Rick Rypien: Another red flag? (updated)


I have no idea what happened in the sad Rick Rypien story, and I’m not going to speculate.

But facts are facts, and one fact is that more than a few NHL players — especially tough guys — have had issues and demons and baggage, and bouts with depression, with alcohol or drugs.

And I hope that the deaths of Derek Boogaard, 28, and Rick Rypien, 27, this summer will get NHL owners to take this very seriously, get the NHL’s behavioral and substance abuse folks to be more aware of the signs. I’m not suggesting that they don’t, or that they are responsible or that they were negligent in any way. Certainly not. I just hope that these incidents mean that the league and its teams can do more for troubled players.

I hope that coaches and GMs don’t simply cut or trade or demote a guy with these personal/mental issues, and instead, across the board, try to step in and help these young men. (Sadly, I have heard of situations where a player had a substance abuse problem and was simply traded away … let the other team deal with him … for God’s sake!).

Facts: Rypien was suspended by the league for six games last fall for a physical confrontation with a fan in Minnesota. Rypien then took a leave of absense to deal with personal issues which reportedly included depression. Rypien signed with Winnipeg this summer. Rypien was found dead yesterday, and reports say that it was a suicide.

Just so terribly sad. Maybe — probably — unavoidable. You just hope that the NHL and its teams do all they can to be aware, to have a keener eye for the signals, and to help players who have problems down the road.


There was a story in a very recent issue of Sports Illustrated on the demons some athletes face, and on the rash of suicides among pro athletes. You can read it here.


AP photo, above.

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  1. Oh, no…. Just found out. Terrible news. I also hope that the league doesn’t show any “knee-jerk” reaction, Carp…

    Good morning, boneheads!

  2. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    very sad. never easy to hear about news like this.

    I’m certain that the allowance of fighting in the NHL has caused the substance abuse, the depression and the loss of life. I bet they played video games. Personally, I blame dan Marino… LACES OUT!

  3. I guess two deaths in one off-season will make the NHL have to do something. Especially since Sid-the-Kid is still experiencing post-concussion issues.

  4. You know – this is a bad omen that the first big news the Winnipeg Jets make is the death of a Centre.

  5. Good morning all! That is just terrible news. Two young guys in one summer!?

    Latona, no matter what wicky tells you, they are called wickys, not laurels.

  6. Crosby’s concussion wont lead to depression. If he isn’t depressed over having lips that could satisfy all four heads on Mount Rushmore, then having a concussion sure as hell wont depress him.

    Winnipeg Kevorkians!

  7. Lunch time at camp…

    Oh, so it’s my fault Carp?
    I’m going to Israel on the 8th, forget a broad.
    Any more details on his death?

  8. Good article, Carp. The tendency is to immediately assume that physically strong elite athletes are immune to mental illnesses. I don’t have anything to support it, but wouldn’t be surprised if the rate of mental issues is higher amongst them comparing to general population. They are under tremendous mental stress, injuries, multiple surgeries sometimes….Not to mention their careers are generally short lived, by mid to upper thirties they are done and many of them don’t have any other skills to continue with their lives. I’m sure it’s been almost prohibitive in sport’s community to admit to having a mental illness. That should be the first step, looks like it’s already being made though.

  9. RIP Rypien….sad, sad news….

    I hate when hockey gets bad press…this is such a tragic situation and I feel for his family….

    Happy 26th, jpg!

    Crosby still isn’t ready? WTB is going on with him? Man up, bro….

  10. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    Morning vacation boy and all!!

    Car? Bike?? I thought Carp was still on horseback! (I kid sir, please don’t mulch me)!

    I agree about a knee jerk, pretty ridiculous. Sad about rypien. I hope the NHL does absolutely nothing to the game on the ice, but I certainly hope they change their evaluations and monitoring of their substance abuse and medical programs.

    Sadly, I also think if Sid misses a season or more due to a concussion, it will have more of an influence on the NHL and head shots/concussions than the deaths!

    how goes it?

    watch yourself, I told you she would try to “strong arm” you on this!!

  11. “Crosby still isn’t ready? WTB is going on with him? *Man up, bro* ….”



  12. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Hiya Wicky! going good.. turned 26 today too.. took a long lunch and seriously thinking about going fishing for the rest of the day.

  13. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I see this as the juxtaposition of youth, immaturity, fame, wealth, spiritual emptiness, and society’s temptations. Vulnerable hockey players have been in the news this summer, but sports figures are not the only tragic figures of note. Self-destructive, suicidal rock stars – we all know the names, dreadfully sad Hollywood figures like Charlie S. who can’t keep his name or his moral bankruptcy out of the news, and who cannot straighten out his life, and probably doesn’t want to – the list goes on and on.

    Sadly, so much unnecessary human tragedy and suffering among us serves as an indictment of our society – its values, pressures and priorities, and the expectations the media puts on young people to find fulfillment through being extreme in one’s indulgences as the means to gaining recognition and “happiness,” whatever the hell that is? We are close to being lost as a nation on many levels, the confusion of our younger generation being foremost among them.

  14. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    wholly crap, 26, wow and congrats. Take the day off, you’ve earned it!!

  15. WOW! Souray’s girl is smokin’ hot…

    I doubt he even cares that he’s out of the NHL….Better off than living and playing in Edmonton! Clearly!!

  16. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    uh oh, i think CCCP is on to something!!

  17. if hot dog lips never played again i wouldnt mind it. i hope hes ok but hockey wise wouldnt bother me.

    i hate when people say dont you want to see the best player in the world in your rink. my answer is NO. whatever help the rangers out is what i care about

  18. Blogmama, if you were an intelligent person you would have realized there was a link to the entire interview. You must be an Islanders fan. ::smh::

  19. C3, you are quite right. And I stand corrected. It was 6 quotes. My appetite is sated. I no longer need lunch or lunch points.

    Steve, I’ll get back to you after the Sunday newspaper arrives.

  20. Lunch Story: I heated up some leftover General Tso’s chicken (which was the best part of my leftover Chinese). I then dropped it all over the carpet at my job. Cleaned that up and heated up the sub-par Mongolian Beef. I ate that even though I wasn’t great and I found some hair in it that I am not convinced was mine.

  21. Steve,
    if you would be a man, I would gladly put your microscopic balls in your own mouth. But you’re obviously not.

  22. CCCP,
    1. How do you know how do I look?
    2. Thanks I’m much honored by comparison.
    3. No, buddy, mustache much smaller and eyes doesn’t have his crazy shine.

  23. Oh, I got it. It was too small of a picture. I’m more like Alex Rozenbaum, if you will. Was constantly asked on the streets, including by himself once on a concert. lol.

  24. Rule of caricature: if you’re bold and have a mustache, you look like anyone else, who has it.

  25. 4ever, can you send me the fest pics again? I’ve lost them. Yes, they are small, but better than nothing…:)

    and that’s what she said, lying

    and now, let’s all behave, shall we….

  26. I accept that rule….therefore, you may continue. But 4ever, I think you mean bald, not bold :)

  27. No, problem, Mama. I’ll do. As for behavior, I don’t know…Can’t let some low count sperm product, insult you any way without consequences.

  28. 4ever, a joke between me and ilb involves his deck/dock…..so now you and I have bald/bold. You are both my friend!

    eh. leave the newspapering to me, but spasibo!

  29. My wife works with patients who have suffered from head trauma of some kind, and through her, I’ve learned a little bit about how concussions can impact behaviour and mood, amongst other things. It makes me wonder about the health ramifications for fighters of getting hit in the head regularly. Obviously I have no idea about Rypien’s depression issues, but I certainly wonder about his history with depression, and perhaps whether being a fighter might have had an impact on his mental health (potentially brain damage leading to depression).

    In any case, it’s sad news about his passing.

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