Stood up


Well, my guest blogger today was a no-show. Kind of like Chris Higgins.

Not a big deal, and I’m really not mad. And if he/she shows up with a post, I’ll put it up as soon as possible. Or hold it for another day.

Until then, talk amongst yourselves.

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  1. Good morning, boneheads!
    Sorry they stood you up, Carp! Things come up sometimes, I guess.

  2. A Higgins-type guest post would actually mean he/she did send it, but it ended up at the LA Times or Budapest Morning News or something.

  3. On a real hockey news front, Kevin Weekes announced last night ( via twitter )that he had the BEST Rigatoni in his life @ family run place….

  4. Kevin Weeks has no class. Who eats someone else’s Rigatoni? That is just classless. And….it apparently was the best he had ever had. This guy!

  5. Especially Carp’s rigatoni….Bet you Carp knows a thing or two about rigatoni :-)
    Latona should deduct lunch points from Weekes today.

  6. That’s a cardinal sin when you’re dealing with Italians…You wait and see- Weekes is going to disappear from the widget…everyone’s gonna be like “where’s Weekes?” and Carp will simply say “Oh Weekes. You won’t see him no more”

  7. So all kidding and hatred aside how bad would it be for the NHL if Crosby can’t play because of his concussion issues? A concussion that stemmed from a hit at the winter classic no less.

  8. James G – It would be no worse than the NHL losing Lindros prematurely. Sure, it’s money lost. But there will always be another one to take his place. It’s not like there’s a finite number of elite talents that are born. Sid is certainly something special and I’ve seen first-hand how the youth take to a superstar like him. But if he does retire(which he certainly won’t), the only serious blow will be to Pittsburgh, which will descend back into the ether of being a worthless garbage franchise looking to bottom out to get their next big marketing tool.

    On another unrelated note, is anyone else curious why Jess Rubenstein always refers to himself as “we” on The guy posts some good points here and there, but I’m always kind of creeped out by the editorial ‘we’ so to speak, when we all know it’s one guy. Maybe I’m nitpicking here…

  9. DerekStepan21 “@RMcDonagh27: Miss NYC but don’t miss the traffic one bit eh @DerekStepan21” #plummy


    what traffic, buddy? there’s no one on the road! everyone is on vacation! The kid thinks he’s in LA or something.

  10. wicky

    i knew about the draft but that does not mean i remembered about it! and pretty good ain’t good enough!

    FIRE WICKY! ;)

  11. Good morning heads. Was out of the loop the past few days. Just wanted to say congrats to Wicky!

  12. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    Thanks for the well wishes all! Mrs wicky and I appreciate it.

    I sent you an email over the weekend…you can’t fire me I have a NMC!!

    I bet that little Italian kid that plays for the rangers knows a thing or two about rigatoni!

  13. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    I would actually like to see the the peggers make the playoffs this season (not at the rangers expense obviously). I do like the logo!!

  14. Retirements of Paul Kariya and Dave Scatchard send clear message to NHL about concussions

    “Even today I have trouble pushing my kids on a swing set,” said Scatchard from his home in Phoenix. “Just the motion makes me really nauseous. Wrestling around with them on the ground, I can only do it for a minute or two and then I just feel sick. Any rolling motions or spinning motions just completely send me for a loop.”

  15. I would have volunteered to guest blog, but I didn’t think anyone would want to read a rant about abolishing fighting in the NHL…

    Anyway, I am following @7BOOMERESIASON on twitter. He is a big fan of the NYR. Maybe you can direct him to the RR…

  16. Is there a connection between Kevin Weekes’ apparent tendency to eat other people’s pasta and the fact that he only played 25 games as a backup for the Devils?

  17. ORR

    let me ask you. with all these sweets you constantly put into your body do you gain weight. all i hear you say is how much dessert you eat at night

  18. ORR is young! right now all that dessert goes straight through him! give it few more years and he’ll find that dessert sticking outta his belly! lol

  19. Is there Ranger action being televised somewhere today? Thought I heard something like that. If so, what are the particulars..Where when what Channel.
    I don’t want to sound giddy, but I’d really like to see what;s up.

  20. cw! Got Pruster talking Boneheads gibberish! –>

    BrandonPrust8 Gotta know the way to my heart rt @johnpgatta : @cwgatti a Bonehead gets a RT from @BrandonPrust8 w/ Seinfeld reference. Almost a hat trick!

  21. » BrandonPrust8 Brandon Prust
    take off ur timbers everyone knws ur only 5’7! rt @cwgatti look Zuch everybody knows that you’re heightening! Old Seinfeld never grows old.

  22. Manny

    i know right! the twitter crap! sometime (most of the time) i totally don’t know how the fork to read that thing… twitter is stupid.

  23. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on


    That’s an interesting question, I personally like Jess and agree that he posts some good stuff there but I never noticed the we thing. Im sorry Orr, I know you are not a fan!

  24. Twitter is great!!! If Ranger Report limited responses to 140 characters, you would read every post with interest. Twitter keeps it to the point. Of course the downside is you may get an NHL player tweeting you for directions to bars…

  25. CCCP – “i totally don’t know how the fork to read that thing… ” LOL How many people you think know how to read what goes on here – see Russian Coat Check, etc.

  26. Wait…really? I just thought I was going crazy because I felt my chair wiggle….Maybe I am crazy?

  27. MY APARTMENT SHOOK LIKE CRAZY!!!! AND IT WAS MOVING SIDE TO SIDE!!! This was pretty freaking scary!!! my neighbors ran outside screaming as if the building was coming down!

  28. I’ll let you take the Broduer reference in December, if we still have the time to type!

    I thought the Quake was pretty fun. As long as it doesn’t break my PS3. I haven’t touched that thing in almost a year! I need it in top shape for September 13th!

  29. “That was no earthquake, that was Mmmaaarrrttty falling out of his sister-in-law’s bed.”

    I pulled that off of twitter!!!

  30. Yes, Manny, a Prust-induced earthquake. Maybe all earthquakes are caused by Prust. That would make sense, considering it’s called the Richter scale and all. That also means that Prust had past lives. That Buddhist.

  31. NYR_FAN August 23rd, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    Wow! Shake and Bake!!



  32. Oh, I forgot to respond to you question from earlier, Eric. I eat a lot of stuff like that, but don’t really gain weight.

    I go back and forth from 135 to 140. But, I just gained a whopping five lbs of muscle! Yeah baby! Woooo! Now I go from 140 to 145. I need more muscle, and more ice cream!

    It runs in the family. Some things I don’t have to worry aboot are gaining a ton of weight, and balding. Two things I do have to worry aboot are diabetes and glaucoma.

  33. 145!? How tall are you, ORR?? I used to be 6’0″ 140 but then I finally gained some weight. Now at the ripe old age of “26” I am hoping to not gain anymore!

  34. eddie eddie eddie on

    otay my bruthas and sistas….i need to go…but i be back on the flip side….

  35. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – my home life is peaches and cream…..its all good in my hood….and you?

  36. Things are good except for the Earthquake that nearly killed me. Actually it just made me think I was going crazy or having the greatest anxiety attack of my life.

  37. eddie eddie eddie on

    the mutha of all quakes was 10/17/89…..the earth was rolling like an ocean wave out here…that was seriously scary

  38. Wow! You’re so lucky!

    21 was a good time for me. I ate Taco Bell before lunch and after dinner and I never, ever gained weight. No matter how much full calorie beer I consumed. Now that I am “26” that all changed and now I can gain weight if I try…

  39. eddie eddie eddie on

    you guys would never set foot inside a taco bell if you lived out here…we get the real deal

  40. I never really tried to figure either way, LW, but I would probably see him being bigger.

  41. Manny

    i am not!

    As per Ranger Greats on facebook: “The rumbling you just felt was the rest of the Eastern Conference quaking in their boots at the new and improved New York Rangers.”

  42. Great. earthquake today. hurricane going to clobber the Northeast Saturday-Monday. End of the freakin’ world is coming. But, of course, they’ll tell you that global warming is a left-wing conspiracy. The idiots.

  43. Carp, I’m sure it’s Sather’s fault :) Did someone say that already? I’m just catching up….I felt it! For 2 seconds! Thought it was my aasen on the deck chair….Thank heavens it wasn’t me! Went for a swim after….

  44. Latona, at 2:33….LMAO! On the FB Rangers site they are blaming (bad) Marty for all sorts of things :)

  45. Oh lord Manny, you’ve been to CM haven’t you? :)

    OK, just catching up on all posts. Some make me LOL, some not :) LGR!

  46. C3 at 1:36, the word is hartnell, not fork. Oy vey! Am I being a wickster and talking to myself?

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Given the choice between left wing conspiracies and right wing wing-nuts…… I say lean left….

  48. bull dog line on

    I would prefer to just discuss hockey here. I do not want to know what everybody thinks politically.

  49. I remember a little hurricane here in NY back when I was a kid. Never seen weather like it till this day. The sky was black, and it was early. I remember it was the day that Mark Mcguire, the steroid guy, hit some milestone homerun.

    Friggin tree crushed the house across from me!

    It was a half assed hurricane, but a hurricane none the less. It was kind of like the Canes in game 82 of last season. Very half assed.

  50. bull dog line on

    the only place Avery could be 1st line left wing, or captain, would be in Hartford. as far as the other 2 go, he could not be any worse. although, i suspect Avery is not catholic.

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    On the west coast, earthquakes are usually preceded by an eerie stillness…. A tremendous calm… No birds flying/singing… You don’t see cars and dogs running around…. The earth’s crust is much newer and broken up compared to the old crust back east… Which is why the 5.8 was felt so far away (Toronto)… On the west coast a 5.8 barely raises an eyebrow and isnt felt all that far away….

    Avery for first line LW !!!!!

  52. been a looong day and i wasn’t around to post this
    but that was your very own
    responding to Prust and
    via twitter
    and then
    happily received a response from the “It’s Only Pain” man himself.

    BrandonPrust8 Brandon Prust
    Gotta know the way to my heart rt @johnpgatta : @cwgatti a Bonehead gets a RT from @BrandonPrust8 w/ Seinfeld reference. Almost a hat trick!

    i’m guessing cw didn’t recognize me.

    a proud Bonehead moment for me!!

  53. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    thanks eddie x3 and jpg.

    was that you hitting the big red button on the wall??

    Any of you believing the world will end in 2012, please feel free to leave me all of your money and your cars, guns, electronics, snowboards, etc… (any thing of value)

  54. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Congrats Wicky on the new baby wicky entering your world! May it be that “crease clearing harding hit d-man “you so want for the Rangers! Of course it will be a few years before he’s drafted by the Rangers & plays for them ,but i’m sure he’ll say “everything is thanks to my Dad” on draft day as you sit there with Mrs.wicky beaming with pride

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