TMZ: Avery’s off the hook in L.A.


According to TMZ, which first broke the Sean Avery story, the Rangers’ winger has been cleared, and that no battery against a police officer actually occurred.

Here’s the story.


Here’s one story, from TSN, on the NHL’s research camp and the potential rules changes being eyeballed … though it’s possible none will actually find its way into the league rulebook this year, and possibly ever.

Here’s another story from

And here’s one more from USA Today.

Also, as I suggested the other day in the wake of the Rick Rypien tragedy, the league is looking at its behavioral program.

There’s a silly new poll right over there ——>

There. Now we did some hockey talk. Back to the usual gibberish.

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  1. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    The NHL is desperately trying to revive a game that has changed due to better player skills and bad refereeing and rule changes.. get rid of carbon sticks, bring back wood get better refs and make the calls..and reduce oversized goalie equipment which in my opinion hasn’t been enforced. Otherwise keep killing the game and make it unbearable to watch.

  2. Good morning, all. August is great. It’s as close to the start of training camp as you can get.

  3. That’s right Marji. Just one more month to go for training camp! I can’t wait for the season to start.
    Good morning heads!

  4. Aves won’t face charges. He’ll be on the first line with B Rich and Gabby. :-D

    Oh, happy day for Mama!

  5. Money talk$….

    Professional athletes routinely get away with things like this….

    Guys like Avery also get away with these types of things…

  6. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    When I close my eyes and spin really fast in a circle I start to get dizzy even if I keep my eyes closed. Is this normal? Or am I different?l

  7. eddie eddie eddie on

    …maybe i shouldn’t eat so much paste…and switch to crayons…certainly fewer calories with crayons…

  8. I was a huge supporter of Sean Avery. It’s good to hear that he is out of trouble. But, as Dave Maloney said,”Sean Avery has a very short shelf life…” I think it has expired. I can’t see them getting rid of him right away, but I DO see Torts literally castrating him by rendering him useless and making a complete mockery out of him.

    Like I said, I liked Sean Avery. He was the NYR’s alter ego. A bunch of softies and a guy who had balls. But his shelf life is over.

    Too bad.

  9. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    Are you still in court??

    You should do a troll poll, and the winner gets mulched the fastest when they show up!!!

  10. eddie eddie eddie on


    and so i am telling you, this time you’d better stop for i have got…another girl…another girl who will love till the end, thru thick and thin, she will always be my friend

  11. eddie eddie eddie on

    we said our goodbyes, the night before, love was in your eyes, the night before, now today i find, you would change your mind, treat me like you did the night before, were you telling lies, the night before…was i so unwise the night before, when i held you near, you were so sincere….last night is the night i will remember you by, when i think of things we did, it makes me want to cry…..

  12. eddie eddie eddie on

    Charley: I see some real genius in your flying maverick, but i cant say that in there…i dont want them to see that i have fallen for you….


  13. hopefully, whatever plane you’re talking about, nobody decides to take a leak in the cabin. for some reason, that’s become all the rage lately.

  14. eddie eddie eddie on

    goose – i know its not easy for you being Duke mitchell’s kid…but i got to tell you mav…i cant blow this…

  15. eddie eddie eddie on

    marj – you can be charlie…….and you can say “while it it did work, i think we should all see this as an example of what not to do”

  16. while it did work, i think we should all see this as an example of what not to do.

    hey, that even makes sense!

  17. She is a civilian so you do not salute her. But you better listen to her because the Pentagon listens to her.

  18. eddie eddie eddie on

    well…i am off to profess to young eager minds…i be seein youse on the flip side….

  19. Hi CCCP, haha, you see Im not that in tune to summer, and CANNOT WAIT until hockey is buzzing again! 1 month and 3 days until the RANGERS are here, in Albany! Not that I’m counting.
    Just sayin that if Fran had his own blog, I would certainly read it!

    I miss IT’S GO TIME!!!!!
    counting down to Training Camp!

  20. Whatever that is, Carp, it qualifies for g(j)ibberish at it’s best. I just can’t believe they sucked Marji into it. :-)

  21. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you have enjoyed your lunch hour production of Top Gun brought to you by Bonehead Theatre!!!

  22. cw – the only one who is going to push Avery out of the lineup is Avery himself. If he plays like we all know he can, deep-sixes the detrimental penalties and gives 110 percent, he’ll be in the lineup. I’ve got a lot to complain about when it comes to Tortorella, but his treatment of Avery simply isn’t one of my beefs.

    Look, I like Avery a lot. I think he’s got a lot to offer the Rangers. But for a guy who is getting paid $4 million(basically the same as Captain Callahan and his assistant, Dubinsky), he simply doesn’t bring the goods to the table. The 24 points he scored last year are just not enough to justify his salary(even though the Stars are paying half) or getting a promotion to first line.

  23. LOL, ilb. I fell right into the trap. I didn’t feel a thing.

    I have a question. Does anyone use pandora radio? yea or nay?

  24. Yes, I do like it. I used to have Slacker radio, which has similar idea- you create your own stations. I dumped them because they stopped producing and supporting their own listening device with memory that you could take with you on the go. Pandora has a much better music selection. It’s compatible with most of smartphones, iPad etc. It also is compatible with Sonos system, Slacker isn’t. It is free, but with free subscription you will deal with ads and limited amount of skips per day. The yearly subscription isn’t that expensive. But I found their service, including the Internet connection while driving, very good.

  25. thanks for the info, ilb. i would be using it on my laptop while i’m working. (shhhhh, don’t tell.)

  26. Nice of MDZ to have his first car (allegedly) be an Audi S5.

    Haha: “Nothing but 10s everywhere you go in NYC. Wonderful place to be living.” – MDZ

  27. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Hilarious, poor Staal

    After hearing Matt Bradley’s comments about Alexander Semin, I wonder if Semin is planning another drum solo?…
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    Retweeted by SpectorsHockey

  28. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Why was my name blank and I had to re-enter it ?
    Why do I use such a long name ?
    Why did Avery get charged if the cop just trip and stumbled and Avery never shoved him?
    Why are we getting our hockey news from TMZ ?
    Why do my drives slice right when I swing hard ? (yet they go straight and short when I swing average speed)
    When does training camp start?
    Will any young and up and coming players surprise us and make the team ? (Hagelin, Thomas, Bourque, etc)
    Inquiring minds need to know

  29. wicky, when we finally meet, I’m going to have so many newspapers for you, the FAA is going to think I’m a paper smuggler and pull me aside. When I tell them why I have so many papers, the officer will say, ‘I understand mama. May I show you the way and help you?”

  30. he was framed for bring him! No crime, no charge, no foul! C3, never thought I’d say this, but you were right!

  31. eddie eddie eddie on

    marji – is the best source of streaming internet radio…any genre…commercial free….and it is FREE….

  32. You could have easily doctored that quote. Like:

    CCCP February 22nd, 1980 at 9:09 pm

    The Americans beating us is a great moment in hockey history.

  33. eddie eddie eddie on

    Looks like the USA will no longer have a need to fund a military or have anything to do with national defense evermore. THE PRUST will have a second job which will be to serve and protect the US and its allies…..When asked if this was even possible, THE PRUST looked at the reporter and the reporter spontaneously combusted……

    Than god, we have THE PRUST on our side……”hello, what is your name?”, “my name is PRUST, THE PRUST”

  34. I’m waiting for a mama/wicky!


    You are a riot. Everyone else is, too. But especially you.

  35. This has got to be the zaniest blog I’ve ever seen.
    Half the time I don’t have a clue as to what y’all are talking about and this is only topped by someone with a death wish trying to eat a barrel full of twinkies in the shortest period of time.

    How many of you really and truly understand what is going on, or do you just pretend to know.?

  36. Fran, no worries. Nobody understands much either. And we don’t even pretend to. We tend to just stay with the flow. It’s called Boneheads’ G(J)ibberish. Some of us know how to take it to a different level. Try to participate, it’s fun. Just start with someone with low-intermediate level of g(j)ibberish. I think eddie3 represents the highest level of it, he is our master:-)

  37. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    OneCup – We agree as regards “get better refs.” Two ways to do this are, 1. contract the number of franchises in the league and don’t be afraid to axe the worst refs, regardless of seniority. And, 2. Revert to ONE referee running the game. This will vastly reduce the number of incompentent refs now holding jobs, plus reduce the glut of “tacky” penalties which result from an undeclared competition between the two referees in each game, to be more noticed, and in control. Implementing the two-referee system ranks as one of the worstand most useless changes in league history – therefore it CANNOT and will not be rectified, is my guess.

  38. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Eddie – You point re “The Prust” is well taken, but when, in the interest of national security, does “The Horace” stand up for America?

  39. hey guys. i found an old recording on my dvr from msg and i think I see Carp. you guys mind if I snap a picture, figure out how to get it online, and tell me what Rangers reporter it is?

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Boom boom – that is extremely valid….if there ever was a day, that THE PRUST, needed some R & R, The Horace would have our backs… he might ground into a DP, but we would sleep at night…

  41. Hmm, in a duel of words, Carp is undisputed winner, however, if it grows to the fistfight as a result, in a 3rd period…I don’t know, maybe I would call Orr (Colton that is) for help, other than playing golf with.

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