The Summer of Carp begins


Hi Kids. We’ve gotten through the playoffs, the draft, the awards, free agency. Not much left (Traverse City) before training camp. Don’t see any major trades coming (have been wrong before).

So, starting Monday I’m going to take a bunch of weeks of vacation. I have four weeks coming before camp starts, with a couple of weeks of work mixed in. These are real vacation days, so it’s not like when I get the furlough boot and can’t come by here. So I will be here, and will post fairly regularly, but when Mr. T calls, I’m outta here for four or five hours at a time.

And since I will be here quite a bit, I won’t need to go nuts with guest posts, at least at the start.

But if anybody feels they really want to do one, please e-mail me at We’d be happy to take some of your thoughts and ideas and general craziness.


In case you missed it yesterday, while I was out with Mr. T (don’t ask, but it was still better than working), the Rangers announced that they’d signed J.T. Miller:


New York, July 28, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with forward J.T. Miller.

Miller, 18, was selected by the Rangers with the 15th overall choice in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft on June 24.  The East Palestine, Ohio native led Team USA in scoring with 13 points in six tournament contests en route to capturing the gold medal at the 2011 IIHF U-18 World Junior Championship in Germany.  He tied for third among all tournament skaters in points, fourth in assists (nine), sixth in goals (four), and seventh with a plus-eight rating.  Miller was selected by tournament coaches as Team USA’s top player during the elite tournament after leading Team USA in points and assists, and finishing second on the team in goals and plus/minus rating.

Last season, Miller skated in 48 games with the U.S. National Under-18 Team (USHL), registering 11 goals and 26 assists for 37 points, along with 80 penalty minutes.  He established USHL career-highs in games played, assists, points, and penalty minutes, and ranked third on the team in points, and second in assists and penalty minutes.  Miller also established career-highs with two shorthanded goals and three game-winning goals, and notched a USA U-18 career best, two power play goals.  His two shorthanded goals tied for the team lead, while his three game-winning goals tied for fourth on the club.

Internationally, Miller registered three goals and eight assists for 11 points in eight contests at the Four Nations Cup in Sundsvall, Sweden and the Five Nations Tournament in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.  He notched two goals and three assists for five points in four games at the 2010 Four Nations Cup from November 10-14.  In addition, Miller tallied six points (one goal, five assists) in four games at the 2011 Five Nations Tournament from February 7-13.  He led all tournament skaters with five assists, and ranked seventh in scoring with six points.

The 6-1, 200-pounder has appeared in 95 career games over two seasons with the U.S. National Development Team (USHL), registering 26 goals and 42 assists for 68 points, along with 159 penalty minutes.  In 2009-10, Miller established USHL career-highs in goals (15) and power play goals (four), and finished with 31 points while skating in 46 games with the U.S. National Under-17 Team (USHL).  He also helped lead Team USA to a first-place finish at the 2010 World Under-17 Hockey Challenge in Timmins, Ontario, tallying a team-high, five goals, and finishing second on the team in scoring with nine points during the tournament.


And Glen Sather asked Rangers fans who live on the Island to vote Monday for the Islanders’ new arena:

“The rivalry that has existed between the Rangers and Islanders for almost 40 years is one of the best in hockey and in all of sports.   The intense passion and emotion involved in these games is something we cherish and would like to see continue for generations to come.   We urge Rangers fans, Islanders fans and all hockey fans in Nassau County to vote yes for the referendum on Monday, August 1.”   – Glen Sather


And as I left the  course with a pencil that didn’t have much graphite left in it from all the big numbers, I got a call from a neighbor. Just so happens he’s got a big meeting today. Asked me to be a special guest. So I’m going again.

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  1. Not here, Marji :-)

    Have a lot of fun, Carp. And we are all up for general craziness. In case you haven’t noticed, we like it.

  2. Johnny LaRue on

    Are those all the Titleists in the trunk of your car that you are going to hit into the ocean?

  3. A lot of balls, Carp….In that picture, that is. I’m sure Torts would notice.

  4. Going to tee it up myself this morning and try to finish before the temperature reaches 100.

    I doubt that there’ll be much hockey news between now and training camp. Have a good summer Carp.

  5. Boom Boom Bathgate(from other post) – I don’t necessarily disagree with giving a young kid a chance, provided he earns it and given his circumstance. In the case of Boston, the thought was that Seguin wasn’t going to learn anything more in the OHL. He was a man playing with boys there. They thought he had the right size and weight to play in the NHL, so they gave him a shot. But he struggled for most of the season. Still, the alternative was to have him stagnate. Ditto with Kane in Chicago, only he picked up the game much quicker and is arguably the more talented of the two.

    Now, I don’t think there’s any Ranger prospect that’s in the league of those two(or three if you want to throw in Toews). Thomas is about the closest. He’s put up numbers similar to Seguin in the OHL. But with the way the Rangers’ top two lines are composed, he’s probably not going to get much time there even if he does make the team. I suppose Torts could move the third line(Fedotenko-Boyle-Prust) to fourth and he could be integrated a bit like Seguin was if he had a stellar camp. But there’s also the issue of his size, and that I foresee as a big adjustment for him. Outside of something really special happening in camp, I can’t see how he doesn’t spend out his time in Juniors and then take a brief stint in Hartford.

    Hagelin is a totally different subject. He’s an older player(23 by the time camp opens) and definitely more mature. I could see him making the roster out of camp, since I don’t think the Rangers would have an issue with him getting limited minutes over a full season. But in his development and moving from the much shorter NCAA season to the 82-game pro season, I’d think the best bet would be for him to see top-line ice in Hartford so he can build his confidence and then step into a third or even second line spot when injuries strike. The organization seems fairly high on the guy and he was seen as the go-to player when Zuccarelllo injured his hand.

    McIlrath is a bit of a dark horse, I think. He’s a righty shot and apparently left a real good impression on the team this summer. It seems kind of unlikely with all the defensemen that are in camp for two spots(Del Zotto, Erixon, Valentenko, and even guys like Kundratek and Pashnin). But you never know.

    Kreider will be interesting to watch. Again, I have a feeling he’ll get the nod in Hartford for part of a season before he does get the call. But then again, they saw no need to send Stepan to the minors for seasoning.

    As for the pattern of rushing guys, I’m speaking more to the late-1990s and early 2000s, when guys like Malhotra and Blackburn were quickly ferried into a league that they had no business playing in. They started this pattern of smart development after the lockout, and I believe it’s paid dividends. But if a guys is ready, he’s ready. We’ll see about these kids in September.

  6. Carp – Congrats. Mazel Tov. From my family to yours. I expect you to post your daily scorecards up here so we can critique.

  7. OK, Manny. Here’s my predicted front-nine this morning:

    4-5-4-4-3-4-4-3-5 — 36.

    That’s how many balls I lose on each of the first nine holes.

  8. Johnny LaRue on

    If you lose that many balls you’ll be as angry as an old man trying to send back soup at a deli.

  9. It was at that moment that I decided to tell her I was not a marine biologist.

    She told me to go to hell, and I took the bus home.

  10. Carp – if you lose _that_ many balls I am sure you will be in the woods searching a few times and in those woods you will find a few replacement balls (or “nuggets” as I like to call them).

  11. George: I’m such a Huge whale fan. These marine biologists were showing how they communicate with each other with these squeaks and squeals, what a fish!

    Jerry: It’s a mammal.

    George: Whatever.

  12. Crucial Opinion Poll for the day:

    Which SNL short is better:

    A.) D*C% in a box; or
    B.) Three Way


  13. Cowbells skit with the Bruce Dickinson. Followed by walkers even nurture performance as the gardener who is afraid of his plants and puts googly eyes on them. What would your last thought be as your fern is strangling you go death? I always knew.

  14. Phil: The Rangers have a bad habit of rushing kids and not once has it worked out in their favour (that I can think of). As you cite, there’s Blackburn and Maholtra from a decade+ ago, but there’s other examples since. They include:

    Bruce Graham
    Michael Del Zotto
    Eugeny Grachev

    Graham was a young 19 (December born) year old when he turned pro, despite the fact that his junior team was a Memorial Cup favourite, wanted him back and wanted him to wear the C. Furthermore, he was coming off a season where he finally started putting up some decent offensive numbers. Clearly, he should have gone back to junior (to play as a over-ager). Instead he turned pro and struggled into oblivion.

    Living in southern Ontario, I’m afforded plenty of opportunities to watch junior hockey (on TV) and made a point of paying attention to MDZ once he became Ranger property. It was clear from the outset that this kid has skill, but equally clear was his laziness defensively (he’d rush up ice and more often than not take his time coming back), his struggles positionally and his penchant for undisciplined penalties. I was shocked when he made the Rangers as an underager and not at all surprised to see his play drop-off at the tailend of his rookie season and then truly struggle last year. He should have gone back to London for his final junior season with the instructions to work on his defensive game.

    Grachev had but 1 year in junior. While it was impressive, it was also marred by stretches of uninspired play. His junior coach (Stan Butler, who is very highly regarded) is on record as saying that Grachev needed another year to learn that one needs to come to the rink to play hard every shift/period/game. That’s what he intended to work on with Grachev. Alas, Sather knew better and now look what’s transpired: 2 pro seasons of disappointing play where his coaches are lamenting his lack of committment and now he’s out of the organization entirely.

    I am thankful that Kreider has spurned Sather’s advances about turning pro. Kreider appears to have all the skills – big, fast and talented. However, he’s yet to dominate offensively in college – why push him to turn pro in that case? Of course, I’m not saying if did turn pro it’s a guarantee he’d flounder, but why not err on the side of caution? No one can one say the difference between the Rangers being successful this year is based on whether or not Kreider’s in the lineup.

    Finally, word is out that the Rangers are yapping about the fact that JT Miller doesn’t have to go the junior if the Rangers don’t want him to (although I’m not so sure that’s correct). Why do I get the feeling that he’ll play for Plymouth this season and then Hartford the following year??

    Didn’t the Rangers learn anything with Marc Staal? This is a kid who was sent back to Sudbury for his final junior year despite performing well in camp and went on to lead his skill challenged team deep into the POs and then build on that to the point where he’s the best d-man on the club and possibly working his way towards a being a Norris trophy candidate one day.

    Don’t rush the kids dammit!!!

  15. Good morning all! Dang you Carp, I was just about to post Aristophenes….fore right!

  16. I can’t wait to play some golf myself…tomorrow can’t come soon enough!!

    This camp should be extra fun to watch since we have so many new highly touted kids coming in to compete for spots…Hagelin, Erixon, Pashnin, McIlrath, Thomas…etc…

    It’s actually fun (and not too painful) to be a Rangers fan when your organization finally starts to “get it”. We now have legit first and second lines. An elite goaltender. Solid depth on D. And a handful of very, very promising prospects. I won’t get too exicited yet. But, the future is shining bright!!! We not too far away from being a perrenial threat.

  17. I see where you point out that the Whales are all mammals, I.m sure there a few protestants and Catholics among them. besides …what difference does it make what their religion they are, as long as they can play hockey?

  18. Gotta have more cowbell. I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell.

  19. Hey *GUYS* : Have you ever seen a website called “The Chive” ? It’s pretty awesome.

  20. phil & Jim – Tolstoy tweens, their “War and Peace” for and about youngsters is piece of art and perfect “bedtime” reading. Kudos.

  21. To compete with them by length:
    Guess which one….Is it NBA, NFLor NHL?
    36 have been accused of spousal abuse
    7 have been arrested for fraud
    19 have been accused of writing bad checks
    117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses
    3 have done time for assault
    71 repeat 71
    cannot get a credit card due to bad credit
    14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
    8 have been arrested for shoplifting
    21 currently are defendants in lawsuits, and
    84 have been arrested for drunk driving
    in the last year
    Can you guess which organization this is? NBA, NFLor NHL
    Neither, it’s the 535 members of the United States Congress The same group of Idiots that crank out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us in line.

  22. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    It would be hard to vote the stated preference of Glen Sather or Gary Bettman. I cannot imagine going along with anything remotely supportive of a Bettman agenda, in particular. One bizarre, sneaky, devious little toad with warts, he is.

  23. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    4 ever – How about legalized bribery, called “lobbying” which plunges us into these infernal, endless foreign wars, gets countless young people killed or pucked-up for life, and ENRICHES those who do this to us.

    Why are we in Afghanistan… when we will not even close our borders? Any wacko can come in here and pull another Norway on us at any time. Politicians, judges, lawyers, lobbyists, and their donut gorging wack-job lackeys = the enemy of us all. It was officially over for the working class people of this country with the Kent State murders in 1970, for anyone thinks this “pat down” crap began on 9/11/2001.

  24. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    Carp – good golf requires cheating….for every 3 strokes, only count 2… could be a scratch golfer in no time…

  25. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Hmmm I hope those aren’t any of Torts’ balls Carp he might get angry at you !Don’t forget your suntan lotion

  26. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    My favorite digital shorts are pretty much all of them! But if I had to make a top 5 (this is really in no particular order, they are all awesome):

    1. J*@$ in my Pants
    2. I Just Had Sex
    3. I’m on a Boat
    4. D*@& in a Box
    5. Threeway


  27. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    Dieter was a great skit…touch my monkey…touch it…touch it……now we dance

    And the alex trebeck/sean connory skits were total hilarity

  28. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    JIM –

    Getting back to hockey – some kids make it some don’t. The Bruins and Black Hawks can be accused of “rushing the Kane’s and the Lucic’s of the world, too.” Here’s an analogy for you…I’m a Phillies fan. The previous moronic GM we had, Ed Wade, also believed in not rushing kids. So that two kids named Ryan Howard and Chase Utley were kept in the minor leagues until they were 24, almost 25 years of age. This killed their career numbers and the excellent chance both would have had for making the Hall of Fame, had they been up in the big time circa 21 years of age. The Phillies also kept Mike Schmidt and Richie Allen in the minors until they were 23. The great ones can come up early, Mantle, Mays, Yount, Ott, Feller, Jimmy Foxx, you want to keep the best of the best down on the farm until they are almost 25? No two cases are the same, but suppressing the advancement of world class athletes is lunacy. Lefty Grove was kept in the minor leagues until he was 25, because his independent minor league owner held out for five years to get a better price for him. Grove STILL won 300 major league games and is probably the second or third best all time starting pitcher, behind Walter Johnson and perhaps Cy Young.

    Bring the talented kids up and see what they have, Jim. If they don’t cut it, they are gone, simple as that. You want that Mantle had been brought up at 25?

  29. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    Boom Boom – you better add Fritz Peterson and Joe Verbanic to any list of GREAT pitchers

  30. LUNCH:

    Short Rib taco with Cojita cheese, pickled red onion, lettuce, & tomatillo salsa.

    Pulled Pork slider with smoky BBQ sauce, pickled red onion and avocado mash…

    Yes…I know you’re jealous!!! ;)

  31. Manny, I was always a big fan of “The Guy Who Lived in A Van Down by The River”…

  32. Well NYR – you will have plenty of time to eat lunch…when you’re living in a van…down…by the RIVER

    “Hey dad…what do we got here? looks like bill shakespeare?”

    “Actually Matt we encourage his writing”

    “Dad I wish you WOULD JUST SHUT THE HECK UP!”

  33. Carp,
    For “Titliest” balls can pretend only Papa elephant.
    Good ball’s hunting.

  34. Norway really blew it. They should deport everyone that is Norwegian from their country. Gotta keep it safe.

  35. Biron should start a movement to get the home whites back!

    It doesn’t make any sense to me why they left that format. You got to see different colors that way, instead of blue vs. white every single game. I only buy white sweaters anyway, I, too, prefer them over the blues, although the blues still kick pretty much every other uniform’s aasens.

  36. Interesting tidbits I found on Tweeter today:

    -Brent Sopel signed in the KHL for 2 years.

    -Kovalev is reportedly close signing with Atlant in the KHL…

    -Sjostrom is going to play in Sweden next season…

  37. So were some of us watching the SNL special on VH1 yesterday or something? Holey Shnikies…

    Jim – That’s kind of what I was saying. But it seems like they’ve got the organization in a place now where they don’t need to or aren’t really in a place where rushing the youth would be advantageous. But to also borrow a little bit from Boom Boom Bathgate’s post, I also don’t want to see a situation where the deserving youth aren’t given a shot. I fear that’s the case with Valentenko and Zuccarello. Then again, I’m of the mind that the best players should play. Hopefully the Rangers are too.

  38. BBB: I don’t think that’s a fair comparison. You’re referring to 22 to 25 year olds and I’m talking about 19 year olds (and in the case of Manny and Blackburn 18 year olds).

    Take a gander at the very successful Detriot Red Wing franchise – they’re known for the opposite and are forever introducing to their lineup impressive young players. That’s the right way to run a hockey organization.

    Confidence is a HUGE part of any player’s success – it’s especially so for immature (mentally and physically) teenagers. Let them dominant in the league their in before pushing them into the pros. Of the 3 I cited above, neither MDZ or Graham dominanted and Grachev it’s arguable, but had only been in juniors (and NA) for a single season.

    I think the best point backing my argument is the fact that 2 are out of the organization and the other is on the bubble.

  39. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Good afternoon ‘Heads!!

    Company provided lunch today is Chik-fil-a, and holy cow what a spread!! Wish youse were here
    Carpy, have fun hitting those pil white balls all over westchester!

  40. That Puck Daddy article was pretty dreadful (though from what I’ve read before, that writer specialises in inflammatory Carcillo and poorly-educated hackery).

    OK with the premise that Sather has had a fairly solid summer so far. But where did anyone speculate that Dubinsky and Callahan might get awarded $6m deals in arbitration? And why the he’ll would you characterise the Rangers as going for broke over the next three years and risking dropping off a cliff after that?

    And here was I thinking the Rangers finally had a solid, albeit not outstanding, group of prospects and a relatively young roster right now. Don’t really see the comparison with the other teams mentioned at all.

  41. Don’t worry about it Latona. I happen to love the Beatles but man oh man…people really freak out when you say you don’t like them. You’re still a good person with a valuable opinion. The great part of America is that we are all entitled to our own opinions about British bands!

  42. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    Refresh Refresh Refresh

    LW and manny

    Afternoon ILB and all!!


    I’m out!!

  43. Man oh man, Chick-fil-a Chicken Sandwiches are definitely my favorite chicken sandwiches ever. The regular old breaded breast, two pickles, and bun, in the foil-lined bag. Absolutely delicious, especially as leftovers. You need to try it Manny. And thank you for making me feel better about myself, my cousins were jumping down my throat.

    Btw, I am heading down the shore next week with clan Latona, as we do every summer, and I doubt I’ll have computer time. I’ll miss you guys greatly!

  44. I thought the same thing about the PuckDaddy article, LW. $6m? Give me a break…I don’t even think Rod could estimate that….

  45. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Nuggets,salad, cole slaw, beverages,dipping sauces, trays of fruit and trays of brownies. Theres a lot left… Come on down!

  46. Chick-fil-A
    5 University Pl # 11, New York, NY 10003
    (212) 998-4931 ?



  47. Uh, well, I guess you consider some on-going gag of a poorly drawn duck holding an umbrella our family crest..

  48. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  49. Lindzo!! Where have you been, girl?

    The guy who wrote this article clearly doesn’t know his MZA from his elbow….How do you like his wording “alarmingly reasonable contracts”? And according to him, WW is as good as gone…

  50. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    JIM – I formed my biased opinion favoring promoting young players in all sports sooner, rather than later (when they are no longer young) from reading Bill James’s extensive, well-researched documentation on the subject. In a nutshell, what James determined is that age 27 represents the peak age in baseball, with other sports correlating closely with that. Now then, James offered that the sooner you promote a young player = the longer and the higher his career developmental and peak performance level production arc.

    In other words, you wait until a player is 24 to promote him, in just four years he will slowly begin his downward career production descent. Conversely, you promote a player at 20, he will continue to improve and reach a higher level of production for the next seven or eight years.

    Maybe we can agree that Ed Wade is absolutely the worst GM in baseball, in this regard. His colossal mis-handling of the careers of Ryan and Utley, including holding up Utley’s career to play out the ridiculous FOUR YEAR contract obligation of a terrible infielder named David Bell, to my mind validates James’s vast statistical research on the suject. And now look at the state of disarray Wade’s current team, the Houston Astros, are in = worst team in the 16-team National League. Look, the Bruins and Black Hawks now promote kids early, Bruins and Black Hawks attain a level of success they had not enjoyed since the 70’s and 60’s respectively.

    Don’t know what else to offer, Jim. The evidence supporting promoting kids soon as possible really is compelling and substantial. And bringing up the Grachev’s of the world at 25 simply amounts to adding a career journeyman to your roster, which is what happens to almost all athletes who get promoted relatively late.

  51. Physical and mental maturity has too many variables and may occur at different ages for different adolescents and young adults. I have no idea what kind of extensive research Bill James ( no idea who he is, btw) conducted, but his conclusion has no physiologic ground.

  52. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    LW3H –

    Your immature and consistent sarcasm, aside, the real tragedy of the Norway bombing and killings is related to the fact that unlike it’s neighboring country Sweden, Norway has a CLOSED border policy. They are highly selective, as to what kind of immigrants they allow to settle in the country. This is sad for all of us who want to live in a sane, peaceful world, in that, with this Norway tragedy, it can now be said that there is no “safe haven” for anyone to emigrate to in the entire world. A friend and I have been talking about exploring a New Zealand option, but New Zealand, another pristine, attractive land, could be the next target for chaos and human devastation.

    Adult-mentality people do not look for 100 per cent absolutism in anything, understanding that there is a gray area of trade-off in everything that is negotiated. Children do not grasp this, and even idealistic college kids need to get out into the real world and get banged around a bit, for the light to go on. Assuming you WILL get there, one day, let me, in advance, welcome you to the real world of adult expression, responsibility, and behavioral patterns.

  53. You know, an old NYer just settled down in the bus when a young man sat across from him, and he had his hair all spiked and multi colored. He noticed the old man staring at him and he said “What’s up Pop, ..see something interesting?” The old man said ” well, son, I pulled liberty years ago in the Caribbean, and woke up hung over in an alley, and a buddy informed me that I’d had an unnatural relation with a parrot…… It just occurred to me that you might be my son.”

  54. Hey Boom Boom – I heard Israel is pretty safe, you should check it out. I have never been killed there.

  55. Good one Fran – reminds me of this comic my dad had on his office door. He is a college professor and he ran a career counseling / prof. advisor program for a while. The comic went something like this:

    There is a prof. on one side of the desk with a look of astonishment and on the other is a young kid. Face piercings, mohawk, tattoo, plaid pants, crazy boots, etc…(you get the idea) – On the prof.’s desk it says “Career Advisor” and above the kid’s head it says “I was really hoping to get into CEO’ing.”

    Obvious point – kids think it will all be handed to them (even I did at one point). Guess what – not for me it won’t! But definitely for some of my friends.

  56. Australia is pretty safe… mad hot though…but safe.

    and not to seem like an a-hole but, in Africa, genocide’s going on as we speak..and it’s not even on the news! But bunch of white folks get killed (by a white dude, mind you) and the whole world is in shock!

  57. Boom Boom – although I normally don’t talk politics, LW is hilarious so I will come to his aide and ask a question: Closed border does not protect you from anything. Timothy McVeigh? White supremacists? The Germans had a whole idea about being safe from evil by eradicating it….didn’t work. Keeping people out doesn’t work ( i know you are highlighting that here). It’s not always foreigners that are the problem. Basically everyone is the problem.

    Point – Live your life and stop worrying about stuff. Your chances of being killed by a terrorist (of any race, color or creed) are really low. Like REALLY low.

  58. Wow! What a deep, profound lecture of the “knowsitall” wiseman to a gosling silly kids. Priceless. So, your mentor’s advice is…?

  59. @CCCP@ – I absolutely love you right now. I have lost my mind on occasion screaming about Africa so I will keep very quiet about it. I will just say that i love you and Amen. AND – if Africa was connected to any continent full of white people – or any threat to the rest of the world – something might actually be done about the likes of Omar El-Bashir and others perpetrating genocide across that continent. Another comment I will make is that the rest of the world is partaking in this genocide by refusing to step in and help stop the over 1M deaths a year from Malaria (easily treatable) and HIV (now treatable). A child born with HIV in Africa will live 18 months. Tops.

  60. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    iLB2001 – Fair enough. Let me invite you to research who Bill James is, via Wiki, via Google, etc. You may discover, as I did years ago, that Mr. James has much to offer in the areas of sports psychology and sports statistics, a field he revolutionized, far beyond the confines of merely baseball. Mr. James was a player personnel consultant for the world champion Boston Red Sox of 2004 and 2007.

  61. there is a greater chance of being killed by the computer monitor blowing up in your face as you type than being killed by a terrorist.

  62. Noah, late to the party … but I’ll go with No. 2, just because of who is in it, and No. 3.

    I am so sick of Bill James.

  63. Amen, Carp and @CCCP@

    @CCCP@ gets a new award I just made up called “Hero of the Day”

  64. BBB- I trust you that he is a very well respected sport psychologist, but suggesting that every player will start declining right after 27 yr of age is similar to concluding that every boy will stop growing at 16 and a half sharp, and every single girl will have her first period, let’s say, at 12 years and 5 months exactly.

  65. There is a greater chance Avery plays on the first line, than a computer monitor blowing up in your face :P

  66. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Well, Carp, at least YOU know who Bill James is. Your readership is generally out to lunch in that regard.

  67. There is a greater chance of knowing who Bill James is than of Knowing who Kwame N’Krumah is.

  68. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Manny and Tony from Arizona may be the quorum of TWO rationale adults contributing here. I thought I was making a contribution, too, but it seems I have been over-estimating my value, here.

  69. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    CARP – Let’s be honest as to why you don’t care for Bill James… You are a YANKEE fan, and resent the fact that James greatly aided and abetted two Red Sox world championships. I would feel the same way, were I in your shoes.

  70. Not to mention that anyone who is 27 on this blog is either dead or about to enter nursing home…

  71. Boom, boom,
    Isn’t arrogance (hubris) among some of the 7 Deadly Sins? Sorry, but having my life experience, I developed steadfast allergy to any and all pretentious preachment, particularly based on fictitious facts, given as a dogma. I respectively take words like “I think…or IMHO”, much better. But no worries – somebody likes it. Besides, I enjoy your essays on a hockey, where no one will challenge your knowledge. OK, it’s time for dinner in my nursing home.

  72. Boom Boom

    Not sure where I stand given I know (a little) about who Bill James is. Manny has already done a fine job of making the serious point that the tragedy in Norway had precious little to do with immigration. So I’ll settle for amusing my little sarcastic mind with the ironic conundrum of somebody lamenting the notion that he is running out of places to safely emigrate to because not enough countries are closing their borders.

  73. Told you. Brits=no manners. They can’t speak English either….And sense of humor? Don’t get me started…

    Seriously, folks, let’s change directions…This one isn’t going anywhere.

  74. Nice try, Boom Boom. but I was happy for the Red Sox when they won … and I give a lot more credit to the boy GM and the great manager Terry Francona … not to mention the hormone-aided Manny Ramirez and HGH-aided David Ortiz … than Bill James.

    I just think a lot of his analysis is over-analysis and overlooks all of the human elements of a game, a season, a career. Like it’s some sort of Strat-O-Matic.

    fyi, I haven’t rooted for the Yankees since the days of Catfish Hunter, Thurman Munson and Chris Chambliss.

  75. The answer on this, my friend, is on a banner, hanging from a crossbar of MSG pool house’s *Bathgate* and with a *Boom Boom*… is blowing in a wind.

  76. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Interesting, any and all mention of Terry Francona. I like Terry, on a couple counts. 1. Saw him play in a college baseball weekend series, Arizona at UCLA, and keyed in on him, remembering his father, Tito Francona, who was a solid player for the Cleveland Indians. And, 2. Terry managed the Phillies, but in all honestly, not very well. His handling of pitchers, like that of so many managers, was extremely poor. He obviously parlayed the experience gained in Philadelphia into much better things in Boston, although the Boston organization he has managed for, for many years, is much more advanced than the people Terry had upstairs and around him, in Philadelphia.

    Somebody in Boston, in the Terry Francona era, made the decision the put Jonathon Papplebon in the bullpen. Not good. It is never good to take a talented starter and put him in a closer role. Dave Righetti, too, all of them who have made that conversion. If Terry did that, I would say he is not the sharpest baseball mind, going. If he didn’t do that, he is not in control Either way, that kind of move always downgrades a team’s championship prospects.

  77. disagree again, Boom Boom. Sorry. What if they’d made Mariano Rivera a starter?

    Francona is a great, great handler of men.

  78. Oh, pardon my ignorence, I start reading it, thought it’s about hockey…I just finished bingo session in my nursing home games room and in need of some desert and sweet little talk. Sorry.

  79. Yeah, Mariano is an example. What about Joba Chamerlain? That certainly hasn’t worked out. They should have never messed with him in the bullpen…

    LOL! I’ll take your word for it, Carp!

  80. By the way, 4.1 scoreless innings and 3 for 3 in saves in the 2007 World Series. I think most pitchers would trade their whole career for that.

  81. Mariano – Career World Series Stats:

    24 GAMES, 2-1, 11 saves, 0.99 ERA, 36.1 IN, 27H, 32 Ks…


  82. Mariano is one guy that I would never believe took ‘roids. He is such a rare and special talent. He’s a very good person, too. I met him at a charity event. Tremendously, tremendous guy!!

  83. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    Fritz peterson never lost a world series game…..beat that !!!!

  84. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Well, of course I expected and was waiting for the dissenting vote re starter vs. reliever roles for an ace pitcher. First, of course not all relievers have the repetoire to start, mainly getting by on two “out” pitches. Rivera as a starter would have had a .516 career won-lost percentage record.

    Here is why if a pitcher has the tools to start and be effective, he should never be relegated to the pen. Since 1996 I have been doing the numbers and 80-85 per cent of the time, the team with the more effective starting pitcher in a game goes on to win the game. This year, running at 80 per cent, is the lowest I have ever seen that percentage. For over a decade it was always right around 85 per cent. Biggest edge you can have in a game is to have the starter who pitched more effectively vs. his starting opponent.

    Also, this year in the NL, 22 percent of all games have been “won” in the first inning. That is to say that in 22 per cent of all games the team leading on the scoreboard after one complete inning is never headed nor tied at the completion of any inning, thereafter. The percentage for the first four innings combined is 52 percent. So that most games are out of control long before the pen comes into play.

    Also, the average “save” effectiveness percentage for closers is right around 90 per cent. Mariano Rivera, so far this year, has converted 25 of 29 save opportunities, or 86 per cent. So with closers we are talking about a small percentage difference, from the best to the worst. With starters the qualitative difference and correlation with the postive outcome a team is looking for is far greater. Thus putting an ace starter in the pen is the greatest wasting of assets and resources you could possibly squander.


  85. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    A handler of men and a handler of pitchers are two different things, Carp. Dusty Baker, I would surmise, because he has lasted so long, is a good handler of men. Dusty Baker, as a handler of pitchers (see: “starter burn-out syndrome”) ranks just above Charlie Manuel, which is like ranking 4999 out of 5000 matriculators in your tiddily winks class.

  86. Should I go for a while on some baseball blog, chances are they talking hockey…

  87. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Fritz Peterson never lost a world series game, and lost only one wife in his storied career!!!

  88. BTW, how many 8 oz. glasses are in one pitcher and who is Duster Baker, a Handler of Pitchers – a barman or croissant chef? Or maybe some of the countless characters from “Lord of the Rings”?

  89. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I always thought Mrs. Kekich looked more compatible with Mr. Peterson, than did Mr. Peterson’s original wife. Like Suzy and Fritz were a couple of Libran love birds, or something.

  90. I am so sick of Bill James & baseball. I keep reading peoples opinions elsewhere and they’re talking about trading young Ranger assets for an “elite” left winger. I have yet to see any names suggested because good left wings are hard to come by. I don’t see any of the top 10 Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Parise, D Sedin, Nash, Heatly etc. being traded and young up and comers like Latendresse or Raymond are not being traded now that they’re blossoming. So just who would you trade from our list of yet unproven Rangers for?

  91. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Hockey talk, no problem… “He dekes, he shoots, he SCOOOOOOOORRRRRREEEEESSSSSS!

    Ok, back to the real world.

  92. As I posted before, I would give a lot for Parise or Nesh. This guys will be top for years to come. Baseless dreams…

  93. per the thing on the side –>>>

    EJHradek_NHL Devils announce new 1-year deal with Zach Parise. The club says it will continue to work toward a longer term deal with him

  94. Damn, I will bite my own elbow…Just one lousy year for frustrated guy and nobody can play it… to spoil? Big, flying puke!

  95. But the Devils can’t negotiate an extension before January, right? Who knows what size Marty will be by that point?

  96. CraigWeather on

    All I have to say is….. we’d be awesome if my dream from last night came true…. We traded for Corey Perry…. and Patrick Kane signed on as an UFA… LOL and I suppose that’s why they call it dreams. I just remember the dream ending w/ me freaking out bc I couldnt find online who we traded away for Perry… ahahahaha….

  97. I think Pigs might grow wings from the ass and fly to Mars and live to oink the story before that happens.

    I’ve had a similar dream. We signed Jordan Stawl and Eric Stahl, and they all have career years, and we win the Cup.

    Good dream!

  98. Carp – Well done as usual. Take a few weeks and enjoy the great summer here in NorthEast –

    I am heading North to mecca – that is Lake Placid – for some hockey tournaments and other fun on-ice instruction.

    See you in Albany on Sept. 21st v Devils?????

    Who else will be at that game? We should have a boneheads season opening party

  99. I urge all millionaire Hockey players, G.M.’s and Owners to pay the taxes that we Long Islanders have to pay…

  100. Having Nassau Coliseum is part of your high quality of life, as are excellent schools. Enjoy it.

  101. just saw on twitter
    imseanavery to follow

    thought he left twitter.
    is this really him or an impostor?
    (looks like McD is following him)

  102. jpg

    Believe it or not, it’s really him. The fashion tweets and weird pics/website are actually a dead giveaway that it is him!!

  103. I think it’s really Avery. The other day he had a little tribute to Kris Draper …

    and, by the way, he’s been in the widget right over there ——> since we’ve had it.

  104. LOL! That was MZA’s first NHL goal. Yes!! I meant the first goal of +that+ game, Orr. He had 2 in the Flyers game…

  105. Let me preface this by saying baseball is an infinitely boring sport that is only watchable when live and when played where there is a copious amount of beer nearby. The only thing more boring than watching baseball is following a discussion about baseball. And the only thing more boring than discussing baseball, is a discussion about Bill James and his statistics. I’d rather read a book about calculus. With that said…

    Boom Boom – I see what you’re saying and thing there’s a hint of truth to it. But when you talk in absolutes, you’re usually wrong. Look at both the Bruins and the Hawks rosters and you’ll find about as many players that jumped right in after juniors or at a young age as you’ll find guys who spent at least a year in the AHL.

    The other thing your argument doesn’t take into consideration is the drafting habits of these teams, the needs they have at the draft table and the rounds these guys are picked in. Sure, a first- or second-overall pick is going to usually land on the NHL roster in their draft year. But the Rangers never pick there. The closest they came to picking that high in the past decade, they chose a goalie who was no where near NHL ready. Which brings me to my next point: The Rangers also have a high propensity for drafting high-risk, high-reward guys. That means they’re usually raw talents that need a year or three to round out. Now I’m not saying Thomas will be one of those guys. Maybe he’ll make the team out of camp like Stepan did. I’m saying why bother rushing? If they see even a small area in his game or his confidence that needs work, he should go back to juniors.

    Lastly, the thing I think you really don’t take into consideration is that a lot of these guys that linger in the system for three or four years weren’t worth much to begin with. Sanguinetti for instance.

  106. Ha! Where is RickyM2 when you need him? So much for signing Parise long term, as he was suggesting last night. As we predicted here, Parise is smart enouhg not to commit long term at the moment, he wants to see which way the team goes this year….

  107. Wicky©Staleshkir! on

    Given the fact that I hate baseball, should I still know who the hell Bill James is??

    Does this mean I have to sit at the kiddie blog table with everyone else but manny and tony??

  108. hey ilb

    here’s an update cause i know you’ll enjoy…

    so, i’m told today that it is a tear of the bicep
    but it’s the small tendon, which is good
    and i pretty much have full mobility with
    just about all of my strength when
    he did resistance test with my left arm
    he’s back to talking about getting
    an mri or ultrasound

    concerned about whether insurance will cover it (due to it
    being my Borders insurance and the company’s in liquidation)
    otherwise how much it will cost me
    let’s face it
    it’s not as if i’m a top six forward with the Rangers
    this season….

  109. also

    thanks for the confirmation
    Carp (hope your vacation is relaxing!)
    (for the most part i’ve seen Step, McD and Biron
    on the widget)

    i’ll add Avery to my twitter account.

  110. Good gto hear, jpg…Not sure what he is looking for if it’s getting better. I’d call the insurance company to make sure it’s covered because it could be pricey. MRI may run between $750 to $950, ultrasound $300-350 plus radiologist’s bill.

  111. Wicky©Staleshkir! on

    this is like watching a baseball game and going to a hockey blog where a baseball blog broke out…..

  112. Wicky©Staleshkir! on

    I was only kidding about the blog thing, I love you all no matter what is being blogged about

  113. Wicky©Staleshkir! on

    the mrs and I went and saw the new transformers movie the other night and our favorite character Ironhide (spoiler alert) was killed, so just thought it would be cool to put him on the rarely used computer and then I thought it would be even better to put it in Ukrainian for you and the porta potty guy!!

  114. Wicky, in Ukrainian it will be more like Wicky Podoprigora or Wicky Stalko or simple Wicky Pizdopupenko. Choose…

  115. yes ilb

    i am confused by the doc wanting
    me to get that done.

    as i said, if i didn’t have mobility and
    a pretty solid amount of strength
    than it would make sense

    he’s helpful but sometimes overly concerned.
    wants to make sure if it’s really what he thinks

    thanks for the good thoughts everybody

  116. BTW, still have a very warm feeling from our gathering; only regrets – it was too short fun for me. But I promise to behave, be a good boy in hope to see you guys again.

  117. jpg,
    really feel for you bud, experienced the same many times. Hope it turns OK for you, it’s curable, all I can say.
    Ilb. giving you the best professional advice and (pay attention) do it pro bono.

  118. 4ever

    “experienced the same many times”


    all i really care about is that i can get the left side
    to look similar to the right side and have mobility and strength
    if i have the occasional tweak of pain, so be it.

    it is only pain.
    i’m prust like that.

  119. had a slight tear of my right calf muscle
    and it ended up being about half the size of
    my left one
    but i’ve been walking a mile plus
    a few times a week (when i can)
    and it’s beefed up to balance things out.

  120. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    well, carcillo…thought I had it, my bad!! Sorry if I offended anyone!

  121. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Interesting day for Philly sports teams upgrading, what with the Phillies bringing in Hunter Pense for prospects, and the Eagles signing that lights out CB. I wish the Rangers would move to Philly and become the Philadelphia Rangers. In a trade for the New York Flyers. Works for me!

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