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WARNING: Reading this blog post, without wearing rose colored glasses, may cause the following side effects: anger, disbelief, annoyance, shock, rage, constipation & diarrhea (at the same time), vomiting, dizziness, and in some cases….death. Should you or anyone you know read this posting and experience such a reaction, immediately seek medical attention.  It could be fatal. Symptoms can last anywhere from 4 hours thru to the end of the season. On the positive side, there is help available. The law firm of Stahl, Staal, Stall, Staul, Stawell, McStahl, O’Staul, Stahluchuck, Staalupopov, Stallstein, Stalowitz, Stahlinski, El Abdul-Staal, Stahlakawasaki & Staalovic, a professional corporation, is there to assist you with your legal claim. Should you have questions please call 1-212-18 Stahl.

As you all know, since 1940 the NY Rangers and their incredibly devoted, loyal, and knowledgeable fan base have truly celebrated only one time. In fact, we have a regular poster whose nickname is onecupinthelast71years. Before ’94, however, the Rangers were in the midst of a long dry spell. I began each season in those pre-’94 days with grand visions of success only to be disappointed. The other NY teams won championships.  The Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets all won titles. Even the god forsaken Islanders won…..four in a row to boot. In the mid-eighties, I remember talking to my friend Kevin, originally a Ranger fan.   In fact his parents met at a Ranger game, like in 1868.  But as the Iles began winning – he switched allegiance.  I remember telling him that I got his drive for five…..right here!!

The Rangers did seem cursed. I never thought they would win the Stanley cup. It was sad. It made me sad. It’s true that the Rangers nearly reached the summit in ‘72 and ’79 but Bobby Orr, first, and the entire Hall of Fame Habs team second, allowed us to merely peek at the other side without touching it. There were other years too. Beezer carried the Rangers on his back in ’86 and it seemed like that Rangers’ team was a team of destiny. After all, Montreal’s goalie was a rookie…some kid named Wahhhhh. How we could we lose? But lost they did. Would the Rangers ever win?

And finally it did happen. The amazing Cup run in ’94 is something no one could ever forget, however, it almost wasn’t. Rangers won their first seven games that playoff season. The Craps won game 4 and the Rangers finished them off in Game 5. I was ecstatic. They were winning and winning easily. I just knew the Cup was ours. But then it happened. Like it always did. The Rangers down 3 games to 2 against the Devils were on a figurative death’s door. Not yet!! The Rangers win Game 6 forcing Game 7.

It was a Friday night, I believe. I stood inches in front of my TV, the volume turned nearly all the way up.  I stood the entire game. When Brian Leetch did his fancy little spiner-ramma-bamma-gamma and scored that first goal in game 7, I screamed like a woman. They were going to the finals. They were going to win the Cup. And then it happened. Again. Ilb’s tennis partner scores with less than 8 seconds left in the third period to tie the game at one.  The flashback to April ’75 was immediate. I was stunned. Shocked. It happened again. How are they going to come back from this?  I wanted to throw up. Those OT periods were among the most stressful moments in my life and believe me I had enough vodka in me to kill an army. When Matteau scored that goal I was euphoric.

The Canucks series was just an afterthought. Of course we would win. Maybe the Rangers would win in a sweep.  Losing Game 1 ended that possibility but I wasn’t too worried. Sure enough, the Rangers won Games 2,3, and 4. The Cup was in the Garden for Game 5. I was excited but I felt funny. I wasn’t expecting them to win for whatever reason. True to form, the Canucks scored, like, 12 straight goals to kill us in Game 5 and then Vancouver won Game 6. Here we go again.

Game 7. The greatest sporting event of any kind is a hockey playoff Game 7…. and here it was the finals and a Game 7.   I couldn’t sleep. I was so pumped. It was all I thought about for days.  ESPN had tremendous coverage of the pre-game build up. That Garden crowd during the national anthems was so jacked that it brought tears to my eyes…I was crying. LETS GO RANGERS, LETS GO RANGERS. And it happened. The Rangers won that game and the Cup.

The last 17 years, however, have only brought marginal moments of success. More recently it has been much worse. The Rangers can barely win a playoff game much less a series it seems. I think everything happens for a reason. As example, I realize now that last year just wasn’t their time. Even if the Rangers had beaten the craps last year, they weren’t going anywhere thereafter. They looked dead in the first game OT and were zombie like after regulation in Game 4.

This year will be different. Hope springs eternal. Moreover, we have THE PRUST.

The Rangers, worst case, are going to the Conference finals this year. Next year we win it all. It starts with D. Good pitching beats good hitting. Defense wins championships. The King and his court of Sauer, McD, Staal, and Girardi are still improving. Henrik is reaching his peak and his kid Dmen are only going to improve. McD, Sauer, and Stahl are going to be among the top 6 D men in the league inside 4 years. Henrik wins the Veznia Trophy the next two years. The team wins the cup 2012-2013. This year is a dress rehearsal.

The top line of Avery/Richards/Gabby is going to be potent. Avery has plenty of detractors I realize. But he is a good friend of Richards, he will protect Richards, he will protect Gabby. Avery has speed and those blind passes that he throws (the ones that Bulldog just loves) are going to be bang-bang goals this year. I know some are clamoring for WW to play LW instead of Avery, but I think Avery is better suited especially given his willingness to drop the gloves if anyone goes near Richards and Gabby.

The second line may be one of the best second lines in the NHL. Cally/AA/Dubi. This trio is special. AA continues to improve, Cally has the heart of a lion, and Dubi’s stasch is ubiquitous in any decent 70’s porn movies. Heck, Dubi’s stasch is common even in crap 70’s porn. Dubi is stong as an ox. Dubi reminds me more and more of a young John Leclair and that is a good thing.

The third line of THE PRUST, Boyle, and the FED as good as any third line in the game today. THE PRUST, as we speak, in the mid-Atlantic ready to take on and destroy the Hurricane approaching land. Did any of you see the Tornado that THE PRUST beat up last spring? It’s on youtube somewhere. Boyle will have a good year too I sense. Fed is the ultimate team player and a great role model in the room. You need players of his ilk to win a Cup.

The fourth line of WW/Ruppster/and a rookie to be named is also going to have a great year. WW is in a contract year and even if he gets the big $$ and fades thereafter like a puff of smoke in the wind, this year he is going to put up numbers. Torts saw how tired his team was come April and he knows that he must roll four lines beginning in October. Everybody plays – Everybody contributes. It’s a team game. The Rangers earn the second or third seed, meeting the Craps in the Conference Finals.

Go ahead and take your shots. I can take it. After all, its just pain.

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  1. Good morning, boneheads!

    Lol, Eddie3, good one. I had to read it first, and that’s a lot of gibberish :-). Thanks for doing this, good work.

  2. bull dog line on

    me thinks you forgot Stepan. I have a better chance of being the 1st line left wing than Guy LaAvery.

  3. Good one Eddie…you brought me back with those words to a great moment in our hockey. I’d only add one thing to your observations about this season…do not overlook the agonizing possibility of the same
    rope a dope coaching that has dragged them down for several years now. But it might just happen.

  4. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    Nice post E3, Rosey indeed.
    Success will depend on the following ..lack of injuries
    near or career years for Dubi cally gabby.
    a D that actually kicks ass and intimidates
    Avery is his own worst enemy.. he draws penalties many dubious due to his rep
    I doubt if torts will give him much leeway.

    oh and lastly a potent power play..maybe some viagra in the water bottles will help.

  5. Good storm weekend, ‘heads. Everybody stay safe, ‘k? None of us are Prust so don’t take chances out there. Plus, we need your contributions during the season so be smart.

    Great post, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. I am not offended by “screamed like a woman.” At least not very offended. LOL I agree with you that Aves completes the 1st line. Like you said those blind passes to the front of the net get hammered home this year.

    Oops, I forgot the rose colored glasses. I think I’m going to be sick. Gotta go!

  6. I forgot one thing, I worry about Torts’ obsession with blocking shots. Keep that up the injuries are going to plague us again. Maybe the offense will be better and we won’t have to work so hard to shut out the other team in order to win.

  7. You forgot Step, who, it seems to me, is more likely to play the left wing than Avery on that first line….

  8. bull dog line on

    Dubi makes the most sense with Gabby and Richards. I know most people don’t want to break up the doughnut line, (AA, Dubi, Cally) but Dubi makes way to much sense to be the top LW.

  9. Good morning all! e3, great post!!!! Except, I screamed like a man when you said screamed like a woman :)

  10. Maybe a rule should be made that no one can mention 1994 until the Rangers win another cup. It’s pathetic the amount of time an organization’s fans talk about something that happened 17 years ago…is there a day that goes by that someone doesn’t mention 1994?

  11. jlone2bubblehead, if you’re out there? i bought some lawn solar lights. how do you recharge them without putting them in the lawn? will fluorescent light charge them? keep them in a window (even though we have no sun today)? (I know…. dumb blonde question. I’m not blonde; just dumb)

  12. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    any kind of light should do, place a lamp over them , brunettes are fine..!!

  13. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Who is Derek Stepan? And why is everyone mentioning him? How did I forget #21?

    1994 1994 1994 1994 1994

  14. billybleedsblue on

    Eddie Eddie Eddie all ready ready ready to break out the confetti! Nice job!

    Stay safe New Yorkers!

  15. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Everyone be careful… This is the mutha of all storms….

    THE PRUST must defeat this hurricane.

  16. LOVE the optimism in your post. For me, being a Rangers fan was always a feeling of “we’ll NEVER win the Cup”. I began following the team around ’79 (I’m 38 now) and saw any success in the 80’s stopped cold by the Isles. Even when we did win the Patrick Division in ’90 I still had a feeling like the Rangers were simply a full notch or two below other teams in the league. In ’91 when we were supposed to be a Cup contender I thought the Rangers were simply overhyped. A first round loss confirmed those thoughts.

    But it all comes back to Messier. I remember leaving to go fishing at Captree that morning and seeing the papers. We were getting a SUPERSTAR! A CHAMPION! A PROVEN WINNER!

    Who was also coming off a season crippled with injuries and MOST of the so-called “experts” declared him past his prime and already in decline.

    Messier brought with him hope, or as Adam Graves said “Belief” that the Rangers could actually win the Stanley Cup.

    Before that point, I never ever thought we had near enough talent to compete with the top teams in the league. We could pretend otherwise, of course. But I just didn’t think we were even close. Yes, we had Brian Leetch and some good young players. But we didn’t have that superstar player other teams would fear.

    Kelly Kisio-Brian Mullen-John Ogrodnick was our top line ’90. While they had some good chemistry and Ogrodnick potted 40 goals I didn’t fool myself into thinking they could compete with any other contender with a top line like that.

    So, for me…Messier will always represent that moment when I thought the Rangers had finally entered the conversation of being a contender. ’92 was heart-breaking, ’93 was a nightmare…’94 answered all of our prayers.

    But one thing still chills me to the bone when I see it…

    Game 7 against the Devils…Second OT….Devils move into the zone, backpass and a shot on Richter is stopped but it’s lying right there in front of him. Every player on the ice converges as Richter sprawls to try and grab the puck.

    Watch that replay…the puck is hit and it’s moving towards the net…towards the OPEN net…when it gets redirected in a mass of skates as players move through.

    By some miracle, that puck is deflected wide. But it WAS going towards the net. It was going to go in. It was going to count. The Devils were about to win.

    The puck goes to the other end of the ice…and Matteau scores to win the game.

    We were THAT CLOSE. Watch the replays. Ask yourself just how the hell that puck was able to stay out.

    To this day I watch that play and wonder if Rangers fan realize just how close we were to the ultimate heartbreak.

    To all my fellow East Coasters….Be Safe!!! I’m on Long Island and just a few blocks north of the evacuation zone so I’m nervous but keeping in mind that the news just LOVES making mountains out of molehills and everyone is covering their asses after New Orleans so I’m hoping it won’t be as bad as they’re saying it might be.

    Either way, I’m fully stocked. Let the games begin. MOJITO, POR FAVOR!!!

  17. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    CJP – yes indeed …. The cup that almost wasn’t. The Hockey gods simply fell asleep during that double OT. The Rangers were unlucky and lucky at the same time during that series and especially that game.

    Marji – direct sunlight shouldn’t be necessary to recharge those lights.

  18. Maybe that’s the best way to make it though a hurricane….Get drunk enough to kill an army. I’ll need to try that next time. VIVA MOJITO!!!!!

  19. That’s a beauty of hockey. It’s as close to winning it all, as it is to being a heartbreaker.

  20. The hospital looked interesting this morning. Every woman who is supposed to deliver a baby within the next few days and lives in the area, is seemingly sitting in the delivery room. And outside of it.

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – there isn’t a smell anything like the antiseptic cleanliness of a hospital. I imagine that the scent is second nature to you….

  22. Morning, all.

    Great post, eddie.

    Mama, I haven’t posted lately in shame over our little altercation the other day. Friends?

    Stay safe, everyone!

  23. Oh Latona, we were never not friends! I didn’t even think of it as an altercation, just friendly banter…come out, come out!

  24. Eddie, you said:

    “Before ’94, however, the Rangers were in the midst of a long dry spell.”

    I’d add that they are once again in the midst of a long dry spell. We’re back up to 17 years and counting.

    Since we won, the Red Wings have won 4 Cups, the Devils have won 3, the Avalanche won 2. Many other one-hit-wonder teams have won as well. Crap, at the rate we’re going it will take us over 200 years before we win our next 4 Cups.

    We are cursed with an owner who cares only about his basketball team, a GM whose best days are 20+ years behind him (and who stepped in doo-doo even then because he inherited a team of HOF superstars), and no hope of anything changing unless the team gets sold or Sather retires.

    Sure, the team is finally being built with home-grown talent (little credit to Sather though), and we have a good coach and a good group of players right now… but if things don’t pan out, I fully expect Sather to make a bunch of his signature horrible moves with Dolan’s blessing – which will guarantee another 20+ years of futility.

    Too bad there’s not another young Messier available out there, because if it wasn’t for him we’d still be crying about 71 years of futility and counting.

  25. Christian’s father could shoot the puck too….He, along with Pierre Turgeon, was one of a few who gave the Rangers any problems in 1994 series against the Fishsticks.

    Oops, did I just break an unwritten rule? :-)

  26. Eddie, I love your enthusiasm. I just don’t think Torts will give Avery that opportunity right away. He’ll have to earn it. Torts is going to juggle that line like crazy. I see Stephan, Wolfski, and MZAasen getting shots to play there too!

    LMAO at the Doughnut line!

  27. Carp

    can we also add Alyonka Larionov (one of Igor Larionov’s daughters) to our twitter widget? She does not talk about the Rangers much but she is hot and talks about all kinds of hockey all the time! She has backstage passes to all sorts of cool hockey things! She used to be the Pittsburgh Penguins reporter girl.


  28. So yesterday we got an email from my son’s youth hockey organization that said to go to our local airport last night for a surprise guest. Luckily, my son was with his older sister and she was game to check it out.

    We live in rural Maine, and pro sports connections and happening are pretty much nil here. My son, who is 9, lives, breathes and sleeps hockey. He spends 90 degree summer days in full Ranger gear playing playoff series after playoff series against himself and friends when they visit and hoisting his homemade tinfoil Cup.

    You can imagine his excitement, when off the plane last night came the real Stanley Cup, part of the Bruins’ victory tour. In several pictures, he is beaming. In my favorite one, all the other kids are lined up, posing for the camera, not really knowing what to do with the Cup. And there, in the midst of all of them, is my son’s face, sneaking in, puckering up and planting a big kiss on Lord Stanley’s Cup. It is my all time favorite picture of him.

    Needless to say, its the most exciting hockey related thing that’s happened to him.

  29. Don’t you watch MSG during the summer, CC? They force feed us 1994 every day!

    I’m playing the NFL12 demo. I love this game. I’m not a football fan, but I might buy the game. I wonder if there is an arrest feature in the game. I mean, EA wants to be realistic right? Might as well add murders, DUI’s, late night club fights, etc. Although, the way EA does things, it will be overblown.

    Here comes the rain!! Weee!

  30. HOw many of you folks remember the year that the Hurricanes won their cup, and they were in against the Devils. For my money it was one of if not the most crushing victories that I can recall. I couldn’t help think “is this really the son of my former Whalers?” There was just about NO time left on the clock and one of the canes put a shot at the Dev;s goal and it went in for either the game tying goal or the winning goal I am not all that certain. But what a killer of a shot for the Devils. I almost felt sorry for them. That also was the series that Cam Ward proved to be one of the finest goal tenders in the NHL.

  31. I thought the series two seasons ago was even better. I think it was Game 7, and the Devils were up by one with two minutes left, more or less, and they gave up two quick goals. Haha! That was epic!

    In fact, I’m going to watch highlights of that right now.

  32. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Spring of ’94 was magical…. The rangers, Knicks, OJ, and the white ford bronco….

  33. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Afternoon ILB and all!!

    Hope you all are safe.

    Eddie x3
    Great write up bro!

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric – I am watching the weather channel and if THE PRUST doesn’t get out and stop this hurricane, it’s going to be double trouble….

    Wickster – thx my brutha

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Winston – nice story

    NYR fan – slip torts some of this DQ and not will Avery play first line but he will be named captain too :)

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Travers Stakes from Saratoga coming up….. Any mud runners in the field? Where is Mickey?

  37. Loot now or are we waiting for later? You know if we wait for later, the zombies will be out dining on tasty brains. Plus we all know that by then sharks will be swimming in lower Manhattan.

  38. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Eddie – One Cup since 1940, yes, but FOUR Cups in all, going on five sooner than a lot of people outsidw New York, think. Chicago and Boston had their self-doubts and “jinxes” to overcome, yet won it all over the past two years. I think we are in better shape, going into this season, than those clubs were in their championship years. Things break right for this team, we will be hard to beat.


  39. JimboWoodside on

    Hunkered down here in Woodside, just waiting for Irene to come up the coast…..

    Had a marvelous home-cooked late lunch. Whole trout broiled in butter, bok choy sum sauteed in olive oil & garlic, and a baked potato. Any lunch points, Latona!?

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Boom Boom – I agree…. Did you see Stay Thirsty today? Baffert’s Coil is still running. Nice to see Uncle Mo have a good race today too.

  41. JimboWoodside on

    Whack ’em *all*, those Al-Qaeda byfuglien-carcillos!!!

    Not drinking any rainwater yet ORR!

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The media coverage is amazing…. Switching between Caroline Wozniacki and The Weather Channel….. THE PRUST is positioned to knock Irene back out to sea….

  43. e3, ha! In all seriousness, I hope my coastal friends are OK…I”m lucky to be inland and up high….so I’ll be fine…all….if you’re hartnell’d by Irene, check in if you can and let us know you’re OK.

    LGR! It’s Just Rain!

    mama love…Ta!

  44. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    speaking of a bag lady, have you checked on carp?

  45. Nah, wicky…I’m sure he is preparing his house. Nothing’s happening yet…a little rain.

  46. wicky, you bag man!!! I e-mailed carp….sure he’s doing what ilb said….grrrr.

    Check on you all tomorrow….TA!

  47. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    E times 3, thanks for the GREAT guest post

    I am back from yet another summer vacation..did I miss anything ? any earthquakes ? any storms ? any Rangers get arrested ?

    ’94 cup…I never get tired of reading peoples stories about it

    I think it is way to early to discuss line combos…just sayin

  48. JimboWoodside on

    *Great* guest post, E3! Things you and I have discussed here in the past, but they should always be recalled. Gotta keep the history alive.

  49. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    According to the NY Times, THE PRUST just punched Hurricane Irene in it’s eye….. It should be retreating back to sea any moment now.

  50. Hope that keeps you through the storm Guest. If not, I can FedEx my litter box contents. wtb?!!!

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Oops after my response as guest to the guest I forgot to switch back… Jimbo stay elevated

  52. e3, lol…Fug…time to blow off the troll, like Irene…ta all. See you tomorrow….DFTT……hartneller!

  53. wick, mama, yeah, i’m fine. don’t anticipate having electricity when I wake up in the morning, though, and maybe for many days after.

    that goes for a lot of us on the east coast.

    stay safe everybody.

  54. JimboWoodside on

    Goodnight, Mama – you’ll probably be popping back in though!

    Carp, I hope you’re wrong about the power – stay safe. I have fears of downed trees here, myself.

  55. If I stay elevated for more than 4 hours, I’ll need a delivery from C3P’s neighborhood “public relations” firm – but I don’t know if they’re making deliveries tonight! ;-D

  56. Jimbo,

    It’s been a while! Hoping you stay safe and sound, along with all the other boneheads.

  57. Hey, Latona! How’s it going over there? I’m doing OK so far. Hanging in – I had a heck of a lunch earlier – I thought it would be worth a few lunch points!

  58. Holding on, ilb! Wating for it to all pass….how’s by you? You’re in Brooklyn, aren’t you?

  59. Heavy rain here in North Jersey, Jimbo, but the winds aren’t so bad. And I’ll give you a few!

  60. Oh! Staten Island, ilb? Way up on a hill, I hope? Like Todt Hill? No floods gonna be there!

  61. OK, Latona – same here – lots of rain, but the winds aren’t dangerous yet….I’m hoping that they don’t get too destructive.

    You aren’t near the river, are you? My gal’s parents’ place was not far from the Passaic River, and their neighbors that were a house-row away from them had floods pretty often…

  62. The Saddle River goes through my town, but I’m not located near it, no. I had a lot of basement flooding but generously, my aunt left a large amount of money in passing that we were able to use to fix up the house and such. Hasn’t flooded since. My area of town has much less flooding in general than other parts, but my old basement got water from even one raindrop.

  63. OK on Todt, ilb….we had a two-way radio receiver site up there. Probably it’s still there. We thought of putting a video microwave receive site there, too, but it never happened while I was working.

  64. I see, Latona – well her parents house was in Fair Lawn, and I think it is the Passaic River that separates Fair Lawn from Paterson….and that’s the river that gave her neighbors fits. Lots of flooded basements, especially in the springtime – that river would regularly overflow its banks!

  65. I’m worried sick about my son’s family in Delaware, their 2 children and a dog. All I know they been evacuated from their house to some Hilton, but phone lines there is out, as well as their cells. So, I totally in a dark and don’t like it…Normally I cool in situations, but get nervous without info.

  66. Thinking of your son, 4ever.

    Stay safe, everyone! Time for me to relocate to the main floor so I don’t get crushed by a tree in my sleep.

  67. From the Weather Channel reports, Delaware has not been too terribly hit, 4ever – plenty of wind & rain, but not a catastrophe, as far as I can tell…..

  68. Good thinking, Latona – be safe, and have a peaceful night, if that’s possible! I’ll be up all night checking it all out.

  69. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    4ever – hope all is well with your son and family… Hello Mickey…I have missed you

  70. Stay safe everyone guys….

    I cant imagine that a storm is threatening my mausoleum here at Red Square….

    Only my old pal Vladimir is threatening me with his ideas :)

  71. I’ve been watching CNN since I got home 2 hours ago and I’m starting to freak out. And I’m 1,000 miles away. It was a gorgeous sunny, 90 degreee day here in STL, too.

  72. JimboWoodside on

    Winds are really picking up here in Queens – lashing rains now hitting the windows……

  73. cant still get over the fact that the Rangers dont play on Red Square opposite of my mausoleum this season instead go to those dumb places like Prague, Zug or Goth..or whereever…This is the center of the earth and they go to provinces…

    It was reported earler that the KHL are in talks to make the premiere games in Moscow or in St.Petersburg..

    Come on CCCP my friend please can you kick Glen Sather in the butt for this failure !!!

  74. JimboWoodside on

    3CP is a capitalist now, Vladdie! I don’t know if he will be listening to your suggestions anymore! ;D

  75. I can promise they would have a higher attendace at Red Square than alltogether in…..

    I need to have a bottle of vodka now!!!!

  76. JimboWoodside on

    Vladdie is keeping himself pickled with vodka – that’s how they’ve preserved his body!

  77. How could you possibly forget Stepan? I’d like to see Wolski given the first shot at LW because he simply has the most skill. If that doesn’t work I believe Torts will give Stepan a shot up there, maybe Dubinsky if the Pack line doesn’t get off to a hot start. Avery is past his prime, he scored like 1 goal last year, and doesn’t deserve to play with players of the caliber of Richards and Gabby.

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