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  1. Greetings all. It’s been a looooong summer with no Rangers hockey! LGR!!!

    Where in holy hell is Linda?

  2. had no idea Matt Rust was picked up by the Rangers. He is a good solid player, who i’m sure will play in the NHL one day

  3. and thats the 2nd goal that Petr Ceresnak is directly responsible for. He’s 18 and probably the most inexperienced player on the ice…

  4. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    So not only did I get carped on the last thread, but I practically BANJ’d!

  5. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Every time Joe M. says groin… I do a shot.. Usually hammered before the first period ends.

  6. iDoodie machetto on

    Hagelin’s game has reminded me of Kreider. All speed and athleticism, little talent.

    Thomas has fun moves to watch, but if he tries that in the pros, he would get crushed.

    I like Yogan’s instincts and positioning.

  7. iDoodie machetto on

    All rangers defensemen look like rangers defensemen: don’t know Joe to play 2 on 1 and can’t make a d to d pass, especially along the blue line.

  8. Man between Zuccarello Aasen and Audy-Marchessault it’s going to cost the team a fortune in lettering.

  9. iDoodie machetto on

    I know. I’m just saying that none of these guys look like anything more than kids. Nobody has distinguished himself or shown something that says to me that he will be a top 6 forward one day.

    Erixon looks like he will be a top 4 guy one day. Not this year, but eventually.

  10. BANJ…LOL!

    Prospects/kids…..what you looking for? Th next Step? Wait, we got him…..oy, gonna be a long season….and I’m thrillled….niters all :)

  11. these games are basically a scrimmage. Its kind of pointless to criticize players when they are playing with pretty much strangers

  12. iDoodie machetto on

    I’m looking at their athletics, skills, talent, positioning, and decisions. I don’t give a damn about who puts the puck in the net or line chemistry. I want to see who reads the game well and looks like they can grow and become a valuable player.

  13. iDoodie machetto on

    Parlett looks good on the PP but lousy at even strength. Wilson is showing me good 4th line/pk potential.

  14. iDoodie machetto on

    McNaught needs to tighten that fight strap. Bad job by the linesmen for letting him get pummeled with the jersey up

  15. iDoodie machetto on

    Wilson is the only forward that has shown good two-way play. He’s impressed me. Gonna be a good 4th liner.

  16. impressed with Thomas, great speed and hands and hockey sense. Erixon is a solid dman

    and of the guys who are not big names, I like the special teams work of the little guy 84 Marchessault, and Parlett handles the puck real well from the d position.

  17. In a couple of years, McIlrath will = MONSTER! Like his frame and shot…he will get meaner and bigger…very exciting…

    Carl Hagelin should make the Rangers as a call-up from CT in 2012, at least…he looks like he can make an impact…

    Ryan Bourque is a smart little player…not flashy, but very solid…reminds me of John Madden…

    Erixon is clearly the best skater on D…

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hagelin has some serious speed. As he grows stronger and, hopefully, softer hands, he us going to be something..

  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My brutha – I was just thinkin about yo assen a few minutes ago if you know what I’m sayin..

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    C. Thomas looks teeny weeny but seems to be a better skater and stronger on his feet than the Dutchman mza

  21. Czechthemout!!! on

    Some thoughts

    Mcilrath is at best two years away. When and if he makes it, might be a decent number six.

    Erixon looked good not great. Has a very good shot that he should be using more. Will probably make the team.

    Hagelin looks like a good third line player who will make some things happen on the PK. Might crack top six one day. I think he will also make the team this year, either out of camp or during the season.

    Thomas looks like a player. He will make an impact in camp and in the pre season. But will not make the team this year. Will be a star during the WJC!

    Andrew Yogan looks like he may be a player as well. Good size, gets into good position could be a top six power forward one day real soon.

    Jason Wilson looks ok. Needs time in Harttford.

    Not that impressed with JT Miller. I hope it’s just one game.

    Mccolgan looked nice and active.

    Also Blake Parlett looked ok.

    Bourque while decent, is just too small to play in this league.

    That’s all for tonight!

  22. I was impressed by how beautiful the ice looked through the entire game. I hope it was as good to skate on as it looked.I see some snap judgments here from some of the folks…pretty impatient no? Tell you what I saw…some very good intelligent team passing, and some reasonably solid hitting. Let;s see if the Rangers look this good coming right out of the barrel this coming season. Tell you something I saw… the young Ds doing..they shot the puck! I saw a couple of shots taken from center ice well beyond the Blues blue line ….and right on the net…never saw that once from Rangers all season long. I thought for the first one this season….not bad, not bad. And that Blues goal tender Allen….formidable..en Francais Foremeedaaaabl. Twice I saw him drop into the side ways slide and stack the pads to stop a shot. ( A throwback?)

    After a long long summer, this was so good to see eal hockey being played on top flight ice, by some youngsters who may someday be Ranger greats

  23. looking forward to seeing Thomas play with the big boys. very talented. liked Bourque, Yogan, and Hagelin. Miller flashed, but not consistently. Erixon looks solid, McIlrath was just OK.

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The future has looked worse in the past. I like many of these kids…..Sunny days ahead for the nyr. A cup is on the horizon I do declare..

  25. Eddie, from your mouth to God’s ears!

    The first prospect game on a smaller ice surface and already some of youse is off the deep end, lol.

  26. some thoughts:

    this was basically a televised pickup game. Not sure we can take anything too meaningful from this game…

  27. You gotta love all these talent evaluators…w/o leaving their couch they predict careers after just one scrimmage like game! lol

    How are you all not hired by the NHL yet is beyond me :)

  28. Wow! Serena is the *man*, baby! She just outclassed Wozniacki. YEAH!!

    LOL 3C. Oleo, spot on. Nothing meaningful can be taken from these scrimmage games.

  29. eddie eddie eddie on

    tike – outclassed?…..i would sat out muscled…..serena is so strong that even with crap-form e.g, flat-footed ground strokes and completely open on the back hand, she is able to dominate…….have you ever seen ANY male hit a two handed backhand as completely open as Serena?….no…..you know why?…cause all of the top men hit the ball with a ton of pace…if they did hit with such lousy form…they would be blown off the court on the backhand side…she is magnitudes of muscle ahead of other women….nothing more…

  30. Hey, ‘heads!

    Woke up at 2ish am( 7 pm your time), thought I’d watch the game with you on my slingbox. But mrs woke up too. We talked about 9/11 for a while. Only watched the third period. It’s too early in their career to evaluate anyone, or to make any predictions. A couple of things. Overall team speed and puck possession time were pretty good. They also seem to be taught well to pass and shoot much better than we are used to.

  31. Eddie, when Serena and Venus just started to dominate years ago, some guy from Germany( ranked in mid 300) played one set against each of them. He played a round of golf in the morning, had a couple of beers and then beat Serena and Venus 6-1, 6-2. Currently any man ranked within a 150 would probably not give them more than one game.

  32. does anyone by any chance have a youtube link to either a tribute of sports after 9/11 (there was one great video with a collection of athletes from all sports, cant find it anymore) or a link to the first game at msg after 9/11, i also cant find that one, where the entire arena sang the national anthem together and chanted USA USA…i only see Devils 9/11 videos.

  33. Hagelin was Capt of Univ of Michigan, one of the top hockey schools in the country. Soft goal? are you kidding me? besides being a great skater, the kid has a laser like wrist shot and is an excellent two way player. I think he and Erixon will make the opening night roster.

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