U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Class of ’11


I’m back from a productive meeting at Centennial Golf Club.

USA Hockey today announced the newest members of its Hall of Fame, to be enshrined in the fall.

They are:

Chris Chelios, Mike Emrick, Ed Snider, Gary Suter and Keith Tkachuk.

Chelios was the first hockey player, back in the 1800s and he’s in the discussion as one of the greatest American-born players ever.

Emrick absolutely deserves the honor, a true professional, great story teller, etc.

Snider deserves this year’s Mario Lemieux whiner award. Not exactly sure how he’s a Hall of Famer. Maybe he’s getting in because he finally realized he needs a goalie to win (though I don’t know if he has one yet).

I don’t have any comment on the others, except that I think Tkachuk might have been one of the furniture guys in Nagano.


Chelios and Emrick photos courtesy of USA Hockey.

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  1. “Chelios was the first hockey player, back in the 1800s and he’s in the discussion as one of the greatest American-born players ever.”


    Good one, Carp. Really good.

  2. come on guys, ilb and CCCP, dont be shy, share some fishing spots in Carpathians. nice HOF class this year. also glad i wont have to keep hearing “youre watching NHL on Versus” 25 times per period anymore.

  3. phil,

    I think the Bruins have a solid club with a lot of the right components but I’m not 100% convinced they’re perennial contenders. While it might be easy to attribute their success to being clutch in game 7s (they won all 3 of their game 7s), I’d consider them to be a bit lucky as well considering how close the game 7s were against Montreal and Tampa. For the record, the Bruins had lost all their previous game 7s dating back to 1993-94. So perhaps this was the hockey gods balancing things out.

    Thomas obviously had a tremendous season but the last time he had a Vezina worthy season he dropped off considerably the next season. Luckily they had Rask as a solid replacement. I think the Bruins also know that they need to preserve Thomas over the course of the season as he’s only played 60+ games in a season just once.

    Chara isn’t old, but he isn’t young anymore either. Although assuming he’s still healthy he should be the cornerstone on that D. As far as Corvo goes, he can help juice the PP but he also gives up as much as he produces on D. He was also used heavily by the Canes so maybe less ice time will help him player a stronger defensive game.

    A disappointing Ryder at the very least matches production with Pouliot. While he’s shown signs of flashing the potential that made him a top 5 overall pick, but I’d be shocked if Pouliot works out to be anything more than a lateral move from Ryder.

    The Pens still put up one hell of a season without 2 of the best players in the league. Assuming their stars are healthy along with a very strong D and goalie, there’s little doubt they’ll be a force in the league.

  4. billybleedsblue on

    It’s been reported that there are 900,000 voters in Nassau County… anyone wanna guess how many show up to vote today? I say less than 10 percent. Wang said in an interview that 30 to 40% of the season ticket holders do not live in Nassau. Bye-bye Icelanders!

  5. Re-post:

    By the way, low turnout for a summer vote about hockey in suburbia? what a surprise! when was the last time there was a high voter turnout for anything? even presidential? it’s always low. People don’t give a carcillo.

  6. But they will all complain when the Islanders move! That’s the beauty of Democracy. No one votes and everyone expects to win!

  7. billybleedsblue on

    And to think that Wang was going to pay for the Lighthouse project all by himself… At the end of today, Long Islanders will have nobody to blame but themselves.

  8. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Doodie – You state that no SC winning team has moved, Isles would be the first. Accurate to note that two SC championship teams, since 1927, have folded – the original Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Maroons.

  9. billybleedsblue on

    Boom Boom, those teams don’t count because Doodie didn’t mention them. Sorry! o:)

  10. Chelios was once arrested for telling Abe Lincoln “your beard is sooo 1600’s”

    NYR, my thoughts exactly. Entourage should have ended while it was on top. This season isn’t off to a great start, and there’s only five more episodes left, plus a movie, apparently.

    I just got up to date with Breaking Bad. Love the show.

    Doc Emrick = True Emmy Winning Professional! BOOM!

  11. billybleedsblue on

    ahhhh, and as said above, the Flames. I think that’s it. Whalers, Nordiques, North Stars, Rockies, and Flames. Missing any?

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Boom Boom,

    I was counting only the modern league.

    Also, for all of those who named the Flames, Avalanche, Stars, Oilers, Scouts (and by Proxy also the Rockies), all of those teams won their cups AFTER relocation. I was referring to the Islanders being the first team to win a Cup, THEN move.

  13. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Kansas City has a smaller fan base than Long Island. A transfer there would be like a slice of American politics – phony programs and policies designed to fail, and drag down the economy, right Mr. B?

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    In that case: California Golden Seals-Cleveland Barons-Minnesota North Stars.

  15. billybleedsblue on

    Maybe the Islanders can become the first team to win The Cup from two different locations?! LOL.

  16. Is this referendum seriously going to force the Islanders out? They can’t be that close to leaving can they?

  17. billybleedsblue on

    Ugh, that was meant to read differently. What I meant was, this was kind of plan B already… so unless there is a plan C, it’s 2015 I believe.

  18. Wang just can’t keep marketing that decrepit dump of a building “The Mausoleum”… He may have to give tickets away soon…

  19. Lev

    I am from Odessa! I haven’t been to Ukraine in years! And i have never been to Carpathians or its fishing spots! Carpathians is about 2000 kilometers (almost 1250 miles) from Odessa! My mama would never let me go that far! ;)

  20. how many teams moved from an old arena in the same city/state, into a new arena, and then won?

    Boston, Rangers (technically), Chicago, Tampa Bay, Carolina. … others?

  21. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Doodie – 1926-1927 season is recognized as the beginning of the modern National Hockey League Era. I could have mentioned other teams that won the Cup prior to 1927 and folded, but did not because, like the idiot “Super Bow”l competition beginning in 1967 counting as the beginning of teams winning NFL championships when the league has had championship teams dating to the 1920’s, I took the expedient “media P.R.” perspective in excluding the NHL’s Neanderthal early history prior to 1927.

    What interests me is that multiple NFL championship winning franchises prior to 1967, when the NFL championship game was renamed “The Super Bowl,” don’t give a Potvin about all those championships they receive no credit for, today. So that you put a commercial name on your title game and that cancels all previous league championships over the previous 40 years or so = pure genius, courtesy of your TV honkies and advertising agencies at work in their little think tanks.

    Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, three titles for Philly = we don’t have to say “screw you” because none of you care enough to lobby to rectify this injustice. “Passively correct” they all are. To say the Cleveland Browns have never won a Super Bowl, and then note that the Browns were NFL champions in 1950, 1954, 1955, and 1964, is just wrong. What the hell is the Super Bowl? It’s the winning of the NFL title, dummies!

    And don’t tell me the advent of the American Football League changed the championship dynamic by adding a playoff tier. After all the Cleveland Browns and the SF 49ers joined the NFL in 1950 from the AAFC and the changed composition of the league that year did not cancel all previous championships won.

    Just remember, Giants fans, your team is getting shafted out of credit for multiple, pre-Super Bowl championships, like the others. And I notice that when the NHL added a complete division in 1967, no previous Stanley Cup championships since 1927 were buried in the ruble of an added playoff tier. Who is right and who is wrong here, the NHL or the NFL? I think I know.

  22. Lev- I have no idea, sorry…

    Does anyone have the link to an original Frolov interview. I can translate.

  23. great point, Boom Boom. In fact, in the late ’60s — as you know — there was the NFL championship and then the Super Bowl pitted the NFL vs. AFL champs. Once the leagues merged, it should have gone back to NFL championship game and Super Bowl should have been a history note. But they found they could make zillions of dollars (more than Brad Richards) by keeping the name and the unofficial holiday and the whole two-week extravaganza/foof-a-rama.

    At the expense of all of those worthy champions pre-’67.

  24. “That’s not gonna be good for business. That’s not gonna be good for anything.”

  25. IIRC, Tkachuk was supposedly one of the furniture defilers in Nagano. Roenick was supposedly one of the other ones, along with a couple of the other players they knew from Massachusetts. Care to guess who the “cigarette burn” guy might have been?

  26. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Carp, thanks. I have shared my view with media people, over the years, but they just don’t pick up the ball, here, because, as you suggest, the Super Bowl hype certainly trumps what came before.

    Yes, I am aware that the first two years the “Super Bowl” as we now know it, was still the NFL championship game. I understand some P.R. man, looking for a story angle, came up with the “Super Bowl” moniker in year three, but I doubt that even he imagined his slang name marketing idea would obviate the storied record of all professional football championships won before that time.

    They even eliminated NFL championship game individual records from all consideration. Best example is Steve Van Buren’s record of 195 rushing yards in the title game, set in 1949, I believe it was, not being broken until Marcus Allen of the Raiders had that big game vs. the Redskins in 1984. And when Allen did break Van Buren’s record, Van Buren did not get a mention. It is bad enough the old-time players got shafted on pensions. Now it’s like they never even played the game or had a league prior to Vince Lombardi’s time. After all, who, today, outside Chicago, could relate to a “George Halas Trophy,” which would really be the appropriate name for the league’s championship hardware.

  27. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    CCCP –

    Regarding “baseball being “too white,” Every year, on April 15, some whining “minority rights” group gets national media attention for pointing out the fact that the AA baseball population is way down from its peak level. This, by inference, casts aspersions on “white racism.” What they conveniently overlook is the fact that Hispanics have taken jobs right and left from white players as well as from black players, so that there is no racism here, there is strong evidence of equal opportunity in baseball, which really is color blind, today.

    Also, they fail to mention that basketball and football are the sports of choice today, of young black athletes. They have the talent and the option to choose baseball, but have largely turned their backs on baseball with a preference for the other two major sports. In fact, whites have lost more jobs, total and percentage-wise, than have blacks to the influx of Hispanic players, but honesty and objectivity NEVER finds its way out there for public consumption, in deference to the media’s “agenda time.”

  28. Boom Boom

    i was talking about the *ball* in baseball being too white…not the sport itself.

    But thanks for the info ;)

  29. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    ORR – Las Vegas Blue Chips sounds a lot better than Kansas City Cow Chips.

  30. *Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity*.
    My 2 days party is over, battleground is cleared from bodies and Zamboni made it again nice and smooth.
    Thanks a mill to everybody, who wished me Happy…big26. I was happy, but tiered, you know, nowadays 26 is not your grandma 26… Anyway, what did I miss? Couldn’t scroll all posts yet, just let you know I’m still alive and back to more civilized (if Rod is gone) society.

  31. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    sheeesh, got carped and was at work and didn’t realize it until now, soooooooo REPOST:


    Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) August 1st, 2011 at 4:05 pm
    Ok, so when IS the buyout window??

    Too bad we don’t know anyone that speaks or reads Russian to find out exactly what the article did say?

    Avery should move to Norway they have closed borders to keep him there!

  32. Wow! That’s a surprise about Nabby! Funny, I was wondering recently why he hadn’t been traded yet…I guess the Isles want to give him a shot…

  33. Godfather, the original, at 8 p.m. Don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

    Oh, Paulie, you won’t be seeing him no more …

    Hey Tom, can you get me off the hook, for old time’s sake?

    Can’t do it Sally.

    Good evening, other Sally!

  34. BTW, in Frolov’s interview there were about 3 dozen questions, most of them specifically about characters – players and coaches he was playing with, so Avery “stuff” was just little part of it – quick illustrative reference, for otherwise surprisingly respectful observation of guy, he called real friend. It is not clear, however, even from the original Russian text, what exactly was the contest of mentioned “black monkey” calling. So, I should live it like that…

  35. The Isles picked him off of waivers last season, and he refused to play for them, because he was supposed to sign with the Wings, I think.

    I’m surprised the Isles would give him a shot, since he wanted no part of them a few months ago.

  36. i just read the Russian version of the article…Don’t see how anything could be taken out of context here where according to the article, Frolov does say that Avery called players “Black monkeys”

    Frolov should just eat his tongue and focus on his upcoming season in KHL where everyone expects him to fill in Jagr’s shoes.

  37. Who the hell cares? Even if he did say something like that, it’s not like he said it on national television or in an interview. And who knows anyway? I didn’t see any players other than Frolov saying Avery called them this or that. Besides, if you watch Avery when he’s being vintage Avery and his mouth is going a mile a minute, I would imagine “black monkeys” is probably one of the tamer things he’s saying.

  38. Didn’t Avery tell Humpty Dumpty Boudreau that he hopes he has a heart attack, or something like that?

    I remember Boudreau saying something aboot Avery in an interview. Don’t know exactly what was said though.

  39. That’s right ORR. It was in Brucey’s book. I think he said it was the meanest thing ever said to him or something… Freakin’ Avery.

  40. Thanks, 4ever…

    There is much more in this article than Avery stuff. Frolov actually refers to Avery in a very respectful manner, calling him a friend. But he did mention “black monkeys”. Didn’t expand on it….Interesting interview. Doesn’t blame the coach or anyone else for his season failure….

    always right- you’ve been asking for it for days…

  41. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    THE PRUST would have glared at the norwegian dude and end of story…THE PRUST is the policeman of the world…

  42. just got back from voting. there were only 188 people at the polling place by my house. a dismal turnout from 6 am to 9pm.

  43. JimboWoodside on

    Going back to a question that someone had way back at the beginning of this thread – maybe Ed Snider got into the HOF as a league “thank you” to Comcast for their ten-year contract with the NHL….?

    I don’t see any other reason why he (and his thug franchise) should get any kudos – they brought on-ice thuggery to Slap-Shot levels…

  44. JimboWoodside on

    Eric – 188? On a mid-summer evening vote? That actually doesn’t sound bad – I’m surprised that there were that many people who showed an interest!

  45. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan – earlier the discussion entailed “the dominant eye”, well THE PRUST has 2 dominant eyes and 2 seriously dominant fists…

  46. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    I am surprised that none of their maggot like fans have never posted one of their neanderthal comments here…..

  47. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    hmmmm…i wonder if that is even grammatically close to what i intended to say…hmmmmm

  48. JimboWoodside on

    Yes they did, Eddie – right from the start…actually, when they were a brand-new expansion franchise, they had the strange record, for several seasons, of having the most games tied at the end of regulation in the whole league. Back then, there were obviously no tiebreakers of any sort.

    They were jokingly nicknamed the “Philly Tyers” for those first few seasons…..and in 1968, they actually played in the then brand new Madison Square Garden as the home team for awhile, when the roof of The Spectrum flew off in a winter storm!

  49. Yo Eddie – I heard that THE PRUST makes onions cry.

    And, that under his beard, there isn’t a chin but, in fact, another fist!

  50. Sorry,CCCP, Just got back to my computer. If you’re serious about “why I disagree”:
    First of all, correspondent asked him specifically to illustrate why Avs was so hated in the league. Frol very artfully turned it from hated, to Avy itching need always to be in the center of attention, and gave him honest (and funny from Russian’s much less sensitive and different perspective on this topic, which you should know) example of his “bad boy” manners. BTW, Frol didn’t say Avy addressed it to the black players (which he could easily specify), he said to *opponents*, which is not the same and, as a matter of fact, is on the borderline of being funny, if that’s the case.
    And finally, *if* Avery really did it deliberately with racial obertone or *is* a racist, I, personally, do not share the sentiment, or notion that you have to be a party, corporate, clan, cast or team “solder” and not to call jerk a jerk or evil when you see it or believe it’s wrong. It has nothing to do with real “team player”mentality. Not to mention that Frol was talking about in LA time and not even a member of any of those clubs anymore. Too much ado about nothing. There were much more interesting characteristic and the whole interview was informative, humorous and show Frol as a smart enough man. Amnesty for Avery!

  51. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan – THE PRUST doesnt need to drop a deuce….He wills the carcillo out of him beforehand…pooping is for babies……speaking of which…any crosby updates?

  52. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – funny story…i didnt know that…did you see the HBO documentary on “the broadstreet bullies”?…i hated those 70’s flyers teams….. i actually cried like a wuss after the rangers lost the 73-74 series….

  53. Last I heard, Crosby had trouble popping a pimple on his universe sized lips, but it turns out it wasn’t a pimple, it was a midget that was caught between some dead skin, and he accidentally suffocated him. Wrong place, wrong time.

  54. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    doesnt avery serve a baked black monkey with an apple sauce at the Warren?

  55. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    i bet crosby has botox injections to keep those inflatable lips so puffy……

  56. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – have you seen the commercial where crosby wraps his lips around 11 hockey pucks with no hands?…

  57. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    can you imagine crosby kissing melanie griffith?….each with their 10 gallon lips….trying not to swallow the other’s head in the process….

  58. …I would rather believe that Avery had in Tiny’s menu Crosby’s special – “frankfurter lips” curved and baked in a whining position.

  59. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    ….and that one ranger/pens game where crosby broke a stick…reached in his mouth and pulled a new stick out from under his lips…

  60. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    4ever – I’ll tell ya what was curved and whining…and it wasn’t his lips…believe me

  61. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    …torts was screaming…”hey you cant keep a stick inside your lips!!!! that should be 2 minutes”

  62. I usually change the channel when Crosby comes on. His anaconda lips are so massive, they actually freeze my TV. So, I avoid his commercials from now on!!

    Forget Griffith. What aboot Lisa Rinna? If those two kissed, it would be the end of all things!

  63. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    …funny thing…he had 2 other sticks wrapped up in his lips too,…that is one set of ballon lips…i hear he doesn’t pack a suitcase…everything just gets sucked up into those giant pillows….

  64. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – i have to think that crosby has had quite a few anacondas in those lips of his…if you know what i mean….

  65. If I remember correctly, it was a right side of his pithecanthropus scull, which has contact with a glass, after last concocollission. …and the right side is responsible for long term memory. Do you think he still remembers to hold stick left or right and shouldn’t they give him a test if he recognizes teammates and what team he’s playing for?

  66. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    …well, a baby kangaroo could live inside those massive saucer-holders….

  67. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    …better than his lips is his killer man-stash……looks like he fertilizes that shrub……there must be at least 6 hairs on that upper lip….

  68. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    …well, to be honest….half the zoo could call those lips home and no one would know….

  69. I can’t wait to see Rupper sending his former… to friggen partition and start brawl with half of Pisspanses team.

  70. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    he really ought to enter the hot dog eating contest…he could hide several hundred wieners in those pillows without swallowing…

  71. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    4ever – Rupp just needs to be careful because crosby could swallow his head whole….very hard to breathe when the crosby blimp lips have sucked you in….

  72. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    4ever – i cant believe for one second that his concussion is a result of his head hitting the glass…..his lips would not only absorb all contact…..he could suction the glass right off its hinges….

  73. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    there has to be youtube footage of crosby’s giant lips swallowing several inflated beach balls

  74. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    AAEEE – Vic Hadfield joking with the timekeeper in the penalty box, after taking a bad penalty in the final minute of the Rangers season in 1974, has to be the biggest, most shocking disappointment and let down I have ever experienced as regards a professional athlete I thought the world of. And he and Emile NEVER reconciled, and of course, soon afterward he was bounced over to Pittsburgh to wrap up his career. What the hell was so funny about the team coming within one goal of making it to the Stanley Cup Finals and missing out, no one of us will ever know? Only Vic, to this day, can know what possessed him to space out like that.

    I was so saddened to see Emile and Vic sharing a box at a Rangers reunion game a few years ago, and STILL they were not talking to eachother. Got to side with Emile, he treated Vic like an only son. I don’t know how else Vic thinks Emile should have handled it? From a father-son type bond to a mutual discord, for the rest of their lives.

    No good, Vic, you should make your peace with Emile while there is still time. Sometimes being a man involves more than just using your fists to prove your manhood. A real man has the courage and the humility to admit it when he is/was wrong. I bet Vic would feel 1000 per cent better inside if he just wrote Emile a short note and said, “Coach, I’m sorry and I feel badly that I let you and my teammates down when you needed me to pick you up the most.” And Emile, I bet, would acknowledge a communication like that and be gracious about it, class gentleman that he always was.

    How I wish things could have been different, starting with Vic not screwing up, and Jean and Brad not being traded. That group should have won at least one Cup, given all the near misses that had.

  75. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    boom boom that was a great great series….Bernie P. stood on his head those 4 games in filthy and the ref gave those pieces of carcillo nearly every call in games 1,2, 5, and 7

  76. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    boom boom – even worse was the TV cameral caught #11 laughing his silly head off in the box for the too many men penalty

  77. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    that series and the following debacle years debacle against the fishstick ended those tremendous ranger teams of the early 70’s…

  78. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Carp – A few years ago I bumped into Abe Vigoda (“Tom, can you get me off the hook, for old times’ sake.”) in the Beverly Hills library. Wanted to say hello to him, but no one was bothering him, so I let it go, not knowing if he would appreciate it or take it the wrong way. Thought he was a superb member of that exceptional cast. “Tell Michael I always liked him, it was only business.” “Michael knows that, Salie.”

  79. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    edzo is already in the US HOF yes?….if not…he should be shoe-in…one of the greatest rangers to ever suit up and the best colorman the booth has ever seen…a true professional

  80. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    Fat Clemenza had to pee a lot…that is why Paulie never suspected anything when they pulled of the Causeway…

  81. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Always will remember the shock and disbelief of what I was seeing, which was indescribably impossible to understand and accept. I knew immediately that Vic was done as a Ranger, the rift starting coming out in the press, a couple days later.

  82. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    “Godfather what can I do?” “What can I do, what can I do – YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN!”

  83. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    “Mike, you don’t come to Las Vegas and talk to a man like Moe Green like that.” “Fredo, you’re my brother and I love you, but don’t ever take sides against the family, again.”

  84. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    boom boom – shock indeed…that series left such bitter taste in my mouth…the beating dale rolfe took at the hands of that carcillo- head schultz was painful to watch…

  85. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    “You know who I am? I’m Moe Green, I made my bones when you were still going out with cheerleaders.”

  86. JimboWoodside on

    “did you see the HBO documentary on “the broadstreet bullies”?”

    No Eddie, I have not seen it – I gave up on HBO after “The Sopranos” ended.

    The 70’s Flyers were a *dastardly* team – and their “arrival” coincided with the decline of the Rangers and the pretty darned good Emile Francis teams……

  87. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    So we went to a hockey game and they were showing The Godfather movie on the monitor.

  88. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    Moe Green : he was banging cocktail waitresses 2 at a time…i had to straighten him out

    Michael : you straightened my brother out?

  89. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – i know i have asked you before, but were you at any of those home games that 73-74 series?

  90. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    sonny – ” i want my brother coming out of there with more than just his (stick) in his hands…”

  91. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – i was listening via WNEW 1130 am with Marv and sal messina

  92. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Jimbo – Interesting you mention all the Flyers tie games, and the fact that the Spectrum roof blew off. In fact, because of the damage to the Spectrum, the Flyers next game was transfered to the new MSG, and I was there for the game, this was early in 1968. Seats were free, and on a first come, first serve basis.

    And speaking the ties, that transferred game between the Flyers and the Oakland Seals ended in a 0-0 tie, just one of two such scores in a game I saw before the gimmick people took over the sport. The first was a thrilling 0-0 tie game between the Rangers and the Canadiens, March 8, 1964, with the Prince of Wales Trophy on the line between the Habs and the Black Hawks. Best played hockey game I ever saw in my life. The outmanned Rangers went at the Habs that night like they had a Stanley Cup stake in the outcome. Rod Seiling made his professional debut in that game.

  93. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    mike green’s noodle has been damaged severely me thinks…

  94. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    The horse “Fredo Corleone” won the Strub Stakes at Santa Anita, a couple years ago. “Through the stretch, Fredo Corleone, in front!”

  95. JimboWoodside on

    Wow, Boom – wish I had been a fan back then! I would have loved seeing Bobby Hull as a youngster, although he was damned good in 67-68 when I first started following hockey!

    Rod Seiling – there was an under-appreciated guy……always a gentleman.

    I think I watched that Flyer MSG “home” game on TV somehow – was it on the NHL Game of the Week, I wonder…?

    How was the 1964 Ranger team? Did they make the playoffs that year? (probably not!)

  96. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I suffer to this day that Emile traded my boy, Bob Plager, to reacquire Seiling, following St. Louis selecting Seiling in the expansion draft. Also saw Plager’s Rangers debut in March 1964, and on his first NHL shift, he belted Bobby Hull, of all people, into the boards so hard, a resounding “crack” could be heard throughout the Garden, and Mr. Hull surely has not forgotten that most vicious check anyone delivered on him in his entire career. I never saw any other Ranger target Hull over the years, in a physically aggressive manner.

    Imagine, your first shift in the National Hockey League you put Bobby Hull into the popcorn machine. And if the Red Wings had been the opposition it would have been Gordie Howe. Damn I liked that Plager kid!

  97. man,
    you’re bumming me out now
    cause all i’m thinking about
    is poor Luca Brasi….

    i guess a couple of cannolis
    may make me feel better

  98. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Jimbo – The Rangers missed the playoffs, for five years, leading up to 1966-1967, when it all came together for Vic, Rod, Jean, Brad, Bobby Nevin, Goyette, Ingarfield, Marshall, Reggie Fleming, big Orland Kurtenbach, Harry Howell, Jim Neilson, the smallish, pussy D liability, Arnie Brown, and a couple journeyman D’s Wayne Hillman, and Al MacNeil, with Eddie G. and the outstanding Gilles Villemure in goal. The lack of depth and quality, after Howell and Neilson was their undoing, by they were getting younger, bigger and more talented, after Emile took over the reins from Muzz Patrick in the front office, and Red Sullivan behind the bench.

  99. FWIW I always thought the Nagano troublemakers were indeed:

    -Chelios himself

  100. JimboWoodside on

    Howell was still there when I became a fan, as was Neilson, Big Kurt, Reg Fleming, and Arnie Brown. Hillman, MacNeil and Ingarfield must have gone in the expansion draft.

    I remember a goalie named Don Simmons…he didn’t play very much at all…..not when they had Eddie G!

  101. JimboWoodside on

    And I remember Terry Sawchuk as a Ranger backup goalie too…before his tragic death..

  102. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    AAEEE – “I got a business to run, sometimes I gotta kick ass to make it run right.”

    “Now I leave for New York, tomorrow, think of a price.”

  103. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    “You guinea bastards make me laugh, you’re getting run out of the city by the other families and you think you can come out here and take over my hotel?”

    “I talk to Barzini, I can make a deal and still get to keep my hotel”

  104. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    “Who are the girls, Fredo?”

    “That’s for you to find out.”

    “Now I’m here on business, I leave tomorrow, get rid of them.”

  105. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    “nurse – can you help me?….these men are trying to kill my father”

  106. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    Mrs. Corleone – “Connie, what, i cant hear you,,,,sonny here, its your sister”

  107. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    Mike “carlos, no your punishment is you are out of the family business…now tell me…was it Barzini that approached you?”

  108. 4ever

    I guess i didnt say it tright…I was not blaming Avery…Frolov should have kept his mouh shut, period. The way he said it, you can see how easy it was taken out of the context. You have to explain what you mean when you talk about thing like that, especially when interviewed by a Russian newspaper.

    Now, I rest my case on this subject.

    Godfather is starting again.

    “You can act like a man! [slap] What’s the matter with you?”

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