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  1. TOUCHE CW!!!

    Wonder if this will be the impetus for Torts to have him waived or traded or whatever. DRAMA!

  2. Battery equals shoving a cop and slamming the door? What’s assault? Slapping a cop in the ass? Sounds like the men in blue tried to come in an walk around without an invite. Sometimes they forget this is America and private property means private property.

  3. What no new Tweet from Avery? Isn’t that what that nonsense is for so he can keep his peeps up to date….lol.

    Happy Friday to all.

  4. Gregm_section403 on

    Hey Carp,

    ESPN stole your headline…sort of. “It’s go time for the Rangers”

    I say you ask for some compensation :)

  5. I’m with ilb! oh, just byfuglien. Good morning all. Thanks for the thoughts last night.

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