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  1. I’m on vacation next week. My yearly tennis camp up in Saugerties. A few weeks after that we are leaving for Israel for two weeks. When we return back home, they will be playing preseason games. Gotta plan it properly, eh…

  2. So far, your easy hattrick without defence interference…Have a great well deserved vacation and save trip. Slightly envy you. My best and warmest to Mrs. Ilb.

  3. Thanks, everyone. Safe trip where, to Israel or tennis camp? I think I have much higher chances of getting injured by playing tennis for 8 days, 5-6 hours per than going to Israel, lol….

  4. Anybody read the Kovalev interview? Pretty interesting stuff, talking about how much he hated the Ottawa media and how Clouston had no game plan at all. Said some nice things about NY and Montreal though.

  5. Wonder who was the New York writer Kovalev referenced. Hope it wasn’t me.

    ilb, fran sounded like he might be interested here in the comments, but he never e-mailed me.

    Grabby, I speak with Sam occasionally and Jane less frequently. Not sure she’d be interested or in tune with recent hockey enough to do a guest blog. But they’re both always welcome.

    Good morning, Sally!

  6. Fran tends to disappear for stretches, and he doesn’t check his email that often. He probably forgot. I’ll email him to remind, Carp…The other explanation is that, even at his age, he is the only one here who actually has a life…

  7. ILB – lmao – you’re right! No wonder Fran has so many interesting stories and we’re here waiting to read one of them!

    Safe trip and enjoy!

  8. Now we know why Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, etc… died at 27. They were so old.

  9. I wonder what David Klein is up to….probably blogging about the Mets losing Murphy and Reyes? Are they still 5-12? Can they maintain that record without Murph and Jose?

  10. Amen, ORR!! So is her sex-teacher lady.

    I am obsessed with this show. I actually saw episode 10 first. So I knew who dies and what not. Oh man this is amazing …. I loved Lord of the Rings but this blows it out of the water.

  11. LOL at Kovy quote: “Don’t take the bad to your head.” I think that shall be my new motto. Otherwise, the whole thing gave me a bit of a hangover … too much whine.

  12. Let’s talk some hockey, shall we?

    Alexander Galchenyuk, USA

    He had the option to play for Russia, but decided to represent the U.S. in this event (The Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament – U18). A potential top five – and even top three – pick in the 2012 NHL draft, Galchenyuk is an intense player with great hands and excellent instincts around the puck. He is an exciting offensive player who is always a threat to score and can also pummel opponents with his passionate and feisty physicality. Also, keep a close eye on Americans Cristoval Nieves and Jaccob Slavin.


    An elite Russian kid is the top USA prospect! Europansy takes over America! Watch out now!

    Would that make him the first Russian born player to be picked as a top US prospect?

  13. Carp, thanks for the links. That’s what I love about this place all you have to do is ask.

  14. Carp

    I mentioned that I am bereft of info concerning hockey…I’m too far removed from the scene. I know about the old timers, but you’ve all heard long time now gone, what I knew of them, and some of the folks said they’d be interested in anything. Very flattering indeed, but I have to confess that all I have are my own personal life situations that I ran into mostly driving an 18 wheeler in the early 50’s. I sent you by e mail a complete run down on my third trip south and what it was like, and if they folks want to read that kind of thing, I’ve had as a number of adventures as a gypsy truck driver which lasted about a year in 1950. The one I sent you was about a delivery I had to make to the market in Manhattan. When I had no response from hockey information from you folks…I have no access to anything except what I read in the blog. I had two very scary trips that finally decided me that I needed a new occupation.

  15. ilb

    I can send you by mail the one I forwarded, and you can let me know if this is anything the folks
    might want to see. the other was a trip to Albany that I came near not making it in once piece.

  16. >>…He is an exciting offensive player who is always a threat to score…

    I think we already have one of those in the current lineup.

  17. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    enjoy your matches safely and I think you will be quite fine is Israel!!

    Game of thrones? Is it about toilets??

  18. Enjoy your vacation and Israel, ilb.

    Jane was cool. I liked it when she was here. I follow her on twitter: @janesports. She rarely (if ever) brings up hockey though…mostly all NFL…

    So, Pashnin didn’t want a 2 way deal? What did he expect when he annouced he was coming to North America? It’s not like he’s a lock for CT Whale anyway….he’d have to battle it out with other guys we have there (K-Tek, Niemi, Redden, etc)….his chances of making the Rangers out of camp were nearly 0. Maybe Sergei Nemchinov finally got it though his head that he wouldn’t play in the NHL until he’s developed?

  19. This Pashnin kid is full of himself. I’m starting to dislike him. He doesn’t want a two way deal?? Are you kidding?? What has he done? He plays in the KHL, a garbage league, and he thinks he’s too good for the AHL. What a loser.

  20. Seaon 2 starts May 2012! WOOOO HOOOOO

    I hope they make every single book. They have to!

  21. Yeah, it’s annoying. I hate when prospects do that. (I wish Cherry would have come over a year earlier….maybe he would have had a different fate. RIP)

    But, in Russia, he’s probably making about 10 times what he would have riding the buses in the AHL for a measly $75k.

  22. Me too, Manny!

    Boardwalk Empire starts September 25th, if anyone’s into that.

    NYR, I don’t think Cherry had a choice, since he was under contract. If he was with NYR, his career would be over, but he’d still be alive. Euro Pansy doctors! It’s a Boston conspiracy.

    No, wait!! It’s a Torts conspiracy! Even though he wasn’t the coach at the time, he’s still responsible. He never liked Cherry!

  23. fran, we’ll take any story you have to tell! You may have noticed, there’s not much hockey to report on anyway :)

  24. Actually my insanity reminds me of a great SNL (or in living color) sketch in which Jim Carey played an exercise/diet guy that was recommending a diet of Crystal Meth and Crack Cocaine. I believe the program was called “Ride the Snake.” It was really funny.

  25. Well I will assume the cat lived because cats are evil and you can’t kill them and they always land on their feet….so…I will just laugh!

  26. “This is double-paned sound-proof glass. There is no way that neighbor could’ve heard Roger Podacter scream on the way down with that door shut. The scream she heard came from inside the apartment before he was thrown over the balcony and the murderer closed the door before he left. Yes. Yes. Oh, yeah. Can ya feel that, buddy? Huh? Huh? Huh?”

  27. LOL @ Walter White reference! Are you enjoy the series, ORR?

    and let all people who abuse animals burn in hell!

  28. up to date? you went through all previous seasons already? nice! I’ve been telling you…this is the best series on TV! For me personally, even better than Dexter!

  29. Have a great vacation ilb. I recommend the Starway Cafe (diner) for breakfast (in Saugerties).

    Fran, you write it. We’ll read it. :)

  30. Thanks, Marji. This is my 14th year at that camp in Saugerties. I know the place very well. It’s camp, so they feed you right there. But I often take the boys ( tennis pros) for dinner around tge area. Some nice places.

  31. I go to Cooperstown about 5 times a year. Stop in Saugerties for breakfast on the way up. :)

  32. >>are you talking about Avery? :)

    I’ll add SA#16 to the list too, but it’s MG#10 I had in mind.

  33. I have NEVER been to Cooperstown which is insane considering how much I love Baseball History. I have to get up there and I will have to stop at these places! Thanks tour guides.

  34. E^3 Nice job yesterday – but what, no Christie Brinkley for the hat trick?

    ilb You said a _few weeks_ after tennis camp you are leaving for Israel. Do you plan on spending the time in between on ice, recovering or can we expect normal Good morning wishes?
    Enjoy and be safe.

    CCCP – Just started reading the IM article, thx – I guessed 150 BPM, only a waltz-like 145 BPM :)

  35. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I see Sean Avery won a stakes race at Saratoga and paid $36.20 for $2.00. I knew he had class.

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