? It’s the biggest stage for her to wear her line of clothing and get out on the Fashion Capital of the World and show off her new digs that people buy (she probably makes more off of that stuff than she does playing tennis now). I think she is frustrated with all she has had to overcome emotionally and now she has injuries and it seems like things are stacking up against her. But they probably aren’t. It’s hard to win matches on no sleep, with a new toe injury and recurring leg injuries.

    I do believe that people in tennis are horrendously racist. I would follow that lead if you think there is corruption.

  39. Manny, ranking doesnt really matter, especially for Serena. With all the injuries, she should intentionally limit the amount of tournaments she plays, and play a couple warm up tournaments leading up to the Australian, French, and Wimbledon. She can advertise her fashion line at the US Open while cheering her sister Venus. She does not need to play in the tournament to advertise her clothing lines. Also, hard courts are bad for your knees, that’s why Nadal lost to Soderling in the 2009 French and missed defending his title at Wimbledon in 2009 – all because of his epic 2009 Australian run. For that matter, Serena should cut out the Australian and the US Open altogether. I dont believe there’s racism in tennis. Fans at all 4 majors cheer Federer, Nadal. Fans at the French, Wimby, and Australian cheer Serena. Fans at the US Open cheer Federer and players of other ethniciites.

  40. Djokovic has done it!! What a game! WOW! I wish this would go 5 sets, but I need Djoko to win. I have all of his prior 62 wins this year and if he wins this, the complete DVD set will sell for a ton!!!!!

  41. I really hope Avery doesnt see much action this year. The Rangers have too much talent and youth and veteran presence to have Avery weigh down this team. He has very limited skill, if any, and is nothing but a hindrance.

  42. Tiki – injuries are part of ruining someone’s legacy. The reason Nadal lost to Soderling can’t be blamed on the hard court. That takes away from Soderling’s brilliant tournament. Remember that he _finally_ beat Federer after losing about 29 in a row to him and then went on to beat the best Clay court player alive. Nadal lost because Soderling had an Amazing tournament. If it was the Hard Court we had to blame then Nadal would have been skipping his best tournament, not making it to the final 4.

  43. Racism means: how many people cheer Gael Monfils, James Blake, Jo-Wilifred Tsonga, The Williams Sisters and others like Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupithi to some extent. Not how many people like the Spaniard Nadal. Just so you know, Spain happens to be a country that colonized other places and wiped out the indigenous people (just like white Europeans! a/k/a SPAIN). Spain is the reason Latin America speaks Spanish, not the other way around. Federer is as white as you can possibly be! He’s Swiss!

  44. Tiki,

    So you’re going to make a comment about the Mets because somehow you think it will offend me deeply that a group a guys that get paid millions of dollars to play a game not winning a particular game on a day that means more than whether a recreational activity takes place or not is that important? Sorry, unlike you I don’t validate my existence based on which baseball team I root for nor do I act like a sycophant to excuse sociopathic behavior of professional athletes. You’re not a better person because you root for the Yankees.

  45. Manny, Soderling beat Federer at the French in the 2010 Quarterfinal. He lost to Federer in the 2009 French Final, after beating Nadal earlier in the tournament. In that 2010 match, in the middle of the 2nd set, there were rain delays and when they finally came back out, Federer was off. FYI, Federer worst surface is clay. Also FYI, Nadal’s favorite surface is clay. In his career, Nadal is 45-1 at the French Open and had won 4 straight French Opens leading up to his loss to Soderling. His loss to Soderling was solely due to his bad knees, which he suffered from the Australian Open run. There’s no reason why would Nadal have skipped his best tournament, the tournament he owns. He gave it a shot, it didnt work out, so he skipped Wimbledon. Not taking away from Soderling, I like the guy and his sense of humor and I think he is a good tennis player, but Nadal lost because of injury and nothing else.

  46. Manny, let’s leave doubles players out of this. People do cheer Venus and Serena, and Monfils and Tsonga. I watch all of their matches. Remember when Tsonga beat Federer from 2 sets down earlier this year, he was cheered throughout the match. James who??? James Blake is the Mets of American male tennis players, and I really hate to insult James Blake that way :)

    CTB – of course you dont validate your existence on which teams you cheer for, because then you’d have no existence. And of course I’m a better person because I cheer the Yankees :)

  47. Poor James Blake. Aside from growing up rich and attending High School with John Mayer and Carl Pavano, he has had to overcome so much. I can’t think of many athletes, especially Tennis, who come back from broken necks. Poor guy.

    And yea, I don’t think the fans are that racist. I think some of the old school players are. I don’t really think it influences the matches today. Just some of the commentary.

  48. So am I Manny. I really love discussing tennis! Sorry about James Blake. I like the guy, I do. And he did overcome a lot.

  49. Not to take sides, but Tiki had been on pretty good behavior lately until people started poking him with sticks. If you can’t take his humor with a grain of salt, then just ignore his posts. He brings a lot to the table, and he is not looking for attention.

    Stop the personal stuff, all of youse.

  50. Hey Fozzy! Nice post. Hope you had a good day with Wally :) Was thinking of you.

    I think it should be Saally.

  51. This is such a defining moment of the Rangers going forward, with Cally being named Captain. We really need to take this one step further and Whale Avery. He serves no purpose on this team and brings nothing positive to the table. FIRE AVERY!

  52. I think it’s funny, somehow, that so many hockey fans are also tennis fans. If Djoko wins this set, looks like it’s his. It not, that is THE upset of the year.

  53. ORR, duh sweetie, I’m saying if Rafa wins it will be an upset because Djoko rules this year and he’s up 2 sets already. I don’t think Rafa will come back like Djoko did against Feds.

  54. Nice job Tki and Orr…I tried to find one, but couldn’t.

    Staaal, if you’re watching while with a client, don’t get to pumped up or there could be injuries!

  55. LOL Federer usually has Djoko’s number, Djoko has Nadal’s number, Nadal has Federer’s number, and they all have Murray’s number!

  56. Thanks guys!
    Mama I only get pumped up for Rangers hockey…That’s why I can’t watch at work…there’d be broken necks and concussion problems.

  57. Staaal, LMAO! No kidding! You should put out a disclaimer: Willing to take emergency appointments, but not advised during Rangers games. The management is not responsible for Prusting you up.

  58. Steve, you’re a day late and a dollar short on the C2 news. We’re enjoying some sport here….so what.

  59. Injured players from any sport (concussions excluded) need to adopt one religion…Prustbyterianism. It’s Just Pain.

  60. Steve, we will be watching hockey soon enough, and top 4 Eastern Conf. hockey. This team has so much talent and depth and is so well-rounded, we’ll be competing for best record in the East. We just need to be rid of Avery. We cant have him bringing down this team.

    What a drop shot!!!!!

  61. My god. I saw the comments and though there would be some good hockey conversation here and it turns out to be about tennis? Man. That’s like having a hard day at work, coming home to take a stiff belt of scotch and learning that it’s really diluted ice tea in the bottle and the liquor store is closed.

    Tennis?!? Really?!? I mean, come on guys…Tennis?!?

  62. I love Carla Gugino. Was hoping she’d get naked in Californication. She is one of the most underrated actresses in terms of sexiness. I still cant figure out how to pronounce her last niame lol

  63. Carla Gugino is a top notch MILF! definitely like her!

    never heard of those other British chicks but will check them out!

    btw, anyone who wants to play ESPN NHL Fantasy, email me…i have an open spot

  64. phil, but there is no hockey right now, so we’re enjoying what we can. Don’t be discouraged, this place rocks in season! Consider this a vodka tonic.

  65. the scene in “Sin City” where Gugino is half naked with her delicious looking tuches sticking out… man oh man! it was a love at first sight (for me)! :)

  66. I actually think VTs are icky….huh?

    women talk! ORR, ptui!

    meh, I’m gonna watch end of match then run for provisions :)

    or maybe I’ll wicky :)

  67. Jelena Ristic is hot! They should continue showing her!

    I thought you had VT during one of our lunches Laurel. I think Sally had one too.

  68. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    No offence intended here, but how can anyone watch tennis ( other than the cute girls I guess)?

    I agree with Orr, I think she is a he or a serious roid user or something!

  69. Because other than hockey, tennis is the best sport! ilb would defend that point well if it weren’t 3 a.m. where he is now.

  70. Oh good grief, watch the tennis ORR!!!!

    Looks like this is Djoko’s…..congrats. Awesome year. When was the last time someone won 3 out of 4 slams? Or had a year like this…..

  71. He won it a few years ago, I think before Federer or Nadal were any good. Now there’s too much competition for his has-been ass to compete.

    These CBS cameramen love his girlfriend. They keep showing her. Probably operating the cams with one hand.

  72. Well done.The best man won. Awesome match, which the score doesn’t always reflect.

    May I just say, thank you CBS for that last shot of Rafa…Not be to an ORR…but….anyway.

    Now let the real sports season begin. May the Rangers be the Djoko of the NHL!


  73. Beautiful speeches by Rafa and Djoko…..awesome, yet quiet nods to 9/11, and huge kudo to Djoko for the hat, when the crowd was so often against him. All hail the sport of tennis…Dang ilb, wish you had seen it, but I assume you didn’t at 2 a.m. your time.

  74. Evening gang!

    Was beaming when I saw that Cally will be the new Captain. I pretty much knew it was a forgone conclusion, but still was awesome to actually see it. Congrats to Richards for the A, I think that was the right decision.

    Tennis talk, huh? I haven;’t really watched since Sampras and Agassi.

  75. Hello, Captain. You sound familiar :)

    Honestly, I would have been shocked if Dubi DID get one. I have NO issue with Richards getting one.

  76. good decisions for captain etc.. this team will be young, fast, and should play hard…

    cally, staal, dubi, anismov, stepan , and many others home grown…

    the good news is they should only get better for the next 3 years or so………..

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