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… I mean, are you building an ark yet?


Anyway, here’s some info on the Rangers’ Fashion’s Night Out tonight at the NHL store.

Still working on getting the Traverse City roster with uniform numbers. Also still waiting for volunteers to review the first few games. If interested, drop me an email at rcarpini@lohud.com.

I see some of our traffic is starting to pick up again. So I’m getting pretty pumped to get to training camp.

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  1. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    The rain puts a damper (ha) summer activities .
    I hope we don’t have another snowy winter .

  2. I have lived in New Rochelle since 2003. My neighbor still goes on and on about how brown our lawns get in august. Well since 2003 i dont think there has been a brown brade of frickin grass on my front lawn. Yet on and on he waters. He even watered this week!?! Then we go into fall where all it seems to do is rain and now our winters are noreaster after noreaster. Who can forget the storm of april 2007? On a positive note hockey games come this weekend!

  3. Yea…This Storm LEE is total BS. I am sick of it. I cannot believe anybody played a baseball game in that….were you there, Carp? I know how much you love baseball. And what’s better than baseball? Baseball after a 4 hour and 3 minute rain delay!

  4. BANJ- I was thinking the same thing. Hank too. You know how they all rag on him for for his suits and “pocket squares”

  5. Not a very good morning for world hockey – in Russia crashed Jak-40 aircraft, with whole “Locomotive” Yaroslavl KHL hockey team, besides others passengers (34 people, tentatively). What a terrible thing. Unfortunately, air crashes become a frequent routine in Russia.

  6. oh my god. that is the saddest news ever. it also confirms the horror of the truth of what George Costanza said when he asked why planes carrying sports teams never crashed. That is utterly miserable news.

  7. True Blue Mike on

    This is horrifying. One of Gaborik’s longtime national teammates probably dead. R.I.P. to all.

  8. Pavol Demitra was on that team…no word if he was on the plane yet, but Wikipedia has listed him as deceased Sept. 7, 2011.

  9. wow lots of former nhl players on the plane according to yahoo. demitra rachunek salei liv, possibly karpotsev.

  10. 4generations 4 cups on

    Galimov is the only survivor (that plays hockey for a career).

    Wow, really, Gaboriks great friend Derek Boogard overdoes from pill in may and his best friend Demitra dies in a fiery blaze 10 days before training camp.

    We’re f***ed.

  11. Obviously, there is no official confirmation who died yet (half of the plane fuselage with people fell into the river Volga), but there are people in the team on roster, we probably were familiar with: their coach – Brad McCrimmon, Ruslan Saley, Karl Rahunek, Pavol Demitra, Karlis Skrastins.

  12. fridayjones – I think all of the Ranger-prospect games are airing on MSG.

    RIP to those who died in the Lokomotiv crash. What a travesty. Hopefully, some of the players feared dead were not on the plane.

  13. Its make me sick! Just this (Jak-42) plane alone, record for the last 25 years – 12 plane crashes, with 562(!) dead. And it considers the safest Russian carriers? (same class as Boeing 737 and is used for charters). Eyewitnesses describe, that plane just fell apart in to 2 pieces just after takeoff.

  14. Unfortunately, Locomotiv administration has confirmed that the entire main roster, plus four players from the youth team, were on the plane. There are unconfirmed reports, however, that Ruslan Salei, a veteran defenseman, was in Minsk, Belarus, awaiting the arrival of the team. The Locomotiv roster was full of players with NHL ties.

  15. Folks Many years ago the USA lost an entire figure skating team for the Olympics. Talk about tragic.

  16. Looking at that roster of old Ranger coaches, I picked up on Allen Stanley. He was a very laid back smooth type defenseman, very good at puck control and had a pretty good shot ( no slaps were used those days, and his wrister as usually right on target. But it seemed that within just a few hours that he was made Captain he was traded to Toronto where he finished with a distinguished career and made all star team to boot. It seemed to be that way anyhow, because it worked so suddenly and unexpectedly. Don’t ask me who they got for him, but it probably was someone not as good. He was another of those photo model guys.

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