Hockey tonight … a diversion we need


I know I need it … though I might not be able to see it tonight due to other commitments. Anyway, I will put up the season’s first “It’s Go Time!” this evening, for anybody who wants to watch the game together right here, as always.

I have a few guest reviewers lined up for the Traverse City tournament games. Nobody’s going to review tonight’s game because I wanted to spend tomorrow talking about 9/11 and the Rangers, and what you guys remember. I know, in a week after we got hit by a hurricane, and then saw a massive hockey tragedy unfold in Russia, maybe we need to have some hockey for light-hearted talk.

And maybe we do. But 9/11 was a day that, in my mind, will always be tied to the Rangers, because I was in Manhattan with them that day. And this anniversary is something in which I’ve been pretty involved, writing vignettes on a number of the victims, and also a couple of rather lengthy columns of inspiration that have grown out of the worst day most of us will ever see.

So we’ll talk about that tomorrow. Today, it’s hockey, and I can tell by the comments and the page views the last few days that you all are more than ready for hockey and it’s really good to see a lot of returning Boneheads gearing up.

See ya this evening.

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  1. Hi ilb hope you and the Mrs ilb are having a good time. I just heard aboot the news from Egypt. Stay safe. You’re a braver man than me. :)

  2. Carp, I hope you put the links to all stories up on RR tomorrow so we don’t have to look for it all over the Internet. I’m planning to fully participate in your conversation tomorrow despite being thousands miles apart and seven hours ahead. There is no other place I’d rather be tomorrow. Looking forward to talking to you all about what happened to our lives and the whole world 10 years ago.

  3. so in an attempt to generate some hockey talk, I see the poll over to the right….Seems like most fans think either one or two rookies are making the team next year(with three being a distant third option).

    Who are those rookies and why?

    I’ll speak for myself: One and Erixon. Though I have a feeling Del Zotto’s waiver wire status could change that.

  4. 4generations 4 cups on

    RETURNING boneheads? I’ve been checking this site ALL SUMMER LONG! Even when there were new posts….just cause!

    Seriously guys, I can’t be any more happy that a ‘It’s Go Time!’ thread is going up, i wanted to see one right now, I was actually hoping for it…. hahaha.


  5. By the way, despite of what happened last night in Egypt, life is normal here in Israel. Mrs and I spent all morning walking in Tel Aviv, met a couple of my relatives. They all go about their lives, to them it was a minor bump on the road. They are used to stuff happening every day. They have no desire to show any fear. And to all you my friends back in NY- yes, be safe. But try to continue with your normal lives as much as you can. I’m sure that what people who perished during those horrible events ten years ago would want us to do. And to our little, but strong RR community- hockey should help. Not sure I can join you for “Go time” tonight, it’ll be 2 am here. But you never know :-). Well, mrs woke up from her afternoon nap, time to go explore the city more. Later!

  6. Where the hell am I?

    Despite the fact that my eyes are wide open I can’t see a blessed thing. It’s so dark I can’t see my hand moving inches away from my face. Jeez, it’s cold in here, wherever ‘here’ is. Confused, I have an increasing sense of anticipation in this brisk darkness.

    Suddenly my body shakes with a jolt and everything goes white and the brightness hurts my eyes forcing them shut. As I take my hands away from my face I begin to see colors and shapes… red circles, blue lines. There’s also noise all around me as someone shouts something indecipherable and I become aware of hundreds, no thousands, of people surrounding me. The sound of rubber making contact with wood (or is that a composite?) brings a smile to my face. Everything comes into focus and I’m filled with a warmth that belies the cold air. My confusion quickly fades and is replaced with a growing determination and hope . I’m ready.

    Let the games begin.

  7. Is it wrong that I’m so excited to watch this game tonight? I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for the start of a season! LETS GO RANGERS!!! We have a great group of prospects on this team and can’t wait to see how they’ll stack up against Davidson’s boys!

  8. “…brightness hurts my eyes…red circles, blue lines…someone shouts something indecipherable…”

    “Where the hell am I?”

    Don Cherry’s wardrobe?

  9. Thanks, Carp. I’ve been here and lurking all summer after recovering from the injuries inflicted by the Craps. My kudos to you and the other Boneheads that make this the place to be for credible Ranger news and views, not to mention more than a few laughs.

    LW, HA! Just for the record, I’ve never been in another man’s closet.

  10. Greetings Boneheads. This has been a rough summer, for sure. CARP is right on…..we need the diversion. Excited about this season. Let’s Go Rangers!

  11. I was talking to my grandma yesterday about our family member Frank that passed away in 9/11. Somehow, she ended up talking about how much the firemen, policemen and volunteers looted off the deceased in the cleanup process following 9/11. She also mentioned that the Towers had stores in them – which I never knew – and how much money that all the cleanup members were able to steal. She can be so silly sometimes, LOL.

  12. i think either Borque or Thomas will make the team…need a right winger. too many left wings, so Hagelin will really have to impress…which he can!!! Go Carl!!! WOOO hockey game tonight!!!

  13. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    you should just by the xbox kinect and get a good system!!

  14. # PLAYERS P GP G A PTS +/- PIM
    10 Della Rovere, Stefan LW 0 0 0 0 0 0
    34 Allen, Jake G 0 0 0 0 0 0
    38 McRae, Phillip C 0 0 0 0 0 0
    45 Binnington, Jordan G 0 0 0 0 0 0
    48 Barriball, Jay RW 0 0 0 0 0 0
    49 Sackrison, Andy C 0 0 0 0 0 0
    52 Villemaire, Maxime C 0 0 0 0 0 0
    53 Therrien, Nicolas D 0 0 0 0 0 0
    54 Nigro, Anthony C 0 0 0 0 0 0
    56 Ponich, Brett D 0 0 0 0 0 0
    58 Shields, David D 0 0 0 0 0 0
    61 Rattie, Ty RW 0 0 0 0 0 0
    62 Edmundson, Joel D 0 0 0 0 0 0
    65 Polacek, Chase RW 0 0 0 0 0 0
    67 Veilleux, Yannick LW 0 0 0 0 0 0
    70 Tesink, Ryan LW 0 0 0 0 0 0
    71 Lefebvre, Martin D 0 0 0 0 0 0
    72 Beach, Cody LW 0 0 0 0 0 0
    73 Beukeboom, Brock D 0 0 0 0 0 0
    81 MacAulay, Stephen LW 0 0 0 0 0 0
    82 Fairchild, Cade D 0 0 0 0 0 0
    84 Shattock, Tyler RW 0 0 0 0 0 0

    TOTALS: – 0 0 0 0 +0 0

    45 Binnington, Jordan 0 0:00 0 0 0 0 0 0 .00 0 .000
    34 Allen, Jake 0 0:00 0 0 0 0 0 0 .00 0 .000

  15. So ready! Look forward to tomorrow Carp!

    Have a safe and wonderful weekend everyone… hockey, football… baseball… tennis…. enjoy it all everyone!


  16. We real tennis fans are witnessing one of the greatest athletes of this generation in Roger Federer. The fact that he is in his late 20s and is not only competing against, but leading the world’s best player in the prime of his tennis career in this major semifinal is astounding. Fed may not even win this match, but he is absolutely one of the greatest champions, and it’s clear that Fed believes he can win. Very special athlete.

  17. Tiki,

    Spot on. And the best part about Feds is that he believes he can win, but the manner in which he presents himself and holds interviews and all the other PR stuff he does is remarkable. He just comes across as a truly great person.

  18. Djokovic is now dominating the match, and Fed is gassed. Absolutely right, Latona. Fed is a champion in all aspects of life. It’s also remarkable that we real tennis fans are also witnessing Nadal, who probably has another 5 good years in him. It’s sick to think that Nadal may surpass Fed in most majors in the future. Then throw in the fact that Djokovic is having one of the best tennis seasons in the history of tennis. I believe he is 62-2 on the year, and if he wins the US Open this year, it will be unbelievable. Tennis is truly at its pinnacle right now. With Murray inching closer and closer to getting over the hump, tennis is set to be a real spectacle the next few years.

  19. This is going to 5 sets. Federer needs to take a injury break or a bathroom break and gather himself before the 5th set.

  20. Tiki,

    I think if you matched Federer in his prime up against any of the current stars, and Federer still is a star, btw, he would dominate them. I think he’s the best tennis player of all time.

  21. eddie eddie eddie on

    Regarding great athletes…..I always liked the one offered up about jack nicklaus whenever he was in a tense struggle with just a few holes to play….call his opponent X…..Coming down the stretch, Jack knew he was going to win, X knew Jack was going to win, and jack knew that X knew that jack was going to win…..i think Djoke wins this in 5…..the big match is tonight between serena, I am a man, williams and Caroline, I am a young lady, wozniak

  22. Absolutely Latona, but unfortunately for us, he is no longer in his prime. Kind of funny calling a 30 year old not in his prime, eh? But that’s the reality in tennis and futbol

  23. Just tuning in late to the match, but it looks like Feds is gonna have to dig really deep to pull this off.

  24. e3, she could kick anyone’s butt here at anything and still have breath left for a 3-set match :)

  25. Digging deep is what champions do Laurel. I dont expect Fed to let this last set get away from him like the previous 2

  26. eddie, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, no offense. Orr is just Orr, you cant reason with the mentally challenged.

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mama – her mannish way aside……her attitude, and that of her sister, is deplorable. They are braggarts and ungracious.

  28. which was the one who lost it on the lineswoman that time? that was not cool, at all. Whatever all else aside, I admire them as athletes and for overcoming injuries etc to still excel. Beyond that, too be honest, I don’t pay them that much attention off court.

  29. btw, can’t believe the players are happy about those stupid Mercedes logos on the net.

    This match is like a seventh game….

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mama – no doubt she could kick my assen in tennis… And in her post match remarks, after her win, it would be the usual ungracious crap spewing from her mouth. The Williams sisters are not popular for many reasons….that being one of them…

    Tike – if anyone had the right to say someone should be ashamed of themselves for a particular post, you would be the last person…. No offense…

  31. It was Serena and it was at the 2009 US Open Semifinals against Clijsters. The linesman was a buffoon and deserved that and worse.

  32. I grant you that e3…and now, I’m outta here. tennis and laundry are my immediate future :) I hope we can all get along….

  33. “Eddi” – I am in the right in this instance. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, and as the bigger man, I will drop it. If you do not see anything wrong with what you said, then your parents did not raise you right… No offense.

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    That was the blown call of several years ago…. Or else you mean the foot fault 2 years ago vs Kim clisters….

  35. Mama, I admire them too. I think their younger sister was murdered a few years ago, so there’s that.

    I have nothing against the chicks. I’m just going for the Woz.

    That US Open, where she lost it on the judge was hilarious. Didn’t matter whether it was the right call or not, she was gonna lose.

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tike – no offense, but I always thought you were a woman..if you are a guy, my apologies..

  37. Carcillo, my laundry’s gonna have sit now cause I can’t miss the end of this match :) Wish this was the final kinda

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    As Orr said, I too have great respect for the williams’ talent …but they have the worst attitude of any great champion that I have ever witnessed. Never do either of them give ANY credit to an opponent when they lose…. Always full of lame azz excuses.

  39. “If you do not see anything wrong with what you said, then your parents did not raise you right…”

    Bit like swearing at and threatening to “kill” a lineswoman and not apologising for it, really…

  40. I wouldnt expect you to get the facts right, LW3H, or have the intelligence to distinguish the difference. Serena never threatened to kill a lineswoman; she threatened to shove a tennis ball down her throat. Her behavior came in the heat of battle, with adrenaline flowing…

    Djokovic has got this match! Go Nadal! Shaping up for a great final. Congrats Federer on another great run!

  41. Maybe in England, Serena’s actions during a tennis match are the same thing as referring to woman as a man. There’s no correlation between the 2, but maybe there is in England

  42. What a match! That’s why Djokovic is the best player in the world. He fought back against the legend Federer. 2 champions refusing to roll over in a heavyweight bout.

  43. O gosh darn it. Was hoping Feds would make it happen, but can’t say I’m unhappy about Djoko….what an amazing match….at this point, I kinda want Djoko to go all the way. He’s sure earned it. And I’m so glad I don’t have to work Monday so I can watch!

  44. Giants are on at 4pm. Jets on at 8pm. We need your good luck, Orr! The same good luck the Rangers have had for the past decade :)

  45. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tike – I think you have the facts wrong….the lines woman claimed that Serena said “I am gonna kill you” and “I am gonna shove this ball down your throat”… All that aside…. She is a man baby, yeah….

  46. Serena denied that, eddi. I think I’ll take the word of one of the greatest tennis players in history over the word of some linesman

  47. It was a lineswoman, Tiki. Do you not have the intelligence to distinguish the difference or can we expect an apology for your rudeness?

  48. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Djoke is having one of the greatest years ever….Laver’s 2 grand slam years, and Johnny Mac’s run in 84 right there too….

  49. No rudeness. Just facts. I typed that in and it auto corrected it to linesman. I previously referred to the buffoon linesman as “her throat.” Nice try, though. Maybe your lack of intelligence can be equated with your club soccer allegiance? I think I see a correlation there. :) Now it’s time for you to go whine more about Crosby because of your jealousy.

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tike – Serena never apologizes for any of her actions. And you believe her version. Really now?

  51. Other than the point that the last couple of months have meant I’m a bit out of practice at having to skip over 75% of comments on here, probably not…

  52. Nopers…..I surely asked all to move on….how about Djoko and the prospect of a new Erixon! Whoo Hooo!

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tike – to my point, Serena if not on male hormones, she is at least 2 standard deviations more than the norm for testosterone production for females. This is not intended to be disrespectful or patronizing. I apologize in advance if anyone is offended, however, it is what it is…..

  54. LW, my Grandparents went to the game, and they said she definitely said the word “kill”, but didn’t hear how she used it. But, a lot of people went to that game, and confirmed what she said, so I don’t believe Serena.

    Besides, the lineswoman was Asian. Do Asians ever lie? I never came across a lying Asian!

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