We interrupt this Fran marathon …


Hi kids. I’m back from those two weeks of vacation, including several meetings with Mr. T at Mr. Green’s office; and a splendid weekend in Boston … which, you cannot help but be constantly reminded, is home to the Stanley Cup champions.

I think I may have won a few championships of my own up there in the North End.

First I want to thank Fran for his wonderful stories, so well-written, so descriptive. We actually have one more in the hopper for later on … I still have some vacation time remaining. I also have a hockey-related guest blog that I’ll post one day this week or next.

I’m back to work this week — but I will be pretty tied up covering the Champions Tour’s Constellation Energy Players championship at Westchester Country Club.

We’re just about halfway through the worst hockey month of the year. Training camp is a month and a day away (physicals Sept. 16; on-ice Sept. 17 … fitness training with no pucks and probably some vomiting).

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  1. Welcome back Carp! One more month, eh … sigh

    Hope you get some tennis between the raindrops ILB.

  2. BlueBlood- it was pouring all night. We are playing indoors today, of course. Well, the way I look at it is that it’s 7:15 am, and I’d be yelling at residents at work by now. So I’ll gladly take indoor tennis instead.

  3. Good morning all! ilb, how is it you’re playing tennis and I actually have work today. The world makes no sense to me anymore.

  4. Come on, Carp. Fess up. You probably visited Mr. Woods and Mr. Pond more than you did Mr. Green. lol

    Glad to have you back.

    One month. I can’t wait. I’m hoping somebody takes the step forward to be annointed LW on the Richards line.

  5. Welcome back. I hope you got to enjoy some of that great Italian dining in the North end. Had one of my best meals there although that was 20 years ago and it was scary like Fran’s stories….lol.

  6. CCC: Maybe, just maybe, WW will step up. Or perhaps the even darker horse sometimes known as the Hobbit.

  7. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Frans entries have been the best part of my mornings recently. Thank you sir.
    Sorry your vacation is over Carp. I’m sure you would like a few more weeks to get more fresh air.
    @KevinWeekes is just an annoyance to me on twitter.
    I am not ready for the bombardment of Crosby updates…. If he doesnt play, they are #8,9 or 10 in the east. I see Pitt struggling this year even with him. Of course, that could just be my wishfull thinking.

  8. Jim, my first pick would be Stepan, but if somebody else were to make a statement in training camp that would be fine with me. I certainly have my doubts about Wolski and am pulling for the Hobbit to make the team.

  9. Buenos Dias Cabezas Del Huesos!

    Can’t wait for hockey to start. I was almost giddy last night realizing we are halfway through August…Winter is Coming…….

  10. After watching Game of Thrones (a lot) I am less into the ^Hobbit Wizard^. I prefer the imp.

  11. Carp,
    Welcome back. Did you miss us as we missed you?
    that’s for you to decode: <All things truly wicked start from innocence

  12. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Avery for first line LW… Prust and Dubu get the A’s…..welcome back, welcome back, welcome back… ( sung to the tune of the theme “Welcome back Carp-er”

  13. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    CT – I would also like to give an A each to Staal, stahl, stall, staul, and stawll, as well to the 2 Irish lads O’Stahl and McStawll.

  14. Manny – Franathon – awesome. Should be a new Bonehead summer tradition!

    Agree with Jlone too – I don’t want to hear about Crosby until there is actually something to report. Maybe not even then…

    Carp – I was wrong last night – still plenty of jibberish/gibberish to go around. You must bring it out in us.

  15. Where’s college boy?

    Anyone watch the PGA? Keegan Bradley is a St. John’s grad. Pretty cool. He played a hell of a tournament. The playoff was great golf to watch. Btw, he’s a big Boston fan, so that ain’t to cool…

    What is hockey? Is that the sport where they fight with sticks?
    ( Somebody actually asked me that last week)

    Manny, I didn’t appreciate your remark about ^Wizard^. It’s okay…he will cast a spell on you again…

  16. What is hockey? Is that the sport where they fight with sticks?
    ( Somebody actually asked me that last week)



  17. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    a EN hattie for me and hello CCCP!

  18. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    housekeeping, you want towel?


  19. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    don’t pause between the the words=sofa king

  20. wicky, ha! I’m the refs got in so early to break up the utter mayhem :) now go back to your shopping cart.

  21. Ahhhhh! Thanks Manny. In that case, mine was a legit chapeau! The refs take back my EN. Goalie was still in crease :)

  22. bull dog line on

    is Stepan a left wing yet?
    empty netters are not important, therefore , should not count.

  23. Hmmm. Good question. The Dad did come clean, but was he in on this horrible conspiracy from the start???? LOL. An 11-year-old made an incredible shot. If they’re getting good p.r. advice, the company will cough up something, just not the whole prize. I mean really, how often will this happen again?

  24. @CCCP@ – I did a lot of legal research about that twin mixup. Seems like I should get the money!

  25. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    happy #26 Marty B

    Blogmama…half way to an ovechtrick

    I been gone for almost three weeks….did I miss anything ?

    Is Avery one of us or is he not ?

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