Ready for some football?


I’m not. But since there isn’t much hockey to discuss until Traverse City … and since I’m sure a lot of you also watch football (American brand) …

My friend ang former long-time colleague Ernie Palladino, who covered the Giants forever, has written a book: “Lombardi And Landry: How Two of Pro Football’s Greatest Coaches Changed the Game Forever.”

It’s published by Skyhorse Publishing ($24.95 hard cover) and available now.

Publishers Weekly just listed the book as one of the nation’s top 20 Indie sleepers of the year.

To which Ernie replied: “No surprise. You guys have been telling me I’ve been asleep the past 20 years, anyway.”


If you need some Rangers, Steve Zipay made his way over to the practice facility (not much of a move for him; he live s nearby) where a bunch of guys are going through informal workouts … and Zip will have some Rangers stuff over at Blue Notes (link over there ——>),

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  1. Thanks ilb! Very nice of you ;)

    i know BANJ is talking to himself on the previous thread… but where is everyone else?

  2. Sucks to hear aboot Savard. Bruins GM is sure his career is over.

    I see Tyutin signed a six year deal with the Jackets. Surprising. I guess he doesn’t want to win a Cup.

  3. It would be a bold move but if I were commissioner, I would suspend Matt Cooke permanently. It seems a little fugazi, but I think it would send a real message to the rest of the NHL. A move like that would stop the Jarko Ruutus, Alex Burrows, etc. from pulling this crap. Cooke is an NHL pee-on. Bettman would get no negative backlash from this. Cooke is unpopular on his own team!!! I don’t think there is anyone who would object to this retroactive ban from the NHL.

    THAT is enforcement. Call it the Cooke rule. You can be suspended for life for flagrant intent to injure.

  4. billybleedsblue on


    Miami showing-up on the last day of August — Busch League.

    cw, that’s a pretty hard line to tow there, buddy. We will probably need to wait for him to injure somebody else before he’s really punished like that.

  5. from twitter
    more sad nhl news:

    Sources tell QMI that ex-Flame Leaf Wade Belak has been found dead in a downtown Toronto condo

  6. too bad about Savard.

    i’ll be waiting for a statement from mario about how
    terrible this is and players shouldn’t be headhunting because
    it ends careers and…

    oh, forget it.

  7. haven’t seen it confirmed by the usual hockey reporters such as dregher or mckenzie or kypreos.

    just put out what i found it

    actually, another hockey reporter retweeted the info
    and i went to @calgarysun to copy and paste here.

    hope it’s wrong…

  8. so, am i not allowed to put 2 links in one post?
    is that why my post that mentions
    miami herald reporting on belak’s death
    a youtube link with the brashear fight mentioend earlier
    is “awaiting moderation”?

  9. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Afternoon ILB and all!
    Sucks about belak, condolences to his family and friends!!

    Where is the zippy article?

  10. Wow! Two suicides a month or so apart. Sad. Not a fun offseason. I hate to say it, but in my mind, it’s really three suicides, despite what everyone thinks of how Booger died.

  11. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    the nhl and nhl player associaiton should take a long hard look at players who are released /retired and how they can adjust to life after hockey.. Not just use them .. they need to be set up financially and emotionally ..but you can only hold hands for so long.

  12. Oh man! This is so sad!! RIP.

    Why am I assuming this is prescription drug-abuse related? Because it probably is…

    They are going to have to start testing players psychologically and for drugs….this can’t happen again…

  13. im really sorry about belak and all that, but what is the nhl gonna do?> these guys make tons of money, im sure they can figur out what to do after their hockey career besides killing themselves. what acoward. nice way to leave your family. what in his life was so damn awful to kill himself?

  14. orr- he hada wife and 2kids? wtf man!! im so angry right now. those poor kids are gonna suffer for this.

  15. Yeah, I shouldn’t assume that Orr. It’s just hard not to, given the circumstances and what happened to Booger.

    People are saying nice things about Belak…how great guy he was, class, etc…I’m just trying to answer the question: Why?

  16. It is cowardly, and pathetic, but then again, it’s hard to understand mental health if you don’t suffer from it.

    As if this summer couldn’t get worse, my beloved Sony vaio laptop has decided to screw me over. It stopped working, so I have to buy a new hard drive, which will cost a pretty penny. So I might have to hold off on NHL12 for a little. I feel like breaking something!!!

  17. So, go and let’s brake something…I’m telling you, this August is worse then waterboarding, Holy Puck!

  18. Even if he hang himself doesn’t mean that drugs were not in involved. It’s just so weird that three tough guys die like that. Were they taking some steroids or antidepressants that make them suicidal? Who knows…

  19. orr, i have a cousin who was in iraq for 2 tours ad came back with some serious mental problems. he was just diagnosed with schizophrenia and post traumatic stress. h knows hes screwed. he cant get a job anywhere, hes paranoid all the time. he is in the process of breaking down and i feel so bad for the guy, but he still tries to live as a normal as life as possible even though he never will. his gf left him, he has no friends either. he comes over and he just wants to talk. so after work, i tell him to come over and play some video games or just talk and listn to music or something. its sad hes only just turned 25 few days ago. he was always kind of aweird kid growin up but nobody thought he was dealing with a lot of metal problms. i think he was already dealing with them when he joined teh army and iraq just made it worse. for a long time after he got back he coulnt sleep. he is finally getting help and getting medication for the insomnia and anxiety. for a long time verybody just thought hewas a little weird, nothing major ya know? so idk what to think when a guy, especially with a family and children dos this. it just neve makessense to me. i cannot judge him though. only God can.

  20. holy crap sorry for that mess i just posted. i really gotta stop spilling coffee and soda ion mmy keyboard. and this time it was from laghing at eddies guest blog while drinkin my mornin coffee.

  21. hi everyone, i’ve been reading this blog for about 3 years, finally decided I should join the conversation. I just with it was to say something other than RIP to another NHL warrior though. let’s start the season already so (hopefully) we don’t have to keep reading stories like this.

  22. Also depression is a side effect of concussions, apparently.

    Grabby, that’s sad to hear. I hear aboot things like that a lot. Unfair!

  23. orr- i was prescribed zoloft for anxiety and panic attacks a few years ago. they made me sooo byfuglien depressed. told the doctor teh next day, and she prescribed me an anti anxiety medicine. youre right those thins are bad news if youre not depressed. i was prtty pissed at the doctor too. i mean i actualy got so down i almost cried. for no freakin reason other than the zoloft made me so sad and almost sick in a way. i started yawning and tearing up constantly, and just a sick overall feeling through my body.

  24. welcome to the blog beuk23! always glad to see new people in here.

    ilb- thanks bud. it really hurts watchin my cousin go through this and i just try to help the guy.

  25. Hey, C3P…I saw a bit of “Lord of War” on TV yesterday, and it made me think of you! ;-D

  26. it’s stunning the number of military returning from combat take that way out. Like veteran cops who “swallow their gun”, and each war brings forth it’s share of these bedeviled guys who cannot cope with their mental and emotional misery and take this way out. Such despair shouldn’t be the fate of anyone, much less our defenders. My first intro to this situation was with a boyhood chum who was drafted into the Korean war, and they found him in his bedroom …a Russian Roulette victim. ( his brother had twice caught him doing this,) and removed his revolver and hid it, but he found it. And another tragic aspect of this was that he had always been an ebullient and humorous kid when with our crowd. No one should have to face such despair alone. May God rest his troubled soul.

  27. I don’t know the specifics about Belak passing. But I know one thing: We overprescibe EVERYONE these days. The medical industry is the world’s largest criminal cartel. We don’t heal people anymore. We prescribe them drugs. Expensive drugs. Dangerous drugs. People get hooked on these things and they become part of their everyday regimen. My great-grandparents lived into their late 80’s, and never had a daily pill box to go to. Now, people have to take 10-15 pills a day for perceived ailments. Ridiculous. How did society cope with anxiety 50-100 years ago? There was no xanax. Maybe they were raised better to cope with the stresses of life?

    Anyway, the idea of giving people dangerous narcotics is what really needs to be looked at.

  28. i just moved down to orlando and everybody is talking about football ……and when they ask me i tell them i could care less about football ……i cant wait for HOCKEY !!!!!!!!

  29. I am returning for summer’s slumber! hello boneheads! I just wanted to say that the QMJNHL has started, so if you are really itching for some hockey, pick a team (Say the saint John’s team that won the memorial cup last year?) and follow along and before you know it our rookies will be playing at traverse city!

  30. cw- yes the xanax is addicting. i know im addicted to it to some degree. i personally need to find other ways of dealing with the anxiety. an urgent care was just raided by the fbi and sherrifs dept. here because the doctors there were prescribing vicodin and xanax to everybody that asked for it with no real examination of the patient. now, i really honestly have an anxiety problem, and my doctor tried anti-depressants first, instead of a narcotic, and she wants me to take ess than prescribed. i have done that and it is still physically and psychologically addicting to some extent. i is not supposed to be prescribed as a long term treatmet or an everyday treatment. just for when u really need it. anyway, 50-100 years ago people used alcohol to deal with stress. lol and thy also took morphine and cocaine cough syrups. its not a new thing for some doctors to be prescribing meds instead of healing people. alot of ways pills can help. but yes i agree with u that as a society, we have a huge dependance on mood altering drugs and are taking them at younger ages with way too many pepl geting addicted to them. my cousin obviously will benefit from medds, but me? i have to stop relying on them. u are right.

  31. i can garauntee you that being a ranger fan has not helped my anxiety over the years thats for sure.

    orr,cccp- i couldve sworn it was ilb who replied to me but this morning when i came on here i saw orr had said it. maybe the “i” in front caught me eye and i just assumed it was ilb. idk why i would though. thats really weird. i was realy tired last night but still.

  32. orr,cccp- u two wild n crazy guys gonna get nhl 12? i think theres a new fighting system where the goalies fight too, and u can run into the goalies causing them to be knocked out of the crease. i can just see orr stacking his team with nothing but goons and running the goalie non stop. i think u can injure the other teams goalie too. should be fun.

  33. I took part in my first Fantasy Football draft last night. I don’t know who 90% of my team is but I was told I made “smart” selections.

  34. Grabby, it’s tough these days it really is. People shop around for a doctor that will prescribe them whatever narcotic type pill these days, and doctors get pushed by pharm reps to prescribe these drugs without always fully describing the side effects of them. You really should try and see a psych and try and go through some therapy as opposed to trying to let a pill do all the work, because the human mind is extremely complex with the different levels of hormones and neurotransmitters and when you use these anti depressants it really messes with the levels in there.

  35. From the planning ahead column….what do they do when the Stanley Cup gets too big and heavy for one guy to hold it and wave it around?

  36. fran.
    they remove the lower part of the cup. so for example, the 1926 rangers through the 1937 cup winner are removed from the cup.

  37. It’s important to remember that Humans are getting bigger through evolution. Therefore, eventually they will be able to put rings back on the Cup.

  38. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    there will be no living with eddie x3 now!!

  39. bull dog line

    are you in Cali by any chance? Avery is selling his house in Cali and he just lowered the price… that’s the infamous house where he got arrested… i thought you might be interested ;)

  40. wow “Apple” is so lame! Every year before new iPhone supposed to come out, the same lame story story pops up! Remember last year some schmuck who works for apple forgot new generation (iPhone 4) in a bar somewhere in Redwood City, California? Well, same thing happened again! Only this time it’s in SF! Really?? Is that how they market an unreleased product? lol

    Smells like bullcarcillo to me!

  41. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    So i’d rather have mcilrath or vtank in our top six this year than OPG aka “the penguin”!!

  42. Actually, I am really good about calling them whenever something goes wrong. About a year ago they replaced my laptop completely for free. I am pretty happy with their products for that reason. Also, now that I am an “adult” and all I really only use a computer at work. At home I prefer a typewriter.

  43. To each their own, I guess. I just strongly dislike Apple for many reasons. If you’re having success with them, you should continue with them.

  44. You know what Latona? I would advise you to stay out of my business!

    Sorry. I didn’t mean that. I was just bored.

  45. Good afternoon all! Oh the irony….I was having trouble figuring out a download issue and just hung up with Apple Care, which took care of me in less than 5 minutes and solved the problem. Apple rules!!!!

    congrats to e3!

  46. Guys, someone who suffers from depression would like nothing more then for people to understand, and invite them over to just talk. Depression is an incredible feeling of being down, and feelings of not caring. I talk from experience, obviously, and one thing that keeps me going are my 4 kids. They’ve had to grow up faster because I have a debilitating chronic illness on top of my depression. I was a Police Officer for 15 years, and I lost that job, plus had to sue them, after I testified against the Chief of Police. I didn’t ask to be depressed, and I would do anything to be like I was years ago. Understand one thing Wade Belak for whatever reason, in his mind everyone around him would be better off without him. Those were probably the thoughts going thru his head. Don’t judge someone from what you read in a newspaper. Wade Belak probably went thru hell before he decided to take this way out. Have respect because you just never now what the future holds. Anyone could suffer from depression, and just because you aren’t now, doesn’t mean you will be in his shoes in the future. Like I said I was a Police Officer for 15 years, and at that time I would have never believed this would have happened to me. Depression is just a really bad feeling that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
    Rest in peace Wade Belak

  47. I’m 43 and I’m looking forward to NHL 12. I’ve been playing since Atari, Intellivison, etc. I’ve loved the NHL franchise since back in the Sega Genisis system. Matter of fact I still have that system, and all the NHL games. There was one year I’m not sure when, but if you got into a fight and knocked the other guy out blood starting pouring from his head. The parent out cry, and I’m sure some second guessing from the NHL stopped that.

  48. I’m not crazy aboot NHL12. It’s basically the same as NHL10 which minor changes to the game which could have easily been included three games back.

    I hate having to dish out $60 for a game that hasn’t changed much. But, after skipping NHL11, I’m desperate for a hockey game.

  49. Can you imagine if the NHL had a video that showed blood right now!!!!???? The out cry, and all this concussion talk holy you know what, and it would hit the fan on top of that!!! I know you guys have your own BAD words, but I’m not sure what they all are, and which one would fit the above statement. :)

  50. You skipped NHL 11!!!!???? I’m with you about the $60 bucks, and yes they could probably make some of these changes and make one AWESOME NHL game, but so be it. I need my NHL!! With all the twists and turns in my life I have become a stay at home dad, and playing NHL keeps me going, especially on those days when I just don’t feel like being the mom, and cleaning and stuff. Hate to admit it but thats most of my day, cleaning up after the kids and stuff.

  51. Yeah, I was really pissed at the demo. Same game, same glitches. The good thing aboot NHL12 is, the trades are more realistic.

    I’ll definitely be getting Madden 12. I’m gonna get it for free, from Gamefly what I did was buy Madden 11 on eBay for $12. Then I signed up for gamely, and I’ll order Madden 11, but then I’ll send back the game, but I’ll use the one I bought on eBay, because they mark their games. So I’ll have the marked Madden 11. So then I order Madden 12, and email them telling them that they sent me Madden 11 again. So I send back the Gamefly Madden 11, and they send me another Madden 12, then I have two Madden 12’s, one which I’ll keep for free!!

    Bwahahaha! Muahaha! Take that!!

  52. can anyone translate this?

    “Concentrece en su pregunta, y cuando este listo haga click en … interrogar al oraculo”

  53. Think about your question, when you’re ready click (I’m assuimg there’s a link to click on) and ask the oracle.

  54. ORR

    There is a better way… just order whatever game you want, play it and then email them (2 weeks after you get the game) saying that you shipped the game back like a week ago and they never got it! They’ll apologize and send you next game in your queue! LOL

    you know how many games from gamefly i kept? many ;)

  55. Thanks, CT!!

    This is from one of my favorite old Infected Mushroom tracks! weird sample to use.. but then again…those guys are anything but normal ;)

  56. Concentrate on his question and when you do the list click on “interrogate the Oracle”

    I still don’t know what it means….

  57. LOL! CC, that’s what I plan on doing with NHL12!! I’ll have with $60 ready, just in case they do charge me.

    What I was thinking is telling them that I received the envelope, but the game wasn’t inside, and the envelope was opened and re-sealed! That’s $120 saved, which can go toward my new hard drive, or Henrik forbid, a new motherboard for my computer, which is hopefully not what I need!

  58. I don’t know what it means either lol

    They use in a track…it’s sort of a distorted sample in the middle of the teack and could never figure out what it said…someone sent an email to me saying that this is the line they used. Weird, I know

  59. Hey Carp are you on twitter?? I am but really not sure how the whole thing works. Like if you tweet soemthing and no one follows you where does the twit go??

  60. Twitter’s better for celebrities. For us “normal folk”, it’s kind if meaningless. I just follow supermodels and Ranger players. The supermodels tweet personal pics of themselves. Sweet!

  61. Yeah I’m with ya on following the Rangers etc. Just wondering about twitter. Again not sure what or how it works unless like you said your famous and people care to hear what you have to say. Wait!!! That would leave Carp out, because besides us, and maybe his family no one is going to listen to him anyway!!! Just Kidding Carp, your prolly the easiest going reporter I’ve ever met.

  62. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    All we have are macs in our house. Desk tops and lap tops! We love them. Once the mrs cell contract is uP, her Droid is gone and she’ll have an iPhone. And we will be junk free!!!

    Question for gamers. Is it possible to play black ops online with 4 player split screen from one console?

  63. My son said he is not 100% because he never tried but he believes it would work. Probably doesn’t help but it’s the best I got.

  64. Good afternoon, boneheads! Been busy last couple of days.

    Another sad day for NHL.  RIP, Wade Belak. No matter how much one wants to deny it, it is already a trend. The last thing NHL needs to do is to have a knee- jerk reaction. Instead, they need to have a long, hard look at NHLPA’s Behavioral and Substance Abuse Program. And I’m not talking to just look at how effective it is. They need to hire an outside medical consultant to asses their techniques and evaluate what kind of pharmaceutical agents, if any, are being used to help and treat players enrolled in the program. I am not suggesting it’s definitely their fault. It’s a serious mental condition and sometimes you can only do so much. But it is a trend, and all three cases happened within short period of time. It needs to be explored. 

  65. I’m giving away a free, pre-release iPhone 5 to everyone on this blog … with the exception of Latona.

  66. LATONA

    Could you please explain / list the reasons you hate Apple?

    And please skip pricing, because that’s a thing of the past … we’ve two years past the introduction of the iPad and still nobody else can match Apple’s pricing (while keeping any sort of margin).

  67. I can’t seem to use apple no matter what I do…..I have taught myself just about everything about computers on my own, but when I go to use anything apple (computer not ipod) I can’t seem to get the stuff to work as easily, or user friendly as other programs or non apple stuff.

  68. For example when I use Itunes it drives me nuts. It’s just not as easy as other programs. Man I’ve been posting all day!! Time to shut up…..LOL

  69. I bet posting helps keep you afloat, Cynar…Keep going, bud…

    Most of my stuff at home is Apple…PCs at work, hate it.

  70. philcollins requires to know where I am, and I find it none of his business. the other site doesn’t work for me at all….mountains?

    I am confused…wait, it’s Apple’s fault!!!

  71. On Apple…

    Apple sells an operating system that works only on the hardware they manufacture. That’s called an anti-competitive practice.

    iPhones aren’t technologically any better than other phones available on the market, but they’re hip (with the i prefix) so empty-skulled livestock with a propensity for shiny things and cool buttons (no offense to any of you boneheads with iPhones, I love you all) eat that carcillo up. The first generation iPhone had no MMS functionality. Cell phones were MMS capable for a long time before the iPhone came around, and you couldn’t send pictures on the “top of the line smartphone” that you just doled out $600 bucks for? Of course not! You have to spend that much money or more on the next generation! Updating the operating system didn’t even solve this ridiculous problem.

    There’s this foolish notion that Apple computers are invincible to viruses. Viruses for Macs can exist and do exist, but the way modern versions of Mac OS are designed makes it less practical to design viruses for them, and the number of people that own Macs is microscopic compared to the number of people who own PCs. Most virus creators wisely wouldn’t even bother developing programs to attack Apple products.

    I’m not going to skip pricing, Miami, because Mac hardware is severely overpriced compared to equivalent PC hardware. Up to twice as much for the same carcillo under the hood, the difference being the completely nonfunctional art-deco exterior and the apple-shaped sticker.

    Apple is the only company I can think of that actually charges people for public beta testing. “We’d like you to test out our new product, but you have to pay us to do so.” Seriously? Who does that? Windows 7 was in beta mode, for zero cost to users, for over a year. Apple also charges people for software updates. If you’re not going to pay money to purchase new hardware, they’ll make you pay money to update your software. And people actually do this.

    iPads and iPhones do not have USB ports or memory card slots; but they’re more than happy to rip you off with an adapter.

    Steve Jobs invented the idea that flash was a security risk as his reason there was no flash version for Apple products. Adobe said lolwut, and the real reason (for those of us with eyes) is that Apple wants to make sure they get a cut of every flash game by forcing them to be ported to iOS and placed on the app store. You can’t freely distribute software for iOS — it all has to go through the iStore or whatever they call it. You have to crack an iPad or iPhone (“jailbreaking”) to allow it to run software from packages delivered any other way. In Android, you just enable the option (in the settings menu) to allow the installation of software not retrieved from the Android marketplace.

    Apple also acts like one of those bullies on the school playground: able to dish it, but unable to take it. For years they’ve attacked Microsoft’s products, but when Microsoft released their own anti-Apple commercials, Apple actually requested Microsoft stop running the ads. Here’s proof:

    I’m no Microsoft fan, either, but I won’t let Apple be played up as the answer to anything. I’m done for now, I’ll be glad, however, to parry any defensive points the macinhorde comes up with.

  72. Latona, whew! Don’t sugar coat your feelings, tell us how you feel!

    All I know is this. I’m not phone/pad/book person, but I’ve always had an iMac. I find their system far easier to use intuitively than Windows and their support, in store, online or on phone, is better than any customer support I’ve experienced anywhere, ever (and yes, but that is also part of Jobs’ brilliance).

    I’m pretty smart, but not the most tech savvy person in the world, and the iMac and Apple somehow recognize that and support it. In other words, not everyone belongs at the genius bar.

    Plus, I’ve gotten a ton of free upgrades, and ways around paying for other apps’ upgrades thanks to the fruit.

    And there’s my defense, with a goal, methinks…!

  73. And trust me, Windows gets just as whiny about competitive stuff. Like a squeegee on dry glass :)

  74. There’s really no arguing with preferring the “feel” of the system and the customer support (although with a comparatively miniscule install base, it follows naturally that Apple would be able to offer a greater degree of individualized customer support). And the fact does remain that, if Mac OS wasn’t engineered and licensed to prevent use on PCs, those who like Mac OS X might be able to have their preferred OS and run it on normally priced hardware, without jumping through unofficial hoops that may or may not work.

    I have nothing to say about Steve Jobs, besides that he likes to lie about technology and thinks that he’s selling the cure for AIDS.

  75. Latona, I find it easier to talk to you about lunch :) I had a nice summer tomato sandwich with hummus and cheese…any points? Not fancy, but yummy and healthy….and no apples, only plum for dessert!

  76. Whoo hoo!!! Now I have 4 points! Only 446 less than Sally!

    I have two more plums in the house, can I get 2 advance points?

  77. Linux? Isn’t he Charlie Brown’s friend with the blanket?

    Sigh. This is why working at home is not always a good thing….nobody looking over my shoulder while I play here…..wait….that is a good thing!!! Duh!

  78. billy,

    I was asked a question and I gave an honest answer!

    Linux is pretty okay, I guess. Better than Apple, anyway. I don’t like the lack of cohesion between distributions, though.

  79. I’ve got a soccer practice now, but, Macinhorde, feel free to post your responses. I’ll annihilate you when I return.

    You all rock, regardless. Keep that in mind.

  80. Latona…re: “I don’t like the lack of cohesion between distributions, though.”….see, that’s where you lose me. Let’s call it a draw, and you can even deduct 1 lunch point from my total for my lack of system intelligence….though, I should keep that point for being smart in all other ways.

    Once again, I am confused :)

  81. Thooooooooough…from a page design standpoint etc, I understand the fruit rules….oy, sorry, didn’t mean to bring that up again! Waiting for call-backs…

  82. ha, I blocked your shot!

    F5 to you Tony! When you coming east again? Don’t tell me it will be when I’m gone!

  83. billybleedsblue on

    Latona, hahaha Linux “pretty ok”. More than 90% of the worlds’ supercomputers run some flavor of Linux. I just have a PC, but that’s good enough for me. I have Windows on this thing as well, but I hardly ever boot it up. Linux has everything I need, and it’s free. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect — but neither is MS or Apple for that matter.

    Mama, hehe that was Linus, which is actually the name of the guy that made Linux.

  84. Latona, tough to argue with you on flash and other ways Apple tries to make money. I switched a couple of years ago from PC to Mac. Was tired of system constantly going off on me etc. I find Mac by far more intuitive, if not flexible. In terms of iPhone. I’ve owned most of the models since 2007. You will be hard pressed to argue that the interface, screen responsiveness and resolution is still miles ahead of everyone else. Each new model comes in- it brings something innovative. Each other company is trying to emulate them until new model comes in. Everyone else remains behind. In terms of other gadgets. Have you ever tried to do simple port forwarding on Linksys or Belkin wireless routers (for Slingbox or remote security viewing )? It’s a major headache. On Apple Airport Extreme- it’s a snap. Apple Airport Express is your own Wi-Fi network when you travel, and it’s a size of a pocket camera. And don’t get me started on iPad. Yes, no USB. But I watched my DVR from New Zealand using it, and it weighs nothing.

  85. Let us know what the dealio is up there ilb….bring lots of belly bands in case the power is still out :) and let me know about the boat and DOCK!

  86. Carp, I’m up for that…unless it was provided by the “camp.” No wonder you have problems…

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