TMZ report: Sean Avery arrested for shoving a cop


According to the report, the police officer was trying to break up a loud party at Sean Avery’s California home.

Avery was being held on $20,000 bail, according to the story.

Here’s TMZ’s story.


Quick impressions:

1) Let’s see how accurate this story is before we make any decisions.

2) I wonder, if this is true, if it violates any sort of behavioral agreement Avery might have with the league following his last suspension.

3) And this must be Torts’ fault, right?


Photo from imseanavery twitter page.

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  1. GRABBY!! :-)

    on a much lighter note, are 2 adults actually offering a reward for their lost stuffed monkey? LMAO what the hell. It says he has ‘two brothers’. SERIOUSLY!? one is 58 and the other 47, and they are treating a lost stuffed monkey as a child? WOW

  2. It might be, but this is a bit more serious ;-) I wonder if he called the officer a sloppy donut eater

  3. hey carp,hey heads! ive been sick with a fever watching amc mob week and then shark week on discovery. i see aves is really workin hard for that 4th line/press box spot. i know he must make all the greats who ever wore the ranger sweater proud.

  4. Buenos Dias Cabezas del Huesos!

    It’s Avery. I am sure this is a calculated move to get other teams to razz him about it, he will have a great retort and they will try to fight him, he will decline to fight, they will get a penalty and we will get a power play. Thus, I am really proud to see Sean Avery believing in the Rangers Power Play so early in the preseason.

  5. my friend back in ny once grabbed a cop by the neck, tore a badge off his chest, ripped it off and threw it then spit on the guy and the cop just proceeded to hand an asswhooping to him and threw him in jail for teh night. wasnt no 20,000 $ bail! guess cops in hollywood are a little sensitive. still, aves is just screwing up again after he supposedly grew out of his immature ways. good for the young kids on teh team to have as a role model huh.

  6. Three thoughts … let’s see how accurate this story is before we make any decisions.

    I wonder, if this is true, if it violates any sort of behavioral agreement Avery might have with the league following his last suspension.

    And this must be Torts’ fault, right?

  7. oh, also wantd to apolagize if any of my contacts on yahoo got spam emails from me. i know it happened in the past linda ad others know about, but i dont know why its happening. carp alerted me to it few days ago. i just took you guy off my contact list. hope nobody hacked me

  8. Avery is innocent. It was a misunderstanding. Sean thought the cop was his x-boyfriend from the Village People.

  9. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    hmmm is there another anger management stint in his future? This surely doesnt help his chances to continue to play in the NHL.

  10. Grabby, i get at least 2 a month lol

    LMAO @ Tort’s fault!! It’s Obama’s fault, It’s Bush’s fault, ……ITS BETTMAN’S FAULT

  11. Let’s just wait until we have more info, eh? It could be much worse, but it could be totally blown out of proportion

  12. jeez really linda? im sorry hun!! idk what to do. i guess ive been hacked. ok, i’ll try to get somebody here who knows more about computers and get it fixerd. ok, off to work, later heads. or “assens” as wick would say.

  13. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Glen Sather sent the police to Avery’s house. What a Genious! Another roster spot just opened up for a prospect! The Genious of Sather…..

  14. Ilb.. It sucks, but he’ll eventually sign.

    ASo, Dallas fans are excited. Joe Nieuwendyk just shed $2MM in cap space.

  15. RickyM2- I doubt he will. He is smart enough to realize that he at least needs to survey which way the Devils are going. Once he realizes they are going down, he’ll sign elsewhere. If he wanted to stay, he’d sign already.

  16. It takes an extraordinary Devils fan to spend each day scanning and posting on Ranger sites.

  17. Posting, phil? He only posts when something great happens with the Devils, or something bad happens to Rangers. Hence, he’s only posted 3 times over the last year and a half.

  18. Can’t believe Sean was in California. I saw him looking for an apartment in Hartford just last week.

  19. Another prediction: The Cop made a homophobic/racist remark to one of Sean’s friends and being the exemplary human being that he is, he stood up for them. GOOOOOO Sean!

  20. manny – I’d rather watch a 1-1 20-inning minor league baseball game with my mother in-law and no beer in the fridge than the Devils. Unless, of course, they were getting the tar pounded out of them by the Rangers.

    Speaking of the Devils, this tweet from Dennis Bernstein of The Fourth Period: “Parise trade rumors will continue. One NHL insider highly doubts long paper gets done. Devs gave Zach “path to UFA” with one year deal.”

    Let’s see. Wolski and Avery are UFAs next year(maybe sooner for the latter). That’s $5.7 million. We’re chipping in to buy Christensen a flight to Russia. That’s another $900,000. And then there’s Rupp. This could work.

  21. Transgressions with law enforcement aside, Avery has still never been suspended for an on-ice incident.

  22. Phil-Rupp is signed for 3 years. But if you add Fedotenko and Eminger- they are shedding off close to $9M. It should be plenty…..What the Devils fans are not willing to realize is that the franchise is on decline. They are not making the PO this year again. Besides, if you’re Parise, he has to think that he is a second line left winger…On a team that has to rebuild….Hmmm…

  23. I think the Devils will be back in the mix for the playoffs assuming Parise and Kovalchuk stay healthy.

    What I find curious is that the Devils were due to have a ton of cap space coming off the books after next year if they simply let Rolston, White and Brodeur’s contracts run out. At first the Rolston for Hunter trade looked like a shrewd move of cap management but then they went ahead and bought him out so they’ll have his cap hit for the next 4 years along with White’s $1M cap hit for the next 2.

    Either way, the Devils would have space to sign him for a long term with a lower AAV since after next season they’d have even more space coming off with Elias and Zubrus’ deals expiring.

    So the cap space was there, for this year, next year and foreseeable future and he didn’t sign. You wonder if being unrestricted after this year has anything to do with them not working out a long term deal?

  24. Good point, CTB. That makes it close to $11M. Plenty. On Wolski- he is an RFA, but what are the chances of him being qualified at $4.4M next year?

  25. I like it better when Avery makes news on the ice…

    like scoring a goal or winning a fight…

  26. CTB- even if Parise and Kovalchuk are healthy, with their defense and declining mr. Brodeur, I don’t see them displacing anyone from the PO spot this year…

  27. Manny – All good man! Just wanted to clarify my position on the Devils. Other preferential activities: Watching paint dry on a cloudy day, going to to the New York State DMV office with a crushing hangover anywhere on Long Island, getting cavities drilled out by “the Situation” in a dentists office on Monday morning, coming down with a scorching case of shingles, contracting said shingles after making out with Joan Rivers, et cetera.

    CT/ilb – Good points. We’ll definitely have the space for him. The question is, will we want to take that plunge with Anisimov, Stepan, McDonagh and Sauer all coming into contract years in 2013.

  28. Devils problem last year was scoring. It was more of a problem under MacLean because their defense was terrible too. Under Lemaire they chose to play the game like it was 1995 all over again. They ended up 8th in the league in GA, so even if you allow for an increase in goals against if they play more aggressively under DeBoer, I’d have to imagine that Parise alone can contribute another 30+ goals by himself and Kovalchuk will probably not be as terrible as he was in the 1st half of last year.

    I’d say they’ve improved themselves more so than Montreal and Philly.

  29. *iDoodie machetto* August 5th, 2011 at 9:54 am

    Police officer for captain



  30. phil,

    Stepan and McD would be RFAs, but they wouldn’t have arb rights. So they would still be pretty cost controlled. I figure they’d get something in proportion to what Dubi and AA got in their first RFA year. Unless one of them really goes off like Stepan puts up 70 points or McD becomes a Norris candidate. I suppose they would be “good problems” to have if that’s the case, but I’m skeptical they’ll improve that much that quickly.

  31. Manny, I was actually going to say that. Cop probably said something like “Open up fag!” and Sean took offense and wanted to let him know that kind of language would not be tolerated.

  32. TMZ is now saying that the reason Avery was arrested, is because when he went to shove the officer, he went wide, and accidentally put a girls head through the wall.

    Like I’ve been saying, he needs to work on his shot.

  33. iDoodie machetto on

    Arrest was made by Officer Brodeur, who fell violently to the ground as if he had been struck my a bat.

  34. “A California “simple” battery takes place when the accuser suffers little to no injury. The penalty for California misdemeanor battery is up to six months in the county jail and/or a fine of up to $2,000.”

    Any chance he can plea bargain that _up_ to 9 months?

  35. Constitutionally speaking, in Avery’s case would wearing an orange jump suit be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

  36. iDoodie machetto on

    When Avery went into the lockup, it was the only time he would find the back of the cage this season.

  37. Whether he is guilty or not, or the whole story has to come out, this is bad. Any intelligent person should know when the cops ask you to obey the law, you just f***ing do it. Let them do their job and get back to your life. Why Avery would even touch the cop is beyond me.

    I like Avery, but one has to wonder how this impacts his future with the team. I firmly believe that Torts is just looking for a reason to rid himself of Avery.

    Man, how can a guy be a master of undetected infractions on the ice, then do something like this?

  38. So was he bailed out? He’s already tweeting more jibberish…unless that’s his publicist?

    Bwaha! Why does a hockey player need a publicist?

  39. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    WOW!!!! TR and bubblehead…What’s up guys??

    hey and LMFAO!!

    I heard the original complaint call to the police was made from a phone traced to someone with the last name Christensen?

    You guys really want a former devil???

  40. Mister Delaware on

    “Long term, MD?”

    Yup. The cop who answered the phone tried to explain that there’s no value in paying bail in future years, especially when there’s likely not to be a use for it, but he wouldn’t listen. Last I heard was $40K per year for 7 years.

  41. Mister Delaware on

    I bet he just waived his drink in the cops face and the city made a knee-jerk law against it.

  42. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    Police then knocked again, and we’re told the New York Rangers star came to his senses and opened up. According to law enforcement … Avery was extremely cooperative after that, but was still booked for battery on a peace officer.

    translation=police officer was pissed he/she didn’t get an autograph the first time…

    Any truth to the rumour that torts was heard saying “I hate this guy, this might be the break I am looking for”?

    Think the police are on the way to bull dog’s house to break up a loud party there right now?

  43. As Carp pointed out, we’re going to have to wait until the actual details of this are stated by the parties involved. That being said, my issue with it is that if Avery is in a position where he has to plead guilty to a charge, real or fabricated, that this will be the ammo Tortorella needs to be rid of him.

  44. Absent a morality/behavior clause in his contract is there really anything the league or the Rangers can do? Would it be possible that some sort of conditions were made after his sloppy seconds suspension because it involved him going to anger management counseling?

  45. CTBlueshirt:

    It’s possible that Bettman and co. had him agree to some kind of behavioral policy conditional on his reinstatement. I really don’t know. Considering how politically correct the NHL is, I could see this being trumped into something a whole lot bigger than it actually is.

  46. cw – that’s the thing: Most cops I know wouldn’t know the law if it bit them on their keister. They see something they think is a crime, they write as many citations as they can think up and then let the prosecutors handle the mess. And that’s why our judicial system is such a mess.

    In this case, I could easily see a cop trying to shove his way into Avery’s place and getting pushed back. I would do the same thing if a cop came to my door without a search warrant. See, they’re kind of like vampires: Once you let them into your home, the rules don’t apply. The cops were there to tell him to turn down the music. They had no need to enter his home, and that’s what it sounds like they tried to do, given that he shoved the guy back and slammed his door.

    This is America, not a police state. Few people remember that these days. If the cop on the corner wants something from me, he’s got to follow the rules just like everyone else.

  47. phil,

    What if in fact he was being non-compliant and the cops were already cutting him some extra slack because he is an athlete? Although even if he played for the Kings years ago I doubt he’s the level of celebrity where people outside of the hockey world know him just by his face.

    I can just as easily imagine a millionaire athlete feeling a sense of entitlement that would make them feel that it’s ok to disobey the police.

  48. phil

    most people in general dont understand the law. look at all the people who pay income tax.

    /political rant

  49. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    sorry to change the subject btw!!

  50. From the Jim Schoenfield school of how to converse with figures of authority:

    NHL star Sean Avery challenged cops to a FIGHT when they responded to his Hollywood Hills home this morning … calling them, “Fat little pigs” … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

  51. Avery just completes his “Avery hat trick”:
    1. Shot wide from 5 ft. to an empty net,
    2. Show middle finger to a mother with toddler in a section 203.
    3. Shove a cop out, saying: “Get in line of other sloppies, pig.”
    I’m sure it’s blown out of proportion, just regular Avery – still poor instant judgment (should know better about cop’s status in this country) and his habitual lack of self-control. Much ado about nothing much.
    Poor Mama…

  52. …what exactly he got? Minor or game misconduct? Anyway, a change. He just need to place “Gay Marriage Manifesto” on the jail cell’s wall, sign it and will be back at home before dawn. Not sure he could skate backward again after that thou, definitely not in 1st line.

  53. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    and hulking farmhand Pavel Valentenko

    Did he grow more??

  54. Instead of shoving the cop Avery should have just stood and front of him and used his stick to block the cops view of the party

  55. Avery’s lawyer is claiming the cop took a dive, and should be penalized for embellishing.

  56. Avery shoved the cop and did his famous turtle impression that he’s so famous for.

  57. Rumor: Al-Qaeda looking to sign Avery for his amazing ability to repeatedly self-destruct.

  58. >>I wonder if he called the officer a sloppy donut eater

    Officer: Here, have another donut for your party.

    Avery: Thanks, but I don’t want your sloppy second.

    Officer: What did you call my wife? You’re under arrest.

    Avery: %!&&@%! POOM!! ZONK! POW!!

  59. Damnit!!! Every time Avery is in the news the trolls crawl out of their holes (mom’s basement)!!

  60. Yes might have just set the record for shortest time on the blog before getting banned.

  61. heres my prediction

    avery has played his last game as a ranger. he now will be the odd forward out and his salary will be off the books.

    i really believe that

  62. CCCP, bull dog is probably busy trying to track down the name of the officer so he can send him an Edible Arrangement.

  63. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    Are you like 12 years old or seomthing yes?

    Knock it off!!

  64. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Hiya Wicky!
    I’m around here a lot, just dont post much. love the forsberg commercial…..

  65. From Wikipedia:

    “Self-destructive behavior may be used as a coping mechanism, when things get ‘too much’. For example, faced with a pressing scholastic assessment, someone may choose to sabotage their work rather than cope with the stress.”

    Obviously, the pressure of making the team and having his fall fashion line ready for it’s scheduled release has gotten the best of him.

  66. >>I have no idea why my comment is mixed with JB’s. Weird.

    That’s the weirdest thing I’ve seen here. For a while there, I thought you were calling me a troll. In that case, I would be forced to give you a good hard shove.

  67. eric

    heres my prediction

    avery has played his last game as a ranger. he now will be the odd forward out and his salary will be off the books.

    i really believe that


    of course you believe that, eric… cuz it’s in your head! lol

  68. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    This is getting better by the second

  69. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Officer’s last name was Higgins.. He shot wide

    Doodie, genius commemt about judas being the prosecutors star witness

  70. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    wow a hattie on the south end of a northbound post!

  71. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    you should post more!!

  72. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    another hattie on the same end of the same northbound post/thread!!

  73. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    anyone think it is odd that the fish called wanda guy and yes show up about the same time??

  74. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    apparently the children are still out of school for the summer!

  75. David last time I checked your ridiculous site was deleted from the internet…..check for yourself..

    Hey! How about those METS!?

  76. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    you are just jealous that you don’t have an imaginary daughter or a failed website!!

  77. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    he has been grounded by his parents from his computer recently, give the kid a break!!

  78. Hey David – You realize that nobody on this blog wants to bother Carp, right? Like Ever. We all like Carp for giving us this mostly troll-free forum to hang out in.

  79. seafood salad, fried mozzarella sticks and Snapple peach for lunch! Delicious, but not enough for some reason.

  80. I do know, there is a way to figure out this psychopath(yes a.k.a. Klein) comp. ID and by ID to find this pathetic moron, beat this waste of sperm to pulp and force to eat the content of own colon. If Carp gives me a permission, I would ask some guys from IFU (Internet Fraud Unit) to do us this favor. Easily.

  81. Need a favor! Please vote for Infected Mushroom and Shpongle as top DJ’s!

    follow the link bellow to cast your votes! Please! It will only take 2 minutes out of your life!

    Vote Infected Mushroom first, then Shpongle and then whoever else you like! Please! Thanks!


  82. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    off to work, later assens!!

  83. TR!!!! Carp, I will pay you for a new post. Mama was very happy after a successful salon visit and dress buy for an event tomorrow, but she just wants to crack heads. And why is Mama talking like Jimmy?

  84. Next time you should. We need to stop feeding the troll, sooner or later he’d go away.

  85. I like your last two descriptions better, Carp. With the first comparison you largely offended the whole chicken species…

  86. Only when I have to ilb, only when I have to…and never on decks or docks :) Kinda like Tony and his pants….

  87. Having said that, I may lure him into our next gathering at my house. Mama, you think Leo would take care of that?

  88. Thanks again Staal and all….man, I haven’t said that in ages! Staal!!!

    ilb, LMAO….I think his tiny martini onions would shrivel at the sight of Leo in top form!

  89. Great link Staal! There’s something in there for everyone! It’s Howdy Doodie time!

    for ilb, “Little Snowball? He runs on batteries!”….makes me think of Casey :)

  90. bull dog line on

    did I read this right? Torts had Avery arrested? man he really does hate Avery.

  91. bull dog line on

    what is going on with the Giants? they lost Boss today. do they have a TE on the roster?

  92. bull dog,

    I’m not really a football guy as much as I am into hockey or baseball. I follow it to some extent, even participate in fantasy leagues from time to time, but as far as how the Jets/Giants are building their team this offseason, I really don’t know.

  93. Ok so my friend is working with some marketers, that work with the rangers. One of the biggest marketing slogans for the rangers is “I am a ranger.”
    Personally I hate the slogan, and I’m guessing many others do as well. My question to everyone is, if you could change it, would you? What are some slogans that you would like to see?

  94. holy, I would very happily work on that question if I were paid to market for the Rangers….got any contacts?!

    and that, was worth the wicky…:)

  95. I plan on watching as many Jets and Giants games this season as possible. Especially the playoff games!

    I’ll wait to watch Yankees games until the playoffs. Baseball is too boring to waste my time on regular season games.

  96. the fact that imseanavery is posting fashion tweets today kind of hints to me that it isn’t really sean avery. Anybody else thinking that way?

  97. Yeah, I’m not happy about that. Boss went to Oakland for a 4 yr deal…

    Osi is a joke. He made it clear, to me, at least, that he doesn’t want to be a Giant.

    He signed a contract. What good is a contract if one party doesn’t honor it? This is my biggest problem with the NFL, doesn;t happen in any other sport (to my knowledge)

    Who does these dudes think they are?

  98. Osi is always thinking he is more than just a 3rd down pass-rusher. Well guess what…he hasn’t proven it. He’s NOT JUSTIN TUCK last I checked.

    I loved Kevin Boss. Maybe the Giants know something about his health. He was banged up pretty badly last year. What a great TE though.

  99. Osi is a very good player; Giants are a better team with him. But, I think they need a TE first before they worry about restructuring Osi’s contract! And, the Giants really don’t have to do anything for Osi…they are deep on the D-Line…

  100. I am not worried about keeping Osi around. I mean….he is very good. Especially when he decides to play hard. But he isn’t a rushing Def. End anymore.

    Definitely need a TE now. I guess they think the Kid (Beckum) is ready to go. He showed some great ability last season towards the end of the season especially.

  101. LMAO, ilb,
    but of course, Leo – little, gutsy fellow, with lion’s heart and shark’s teeth…no doubt about it, he will rip of this pathetic nuts, like nothing. (no chewing or swallowing thou – could be poisonous). BTW, do you by any chance, have piranhas in your beautiful lake? Would help too – dipping him slowly…after that.

  102. No, 4ever, but there are eels :) I bet that leads to onion shrinkage, too. I know it did for me! :)

  103. Yup. Nasty. Izzy. Mako. … many others … it’s summer.

    good to see some regulars back today, tr, cw, staal, etc.

  104. Thanks for the early evidence for the lawsuit David. in this day and age, not amusing. Good grief.

  105. Means, that, if nothing else, Avery IS an important catalyst (instantly generates debates and opposite waves of sarcasm) , conversational object(subject) and make of season a little more interesting. Useful blessing…

  106. How about little piece of YOUR personal info (if you have one, pathetic coward), hah?

  107. Lol, I put (B) between two Ts and it came out with those little dots underscore. Take that, Orr and Co!

  108. *David August Klein 5th*, enjoying licking your own microscopic nuts, pervert?
    Defending the Core: An ancient Rome Empire and internet porn.

  109. Carp, bravo….sorry for the bothers…you are on top as always. Just showing mama love :)

  110. “you are on top as always. Just showing mama love”

    maybe he should try mixing things up a little

    snicker snicker

  111. I’m out for the night. Have your fun troll. Then maybe get a life.

    Faker alert. Anything posted under my name or anything related to my name is not me after this post. That includes wickys :) And I also get who’s a real head and who’s the aasen.


  112. just got on, dunno what the ruckus is…….anyway…..i like how sean was still hocking clothing via twitter while he was in jail. yea, those are his tweets. uh huh.

  113. Mama, In this case it may have been a bonehead *and* an aasen.
    Sorry, if that was in poor taste.
    Also, sorry to hear about your uncle.

  114. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Well I guess if you guys are inviting our “friend” to the next gathering, I will have to attend to “clear a few things up with him”!

  115. You know, LA might be racist against Canadians. You should see how the paparazzi treat Michael Boob-Lay. They’ll do the same to Justin Biever once his balls drop. They tend to go easy on the kids.

    Arnold should have addressed this Canadian racism instead of sleeping with women that look like obese E.T’s. Shame!

  116. Non faker alert :) T’is I, the real mama, (swear) only here to respond to ddeb…sorry buddy. I guess it was just the context of the troll that threw me…you are a bonehead, but not an aasen….and thanks :) we’re good…..may i go niters now? Long week pour moi and longer one a demain….au revoir! Spasibo!

  117. Now, anything posted as me after me til tomorrow is an aasen :) Are you confused? I sure am….TA!

  118. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I see we have the usual charges “overkill” re Sean, here. The story is he pushed an officer out of the way who was blocking his intention to return inside his home, so of course they are booking him for “assaulting an officer.”

    This is consistent with the legal and enforcement frenzy to exaggerate charges, such as trying felonious children as “an adult” and to refer to sexually-active female minors of 16 years of age as “a child” in (statuatory) rape cases. False, inaccurate, overblown charges levied by these ambitious and often blatantly corrupt public officials are a far greater infringement upon the freedoms and protections they are supposed to uphold on our behalf, than the degree of guilt of most of the so-called “crimes” which have been committed.

  119. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    back to work, later assens!

  120. DerekStepan21 “@StephanieBKent: Glamorama tonight with @DerekStepan21!” #woo

    This friggin kid! The nerve! Slacker

    Then this…

    RMcDonagh27 “@kurtzy18: Rise of the Planet of the Apes… Favorite movie of the year, absolutely unreal” you can’t be serious? For real?

    Movies? Work on your shot you little bastard!

    Trade everyone!

  121. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Avery is the only one we shouldn’t trade. He is working out with his one hour a day in the “yard”

  122. The “chick” I posted, is actually a guy.

    I’m not against people like that, but honestly, don’t you think you’d be a prettier man-girl +without+ the horrific surgeries??

    He-She can’t be a happy human!

  123. It’s a dude?! Holly cow!

    And I agree…they cannot be happy this way even though they supposedly get plastic surgery to make themseves feel happy.

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