Ladies and gentlemen, your 2011-12 New York Rangers


So everybody the Rangers wanted to get signed is signed. There could be a buyout in the next day or two, but it’s unlikely. There could still be a trade … which might necessitate a buyout if more salary is coming this way. We’ll see.

But, more or less, this is your team heading into training camp.

Since camp and the all-road preseason is going to morph into a European working vacation and a quick pit-stop at home, a game on Long Island, and then another trip to Western Canada, the Rangers are more than likely going to have to keep some extra bodies around for the exhibitions, and maybe even a full roster for the start of the season.

However, once they get through that and open the doors to the partially renovated Garden on Oct. 27, it’s very likely  that coach John Tortorella goes back to his usual ways. Which means not a lot of extra players sitting around. Which means, this year more than most of the last, oh, 14 years, there might be some tough decisions coming.

Since this is pretty much the team we expect, then, let’s jump ahead. Let’s assume that a bunch of the players in training camp will automatically be on the roster, unless they get hurt, unless they play unbelievably poorly during camp/preseason (and barring a trade).

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that Brad Richards, Marian Gaborik, Brandon Dubinsky, Captain Callahan, Artem Anisimov, Brandon Prust, Brian Boyle, Derek Stepan, Ruslan Fedotenko and Mike Rupp are definites up front, and that Marc Staal, Dan Girardi, Ryan McDonagh, Michael Sauer are definites on the back side, and that Henrik Lundqvist and Martin Biron will be 1 and 2 in goal.

That’s 10 forwards, four defensemen, two goalies. That leaves room for, maybe, three more forwards and, maybe, three more d-men once the season returns to normalcy in late October.

So I have two questions for you. First is the easy one. Are you happy with this team as it is? Can you live with this roster going into the season? OK, that’s two questions, but it’s really the same question.

The other is this: Who will be the other three or four forwards, and the other two or three defensemen? Don’t worry about salary cap issues, because there are plenty of ways around those.

Pick from these forwards: Sean Avery, Mats Zuccarello, Wojtek Wolski, Erik Christensen. Or choose another player who might make a big impression in camp: A Carl Hagelin or a Christian Thomas, for example (remembering that it doesn’t make a lot of sense for a rookie to play 4-6 minutes a night while he develops his pro game). Or choose from somebody in Connecticut.

On D, choose from: Michael Del Zotto, Tim Erixon, Steve Eminger, Pavel Valentenko, Garnet Exelby (just wanted to see if you’re still paying attention) or somebody else to make the jump (again, here, it’s possible that a player like Erixon gets the McDonagh treatment and goes to the Whale for the start of the season until he shows he’s NHL ready).

Pick your 20 players, figuring 13 forwards and seven D. (and God, am I hoping I didn’t leave anybody out).


AP Photo, above. Fore, right!

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  1. I’d say Avery, Wolski, Christensen & Erixon, Delz, Eminger but i’d love to see a surprise in there like Hagelin, Thomas or Pashnin.
    Also, if Kreider looks the bomb would they be able to talk him into it instead of carrying on at college?

    Christensen or Wolski would be my favourites to be traded if a youngster makes the cut

  2. As a norwegian, I have a strong desire to see Zuccarello back, but I guess he’ll be in and out like last year at best. Still, I would love to see something like this while attending the two Stockholm season openers:


    1st: Avery – Richards – Gaborik
    2nd: Dubinsky – Anisimov – Callahan
    3rd: Wolski – Stepan – Zuccarello
    4th: Prust – Boyle – Rupp

    Then again, I want to fit Fedotenko in there too, but if the lines keep changing like last year, things should rotate regularly I guess.


    1st: Staal – Girardi
    2nd: Sauer – McDonagh
    3rd: Eminger – Erixon

    For the start of the season, I would love to keep Del Zotto around as the extra guy – I want him to reach his potential.

    Could be I am too attached to last season. We’ll see. :)

  3. I guess it all depends on Wolski. The buyout window is key. I would love to see him get a chance with Brad and Gabby, but his track record of indifferent play makes me wonder. Avery is not an option on the first line as he has proven throughout his career that he can’t handle 1st line responsibilities or the minutes.

    Maybe the chance to play with serious talent may get Wolski going…

  4. bull dog line on

    Zuccarllo and Christensen are the odd forwards out. if they only keep 6 Dmen MDZ is the odd player out.
    Rune,what exactly are you basing your Avery on the top line. his 2 goals last season, or how much Torts likes him.

  5. I think Avery might work out great on the first line. He can work the puck out of the corners and put it out front for Gabs and B Rich. Last year Aves kept getting the puck to the front of the net but nobody was around to knock it home.

    Morning, ‘heads!

  6. bull dog line on

    thats exactly why the Rangers signed Richards, so Avery could go behind the net and pass to Gabby. you know why nobody was at around to knock it home, because they were all blind passes. get the puck and throw blindly and hope someone is there.

  7. I’m happy enough. Though if eric’s “Must win” Game 1 goes the wrong way, I’d trade everybody.

    I’d expect Wolski and Avery to be on the opening roster, MZA the most likely to be on the farm, Christensen as a spare part.

    MDZ to start as a Whale (perhaps staying around as #7 for the road trip first), Erixon and Stevie Minger to make the team.

    wicky will get all excited at the XLB reference…

  8. Morning heads! So happy about the Callahan signing! Is it October yet? Can’t wait for the season to start. Should be a very interesting season this year.

  9. Gregm_section403 on

    I’ll take Amonte, Weight, Patrick … oh, wait…wrong decade…actually, wrong century.

  10. I think Del Zotto is going to be a key guy this year and will get a major shot at staying and playing big minutes.

    Good morning, Sally!

    Sleeping in, ilb?

  11. Game 1 will go the right way, I’ll be there in Stockholm to make sure of that. I expect MZA & Erixon to be in the lineup for the first two games, if only because it’s in Stockholm…

    Carp: If you’re in Stockholm, I’ll buy you a beer, or two, or three… awesome blog, god job!

  12. Thank you RangerSwede. Not much danger that I’ll be making that trip if Philly’s been a no-go in the past few years.

  13. i am happy with the team right now. however, this is what i think should happen

    wolski, MZA, thomas, hagelin, avery chrstsn all given two weeks in camp/pre-season games to prove who deserves the last 3 spots. same done on defense with erixon, MDZ, emminger, valentenko, pashinin, mcilrath.

    given the age of hagelin and thomas they must prove they are ready for 3rd line minutes at least or they should go. chrstsn and wolski are wild cards. huge upside but never reached their potential. maybe the threat of being whaled wakes one of them up but don’t count on it. i agree if avery is on the 1st line the rangers are not as good as we think. he has proven that he cannot handle it on a regular basis. once in a while ok, but not always. he looses his focus (mind?) and after a short time takes dumb penalties and as we all know is horrible in our own end. not a good recipe for 1st line winger. i have a feeling hagelin will be in the lineup to start (sweden connection?)

    on d i see erixon and MDZ both getting shots the first few weeks and the decision made after the home opener as to who stays. eminger will around in same role as last year.

    i want to see wolski, feds or dubi all given a chance with 1st line, but i think it will go to feds to start out

    opening night

    fed richards gabby
    dubi AA C
    wolski step hagelin
    prust boyle rupp

    Christensen scratch

    staal girardi
    erixon emminger
    McD sauer

    MDZ scratch

  14. But Stockholm is a lot safer than Philly, Carp. Unless the vast population of terrorist immigrants from Malmo make the day trip up, of course.

  15. I would like to see MDZ get a shot and if he is struggling and Pashnin or Erixon look to be better then then I hate to give up on the guy but will going to Hartford for another year help or hurt him at this age?

    The forwards I can live with or without any of the ones you excluded. If a kid is getting a shot I agree he needs to at least make the 3rd line.

  16. Paul in sunrise on

    The best part of Europe start is ability to keep more spares and get better look. But it will be a waiver issue. Any young player not subject to waivers will be in Hartford. That includes MZA. The question is who goes to Hartford between those subject to waivers like EC versus John Mitchell. Mitchell carries a higher risk of loss. Those decisions on the fringe will be interesting. I don’t expect any surprises actually. MZA is whales based on cap issues. EC is lone spare. With MZA whaled enough room to carry Erixon and MDZ and Emmy

    I do predict three in season trades. All bottom six or whales moved. Maybe on d.

  17. Good morning, ‘heads!

    Sleeping in my foot, Carp! Walked into a zoo this morning.

    Are you trying to make us talk lines already?
    Very happy with the team.

    They won’t buy out Wolski. If they do within the next couple of days, expect a trade. He will have to prove he can not be on the L with BR-Gaborik, but if he can’t- he is most likely to collect points in Hartford. They will not keep $3.8M of cap hit to play third line minutes. EC will be a spare forward. MZA remains a big question. He will have to improve significantly to make the team, if for no other reason but because he is the only one who can go up and down without clearing waivers. I’m hoping for one of the new young guys to impress, if that’s the case- EC goes down.

    MDZ will have to really stink to not make the team, they count on him heavily this year. Erixon, I believe, makes it too. Eminger is number 7, no surprises here. Avery on the first line? It may happen, but only if no one else works.

  18. Carp: I take issue. This is not the team I wanted signed…I wanted Stamkos!!

    also…..”definites on the back side” was an awesome comment.

  19. I am going to assume that Avery and Wolski make the team out of camp. I am further going to suggest that Del Zotto and Eminger be the “6th” D-Pair. This is of course barring a sensational display from Erixon (I am putting Eminger OVER Erixon probably because I haven’t seen much of Erixon’s play). I hope Del Zotto proves himself ready for this team but I really doubt he is going to amaze us.

  20. *Marji* : Just re read your post above. I completely agree that Avery will be seeing first line minutes for a stretch this season. He will fit with those guys. I have a feeling.

  21. rune- they will carry extra players though the euro trip and after that too so zucc will probably get a chance to play in europe. just like they gave prucha a roster spot when we played in the czech rep. 2 or 3 years ago.

  22. whatever they do, keep the pack line together. step could play lw so have him there. avery only should play first line if hes gonna be the old avery again. hes actually a good passer but we have that already with richards. we need more of a finisher on the top line with gabby. 2 guys to set up is better than 1.

  23. Hey what is with the ice size in Europe? Are they playing NHL size ice or European size ice?

  24. I agree with Marji and Manny – Avery will get a chance at top line at some point. I think Feds might get first shot though. Avery had a bad season for sure, but he did have 21 assists and I also recall him having decent puck control around the net.

    Would like to see V-Tank and Emmy on D to start, Avery Zuccarello and Wolski getting a shot – you can keep EC.

  25. and with step already hiting over 20 goals his rookie season, i can see him breaking out bigtime with those 2 on his line opening up even more space forhim. he has to shoot more though!!. saw him in the world championships and he set up a goal for wheeler but he was right in front of the net and decided to pass. that probably wouldnt have been a goal in the nhl.

  26. think its bigger ice manny. its eithr that or nhl size. either way, im 51% sure its going to b one or the other. the other 49% thinks the other teams forfeit when they see THE PRUST hit the ice!

  27. Assuming none of the fringe guys play completely out of their mind, waiver status will probably be a big determination on who gets sent down.

    3 Forwards: Avery, Wolski, Christensen
    3 Defensemen: Del Zotto, Erixon, Eminger

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see them ease DZ back into the NHL. Maybe go more along the lines of what they did in the first half of his rookie year where they give him lesser minutes at even strength, matching him up against the other teams bottom 6 forwards and letting him work the PP where he’ll hopefully benefit from having Richards open up the ice.

  28. ec is good as gone. hes only useful in shootouts. but then again, wolski is good in them too. both inconsistent. the stats are similar for them last season but wolski makes alot more money. this is contract year for wolski though. he’ll be better. so, if they dont buy him out, then ec and zucc probably will be reddened. at least until after the euro trip

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Good luck making lines!

    Also, anybody suggesting Avery on the first line needs to put the pipe down. You’ve had way too much today.

    Nothing says 1st liner like 2.2 shooting percentage!

  30. zucc should not play if hes gonna be on the 4th line., if they give him 3rd line and pp time, then ok.

  31. i’d like to see the following line up
    Dubi Richards Gabby
    CAlly Stepan- Avery
    Feds- Boyle Prust
    Rupp- Hagelin- Artie

    Stall- Mc D
    Girardi- Delzotto
    Sauer- Erixson

    with WW and Zucarello you could send them for pics. EC i thought was headed to Montreal. another Pick. theres plenty in the sysetm to come up for injuires.

  32. Whether I’m happy with the team as currently constructed is a tough question. By being happy, do you mean do I think that the team is a Cup contender or just that the team might not have to wait until the last game of the season to qualify for the playoffs? Basically, the team is no different than last season except for Brad Richards. Now, I thought Richards was the type of guy that the Rangers needed for the top line. But, do I think he makes them a Cup contender? No, I don’t.

    They need a good LW on the top line. They need to get rid of the likes of Christensen and Avery who don’t add much to the team. They need to settle on who will be the 4th – 7th defensemen.

    Now, it could all come together during the season like Stepan being the LW that they need and Del Zotto playing like an NHL player again. If that happens then I’ll be happy. But, until then I’m a little nervous that this team as currently constructed is still just an above average team.

  33. There are definitely ways around the cap situation, the combination of the fact that MZA doesn’t have to pass through waivers and his cap hit of $1.75M make him an easy cap casualty.

  34. In no way does Avery deserve to be anything higher than the 3rd line if he’s a regular forward at all. Anisimov on the 4th line would be a big step backwards for him.

  35. That’s interesting Grabby. Bigger ice means that the ^Hobbit Wizard^ might shine. It could be deceiving because even Christensen should be better on open ice.

  36. Playing on bigger ice for 2 out of the 82 games this season should not be a reason MZA makes the roster.

  37. I agree. But I can see the blog going crazy when The ^Hobbit Wizard^ puts up a few goals on bigger ice, or looks like he isn’t going to fall over.

  38. I like MZA, Chrsitensen, and Avery starting the season

    With MDZ and Eminger getting the nod on Defense
    Valentenko 7th d man (Erixon needs some developement time)
    Feds- Richards- Gabby
    Pack Line
    Stepan- Christensen- Avery ( I hope Zucci can step it up though)

    McD- Sauer
    MDZ- Eminger

  39. Carp, I hope you are hitting them straight. I’m sure that you can’t wait to get off the course to read everyone’s line combos ;)

    Manny – It will, in fact, be Europansy sized ice…

    Grabby – I agree with your take on Zucc, he needs to play!

    This is my lineup and team:

    Stepan* – BRich – Gaby
    Dubi – Artie- Cally

    Spares: EC, Noberries?

    *Stepan and MZA should split time between the 1st line LW spot. I don’t think either of them are ready for 18+ minutes a night. Gaby and BRich will no doubt be playing over 20 a night. There is no sense wearing out Stepan right now and it would give our other lines more balanced scoring. MZA also gives that line a different look. It would be a good way to change up the attack throughout the game.

    I think MZA needs to be on this team. He has too much playmaking skill to not be an NHL’er, as was evident last year. If he improves his skating, he could be a star. He needs to force himself onto the lineup now and earn it. I don’t like the idea of pencilling him into CT right now. Give the kid a byfuglien shot…

    Hagelin will be a mid-season call-up for sure. I don’t think he will start with the Rangers…

    Avery has no chance to play the top line. This isn’t 2006-07 like when he had 20 points in 29 games. He proved last year that his work down low is decent but he can’t score. He’s also a liability defensively; too many giveaways. You need scoring ability to play on the 1st line… He is a good fourth liner…

  40. WW and MZA basically put up the same amount of points last year in their time with the Rangers. WW has put up a 60+ point season (only 2 years ago), MZA hasn’t.

  41. I can’t believe how many of you think Christensen will make the team over Zuccarello. I also can’t believe some actually have him in the lineup. I honestly can’t see a way Christensen makes the team. This is a club that needs consistency, and that’s the one thing he’s never had. Logically speaking also, think about who can contribute to the team and who has a future. The Rangers now have four centers signed, three for the next two years and the fourth expected to be a key Ranger in the future. That’s also not considering that Rupp could very well be playing fourth-line center. Here’s my prediction:

    Wolski, Avery, Zucarello in. Christensen traded for some zamboni parts.
    Erixon, Del Zotto, and Eminger in. Valentenko leaves for the ‘K’ and Pashnin down to the AHL.

    Also, I’ve heard Erixon is a lefty who plays right side. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him and Del Zotto paired.

    Carp – Totally agree on Del Zotto. I think he’ll have to really tank hard for the organization to start him in Hartford.

  42. The ice will be regulation NHL sized. These are NHL regular season games, it has to be.



    Keep Christensen and MDZ around for practices and injuries. Buy out Wolski and send the Hobbit Wizard to Hartford.

    Shootout skills aren’t as important this year because we’ll be scoring goals on the PP and winning in regulation.

  43. Zuccarello produced 23 points in 42 games, which pro-rates to around 45 points if he played the whole season. That’s exactly equal to Stepan’s production, and Stepan was the big surprise of the season.

    MZA needs to be the lineup. If I were Torts, I’d drop Avery & Christensen. That would allow the team to carry an extra kid (Hagelin?), and work him in as needed.

    Wolski – Richards – Gaborik
    Dubinsky – Anisimov – Callahan
    Fedotenko – Stepan – MZA
    Prust – Boyle – Rupp (Hagelin)

  44. Exactly, rocket.

    LOL! I love how most Rangers fans only think MZA is good for the shootout….

  45. Paul in sunrise on

    Avery is not a first liner. Fourth line minutes in his future. He will shuttle in and out of lineup with the spare. MDZ a lock to make team.

  46. Can we get a poll and take votes about how many games Avery sees time as a first liner? Then give a prize to whoever gets it right

  47. Avery is a must on this team and needs more time. Wolski will get bought out or traded. Or Redden-ed. Zuccarello will be with the Whale because they can send him down safely. On D, Eminger deserves to be in the line up. I think MDZ has inside track if he has a great camp.

  48. If you’re “always right” then why would you ask a question? Just make a statement.

  49. Noah, Associate Assistant Alternative Captain on

    All I hope for is that the Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan and Prust-Boyle-Fedotenko lines are not broken up. Everything else should fall into place outside of that.


  50. Gregm_section403, the only negative about the 1994 season was that Tony Amonte and Mike Gartner weren’t there to raise the Cup after Game 7 against Vancouver.

  51. This will be the first line:

    Mouse – Richards – Gaborik

    That’s Mickey Mouse for those of you not yet awake.

  52. Manny

    Almost certain the Europansy games are always played on NHL rink dimensions. At least the official games are.

  53. When the Rangers played SC Bern, I remember it being the Euro(pansy) size…I also think the Victoria Cup was on Euro sized ice…

    I would think the regular season games will be NHL regulation size. I have no idea….

  54. LOL! Manny, you mean Hilary?

    That’s really cool, LW. Are you going this year to any of the games?

  55. There is nothing i hate more than making up lines! I’ll let Torts and Sather worry about that.

    As far as the team goes…I am happy that everyone got signed…. but basically, this is the same team that had to rely on another team to make the playoffs + Richards.

    I mean, Richards does make us better…but how much better? Time will tell i guess. I am also hoping for some rookies to make the team…don’t care which one as long as they take EC’s place.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    The NHL regular season games are played on an NHL size rink. The exhibition games against European clubs are played on whatever the teams negotiate.

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP, the hope is that the pieces from last year’s team improve. Not only all of the young players (especially those that struggled like MDZ), but also some of our underperforming players (Gaborik) as well.

  58. czechthemout!!!! on

    Avery Wolski and Hagelin are locks to make the team in my opinion. In fact, I think Hagelin may eventually be the first line left wing. He is defensively responsible and is a great skater with fantastic vision and hockey sense.

    Erixon, Mdz and Crapinger will make the team.

    I also think C Thomas has a chance. We have a 9 game free look with him still this year so taking him to Europe to start the season may be a good move for not only depth but also for some experience. Plus who knows, he might just surprise us all and demand a spot in the lineup through his play.

    All in all, the Rangers have a nice problem for the first time in years. Too many NHL players and too few spots. Something is going to give.

  59. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I have Erixon penciled in as D-man #5, with MDZ and “Rudolph” Valentenko fighting it out in the 6 and 7 D-slot competition. That leaves “The Steve” (Eminger) outside in the hot sun like yesterday’s smelly fish wrapped in newsprint, where he belongs.

    Hagelin, Thomas, yes, like to see them both here before long, getting serious minutes. One off-season demerit is the wasting of another year in college by Kreider. I would have given him an offer he cannot defuse (either his signature or his kneecaps on the contract).

    When was the last time the Rangers had such a productive off-season, having added depth and quality in Richards, with more quality youth coming in, in the recent AA and Stepan tradition? And the exiling of the last of the aged, over-priced, unproductive, infirm, dead-wood “Dr. Laura” mentors, as Messers. Drury and Prospal would no doubt agree.

    This team is ready to contend at the top level of the NHL.

    Yours truly, “The Horace.”

  60. Good afternoon all! I am in shock and awe over some of the comments here today (guess which ones) yet so very happy! I’m taking notes to note who’s saying what so I can have them in the vault during the season!

  61. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Memorable call to Dr. Laura: “Hello, Dr. Laura, thank you for taking my call. My husband and I are upset because my daughter and her boyfriend, who have been sleeping in the guest room, now want the master bedroom. What should we do?”

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, Hagelin is a lock to make the team? That’s a bold prediction. A lot of guys in front of him on the depth chart, plus, as a younger player, they may want him to get more minutes every night in the AHL instead of starting him with lower minutes at the NHL level.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not saying it’s impossible for him to make the team, just saying that he is a lock is a bold statement. In my opinion, he has to have an absolutely EPIC camp just to merit real consideration for the opening night roster.

  64. I’m very Happy with team as is (if you’re not talking some fantasy driven, hypothetical ideal, “all stars” type team) best completion under current circumstances.
    *Avery and EC – team ballast.*
    Avery, became a liability, lost his entertainment value and other than that, what else can he do for the this team, with his worst in a team amount of bad, addressless passes and turnovers in own zone, ridiculously low shooting percentage, maybe worst in a League, and history of taking stupid penalties. If not for a negative value, he wouldn’t have any. (I never hated him; thou, never liked him either, it is just time to part ways).
    EC – nothing even to talk about, was given, much above tolerate level, fat chances to prove himself and as a result showed again annoyingly consistent inconsistency. Basta!

  65. Doodie

    yeah the hope is that youngsters get better and veterans (Gaborik) rebound back from a pretty crappy season. I do think that we will be a better than last year. I just hope that all the traveling and all the craziness that will surround the team with WC and HBO special won’t mess with their heads very much.

  66. This Richards signing better change the way Gaborik plays. I hope he gets back to a nice quick release. We could REALLY use that this year.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    Interesting note from Mitch Beck on the JT Miller signing. He is eligible for the AHL since he was drafted out of the USHL. The reports are that he is going to Plymouth in the OHL, but coming out of training camp, they could choose to send him to CT.

  68. Amen, ORR. 40+ is the number I was thinking he _has_ to put up for us to have a real shot this year.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m also going to go ahead and request that the 40 be spread out a little bit more evenly than his total this year. Scoring a high percentage in only a few games is not what I’m looking for.

  70. There’s been like 15 50 goal scorers in the post lockout era. And the amount per year has been going down steadily since 05-06. There was only one last year. I don’t think Gaborik ever gets 50. I will gladly take 40.

  71. Last 5 Rocket Richard winners

    06-07: Lecavalier 52 goals, 82 games, goals in 45 games = 54.8%
    07-08: Ovechkin 65 goals, 82 games, goals in 47 games = 57.3%
    08-09: Ovechkin 56 goals, 79 games, goals in 40 games = 50.6%
    09-10: Crosby 51 goals, 81 games, goals in 33 games = 40.7%
    09-10: Stamkos 51 goals, 82 games, goals in 40 games = 48.7%
    10-11: Perry 50 goals, 82 games, goals in 36 games = 43.9%

    In Gaborik’s first season with the Rangers he had goals in 34 of his 76 games (44.7%).

  72. Very interesting stats, CT. Makes me think that Gaby definitely has the ability to score 50-60 this season, if he’s healthy/confident….(considering all those Rocket winners have elite talent surrounding them)

  73. Rolston will for sure be their Capt. He will lead them to another joke of a season with zero fans in attendance.

  74. all these line combinations mean squat as torts will juggle beyond beneath.

    here are my 3 key things for the rangers to succeed

    1. richards and gaborik need to CLICK. he needs 42 goals again and like doodie said not 7 in 3 games and then 10 games where he doesnt score

    2. no sophmore slump for sauer and mcdonagh. we rely on them as a 3rd and 4th dmen. we cannot have a repeat of del zotto

    3. HOME ICE ADVANTAGE. enough of this 2 games over or below 500 at home crap. its time to win there like most teams that are good do.

    as for devs and isles. its easy frees up money to sign parise for isles step closer to cap floor.

  75. I’d like to know the details of that conditional pick that NJ had to pay to dump Rolston…

  76. Those are really interesting, CT. They make me think Gaborik has the potential to be really good this year. I mean he always has that potential but given his past performances, with the talent surrounding him, he really could achieve.

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s a 2nd. I imagine the conditional is performance based for Hunter.

  78. Guerin, Weight, now Rolston…past glory, used up American players… is Drury the next on Islanders list?

  79. Hunter had serious issues staying in the line up last few seasons because of a slew of injuries…

  80. Rolston was on fire after his AHL stint. If not for that, this trade probably wouldn’t have happened.

    They should sign Dreary. He could teach his identical son how to make plastic looking pizza.

  81. you all laugh drury could end up there as well. still 7 mil below cap floor. only added 3 mil with this trade

  82. The correct answers:


    The Forwards:

    Gaborik – Richards – (((PLAYER A)))

    Callahan – Anisimov – Dubinsky

    Prust – Boyle – (((PLAYER B)))

    (((PLAYER C))) – Rupp – (((PLAYER D)))

    Extra: (((PLAYER E)))

    Players A and B: Stepan and Fedotenko will both get a run, as will Avery and Zucc, periodically

    Players C, D and E: Avery, Zucc and Weise, with one sitting out, depending on the competition.


    The D:

    Staal – Girardi

    McDonagh – Sauer

    Valentenko – Erixon

    Extra: Eminger

    Del Zotto in Hartford with Pashnin, Kundratek, Neimi, etc.

    This is not only what I want, but what I think will emerge from camp.


    You’re welcome.

  83. Islanders probably had to make the move to get to the cap floor, although I’m not sure exactly where they stand in regards to that.

  84. I can confirm the rink in Stockholm in 2009 was NHL sized, Manny. The only Big Dimensions I saw was a magazine title on a subway stand.

  85. I haven’t felt this good about our team since the summer they signed Shanahan and looked like they were going to be a top team in the East. Hope that doesn’t equate into them bombing this season lol.

    Anyho- I think Carp summed it up best with his post at 758am. Del Zotto is the key guy this training camp. Last season was a disaster but this is a very young kid with a lot of talent. And this organization is suddenly being patient and proper with it’s youth. No way to just say that he’s automatically the odd man out. Erixon hasn’t proven anything yet. Maybe he will, maybe he wont but I honestly think the 4-5 D pair will be Eminger and Del Zotto to start the season with the likes of an Erixon or a Valentenko coming in and out of the line up as Eminger did last year.

    As for forwards there’s an obvious lack of depth at LW. I’d like to see Hagelin or Thomas compete for that spot among the top two lines. I think a lot depends on how Stepan plays and if they experiment with him as a winger. I would assume Wolski is going to get a shot at the top line though and therefore I see he and Avery as the other two forwards to start the season. Zuccarello and one of the other kids I mentioned above will get time with the big club depending on injury and player performance/success

  86. Wicky(grating PIBG)© (The she/it on our D is sofa king SOFT!!!) on

    Morning/afternoon ILB and all!!

    walked into a major cooke storm at 0530 at work this morning and been a mess ever since so no chance to read previous posts at this point…

    love the topic. I think you shouldn’t have mentioned exelby though, you probably gave LW an aneurysm or he might of stroked out seeing his name.

    I think the guy we got from the preds has an outside shot of making the big club…thuresson I think. So does newbury (more as a call up). Maybe hagelin, plus the other usually WW, avery etc

    On D, I hate seeing OPG there taking the spot of a younger physical guy like vtank or ktek (or mcilrath/pashnin if either is ready). I have to think MDZ gets a big time shot and you would think erixon would get a long look as well (I hope he plays with an edge). Along with eminger, guess that rounds out the D (although I would rather see a couple of the physical guys personally because we are still sofa king soft back there).

    Ok, back to the cooke storm!!

  87. Much as I dislike Lou Lam always finding a sucker to take his cap mistakes off his hands, since the Isles need Rolston’s cap hit as much as the Devils needed to lose it, I don’t see why the Devils would have had to sweeten the deal much.

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    The Isles aren’t working on another trade. That’s just rotter being a click-whore.

  89. Oh and I’m going on record right now- Brad Richards isn’t going to score 30 goals. You can’t decide to make him a 30 goal scorer just because of the contract he signed and most of you know this. In fact- if he scores 30+ goals this season i’ll buy everyone here a Sham wow!!!

  90. Slats should have offered Redden. He’s even more valuable, for more years too!

  91. Actually, CT. It looks like that could still be a possibility (based on their proximity to the cap floor).

  92. LW – thanks for looking at those pictures. I think I once saw some of those pictures at a magazine stand in…..

  93. Doodie hit the nail, the key is we need further improvement from existing players and we need Gaborik to find the back of the net. We basically have the same team (which had several glaring holes last year). The only change is Richards, if he remains healthy he is an important piece but he is not a scorer. I’d like to see someone up front with sniper ability (in addition to Gaborik) and I’d like to see a Dman who breathes fear into the opponent and would give pause to running Lundquist.

  94. Sham Wow, to clean up the blood after you try to figure out how to clean your Slap Chop.

  95. I am going to wait to clean my apartment until Richards nets 30 and I get my Sham Wow.

  96. I can’t see MDZ and Erixon making the team out of Training Camp. If they did make the team, then one of two things would have to happen.

    First option – MDZ and Erixon would be paired together as the third unit. I can’t see the Rangers doing that because it will be repeat of last year when the big four logged too much ice time. I highly doubt Torts will break up Staal-Girardi and McDonough-Sauer.

    Second option – Eminger teams with either MDZ or Erixon. I can’t see that happening because you would be tying up over $1 million on a bench player who probably isn’t going to play much. Even if you put money aside, the team and player would be better off with MDZ or Erixon logging major ice time in the AHL.

    I still don’t think it is out of the realm of possibility that the Rangers look for another veteran d-man on the cheap. I wouldn’t mind a Jason Strudwick-Like player. A veteran d-man to help mentor the kids who can also step in the lineup after a long layoff and give the Blueshirts a game or two when needed.

  97. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Carp got it right on Erixon. He will get the McDonagh treatment of starting the season in CT and be a mid-season call up.

  98. These debates are always fun because 90% of the time we sit here go through the motions only to have some player we thought wouldn’t be a factor step up and be the surprise of the season.

    Someone should pull of the July of 2010 archives and see how many people were saying “Sauer and Mcdonagh are going to make this team and be a solid 3-4 pairing while Del Zotto plays for the Whale.

  99. BTW how awesome is it that my fiance (who has just been learning the game since we’ve been together) wants a Boogard jersey for the home opener?

  100. Chad Kolarik, 1st line LW.

    Just putting it out there, in case it happens to be right at some point in time.

  101. I think Sham Wow should be a new boneheads phrase for dirty or fake plays (like diving) or bad calls. i.e. That was a hartnelling sham wow!

  102. AnthonyM – I think Eminger is your so-called Strudwick. I don’t necessarily disagree with your prediction. But I will add this: From what I’ve read, Erixon is more than certain he’s ready for the NHL and has every intention of making the show out of camp. Part of the reason he didn’t sign with the Flames was because he was all but assured a start in the AHL due to cap issues. Now I’m sure he’s well aware of the defense situation in New York and how there are plenty of guys knocking on the door. I have a feeling the team told him the spot is his to lose before he signed. Also, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think he and Del Zotto will switch off spells in the stands. Say both get scratched 20 games all season, that’s still ends up being lots of ice time for Eminger, considering he’ll probably get another 20 games through injury.

  103. We’ll have to wait and see, Phil. Last year, McDonut was apparently “NHL ready”, but both V-Tank, and Sour outplayed him in camp, and pre-season. So, he might need *some* “AHL seasoning”

  104. Yeah Latona, I got that for myself. When I carry a small bag with just phone, cash and lipstick, the phone handset just fits itself right in there. LOL! bassomatic still rules.

    !61 teewS

  105. It’s the phone? I thought it was the tattoos, the piercings, the jewelry, etc.

    Thanks for the clarification, Manuel.

  106. Him and Lundqvist would get into fights about guitar. Nothing like some locker room drama.

  107. Lol. Good one, CTB.

    But the real question is, can Kravitz have a 30/30, positive (+/-), injury-free season?

  108. BWahahahahhahaha. Good one Latona. I think he might have difficulty with the assist parts. He likes to be the star and he will probably just drive the net and shoot a lot.

  109. How would they say that in Sweden, Emmanuel Lindberg-Hansson ? Would they just say mother?

    HUH? HUH?

    Yeah, I went there.

  110. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    long way from home….welcome to the pleasure dome…..

  111. Somebody, many hours ago, said this team isn’t much different than last year. True, but a the start of last year some key guys were Drury, Prospal, Rozsival and Gilroy. So from then to now, you can look at it as a trade of Drury, Prospal, Rozsival and Gilroy for Richards, Stepan, Rupp, McDonagh and Sauer.

    that’s a pretty good trade in my mind.

    Going to be tough for Richards to get 30 (and Sham Wows for everybody!) if he plays the point on the PP. But think of this, having Richards on one point might make Del Zotto much better on the other point, and all of a sudden maybe the PP is decent. Maybe. How many games could that be worth?

  112. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    now the party is over, i am so tired, then i see you coming, out of no where …much communication and emotion…..ooooooooo avalon…….

  113. ilb,

    You never know… you never know. Although I was mostly a complete freak before mine and Manny’s exchange anyway.

    The burgundy seats are gone! Woohoo!

  114. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    when I, you, dance hall days……take your baby by the hair, pull her closer there there there….

  115. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha – i know you be knowin what i be sayin

  116. Personnel wise this team may be not different from last year, but it is a much different team. Even without signing Richards (which most of us were hoping for, btw), this team would’ve been much better by simply having all young players mature by one year. Richards brings them to a different level. Cup contenders? Not this year….But they should be comfortably in the playoffs by January and ready to make some noise. Let the young core gain another year, and who knows, with some surprises they might be ready a year after.

  117. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    mirrors in the bathroom i just cant stop, every saturday you see me window shopping….

  118. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    inject me into mental illness….mirrors in the bathroom….

  119. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    mirrors in the bathroom, watch me freak, lock the bathroom, just you and me….take you to a fancy restaurant and you can watch yourself while you are eating….

  120. We need to let the notion of adding a veteran defenseman go. Girardi played 360 NHL games, Staal 320. Steve Eminger, who is our oldest Dman played 411 games. We don’t need a near retiree who makes Donald Brashear look like a world champion in speed skating.

  121. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    rebel rebel how could they know?, rebel rebel hot tramp I love you so…..

  122. 2011 its CUP OR BUST.

    IF NOT BLOW IT UP IN 2012.

    Only joking but in all seriousness this team in my mind to be considered a good year needs to win a round in the playoffs. get to the conf semis. then by 2012 we could say cup or bust. they have a 5 year window with hank.

    time to get cracking. if they win the cup this year i will buy you all something.

  123. everything depends on how Wolski does in training camp. The way I see it, it’s top line or bust for him. I expect Christensen to be traded before TC or placed on waivers.

    On defense, I don’t think they carry both Erixon and Del Zotto so one of them be sent down. I except Eminger and Valentenko to fight for the last spot in the lineup…

  124. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    nyr fan …..out of my brain on the train…on the 4:14 great Who song (5:15)

  125. I didn’t expect that one coming, Doodie. Maybe they should hire another Swede, seeing as Pea Sundhage is coaching the women.

  126. orr

    that could be the worst one you made up. so not believable especially with jvr in a deal after trading richards and carter. you could do better then that

  127. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    they blew their horns and the walls came down……congregation splits, night and a military raid…..the walls came down…..i can see you laughing….they are not laughing anymore…..

  128. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    i dont there are any russians, and there aint no yanks, just corporate criminals, play the tapes….

  129. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    tony – i got to move….really got to mo oo ove… I’m on bended knee…

  130. Why are we putting Valentenko, he of the zero games of NHL experience, higher on the depth chart than Erixon?

  131. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    tony – bertha > cassidy opened up my fav show,,,, boston garden 5/7/77

  132. Latona – I am sorry we fought. I will donate my appendix to you since you no longer have one.

  133. I feel like V-tank and Eminger will round out our starting defense for the start of the season, unless MDZ gets back in his rhythm and impresses in camp. This is largely because of the waiver eligibility of Valentenko whereas MDZ is still not. Erixon, unless he is also extremely impressive in camp, will probably end up as a mid-season callup for injury replacement.

    As far as forwards go, i very much believe that Wolski will have a good camp and show a decent work ethic (what with him working with team Barbera over the summer), and Avery will be rejuvenated with having BRich around and squeeze into the starting lineup. EC has to be all but gone as Zucc is a younger version of a shootout specialist, but zucc did not impress me enough last year to believe he will hold a consistent spot in the lineup this year. I’ll cross my fingers for Thomas and Hagelin but I’m not holding my breath.

  134. I will be happy if the lock up the playoffs more than a week before the last game…. or even just before the last game! LOL

  135. Laurel,
    …”btw, 4ever, I thought we were friends!”
    Yes, we are. At least I hope so and consider myself so, particular, after I met you and find you every bit,… no, much more…, no, to make it short, exceeding my highest expectation. But if all this bitterness about your (unwarranted) subject of adoration (I know, it sometimes illogical and subconscious), I didn’t deserve it. What are friends for? To tell you The Truth, or at least express freely their opinions, as a food for thoughts. At the end of any day, bitter truth is always better then sweet lie. …Or almost always. Truly sorry, if I knocked your soul from delicate balance by any means. Besides, all this have nothing to do with hockey.

  136. Associate assistant eddie eddie eddie on

    yikes….death by hanging……that cannot be pleasant…

  137. Leetchhalloffame on

    How the he double hockey sticks does Lamoriello pull off a deal to dump Rolston’s $5mil per year? That guys pulls rabbits out of his a** and comes up smelling like a rose every time. Garth Snow is a fool.

  138. Holy hartnell, I can’t keep up with you all! LMAO!

    4ever, of course we’re still friends :) but you did knock my soul !

  139. Here’s a thought: It’s a called a “debt ceiling”. Doesn’t a “ceiling” mean that’s the limit? So, when you reach the ceiling, you stop spending…right?

    Am I missing something?

  140. I still would love to see Parise refuse to agree to a multiyear deal and hit UFA next year. Not because I think the Rangers could sign him, but that would mean the Devils would likely lose Brodeur and Parise after this year.

  141. Mama,
    I’m not going to let some typed version of some Fashionpunk slight bashing, ruin my wonderful friendship with you and this offseason.

  142. It is Rolston’s last contract year…And I happen to think it’s a good deal for both teams. Islanders is a very young team, they need somebody with experience, and at 38, Rolston is a better player than Hunter who may turn out to be a dead wood for the Devils.

  143. Assuming there isn’t a drastic rollback in the cap they might be able to. I would think though he’d consider going to Minny if they made an offer.

  144. Sorry for the politcs rant… :)

    Rolston actually had a nice Jan-April to the year….29 points in 44 games…not bad for a 38 year old…

    Isles could have gotten him for half the price on re-entry….I guess that wouldnt help them since they need to get to the cap floor…

  145. I think the Islanders have a rule that they need the token greybeard on their team. Guerin, Roloson, Weight, etc. But at least Rolston will get a chance to play without fear of getting waived every other week.

  146. Hellooooo!!! Nice day today.

    Sather has officially been beat out for Wrost GM of the Millenium… If you happen to run in to any Islander fans standing on the ledges of any buildings, say hi from the Devils, and send Garth our best…

    If Wang doesn’t fire him by sundown, then Dolan will be beat out as worst owner.. Great day all around!!


  147. Huh, so who was the GM that signed him to the 35+ contract at a $5M+ cap hit?

  148. Not the same ones who gave Redden and DiPietro bigger contracts… I think those are the same 2 GM’s who skipped over a player we are about to lock up LOOOOONG TERMM

  149. I don’t think he’d go to Minnesota unless they offered him a ridiculous deal.

    I would think he’d go where he’ll win a couple of Cups, and the Wild are not on that list at all, in my opinion.

    I know he’s a Leafs fan, and obviously they have Burke and Wilson, so that could be appealing.

  150. It won’t be easy, CTB and Orr…They will have $12.2M coming off the books but would need to sign at least 6 skaters and a back up..

  151. I love to hear fans that gripe about “well it’s the same team as last year.” How about looking at that as a good thing for once? That the coaching staff feels comfortable enough with the talent level that they’re keeping what is essentially the same roster, plus a pair of newcomers? As of now, there are an eye-popping 19 returning players from the roster at the end of last season. I think that’s a very telling statistic.

  152. Parise was born and raised in Minny right? Even though he played college at UND.

  153. Nope, we didn’t make the playoffs last year. But it was fun watching them pull off a 23-3-2 win streak and almost get there… You don’t see that every year.

  154. He’s admitted he’s a Leafs fan.

    Voros was born in Vancouver, but was an NYR fan. It happens. Although Voros is weird, because it’s rare for Canadian’s to prefer an American team over a Canadian team.

    Even Duchene. I don’t know what part of Canada he’s from, but he was an Avs fan.

  155. CTB- Kovalchuk won 1 (*one*) playoff game in his career. If Parise is smart enough, he isn’t signing long term with the Devils. That once proud and well run franchise is @DONE@. Lou made more awful mistakes over the last two years than most of the GMs in the league. I think it may not be his fault, but his owner’s…Nonetheless, I’m surprised he continues to be a GM and continues to tarnish his reputation. They are not making the PO this year, and a year after. Their system is depleted, and they need to enter full rebuild mode. Except their owner doesn’t want to hear it. Sound familiar?

  156. JP Parise made his name playing for the Islanders. That’s why it was surprising they skipped Zach in the draft

  157. @ilb2001

    They’ll make the playoffs this year. Their depleted system is finally back up and running. Look at the roster now. That Larsson pick was pretty helpful too. Very few older players. Only one over 30 guy per position.

  158. Hmmm, I’m thinking, where notorious Philty toughness will come from, next season? What Debbies defense will be capable for, if any? How Isles, if survive in Nassau, will do the shifts change, having team like unmatched puzzles? And what will be SC holders attitude, playing against Rangers, knowing that in their “stars” season they lost 3 out of 4 to us? Or for how many games Pissburgh brain’n legs damaged “giants” Cryby and Quasimodo will be good for?
    Afraid of Lightings, thou…

  159. islanders are a joke, and not a good one.

    as to the original topic of carp’s post…i’d like to see Hagelin replace Wolski, Thomas or Borque replace Avery, and anyone replace Christensen. All 3 of those guys play about 1 good game out of 10 (but only 1 of them gets paid to play like a hooker while the other 2 are paid like pornstars).

    Hagelin is a lot better than what the internet gives him credit for…3rd liner my aasen. Assuming my dreams are made real…my lineup would be something like:

    Dubinsky – Richards – Gaborik (grinder, passer, shooter…perfect line!)
    Hagelin – AA – Callahan
    Feds – Stepan – Thomas/Borque
    Rupp – Boyle – Prust
    Spare: Zucc

    Stallsie & G
    Sweet & Sauer
    Erixon & McIlrath (aka, the twin towers…or is it too soon still? lol)
    Spare: Emmy
    a n y w a y…i know my picks won’t be right, they never are ;p

  160. 4ever, xoxox no matter our differences on that one issue.

    Oh my, this place is gonna be a rocking come start of season :)

  161. Orr- this team is in a position not to rush any of them into the lineup. So if anyone makes it, it’ll be by merit

  162. Very true.

    In a year, a lot of dead weight will be gone.

    Avery, Wolski, and EC, are all UFA’s. Then you have Feds and Prust, which are two guys I’d like back, the latter being the more important of the two.

    MZA and MDZ are both RFA’s. But, I have a feeling MZA will be traded at some point. Gut feeling!

    A year in the AHL, OHL, or where ever they’ll go, will do them good.

  163. it is a luxury to have prospects like this…imagine if Kreider changed his mind about returning to college…

  164. One of the best entries Carp ever wrote..on the point ……

    That is our team that is…the core is ready to go..I hope for the Cup …phh…well, why not ????

    If you dont believe, you cant do it….

    So lets do it guys…!!!!

    1994 is way too long ago….

  165. agreed, 94 was too long ago! i met my first wife the beginning of the 93-94 season…maybe i’ll meet my second this fall…lmao!

  166. Yeah I got divorced for the first time in 1994 maybe I should do it again in 2012….

    She doesn´t like hockey anyway !!!!! I am still asking myself, why the heck I have married her :)

  167. RickyM2 must be lonely… “fire and ice” blog is nothing more than “dim and slush” these day LOL

  168. always right on

    Bob Bradley’s firing is surprising? Bradley is widely regarded as a horrible manager.

  169. Ilb, she even likes water polo more than hockey..This is very often causes emotional distress for me.. I try to send her to a psychologist but to no avail…that costs me a lot of money…

    Now we are heading to our 7th year of marriage, which is always critical…

  170. always right on

    The Bradley firing has been expected since the conclusion of the CONCACAF Copa de Oro

  171. I get what Cluzz is saying. Some women just refuse to understand the loyalty of a sports fan. They just can’t wrap their minds around it.

    When you date a non-sports fan, what you need to do is hand them the season schedule, and let them know that the days that are marked in blue and red, are the days that we don’t do anything past 6:30 p.m., or if it’s a day game, then we don’t do anything until aboot 4 p.m.

    Dammit! It’s not much to ask for!

  172. Orr are you crazy ??? If I would talk about the Rangers schedule with the wife, she would refuse to cook dinner for the next three nights….

    There is no way I cant do it !!!!

    Its definitely a hard situation and I need to make sure she doesn´t recognize that i am here on the board right now, otherwise she would not allow me in the bedroom tonight !!!!

  173. Would you be willing to live off of Cup-O-Noodles until everything blows over??

    They have some exciting flavors! Easy to make! I chomped on some Chilli flavored Cup-O-Noodles the other day. Good stuff!!

  174. Last time I wanted to watch a very important game of the Rangers I needed to make all the catering for her weekly meeting with two other ladies, when they discuss their weight loss strategies…

    Can you believe how tought that is to cook something extraording if you have to deal with that ????

    Well, I really think I may have only one option…!!!

  175. I’ve been dumped twice over Rangers hockey. It’s true.

    One was a simple face to face, during the day. But, the other I remember like it was yesterday. It was during the shootout of the NYR vs Pens game, from 07. We were down 2-0, and I think Betts scored a shorthanded goal, on a nice deflection late in the 2nd. Then Nylander left the game, cause his wife went into labor, and Shanny tied the game with a beautiful shot.

    Then I got the call, yada, yada, yada, you love Rangers, hockey’s lame, blah, blah, blah, all I did was mumble yeah, while the shootout went on. Shanny won it in the shootout, and I was happy.

    Moral of the story….I love NYR! BOOM!

  176. cluzzia

    I say you put her in a trunk of your car….drive her somewhere backwoods and just leave her there! ;)

  177. Yeah Mr. Carpiniello your bog can really cause a marital dispute once in a while….

    And I feel I am always on the bad end of the dispute, feeling the consequences…and that is also the reason I am very often dissappear from one moment to the other….

  178. CCCP, thanks…good idea, either this one or going to a divorce lawyer….I talked to a doctor and he said that emotional distress can lead to hallucination and lead to some other serious illness….

  179. well my ex didn’t mind hockey, wasn’t ever an issue

    more real life rangers stuff…i named my cat Pavel after Bure. when he was a kitten he was sleeping on my lap while i watched a rangers game in which bure scored 2 goals for us! late in the 2002 season i belive

  180. You guys cant imagine what I had to suffer when the Rangers played the first round in the playoffs last year against the Capitals….

    She even supported the Capitals during the games and hoped for a short series….During the third game we had such a loud dispute, that the neighbours called us to make sure everything is okay between us….

  181. cluzzia,
    …why the heck I have married her
    to humiliate with 7:0 defeat, like Washed Caps!

  182. cluzza, LMFAO:
    …”needed to make all the catering for her weekly meeting…”
    Talk about North American Pansy. Unimaginable situation in mother Russia. She would end up in closed dumpster for a meeting with stray cats.

  183. jesse spector tweets are so lame and it needs to stop. who cares about freaking sf phil

  184. cluzzia, hope we weren’t the cause of the breakup. Maybe a contributing factor … Oh, well. Hockey is hockey, right?

    You can always find another wife. You can’t always find another hockey team.

    (Please don’t tell my wife I typed those words).

  185. omg thats a lot of tweets from spector…twitter play by play, just like the old ticker tape days of the roaring 20’s!

  186. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I thought we didn’t want former devils on the rangers?

  187. Thanks Orr, I really enjoyed the video about the Sopranos :)


    But I really enjoyed the last hour of our conversation..the world is serious enough:)

    And by the way truth to be told, I am single :):):):):)

  188. isles point blank saying rolston move a precursor to something bigger.

    it would be smart to do something big before the vote on monday.

    chris botta a reliable source.

  189. Manny,

    No hard feelings about the fight. Keep your appendix, though. If you ever devolve and become an herbivore, eating large leafed tropical plants, you’ll need it.


    Please keep your spleen! You rock too much to not have everything available to you.

  190. LOL! That’s hilarious, Cluzz

    American pervs are currently at the store buying wigs and women’s clothes, and booking a one way trip to Russia.

    That’s a lot more classier than what the Japanese do over in Japan, which I can’t comment on too much detail here.

  191. Wicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    So is mama the cat and the green things people that talk bad about Avery??

  192. RickyM2 – I don’t think the Devils have a bad team, but their Achilles heal will soon be the same one that has kept the Caps and Flyers from hoisting the cup: No goaltending. They’re system isn’t threadbare until you start looking at their goalie prospects. Although they do have a goalie who’s playing for the Canadian development program. But you’ve got to figure Fatso is on his last or second to last season. And he didn’t look too good last year.

    Dubiiii – The Isles are a joke right up until they get a goalie. I would bet just about anything that DiPietro isn’t that goalie. But what Montoya did in net for them last spring was nothing short of phenomenal. Still not convinced he’s an NHL goalie, but that’s something to watch out for and perhaps a wild card that gets them into eighth place.

    But on the Rangers, I’m a big fan of Hagelin, only I think he’ll need at least a half-season in Hartford. On Thomas, I’d be astounded if he made the team. I mean, he’d basically need to blow camp out of the water to do it, since he’s got a year of junior eligibility left and he’s looking like he’ll be playing for Canada in the WJC. After years of rushing young players, the Rangers seem like they’re ready to give them time to develop. That’s why I think Bourque will also get a start in Hartford.

    I think the young guys we see in blue this year will go as follows: Erixon, Zuccarello, Weise and then Hagelin once the injury bug bites. We might see a glimpse of Bourque if he crushes the AHL, but I foresee him staying there for a while.

  193. fyi, guys, I’m having Spector and Cerny removed from the widget until hockey starts up again. Love both of those guys, but Spector’s giving us too much play by play from baseball and soccer and such; Cerny’s tweeting the same things on his account that we get from his NY Rangers account.

    Hope youse don’t mind.

  194. Paul in sunrise on

    Don’t follow @jessespector follow @NYDNRangers – its spector’s blueshirts blog on twitter – only rangers nothing else

  195. Valentenko is waiver exempt, I think. According to CBA, it’s 3 years pro or 160 NHL games. Valentenko has 2 years pro. He skipped out on his NHL contract, played in Russia in 08-09 and 09-10.Hence, his ELC extended for the same number of years he left. If Valentenko had stayed in the NHL/AHL,he would have been waiver eligible starting last season. Would have been 07-08,08-09 and 09-10.

  196. My son went for his hockey/skating lesson today and Matt Moulson and some other guy were working out right next to him. Pretty cool – my son was completely psyched (he’s 10) even though Moulson is an Isle.

  197. Watching anxious and nervous, by his own words, Zach, on the brink of arb, I’m dreaming.
    I hate Debbies the most, but in my Rangers soul is a soft spot for Parise – can’t help myself, to like him as a player and I believe, as a very descent guy. In my unfeasible dream, I see him on the left wing with Rich an Gabby and fast forward – drinking “Veuve Clicquot” from SC with his fellow Rangers. Damn, hockey life is not fair.

  198. If these players play their game well, I’d like to see Valentenko on defense and Weise upfront. They are both physical/energy players who do not have to score to be of value.

    For defense I would like to see a Del Zotto on his game with Emiger as the seventh. It would not make sense to have a young guy coming in and out as the seventh man—let him (Del Zotto, Erixon—whoever) play big minutes with the Whale.

    As for forwards I would like to see Weise with Stepan and either Zuccarello or Wolski on the other side.

    Maybe they can trade some combination of Avery, Christiansen and whoever is Prucha’d out of Zucc and Wolski?

    Although it seems Hagelin is defensively sound, according to what I’ve read, he and Thomas are expected to be top six offensive players if they make the NHL. No reason not to give them a season in the AHL to get their grooves on.

  199. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Phil: Re “After years of rushing young players,” etc., all I saw for the better part of a decade was Slats stonewalling or trading our young prospects for old barnacles. The philosophical change has just come about just in the last year – year and a half. This team has made a quantum leap into deep contention because that has changed dramatically. Three years ago the best prospects we are discussing this summer would have been gone for a bunch of crap mentors. Shanahan, Holik, Madden, et al, were all stop-gap measures who produced little and froze better players at Hartford. Did the Black Hawks rush their young top stars? Actually they did – all the way to sipping champagne from The Cup. Did the Bruins rush their young players? You bet they did, and how did they do this past year?

    Teenagers with talent can jump in and help immediately. 34-year olds can jump in and crap up the plumbing. Maybe you think cleaning out the Drury’s, the Rozsivals, the Gomez’s, the Prospals, the Redden’s, and the McCabe’s of the world represents some kind of net loss for this team. In fact NOT rushing talented kids has been the Rangers problem since Slats got here. Somebody is holding him hostage, now, so that FINALLY, we are seeing the dramatic upgrading of our chances for the ultimate playoff success.

    What we can learn from the Black Hawks and Bruins success is that Hagelin and Thomas and Kreider, when he gets here, do not have to rot until they are 25 at a lower level, like so many bonafide prospects before them were forced to do. Nothing like having NHL ability and getting AHL paychecks to kill morale and career incentive.

  200. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Not so quick, young master Orr,,, it looks like me and the other 2 eddies are last.

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