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To borrow a term from one of our Boneheads (I apologize, but I can’t remember which one), I’ve got a meeting at Mr. Green’s office today, at one of my favorite meeting places — Centennial Golf Club in Carmel.

Our colleague Kevin Allen over at USA Today wrote some pre-pre-pre-season predictions including the following:

“5. The improved New York Rangers and Buffalo Sabres should be moving up in the Eastern Conference standings, although it’s difficult to project who is falling. The Washington Capitals? Penguins? Don’t see it, but some do.”


It’s a great point. People are saying that the Rangers are now one of the top three or four teams in the East … which includes a stocked Washington; a Pittsburgh team that could have its two superstars back; a Philadelphia team that could go to the top or the bottom of the class after a confusing off-season; an extremely strong Tampa Bay squad; teams that played really well down the stretch last year in Montreal, Buffalo, and even Carolina and Toronto … plus, oh yeah, the defending Stanley Cup champion Bruins.

Are the Rangers better? Hell yeah. Are they automatically a top-four team, or even a definite playoff team? I think they are the latter, but I wouldn’t bet the mortgage.


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  1. Good morning, boneheads!

    It’s August….

    Have fun, Carp.
    Too early for predictions, but after lockout, every year, the media predicted the Rangers either be on the bottom of league/conference or not to make the playoffs. They are used to being underdogs. Let’s see how they respond now.

  2. I, too, believe they are a definite playoff team. And I’m not buying that Buffalo improved. Those are some dumb contracts they’ve given out.

  3. Good morning heads!
    Did you catch any fish yesterday ilb?
    Have fun today Carp.
    How can they predict how the season is going to be without even seeing the team play together yet? Even so, the Rangers are definitely better this year. Let’s see how the season plays out. It should be a fun ride!

  4. This is what gives me the jeebies. I thought at the beginning of last season that Buffalo was going to be a lot stronger team than they turned out to be. And I underestimated both the Canes and the Lightning. And I was completely clueless about the working of Sather’s mind. Tortorella I read him fairly well, and I really thought that Gilroy was a much better player than he was given credit for….and that Stepan was somewhat over ratedl

    And didn’t Rangers take the measure of Bruins a couple of times last season?

    My constant ( and it seems never ending) complaint about Rangers is their passive style of play. No one in front of net, way too much perimeter passing, too much aiming of shots on goal instead of hitting the 4 x area, and the
    throw back to the Renney era with the skating full bore by a puck carrier up to the blue line, and fine all the team mates waiting there for him to arrive and then he dumps it in. and the result is a 50 50 even scrum behind the net with the defenders, and often not a single shot on goal. ( and just as often the opponent gets the puck and then shows them how it;s done right.)

  5. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – I hope that mr. Trap, mr. Hazard, and mr. Deep Rough are not invited to your meeting with mr. Green.

  6. Carp…with a description that glowing, you may have to stop calling it the Leastern Conference.

  7. Buenos Dias Amigos.

    It’s hard to predict Hockey. Injuries, slumps and acquisitions will play a big role. We should make the playoffs (before the last day of the season, and hopefully not because another team loses) but those other teams are supposedly better. Although it’s hard to see any team getting _worse_ in the offseason. They are all trying to get _better_.

  8. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I’m curious is Skid will be the same player at the beginning of the season, or if he’s worried about his eggs getting scrambled again, and doesn’t play with the same energy… we shall see.

    The East will be interesting as usual… and i’m sure it will get tight down the stretch.

  9. The team I most fear is the Capitals. With the addition of Vokoun in net they can go back to their highly offensive minded game plan and who knows how many goals those guys are capable of putting up. Look what they put up two seasons ago? Combine that with a very good goalie and the Capitals are going to be a horrifying force.

  10. Well, I think the obvious one that is worse(or rather, not better) is the Lightning. I don’t see how you go into an NHL season with Garon and Rolson as your goaltending tandem. Smith wasn’t any great shakes, but he offered more hope than either of those two guys. The Flyers went from a contender to a bubble team in my estimation. Also, I like the moves the Sabres made, but I don’t see them as massively upgrading the team. The playoff team I expect to drop the most, however, is the Canadiens. Bloated salaries, very small up front and the best they could do was acquire Cole to replace Pouliot. I think they’ll be leap frogged by Carolina, which will make a push for seventh or eighth with Devils.

    It’s hard to see either the Caps or Pens drop appreciably. Especially the Pens, considering they’re essentially the same team that gave the Lightning a real go for their money without Crosby and Malkin. Still, if you look at the Pens’ roster, they still lake the quality high-skill winger they need to tap Crosby’s full potential. And I’ve never been a fan of Marc Andre Fleury.

    The Caps live and die on Vokoun. But with that said, I think they’re also starting to look a bit like the Pens in that they’ve got a pair of power-house lines, but garbage in third and fourth. I’ve also never been a fan of the Caps’ defense.

    Making picks today, I’d say the east playoff race looks like this:

    1. Boston
    2. Pittsburgh
    3. Washington
    4. Rangers
    5. Buffalo
    6. Tampa
    7. Philadelphia
    8. Carolina

    With the Devils working hard(but falling short) of eighth.

  11. Gift – Count me as one who thinks Crosby will be exactly the same player. I’ve never believed his concussion and symptoms were as bad as reported. I think the team(maybe even the league) did the right thing in pulling the plug on his season the second he reported any symptom. Like him or not, Crosby is a billion-dollar commodity for the Pens. I think he was a little woozy after the Steckel hit, but I don’t buy he was having the same kind of trouble Savard is working through right now. Or Booth the season before.

  12. Any improvements the Rangers will make in the standings are going to be heavily built on improving the offense. They were tied for 5th in goals against, only 4 behind the Bruins who were 1st in the East. They did it with a rookie pair getting 2nd pair minutes for half the year, so I’m not overly concerned with them being a top 10 defense again.

    If they added 10 goals to their total last season they would have been 10th overall and not 14th overall. 15 extra goals and they’d be right outside the top 5. Between 09/10 and 10/11 they improved 11 goals, and that’s with having Gaborik score nearly 20 less goals between those seasons. So hopefully we’ll see more of the same improvement in the scoring depth. There will be guys that will probably score less, Boyle/Stepan/Prust are likely candidates but this is a season where I’m hoping the top 6 forwards put together a solid season to show they can consistently carry the load. Another area where I’d like to see more production is from the blueline. Staal was the blueline’s leader with 7 goals. Even Rozsival who didn’t play half the season in NY was tied for 3rd amongst the D with 3.

    The team as a whole is definitely primed for improvement, but a finish higher than 5th in the conference would be a pleasant surprise.

  13. I’m not sure what to make of the Rangers this season. For the most part they are the same team that ended last season except for the addition of Richards. Does he vault them from an 8th seed to a 3rd or 4th? I don’t know.

    What would need to happen is that youngsters like Stepan, Anisimov, McDonagh and Sauer improve their game and maybe an unknown player comes in and surprises like Hagelin or Thomas or even a player it seems like a lot of guys are down on in Zuccarello.

  14. The Habs are definitely a team that defied the odds last year to make the playoffs. Their offensive production has steadily declined since they were the top seed in the East 4 years ago. I’d imagine that if they don’t quite the same type of season from Price that they did last year, they will have a lot of struggles winning games.

  15. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Definitely agree that the Rangers deserve to be projected as one of the top-four teams in the conference with the upside of being one of the top-four teams in the league, all of which, in any given year, have the best shot of winning the Cup.

    Yes, scoring is a question mark, going in, and the maturity of the talented young D corps is also a question mark, but as a devotee of comprising your roster with young, talented, maturing players, I’m not going to knock that characteristic of this team, at all. In fact, this Ranger team now has such a solid corps of maturing young players, this could be the break-through season for this franchise, that is, the first of 7+ seasons of solid Cup contention, with the eventuality getting it done being realized before too long. This team appears to be far beyond merely “making the playoffs,” caliber, and will, I predict, at least make it to the Conference finals. After all, the right coach is in place, the right captain is on the scene, the right FA was brought in during the off-season, plus the right youthful promotions are being expedited, and if Hagelin and Thomas are given the chance to establish themselves and make a contribution this season, there figure to be no weaknesses up front on on the blueline.

    I am extremely optimistic as regards this team’s upside, going in, just hope the surprises encountered along the way do not undermine what could be this team’s best season since, well, 1994. Been lobbying here for a roster composition such as we now have, for years, not that Rangers brass is tuned in or in cares what any of us thinks, but after years of criticizing and complaining about team philosophy and short-term patching moves, I am on-board as of now, as this train starts to gather a lot of momentum.

  16. In my opinion Vokoun is not really a question mark. He took a discount to play on a team that will contend because he wants to win. He is hungry and his window is beginning to close on his chances. I expect him to be at his best for the majority of the season and to get some time off towards the end of the season to prep him for the playoffs.

  17. Vokoun took a discount because the only other team that was willing to throw a huge contract to a goalie this offseason already ripped up the foundation of their team and signed one. Paying a premium for goalies when only a handful significantly separate themselves from the pack is the new market inefficiency.

  18. Vokoun is really good. I don’t have stats to back it up or anything but watching him I see that he is REALLY good. He is not even making twice what Marty Biron makes as a backup. He makes LESS than Boucher is getting paid as a backup. And, as I said, Vokoun is really good. $1.5M a year is a discount when Boucher is getting close to $2M.

  19. Vokoun is definitely a quality goalie, he’s got good save % and shut out stats. His issue was the Panthers usually allowed a ton of shots every game so even a good save % produces a somewhat distorted GAA.

    The problem with Vokoun this offseason was that no one outside of the Flyers was really looking to spend big money on a goalie whether because they had the positioned filled or for cap reasons. And while goalies tend to age better than skaters, he’s going to be 35 before this season starts.

  20. I doubt Crosby will ever be the same. I don’t see him coming back at 100 percent. I think he’ll fear big hits, and avoid the dirty areas. If he gets nailed again, he’s in trouble. Crosby is still a threat at 70 percent, but he’s not the threat he used to be.

    Buffalo, while better on paper, might be slightly sugar coated with the new ownership that doesn’t expect the team to win a cup on 50 dollars. It will take time for them to reflect the new owners commitment.

  21. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    I also think the caps will be really good. I think the pens will be like the hawks were last season, lost too many of their glue guys. They will make the playoffs, but at the bottom.

    I agree with Fran, if we didn’t play so passive…..I do think we are a playoff team now, and if we were grittier on D we could get pretty far I think!

  22. Boucher got a 2 year deal, his AAV is lower. There’s a different market for backups vs starters. Maybe Vokoun figured after he wasn’t going to get a big multiyear deal as a starter to go to a contender, but I’d be surprised if Vokoun initially was asking for a 1 year deal.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    “The problem with Vokoun this offseason was that no one outside of the Flyers was really looking to spend big money on a goalie whether because they had the positioned filled or for cap reasons. ”

    Colorado was. Look what they gave up for Varlamov. Vokoun didn’t even talk to them. He wanted to play for a contender.

  24. Considering we didn’t have a real playmaking center all season, we only lost marginal players, we got a damn good one for the bottom 2 lines, and everything else stayed the same, I would think we’d have to do better next season.

  25. Boom Boom – Totally agree. Only I have a hard time even given a question mark to the offense. You take Brad Richards’ worst statistical year of his career(either his first two in the league or his last year with Tamps), check the pace to an 82-game season and he still leads last year’s Rangers in just about every category. Also count me as one who thinks the so-called ‘fix’ for Gaborik’s woes is letting the guy get healthy. I don’t for one minute believe he was playing 100 percent at any point after October. I think if both players have off years, we’ll still see them rack up 70-plus points.

    CT/Manny – Vokoun is definitely the real deal. And the Caps also have Neuvirth to take some of the burden off his old ass. No doubt, the Caps are going to be a lot tougher. But their real issue last season wasn’t as much about the goaltending as it was their defensive game. They kind of remind me a bit of the 2007-2007 Rangers on steroids.

    TheDude – I’d be surprised if Crosby comes back like that. I mean, he’s never really been a physical player to begin with. But his vision is such that he can normal power past or duck the real nasty hits. It’s the ones he didn’t see that nailed him. And it was more of a collision than a hit. Like I said, I think media reports of his concussion saga were drastically blown out of proportion on purpose. You don’t want to think your team would shut down your star player as a precaution. But if everyone is saying ‘Sid’s still hurting’ it’s resonates a lot easier with fans. Were I to venture a guess, I bet Sid was symptom free by the start of the playoffs, if not earlier.

  26. Gift of GAB-orik on

    If Crosby was healthy, he would have played in the playoffs. For him to miss as much time as he did, plus all the playoffs, and not even be on the ice and skating as long as he was…. doesn’t add up.

    Guys play hurt, guys play on sprained this, and broken that, if he could have played, he would have, in my opinion.

    I think he may have suffered 2 seperate concussions in a short timeframe, and he maybe tried to just shake off the 1st, or didn’t think it was a big deal.

    Either way, I think the symptoms were bad, and it takes awhile to get over the fear of further head injury. Not to mention the guy has a target on his chest everytime he hits the ice.

  27. But that’s a trade vs a big FA signing. Avs seem to have a self imposed salary cap. Not sure if they were willing to splash out a huge deal for Vokoun even if he was willing to go there.

  28. Something is definitely fishy about the Crosby injuries. I am assuming something really bad happened to his head. Until he proves otherwise I am going to assume he will be a shadow of his former self.

  29. Good morning all!
    I predict it will be a tremendously tremendous year in which everyone will make predictions that will either be right or wrong by the playoffs, and that everyone will say they were right until they are proven wrong, and then they’ll say no, I was misquoted.

  30. Nice post, Boom Boom. Perhaps a bit too optimistic, but I agree with most. I think if our second D-pair doesn’t show any sophomore slump, the team will make a lot of noise.

    Phil- I, too, believe that Gaborik’s main issue was his health. Namely, his separated shoulder was the reason he the confidence in his shot. That is his main weapon.

    Vokoun fired his agent a week ago and hired a new one, btw.

  31. If understand correctly, today and tomorrow is the window to buy out WW since 48 hours after Wednesday fell on the weekend. Am I right?

  32. On paper, the Rangers should be a top 5 team in the Conference this season…

    I’ll guesstimate that they’ll capture the 4th seed with 97 points…

    The Rangers actually match up very well agaisnt the Cup champ Bruins…except for one very big, tall difference….

    Zdeno Chara…

  33. Looks like the Nassau county residents couldn’t be bothered about the Islanders:

    “An election official reported low voter turnout early Monday in Nassau County where residents were deciding whether to back a $400 million bond issue to construct a new hockey arena and minor league ballpark.

    “Abysmally low,” is how Nassau County Board of Elections Commissioner William Biamonte described turnout for the unusual mid-summer election. He said approximately 20,000 voters had cast ballots in the first several hours after polls opened at 6 a.m.; voters have until 9 p.m. to cast their ballots.

    The commissioner, a Democrat, said there were some minor problems with some workers arriving late to polling places, but no major issues.

    Nassau County residents, who pay some of the highest property taxes in the country, are deciding whether to support a $400 million bond issue to replace the 39-year-old Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The project also includes a minor league baseball park and a possible track and field facility.

    The county executive and others consider the vote a last-ditch effort to keep the NHL’s New York Islanders from relocating when the team’s lease expires in 2015. Islanders’ owner Charles Wang said he will have to consider his options, including selling or moving to a new city if voters reject Monday’s referendum.

    County Executive Edward Mangano, who is struggling to close a 2011 budget deficit estimated at more than $100 million, points to studies that claim the project will create over 1,500 construction jobs and over 3,000 permanent jobs.

    Wang tried to privately develop the property about eight years ago, envisioning an expansive complex of office buildings, apartments and retail stores. That proposal, called the Lighthouse Project, failed because of community opposition. Now, he is backing a publicly financed plan.

    Nassau residents last year paid an average property tax bill of $11,500, nearly the highest in the country. The county portion of that tab is 16.4 percent. The rest goes to finance schools, although the county has no say over school district spending, which is decided in each local municipality.

    Mangano says the average cost to taxpayers would be as little as $14 per year; others estimate the average could be four times that amount.

    Even if voters approve the proposal, there are still major hurdles. The county legislature must sign off on the borrowing, as does the Nassau Interim Finance Authority, a state watchdog agency that earlier this year declared a fiscal emergency in Nassau, citing a soaring county budget deficit.”

  34. It’ll be interesting to see where The Hockey News places the Rangers in their predicted standings, since they are usually hopelessly wrong.

    I think they had the Rangers making it in virtually every year during the post-1997 playoff drought, finally put them outside in 2005/06, and the last couple of years had them 12th or lower.

  35. I think it’s today and tomorrow, Doodie. 48 hours after Callahan’s contract was settled was Friday afternoon…

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Speaking of 2nd buyout window, White and Hunter were placed on waivers by the Devils.

  37. That’s what I’m not sure about, Doodie…For arbitration ruling, for example, it’s business hours. Anyone?

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought the 2nd buyout period started at 12:00 am on July 28 since Callahan’s contract was settled on the 27th.

  39. Once again – I just have to jump in and say thanks to everyone for this blog. When I read other message boards or blogs my blog boils and I just see red. Thanks for this calm, thoughtful and intellectually respectful place to talk sports (99% Hockey!).

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    I wouldn’t buy out White if I were them. He’s worth the extra 2 million they would save this season.

  41. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    The sabres’ signings are adismal at best…..malkin’s knee needs another year to fully be at 100% and skid’s head will never be the same……the bruins will have cup winning fever and clearly overachieved last year, i expect nothing great from them…..the hurricanes have been downgraded to mild rain storm…..filthy still has a sieve in net and suck anyway…..TB will compete….the craps clearly improved and have much to prove…..but the Leastern Conference will be led by none other than YOUR NY RANGERS…..

  42. Thanks, Doodie. Parise signed Thursday? Looks like they are preparing those two for buy out…..

  43. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    carputha – did you get my email?…..let this brutha know….

  44. Doodie, second buy out period starts on the third day after the last arbitration case is settled and lasts 48 hours.

  45. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    billy – 3rd baseman in the rye is one of my fav books… well as franny and zoey and 9 short stories….

  46. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – thank you for your kind words…..i really am all to everyone….

  47. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    doodie – while rickyM sings crappy latin pop songs, he does prance about quite dandy…

  48. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    it wont be long, yeah, YAY, yay, YAY, yay….every night the tears come down from my eyes…every night i do nothing but cry…it wont be long yeah, YEAH, yeah, YEAH

  49. How many buyouts, trades and burying of players in the minors or Europe (not to mention instances of convenient long-term “injuries”) for purely cap-management purposes is Lou Lam up to now? 40 or so? Shame…

    Since I piqued my own interest, comparison of The Hockey News prediction for the Rangers’ conference standing versus the actual outcome, going back to 1998/99 (THN first):

    98/99: 7th vs 10th
    99/00: 7th vs 12th
    00/01: 6th vs 10th
    01/02: 9th vs 11th
    02/03: 8th vs 9th
    03/04: 7th vs 13th
    05/06: 12th vs 6th
    06/07: 3rd vs 6th
    07/08: 2nd vs 5th
    08/09: 6th vs 7th
    09/10: 13th vs 9th
    10/11: 13th vs 8th

  50. Thanks Eddie! I will check it out. I so can’t wait to go to a game. I need me some Ranger hockey now!!!

  51. Yeah Lou Lam has been playing a shell game with the cap for a while. So it was funny that people were trying to deflect the blame from him after Koval-gate last year.

  52. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    jules – brutha eric has seats he wants to sell at face value…holla at him….

  53. Eddie-I did see how Eric had some seats available, but I’m looking for some weekend afternoon games.

  54. jessespector Former #NYR winger Alex Frolov says Sean Avery made racial slurs, but context of quote is key:

    “(Avery) isn’t a fool. Lately he has become calmer, smarter. Before he’d get swept away with emotions and do something stupid. To mention each and every one of his stunts. … Something always happens around him, it’s a part of his job. He needs to be talked about. He loves it, he feels at home in the spotlight. Sometimes he called opponents ‘black monkeys.’ He did a lot of things. I can’t remember all.”

    Ruh roh!

  55. Associate – The only way the Bruins drop in the standings is if Thomas injures himself again. The team is built as solid as a brick$hithouse and is now twice as confident as they were last year. The only change they made to their lineup was they signed Pouliot and ditched Ryder, which is actually a slight upgrade. They also have a more confident, likely more built Seguin coming back. This kid could be a 70-point scorer next year. And it wouldn’t be too unusual to see Dougie Hamilton make his debut this year. Couple all that with the Bruins having a rock-solid farm system(Jamie Arniel, Maxime Sauve and Jordan Caron are all future NHLers), the fact that they have one of if not the best goaltending tandem in the NHL, one of the best defensive pairings(Char-berg) and you’ve got the makings of a dynasty. Very balanced team, solid fundamentally and tough as nails. Plus, they’ve basically been together as a unit for a long time now. Washington is tough, but no where near that tough. Plus Ovechkin is a loser.

  56. And this Avery stuff is just garbage. I don’t even know why Spector is writing about it. This is the kind of thing that belongs on a gossip page. Let’s break it down:

    1. It’s a Russian translation, and context can be lost in translation.
    2. From the context, it sounds like those were things he used to say.
    3. Who cares? Avery says things to get a rise out of people. Plain and simple.

  57. This wasn’t even a story today until Spector made it a story today. Aves called Georges Laraque a monkey how many years ago?

    And, really, who the hell cares what Frolov has to say?

  58. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    phil – i think the bruins will have a cup hangover….and really, did anyone expect them to do what they did last year?…I sure didnt…..and i dont expect them to come close to last year’s performance….merely a hunch on my part, but i am rarely correct. Your points are more than valid…..

  59. billybleedsblue on

    Frolov will fall at the hands of Avery’s supermodel secret police. What insolence!

  60. Bruins are a tough team to figure out. They’ve had some wild swings in their performance from year to year. Especially on offense where they’ve gone back and forth from a top 10 team to a bottom 3 team in the span of one season. The youth in the pipeline should serve them well in the upcoming years but they are leaning on some older players at key positions. I don’t know if I’d view them like the Pens from the past couple of years as having quite the right mix of skill and youth, if not health.

  61. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    CTB speaketh some serious truth…the bruins shot their load last year….this year i think the craps could do it…next year..OUR TURN… it Dano, murder I

  62. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    billy – never underestimate the power that supermodels bring to the table…

  63. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    my german shepherd just snatched a gopher and is chomping on it…..totally disgusting…

  64. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – that kid would have been better served if he had more cowbell

  65. um………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  66. Frolov is never going to be able to get into another club in the city now…

    maybe he can hang at PAP’s place instead… :P

  67. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan – how are those lazy, hazy days of summer treating you?

  68. All is well, brutha Eddie! Love this time of year!! 5PM will be here soon enough! How you be?

  69. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    To and Fro-loft shant be back anyway….his knee exploded.

  70. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan – i am just chill-axin……being kool and the gang, you dig?

  71. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – guns dont kill people, xbox kills people…..

  72. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    thru thick and thin, she will always be my friend…..i have got another girl who will love till the end….

  73. Chubbs: “Just easin’ the tension, baby…”

    Happy: “Yeah? Well ‘ease’ it on someone else…”

  74. Hi guys, knowing there are some regular Ukrainian boneheads here and the fact that im going to the Carpathian Mountians for two weeks, thought id take a chance….anyone know any good fishing spots in the Carpathians/SouthWestern Ukraine? trout fishing, carp (not Carp), etc.

  75. You can trouble me for a warm glass of shut-the-hell-up! Now, you will go to sleep! Or I will PUT you to sleep. Check out the name tag. You’re in MY world now, grandma!

  76. You’re smart. I was wrong. You were right. You’re the best. I’m the worst. You’re very good-looking. I’m not attractive.

  77. “On a mountain of skulls in a castle of pain, I sat on a throne of blood. What was will be, what is will be no more. Now is the season of evil! Find me a child that I might live again!”

  78. Only a *Carpathian* would come back to life now and choose New York! Tasty pick, bonehead! If you had brain one in that huge melon on top of your neck, you would be living the sweet life out in Southern California’s beautiful San Fernando Valley!

  79. “What? Friends listen to endless love in the dark?”

    “Que? Los Amigas Escuchan “Endless Love” en la obscuridad.”

  80. Versus is changing it’s name…..again!



    It’s better than NBC. NBC stands for Nothing But Crosby, but not many people know this. The new Versus name wont be trivial at all.

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    If the Islanders move, they will be the first former Stanley Cup winner to do so.

  82. what about Atlanta. oh, never mind.

    By the way, low turnout for a summer vote about hockey in suburbia? what a surprise! when was the last time there was a high voter turnout for anything? even presidential? it’s always low. People don’t give a carcillo.

  83. I don’t want to get my hopes up, with the Isles situation, but if they’re forced to move, that would be awesome!!!

    Anyway, anybody watch “Entourage”?

    Last night in Scott Caan’s office, there was a framed Carcillo Flyers jersey. Ugh! Then in Kevin Connolly’s office, he has a framed Tavares Isles jersey.

  84. Here Carp:

    Dr. Egon Spengler: Vigo the Carpathian. Born 1505, died 1610.
    Dr. Peter Venkman: 105 years old? He hung in there, didn’t he?
    Dr. Rayomd Stantz: He didn’t die of old age, either. He was poisoned, stabbed, shot, hung, stretched, disemboweled, drawn and quartered.
    Dr. Peter Venkman: Ouch.
    Winston Zeddmore: Guess he wasn’t too popular at the end, huh?
    Dr. Egon Spengler: No, not exactly a man of the people. Also known as Vigo the Cruel, Vigo the Torturer, Vigo the Despised, and Vigo the Unholy.
    Dr. Peter Venkman: Wasn’t he also Vigo the Butch?
    Dr. Raymond Stantz: And dig this, there was a prophecy. Just before his head died, his last words were “Death is but a door, time is but a window: I’ll be back.”

  85. CTBlueshirt – The thing about the Bruins that’s different from the past two cup winners(Pittsburgh and Chicago) is that they’ve actually upgraded their team with Corvo and Pouliot, who are upgrades over Kaberle and Ryder. Losing Recchi is a bit of a blow, but not much. Aside from him, the oldest player is Thomas at 36(37). And he didn’t look too old last season. The key to that club last season was its depth. They sustained losing Marc Savard and then Nathan Horton like nothing happened. That’s why a team like Pittsburgh never scares me too much, because if they lose one of their key players, they’re done. There’s nothing on the farm to call up and nothing on the lower lines to promote.

    To bring this discussion full-circle, that’s why I’m psyched about this years’ Rangers. Solid up and down the lineup with plenty of good talent in the minors and even more excellent talent in the system. Would be pretty cool if we have five or six years of the Rangers and Bruins battling it out for the top in the east.

  86. I’ve been meaning to watch the new season of Entourage, as I have them all DVR’d, but I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of the show the last few seasons.

    I just can’t stand the characters…especially Vince and E. They’re never funny and they get on my nerves…

    I mainly watch it for the hot ladies and to catch a good line or two from Jerermy Piven…

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    If they move, it’s likely to Brooklyn or Queens, so I’m not that thrilled about it. Would love to see them end up in Canada or Kansas.

  88. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Ok, so when IS the buyout window??

    Too bad we don’t know anyone that speaks or reads Russian to find out exactly what the article did say?

    Avery should move to Norway they have closed borders to keep him there!

  89. If they move, it’s likely to Brooklyn or Queens, so I’m not that thrilled about it. Would love to see them end up in Canada or Kansas.

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