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“A Chris Drury Tribute”

FULL DISCLOSURE: I 100 percent supported and was beyond thrilled on July 1, 2007. While I thought signing Gomez was nice, I was hyperventilating when the Drury signing was announced.  While I did actually want Nylander to return (Jagr would never end up being the same), I gave Sather my proverbial stamp of approval on the 2007 offseason.

Drury’s tenure would go on to provide the best/most fodder for this blog.  When historians look back on the Drury era, only two words come to mind: EPIC FAIL.  With that in mind, I decided to embark on a seemingly impossible journey: finding Chris Drury’s best moments in a Rangers uniform.

So, click on the links, sit back, relax, and enjoy the “Chris Drury Greatest Hits!”

(Panthers at Rangers, 10/4/07) (Drury goal at 1:50)

Opening night of the 2007-2008 season.  The Rangers fans were primed and ready for what was thought to be a long run into the playoffs.  But, after Roszival scored a quick goal in the 1st, the Rangers curdled for two periods and were down 2-1 heading into the third.  Petr Prucha would tie the game at 2 in the third.  Later in that period, “Mr. Clutch” would find possibly the juiciest rebound in the history of hockey to put the Rangers up for good.

Now, I was at this game.  When he scored, the crowd was going berserk and I could remember screaming at my brother (who likewise loved Drury as he was a BU graduate) “THIS IS WHY WE GOT HIM!”  Needless to say, I miiiiight have been putting the cart before the horse.  However, that was a fun night…except for the fans chanting “WE WANT THE CUP!” during the first game of the season.  I should have known we were doomed right then.

(Rangers at Devils, 3/19/08) (Drury goal at 2:07)

This was just an epic game during a season in which the Rangers won 7 of 8 games against the Devils in the regular season (also beating them 4-1 in their first round playoff series).  One could argue this was the best regular season game between the two that season. Zubrus put the Devils on the board in the first and the game would be nip-and-tuck after that. With under five minutes in the third, Drury’s likely replacement as captain, Ryan Callahan, had the puck behind the net and wheeled out in front and Drury was there for another juicy rebound. He did, however, have to roof it above Brodeur’s glove and he did just that to tie the game at 1, which cause the many Rangers fans in attendance at the Pebble to go crazy.

I suggest you stick with the video beyond Drury’s goal because this is also the game where Nigel Dawes COMPLETELY undresses Brodeur in the shootout (Brodeur would later claim Dawes “got lucky”).  Incredible stuff all around.

(Penguins at Rangers, 4/1/08) (Drury goal at 4:32)

With the playoffs mere weeks away, this game had the intensity and feel of a playoff game (of course, these teams would later meet in the second round of the playoffs that same year).  This was another Tom Renney special (a.k.a. 1-1 defensive struggle that went into overtime), except, this time around, the shootout would not be necessary as Drury unleashed a snap shot from the slot less than two minutes into the overtime to win the extra point and gain some crucial momentum heading into the final games of the 2007-2008 season.

(Rangers at Devils, 4/18/08 – Game 5 of Eastern Conference Quarterfinals) (Drury goal at 1:50)

What a fun series this was. This game really was a fitting end as it had it all: lots of goals, some timely goaltending, and, perhaps most significantly, an epic handshake line for a couple reasons.  But, lost in the mayhem of things like a goal from center ice and a stopped penalty shot was Drury’s goal that would turn out to be the game winner.  At that point, the Rangers were up 3-1 and Drury’s goal, off a beautiful feed from Nigel Dawes, put the Rangers up 4-1.  However, the Devils would not give up and made it 4-3.  But, in the end, after Henrik stopped John Madden on a penalty shot and Dubinsky buried an empty netter, the game and series would be clinched at the Rangers’ home away from home (a.k.a. MSG West).

(Capitals at Rangers, 4/22/09 – Game 4 of Eastern Conference Quarterfinals) (Drury goal at 2:10)

I like to block this series out of memory because it was really like a train wreck happening in slow motion. But this was a game the Rangers flat out stole (thanks to Henrik) to take what was thought to be a comfortable 3-1 lead in the series.  And, once again, Drury scored what turned out to be the game winner.  Drury did so with literally a broken hand.  The goal is hilarious as Drury meekly throws a 6 mph shot on Varlamov but he somehow could not corral it and Drury got to the rebound and was able to put it in the top shelf to take a 2-0 lead in the MSG crowd went absolutely bonkers.

(Penguins at Rangers, 3/4/10)

The title of this video says it all.  This might be the most skillful goal of his tenure.

(Rangers at Devils, 3/25/10)

When this happened, I started believing that this ragtag group was going to make the playoffs.  This was no fluke or juicy rebound. This was Drury being in the right place and executing after Tortorella used his timeout.

(Devils at Rangers, 4/9/11) (Drury goal at 0:35)

What a surreal day this was.  The Rangers were playing Game #82 and had to win then wait anxiously for Carolina to take on Tampa Bay later that night.  This would also be the day where Drury would return from injury after being out for two months.  And, wouldn’t you know it, he would end up scoring the first goal of the game after the Devils jumped out to an early lead. It would turn out to be his only goal of the season (banging head on desk).

I am sure I left other moments out but these are the ones that stick out in my mind. So, while I join everyone else in being thrilled that he is no longer on the roster, we must give him at least a little due that he did provide some great moments in what was an otherwise disappointing tenure for his favorite team growing up.  I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors, whether that be managing a pizza place or a LLWS team.

Thanks Carp for letting me do this once again!

P.S. Tuesday night my friends and I won a Seinfeld Trivia contest in Hoboken!  Our team name: “We Prepared It As We Bathed.”  Figured you all could appreciate it!

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  1. bull dog line on

    very disrespected player by Ranger fans. not saying he produced. but for who he was Ranger fans treated him poorly. he goes in a long line of players that NY fans did not appreiciate. Ewing, Eli Manning, and Piazza among the many.

  2. Wow, nice work Noah. I’m with you in Chris, and I wish him well.

    A Seinfeld trivia? Was Carp one of the judges?

  3. On Chris, not in…

    Disresped player? I guess by some. He signed a huge contract and I’m sure he truly felt he could live up to it.

  4. NOah

    This was precisely the gist of my posting some time back when the Drury mania was in full voice. The guy didn’t deserve the treatment he got when he tried so hard to produce, and no longer was able to. You’ve done it with examples and I salute you on a superb effort.

  5. Drury’s tenure with the Rangers was bittersweet. Thank you Noah for highlighting the sweet.
    I was seeing the bitter. So now the scales are tipped the other way. I must compliment you for your memory because I didn’t remember until you proded my memory.

  6. Good idea. Here’s the same run-down of top Gomez moments (admittedly a couple of years late):

    There, I’m done.

  7. Noah, I also was thrilled when they signed Drury and hated the Gomez signing. (as I do for any ex Devil player….Parise could be an exception) To say I was disappointed with his play with the Rangers would be fair so thanks for the highlights and the not so distant memories.

  8. Just rewatched the videos. I am almost nostalgic at this….how can that be? Am I misty eyed? “What is this salty discharge?”

  9. Also – brilliant timing because the Little League World Series is happening as we speak and last night they were talking about CHRIS DRURY during the Yankees game as being a little league world champion.

  10. Ilb – I met a colleague of yours the other day. Maybe you know him? His name is Dr. Acula. Do you know him? I also met his friends Dr. Ink and Dr. Ive.

  11. bulldog,

    You think Piazza was under appreciated by Mets fans? I’d go with Beltran.

  12. CT – slight difference between the two… is a hall of famer. Here’s a hint – it’s not Beltran.

  13. Remember when Mike Piazza made the last out in the 2000 World Series? That was a magical moment.

    Mike Piazza was also drafted LAST (last pick of the 68th and final round of the 1988 Draft as a favor to his uncle, Tommy Lasorda) and he will be a first ballet Hall of Famer in 2013 upon eligibility. He was a HECK of a ballplayer.

  14. And what Beltran (Backwards K on an Adam Wainright Curveball) and Piazza (Mariano Rivera – Cutter F8) DO have in common is they both made season-ending, “final outs” for the Mets.

    However, Beltran was injured a LOT and was much better on the Astros than he ever was with the Mets. He basically can’t run or throw anymore and is injured a decent part of the season. He reminds me more of a Moises Alou type. Pretty good when he _can_ play.

  15. Nice write up Noah.

    As for Drury, even though it’s extremely tough for many to do, you gotta separate the player from the contract. I don’t doubt he gave his all, but eventually his best wasn’t good enough. His contract was probably $2M to $2.5M year too much. Still, even without the big contract from the Rangers, 95% of the NHL would probably trade their career for his.

  16. Manny, Beltran’s 06-08 seasons, when factoring in the position he played (at a much higher level than Piazza played his) were a lot better than Piazza’s best years.

  17. CT – that statement you just made is an absolute JOKE. You have got to be kidding me! You can’t just say “factoring in the position” and that makes it so. One is an OUTFIELDER and one is one of the best Catcher to ever play the game. There is no comparing them offensively. Piazza was a much better player than Carlos Beltran. As I said…one of them is a first ballot Hall of Famer…can you guess which one? It is *not* Carlos Beltran.

    Don’t give me higher level. Piazza played in a World Series.

    I will demonstrate: Joe Mauer is a GREAT Catcher….what is he as a First Basemen or Left Fielder? ….not much. Probably below average.

  18. Also Manny, Beltran’s OPS+ this year (on base plus slugging calibrated to take into account the differences between the scales that OBP and SLG are calculated on) would be second on the Yankees after Granderson. And I believe that’s not even taking into account ballpark factors, considering Beltran’s home games this year have been in two notoriously bad hitters park. Not too bad for a guy that can’t hit or run anymore.

  19. Comparison:

    Mike Piazza: 1 ROY (1993), 12 AS, 10 SS, .308/.377/.545,

    Carlos Beltran: 1 ROY (1999), 6 AS, 2 SS, .282/.360/.494,

  20. Johnny Bench was a better catcher. Piazza was a joke defensively at catcher. Terrible on blocking balls in the dirt and a noodle arm for throwing out players.

    When you draw up a list of the best all around players to play the game, many of them are center fielders. Mantle, Mays, DiMaggio, Griffey. You put your best all around outfielder in CF.

    Piazza played in a WS because he played on teams with better pitching. Beltran should have played in at least 1, but it wasn’t his fault that the Mets relied on a rotation of chickenwire and scotch tape to get through the playoffs or that the likes of Jeff Weaver and Jeff Suppan became Maddux/Glavine/Smoltz circa 1995.

  21. Who cares where he would have factored on the Yankees, CT? Granderson wasn’t involved in this discussion and if you want to make any ridiculous argument Granderson is having a completely unbelievable season and has a shot (albeit a long shot) at joining the 40-40 club while leading the MAJORS in R, RBI, HR, 3B.

    If you care about OPS then you might care that Mike Piazza LED THE LEAGUE in OPS+ in 1995 and 1997. I guess if Beltran had broken in a few years earlier he might have led? Interestingly enough it’s much higher than any OPS Beltran ever had.

  22. And do you think the Beltran is in the top 50 best CF of all time? I doubt he makes that list.

  23. Beltran’s best bet was probably the Astros – that was a good team you know…..but they lost.

  24. Ok – when is the last time Beltran played a single game in CF?

    Defense? Defense is not just blocking balls and throwing out runners for a Catcher. There is also the whole problem of calling the game. I will amend to say that Piazza is one of the best offensive catchers to ever play the game.

    And – if you project to the end of Beltran’s career, Piazza will have played more games at his position (which is much more physically taxing) than Beltran.

  25. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    (horrified that my guest post has morphed into a baseball discussion…about the Mets no less)

  26. Manny,

    I’ll give you that Piazza was a better hitter. But his defense was poor and that has to count against him as well.

    As for the Granderson comparison, this was to point out that despite Beltran’s decline due to injuries, he’s put together a fine season that would rank very highly on one of the best offenses in the league that consists of a front runner in the league MVP vote.

  27. Frontrunner? He was 4th in MVP voting in 98 and 12th in 2004. Other than that he hasn’t cracked the top 20. Between 1993 and 2001 Piazza was in the top 15 and often the top 10.

    (you see that I clearly don’t like Beltran)

    Beltran quit playing his position at 32. Piazza was catching at 37.

  28. Manny,

    The main discussion was on who had the better Mets career. Yes, Beltran moved to RF because it was where he should be playing this year. Unlike Piazza who refused to move from behind the plate when it was clear that his days of even playing mediocre catcher were behind him.

    They both rank up as being two of the best players for the team, admittingly that standard for the Mets is much lower than teams like the Yankees and Red Sox, but I don’t think in any way was Piazza under appreciated by Mets fans, which was bull dog’s original comment.

  29. Yea Granderson’s year is completely insane. Especially when you consider that he was hitting .202 lifetime against Lefties before joining the Yankees. I don’t know what to think of that. What an unbelievable improvement. Also, he’s such a good guy so it’s nice to see. He will probably lose the MVP to A. Gonz or Joey Bats (stupid nickname) and I will freak out and then forget by next season.

    Yea Beltran is really good and I wish he had a longer career as an elite player because it really would have been fun to watch. Before that horrific face to face collision he had he was one heck of a defensive CF.

  30. Granderson’s 2011 is basically Beltran’s 2006.

    Beltran had 5 straight positive defensive WAR years after 2005.

  31. Nice, @CCCP@ ! I thought you might miss the Billy Madison and think I actually hated you.

    “Did you fall asleep? Or did you pass out?”

  32. Noah

    thanks for the post! i enjoyed watching those old Rangers clips. Those videos made me think of one program on VH1 “Where are they now” lol

    Next guest blogger should make a post about all the bad plays Drury made that ended up in our net. I bet we’ll have a lot more to talk about.

  33. Or it could be like pop up video with one continues bubble popping up that mentions the LLWS.

  34. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    One thing I did learn when researching for this post…Drury had a lot of great moments against the Devils.

    If nothing else, that is what can be his silver lining on a tenure that brought up images of the clouds that are currently hovering over the tri-state area.

  35. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    Have you left for the game yet?


    Salty discharge?

    Who the hell are these pizza and bellrung guys?

    Nice write up, thanks

    See, all dubi does is inflate his stats with EN goals


  36. That’s right Wicky. Heavy salty discharge (the original line is a Seinfeld reference of course in honor of Noah’s trivia team).

  37. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    Thanks for that Manny!

    I peppered Carp with some of the harder questions from the contest and he more than held his own.

  38. Good call Latona! This blog should go 100% Seinfeld in the off-season.

    I am getting a feeling though that this might be another plot by you to put yourself in charge of something……..Mutiny?

  39. With Irene closing in on us….I am reminded of the SNL Character played by Tim Meadows and known as: “John-John Mackey Storm Tracker Accu-Cast “

  40. Hey, hey, don’t go there, Manisha. I repeatedly said that I didn’t need to be in charge of lunch. I believe you pushed the issue.

  41. That’s right Latona….you’re onto me!

    “He wants to install Kramer in a puppet regime and then wield power from behind the scenes. Preferably from the sauna in the clubhouse.”

    Picking favorite Characters is almost impossible. George is amazing but you are supposed to dislike him. Kramer is an enigma. Elaine is INCREDIBLE and probably makes the show, but Jerry’s parents are so good.

  42. billybleedsblue on

    Enough with the Seinfeld already! We get it. It was a good TV show. It was no All In the Family. It was no Carol Burnett. It was no Cheers, or Monty Python’s Flying Circus, or any number of other good TV shows. Enough already, get over it!

    Noah, nice job on the write-up.

  43. Here’s to those who wish us well… and those who don’t…

    I can finish the sentence at any time, billy. Just be warned.

  44. bull dog, I wouldn’t put Eli Manning in the same sentence as Piazza, Drury, or Ewing. Eli won a championship in NY and made one of the best plays in the history of championship football and of course in Super Bowl history. And, it was probably the most clutch performance in recent NY sports history. Eli is a proven winner.

    Eli has a ring. He is a Super Bowl MVP. You can never take that away from him. People that refuse to acknowledge his status as a world champion are foolish.

    Ewing, Drury, Piazza….good players…zero championships in NY.

  45. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    I’m torn between all of the main characters, elaine is basically my sister and the guys are all great in their own way, but puddy…i mean c mon, he is awesome!

  46. While we’re speaking of Chris Drury (among other things), did we ever find out who was posting as “Captain Clutch” on this blog awhile back? I believe Carp said he knew who it was but wouldn’t tell us. Now that Drury is gone, it would be nice to know. They were some funny posts!

  47. Drifting over to baseball for a bit….Inn my opinion ( and that can be taken for what is is, just that), I find the Mets as an organization have terrible leadership, on and off the field. This Nick Evans struck my eye several years ago when he was brought up and did a reasonably good job in left field when called upon ( very spasmodically), and i always thought that they would find a spot for hi, but they’ve kept dangling him in their minor leagues for years now. Yet they keep bringing Jason Bay and his ethereal statistics, and he is the formal out man on this team. Good glove, but no offense at all. And does anyone really believe that the Mastodon in right field is a right fielder? We shall see.

  48. EddieJ

    even though i might have an idea of who was posting as Captain Clutch and as Sather, some things are meant to stay unknown. Let it be that way in this case :)

  49. CCCP-
    Yeah, I guess you’re right. I’ll probably miss the Captain Clutch posts more than I’ll miss Drury.

  50. Captain Clutch is still more than welcome to stop by in his Clutchmobile with the new clutch. Any time.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  51. Not yet, Carp…Even though I just came from a meeting with the hospital administration about it…

  52. I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

    That is what Irene is until she hits. A ghost!

    Actually I am kind of worried…bits of my ceiling fall down in a small rainstorm. I can’t imagine what is about to befall me this weekend.

  53. I’ve been bringing in patio furniture and potted plants from the yard. Stocking up on supplies and such as well. I need to fill up the car.

  54. I am a horrendous swimmer, ilb. I will have to crash your dinner tomorrow night and beg you to save me!

  55. About eating diamonds or $10K? I’m sure Brodeur has eaten the equivalent of $10K before.

  56. Good afternoon all! Noah, nice job. I’m tempted to make a crack about their only be 8 great hits, but I won’t :) I do feel for the guy.

    That said, I am totally confused. A map of the world isn’t big enough to hold all the directions you guys are going in today!

    Should I be taking things off my terrace? Is Irene supposed to be a beeatch here and I’m just stupidly unaware?

  57. The way this one is predicated to arrive is almost a carbon copy of
    Hurricane Carol 1955, that hit straight across LI and then up the Housatonic Valley in CT, and was a disaster up there. It wiped out all of y customers in the Valley from Milford/West Haven up past waterbury and middlebury. The dam let loose tons of water up near the Mass border and this so flooded the valley towns ( Seymour especially which had the flood open up the graves and left coffins and some remains floating down the over saturated river. Whole truck trailers floating down river and getting jammed up at the bridges, and just an entire horrible mess. The company I worked for out of Mass pulled up stakes and I was without a job.

  58. Irene is REALLY starting to tick me off! My sincere hope is that everyone prepares, and nothing bad happens anyway. Sigh. Guess I’m off to the store at some point soon.

  59. bull dog line on

    I think you proved my point on Piazza with your comments on him. I agree with you on Beltran. undervalued by Met fans.
    my point on Eli was that Giant fans do not realize what they have in Eli. they constantly bash him, much like they did Simms in the day.
    Drury deserved more respect from Ranger fans than he got. overpaid, yes, but he never took a shift off. the rest of the NHL fans thought well of Drury. Ranger fans did not.

  60. I just heard that Irene will be the worst Hurricane in the Northeast since 1828!? What is going on?

  61. It’s starting to sound like a real deal, folks…Anyone who lives in coastal area, or anyone who may need to leave your house and doesn’t have any place to stay, let me know. Don’t go to shelters, mrs and I will be happy to accommodate.

  62. bull dog,
    Yeah. The Eli bashing was even worse before Super Bowl XLII. Giants fans have short memories. I remember people wishing the G-men had Rivers or Rothlisberger over Eli…

    Drury was overpaid and didn’t work out in NY. Rangers fans are hard to please, anyway. He was certainly a great NHL’er in his day but he was not a great Ranger. He gave his all but it wasn’t enough for Rangers fans… Not his fault…

    I like what Noah said about Dru and I agree. Although, I was caught off guard on his retirement. I think he definitely has more left in the tank of the Clutchmobile… And, his “flair for the dramatic” was certainly no where to be found in his retirement announcement through the NHLPA.

  63. bull dog,

    Still not sure what you mean about Piazza. Outside of the guys from 69 and 86, he’s probably the most reverred Mets player. Maybe on the NY sports scene as a whole he gets a little lost in the shuffle because he was never on a WS winning team, but I think he had a good enough individual career where he gets a free pass for the lack of championships.

  64. ilb, I don’t need shelter, but am happy to come over anyway! But, um, don’t you live on an island!!!

  65. In other words, if the water gets near my house, the rest of NY is swimming with fishes :-)

  66. LOL ilb! Anyway, as much as Id love to bunk on the hill and eat and drink you out of house and home, I couldn’t leave my girls :) And I have work to do…yay! Money! I’ll give Irene this, she’s given me motivation to get work done instead of plotzting by pool :)

  67. bull dog line on

    Piazza was a superstar who came to the Mets and actually produced. but most Met fans would rather talk about his supposed shortcomings catching, than the fact that Piazza produced for the Mets. he was criticized for wanting to break the record for home runs by a catcher, instead of moving to first base. most baseball cities would having a countdown to the record. New York claimed him selfish.

  68. Piazza was a GREAT Catcher. One of the best. No one can take his hall of fame induction away from him.

    Mama- Don’t take the bait!

  69. Despite the fact, that I’m living on the top of highest hill in Forest Hills, if I should choose, between hurricane Irene (btw, my daughter’s in law name) with 150 mph wind and 250 SCUD missiles and mortar shells attacks, I would rather choose a quiet middle Siberian village with a small pond, covered by smooth ice 8 month a year and little wooden log cabin on it bank with sauna, NHL cable and yearly stockpile of “Sam Adams”.

  70. LMAO 4ever!!!

    Manny, no worries. I’m staying home. With no flashlight! Take that Irene!

  71. bull dog,

    Again, I think Piazza’s accomplishments and related accolades get diluted because he wasn’t on a championship team. I’d be willing to argue that his HR chase would have been fine if they had won in 99 or 2000 and he could chase an individual record to his heart’s content and have that be the highlight of the back-end of his career. But success in NY, particularly when it comes to baseball in measured in championship rings. Is it fair? Probably not, but that’s why you get situations where Adam Graves gets his number retired *before* Bathgate.

  72. 4ever, you have serious time on your hands, eh? Those kids are brilliant, but there is something so wrong with that! Same carcillo happens here….

    Please, Piazza me free!!!

  73. Mama

    Believe me …….you always recall the details of the one that put you out of business.

  74. bull dog line

    the rest of the NHL fans thought well of Drury. Ranger fans did not.


    let’s ask Calagary fans what they think of Dru :)

  75. Freddy Hamptons on

    You have got to be kidding??? A Chris Drury tribute….. Hey Carp, when can I do my Bobby Holik tribute or even a Wade Redden tribute….. This guy was an absolute BUST!!! Let’s get some real Rangers blogs up becuase this one is an absolute joke…. 7 million dollars for what?? Next??

  76. Freddy Hamptons on

    Seinfeld was better then All in the Family, Carol Burnett Show and anything Monty Python ever did……… You can’t be serious…. And now everyone is talking about the Mets… I am a Mets fan but come on guys… this chat sucks!! Drop the puck already!!!!!

  77. JimboWoodside on

    I’m on fairly high ground in Woodside, so no flooding is likely here, but I’ve got big trees in my back yard, and my roof isn’t in the greatest shape – I’d hate to have Irene tugging at it and trying to rip it off my house.

    I hope Irene goes right over the Nassau Mausoleum and puts it out of usable condition for hockey this coming season….

  78. a wicky….My hope is that Irene turns into a big nothing, a wet pain in the aasen storm, but with no real meaning… the Hamptons…..

  79. Freddy Hamptons on

    Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………………….. so sorry I offended all the Drury fans. Get a life and come see the Hamptons… It’s one of the most beautiful place on all of Long Island!! End of story…

  80. Freddy- any flooding in Hamptons yet? I think the answer is yes ’cause I can smell the sewer…

  81. JimboWoodside on

    Mama, I bet our friend who doesn’t post here anymore is hoping that Irene decimated Boston! ;-)

  82. Freddy Hamptons on

    No flooding here…. Get out of Mom and Dad’s basement and check it out… Like I said it’s the best part of LI.. I thought we are allowed to voice our opinion on our former Capt Clutch here… There are plenty of fans that thought Drury sucked and I am one of them… It’s ok to not like a player right? No big deal… Just can’t wait for the season… I don’t think I said anything out of line did I??

  83. LOL! I just read that the owner of the Carolina Panthers told their first overall pick QB to “not get any tattoos or piercings”

    I like that. That should be mandatory. So many athletes have such moronic tattoos covering their bodies, especially NBA players.

    By the way, go Seinfeld, Friends, and Married With Children! Those are +real+ sitcoms!

  84. Hmmm, Freddy Hamptons, what a pathetic, pretentious name for Hampton’s social plankton. Do you think you’re Tommy Bahama? …and you’re not a fan either, the closest you come to fan is when time to time you hit it.

  85. Freddy Hamptons on

    That was a great one 4ever…………… what a tool… been watching Rangers hockey for 30 years plus… you were probably in diapers for the 94 cup… dont judge me.. u know nothing about me… my name is Freddy and I live in the Hamptons…. stop being a stereotypical douche!!

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